Tentpole Back In Begrip Gaming

A few months ago the once mighty organization Begrip announced a new Swedish team. It was a solid team build around JAEGARN, but the lack of stars and experience lead to a mediocre performance.

A respected organization like Begrip couldn't accept the lack of success and therefore acted upon it. At first Rikko and Mardrom were dropped from the team because of "ingame differences" as JAEGARN described it back then.

Only one week later, Avator and nmd left the team, abandoning JAEGARN as the only player left in Begrip. Several players were strongly linked with a transfer to Begrip, but nothing were certain. Not until today where Begrip can unveil a brand new team - a team that could possibly challenge NiP, SK and fnatic for a place among the best Swedish teams.

The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/uk.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Ads from Begrip management states.

"After a month of carefull training and selection, i am pleased to introduce the new Begrip 2007 roster. We feel that this lineup will be the most secure and effective in representing what we stand for at Begrip. Which is to always be the best. This motto has been successfully represented by our russian team who are known to be one of the best teams in russia. We have set the same standard with our newly choosen .swe team.

With such a high standard set, i feel confident that this lineup will be able to compete at the highest level of gaming and bring back the success that we are so used to seeing here at begrip gaming. Id like to take this time to officially welcome the 4 new players to Begrip-Gaming."

The new Begrip team is:

The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Tentpole (fnatic)
The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. JAEGARN (Begrip)
The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. threat (Volt Gaming)
The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. face (standin for M19 at CPL)
The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. azl (FaxZup)

The biggest scoop is most definitely the signing of CPL Winter champion Tentpole from fnatic, who stated that he would "hang up his mouse" following the CPL. The 21 year old Swede had his major breakthrough when he placed 2nd at Optihack with Embrace (at team that also counted RobbaN and f0rest), and had a great share in fnatic's succes last season. With the addition of Tentpole, Begrip looks to be a force to reckon - for the first time since their 2005-success.

The team will lead by threat, former Volt Gaming, who has looked to establish his name on the Swedish scene during the last year. Having multiple top-3 placements to his name, with multiple teams, he has strived to find the mixture which will take him to the very top. While not very experienced on the international scene, he looks to take his game further this time - and he will have plenty to prove when the team arrives at The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/dk.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. shgOpen in February.

The last two players on the team might be unknown to people outside of Scandinavia, but no one who knows the kind of damage azl and face can do in game, will doubt their level of skill. The latter went abroad this winter, being one of the best performers on a mediocore M19-team. Although unable to lift the team, he gained valuable international experience, which could prove to be vital for the team. As for azl, he's been playing in FaxZup, but has definitely proved himself to be amongst the biggest up and coming stars in Sweden while playing for mixteams such as The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. maximus and The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Parashooters.

While Begrip.swe has lacked succes since their 6th place at CPL Winter 2005 (with Tentpole in the lineup), the new team already has already claimed their first "victory". The players, with the exception of Tentpole, won the 22nd edition of The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Rendezvous when they edged out The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Ownage in the final.

With that victory on their backs, they will be hoping to claim success at shgOpen in the middle of February. The team will however have their LAN-debut today, as they are participating in the Inferno Online-tournament, which is boasting a hefty prizepot of 20.000 SEK and having several top players competing. We will of course try to get interviews as soon as possible, so stay tuned on HLTV.org for the exclusive words from JAEGARN and Tentpole!

2007-01-27 22:30
Denmark PHR 
See you at shgOpen!
2007-01-27 23:14
Will be exciting to see what they can do at shgOpen! :)
2007-01-27 22:32
Denmark Naz 
Gonna be nice to meet you fellas at shgOpen! I hope you'll do well in the tournament - the lineup looks impressive at least ;-)
2007-01-27 22:32
Denmark PHR 
We'll see. Tentpole without f0rest for the first time in a couple of years, so it's gonna be exciting to see how they are going to do. But they are definitely able to do some damage!
2007-01-27 22:36
Denmark Nix0n 
I'm all excited about shgOpen. What a fine lineup, hope they will do great at shgOpen.
2007-01-27 22:39
2007-01-27 22:58
this will be to unstable :)
2007-01-27 23:14
Really great! I'd never imagine that Tentpole would join, but that just makes it even better I guess. Good luck in the future!
2007-01-27 23:20
surprising to see Tentpole in Begrip :) gl
2007-01-27 23:46
2007-01-27 23:56
2007-01-28 00:43
Interesting line up I must say :)
2007-01-28 00:51
2007-01-28 02:01
Wait, wait... Wasn't tentpole going to completely retire from pro gaming? I don't know, but as fnatic fan I feel 'cheated' by him. I DON'T want zet in the team - I want tentpole. [WoW whine off]
2007-01-28 03:46
Denmark PHR 
Well you got ins in the team, zet went abroad to play source ;-)
2007-01-28 11:48
Welcome back
2007-01-28 10:48
Russia (\eo 
begrip.swe ))) lozer
2007-01-28 11:35
wow what a surprise, good luck Tentpole
2007-01-28 14:07
nice lineup.. gl to all & and Tentpole ^^,
2007-01-28 14:28
well that's a step down, definately
2007-01-28 14:30
step up :)!!!
2007-01-28 23:31
I think Tentpole just didn't wanna travel so much. :|
2007-01-30 16:16
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