e-Stars 2010: Top Players

Once again, we bring you a statistical breakdown of top performers, this time from e-Stars Seoul 2010. At the end of the article, you will have a chance to chose your MVP of this three-day tournament, so read on to find out who stood out.

As always, the e-Stars tournament consisted of two competitions – Continental Cup and King of the Game. The former was mostly dominated by fnatic, as they helped bring the victory to the West with 4 wins in 4 matches, while the latter marked the first title for the Polish team Frag eXecutors in 2010.

33 maps were played in those two competitions with just 30 players on display. This time, unlike in previous tournaments, we won't discard any players based on how far they made it, as all of the teams played against each other at some point. We have accumulated stats from both competitions and we will now check out who played well throughout the three days in Korea.

Best rated players

10) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Korea Keun-Chul 'solo' Kang Korea Wemade FOX 0.69 0.65 1.05

1 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.42 vs Russia MYM (Group stage, tuscan)

The only home team at this event, Wemade FOX, showed varying form by winning 6 maps and losing 7. However, they left quite an impression by defeating highly favored, and until then undefeated, fnatic in the semi-final, right after barely scraping through the group stage on round difference.

Throughout their campaign, none of the members of Wemade FOX had outstanding performances, but on the other hand none of them disappointed, all 5 having ratings around 1.00. Their leader Keun-Chul "solo" Kang was their best and most consistent player with 8 of the 13 maps rated over 1.00. He was also the 5th best awper and one of the best clutchers, with 6 rounds won 1vsX, including the 1vs4 in the semi-final against fnatic on de_nuke.

9) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Poland Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski Poland Frag eXecutors 0.72 0.65 1.06

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.66 vs Singapore TitaNs (Group stage, train)

Frag eXecutors have been improving their form lately, after finishing 4th at ESWC they were 2nd at GameGune, and have now finally reached the top by winning the King of the Game competition in Seoul.

It is their first trophy since they added Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski, and his performances certainly helped on the way to 1st place. Frag eXecutors' top rated player at their previous tournament, Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski, had to play with an injured hand, so they needed someone else to step up and Jarząbkowski did just that. He was the team's most consistent player (and twice top rated) and was also shared 5th best awper.

8) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Russia Eduard 'ed1k' Ivanov Russia MYM 0.74 0.68 1.06

1 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.28 vs Singapore TitaNs (Group stage, dust2)

The new MYM squad got the invite to e-Stars thanks to Na´Vi being unavailable, and they ended up having just an average showing with 3 wins and 3 losses, not making it past the group stage in KotG competition.

The Russian team's two new players didn't perform all that well, but two of their old members provided the needed balance. One of the latter two is the current in-game leader Eduard "ed1k" Ivanov, who apart from playing well overall was the event's best entry fragger and 2nd best pistol round player.

7) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Rasmus 'Gux' Ståhl Sweden fnatic 0.74 0.62 1.10

0 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.80 vs Singapore TitaNs (Deathmatch, nuke)

It shouldn't really be a surprise that fnatic has four players among the top rated ones, as they were in really impressive form throughout this event, registering 9 wins in a row up until their semi-final loss to Wemade FOX, finishing with 12 maps won and only 3 lost.

For the first time since they re-added Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl, they didn't win an event, after success at both GameGune and GC Shanghai. However, that wasn't because Ståhl didn't deliver, as he once again finds himself as one of the best players at the event. He didn't have any amazing performances, but was one of the most consistent players overall with 11 of 15 maps rated above 1.00. He was also, quite expectedly, a solid entry killer, 5th best at the event.

6) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Harley 'dsn' Örwall Sweden fnatic 0.72 0.58 1.11

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.81 vs Singapore TitaNs (Deathmatch, nuke)

Fnatic's long-time captain Harley "dsn" Örwall usually doesn't stand out a lot with so many madfraggers in his team, although he also practically never has a bad event.

This time, Örwall played consistently well, just like his teammate Ståhl, only in a different role. He is quite often one of the top awpers at an event, and e-Stars was no exception, as he had the most total kills with the awp (82) and the 3rd best awpKPR (0.20). He was also one of the hardest players to kill with 2nd best DPR (0.58).

5) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski Poland Frag eXecutors 0.75 0.65 1.12

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.85 vs China TyLoo (Semi-final, train)

Frag eXecutor's superstar Filip "Neo" Kubski was once again his team's main weapon, after a rare occasion at GameGune where he wasn't the team's best fragger.

Kubski had his ups and downs throughout this event, but will be remembered by some amazing performances, especially when it mattered most for his team. His three best maps came in the playoffs, two in the semi-final against TyLoo and one in the final against Wemade FOX on de_nuke, where he sparked his team's amazing comeback. He was also the 3rd best entry fragger of the event.

4) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Russia Dmitriy 'hooch' Bogdanov Russia MYM 0.79 0.71 1.16

2 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.53 vs Sweden fnatic (Group stage, train)

MYM's most experienced player Dmitriy "hooch" Bogdanov was the star of his team at e-Stars, as he played well in all 6 of their maps, always near or at the top of his team's scoreboard.

Bogdanov was the player who carried his team the most of all players at the event, as he was 26% better than team average. Especially notable is his performance against fnatic where he singlehandedly gave his team a chance in the game, although they ended up losing it. He was the event's 4th best fragger with 0.79 kills per round.

3) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
China Li 'tb' Bingyuan China TyLoo 0.82 0.70 1.18

3 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.74 vs Poland Frag eXecutors (Group stage, dust2)

The Chinese team TyLoo finished with 5 maps won and 8 lost, and a 4th place in the King of the Game competition. But looking at it more closely, 5 of those losses came against fnatic and in each of them they took at least 11 rounds, so they shouldn't be too disappointed with their overall performance in Korea.

Li "tb" Bingyuan isn't really considered to be the best player in TyLoo, and after his somewhat poor performance at GC Shanghai, his e-Stars display came as quite a pleasant surprise. He was top rated in a match 3 times, and probably his best performance was in his team's only win against fnatic out of the 6 attempts. In the second map of the 3rd place decider, where overtime was needed to settle the map-winner, Bingyuan put up an event-highest 41 kills to tip the scales to his team's favor. He stood out as a great pistol round player, finishing 1st in that category, and he also fragged well overall with 3rd-best KPR of 0.82.

2) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Sweden fnatic 0.83 0.59 1.26

6 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.90 vs Singapore TitaNs (Deathmatch, nuke)

Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg has definitely been the player in best form over the past few months, voted the MVP of the events in Bilbao and Shanghai and top rated at ESWC despite his team's early exit.

Once again, Lindberg put up an amazing display with 6 man-of-the-match performances, the most of all players in Seoul, and was the most consistent player of the event with 12 of 15 maps above 1.00 rating. Also, he proved yet again that he is one of the best pistol round players in the world, being 5th best at this tournament, after being 2nd at both DH Summer and GC Shanghai. Add to that being the 2nd best entry killer and the 4th best awper, and it all makes him the most all-round player at this event, as he excelled in every category.

1) Player Team KPR DPR Rating
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund Sweden fnatic 0.85 0.56 1.28

4 x MotM, Highest rating: 1.75 vs Korea Wemade FOX (Semi-final, train)

At the top is another fnatic superstar, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund, who finished yet again as one of the top rated players at an event, not missing a single opportunity for that this year.

Just like his teammate Lindberg, Alesund had plenty of great performances and he was top rated in 4 maps. However, he was even more lethal than his teammate overall by being the event's top fragger with 0.85 KPR (and the most total kills - 355), as well as being the hardest to kill with 0.56 DPR. He was also great in clutch situations, winning 6 rounds 1vsX (5 x 1vs1, 1 x 1vs3).

Note: This ranking is based on Rating (read about it here). It doesn't necessarily represent an ordered list of the best players at the event, but instead singles out the ones who played good in their matches using the formula described in the page linked above.

Top Awpers

The player with the most awp kills per round was quite unexpectedly from team TitaNs - Toh "squall" Ghim. Although Ghim wasn't very successful overall, he played very well with the awp, which he used for 47% of his kills. At 2nd place is TyLoo's Xue "GoodRifle" Chao, who is among top awpers for the second event in a row after being 4th in Shanghai.

# Player Team awp Kills awpKPR % of kills
1. Singapore Toh 'squall' Ghim Singapore TitaNs 43 0.23 47%
2. China Xue 'GoodRifle' Chao China TyLoo 78 0.22 32%
3. Sweden Harley 'dsn' Örwall Sweden fnatic 82 0.20 27%
4. Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Sweden fnatic 57 0.14 16%
5. Korea Keun-Chul 'solo' Kang Korea WMF 44 0.13 18%
6. Poland Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski Poland Fx 39 0.13 17%

Top Pistol Round players

Two TyLoo players, Bingyuan and Lai "xf" Xuefeng, did great in pistol rounds, but the rest of the team didn't back them up very well, so they only won 10/26 first rounds (38%). On the other hand, fnatic and MYM won 67% of their pistol rounds and they each had one player stand out.

# Player Team PR KPR PR DPR PR Rating
1. China Li 'tb' Bingyuan China TyLoo 1.23 0.77 1.66
2. Russia Eduard 'ed1k' Ivanov Russia MYM 1.00 0.58 1.42
3. China Lai 'xf' Xuefeng China TyLoo 1.00 0.77 1.36
4. Poland Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynski Poland Fx 1.04 0.67 1.35
5. Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Sweden fnatic 1.00 0.63 1.33

Top Entry-kill players

No one really impressed as far as entry killer stats go, but a few players did stand out from the rest. MYM's in-game leader Ivanov surprisingly did well in opening duels, as did the more expected Lindberg and Kubski. TyLoo's Xuefeng was good in this category as well, while fnatic's Ståhl is among the top 5 entry killers once again, after DH Summer and Shanghai.

And here are a few possibly interesting stats involving entry kills:

  • TitaNs have won only 8 of 111 (7%) rounds when one of their members died first
  • Gux breaking the barrier was a great sign for fnatic in a round, as they won 46 of 51 times when he got the first kill
  • losing their in-game leader ed1k early proved impossible for MYM to make up, as they lost 14 of 15 rounds when he died first
# Player Team EKpR EDpR EK-DpR Won%
1. Russia Eduard 'ed1k' Ivanov Russia MYM 0.14 0.09 +0.05 61%
2. Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Sweden fnatic 0.13 0.08 +0.05 60%
3. Poland Filip 'Neo' Kubski Poland Fx 0.15 0.10 +0.05 59%
4. China Lai 'xf' Xuefeng China TyLoo 0.12 0.08 +0.04 61%
5. Sweden Rasmus 'Gux' Ståhl Sweden fnatic 0.12 0.09 +0.03 57%

MVP nominations

Seeing as two different competitions were played during e-Stars, it's harder to measure a team's success and nominate players based on that. But still, MYM didn't achieve much in either competition, so their players aren't considered.

On the other hand, Wemade FOX didn't really have a player who stood out despite reaching the final of KotG, as all 5 of their members pulled their weight. That leaves the two fnatic stars, Alesund and Lindberg, along with KotG winner's best player Kubski and TyLoo's Bingyuan, who performed high above expectations.

So, take your pick between these four players for who you think performed best at the e-Stars event in Seoul, including both the Continental Cup and the King of the Game competitions.


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That concludes our coverage of e-Stars 2010, so as always feel free to leave your opinion on the matter and the reasoning behind your choice in the comments below. You can check out the rest of the stats from e-Stars here. Stay tuned to HLTV.org as we will continue bringing you top-notch coverage!

2010-08-21 20:55
9 replies
I vote GeT_RiGhT =)
2010-08-21 20:55
3 replies
me too!he was impressive
2010-08-21 20:58
2010-08-22 01:29
2010-08-23 18:04
crazy 1st post run.. you didn't read the new, you just wanted to be 1st lol
2010-08-21 21:26
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Just Like everyone else O_O
2010-08-21 21:45
2 replies
That's not true! :d
2010-08-21 23:10
at least everybody else reads the posts.. i guess...
2010-08-22 01:41
2010-08-22 01:54
2010-08-21 20:55
6 replies
why NEO ? ? ? ? ? can u explain plz . He is such a looser now , he dun deserves MVP . f0rest deserves MVP . what happened when fnatic kicking AGAIN candy ass in tuscan :) :) :) :)
2010-08-22 10:59
5 replies
compared to FX fnatic has good line up... so dont say f0rest or gtr..its NEO <3
2010-08-22 11:31
4 replies
LOL , check out ratings MR fan boy , f0rest is way better than NEO .
2010-08-25 06:02
Its just that Poland got more internet users then sweden do :D FAKE VOTING !!!!!!!!!
2010-08-25 06:03
and btw MR FAN boy , ur saying weak lineup of FX , a lineup that has won 2 WCG except LUQ and now pasha in but remaining 4 are still there . so kindly shut up now
2010-08-25 06:04
1 reply
lol u f0rest d*** u shut up!
2010-08-30 18:51
4 fnatic players at top10 lol :D
2010-08-21 20:57
Patrik L. n1
2010-08-21 20:57
hooch and ed1k gj
2010-08-21 20:59
2010-08-21 20:59
f0rest top 5 in every stats, voted for him.
2010-08-21 20:59
I vote for f0rest. He IS the best player no one can actully say anything else.
2010-08-21 21:01
FX win, it mean that Neo is mvp
2010-08-21 20:59
2 replies
Ukraine ritN
2010-08-21 21:00
+1 , especially in the final versus WemadeFox
2010-08-21 21:04
nice FX
2010-08-21 21:00
f0rest and Neo nice, pasha not bad
2010-08-21 21:02
1 reply
He did great, I must admit that. He´s not as much awping as earlier, but it´s because Loord´s injuring, as it´s been already said. Next tournament we´ll see him higher at the awpers list for shure ;)
2010-08-21 21:24
Poland qater-
My vote goes to the winning team's player :-)
2010-08-21 21:03
Neo for sure!
2010-08-21 21:03
Yeah , xf the pistol player :) Good job man !
2010-08-21 21:04
4 replies
you really like asian teams don't you?;p
2010-08-21 21:06
3 replies
Yes , I do SIR :D
2010-08-21 21:22
2 replies
hahah well i like'em too.you dont know what to expect!
2010-08-21 21:27
1 reply
2010-08-21 21:31
What, f0rest wasn't #1? :D
2010-08-21 21:05
2010-08-21 21:06
what get_right third place, NEO but first place!
2010-08-21 21:06
ok this link is being pasted in every polish esports website, hltv will be invaded and in the end of the day neo will be leading the votes. edit: and yes i voted in neo because in the final on nuke he alone destroyed on the ramps.
2010-08-21 21:09
2 replies
Poland qater-
Like this happened in Portugal when foxj took like 30% of votes ?
2010-08-21 21:08
1 reply
but dont forget fox was best awp in both gameguns, and thats not the point i was joking neo deverves not only because his team whon the tournament.
2010-08-21 21:11
Neo deserves the secord or third place :/ he played well during this tournament
2010-08-21 21:10
3 replies
NOT,he played really bad
2010-08-21 21:40
Denmark AndersR
how can i deserve the second or third place when he didn't play good enough to get them, this is all based on facts.
2010-08-21 22:11
what about fifrh? or tentrt place?
2010-08-22 01:37
ed1k najs !!!
2010-08-21 21:10
1. fOrest 2. neo 3. Gtr, tb
2010-08-21 21:11
1 reply
2010-08-26 16:19
2010-08-21 21:13
2010-08-21 21:15
1 - f0rest great awp/pistol he make the diference
2010-08-21 21:16
hooch O_O
2010-08-21 21:16
great fnatic always present ! n_n
2010-08-21 21:17
Didn't watch this tournament so i don't vote
2010-08-21 21:18
1 reply
nice to know it
2010-08-22 03:02
no player from the final top4 lol
2010-08-21 21:21
2010-08-21 21:21
Squall ??? I thought he retired from cs? HAHAHA
2010-08-21 21:22
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
2010-08-21 21:23
Overall, f0rest was the best! no doubt
2010-08-21 21:24
2010-08-21 21:25
neo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-08-21 21:26
2010-08-21 21:27
2010-08-21 21:27
2010-08-21 21:29
poles, its time for fake accounts moahahaha?
2010-08-21 21:30
GTR was the sole man performing at the semis(specially nuke)... hence the vote for him.. and was very gud the earlier day as well.
2010-08-21 21:31
2010-08-21 21:31
voted for gtr
2010-08-21 21:35
2010-08-21 21:35
Neo ! Pasha awp under to Forest :D Player class xD But very nice tournament with pasha, i think now pasha is play very nice, Internet and LAN. FX Power !
2010-08-21 21:37
good job dsn! ;)
2010-08-21 21:38
2010-08-21 21:41
Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg
2010-08-21 21:41
only Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg =D
2010-08-21 21:45
Neo will win :DD
2010-08-21 21:47
2010-08-21 21:48
Neo was great, however i really enjoyed GeT_RiGhT performance, so I voted for him.
2010-08-21 21:50
Filiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip NEO Kuuuuuuubski da king !
2010-08-21 21:55
2010-08-21 21:56
f0rest dA best
2010-08-21 21:57
fx played more teamplaying , fnatic more individual :) i vote for neo
2010-08-21 21:58
great review, details, and lastly interesting facts :D
2010-08-21 21:59
pasha 6th awp player, it didn't seem so when watching him, he was really nice! get right always on top ^^
2010-08-21 22:00
pasha best awper LOL
2010-08-21 22:01
2 replies
pasha's awp is great
2010-08-21 22:08
1 reply
2010-08-22 08:06
u guys have too much spare time LOL....shits awesome tho keep it up
2010-08-21 22:13
Neo :D
2010-08-21 22:15
omg why left hooch out of voting? Hs is 4th by K/D ratio -.-
2010-08-21 22:17
1 reply
:D Maybe because they didn't qualifie even for playoff's :?
2010-08-21 22:20
NeOoOoOoOoOoO WinS no DoubT :)
2010-08-21 22:19
Neoooooooooo!!!!!!!!! RoCkZzzzzZZZzzzzZZ
2010-08-21 22:20
have ppl gone blind , really trying to say someone deserves to be higher or lower ... , the ranks are based on stats jeezus people and there skewed point of views
2010-08-21 22:22
neo ofc
2010-08-21 22:32
2010-08-21 22:33
NEO :D !!!
2010-08-21 22:35
pasha awp ;D <33
2010-08-21 22:37
Sweden rules as usual :)
2010-08-21 22:42
2 replies
cool story bro....................................
2010-08-21 23:41
1 reply
Indeed m8
2010-08-22 11:19
dsn 6 ? :( bad for me
2010-08-21 22:48
f0rest in all rankings ... lol
2010-08-21 22:53
1 reply
He's quite a good all-around player ye :p
2010-08-21 23:00
f0rest is the mvp , he made akk the tops , open your eyes
2010-08-21 23:02
3 replies
with akk , i mean all x]
2010-08-21 23:07
2 replies
Sweden jasjwl
there is an edit button:)
2010-08-22 18:21
1 reply
sorry if i hurt you babygirl :(
2010-08-23 15:46
NEO the best player event :) !
2010-08-21 23:44
Gtr was sick, but Neo >
2010-08-21 23:49
final standing?............... kthxbye
2010-08-21 23:51
neo being first is a complete joke,get_right destroyed wmf in 2 maps and destroyed titans on nuke to lol,its just a shame
2010-08-21 23:56
3 replies
as someone stated above, Fx had a great team work and fnatic good individual skill... so here is the question what r u gonna choose, team player or skilled individual.
2010-08-22 04:13
2 replies
this is not a vote for the teamplay.. is for the best player;) so read again my friend..
2010-08-22 09:53
1 reply
fnatic with their skillz they arrived to 3rd place. So think again:)
2010-08-22 17:37
neo :)
2010-08-21 23:59
2010-08-22 00:08
MVP of gamegune????
2010-08-22 00:23
1 reply
2010-08-22 00:54
f0rest <3 the best :D
2010-08-22 00:53
2010-08-22 00:54
i vote f0rest for MVP
2010-08-22 00:55
every tournament get right is in the top 3, god he is good
2010-08-22 01:29
1 reply
neah.. f0rest is always top3.. gtr not so consistent..
2010-08-22 09:52
haha its mad how f0rest is in the best ratings of awper , pistoleer and entry-fragger haha...... beast that man is
2010-08-22 01:49
1 reply
And NEO is the MVP atm... So fucking sad... Get real guys, f0rest was the best player of this event.
2010-08-22 02:27
2010-08-22 02:02
Japan kitzune
forest very good , i voted neo, because he carried his team much more than what forest did if you look at both players last 5 matches, also forest plays along with Get_rigth, Gux and Dsn who can dominate any match on theyr own, but Neo dominates and makes his team win, when having a bad loord and kuben and ok taz and pasha, considering the circumstance they are playing in, I think Neo is the better performer
2010-08-22 02:30
why would anyone choose a fnatic player, they came 3rd.. i chose neo.
2010-08-22 02:51
1 reply
yea but this is about the best player on the tourney,not the best player fromt he best team
2010-08-22 04:15
GeT_RiGhT and f0rest must be the two best cs players atm, as they are finishing top10 and almost always in first or second places!
2010-08-22 02:59
1 reply
ZywOo | 
Peru dbie
GTR is just a madfragger while f0rest is a madfragger + a teamplayer, u cant compare them. imho its as since 4 years ago, f0rest vs Neo
2010-08-23 18:04
neo will win as usual when there's a vote up on hltv.org
2010-08-22 03:12
2 replies
2010-08-22 04:32
yeap)))polishfanboys attack
2010-08-22 08:30
forest is the only person in every ranking, to vote for the others would be kind of ridiculous. Lots of fanboys around here.
2010-08-22 03:29
2010-08-22 03:44
ed1k good job :PP
2010-08-22 04:24
good read
2010-08-22 04:49
of course, that neo because supposedly who other ?
2010-08-22 04:57
2010-08-22 05:49
GEEEEEEEET_RIGHT !!! f0rest, nb --' !! // UHSAUHSAHU'
2010-08-22 05:54
NEO NUKE Crazy player
2010-08-22 06:04
Neo nice
2010-08-22 06:04
f0rest is the most COnsistent player and an all-around one..He deserves to be the MVP again for the third time in a row..
2010-08-22 06:16
x4y ofc
2010-08-22 07:41
f0rest ofc.
2010-08-22 07:58
2010-08-22 08:02
i like tb haha
2010-08-22 08:04
FX POWER but Loord?
2010-08-22 08:06
gl Tyloo,gl China.tb must be the best cs players in China.:D
2010-08-22 08:36
Australia Kitten.M
2010-08-22 09:15
In this event neo>f0rest :)
2010-08-22 09:48
Saw some great action's by NEO, my vote goes to him. Will be pov demos available soon?
2010-08-22 10:19
2010-08-22 10:53
squall best awp? haha. nice
2010-08-22 11:01
2010-08-22 11:01
neo is slav y wote for he
2010-08-22 11:14
NEO KiiiiiiiinGGGGGG
2010-08-22 11:16
2010-08-22 11:19
2010-08-22 11:32
2010-08-22 11:40
Singapore Nephalith
eStars? Even though FX won the event, f0rest is definitely my pick for MVP. Why? He's been outstanding all event (accept vs WMF where he looked weary) and proved to be the most crucial player in fnatic. Neo's performance was less impressive because he's always hot and cold. Going crazy on one half, and then goes to sleep during the next half. It pains me to say it, but pasha was the most consistent performer for FX in eStars.
2010-08-22 12:05
2010-08-22 12:29
NEO wins for been in the ugliest looking team ever
2010-08-22 12:43
tb was mvp
2010-08-22 12:57
f0rest just a lil' bit behind gtr for the top spot in rating, as well as top spots in all other rankings, (as well as fucking amazing), there's no other choice than him.
2010-08-22 12:58
FIRST :o))
2010-08-22 16:48
2 replies
omg?? I thought i gonna have first comment here :D
2010-08-22 16:49
1 reply
ZywOo | 
Peru dbie
that was spam, not a commentary
2010-08-23 17:49
fOrest is everywhere :)
2010-08-22 17:26
I'm voting for Neo, since he really impressed during this event and inspired FX to take 1st place. Haven't seen him play that great during a whole event in a long time, he really deserves it.
2010-08-22 17:59
1 reply
2010-08-22 20:25
2010-08-22 18:15
Great, the top players have been announced! The only thing i want to see now is the POV demos. :) Anyone know when they'll be up?
2010-08-22 23:00
GeT_RiGhT amazing player =)
2010-08-24 13:37
f0rest kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamannnnn ;D
2010-08-24 16:26
hopefully forest will be vote "player of the year" in cologne
2010-08-24 19:29
2010-08-25 06:55
2010-08-25 09:32
2010-08-25 09:43
PFFFF... NEO !!! > Get_right = low
2010-08-25 10:44
f0rest. GTR is a fan of f0reat and that's true
2010-08-25 14:19
yes neo is the best !!!!
2010-08-26 03:37
Neo !
2010-08-26 14:23
NEO !!!!!!
2010-08-27 05:43
Poland mihawooo
GeT_RighT is lou :// NEO AND ALL FX!!!
2010-08-27 12:50
f0rp FTW
2010-08-27 23:21
2010-08-28 15:28
2010-08-30 19:50
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