mTw win ESL Pro Series Nordic II

September 21st, 2010 22:30

mTw have successfully defended their ESL Pro Series Nordic title by defeating fnatic 2-0 in tonight's prolonged final for season two.

The match counting as the final for ESL's Pro Series Nordic season two continued tonight, after being on hold for more than a month. Starting on the Terrorist side on de_dust2, mTw quickly discovered what stroke fnatic last time the two sides played, as Oliver "minet" Minet lagged out several times, due to DDoS attacks. Once the match was resumed, mTw saw fnatic running in a much higher gear, leading to a Swedish 11-4 score at half time.

Winning the pistol round was the initial kick starter for mTw, who had a long way back, to just tie the match. The Danes did not let much come fnatic's way and with just two rounds in hand, when mTw had reached match point, fnatic bought what they could, only to be denied an edgy win. This lead to a 16-13 victory for mTw, winning 2-0 overall, counting in the 16-13 win on the first map, de_nuke, played more than a month ago.

21st September 2010
Best of 3

"I'm happy to have defended our title and it's nice to do it against a team like fnatic. However, I think it's sad that we had to wait a month to finish this event, and I am worried about future online events because of these kids.

With that being said, I'm looking forward to the new season, which has already started. Hopefully we can win yet another title."
- Danny "zonic" Sørensen told after the match.

mTw hereby defend the title they won in 2009, defeating fnatic 2-0 in the season one final, which took place at Inferno Online in Stockholm, Sweden.

ESL Pro Series Nordic II final standings

1. Denmark mTw - €3,500
2. Sweden fnatic - €1,700
3. Sweden SK Gaming - €1,000
4. Sweden ex-MYM - €500

This finally puts a close to the second season of the ESL Pro Series Nordic. As you all know and have been able to follow right here, at, season three is already live and will soon be reaching half way through.

To review demos and all respective results from the whole of second season, check out our coverage section by clicking here.

nice playing
2010-09-21 22:31
Ukraine ritN 
mTw > fnatic
2010-09-21 22:31
Lithuania Sarez 
gratz mTw
2010-09-21 22:31
nice mTw
2010-09-21 22:32
mtw > fnatic ? i dont think so
2010-09-21 22:32
Ukraine ritN 
I think so 16-13,16-13
2010-09-21 22:34
this match is online dude.
2010-09-21 22:50
Age: 14 Occupation: Student cool story bro
2010-09-21 22:54
Age: 40 Clan: brool story co
2010-09-21 23:01
2010-09-21 23:16
First map was on lan :) so 50/50
2010-09-22 11:28
Sweden WIWO 
No it wasn't.
2010-09-22 11:50
no it wasn't .... cant u see match were disrupted by DDos Attacks ! o.0
2010-09-22 16:15
FYI DDos attacks can also happen on LAN.
2010-09-22 20:13
mate LOL, it's a online tournament, where fnatic arent that serious at all ... mTw are trying as much as they can, while fnatic are quite chilled if u watch their lan games then u'll see ... idiotic child .
2010-09-21 22:50
omg so stupid. fnatic wanted to win just like mTw. fnatic are better at lan? - true,but it's their problems. mTw - onliners? - jump in the open window.
2010-09-21 23:00
Would be pretty hard to jum IN the open window :P:P
2010-09-21 23:18
my mistake :O
2010-09-21 23:40
never said that mTw cheats LOL, I just said they´re just as serious on online cups/tournaments as they are on lan. As for fnatic they´re less serious on online cups/tournakments, yes they wanted to win but they don´t use sick stratz as on lans so GO QQ MAI LUV
2010-09-22 16:21
People like you I describe in 2 words - blind fanboy. I bet if this final was at LAN and mTw beat the shit out of fnatic you would say "Ohh fnatic way better than mTw online.. they didn't use sick strats as they use playing online." Everybody with some knowledge in counter-strike will aggree with me that mTw have proven to be better team than fnatic in last couple months, and theres nothing to be ashamed or pissed off about, both are good teams, but mTw is better now - face it!
2010-09-22 18:02
LOL, ur actually telling me mTw are better on LAN aswell, I dont think u've seen mTw the past few months GETTING DESTROYED by fnatic, na´vi etc. Talking about being a fanboy, ur the one that fking blind, take alook at what mTw achieved the past couple of months really much to brag about THEY WON EPS II wOOpWOOpPPP LOL. yes mTw is a good team, but they havent proved SHIT lately so keep ur mouth shut .
2010-09-22 20:09
They have lost only to na'vi and once to SK at past lan events(not mentioning wcg qualification where they lost to p00nhandlers) they have won both fnatic and SK several times in last lan tournaments... Damnit you're one pathetic idiot aren't you? :D go get your facts straight before shouting out that fnatic owns everybody at LAN, and stop making dumb excuses why they got beaten at online, cuz i'm 99% sure final score would be the same or even better for mtw if this final would have been played at lan By the way you're the most ridiculous underage troll I have ever seen in my life so far... you better hope someone beats your dumbness cause it must be really embarrasing for you to be on or maybe you just havent realised that yet
2010-09-22 20:29
lol .... It´s been a duel between navi and fnatic for most titles this year so stfu bout mTw being better lMAO as fnatic won every tournament last year, and still are going huge. Underage? KK, say what u want . mTw won dreamhack...and? tell me how good they´ve been this year ROFL
2010-09-22 20:57
i'm not talking about early 2010 or late 2009... moron i'm saying lately mTw is better
2010-09-23 16:33
"late 2009" ROFL they won EVERYTHING in 2009 not just late 2009
2010-09-23 23:00
not "EVERYTHING" but yeah they were good, and don't change subject mTw has been better lately.. and mTw was also better before 2009 And don't talk shit like "yea but they didnt have gux and get_right back then blablabla" mTw lost MJe and whimp that's why they stopped to dominate every1...
2010-09-24 18:10
lol mTw havent been better than fnatic no ... fnatic won more titles than them LATELY
2010-09-24 20:35
you need to get a brain and also change your name bye
2010-09-21 23:07
why would I need a brain, fnatic are lots more serious on lan u total tool ...
2010-09-22 16:18
thats exactly why you need it..go figure
2010-09-22 16:37
lol ur the one that needs a brain kthxbai
2010-09-22 17:27
how long are you on scene to have such dedictions? 4 months?
2010-09-21 22:46
FalleN | 
Brazil paumito 
They are, actually...
2010-09-21 22:55
DDoS is not kids..
2010-09-21 22:33
cadiaN | 
Denmark megz 
well it doesnt require that much, and atleast they think like kids so one might aswell call em:)
2010-09-21 22:36
nice to see Danish flag over 3 Swedish.
2010-09-21 22:33
+1 :-)
2010-09-21 23:24
Can't wait to see them at WCG, who knows, maybe they can get that second gold!
2010-09-21 22:34
GG mTw :)
2010-09-21 22:35
but not better ... exist games and games
2010-09-21 22:35
Xyp9x | 
Portugal bonzoo 
maybe this win gave them more confidence for next big tournment... They have everything to stay on top as they were on 2008 , I thing only sunde has to improve is awp... as good as he was ... and minet become wiser....
2010-09-21 22:37
Indeed. If they keep the momentum up like this match its gonna be really tuff beating them :-)
2010-09-21 23:25
Who is ex-MYM? Lions = niko xizt fyr337 khrystal *? ex-MYM = ? Where is delpan and barrbar now?
2010-09-21 22:37
+1 ProSkater line ?
2010-09-21 22:47
barbar playing for playzone and delpan for no one i think he wait sk or fnatic to get him ...
2010-09-21 22:51
l@l, fnatic doesn't take delpan never, hahahaha, for what? if dsn more skilled and stable player.
2010-09-22 05:23
dsn more skilled than delpan? do you have facts to show me?
2010-09-22 05:55
Lithuania omq 
from when delpan is better than a dsn? once a cheater - always a cheater.
2010-09-22 09:51
one a low brain - always a low brain.
2010-09-22 11:30
Lithuania omq 
good that im not swe.
2010-09-22 14:30
I was talking about ya.
2010-09-24 10:05
Lithuania omq 
you were talkin' about yourself, sweden fan boy.
2010-09-24 14:00
barbarr is in and Delpan is a free agent.
2010-09-21 22:51
Who is on
2010-09-22 01:30
manne, pinne, BARBARR, hyvlarn, quality_playEr
2010-09-22 04:51
mTw in my blood <3
2010-09-21 22:38
2010-09-21 22:38
GG all
2010-09-21 22:40
Sweden ZOD! 
finally end this tour.. nicemTw!
2010-09-21 22:41
Nice mTw !
2010-09-21 22:42
nice game MTW ;o
2010-09-21 22:42
gratz mtw! keep on playing this good :D
2010-09-21 22:47
gj mTw gogo fnatic
2010-09-21 22:48
@ lan fnatic would _probably_ have won, but online is kinda random. anyways GG mTw
2010-09-21 22:51
mTw won first map at lan :)
2010-09-22 11:30
No they did not won the first map on lan, it was online!
2010-09-22 13:04
2010-09-21 22:53
Some crazy sh*t by mtw as ct! GG! But once again ... wtf @ fnatic online? 11-4 as ct and still unable to close the game!?
2010-09-21 22:56
Denmark mindgames 
As zonic has written in an interview on - they have checked up on fnatics dust2 tactics a lot. That's probably why mTw was so strong as CT.
2010-09-21 23:55
I see. Well, that makes alot of sense. mTw really destroyed them in that 2nd half.
2010-09-22 00:05
gj mTw sunde is S!CK with awp
2010-09-21 22:57
Korea xff 
Very nice mTw!!!! goes!
2010-09-21 23:02
well done mTw, once again you've beated fnatic.. hoping forward to see them on lan
2010-09-21 23:03
lmao@online lan fnatic >>>>>>>>> mtw
2010-09-21 23:03
haha,fnatic can't even beat EG
2010-09-21 23:12
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
and EG can't even beat coL (the new one) xD
2010-09-22 00:33
Ukraine ritN 
at lan WMF and EG >>>>>>>> fnatic dude! =)))
2010-09-21 23:12
fun boy k23 >>> Na Vi haha
2010-09-21 23:36
so at lan : fnatic > navi , k23 > navi , lions > navi , fx > navi
2010-09-22 00:34
what are you talking about? on LAN NaVi > WORLD! :)))))) sucks that fnatic won't attend WCG :(
2010-09-22 00:49
na'vi lost vs k23 na'vi's streak is over, get over yourself
2010-09-22 06:48
neeve | 
Portugal neeve 
They will win WCG, trust me :]x
2010-09-22 11:34
well done mtw
2010-09-21 23:05
Great news.
2010-09-21 23:07
Good stuff...Minet came back strongly after being ddosed :)
2010-09-21 23:08
Denmark JtS FEAR HIS WRATH ! ( :D )
2010-09-22 16:57
nice mTw
2010-09-21 23:09
2010-09-21 23:16
2010-09-21 23:18
dreamteam please! :)
2010-09-21 23:20
2010-09-21 23:22
great :D nice mTw!!
2010-09-21 23:35
mTw the best ever thats all !!!
2010-09-21 23:40
2010-09-22 15:57
Wp mTw!
2010-09-22 00:00
2010-09-22 00:08
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
what's with this packeting BS? :/
2010-09-22 00:33
2010-09-22 00:35
Greece her-1g 
its not just an online tournament...its EPS!!15k isnt that bad for a first place!so stfu your mouth about onliners etc...both teams are great and they have proven themselfs both on lan and online..i dont think with swe and dk connections lan and online have that much of a difference..period
2010-09-22 01:38
mTw > fnatic net. mTw < fnatic lan :o
2010-09-22 02:08
I don't care about who's better, I'm just glad my national team won..sooo that's my opinion really! :)
2010-09-22 04:30
2010-09-22 06:15
It was a good step forward from mtw, to won such a title, it seems like fnatic on lower level than mtw rite now, its only my opinion, so stfu for future.
2010-09-22 08:02
mTw 1st team in the world!
2010-09-22 08:41
NOtA | 
Poland ChoseN1` 
haha n1 :D nub
2010-09-22 08:47
mTw raped fX the last 4 times they played :D
2010-09-22 16:11
yeah after navi and fnatic :((
2010-09-22 09:06
minet was ddosed :D fnatic play bad at online
2010-09-22 10:10
India pfx 
2010-09-22 11:49
so at lan : fnatic > navi , k23 > navi , lions > navi , fx > navi looool 1 match fx > navi? lol Ukraine>Poland :D Na`Vi>fnatic in 2010 year
2010-09-22 12:06
Pakistan SvG 
still fnatic is da best <3<3<3<3
2010-09-22 12:28
Internet is a serious business mtw :(
2010-09-22 15:44
gg mTw
2010-09-22 15:59
mTw <3333333333333333333333333333333333333
2010-09-22 18:22
gg mTw :))
2010-09-22 19:59
asome mTw
2010-09-22 21:10
bad mounth for fnatic definitly :)
2010-09-23 13:42
That top 3 was SOOOOOOOO unpredictable. :)
2010-09-24 13:27
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