k23 seal Arbalet Cup Almaty victory

k23 have been crowned champions of Arbalet Cup Almaty 2010 after seeing off A team in the grand final, collecting a total of $1,200 in the process. 

The audience's favorite, k23, had a really rough start when taking on their countrymen A team in the Arbalet Cup Almaty final. The latter proclaimed the first set as their own, following a 11-4 stint. Their fortune would however not last long as k23 completely turned it around and brought the game in for overtime.

k23 managed with great exertion to claim the overtime as theirs, thus coming victorious out of the first match and stating a 19-16 win.

15th August 2010
Best of 3

The team continued their power trip into the second map, stomping A team 13-2 in the first half, quickly followed by another win of 16-5.

Arbalet Cup Almaty 2010 final standings:

1. Kazakhstan k23 - $1,200
2. Kazakhstan A team - $800
3. Uzbekistan Just
4. Kazakhstan PhoeniX 

nice...would be fun to see them in a bigger event.
2010-08-15 12:16
2 replies
2010-08-15 12:27
will see them at the Asus summer at the end of the month!
2010-08-15 14:41
where demos from group stage? (de_hell)
2010-08-15 12:16
2010-08-15 12:16
k23 back again nice to see that really.now they just need to put their game togheter !
2010-08-15 12:16
2 replies
they are back just for a while...ADREN goes to learn in china, so (((
2010-08-15 14:38
1 reply
it is study.
2010-08-15 14:56
2010-08-15 12:17
2010-08-15 12:17
huge prizes for sure
2010-08-15 12:18
k23 should be the 2nd team of arbalet
2010-08-15 12:31
5 replies
Poland mki`
They had close matches with A-Team. They are barely the best team in Kazakhstan and not even close to a top team in Eastern Europe. They have to be one of the top teams in the WORLD to be able to even think about having the support of arbalet.
2010-08-15 12:49
4 replies
what makes you say that? Arbalet has never been about money or fame... if he sees potential he will gladly support.. he started to support NaVi well before they became big and he did support k23 in the past. in the past 2 years all he did was supporting cs in CIS countries, so I'm really not sure where you are coming from...
2010-08-15 18:10
1 reply
Poland mki`
It would be one thing if this team had a streak of sticking together. But they are just coming out of retirement. Not only this, but comparing to the results they used to have - they really played bad here. Going to overtime with A-Team is no accomplishment compared to what they have the "potential" to do. The thing is - obviously they didn't put in that much work as they used to. So why would Arbalet sponsor a team that won't put in the work. Who cares about potential. Na'Vi had potential sure, but they also had work ethic which is something k23 lacks.
2010-08-15 18:46
what makes you think that a-team isn't another top team to be discovered. For many years people were underestimating eastern european scene because teams like virtus.pro were losing against unknown teams like pro100 (NaVi), hellraisers (A-gaming/NaVi) and tp.uSports (forZe) while inf act these teams were all world class but did not have the sponsors to attend international events. same things applies to kazakhstan, I wouldn't be surprised to see team such as a-team beat established top teams in europe so playing close to them isn't that bad for a mix team.
2010-08-15 21:34
1 reply
Poland mki`
ok. prove me wrong.
2010-08-15 23:13
2010-08-15 13:00
Good job k23 :P
2010-08-15 13:35
2010-08-15 14:34
oh I wanted to see this one :( MihaO + AdreN + beAst is a great combo, gz guys
2010-08-15 14:54
2 replies
Mihao and beAst might have got old and rusty. It was just kind of mixup for an event.
2010-08-15 14:58
1 reply
2 bad then, I really liked this team
2010-08-15 15:01
gg k23
2010-08-15 15:35
What's the line-up of k23?
2010-08-15 15:57
2 replies
borat and adren
2010-08-15 16:54
k23: Beast, MihaO, N1ck3L, Anv1k, AdreN
2010-08-15 19:03
NICE adren , welcome back again!
2010-08-15 17:05
did they play de_hell as promised in this tournament and if so, will there be coming up demos from it? really curious ;x
2010-08-15 17:14
2010-08-15 18:53
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