Lions sign H2k squad

Norwegian-based Lions have proclaimed the former H2k Gaming team as their new Counter-Strike addition

Lions had lost their Norwegian earlier this month after it was known that there had been several disagreements between the members and organization over a longer period of time.

After their release, published a report saying that the Norwegian organization would sign H2k Gaming's Counter-Strike squad, but it was later denied by H2k officials.

It was later known that the H2k organization and its members were going through rough weather, and rumors were flying around on several e-sport websites. H2k ultimately told that they would release all eight players following that the contracts were fulfilled.

Lions eSports Klubb have now announced that they have enrolled the former H2k division as their newest team.

"We're glad to be able to get back into Counter Strike 1.6 this soon after we've parted ways with our Norwegian lineup some weeks ago. Having Counter Strike the past 11 months has been a great lift for Lions, and we were not ready to let that effort go to waste so soon. It will be very interesting to see what we can evolve to in tight cooperation with our new Swedish bred Lions", Christophe "Monk" Roblin said.

Lions now have:

Sweden Richard "Xizt" Landström
Sweden Niklas "
niko" Johansson
Sweden Frej "
kHRYSTAL" Sjöström
Sweden Emil "
FYRR73" Karlsson
Sweden Björn "
threat" Pers

The team will have its first debut under the new colors at the ASUS Summer 2010 tournament, followed by the MSI BEAT IT finals in Beijing, China, 4-6 September.

nice :)
2010-08-23 18:39
These news are just like Lions, they're VERY Hard2Kill :(
2010-08-23 23:14
everybody is like.. 'sure'
2010-08-23 18:39
2010-08-23 20:42
2010-08-23 18:39
2010-08-23 18:40
Ok so now we have Swedish lions!
2010-08-23 18:41
2010-08-23 18:42
HOpe we see them in WCG edit: Stockholm Lions (?) :D
2010-08-23 18:42
WCG Scandinavia is over, dude..
2010-08-23 18:46
2010-08-23 18:48
Who advances?
2010-08-23 19:22
SK got the paid spot. The rest of the teams I do not know if they will attend due to the expenses.
2010-08-23 20:11
All the teams participating in the Nordic WCG finals have a spot but only SK has expenses paid.
2010-08-23 20:12
oh, yeah I forgot :)
2010-08-23 20:28
So you think the new orga is already eager to spend some heavy bucks on them? ::)
2010-08-23 20:13
maybe, as they have a strong team I think that is possible depends on Lions economy, I hope so though, would be fun to see them @WCG with threat as IGL. :D
2010-08-23 20:17
Well, we will see if his 'assault on Lions' piggy bank' strats pay off lol
2010-08-23 20:20
hahahaha :D
2010-08-23 20:22
I think this team and begrip will do some damage.. I think that threat will make this guys the team they are suppose to be. I know that you all will disagree with me and you will say that threat should be removed. But its my opionion and I believe in threat..
2010-08-23 18:43
THREAT top10 PLAYER sweden ofc.. (ahah :P)
2010-08-23 18:44
not top10 ofc.. but probably the 2nd best igl on swe atm.. in my opinion
2010-08-23 18:54
2010-08-23 19:10
what's so funny about that? cArn is the best swedish leader atm, and i don't know who could claim for scd best leader in sweden...RobbaN is more skilled than THREAT, but he's definetly not as good in leading as threat.
2010-08-23 19:14
yay.. some1 who understands me.. finally.. :D
2010-08-23 19:19
agreed... see sweden at ASUS ENC
2010-08-23 19:40
RobbaN is a fucking beast at calling strats he's definetly not as good in leading as threat tell me you are joking
2010-08-23 19:29
Japan kitzune
-...nevermind,,neverimnd...delete/ignore :)
2010-08-24 08:56
meh threat could be a good igl. he shines once every while, a LOT more often than carn, LUL
2010-08-23 18:45
well.. i have to disagree a little with you.. cArn is one of the best igl atm.. the only thing that is bad on him is that he is a litlle bit old school.. unlike cArn, threat is complete new school and he is full of inovating ideas.. and thats what I like on him..
2010-08-23 18:53
Are you telling me you think threat is better than cArn? I hope you're kidding.
2010-08-23 18:54
skill-wise threat is better
2010-08-23 18:58
igl?? with fnatic? u can pretty much call anything and expect f0rest n gtr just rape...
2010-08-23 19:00
Argentina sebaxinho
uAHSEIOASHYEUAAHUA ??? nice jokeeeeee
2010-08-23 19:10
....did i just read that threat is better than carn? Put down whatever you are smoking
2010-08-24 01:53
i hope u know anything about fnatic. threat > carn, in all ways...
2010-08-23 18:59
Argentina sebaxinho
2010-08-23 19:10
not really dude. Threat was in fnatic and had a worse k/d ratio while carn and carn was the IGL!
2010-08-23 19:16
Darn you Melvin, you're stealing my thoughts!
2010-08-23 19:35
2010-08-23 19:57
he didn't really fit into fnatic, that's why he had worst k/d ratio, and he wasn't playing his role in which he was used to
2010-08-23 19:51
just stating the facts
2010-08-23 19:57
Japan kitzune
you dont put cristian ronaldo as central defender, he would dive or cry and goals would rush in his goal many times, thats why roles are important and if you get misplaced you are going to suffer
2010-08-24 08:59
That´s true, however threat had plenty of time in fnatic to find his role. Unfortunately he didn´t. Threat was good vs Ukraine in the what? cArn is still far better player.
2010-08-24 09:25
and then you wake up omg, stupid yankee
2010-08-23 19:49
carn is lucky ... his team is exceptional... they are currently more aim oriented than strat oriented when gux comes in... but still i think carn is a better player than threat atleast in every way..
2010-08-24 06:40
2010-08-25 23:14
european champions :)
2010-08-23 18:45
2010-08-23 18:57
No surprise for me they mentioned H2k and Lions in an interview the other day :P
2010-08-23 18:47
go ex-LD
2010-08-23 18:47
you think this "DarkPassage > all(incluiding Lions)"
2010-08-23 18:50
very thoughtful baby
2010-08-23 18:57
how the hell did you get that opinion from what he said?
2010-08-23 19:42
Good news :)
2010-08-23 18:48
2010-08-23 18:49
I hope its official this time!
2010-08-23 18:50
2010-08-23 18:58
good luck for them :)
2010-08-23 18:59
next week they will be h2k again....
2010-08-23 18:59
next - H2k pick up Begrip squad.
2010-08-23 19:01
2010-08-23 19:13
it would be nice:)
2010-08-24 00:07
=( it means that i will not see that H2K T-Shirts anymore? that T-shirts rules anyway, good luck.
2010-08-23 19:03
T-shirt rules?
2010-08-23 19:13
Japan kitzune
know the 7 t-shirt rules: 1- T-shirts may be worn when you’re working outside. 2- T-shirts may only be worn during social activities when it’s hotter than 70 degrees AND it’s a purely outdoor event (picnic, beach, etc.) AND you’re the boss of the company AND the t-shirt is pretty nondescript. 3- T-shirts may be worn as part of some philanthropic event where the organizers feel as though unity in color and logo will benefit the cause. However, and listen to me on this one, you may not wear your t-shirt over the collared shirt you put on before you knew they were giving out shirts. Be prepared when you’re going to these things, wear an undershirt so you can make a quick change without exposing the “Thug Life” tattoo you got during your 2Pak phase. West side! 4- You may not wear t-shirts at any other time other than #1 through #3 – for real. Now you’re crossing the line, Grown Man. My t-shirt is my jam! How are people going to know what bands I’m interested in?! Listen Grown Man, you are an individual. I applaud the fact that you’ve got unique style and expression. However, use things like, oh I don’t know, music, poetry, writing, painting, spoken word, freestyle hip-hop dance, etc., to express yourself. T-shirts : self-expression :: Becky #2 : Roseanne. It just doesn’t work that well. Moving on… 5- No inappropriate t-shirts – ever. You’ve really got to own the fact that inappropriate shirts paint with a pretty broad joke-brush. When you walk through the mall in your I Just _____ed your Sister shirt, some people think it’s kinda funny, some people are offended, nobody thinks you’re an adult. Think about a 10-year-old who’s chillin’ out waiting for his turn at Auntie Anne’s, that kid shouldn’t be reading that junk. 6- Funny t-shirts are dead. Sorry about this, but they are. I know they make fantastic jokes, in fact, I’ve got about 4 good ones in my head that are dying to get out. But we need to stay strong and realize that the fad is over and the humor bar must be maintained. 7- You may never, ever, in any scenario, wear a t-shirt at work. Whoa, whoa, whoa, this can’t be a rule, I work at one of those super-rad work places where people don’t care about your attire – they’re beyond that. They care about you as a person and don’t live by your ivory-tower rules.but when you’ve got something important to say, you’ll have more of a voice if you’re not wearing a I Slept With The Girl In Hanson shirt. It may not be fair, but it’s true. These are the 7 t-shirt rules, That is all.
2010-08-24 09:12
well, well , I may understand.... well the major idea... well.. .
2010-08-24 11:07
Japan kitzune
hi, im sorry for the extremely stupid reply, pls excuse me I was very high on caffeine and taurine thats all.
2010-08-24 11:40
Does not matter guys~~ Thx your reply in all~~
2010-08-24 11:50
good luck boys <3
2010-08-23 19:04
threat > h2k org biAtchS
2010-08-23 19:06
now H2k pick up ex-B!! ;) really like this line up, reminds me GIANTS, gl
2010-08-23 19:10
lemondogs ;) even xizt is so similar player to face
2010-08-23 19:12
Rly nice for Lions ;) GL
2010-08-23 19:14
nice go threat!
2010-08-23 19:14
new lions > old lions
2010-08-23 19:17
wauv, I think every1 knows that :P
2010-08-24 21:31
no :P Old Lions fanboys don't know about that :P
2010-08-24 22:29
I love this Lemondogs-like team, LD used to be great, I'm sure they will be aswell. Good luck
2010-08-23 19:17
it's funny
2010-08-23 19:19
Yes. Do like.
2010-08-23 19:25
lol :f
2010-08-23 19:31
nice for Lions ^^
2010-08-23 19:41
Brazil jpfogato
good luck
2010-08-23 19:46
this team will do some damage imo
2010-08-23 20:01
xizt > SK ??
2010-08-23 20:03
I think he didn't shine when playing as stand-in for them, did he?
2010-08-23 20:15
gl !
2010-08-23 20:12
What's going on lol, everyone is stealing players. This is starting to look like a soap opera haha
2010-08-23 20:57
Lions will be easily top2 in sweden if they train so hard and play together long time , SK are with so many experiences, and they will suck because of that!
2010-08-23 21:14
najs ^_^
2010-08-23 21:33
Bye Bye H2k Scammers
2010-08-23 22:07
good one!
2010-08-23 22:15
Bye H2k, Hello Lions :D good luck man
2010-08-23 22:36
gl threat's team
2010-08-23 23:26
-fyrr73 +depan ? -xizt +mannne/barbarr ?if xizt join sk that will be sick.this lineup maybe top10 if they are lucky
2010-08-23 23:41
- fyrr73? he is doing good atm. i would say -khrystal or niko..
2010-08-23 23:54
lolz niko is by far their craziest player... he is unorthodox spark that they have... the rest are just tools for him to shine...
2010-08-24 06:45
then they should kick khrystal he is not what he was.. and they need a sick awp like delpan. :D
2010-08-24 13:23
2010-08-24 00:07
niko was realy good vs ua.fyrr73 was buying awp and he was missing almost all the shots..
2010-08-24 00:36
2010-08-24 03:39
2010-08-24 12:54
-niko +BARBARR
2010-08-24 21:40
nice Lions
2010-09-08 10:29
team needs to stay the same, once you watch them live and the chemistry during the rounds you will realise this. what they need is stability and experience AS A TEAM
2010-09-08 10:42
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