wNv confirmed at MSI BEAT IT

According to zotob.org, wNv have been confirmed as the 12th team on show at MSI BEAT IT.

The Chinese team will fill in for compLexity, who have been ruled out of the event after three of their players missed their flight to China, which resulted in the American organisation releasing the team.

wNv were last seen at the IEM Global Challenge in Shanghai, where they finished in 5-6 place and amassed $2,750 in cash.

The MSI BEAT IT event will take place in Beijing from September 4-6 in Beijing, a $25,000 tournament HLTV.org will be covering on site.

wNv will attend the event with:

China Huang "Space"  XiaoTian
China Wang "aska" Xi
China Hou "bigun" Hao
China Zhao "xpy" Xiaoyu
China Che "enter" Lei

2010-09-02 13:12
gl :D
2010-09-02 13:13
Bigun!!! :D
2010-09-02 13:13
2010-09-02 13:14
Too bad , that tyloo.raw wasn't invited instead of wNv , but wNv.CN is a good choice too :p Goodluck.
2010-09-02 13:18
2010-09-02 13:16
Interesting why organisators chosen wNv instead of TyLoo.raw. They shown better results so far this year than wNv.
2010-09-02 13:21
4 replies
2010-09-02 13:31
2 replies
the beat it organization invited the club, not the team. so the wnv was chosen
2010-09-02 17:21
1 reply
well,got it.
2010-09-02 18:12
Maybe TyLoo couldn't be reached in time or they could simply not attend ? Either way they found a replacement so it is already good.
2010-09-02 13:46
and where is enter?
2010-09-02 13:22
2 replies
enter is imitator
2010-09-02 13:22
1 reply
Ok thx
2010-09-02 13:23
2010-09-02 13:23
good luck.
2010-09-02 13:33
TyLoo win event ;). GL !
2010-09-02 13:44
imitat0r <3
2010-09-02 13:50
nice gl
2010-09-02 14:15
nice cash tbh, like on GameGune but now its much easier to reach grand final
2010-09-02 14:44
good luck!
2010-09-02 14:45
tyloo.raw? :( wanted to see savage in action
2010-09-02 15:04
2010-09-02 15:13
will dreamteam contest be available at MSI BEAT IT?
2010-09-02 15:32
wish Tyloo Tyloo.raw wNv would scramble their players :\
2010-09-02 16:00
Tyaloo.raw would have been a better team to fill the vacant slot. By the way GoodLuck.
2010-09-02 16:01
bigun with his nasty awp, gl
2010-09-02 16:24
BiGun is INSANE !!!
2010-09-02 16:44
yay! ty coL for being homos and dropping out so now we get to watch an actual team play :]
2010-09-02 17:04
2010-09-02 17:06
Bigun the X7 hacker? he seem kinda overtaken by those young chinese talents of tyloo nd mybe even the ex-wnv smALLboy :DD
2010-09-02 17:56
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