MYM show iron will in victory

September 11th, 2010 17:07

Pride, experience, skill, competitiveness and ambition, the clash between MYM and Iron Will announced itself to be a nut cracker, even before it began.

And so it was, with MYM getting off easy only on the first map, tuscan, as the second and third ones, dust2 respectively nuke both saw overtime. Eventually, MYM edged Iron Will out, to advance in the qualifier final.

First map into the match, tuscan, Meet Your Makers kicked off to a flying start at Terrorists, quickly seeing themselves high up in the lead. Iron Will sporadically took one round here and there, bringing the half-time score at 9-6 to their rivals' advantage.

Switching sides, MYM continued at the helm of the match, allowing Iron Will to take one round only, closing the score at 5-1 to their advantage, 16-7 overall.

On dust2 the situation changed completely, as the two teams headed into a very equilibrated clash. MYM gathered the first few rounds as Counter-Terrorists, yet once the match was at 5-1 to their advantage things levelled up, only for the half-time score to see Iron Will in the lead, with 8-7.

Switching sides, Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov and his colleagues went strong into the clash, quickly gathering six rounds against one. MYM then pulled an amazing comeback, closing the half to their advantage, 8-7. Of course, this meant overtime, and although the same MYM confidently took the first round as CT, it was Iron Will who dominated afterwards, closing the map at 19-16.

Third map into the dispute, nuke, things could have went either way. It was Iron Will who opened the hostilities, as Counter-Terrorists, taking the score up until 8-2, before MYM retaliated. This meant the half-time was closed at 9-6 to Iron Will's advantage. Switching sides, Iron Will once again took pistol round, as well as the following two, before MYM came back strong. Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov and his colleagues then lead the game up until 7-4, when the two sides just started going head to head into overtime. 

Blood, sweat and tears, the end of the map saw MYM drawing the line at 22-20, completely shattering the ambitions and efforts of veterans, Iron Will.

11th September 2010
Best of 3

Meet Your Makers will now advance to the final of the IEM5 Russian qualifier, where they will face MECTb, meanwhile forZe will clash against Iron Will for the third place decider. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

holy crap what a match
2010-09-11 17:06
sick match
2010-09-11 17:08
the match was awesome!
2010-09-11 17:08
god these titles are bad....
2010-09-11 17:09
agree... one every now and then is funny, but too many is just a bit cringe
2010-09-11 17:23
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
-1 They're at least better than the plain old "MYM defeat iron will"...
2010-09-11 17:25
I agree. HANCU you're trying too much..
2010-09-11 17:32
I like them :) they're funny and original
2010-09-11 19:29
2010-09-11 17:09
Portugal kysz 
bad mym
2010-09-11 17:09
MYM got no future,fail project!IronWill with LeX is a great and young team,look at them how they played,rly rly well...I hope Iron Will gonna win 3rd quote
2010-09-11 17:10
Sweden taM 
MYM should pick up lex and f1n and kick xoma and xek (and lex should start playing seriously again of course). Thats my opionion.
2010-09-11 17:11
Stop making retarded titels
2010-09-11 17:16
its a smart word play..
2010-09-11 17:18
It's getting repetitive, imo. It was fine a few first times, but making every single title a word play is just annoying.
2010-09-11 17:22
annoying would be "mym beat iron will", i like this little word plays.. nice job hancu..
2010-09-11 17:28
I laugh every time :D
2010-09-11 17:21
it's good not always to read "team X beat Y to win Z event"
2010-09-11 17:23
but it's also annoying to still see titles like "Complexity show their complex skills and load Loaded with bullets"
2010-09-11 18:07
that's not even close to be the same case
2010-09-11 18:11
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
LOL, "load Loaded with bullets" isn't such a bad suggestion :P
2010-09-11 18:37
2010-09-11 19:16
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Come on!! they're awesome!
2010-09-11 17:24
2010-09-11 17:17
hahaha these titles hahahah nice
2010-09-11 17:20
project "Iron Will" have a good future
2010-09-11 17:21
so close...
2010-09-11 17:22
sry but mym ist so good like UNITED with adren
2010-09-11 17:25
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
true... xek and xoma are low... ed1k romjke hooch f_1n Lex would be competitive on international level, i think. (assuming dosia won't agree to join forces, like it has been in the past)
2010-09-11 17:27
LeX krasava! nice 4to karty vzyali gl in future!
2010-09-11 17:28
Some people here whine more than girls. GJ MYM.
2010-09-11 17:42
Portugal Cyborgy 
xek is low?lolWUT?,if you say that xoma is low i agree with that,maybe f1n or lex would be the best choice for them,i dislike dosia : p
2010-09-11 17:51
damn Iron Will......this roster has no future
2010-09-11 18:09
2010-09-11 18:13
the titles are just fine
2010-09-11 18:13
I like these titles. Atleast smth new.
2010-09-11 18:13
so you are the new guy huh ..
2010-09-11 18:45
lex,fox,dosia,romjke,hooch and russians'll dominate cs scene like ukrainians with navi
2010-09-11 18:46
good job
2010-09-11 19:23
Lex played amazing during whole tournament,glad to see him back in the game <3 Lex.
2010-09-11 19:58
lex is da in the future tourneys hope to see iw perform better they have the quality for sure..
2010-09-11 21:28
Lex & co GJ
2010-09-11 21:54
MashFierceFly gj
2010-09-12 15:46
shit! LeX is the best cs player ever :P markeloff edward starix zeus lex would give navi the edge over fnatic OMG CHILDISH OPINION :D
2010-09-12 22:59
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