wCrea surprise mTw in thriller

What announced itself as just another national WCG qualifier eventually turned into a major surprise, as Denmark sees wCrea claim number one spot in front of mTw, to represent national pride at the upcoming WCG 2010 Grand Final, in Los Angeles.

Against all odds, wCrea has taken the best out of mTw, not just by giving them a good run for their money, but by actually surpassing them in an exciting match-up. First map into the dispute, train, wCrea definitely took the situation in their own hands by bagging the pistol round as well as the 5 consecutive rounds which followed. mTw sought to quickly get back into the game, yet failed, seeing the half-time score standing at 12-3 to their rivals' advantage. Switching sides didn't do Danny 'zonic' Sørensen and his colleagues any good either, as wCrea quickly closed stakes at 16-10.

The following map, tuscan, saw a totally different face of mTw. This time around the guys were far more composed and in control of the match. After claiming pistol round as T, they continued dominating up until 6-0, when things actually started moving in the other direction. wCrea came back strong and closed first half at 8-7 to their advantage. Switching sides, mTw pulled their tactics together, seeing themselves in the position of closing the match at 16-8, after successfully bagging 9 consecutive rounds.

Given the momentum they were in, not many people would have predicted the eventual outcome of the match at the beginning of the third deciding map, dust2. Slowly but surely, the situation levelled up, seeing both teams exchange rounds equally. wCrea took both pistol rounds, yet mTw bounced back each time leaving no room for error. First half was closed at 8-7 to wCrea's advantage, something that Michael 'Friis' Jørgensen and his colleagues eventually capitalized upon when they switched sides. Dust2 ended in an exciting and unpredictable 16-9, seeing the dedication of the underdogs succeed. 

28th August 2010
Best of 3

wCrea will now be the only team representing Denmark at upcoming World Cyber Games Counter-Strike Grand Final in Los Angeles, USA.

Estonia ygos? 
2010-08-28 18:09
Sweden ineq 
Friis MVP :>
2010-08-28 18:10
4 sure :D
2010-08-28 18:10
nice team wCrea <3 gl wcg finals.
2010-08-28 18:10
Ukraine axji 
WHOAAAAAAAAA i am so happy now , at least arcadion&co beat mTw/NoA in denmark most important tournament!
2010-08-28 18:10
OMG! :shoked:
2010-08-28 18:11
Zeus | 
France faithlessz 
2010-08-28 18:11
fail ? wCrea is a great team ? :)
2010-08-28 20:17
wCrea is a good team:)
2010-08-29 00:57
mTw is milliard times better.
2010-08-29 05:38
I can see that you do not know anything about danish CS. wCrea is a really strong team :)
2010-08-29 13:07
yes they are, but mTw are suppoused to be in the top3 of the worlds best teams ..
2010-08-29 17:06
that was what i said ? :D
2010-08-29 13:02
No, you said wCrea is a _great_ team. #164 said it is a _good_ team. imo mTw is a great team, whereas wCrea is still just a good team, until further proved.
2010-08-29 15:47
oh lol :D
2010-08-29 16:11
Belgium Yoshk 
s2 Friis :)
2010-08-28 18:11
mTw played as nOBBBBBBBB!
2010-08-28 18:11
- minet
2010-08-28 18:11
Awesome!!! wazorn friis :DDD
2010-08-28 18:11
I guess mTw.dk won't get a slot now right? :x
2010-08-28 18:12
Only wCrea will go in the finals :) Dk have 1 slot :)
2010-08-28 18:14
:/ Too bad for mTw.dk. What can I say wCrea have really good aimers and a amazing awp guy and they need to pracctice now :) They are really good.
2010-08-28 18:15
Yeah, I think soo. We will see them in the finals :D
2010-08-28 19:03
so doz mtw =D
2010-08-28 19:32
But they lost :P
2010-08-28 19:33
mTw is playing really bad if you put their performance with whimp and mje to the table. hope they can get a better teamplay next tournament.
2010-08-29 01:07
sunde had, 1.4 hours on steam :D soooo but it is nice, now mtw know they have to practice!
2010-08-28 21:56
Maybe he played with non-steam !! :DD
2010-08-28 21:57
WCG without fnatic and mTw? Sad news for us fans. WCG SUCKS 2010.
2010-08-28 18:12
without fnatic why?
2010-08-28 18:13
fnatic refused to play the qualifier, for a few reasons but mainly because they didnt think it was fair only 1 team got a paid flight from Sweden/Finland/Norway combined. Other reasons where how the payments were going to be made, and the use of team sponsors in clothing and in game tags.
2010-08-28 18:15
Read previous news of hltv.org, mate.
2010-08-28 18:17
fnatic will join WCG 2010, we'll see.
2010-08-28 18:20
they cant you genius
2010-08-28 18:22
Why? They won Sweden WCG. didn't they? www.hltv.org/news/4536-fnatic-win-wcg-sweden
2010-08-28 18:25
They didnt platy the nordic WCG Qualy man ;)
2010-08-28 18:27
So what? That tournament's just for 1 paid ticket. fnatic will go to LA by their money.
2010-08-28 18:28
You're not familiar with WCG policy are you? WCG is like Olympics, you can only participate if you qualified.
2010-08-28 18:30
I don't understand. wCrean won Denmark WCG and they'll go to LA fnatic won Sweden WCG and they'll go nowhere. Is is weird?
2010-08-28 18:31
Norway, Finland and Sweden had their nation qualifer, then 2 teams from each country got to Nordic qualifer, where all 6 teams for slot, but only winner got travel and accomodation paid, fnatic refused attending Nordic qualifer saying it's not for that only 1 team got paid, so fnatic lost their slot and h2k (now Lions) was invited to event and earned slot. SK won Noric qualifer fnatic wanted to boycot Noric qualifer, they thought other teams would do the same and more slots would be paid, but they failed. Denmark had got their own qualifer and winner got slot paid understand now?
2010-08-28 18:43
You wrote too much. When you finished your comment, I've already got it. Thx. :D
2010-08-28 18:49
They wont participate man, why would they not attend the nordic finals if they could easily win them, and now pay for their trip..? Do you know how much money attending WCG in LA means..?
2010-08-28 18:31
Both fnatic and SK Gaming will be featured at the Nordic WCG qualifier finals. (which they didnt attend)
2010-08-28 18:27
wCrea didn't attend Nordic WCG and they'll still go to LA, right?
2010-08-28 18:29
Becausse Denmark had their own qualifier ;)
2010-08-28 18:32
And sweden had the tournament too =))
2010-08-28 18:33
No man, you aint getting it, Sweden, Finland an=d Norway had national finals, to see who aattended the nordic finals, but Denmark has its own qualifier, with a team getting free travel, nothing to do with the other nordic qualifier. Thats one of the reasons for fnatic not attending, they find it unfair.
2010-08-28 18:38
So, it was not fair from very beginning. WTF!
2010-08-28 18:39
i don't usually say stuff like this, but you're not very bright, are you?
2010-08-28 21:18
wow he got it at last :p.
2010-09-01 09:45
United Kingdom wap 
yeah denmark wasnt part of the nordic qual thingie.
2010-08-28 18:33
OK, I get it. Thank u
2010-08-28 18:43
YES IT IS, but they had their own qualifier apart from the nordic one, cant you get it...?
2010-08-28 18:42
Get it. Fuck WCG.
2010-08-28 18:43
United Kingdom wap 
read again, they wasnt part of the nordic wcg qual edit: oh well the other dude replied before me, sorry
2010-08-28 18:44
OK Guys thank you. I totally get it now :D :D
2010-08-28 18:46
SK diid ;)
2010-08-28 18:30
SK gaming did attend WCG nordic and won the qualifiers.
2010-08-28 20:17
Still , we'll have tyloo atleast :D
2010-08-28 18:16
Why the heck is that? Does CHL suck because Liverpool isnt in it? No. The best teams join the tournament, and the rest wont. I dont see why that sucks.
2010-08-28 23:58
friis dominater
2010-08-28 18:12
OM[fail]G i can't believe. mTw out of WCG? it's unbelieaveble.
2010-08-28 18:12
2010-08-28 18:12
GREAT game by Arcaidion, KARRiGAN AND friis :D GRATZ boys.. those these mean that mTw has to pay for there trip to wcg?? anyone? :)
2010-08-28 18:13
Dk have 1 slot :)
2010-08-28 18:15
2010-08-28 18:13
Friis was ON FIRE!
2010-08-28 18:13
Russia unbE 
2010-08-28 18:13
OMG! double kill by Friis !! wicked sick LOL !! GG
2010-08-28 18:14
Nice surprise.. Cant be upset that a new danish team has risen so strong :-)
2010-08-28 18:14
or mTw got fallen so low :< but I hope for your version
2010-08-28 18:44
yep mine sounds better :D
2010-08-28 20:38
WOOOOOT ??? :o
2010-08-28 18:14
Netherlands Erty 
mTw lolz
2010-08-28 18:16
Europe eler 
2010-08-28 18:16
2010-08-28 18:17
wcrea had potential...they just showed it now.
2010-08-28 18:17
2010-08-28 18:17
WCG yet again shaping up to be a lacklustre event, so far no mTw/fnatic/mousesports? I'm sure some other top teams will be missing aswell. :(
2010-08-28 18:19
i dont know what all you guys are saying. wcrea was the better one so wcg is stronger with these guys attending
2010-08-28 18:29
mTw is more consistently one of the best teams in the world, while wCrea has potential (and even realised it this qualifier) more often than not, mTw are the far superior team.
2010-08-28 21:27
2010-08-28 18:19
Europe eler 
+MJE +guddo
2010-08-28 18:20
Poland marco555 
First 3 in Los Angeles?
2010-08-28 18:20
OMFG lol
2010-08-28 18:20
Poland Pab 
its remind me xblet.ats times :D
2010-08-28 18:20
2010-08-28 18:21
lol nice... mTw fail?..
2010-08-28 18:26
2010-08-28 18:26
mTw.. :(
2010-08-28 18:27
i guess mtw playing smart :D maybe they wanted to loose, fnatic will not play either so maybe this is a oportunity for wcrea to make some money but again mtw let them win to save some strats against fnatic navi etc for the next tournament but maybe im wrong why mtw whyyy xD shit happens i still belive in mtw <3
2010-08-28 18:27
Dont tell this shit, why would they play the quali if they just wanted to loose, you intelligent guy...?
2010-08-28 18:28
Portugal Cyborgy 
saving strats for wcg 2012
2010-08-28 18:28
2010-08-28 18:30
Poland Pab 
yep :D thats could be it!!!
2010-08-28 18:33
another mystery solved... gj sherlock xD
2010-08-29 06:25
rofl. that was good.
2010-09-01 09:46
WCG is one of most important event, missing it is fail
2010-08-28 18:46
Belarus ovi~ 
2010-08-28 18:28
2easy4 fx and navi :)
2010-08-28 18:28
Latvia DumbassLV 
ololo MTW
2010-08-28 18:29
hahaha GJ wCrea =DDD
2010-08-28 18:29
WCG without fnatic,mTw... EASY for Na`Vi?) gg
2010-08-28 18:32
Poland Pab 
fx,sk are still in game Sir :+)
2010-08-28 18:33
did you see play wcrea .... my ukraian mate i dont think it will be "2easy for na'vi" :) wcrea on fire
2010-08-28 19:10
fo sho :D
2010-08-28 18:34
2010-08-28 18:34
Poland jMS 
I love Danish CS scene. mTw supremacy for a long time and then boom - a new team is being created, and that team beats mTw on their first lan :) This time it was a little bit different, but still the pattern stays pretty same.
2010-08-28 18:36
wCrea is a team of some of the best in danish eSports. No surprise that they would won, cause they have been played very well. - I think t´hey can make something huge at WCG.
2010-08-28 18:39
-suraNga now!
2010-08-28 18:40
they won, why would they change?
2010-08-28 18:47
really :P
2010-08-28 18:49
2010-08-28 18:41
what a surprise GL&HF for them at the event
2010-08-28 18:41
niiice, mtw too random
2010-08-28 18:42
dk should have 2 spots :(
2010-08-28 18:42
-minet +arcadion = best denmark lineup..
2010-08-28 18:47
wCrea is better team THEN why he go mTw mr.obviously
2010-08-28 18:51
Singapore Nephalith 
I expected mTw to win and do something big in the world finals. CS is just so random sometimes. It's not really surprising though, wCrea have some of the finest players in Denmark.
2010-08-28 18:50
United Kingdom wap 
well I guess wcrea are happy they picked up this team.
2010-08-28 18:51
Europe 7Y3 
WOW,i cant believe
2010-08-28 18:52
I hope we dont see any mTw players retiring!! They have been pretty low lately, maybe it is due to lack of motivation or something!! i hope i'm wrong!
2010-08-28 18:53
United Kingdom wap 
have they been pretty low lately? lol sorry but thats not right, they havent really attented anything for some time, but last time they did they performed very good
2010-08-28 18:54
Well, maybe your right!! But even internationally they havent exactly been the "mTw" we knew!!
2010-08-28 18:56
wCrea is a nice team, they deserved it.
2010-08-28 18:55
Portugal Cyborgy 
well the domination cant last forever cant it? NoA/mTw hasnt been losing a single tournament @dk for how long?
2010-08-28 18:58
United Kingdom wap 
they lost cph games to cheap times last year :D although you are right, they pretty much dominated the danish scene the last couple of years
2010-08-28 19:00
Belgium FnX^ 
OMFG what seriously wcrea > mTw LOL
2010-08-28 19:02
ahaha omg sad :s
2010-08-28 19:19
opss WCG 2010 = 2easy4 Na'Vi
2010-08-28 19:23
First map was TRAIN
2010-08-28 19:25
no fnatic , no mtw ..... hmm .....Na'Vi could sure use that trophy this year :>
2010-08-28 19:28
2010-08-28 19:30
No fnatic and mTw at WCG? Should not be a problem for Na´Vi to win this
2010-08-28 19:36
Pakistan MrHassan 
You forgeting SK and FX :). They will not let Na'Vi win easily (hopefully) ;).
2010-08-28 20:02
Ye maybe, But it is so sad that it´s only 1 team from top 3 and mTw won the WCG 2008 It will be easier to SK to win the gold medal. GOGO :D
2010-08-28 21:29
Well, look at that. SKs chanses of winning wcg 2010 just rose :)
2010-08-28 19:40
thats was baaaaddd man :(
2010-08-28 19:42
is there any situation where mtw will attened cg ?
2010-08-28 19:48
2010-08-28 19:55
Portugal kick_fox_ffs 
its not bad to denmark, becouse wcrea defeat mtw , so wcrea not lower than mtw
2010-08-28 19:57
Pakistan MrHassan 
GoodLuck wCrea in Grand finals but I think mTw just got unlucky but they are still the best in Denmark ( does not matter if they lost today).
2010-08-28 19:58
yeaaah gj wCrea, I really like this line up
2010-08-28 20:00
Nice!! gj wCrea
2010-08-28 20:05
WCG2010 final SK-NaVi again ESWC2010
2010-08-28 20:08
mtw is loui who says that he sholud go to seul hahah fx went to seul and win this shit tournamet btw. n1 wazorn and friss gl i WCG
2010-08-28 20:16
Learn english you stupid moron. mTw>FX btw :D
2010-08-28 20:51
2010-08-28 20:16
2010-08-28 20:33
Hahahaha nice wCrea! gg
2010-08-28 20:36
omg... :|
2010-08-28 20:43
wow huge from wCrea... well done to them! bl mTw :( wanted to see my fav player marty 'trace' bang
2010-08-28 20:44
HHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA Just one more proof about Scandinavian cs scene being BEST and most competitive!
2010-08-28 20:55
I think this is a huge fail by mTw, but think about it, wCrea won't do more damage than mTw if they went
2010-08-28 20:59
LOL n1ce >!!!!!!!! MY BET > MTW=(
2010-08-28 21:00
final wcg 2010 FX - Na`Vi = Na`Vi
2010-08-28 21:32
NO MTW ON WCG 2010?! ;/
2010-08-28 21:34
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
Now where are those guys who said easy for mTw?
2010-08-28 21:49
Friis were just amazing at this event, totally inzane with his awp.
2010-08-28 22:43
WCG wouldnt be so great without mTw :(
2010-08-28 23:02
2010-08-28 23:11
2010-08-28 23:34
expected... ok not
2010-08-28 23:36
wCrea <3 They are on fire.. They did soo much better then mTw on this game.. I hope they do some good damage on WCG.. It would be good
2010-08-28 23:43
sad mTw : (
2010-08-29 00:26
2010-08-29 00:34
sad no mtw:(
2010-08-29 01:18
Post the demo plz
2010-08-29 01:42
hltv upp pls.
2010-08-29 02:03
friis 4 president!
2010-08-29 02:22
I already knew wCrea!!!!! GO GO GO !
2010-08-29 03:40
mTw underrated wCrea just a coinsidence
2010-08-29 04:06
Well, at least mTw will not have to face the Ukrainian juggernaut for sometime now.
2010-08-29 04:16
mTw had a sweet dream?
2010-08-29 05:06
Sunde > Friis ave > wazorN trace > ArcadioN minet > suraNga zonic > Karrigan mTw < wCrea
2010-08-29 06:30
it's a team game, stull funny tho :D
2010-08-29 11:18
wow what happened
2010-08-29 06:58
nice! ArcadioN > all ( in brain )
2010-08-29 08:48
mTw disappointed me ;( But also wCrea played very nice ;) Good luck in WCG
2010-08-29 11:27
Nice by arcadion and crew.. Am I the only one that is thinking, maybe those clans should swap clan-tags? =D im longe gone..
2010-08-29 11:42
not surprised they always give them a run for their money and finally closed 2 maps to take it
2010-08-29 11:56
someone have demo from this match? i can't find
2010-08-29 12:55
buahahhah LOL
2010-08-29 13:29
don't you think it's kind of important for the rosters to be included in these kinds of news posts??
2010-08-30 00:10
Its sad cause none of you know wCrea, its a team with ArcadioN which have been playing ALOT of years, since the beginning of SoA, in 2001 i guess it was, and then he plays with hes brother which is wazorn - + one of the greatest snipers in denmark FriiS, i dont know so much to suranGa but what i've seen he looks really good, sometimes he fails a little but i never think he have been into the big Cs scene until now.
2010-09-03 17:21
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