EPS France undergoes changes

The Electronic Sports League has announced several changes to the the French EPS league.

A player that is registered in an EPS squad can no longer switch teams during the course of the season even if he has not played any match.

In order to speed up weekrounds, teams can now use wildcards to put off matches for periods no longer than seven days, instead of 15 days like before.

The matches will no longer be played out like before, but will end once a team has reached the necessary 16 rounds.

The ninth EPS France season will run from September 13 to October 11, with the first weekround using de_train as ground.

The following teams will participate in the forthcoming EPS season:

France FACE2FACE! France Team LDLC.com
France Millenium France mythiX
France cHuMbAwUmBa France eXtensive
France sow! France wAv
where's ex-B!?
2010-09-08 23:12
16 replies
its "FACE2FACE!"
2010-09-08 23:13
2 replies
2010-09-09 16:25
1 reply
FACE2FACE! (Geno, MAJ3R, Rara, SIXER, mahE) Team LDLC (Ozstrik3r, skelp, mshz, kUtA, Maverick) Millenium (mSx, Rigo, drizzer, ioRek, HaRts) mythiX (kDj, RevZ, CosMo, maLou, moderatioN, YiikoN) cHuMbAwUmBa (dafunk, JeJe, rivage, YanK, eXecutoR, Shaft) eXtensive (BaaL, Dkg, ff, skall, SLP1) NITROSE (marcoligNo, hbb, MALOR, mpx, mickenseN) DIBIZED (Nota, REDS, sandr0, TireX, niaw) sow! (fwite, happysex, JaDE, johnnyy, killa.K, syz, tiMu) wAv (LouLou, Tryo, KRAM, anthoLOGIE, iNsa)
2010-09-09 16:51
2010-09-08 23:13
They are FACE2FACE! now.
2010-09-08 23:17
11 replies
MAJ3R there? pre-thanked :P
2010-09-08 23:52
10 replies
Yes, MAJ3R is part of the team.
2010-09-08 23:54
9 replies
GO SIXEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!! world's best awper, in my opinion
2010-09-09 00:12
8 replies
not the best but definitely to10 or better
2010-09-09 00:23
1 reply
2010-09-09 01:58
i do not agree. he misses allot i have seen in the last matches (vs loaded). iff he frags it looks cool but hes good but not that good. i could name 10 better sniper players.
2010-09-09 12:18
4 replies
name them plz then
2010-09-10 01:05
3 replies
Dsn, delpan, fyrr73, markeloff, sunde, fallen, prd, savage, goodrifle, frod. hf
2010-09-10 11:59
2 replies
f0rest,starixand niko are sick with awp too.
2010-09-10 12:23
I didn't ask you to name 10 awpers but ten who are actually better than SIXER. he's now by far the best french player and is pretty much at the same level as the others you mentionned, except Delpan ofc
2010-09-10 20:42
mSx better
2010-09-09 13:52
hmmm nice one
2010-09-08 23:12
Nice! Btw, have the ex. BURNING! players found a new home yet?
2010-09-08 23:13
4 replies
2010-09-08 23:13
don't tell to anyone, but it will be *aAa* :P
2010-09-08 23:15
2 replies
It's a secret !
2010-09-08 23:16
I won't ;)
2010-09-08 23:17
i think face2face ;)
2010-09-08 23:15
the level seems kinda poor this year :/ last year there were 3 really good teams + 5 strong contenders which could make it to the LAN finals this year's top4 should clearly be FACE2FACE!/LDLC/Millenium/mythiX
2010-09-08 23:16
GOGO F2F!!!and GL on WCG FRANCE 2010!!!
2010-09-08 23:19
what about the last winners?
2010-09-08 23:21
8 replies
aAa won the 8th edition of EPS France.
2010-09-08 23:28
7 replies
I know, why aren't they playing?
2010-09-08 23:35
6 replies
2010-09-08 23:36
5 replies
u r kiddin me... u know I mean why ex-aAa players aren't playing, atlantis & co :))
2010-09-08 23:45
4 replies
If you say what you mean it would be easier to answer your questions indeed. I do not know why they are not playing. You might check the line-up in case any of them is part of some team.
2010-09-08 23:49
they are not playing cuz they're not a team anymore. It's 100% sure that heuka & instanz won't be seen in the same team again atlantis seems to be reforming a team with eternalz but I don't think they have a slot to compete in EPS
2010-09-09 00:16
France atLaNtis
We could have play in the 9th season of EPS.fr only if we would have a complete line-up (means no mix @ 10players in the team etc.) That was just impossible for us to reform anything and to say "yes we have a 5-6 lineup roster ready to play". So bye bye eps.fr and bye bye IEM which we qualified to by winning EPS.fr season 8.
2010-09-09 00:26
1 reply
sad :/
2010-09-09 00:46
please, i would like to know if HLTV.org will do coverage of WCG.fr :) e
2010-09-08 23:21
what's up with the leftover guys after the fairfrag millenium merger thing?
2010-09-08 23:22
8 replies
Diodel retired, cosmo with mythiX..
2010-09-08 23:25
2 replies
afaik... Mat- and Diodel retired, cosmo went to mythix lud0n p0my??
2010-09-08 23:31
1 reply
aw ye forgot them :P loduN and pOmy retired too, R!Go- with Millenium.
2010-09-08 23:32
seems that loduN is having a break away from cs, diodel/P0My/MaT retired
2010-09-08 23:27
4 replies
:| so, basically everyone retired... sad...
2010-09-08 23:29
1 reply
yep, and that's only for this team, a lot of french players retired this summer
2010-09-08 23:35
will miss MaT =S
2010-09-09 00:21
1 reply
yeh me too, my favourite french player along with OliGan & YanK
2010-09-09 20:08
damn i feel so out of touch with french scene.. last time i really knew it properly was at ESWC but everythings changed since then. so hard to keep up
2010-09-08 23:28
cHuMbAwUmBa go go go :D
2010-09-08 23:44
it will be Dreamteam for this EPS?
2010-09-08 23:45
France hope for F2F and MILLENIUM...
2010-09-08 23:51
Good luck for everyone! :P
2010-09-08 23:55
to b4d Mat is retireing! he was a great player! hope to se face2face in wcg!!! go MAJ33r and sixeR :D <3
2010-09-08 23:58
Where is Prodigy-esc ?
2010-09-08 23:59
nice gl
2010-09-09 00:03
cHuMbAwUmBa lol
2010-09-09 00:08
2 replies
they was under crack for found this tag x)
2010-09-09 00:51
1 reply
those who created the music band "chumbawamba" in the 90s must have been at least ;)
2010-09-10 01:08
still no answer for WCG.fr is HLTV.org going to cover the event? :o or where i could find HLTVs the 11 n 12September. PreThanks.
2010-09-09 01:54
gl sixer
2010-09-09 01:58
what's going on could this be my undertsanding, it's not my fault you were being too demanding
2010-09-09 07:43
2010-09-09 07:48
gl Millenium
2010-09-09 08:45
SIXER one of the most complete players
2010-09-09 09:02
this season won't be interesting at all.. anyway gl team LDLC!
2010-09-09 12:38
face2face line up?
2010-09-09 14:43
1 reply
maj3r sixer rara geno mahe
2010-09-14 12:03
Sixer the best :*
2010-09-09 16:25
maj3r,msx,geno,sixer and iorek would be my dreamteam, miss MaT and the better times of mSx :(
2010-09-09 20:30
anyone know where i could find WCG.fr when it will kick off saturday please?
2010-09-09 22:26
2 replies
France atLaNtis
Start at 10a.m. CET on saturday (aAa.mix vs. Prodigy-esc & FACE2FACE vs. moulesports)
2010-09-10 13:05
France atLaNtis
2010-09-10 13:12
best awp : 1-markeloff 2-Delpan 3-fr0d 4-goodrifle 5-f0rest 6-NEO 7-fallen 8-solo 9-dsn 10-pasha .
2010-09-10 15:02
1 reply
fallen>forest,neo [awp] , Where is sixer ?
2010-09-10 20:09
2010-09-10 20:07
I think Millenium will win it ... But F2F can compete Millenium ... Gl Millenium, Gl F2F !
2010-09-10 20:42
where could i find HLTVs ?? :) (tomorrow morning)
2010-09-10 22:54
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