ATE Gaming win WCG India

ATE Gaming have won the Indian World Cyber Games qualifier, following their victory over iNvictus on two maps. 

WCG India took place in the world's second most populous city in the world, Mumbai, and saw six teams qualify from other parts of India. ATE Gaming, who have the nation's qualifier five consecutive years now, did not disappoint this year either.

The team had no big problems making it to the finals, except in the semifinals where the team fought long and hard versus Colossal Damage, three matches which ended 16-13, 9-16 and 16-14 on de_dust2, de_inferno and de_train respectively.

The qualifier final was to no stress for ATE, who easily overcame iNvictus 16-4 on both de_dust2 and de_train. With the team's impressive performance at WCG India, they have successfully been granted entrance to this year's WCG Grand Finals in Los Angeles.

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:) haha India lol
2010-08-30 19:49
43 replies
what's so funny? india will be or even is one of the most influential countries in the world. time is over to make some jokes about them
2010-08-30 19:56
3 replies
ate is their best team right?? they always win ...
2010-09-01 07:36
aah respect @jott :)
2012-10-04 17:10
Ty bro
2016-11-30 18:32
asshole... wats ur countries GDP?? and watever meagre figure it is that must have come frm selling ur MOM to indian tourists..
2010-08-30 20:27
14 replies
Hahaha omg ;D
2010-08-30 21:04
Better stay away from Arguements.
2010-08-30 21:11
1 reply
yep i do agree ......... Better stay away from Arguements.
2010-08-31 15:58
2010-08-30 22:39
Sweden's GDP is 30 times higher than India's... :p
2010-08-30 23:36
8 replies
Get your economics right. Per Capita Income is not the same as GDP!! Go read your textbooks.
2010-08-31 09:37
2 replies
GNP is nearly always refered to as per capita, so maybe you should learn to read other stuffs than textbooks?
2010-08-31 17:13
1 reply
gnp is not the same as GDP ;D and 2 years ago from what i remember india's GDP was huge
2012-12-26 20:54
lol??? you probably mean per capita.. true, Scandinavian countries have very good GDP per capita... however, india has very good GDP growth rate, especially considering how big economy it is :)
2010-08-31 09:55
4 replies not
2010-09-02 01:25
3 replies
2010-09-02 04:39
2 replies
2010-09-03 18:12
1 reply
oh yes.. am fuming lol... but seriously get a life man, if that is at all possible, considering the troll that you obviously are.. cya thn.. am off to explode with all that fucking rage lol
2010-09-03 18:24
yaar kia boltay ho... these guyz will always consider india as a third world country... although it is #4 right??
2010-09-01 07:34
India have more people with IQ 160+ than Sweden in general :P
2010-08-30 20:46
13 replies
Sweden Chaez
source please.
2010-08-30 21:19
5 replies "Indian has more honor kids than america has kids" so , think about the numbers of american kids...
2010-08-30 22:19
4 replies
Not that I care, but there are a lot of smart kids that just don't give a fuck about school and don't give their 100%...
2010-08-30 22:27
1 reply
2010-08-30 22:41
Sweden Chaez
Count the percentage for each country, and you'll see major differences... edit: america is a bad example, and there is a big difference between IQ and a large memory :)
2010-08-30 23:06
1 reply
no , america is a good example since they're counting the number of people and not the IQ
2010-08-30 23:27
Belarus ALBiNh0
ofc their population is 1,2 billion xD btw national iq estimate of sweden is 101, india - 81
2010-08-31 09:02
6 replies
You can't really compare 1,185,399,000 to 9,354,462
2010-08-31 14:19
4 replies
Sweden (9,354,462 population) has more homosexuals than India (1 billion + population). I have nothing more to say !!
2010-09-01 16:27
3 replies
... And I know why.
2010-09-01 21:34
+99999.... buddy.. India is great afterall.. :)
2012-02-06 21:46
and how does that matter ? idiot...
2012-02-06 21:51
as #127 says thr is no possible way to fairly compare both... because you have to consider the fact various factors.. literacy for example.. sweden, a developed country , is bound to have much more literacy % compared to a developing country.. poverty : as you may know, india became free country only in 1947.. so poverty is a BIG problem in india.. because of factors like these, very few indians have opportunity to realise their potential.. its a well established fact that low GDP is one of major contributing factor for low IQ.. in short, its not really possible to fairly compare IQs of countries which have huge differences in GDP.. of course, me, a mechanical engineer, can hardly be called an expert on this matter & could b utterly wrong :D
2010-08-31 20:02
haha iq lol
2010-08-30 20:47
dude india is 1 of g20 cntries and soon geting a seat at security council
2010-08-30 21:23
flamers :) This one is better minus annoying music
2010-08-30 22:04
ahahaha loled too, it is actully kind of funny
2010-08-30 22:49
ur d A** hu startd it respect other nations n b respectd odrwise leave dis mouse n keyboard game n come 2 India !! u'll love tandoori lantern91 !!
2010-08-31 05:02
2010-08-31 06:07
you lol. every country has chance to present command in the WCG
2010-08-31 09:38
asshole.. mofo
2012-01-28 21:18
2 replies
Time: 2010-08-30 14:48
2012-01-28 21:31
1 reply
haha bt it hurts.. :P
2012-02-18 00:01
nice !
2010-08-30 19:49
2010-08-30 19:51
nice haha
2010-08-30 19:51
gj :)
2010-08-30 19:52
gl on wcg ;)
2010-08-30 19:52
gl ATE! hope to see an upset :)
2010-08-30 19:52
Hoping for some upsets ;)
2010-08-30 19:54
hehe proo
2010-08-30 19:55
Gl for LA
2010-08-30 19:55
2010-08-30 19:56
Nice Ate Go Go Go...Best Luck For Final At LA.
2010-08-30 19:57
8 replies
Hahahaha, that will never happend..
2010-08-31 11:07
7 replies
They are already in WCG finals ...
2010-08-31 14:35
6 replies
Not in the grand final, they will never end up there anyway!
2010-08-31 14:56
5 replies
WCG LA is Grand Final, dude.
2010-09-01 03:28
2 replies
Are you stupid or something? The Grand final are the TWO best teams in the turnament! Idiot!
2010-09-01 08:31
1 reply
Grand Final is the tournament with all national champions, dude.
2010-09-01 17:21
never underestimate anyone bro.....wait for another good team from india !!!
2011-08-13 10:37
1 reply
Canada xb0y
2011-08-13 10:42
2010-08-30 19:59
Nice !
2010-08-30 20:00
ATE Line-up r4iD RshKhN^ Wuzz fire RitZ
2010-08-30 20:06
9 replies
link of there demo?
2010-08-30 20:27
6 replies
you can find it here
2010-08-30 20:31
5 replies
thanks !
2010-08-30 21:17
Belarus ALBiNh0
Please register or login to download files from this category. sad but true
2010-08-31 09:12
3 replies
Register, loads of gaming websites have that.
2010-08-31 14:19
2 replies
Belarus ALBiNh0
i have acc's at the most of popular gaming sites. but don't want to have acc at indian one :D
2010-08-31 15:57
1 reply
why not?
2010-08-31 19:29
who is the awper ?
2010-09-01 08:45
1 reply
Whuzz and Rshkan
2010-09-01 16:00
Is it true that this is their fifth time in a row winning it?
2010-08-30 20:12
4 replies
since 2006...yes 5 times in a row.
2010-08-30 20:13
yes !!
2010-08-30 20:16
It´s true but the Teams in india is not that good!
2010-08-31 11:10
1 reply
don't worry dude u will meet the riders in wcg 2012 ....then we will see who are better ..
2011-08-13 10:26
2010-08-30 20:17
Nice, gl in Los Angeles!!
2010-08-30 20:20
2010-08-30 20:28
ahahhaha lol
2010-08-30 20:29
on awp_india?
2010-08-30 20:29
3 replies
hahahaha yes
2010-08-30 20:38
2010-08-30 22:20
I think they play matches on awp_india in ur country... sad.. India plays on official maps only... you can be f***ed on any map from an Indian.. beware!
2012-02-06 21:50
2010-08-30 20:30
gl :)
2010-08-30 20:31
2010-08-30 20:39
cus the population in india is 1,1 billion and sweden got around 9 millions, you tards
2010-08-30 20:52
5 replies
erhm Hltv have inveted a new button called "REPLY" its so nice.. People "CAN" actually see that you were talking to them its simple just hit the REPLY button and you can write what you have to say :) PEACE!
2010-08-30 21:07
yah baby 1.1 billion ! if we all take a dump that would be enuff to cover ur country for the next decade :D
2010-08-31 06:48
3 replies
2010-08-31 09:17
ROFL random :D
2010-08-31 12:43
2010-08-31 14:36
2010-08-30 21:06
gl f0r all iNDia
2010-08-30 21:10
2010-08-30 21:20
2010-08-30 21:29
Pakistan MrHassan
Good luck in Grand final .
2010-08-30 21:33
go mother teresa of calcutta
2010-08-30 21:36
2010-08-30 21:37
Singapore Nephalith
didn't expect it to be a close game. ATE has been so dominant in the Indian scene for the past years. GL @ WCG.
2010-08-30 21:40
GL ate :)
2010-08-30 21:42
well ATE was in the international scene like 2 years back , they played international events , all major ones covered from 2006-2008, but from then due to financial issues they could not attend future events. ATE has played against teams like fnatic , MTW , ALTERNATE , NIP and played decent losing 20-10 and 16-12 against fnatic and alternate. So with some more exposure and sponsers certainly i see more indian gamers competing at the international level in near future, its just a matter of time , U guys may laugh right now but u will be proven wrong in future for sure.
2010-08-30 21:59
7 replies
2010-08-30 22:01
1 reply
scores arent correct. but they played well
2010-09-01 16:03
2010-08-30 22:10
hopefully they have something great to show us this time...I am going to watch all the matches! :D
2010-08-30 22:41
2010-08-31 06:13
2010-09-02 08:52
2012-02-06 21:52
GL guys I'm really hoping ATE will get a top 3!
2010-08-30 22:12
gl next time peXXer, noddy and co.
2010-08-30 22:15
2010-08-30 22:43
gl :)
2010-08-30 22:46
Congrats GL!
2010-08-30 22:59
2010-08-30 23:03
indians nice people <3 GL
2010-08-30 23:06
1 reply
2010-09-02 08:53
2010-08-30 23:23
7 replies
put "I" in place of "i" n thanx 4 respect :-)
2010-08-31 05:00
6 replies
:/? its gl not gi :\
2010-09-01 01:05
3 replies
"I" dude for India not india
2010-09-16 21:17
2 replies
gl = good luck
2010-09-16 21:43
1 reply
GOD i know dat... leave its over... capital "i" for "I"ndia n not "i"ndia... hadd hai... lol itna bada to issure hi nahin tha maybe i commented wrong post den :-)
2010-09-19 14:14
2010-09-01 16:04
haha +111
2012-02-06 21:54
gl ATE
2010-08-30 23:36
Great, GL @ WCG ATE :)
2010-08-30 23:38
gl dosts
2010-08-31 01:05
1 reply
hindi? :P
2010-08-31 05:37
its time.................
2010-08-31 01:59
Gud job A+e...GL HF in L.A :)
2010-08-31 02:14
2 replies
wat abt pakistan wcg qualifier? -i- is amazing
2010-09-02 05:37
1 reply
-i- qualified not cming in fnatic beat it due to lack of sponosrs..but yes they'll b going L.A
2010-09-04 08:46
gl in LA :)
2010-08-31 02:57
JAi Ho Jai Ho Jai ATE gaming..!!
2010-08-31 03:12
gL GUYS :) i prolly mite b in LA that time :D hope to c u there !
2010-08-31 03:16
congo for la...and show them sum indian style...
2010-08-31 04:39
gl a+e... but they need much more 2 compete some major clans out there ..
2010-08-31 05:41
GG a+e They dont have much chance, but its good to see them in two major events in such a short time. People should not expect much out of them.... I hope they perform well and good luck for Beat IT as well.
2010-08-31 06:00
Its better no tto compare. Sweden is better than india in gaming. And all of us are gamers over here. So its better we dont talk about population, iq bla bla bla
2010-08-31 06:26
2 replies
GL aTe.. hope u wll show some "BALATKAAR" in LA :P xD hahaha.. HF
2010-09-01 04:45
1 reply
2010-09-01 16:06
2010-08-31 07:01
Anyone know what the local Indian CS community website is? Are there pictures of the event at all / of the team?
2010-08-31 07:18
1 reply Demos are there (registration required) & pics will b posted soon.
2010-08-31 12:39
Hope they beat some international teams or at least give them a good fight. About time we start getting noticed around here :/
2010-08-31 07:43
gooo gooo gooo ATE.......HOPE 2 C SUM UPSETS....
2010-08-31 08:12
lol we shall c what ate can do at wcg in la
2010-08-31 08:57
i strongly believe that wcg should have take 2 teams from denmark as i dont think ate is going to do something great at wcg
2010-08-31 08:59
They need more biryani to pump up their game. I hope they at least advance to the next round of play past their group stage.
2010-08-31 09:41
2 replies
going by Potti's advice I think kebab would be better :D
2010-08-31 12:44
biryani would help :P
2010-09-02 12:55
2010-08-31 10:12
Really Thankful to for covering an indian event.This really means a lot to indian gaming community. Thank you Pus :)
2010-08-31 10:22
2 replies
Ofcourse it will be on the coverage, it's WCG on of the most famous events in the world but the Netherlands wont use any coverages because we dont have counter-strike in WCG NL :S
2010-08-31 15:32
yeah....A big Thanks to team 4 tht.
2010-09-02 08:57
@Austin #103 Am not sure if Ate will do good or not, But i know for one that you can just sit at Home, Boast that you own top notch headsets and Script and get Caught :))
2010-08-31 10:29
1 reply
i have it i flaunt it :D and i never got caught too :D
2010-09-01 07:03
go go go ATE.gaming ! best wishes to - Rshkhn^ r4iD wuzz fire RiTz
2010-08-31 10:35
they well get raped again by idx!!!!
2010-08-31 10:52
atleast they are trying their best!!! they dnt get chance to practice with international level players pretty often but they still kept it up,and qualified for 5 times in a row for wcg,it means they r not sitting idle doing nothing !!!
2010-08-31 11:34
good luck i hope u make it to a few stages.
2010-08-31 11:36
A very good Step for ATE Gl hf boys :-)
2010-08-31 12:28
I hope we get to see groups like last year with UAE, India & Pakistan in one group!! Dont really care much about UAE, coz a noob team will be representing instead of iMPULSE. But, as always India vs Pakistan is a treat to watch in any form of sport!!
2010-08-31 12:42
2 replies
Indeed :)
2010-08-31 14:37
2010-09-02 12:57
GL boiz heheheh
2010-08-31 14:00
still -idx nd u5 >> ATE
2010-08-31 14:01
savage stop comparing boy.... ths post is abt A+e not u5 or GL 2 ate n HF
2010-08-31 14:13
NIce One..ATE Rock..:)
2010-08-31 14:55
GL HF A+E Gaming....
2010-08-31 15:08
to all the dumb fuck retards who are laughing away at indians..u cant be good at esports especially cs 1.6 but i dont wat other sports u play? p.s india can buy sweden wid cash in hand no need to even look at the bank balance XD p.p.s indians are the most succesfully established people in the world !
2010-08-31 15:12
1 reply
chill man !
2010-08-31 15:51
lol....agreed ambani :P
2010-08-31 15:18
glglglglglglglgl ate i'll be watching all ur games
2010-08-31 15:28
Ok guys, you can go to far i only say gl but dont freak out
2010-08-31 15:30
hmmmmm ATE u really played well even i was also at essel world but i got out on third round n best of luck for ur L.A Final n play well n india's proud of you.... best of luck....!
2010-08-31 15:37
sorry pakiz i luv ATE gaming go win n kick fnatics ass (but not EGs i luv it :D )
2010-08-31 16:14
AND HEHEHEHEHEH #129 do i know you?
2010-08-31 16:15
Pakiz nd indz are da best in world but fuckin politics makes dem two difrnt nations :@@@@@
2010-08-31 16:17
4 replies
2010-08-31 16:32
+ infinity !!!
2010-08-31 21:02
translate to English pls
2010-09-01 01:19
durust farmaya aapne
2010-09-02 05:39
GL A+e
2010-08-31 16:43
gl hf ate
2010-08-31 16:51
GL Ate ...and others too who qualify ... ! :)
2010-08-31 21:03
GL A+e ! :)
2010-08-31 21:53
gl ate :)
2010-08-31 22:40
Gl ate, @ Swedish ,yeah till date india hasn't done great in e-sports , but doesn't mean u should show attitude, u never know when an upset happens ^_^ .If im not wrong f0rest, when fnatic came to india tried using shot guns or whatever n got knifed by one of the indian players (not ATE). . . so dont let out words and dont compare cuz we all know sweden is very good . gl ate :)
2010-09-01 00:21
what top level european team is closest in skill to the top indian team out of curiousity?
2010-09-01 00:55
3 replies
Dude...for ur curiosity, EUROPE IS A CONTINENT and INDIA IS A COUNTRY...IF u know the difference... there r many countries in EUROPE who dont even have a CS TEAM!
2010-09-02 13:01
1 reply
idiot, he asked the question that way because he (probably) only follows the european scene. So he wanted to get a relative idea what is the level of indian CS teams.
2010-09-02 14:59
I'd say they're on the same level as "Just".
2010-09-02 14:57
all u faggots. India is behind in esprts due 2 exposure, n othr dan dis we r way ahead of sweden,denmark,ukrne n etc, so itz betr u guys stfu n play d game ,
2010-09-01 02:29
1 reply
stop being a delusional whiner.
2010-09-02 14:59
Awesome Match > Colossal Damage Vs A+e @ WCG National Finals. Gl & Hf in LA :-)
2010-09-01 03:15
india? r they having internet?
2010-09-01 03:19
9 replies
upucaj se u glavu, slab ti hejt.
2010-09-01 03:31
You mother fucker....what you think about India?? We have the 2nd largest GDP growth rate, we are worlds 11th largest economy right now, Just come to India for once you will come to know where are we, whole world buy software's from an Indian company to run their business, and you are talking about internet? Get a Life man..
2010-09-02 09:08
No actually i am just replying you "working OFFLINE" :D
2010-09-02 13:03
1 reply
Rofl ..... nice :D
2010-09-03 16:26
wats your problem dude??? Try not to degrade others....stay out :O
2010-09-03 16:25
4 replies
guys rlx this is just a joke i don't have anything against on WCG...peace
2010-09-06 04:09
3 replies
hmmmm <3 :P :D
2010-09-11 03:42
you are a joke, serbia? HAHAHAHA
2010-09-11 03:48
1 reply
srry chuck norris i didn't recognize you..
2010-09-13 02:50
@ Shm - I think you have just started using internet nvm :-) if you have any questions about the Country 'India' Just Google it :-) !
2010-09-01 03:27
2 replies
2010-09-01 03:29
Mouse :D
2010-09-01 03:33
I hope we see u with neWave again :D
2010-09-01 03:30
wat these guys thnk of asian countries? tel u wat,v guys probably have gud internet as compared to urs
2010-09-01 03:42
@ us4mah +1
2010-09-01 04:39
@ Shm - English please :-)
2010-09-01 04:40
2 replies
i was asking smetch he will understand ;)
2010-09-01 04:59
1 reply
Ohhkhey np :-)
2010-09-01 05:16
stfu.....benchod...all those who thinks.. Indians are newbie.... go go ate...
2010-09-01 04:45
GL aTe.. hope u wll show some "BALATKAAR" in LA :P xD hahaha.. HF
2010-09-01 04:46
ha ha..they will....they will
2010-09-01 04:48
yeah they will sure...
2010-09-01 04:53
make Indi proud...
2010-09-01 04:54
defeat them gl
2010-09-01 04:57
Good luck =)!
2010-09-01 05:35
hope to see ATe wining atleast few rounds there. last time MW( makeway) lost 30-0 to mouzesports the german giants did not even gave there 10 percent efforts to win the match . still they won 30-0 with MW. so i hope ate will atleast make some rounds.. NSD in 2009 WCG managed 6 rounds of HELL GAMERS(modern Natus Vincere)24-6. so this year i hope ate will win some rounds. and suppose if some bangladesh or pakistan clan falls in our group then plz pawn them.. THe foriegn pros have such a good thats the prob. ANYWAYS GL AND HF ATE.GAMING
2010-09-01 07:18
1 reply
it was hellraisers not hellgamers
2010-09-02 05:41
GooD Luck.
2010-09-01 07:29
go ate go..........
2010-09-01 09:02
Get all ppl with prejudices towards india and all indians defending their country outta this thread please...
2010-09-01 10:39
2 replies
Yup. I have only just realized that indian fanboys are much MUCH worse than polish/Portuguese/Brazilian fanboys.
2010-09-02 15:02
1 reply
Ohh I forgot to scroll down. There are really some bad-mouthed idiots throwing shit all over.
2010-09-03 02:27
ate is good, but they are not having the exposure thats why i say they need to pla yat the wcg level. its not prob, after time they will ebcome the pros...but in local match...its not help them as u can see why, in th e wcg match, i will tell u. that the strategies is not clear due to local match,.
2010-09-01 12:16
I hope there would be match in Grand finals between, ATE and -i- DX (WCG Pakistan Qualifiers) ;P What do you think guys?? ;D Do not criticize please... ;P it would be fun!!! ;D
2010-09-01 13:36
1 reply
u5 didnt qualify or they changed name? btw glglgl to dx :)
2010-09-02 13:05
bhen ke lauvde sale......swedish.......fck u allll......we r way ahead den u in u guyz even now wat cricket is?????mako chodu tumhari.......
2010-09-01 14:29
4 replies
+1 bhai D:
2010-09-01 14:58
+2 br0..
2010-09-02 05:44
chill br0.. and stop ranting abt cricket already lol...
2010-09-02 10:02
lol what a sad comparing my frynd. if u are comparing there(SWEDEN) cs sports with our cricket then they will compare their football team with our pathetic football condition...i know they did'nt managed qualify this years editions. but still if sweden learns CRICKET then they will atleast not get bowled out for 0 . they will score some runs even INDIA PLAYS with 100 percent concentration. AND!!! if u see teams like fnatic, SK GAMING or h2k or etc playing with there 100 percent gaming concentration THEN IMAGINE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO INDIAN OR PAKISTAN CLANS!!! 30-0 is obvious and also i dont think there is a chance for ur clans to TAKE ATLEAST A FRAG. SEE DUDE ..PLZ DONT BE OFFENDED!!! iam saying this becuase u guys are comparing or commenting stupid things here which enables them to criticize or throwing their racism facts towards us.. and i still know they will not do that. because they know what our conditions are SO COMPARING HERE IN CS WORLD WITH OTHER SPORTS IS OMINOUS ACCORDING TO ME. AGAIN IAM SAYING PLZ DONT BE OFFENDED
2010-09-02 11:04
All the pakiz here are not elder than 15.
2010-09-01 15:00
india dominated much thread lol?
2010-09-01 15:03
Best wishes 2 A+e.gaming
2010-09-01 15:07
chak de INADIAAAAA!!!!!!!!
2010-09-01 15:08
not only this thread also ..everytin in dis world..india is dominating..........
2010-09-01 19:30
1 reply
cool story bro.
2010-09-02 01:32
o sweden walon tmhari mama ki tuii mein kaala loLa tmhari pan ko utha k lay jaoun :P
2010-09-01 19:41
6 replies
2010-09-02 01:32
5 replies
jab ye teri samaj me aaega tab tak teri 7 pushte peda ho chuki honge lode k baal ... madarchod :@:@:@
2010-09-02 05:45
4 replies
2010-09-02 09:57
2010-09-02 13:06
cool story bro.
2010-09-05 03:21
1 reply
:) sOrry ... i dnt mean that.. but let it b :P peAcE :P
2010-09-05 06:11
Goodluck ATE :)
2010-09-01 19:42
Australia Kitten.M
I strongly agree this thread is dominated by Indian (but surely not the world lol)... gl ATE.
2010-09-02 05:51
i think we can hope for some real gud stuff at wcg from ate
2010-09-02 08:08
just chil out guys....... hltv is to bring together pplz around d world intrsted in esports :P so dont spoil it because of som silly comments ! n yea btw, d fact is dat india do hv som good gamers who can prove themselves... bt there arnt mch sponsers available here nor pplz who r willin to spend sum bux nd yea soom pplz shitty politics behavr too :| nvm, u never knw if som of top pplz stand in india to support esports den we can get d golden days baq :-) n if mallya comes into d picture.... will get a free beer nd smokin hot cheerleaders too :D btw, GL A+e !
2010-09-02 08:45
1 reply
+1 abt mallya... ask him to scrap his crappy IPL team and get all da beers, cheerleaders and money (ofc) into esport scene... he can b indian arablet :D
2010-09-02 09:56
hahaha Indians + Pakistanis = GG 1 messes with us :D... peace
2010-09-02 09:19
4 replies
North + South Africa Cs > India + Pakistan Cs
2010-09-02 09:33
3 replies
africa?? lol ^^
2010-09-02 09:52
2 replies
yeah South Africa participated in wcg 2001 & 2002 where were Pakistan and India that time??? and North Africa played good against top teams in eswc 2006 whereas india and pakistan lose like 26-4 25-5 against pro teams in 2008 2009
2010-09-02 13:09
1 reply
i thought you meant north & south america and instead wrote africa by mistake... and lol am not supporting what the above guy said.. i very well know cs scene in india & pakistan isnt good at all.. btw they did lose against alternate 16 - 12 but ofc indian teams have a looong way to go.. peace!
2010-09-02 13:31 goro ki white tuii mein kaala L
2010-09-02 09:42
wow, a news post about ATE winning WCG India turned into this, stfu all idiots. GL ATE :)
2010-09-02 10:52
lol what a sad comparing my frynd. if u are comparing there(SWEDEN) cs sports with our cricket then they will compare their football team with our pathetic football condition...i know they did'nt managed qualify this years editions. but still if sweden learns CRICKET then they will atleast not get bowled out for 0 . they will score some runs even INDIA PLAYS with 100 percent concentration. AND!!! if u see teams like fnatic, SK GAMING or h2k or etc playing with there 100 percent gaming concentration THEN IMAGINE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO INDIAN OR PAKISTAN CLANS!!! 30-0 is obvious and also i dont think there is a chance for ur clans to TAKE ATLEAST A FRAG. SEE DUDE ..PLZ DONT BE OFFENDED!!! iam saying this becuase u guys are comparing or commenting stupid things here which enables them to criticize or throwing their racism facts towards us.. and i still know they will not do that. because they know what our conditions are SO COMPARING HERE IN CS WORLD WITH OTHER SPORTS IS OMINOUS ACCORDING TO ME. AGAIN IAM SAYING PLZ DONT BE OFFENDED
2010-09-02 11:05
6 replies
i dont agree with your grammar but i sooooooooooooo agree with your opinion.. lol these guys just keep on ranting abt cricket.. whats the point in comparing swedish cricket scene with indian cricket scene on an international esports site??? indian cs scene isnt good atm.. just deal with it.. dont go trolling abt cricket team FFS.. just cheer for ATE & plz stop making us, indians, look foolish.. thank you! peace!
2010-09-02 13:46
4 replies
i agree with u k stop comparing cricket scene with sweden...Bt as v all knw k asian teams espclly (pak or india) can't even make it thru the pools... lets all admit ths FAct..tou thora shugal he saeee :P
2010-09-02 13:54
1 reply
hahaha +1 INDIA,PAK think alike \m/
2010-09-02 18:17
you are addressing me or the guy above me who started this foolish conversation ???? lol ..i am not that bad in english actually i wrote too was unaware of my grammatical errors. but still i think u understood my point
2010-09-03 14:34
1 reply
above guy ofc.. as i said i do agree with your opinion :)
2010-09-03 15:26
Pakistan's way better than india in cs ... ( at least internationally ) watch u5 vs EG WCG 2009 demo. they managed to win more matches than us in just 2 WCG appearences ..
2010-09-02 19:25
ATE GAMING!!!!!!!! GL!!!!!
2010-09-02 13:18
2010-09-02 13:19
2010-09-02 13:20
hahaha india.
2010-09-02 18:32
@ meanie, i know u r a troll but dont keep proving it. in 2001 -2002 Indian clans did participate.. TEAM ACID ! donno what name their were called by then go check the HISTORY @ yes they won few foreign teams back then . ur africa did? dont talk insanely go check in with a psychatrist !
2010-09-03 02:18
2001-2002 India were represented by TuA with players like wile,madtoothbrush,morphine and those times there were just 2 gaming cafes of repute Hakan in mumbai and Surf's up in Pune which ofc was wile's cafe...after TuA split wile represented India as a member of Acid...Acid came along much later than TuA...although they lost but i think they are responsible for spreading the bug of CS in India.
2010-09-03 08:24
1 reply
U can even find the demos of TUA/ACID on the wcg site! But u would need cs 1.5 for that :D and about the win/lose of TUA u can clearly see there. They did beat some french team i think..
2010-09-03 09:20
BTW BeatIt starts tomorrow....God Luck A+e!
2010-09-03 08:25
WIn or Loose doesnt matter...Gotta chance giv ur 100%..!gl n hf ate :) we all wit u..
2010-09-03 10:27
1 reply
+1......GL ate .... wit u guys always.... <3.... just give ur best.... GL HF ATE...
2010-09-03 16:13
we always try to come up on level but organisers like try to push us from were we started
2010-09-03 14:58
2010-09-03 19:41
ATE can beat only indian teams MAY be this time they will beat ......fnatic :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ate.Gaming | CHEEEEEEEEERS :)) G00d Luck / have fun If u can :))
2010-09-03 19:44
Need more sponsors for Gaming. Thing will change thereafter.
2010-09-05 07:59
Yeah !! Ate.Gaming | Rockss !! GO INDIA GO !! :))
2010-09-05 19:29
wat thread full time pass lol @ SWE :P khol k maar di bhai xD india pakistan ftw gL lyf me 1st time dekha ye maine indians n pakis helping each other lol?
2010-09-05 20:49
2010-09-05 20:51
Belarus ALBiNh0
gj at fnatic play beat it xD
2010-09-06 09:30
btw Indian broadband average computer hardware costs e-sports sponsorship is far 2 low as compard 2 sweden @ delhi BYOC, fNatic COD4 team got knifed by 6-8 yr old kid TWICE n m not kiddin !! so u nevr know, we r late but we'll b dere honey :P
2010-09-16 21:25
Cricket we learn from Britishers - Now we Indian Team is DADDY of all other team Computer gaming v learning from US - Sooner or later weill be DADDY in tht
2012-03-09 18:33
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