Evil Geniuses win MSI BEAT IT 2010

September 6th, 2010 06:41

Evil Geniuses are winners of the MSI BEAT IT 2010 event in Beijing, as they defeated fnatic 2-1 in the Grand Final.

The two MSI sponsored teams started the Grand Final on de_dust2, with fnatic on the Terrorists side. Evil Geniuses were however able to secure important rounds as CT, not allowing fnatic a big lead before half-time, where the Swedes only had a three round lead with the score 9-6. As Terrorists Evil Geniuses had a good run and it at times did not seem like fnatic were fully focused. This resulted in EG locking down the map, winning 16-12.

Switching to de_nuke, EG continued where they left off, this time producing a strong CT side, leading 11-4 at half-time. Second half saw fnatic wake up to glory and catch up on the EG lead. The Americans had plenty of map-points, but did not manage to execute them, which forced the teams to overtime. The first overtime did not settle the winner, but second overtime did, as fnatic took a 4-2 win, to win 22-20 overall.

Final and deciding map de_train, EG once again got the right to start as CT and once again produced a solid half, leading fnatic 12-3 when switching sides. An important pistol round went to fnatic, followed by second round, where EG had bought rifles. It did however not take long for EG to break down the Swedish defence, securing the four rounds they needed, to win 16-7 and 2-1 overall.

6th September 2010
Best of 3

EG secure MSI BEAT IT victory over fnatic

With the victory Evil Geniuses pocket $15,000 and 5 MSI GT660 laptops, the final standings for the event are as follows:

1. United States Evil Geniuses - $15,000
2. Sweden fnatic - $7,500
3. Sweden Lions - $2,500
4. China TyLoo

Stay tuned for more content from the MSI BEAT IT finals in Beijing, as we got a hold of the winners after winning the event. Also make sure to check out our galleries from the event, find them by clicking here.

Brazil 1kuNg 
nice EG
2010-09-06 06:41
A playbook video, albeit breaking down only one round, for those interested in how EG managed to overcome the #1 team in Fnatic. Goes over the first map, de_dust2, where EG won 16-12: winout.net/index.php?page=view_movie&id=292
2010-09-06 21:32
frod is amazing
2010-09-06 06:41
2010-09-06 06:41
GJ all.
2010-09-06 06:41
there goes my chance for a laptop :P
2010-09-06 06:41
well played
2010-09-06 06:41
gg guys :D
2010-09-06 06:41
Singapore Nephalith 
NA CS back on track? Looks like it!
2010-09-06 06:41
I'd like to see a string of wins and more American teams internationally before saying this.
2010-09-06 06:43
Singapore Nephalith 
Suppose so. ;) Good to see a realist.
2010-09-06 07:06
its just the true
2010-09-07 00:31
agreed. I really hope this win will motivate NA players to push hard and aim for the top. i think it can be done.
2010-09-06 07:06
it's been done before ;]
2011-07-28 03:59
2010-09-06 13:07
2010-09-06 18:53
well only one team back on track... they have been for some time... although not the worlds best... but if they can defeat them then atleast they are top10
2010-09-06 17:01
amazing games
2010-09-06 06:41
awesome job EG. Frod was on fire the entire match
2010-09-06 06:42
2010-09-06 06:42
Finally, a tournament won against a top team in a bo3! I was a bit disappointed by EG's performance against Lions earlier on in a tournament, and wasn't quite sure they're going to make it against fnatic, but they made this match worth waking up early. Go EG!
2010-09-06 06:42
w00t! :D
2010-09-06 06:42
2010-09-06 06:42
World torb 
Played so well - amazing teamwork. GJ EG
2010-09-06 06:42
2010-09-06 06:43
say the magic word FROD
2010-09-06 06:43
2010-09-06 15:01
2010-09-06 06:43
fRoD vs. fnatic, best PoV I've ever seen.
2010-09-06 06:43
And were can i find this pov?
2010-09-06 15:28
He is a troll from Gotfrag. RUN!!
2010-09-07 10:09
give some links plzzzz.......
2010-09-06 16:36
Where can i find POV demo. Link pls!
2010-09-06 17:01
fRoD vs. fnatic, best PoV I've ever seen.
2010-09-06 19:46
Brazil gbz 
n1 but fg > eg bye
2010-09-06 06:43
www.hltv.org/news/5196-mibr-send-fg-out-of-acervus :<
2010-09-06 06:53
Brazil gbz 
mibr > fg > eg? hahahaha
2010-09-06 07:09
lool no, didnt u see mibr get knocked out of the other tourney by a somewhat noname team....fanboys will be fanboys, but mibr is not beating fnatic or eg anytime soon....eat it fgts
2010-09-06 09:33
yeah but fallen beat fnatic on his own a while back.. if you don't know...
2010-09-06 17:02
not funny fanboy
2010-09-06 09:43
FG beat EG while they were using Tubby. That's not saying a lot.
2010-09-06 10:49
no lurppis so yeah
2010-09-06 19:04
#70 owned brazilian fanboy :DDD
2010-09-06 19:42
Oh boy...
2010-09-06 07:34
STORM HOLDIN IT DOWN, even tho he doesnt have huge frag count... if you watch him he makes game breaking decisions EVERY round... GO WOOD[A]!
2010-09-06 06:43
United States vrod 
funny to all the people who said American cs teams suck.
2010-09-06 06:43
EG are really the only team worth mentioning. So that's 1 team compared to the many Europeans teams.
2010-09-06 06:54
And i suppose "Europe" is a name of a country? There's only one top level team in Germany, in Finland, in Ukrain, and every other country except Sweden. So what does it matter?
2010-09-06 06:59
It is quite valid to compare NA with EU, since NA is also a union of states ;)
2010-09-06 08:20
And since when Europe is a "union of states"?
2010-09-06 08:48
I did write EU...
2010-09-06 11:47
Europeans seriously need some geography classes.
2010-09-06 08:53
Haha, are you joking? You do know that most of you Americans doesn't even know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland? I heard about an American that thought Europe was a part of south america.. youtube.com/watch?v=fJuNgBkloFE
2010-09-06 09:31
lol oh yea? u heard about that 1 guy that 1 time? ur a fcking moron, especially for thinking its alright to compare NA to all of europe, just stop hating, our #1 team beat ur #1 team in bo3 plain and simple....save ur tears for mommy
2010-09-06 09:35
Keep that thought until WCG please.. And why cant you compare EU with the states in some terms? Would it be better to compare Scandinavia with NA if not Europe? BTW : Other terms from some americans Ikea is the capital of Denmark What do they call people living in Denmark... Denmarkians
2010-09-06 10:24
Because Europe is a group of "Nations", not "States." That's why.
2010-09-06 10:51
state, 7. a politically unified people occupying a definite territory; nation. Seems it is acceptable nonetheless ::)
2010-09-06 17:18
but none of those 2 "#1 teams" has beaten our #1 hahahaha its a FACT!
2010-09-06 10:41
Tell me the last time Brazil did anything in CS outside of their own country? Was it 06? Your #1 hasn't BEATEN the #1 teams either(EG with Tubby, they haven't even played fnatic or Navi). Get over it.
2010-09-06 10:52
yes they have and they won LOLLOL???
2010-09-06 11:13
from what i can remember, SHGopen2007.. mibr
2010-09-06 13:30
2008 GameGune mibr 1st place still in my opinion EG is better then FG, but but teams got something to say at every tournaments
2010-09-06 16:04
WCG2009 vs fnatic? legendaric 2009 fnatic recently ( a week ago) vs EG on panamerica, and in the past some big wins with mibr and cogu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......
2010-09-06 22:01
yes they have beaten and EU team after how long ? hahahahahha last team that actualy did something in this sport was complexity, and as far as i remember that was a long long long ..... long ... long .... long .... time ago :p
2010-09-06 14:16
I've lived in cali for a while bro n theres so many dipshits there its unbelievable... "Is Holland a place in Amsterdam?" you get the point.. or not
2010-09-06 16:03
Take it easy. Thank you.
2010-09-06 17:16
EG beat the BEST European team at the moment...that should be enough. :)
2010-09-06 09:46
Romania tr$ 
I've seen another video where the only guy that didn't say that Portugal was in South America was a Brazilian. (Video filmed in NA)
2010-09-06 11:27
And americans seriously need some "understand the situation" classes or at least you, since this has absolutely nothing to do with geography...
2010-09-06 11:50
Think we just got a 2nd top team in Denmark.. But we will have to wait and see at WCG :)
2010-09-06 10:31
Yes, but Compare the population of Sweden to the population of the US now please. Even Sweden alone, with it's population of 9.3 million have better teams than the U.S. with it's population of 300million. The U.S. have 1 good team but have nearly half the population of Europe, which has many good teams. Basically, the U.S. cs scene is still much worse than in Europe. And is an American really saying Europeans need geography lessons? It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Americans don't know anything about the rest of the world. Every country has idiots and people who are unaware but I'm afraid America definitely has more when it comes to geography.
2010-09-06 19:08
american cs teams do suck....only EG is a top team
2010-09-06 12:29
fRod showing what I have said all along, the most talented and consisten american player! USA! USA!
2010-09-06 06:44
not only from USA. he have to be the best cs 1.6 awper of all times.
2010-09-06 06:51
yeah I will put FG and FalleN fanatism aside, and recognise Fr0d, he is my favorite awp, tottally different style of how I like, but he does everything perfect and gets kills and he is a veteran and still on top skillwise, thats impressive
2010-09-06 10:44
haha yeah and i said this not only coz u were brazilian but Fallen have everything to be the best too, but he have a long carreer to make yet :)
2010-09-06 14:12
oh bloody hell... he is not... lex was... better skill in everyway... frod just had a better team... and this one win can be classified as a fluke... lets see what wcg brings.... before you think americans are back... this team has stayed together for a long time now.. and they play more than any european team(that is for sure)... if they cannot defeat the euros now then when??
2010-09-06 17:07
and they play more than any european team(that is for sure)... I really don't understand how on earth you would know this in any possible way. You outside their windows?
2010-09-07 01:47
frod and n0thing g8 game good work EG ._.
2010-09-06 06:44
I predicted all right. I'm schocked.
2010-09-06 06:44
Re-post. For most of that bo3, I felt like EG was on a whole different level than fnatic (hard to believe, right). Being in the states, they don't have too many teams to practice against so being able to do this well against arguably the number one team in the world (1 or 1a) is extraordinary. Their clutches were better, they traded frags well, and their chemistry was superb. I'm proud and excited for the future of American cs.
2010-09-06 06:44
+1 EG won the tournament as a team. I just want to give each and every one of them a great big hug.... with my mouth.
2010-09-06 06:48
lolz... well fnatic needs to change their tactics now... before gux they were into harder tactics... but as gux came they mostly rely on outaiming the opponents... i guess fnatic learned some lessons here...
2010-09-06 17:09
lol chemistry or cO-Ordination :O xD kidding br0 :)
2010-09-06 06:52
I couldn't say it better, hat bow (blue hat that is) to you sir. *champagne for everyone*
2010-09-06 07:38
The only way you got this far is because you got a European igl.
2010-09-06 09:32
auch, hhuahauha must hurt
2010-09-06 10:45
he's actually saying that American IGL sucks.. Brazil is part of america.. GJ laughing at your self..
2010-09-06 14:01
the lamest comment ever, if you dont know, there is North and South America o_O shock for you, eh?!
2010-09-06 16:13
humm, i guess i didn't read the "North" part.. oh wait, HE DIDNT SAID NORTH! and you're bothering the wrong person.. i don't have anything against americans.. they actually have great players.. i was just pointing out that the guy was laughing at himself.. =) and dude.. shocked? i was born in south america also known as latino america =)
2010-09-06 16:48
if you were born there, you should know North and South has got nothing in common but the part of name America
2010-09-06 17:07
we have KIKOOOO!!! lol
2010-09-06 21:55
i think fRoD plays a part
2010-09-06 15:09
To attribute the whole success to Lurppis (foreign IGL)would be utterly unfair to other EG players...no team wins ONLY because they have a great mastermind...everybody in a team needs to do his part well... I wouldn't put down this success only to Euro IGL...its a lot more than that...
2010-09-06 15:17
and little back then everyone were saying that lurppis sucks.. lol
2010-09-06 22:59
frod was just insane... that awp O_O
2010-09-06 06:45
2010-09-06 06:45
fr0D-dA-KiNG LOL, his skill is so amazing, i want to see the versus of fr0D and markeloff haha, thats awesome
2010-09-06 06:45
already happened and guess what the amazing skilled frod got raped...
2010-09-06 17:09
GG Evils
2010-09-06 06:45
eg best match play gl
2010-09-06 06:45
gg nice match
2010-09-06 06:45
2010-09-06 06:46
GJ EG!!!!
2010-09-06 06:46
United States mah9 
yes! congrats EG! that was a great final! WOOOOO
2010-09-06 06:47
2010-09-06 06:47
nothing, Lions 16 - 8 EG ^^
2010-09-06 06:48
on 1 map, and they admitted it was their worst map coming into this tournament! and fnatic beat them! give credit where credit is due!
2010-09-06 08:01
hahahahahaa :DDD
2010-09-06 06:48
2010-09-06 06:56
Finland Baas 
2010-09-06 06:56
It's all good, we're the best cs country in the world so I'm quite satisfied. See you next time.
2010-09-06 09:34
chill out nerd. JESUS!
2010-09-06 11:42
You too? ::)
2010-09-06 17:20
me what? :D
2010-09-06 18:01
Chill out....
2010-09-06 18:17
I'm perfectly calm, no reason to chill out :-P
2010-09-06 18:39
Fine, then there is no need to call other users names. Thank you.
2010-09-06 18:41
hahaha, thats just so lame (and funny) :D
2010-09-06 11:24
epic shaguar...
2010-09-06 13:34
GFN was the key this tournament i think, he really stepped it up compared to last tournaments.
2010-09-06 06:47
wait for it... wait for it...
2010-09-06 06:52
fRoD was MVP of the entire tournament. Some of the sickest shots I've seen since his fRoD vs 4Kings on de_cbble. one of the best POV I"ve seen.
2010-09-06 06:47
2010-09-06 06:52
fOrest was mvp.. bye
2010-09-06 06:52
tb was awesome also, his ace vs EG was incradible
2010-09-06 16:23
United States Kyte 
First American victory at an international competition since coL win ESWC 2005. Its been over 5 years, but I'm not particularly happy about it because EG are whiny idiots.
2010-09-06 06:47
sounds like someone is a registered member of complexitygaming.com :)?
2010-09-06 06:48
United States mah9 
LOL ya for real
2010-09-06 06:50
loser.. EG have won quite a thew international events... anything you say in reply is fail!
2010-09-06 06:53
United States Kyte 
..no they haven't actually. And I don't like coL or EG. This kid is such a fucking bandwagoner. What kind of idiot cheers for EG after they just beat fnatic in a final and is apart of the fnatic.MSi fan club?
2010-09-06 06:57
exactly, peoples memory must be a little hazy. This isn't the first tourney EG has won internationally.
2010-09-06 06:59
name some then watch these kids name WCG Pan Am when the only legitimate opponent in that tourny was WeMade Fox
2010-09-06 07:00
you're dumb. wmf didn't attend wcg pan am. gamegune mexico [1]EG [2]WMF
2010-09-06 07:26
How is Gamegune Mexico an international competition? The only non-South American team that attended it was WeMade Fox (I meant GG Mex in my previous post, not WCG Pam Am).
2010-09-06 10:14
your comments aren't needed here. seems like the only one whining is you
2010-09-06 08:04
how am I whining? I'm still waiting for someone to give me proof that EG has won an international competition.
2010-09-06 10:14
EG won an online tourney in europe while bootcamping for another event.
2010-09-06 20:26
WES = international tourny now? Again, they hardly had any competition and 1st prize was $2,500.
2010-09-06 23:43
they haven't won shit (international) that's what we all know Miss Team3D
2010-09-07 00:42
First win in 5 years? Forgetting coL's first place at ISC 2006?
2010-09-06 07:07
oh my frod :)
2010-09-06 06:47
India transformer 
gg EG
2010-09-06 06:48
Fr0D getting his skill recognized all over the world. I bet it feels great. EG FTW!
2010-09-06 06:48
United States tnom 
hey he already did this about 5-6 years ago haha
2010-09-06 06:54
FalleN | 
Brazil paumito 
I guess he meant it because recognition is something from the moment. fnx, for an example, on 2006 and 2007 was considered one of the best players in the world, nowadays no one recognize him. I can even go to Edward, everyone saying he was awesome, best player of 2010, and then he does 2 or 3 bad tournaments and now everybody says starix is way better than him. Frod was always a king, but if he doesn't win all the time, people will never remember him as one...
2010-09-06 06:57
fRoD is awesome
2010-09-06 06:48
2010-09-06 06:48
GG both teams, a lot of intense rounds that made the matches really exciting to watch :D GO Evil Geniuses! ;)
2010-09-06 06:49
EG u ReaLy made it GG !!! nT Fnatic :P 1st - de_dust2 ::: 12:16 ...2nd - de_nuke ::: 22:20 3rd - de_train ::: 7:16 FroD[best AWP in ths tourney -iz back i guess] + n0thing[cRazy Aimer] = GG !!! Glad to see EG win something big atlast finally... cHeerZ !!!
2010-09-06 06:50
fRoD and n0thing played brilliant ... lurppis strats completely devastated fnatics focus EG had prepared very well and really dismantled fnatic systematically .. very close 2 first matches and a dominating finish from fRoD on T and n0thing on ct everyone said they don't stand chance against WeMadeFox , then TyLoo , and fnatic yet they keep improving every tournament ,to bad WCG they wont play this well since Lurppis can't play. recap www.hltv.org/match/1522920-fnatic-evil-geniuses-msi-beat-it-2010#r1087330
2010-09-06 06:51
India h8or 
+1 bro :)
2010-09-06 06:52
Don't forget to mention that storm and gfn played really great and without those 2 players they wouldn't make it. I have to say that frod played AMAZING.
2010-09-06 06:54
pretty sure lurppis will coach from behind them at WCG :P
2010-09-06 06:56
but lurppis >> tuBBy.
2010-09-06 06:59
cool story bro
2010-09-06 08:42
he will be allowed to do this?
2010-09-07 09:15
GO EG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-09-06 06:51
2010-09-06 06:51
Frod was awesome !!!
2010-09-06 06:51
Fnatic totally outclassed. they couldn't have really done anything against them today. GGEG
2010-09-06 06:51
it was the food, dogs is not good for aim
2010-09-06 10:48
I'm happy, really I am. But I won't be convinced until EG wins or places 2nd and 3rd in more known and huge tournaments
2010-09-06 06:53
They placed 3rd at Arbalet Cup Europe and Arbalet Cup Dallas, and 2 more in late 2009 that I know of but can't name. I knwo they did it though :}
2010-09-06 07:04
if anything they've been more consistent in tournaments than any other team. past 4-5 tournaments always top 4 finish. can't say the same for every other team.
2010-09-06 08:06
FalleN | 
Brazil paumito 
The Art of Frod's going to sell out again after this match, I guess :D Good Job EG, nice try Fnatic.
2010-09-06 06:53
then.. nobody gonna win the notebook.. :P
2010-09-06 06:55
Great play by EG made this entire tournament incredible, but looks like I'm not getting a laptop...
2010-09-06 06:55
It's OK. It's like a win-win situation either way!
2010-09-06 07:09
fR0d is on fire.!
2010-09-06 06:55
United States tnom 
cmon wheres the demo
2010-09-06 06:56
and POVs also :P
2010-09-06 06:57
2010-09-06 06:56
imo, fnatic saved tactics for WCG LA. they didn't played as well as they could do. btw: EG also played very good :) & gj fRoD, awesome player for years
2010-09-06 06:57
yeah lets save are tactics infront of our Main sponsors and make are selves look really bad.. fnatic is on record saying they dont save tactics .. and lose out on ton of more money from 2nd to 1st place jump .. get_real before you type something up like that
2010-09-06 06:59
cool story bro
2010-09-06 07:00
LoLuMaD and fnatic tried to be heroic hippies for the WCG nordic and got served a cold plate they wont even be in at WCG 2010 -- so yeah brah kewl story bro..
2010-09-06 07:07
LOL owned :)
2010-09-06 12:09
you are telling a cool story here bro...wake up from your dream :)
2010-09-06 12:09
they bootcamped for days just for this event. but nt
2010-09-06 07:00
theyre not even going to WCG hatter
2010-09-06 07:06
2010-09-06 07:08
lol fnatic isn't even playing in wcg. nt though.
2010-09-06 08:07
imo, fnatic saved tactics for WCG LA. stopped reading right there.
2010-09-06 08:36
EG tactics > frod buy awp and kill and players :D
2010-09-06 15:04
Dude, you dont get it, fnatic isnt participating at WCG 2010
2010-09-06 18:01
2010-09-06 08:43
They aren't even attending wcg lol
2010-09-06 09:38
biggest fail in a while
2010-09-06 10:02
needs a reality check
2010-09-06 19:01
is $7500 worth saving tactics for? possibly but I kind of doubt that
2010-09-07 09:16
when fnatic plays group stage, yeah i would agree. they always saved tactics for the finals. but save tactics for another tournament? u might be joking
2010-09-08 12:13
nice EG! gj!
2010-09-06 06:57
Chile anD; 
great job EG!
2010-09-06 06:58
Congrats to EG !!! It's been like 6 years since USA won (coL ESWC 2005 i think) :)
2010-09-06 06:58
nah they won wsvg isc in 06, that was the last big tourny that an american team won
2010-09-06 07:00
coL have also won WSVG Dallas in 2006. But yeah, it was quite a while.
2010-09-06 07:03
they Won Intel Summer Championship in 06 but in 07 eMg got 4th at WCG 2007 with n0thing steno che nepo hostile
2010-09-06 07:05
fnatic and eg both are sponsored by MSI, so it doesnt really matter
2010-09-06 07:01
wish i'd watched the hltv of this earlier, i tried connecting at the time it was scheduled to start and it said it'd been delayed so i thought it'd be a repeat of the other day and be delayed for hours, so i just watched the stargate movie instead.
2010-09-06 07:09
haha oh wow
2010-09-06 07:15
nice play Eg............gg
2010-09-06 07:17
nice EG
2010-09-06 07:19
very nice fRoD very nice EG :))
2010-09-06 07:22
What a fail Fnatic.
2010-09-06 07:27
Nix0n, where is the GoMeZ interview? peekay demands it
2010-09-06 07:31
gg EG, bb fnatic)
2010-09-06 07:33
2010-09-06 07:41
EG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done boys, keep it going WCG LA Here we come!!!
2010-09-06 07:46
haha :D
2010-09-06 08:29
Ukraine minemax 
Holy cow...
2010-09-06 08:00
2010-09-06 08:01
fuck this...my notebook
2010-09-06 08:09
lol fail for fnatic
2010-09-06 08:11
Brazil shadowkhan 
The first guy, remember me the Sheldon Cooper from TBBT
2010-09-06 08:13
Hahahahha Above neck and specially his hair style..storm// so funny ..so true
2010-09-06 08:37
Sweden Vilseledd 
fnatic loses to EG who loses to FG who loses to mibr didn't watch the final though but it looks like EG was just better, gratz
2010-09-06 08:17
so thats mean mibr > world?
2010-09-06 08:41
No, that means semX(who?)orah > world, 'cause they just won against mibr. Bringing math to CS.
2010-09-06 08:45
no it means semXorah > world because semXorah > mibr , mibr > FG, and FG > EG + FG > fnatic it means X is highest because, X is better than Y, and y is higher than Z and Z is better than A amd B
2010-09-06 10:56
lol good job :)
2010-09-06 15:21
EG beat fnatic, fnatic beat FG, FG beat EG, OMG
2010-09-06 08:23
2010-09-06 08:52
India j4v0 
missed it demo please
2010-09-06 09:03
Demo still not up?
2010-09-06 09:06
i want back team3d times!!!
2010-09-06 09:06
wow i just got home from a 14hr shift at work to see that EG won it all, nice fcking job guys, storm/fr0d 2 of my fav players of all time! I need this demo!
2010-09-06 09:13
working in the acid mines?
2010-09-06 10:05
wow lucky guys, nootebooks unbelieveble=)
2010-09-06 09:16
yup insane notebooks :$$$$$$
2010-09-06 09:40
fRod DA-BEST <3<3<3
2010-09-06 09:25
2010-09-06 09:28
Didn't see this one coming. Nice job EG!
2010-09-06 09:29
cant wait 4 the demos, unfortunately missed it cause of school :(
2010-09-06 09:35
I'm happy that it was EG who won against fnatic since they're one of my favorite teams. Always fun to see n0thing and frod tearing it up. It's too bad that a bunch of 14 year old kids from USA has commented a bunch of shitty comments, but hey.. it's the internet. Fun to see America back on track. :)
2010-09-06 09:40
2010-09-06 10:58
nice EG! fRoD fantastic
2010-09-06 09:42
Just one word: HOOAH!
2010-09-06 09:45
these match and lions vs tyloo are best match-es i ever see <3
2010-09-06 09:48
Very Good work EG <3
2010-09-06 09:57
2010-09-06 10:00
EG teamwork is just amazing...and fr0d proves why he is among the best. When fr0d came back from CGS, zonic posted on Gotfrag telling fr0d to take lessons from Sunde! Guess you shouldn't say too much too soon :) And no, EG didn't win because Fnatic played bad...EG won by playing better. Give credit where its due. Fnatic fanboys won't say the same if Fnatic had won.
2010-09-06 10:03
you should admite that fnatic players weren't in good shape specialy f0rest...
2010-09-06 10:21
Merely 2 wins in 2 Year...So its not Either that Good. Agree with last lines
2010-09-06 10:50
I am not saying they are the best or something...they need to do more to earn that :) But going into this match nobody gave them a chance...
2010-09-06 11:08
Apart from this event, maybe frod should've taken some lessons from Sunde. After CGS frod looked very numb untill now. He was a beast in this tournament, lets see if he can keep up. I sure hope so.
2010-09-06 19:03
fr0d played 2 seasons with CGS...that's a long time (not to mention he dominated there too) What he needed was time to get back into shape..not lessons... Same goes for Sunde...I am itching to see the 2008 beast that was Sunde..lets see when he rocks the town :)
2010-09-06 20:17
So annoying that I didnt get to see this match on HLTV :(((( Gz EG!
2010-09-06 10:18
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd-53cFDK1k bail vs Lions www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-zsXjVxcEk forget vs EG www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWFb2AtDoPw fyrr7e vs wnv youtube.com/watch?v=y2IXGwwXbw4 nothing vs lions www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVwHClpSVEA niko vs wnv www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxt5kyC1Zj8 dsn vs lionz
2010-09-06 10:19
Lions and Na'Vi > all
2010-09-06 10:23
ARGH! do you want me to bring up the equation again?
2010-09-06 11:00
gg :)
2010-09-06 10:24
gj EG! Like to see this.
2010-09-06 10:28
THREAT >>> cArn (now)
2010-09-06 10:31
2010-09-06 14:37
2010-09-06 10:34
give demo link please
2010-09-06 10:36
missed the match, where is the hltv.. cant find it in the demo section
2010-09-06 10:36
EG really dominated over fnatic
2010-09-06 10:38
Really impressing by EG. Didn't expect that, im looking forward to see them at WCG. Sadly they wont have lurppis on their side.
2010-09-06 10:42
AAAAAH! My laptop! oh no (
2010-09-06 10:43
Congratz EG :D
2010-09-06 11:04
missed the match, where is the hltv.. demo? anyone had/has a link to watch or download ? THANKS
2010-09-06 11:07
nice n0thing !
2010-09-06 11:15
Congratz EG! Really impressed..
2010-09-06 11:16
oh my GOD!!! very nice EG ;)) impressive game
2010-09-06 11:22
a good day for lurppis , may he is happy now =D
2010-09-06 11:24
good practice for wcg
2010-09-06 11:32
i love EG
2010-09-06 11:33
China Specster 
wow, just woke up and I see this surprise!! great, great EG :D
2010-09-06 11:33
Sick! Unexpected!
2010-09-06 11:44
omg.. just got home... i missed all tournament and i finished on 5th at DT... gratz to EG
2010-09-06 11:50
alex fucked your dreamteam up big time :D
2010-09-06 12:12
well he got - only at the brackets... and i couldn't make any changes on my team at all cause i wasn't home...i got 18k on my bank lol
2010-09-06 12:16
is a joke???
2010-09-06 12:08
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd-53cFDK1k bail vs Lions www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-zsXjVxcEk forget vs EG www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWFb2AtDoPw fyrr7e vs wnv www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2IXGwwXbw4 nothing vs lions www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVwHClpSVEA niko vs wnv www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxt5kyC1Zj8 dsn vs lionz hf :)
2010-09-06 12:13
there goes my laptop >.>
2010-09-06 12:44
Nice! GG at lead
2010-09-06 12:46
amazing EG ^^ gg :)
2010-09-06 12:56
How did fnatic play?
2010-09-06 13:02
Kind of crappy to be fnatic. Lots and lots of mistakes and stupid 1on1 pushes without any cover from flash or teammates...
2010-09-06 13:14
2010-09-06 13:03
nice EG, GO USA
2010-09-06 13:05
People saying EG > fnaitc are just retards. I mean, seriously. You gotta give credit to EG, no doubt about that, they were just better than fnatic in the final, pretty strong teamplay, brilliant plays by frod n0thing, fnatic just didnt had any chances at all. But you gotta also realise that EG beating fnatic in a bo3 is a 1 in 5 chance. EG is still a what.. top5? team in the world and nothing more.
2010-09-06 13:18
Bulgaria eht 
2010-09-06 13:25
-1 EG beat fnatic convincingly meaning they had just as good a chance as anyone else
2010-09-06 15:01
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Yes indeed. I don't think 1 in a 5 chance is unfair odds for any team, to go against fnatic.
2010-09-06 21:48
The fact that we(america) even have a chance is great because last year... or even 4 months ago... we didn't have a chance. I don't think EG has won any bo3's ever against fnatic until yesterday.
2010-09-07 01:54
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Exactly :) It's an incredible achievement.
2010-09-08 17:46
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
gg EG :D american cs is back :P
2010-09-06 13:24
GJ EG! :)
2010-09-06 13:24
very happy for em , keep it
2010-09-06 13:27
EG isn't my favorite team, but I'm proud of an American team that's actually able to do something in cs again :) Good job
2010-09-06 13:35
GG :D fnatic is missing a great win in a tournament.
2010-09-06 13:39
rotfl i lost 80k+ omg:s GG
2010-09-06 13:47
Gj EG :)
2010-09-06 14:05
hmmmm Never consider to see them in 1st place. Anyway GG, grats to EG ;)
2010-09-06 14:07
Fnatic it's the best of the best, Forest> Chak Noriris> All teams. So where you now sweden fanboys?! With Gux Fnatic is unstoppable? Dedicated to all NaVi's haters, who wrote in such manner! ))
2010-09-06 14:08
gooD JOB EG :D
2010-09-06 14:17
onetimer :D
2010-09-06 14:27
Holy shit! How long has it been since an American team won an international event?
2010-09-06 14:32
2010-09-06 14:35
so happy for EG<3
2010-09-06 14:38
Pakistan SvG 
froD was really amazing
2010-09-06 14:42
DSN had a bad event, and f0rest wasn't that stable madfragger as he used to be. But im impressed that EG beat Tyloo.
2010-09-06 15:06
I missed the match =[
2010-09-06 15:15
bad tournament for fnatic :)
2010-09-06 15:17
Haha, if finising 2nd is bad :P
2010-09-06 15:28
gg !
2010-09-06 15:30
wow nice game by EG h3h3, gratz for them
2010-09-06 15:42
2010-09-06 15:43
lol kind of luck i dont see EG finishing top5 in WCG
2010-09-06 15:47
well theyre not even going to have their full lineup
2010-09-06 16:53
2010-09-06 15:50
flawless EG. Storm got it back.
2010-09-06 16:02
fRoD > markeloff just wait until fRoD's pov's get released. Unlike what happens to markeloff, fnatic didn't run at fRoD's position without throwing any flashes or smokes and peeking 3 seconds apart so that he could ace and get a bunch of screaming US fanboys to cream their pants about how he hit a bunch of standard shots. With fRoD you get insane reflexes, tons of noscopes, and all around a better style and shot. More and better aggressiveness and just as good passive play.
2010-09-06 15:58
2010-09-06 16:07
yeah but a correct fan boy looking at it just how it is
2010-09-06 16:14
+1 markeloff is so overrated
2010-09-06 16:25
China Specster 
maybe he is overrated, but still he is the best awper in the world. after marekeloff, delpan.
2010-09-06 16:44
2010-09-06 17:00
China Specster 
2010-09-06 23:55
2010-09-06 19:05
It all depends on the time ...........ESWC markeloff, MSIbeat It fRod.
2010-09-06 20:04
totally agree
2010-09-06 16:38
China Specster 
so, pov demo will make fr0d better? Everyone may have a great match, fr0d had it, but compare markeloff and fr0d in the time they are playing. markeloff own x5 fr0ds awp.
2010-09-06 16:46
.........no? but you will see how he is better markeloff out AWPed fRoD ONE TIME at IEM4 World Finals, then a tournament or 2 ago fRoD took a shit on Na'Vi and EG beat them 16-1. I don't wanna hear that crap
2010-09-06 17:04
yeah one tournament frod:)
2010-09-06 18:42
anyone who has watched fRoD over the past year knows he fragged hard and consistently. This is just easily his best AWP performance since CGS
2010-09-06 18:46
uhm, actually it was the exact opposite of what you said. Fnatic constantly rushed out without any cover from flashbangs or teammates. Sure frod played better than in many years, but fnatic also played worse (tactically) as T than they have in a very very long time.
2010-09-06 20:24
Ok. I know for a fact watching fRoD's POV that fnatic were doing all they could.
2010-09-07 01:40
Played to win, gg
2010-09-08 05:32
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
How can you post all of this shit, and then rage on about fanboys? The hypocrisy is staggering.
2010-09-06 21:50
I was raging about dumb fan boys
2010-09-07 01:40
frod, delpan, marke, dsn, fallen top awpers for me
2010-09-08 05:32
ford n1
2010-09-06 16:11
Fixed game :P
2010-09-06 16:26
wow, i didn't even watch the match or anything, big labor day party over this side of the pond, but when i came home this morning i couldn't believe it, i am quite proud of EG winning. My two favorite teams in the finals, i only pulled for EG hoping they would win something. I hope this gives fnatic that little umph they need to be dominant in that #1 position. Fnatic #1 in world EG #1 in us and top5 in the world i do believe, fanboysm aside.
2010-09-06 16:31
I'd rather say EG is top10, but not top5... Would be nice to have an american team back in the top :)
2010-09-06 20:26
I wasn't expecting this result, Sincerely, i was thinking that fnatic win 2-0 like 16-5 and 16-10 something like that, I didn't knew that EG were so strong atm Gz EG !
2010-09-06 16:41
POV demos pls.
2010-09-06 16:43
I think this thread may lead to a great war b/w USA and EU. :PpppPPPPppPP
2010-09-06 16:45
Good job EG. fRoD was beast
2010-09-06 16:48
frod was amazing GJ ! EG finally won a big event, US E-Sport steeps up from the dark and it sound good for the future.
2010-09-06 16:59
well I dont like it at all however, congratulation EG .) and of course fnatic great peformance <3
2010-09-06 17:00
Poland Marcines 
Hahahaaha nice!
2010-09-06 17:12
can we get a T side pov of frod on train.. thats it thx.
2010-09-06 17:19
lurppis said he would try to get some uploaded after the event when he arrives home, I don't know if that includes everyone member or just lurp daddy
2010-09-06 17:28
Frod>dns and i dont like this .. -dns +delpan
2010-09-06 17:24
lol dsn >>> fRoD! and Delpan dsn great player! He shoots well from USP and awp.. it is far more experienced than the young delpan and old frod.. AIM had no worse.. many unappreciated...
2010-09-06 18:25
no1 said dsn is bad, fRoD is better though
2010-09-06 19:11
thank you for making it public that English was not your first or even second language...
2010-09-06 21:09
At least he's trying to talk, not like others who don't care about rules...
2010-09-07 07:33
cogu > all
2010-09-06 17:27
true haha
2010-09-06 19:09
Peru Zhe 
GJ ... EG
2010-09-06 17:31
ford ftw GJ EG
2010-09-06 18:45
n/o to EG , I'm happy they finally won something but fnatic was just playing in pure CBA-mode taking fall dmg where it's not needed, using autosniper in OT and there is prbly more ;x
2010-09-06 18:57
so they bootcamped a week for this event to say CBA in the final. ok dumbshit
2010-09-06 19:08
ye back to gotfrag, shoo
2010-09-07 01:36
crawl back to your hole. maybe paying attention to the match next time might make you more credible. EG made far more mistakes. They cratered twice in the last bo3 and blew so many easy rounds.
2010-09-07 01:42
new heros from america btw DSN > Frod
2010-09-06 19:16
yeah you wish
2010-09-06 19:30
f**k OFF
2010-09-06 19:58
ok, np
2010-09-06 20:35
lately markeloff > fallen > fRoD > dsn > walle
2010-09-06 20:39
so walle is better than delpan & Sunde? lmao even f0rest his awp is better than walle's
2010-09-06 21:10
Delpan = fallen > markeloff > fRoD > dsn > walle
2010-09-07 00:34
good job
2010-09-06 20:59
LOL fnatic lost to a team with gfn, storm, and lurppis HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
2010-09-06 21:32
there all great players/leaders lol
2010-09-06 22:15
Portugal Cyborgy 
lurppis > all american teams ever,without lurppis you guuys would suck so much
2010-09-07 00:22
Germany M1n1M3 
unexpected grats eg!
2010-09-06 22:18
Frod : nice shots bro :)
2010-09-06 22:38
gg fr0d[A =) , nice EG
2010-09-06 23:44
Portugal Cyborgy 
wtf you saying about dsn,he was the 2nd best on fnatic vs eg matches...
2010-09-07 01:07
#384 in alot of na forums people want lurppis cut..i prefer irukandji anytime.
2010-09-07 04:43
#226 there are a ton of stupid people in every country. America isn't the only "dumb nation". I for one learned my geography via Medieval Total War 2. Where the smart people go to learn countries ;)
2010-09-07 06:15
fr0d > dsn, easy to be seen in this match which he won almost every 1vs1 between them.
2010-09-07 07:24
So 1 event makes him better? lol
2010-09-07 07:35
not just that but 4 long we havent seen dsn step up huge with his AWP anymore, both dsn & fr0d are old-school players and 've already proved how good they were in the past, but at present fr0d is the one who can still hit his shots, so fr0d> dsn.
2010-09-07 08:03
No but anyone with common sense can see dsn is not nearly as good of an AWPer as he used to be, and that fRoD dominates him.
2010-09-07 16:02
Like FalleN dominated fr0d in his last event... But that's no matter, we will see in the next tournament, they will be together and we will see who can hold his huge form :)
2010-09-08 00:25
2010-09-08 00:50
what not?
2010-09-08 02:27
fRoD has played consistent and AWPed amazingly for at least a year now.
2010-09-08 03:14
Why not organize an AWP deathmatch to find out who the best awper is?
2010-09-07 09:51
gogo Evil Geniuses
2010-09-07 13:07
YEEEE gogog EG
2010-09-07 13:41
well played by k1ck & FX
2010-09-08 05:37
wp EG
2010-09-08 12:02
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