i-DX pull out of WCG 2010

Pakistani side i-DX will not cast their presence at this year's edition of the World Cyber Games as their visas were not cleared.

WCG Pakistan winners i-DX had initially been grouped with the compLexity and forZe. It has however now become known that the team will not be able to participate in this year's edition of the World Cyber Games.

As the event will be hosted in Los Angeles, USA, several players have to apply for the correct visas. Unfortunately, the Pakistanis' visas did not clear, and will thus not be able to make the trip.

The lack of sponsors and economical funding has also played a role in team's inauspicious circumstance.

Group C is now left with two teams: compLexity and forZe. It is however not the only group to house just two squads, as Group B was reduced to two after Greece opted to not send any Counter-Strike representatives.

World Cyber Games 2010 will start September 30, and last throughout October 3. You will be able to follow the event right here on HLTV.org, as we will be on site to provide you with full coverage.

this year's finals will be the worst ever
2010-09-22 13:49
8 replies
yeah...maybe :/
2010-09-22 14:33
worst (looking at teams) were in 2009
2010-09-22 17:16
6 replies
Why don't they host WCG in India .. Oh wait, we might get to see another fiasco like the one going on right now. Obviously on a smaller scale money wise. :D For those who don't get it :: India is hosting commonwealth games this year. The budget is some billion dollars and in reality not even 10% of it has been spent. Rest 90% is gone to bank accounts of people.
2010-09-22 20:35
5 replies
lol man do u knw wat ur saying
2010-09-23 04:30
are you an idiot? seriously. no one even asked you to advertise india's negetivity here. just because you read the news paper the 1st time in 3 months doesn't mean you have to share it here with us
2010-09-23 14:07
3 replies
Calm down bro, internet fights solve nothing
2010-09-23 22:55
hehe he thinks he knows it all.."armchair experts" ftw :). See how confidently he says "90% is gone to bank accounts.." :D
2010-09-24 10:33
1 reply
may be that 90% include some of his relative too xD
2010-09-25 07:59
bad :(
2010-09-22 13:47
Not good!
2010-09-22 13:49
2010-09-22 13:50
Iceland alex!
Damn visas, ruins everything.
2010-09-22 13:55
14 replies
Damn people who have no clue how to fix visas in time, ruins everything...
2010-09-22 14:04
13 replies
Brazil bandicoot
Damn people who think its easy for pakistani to get visas, ruins everything
2010-09-22 15:05
2 replies
Damn it! I agree with this..
2010-09-22 15:36
Not saying it's easy, but see #81.
2010-09-22 17:38
have you ever had to get a visa? that's not something you will always be able to do in the time between a qualifier and a major event
2010-09-22 16:54
8 replies
Depends on what country you hail from. I fixed visa for China in 4hours, but other places, such as UK, its a minimum of 4 days or so. But I agree, other countries is different, way different than European countries etc.
2010-09-22 17:16
3 replies
visa for uk ? ur from denmark they are in the eu... u should be able to comeover whenever and however dude
2010-09-22 21:46
1 reply
UK to China.
2010-09-22 21:48
yeah it totally depends on the situation etc. but especially when they find out you will be working/making money ;)
2010-09-23 09:27
The organisors to the qualifiers should still be aware of it, and choose dates where it's timewise possible to get the visas.
2010-09-22 17:36
3 replies
yeah it wouldn't have been a problem to fix them, but as you see written here they bounced at the first attempt, and a 2nd attempt would take too long. I was in the wNv crew for a while and know how many times they had troubles with visas, believe me they all wanted to play those tourneys and did their best to obtain m in time, sometimes it just doesn't work as smooth as you expect
2010-09-23 09:31
2 replies
exactly...wNv was on top of my mind when I made comment #10 I have seen superb Chinese teams miss out on big events due to these issues even though they wanted to play so much.
2010-09-23 11:45
1 reply
yeah and it has happened way too many times :[ but what are we going to do about it ;)
2010-09-23 13:32
it`s not a matter of how fast, it`s the terms of the immigration policy that are more strict and they can`t get access anymore. We had issues with referess in Seattle (2007) because of that and the same thing occured with China. The difference was that we had 104810248 more volunteers in China than in the states.
2010-09-24 03:26
Really sucks for the players...
2010-09-22 13:56
Pakistan MrHassan
Wcg the only international event in which team from Pakistan participate and this time they aren't that is sad. By the way I think lack of sponsors will be the main reason of not participating instead of visa.
2010-09-22 13:59
1 reply
they sometimes attend eswc aswell...
2010-09-22 14:05
50% of countrys cant attend because nobody is able or willing to pay the costs (fee/travel) and then some teams are pulled out cause of visas ... that's NOT very advanced
2010-09-22 14:00
10 replies
The organizations WCG has partnered with in many countries are incompetent or just looking to make a quick buck. They almost never send 5-man CS teams since that "costs more". So why did WCG give them the license in the first place? That is the real question.
2010-09-22 14:09
9 replies
exactly. +1
2010-09-22 14:19
4 replies
Pakistan MrHassan
Carnage in hong kong when did that happen ? :D.
2010-09-22 14:22
3 replies
university :p
2010-09-23 12:41
2 replies
Pakistan MrHassan
GOODLuck with your studies.
2010-09-23 14:10
hasan Evil ANgel ?
2010-09-29 06:24
cause those organizations paid for it? If you pay for it, it`s yours, you can do what you want and are not force to send a CS team ?!
2010-09-24 03:27
3 replies
So WCG doesn't care about who they are partnering with with respect to competence and reputation? WCG just cares about the money and once it gets money, its role ends? It doesn't worry you if most of the CS teams can't make it to the main tournament? If the answers to these questions are yes..then that's a great business model :) ...gl running tournaments like that and going the CPL way... otherwise I am looking to hear your explanation.
2010-09-24 10:12
2 replies
LOL? going CPL's way?!? We've been running for longer than CPL and are still running. Never always paid out the prize and as for the CS teams not making it to the event; IT IS NOT A RULE THAT EVERY COUNTRY NEED A CS TEAM! Mexico hasn't had any cs teams at WCG since 2006 but yet they are sending people for other games. Think about the olympics: Some countries send full delegation, other aren't because it's so god damn expensive to cover for athletes that won't get much exposure/results/medals! It's a way of thinking and that my friend is up to your NATIONAL ORGANIZER!
2010-09-24 22:02
1 reply
I know it isnt a rule but CS is the one of the showcase events of WCG... Is it too hard to find organizer who gives priority to CS team? :) Just asking...because if you guys tie up with the right organizers in countries, these problems of dropping out will automatically reduce.... Maybe some change is needed in the way people bid for your licenses...
2010-09-24 23:06
This is why one shouldn't host an international LAN event in the US. Chinese and Russian teams have faced this problem all the time (just to mention two) and now Pakistani team. I understand economic reasons are also responsible but this Visa denial just sucks. Good participation is what organizers should aim for and choose partner organizers and location accordingly. I don't want to see only Fnatic, mTw, Navi and SK at every tournament. Upcoming teams from different nations add a whole new dimension to the event. That is what makes WCG a true global event.
2010-09-22 14:01
11 replies
everythng should be held in europe...
2010-09-22 14:06
10 replies
China seems great as an e-sports location IMO...they love e-sports and understand it. South Korea can be another option. There can be others too.
2010-09-22 14:11
7 replies
Brazil hugoooo
but they ghost so much
2010-09-22 16:34
1 reply
Apart from one real instance...its all in your mind.
2010-09-22 16:37
dont forget about Germany
2010-09-22 17:40
China wasn`t better, just different people were affected by their policies
2010-09-24 03:28
3 replies
2010-09-24 10:01
2 replies
any countries generally opposed to chinese policy. China was by far the hardest place for me, as a Canadian w/o any record, to get in. All the of south america and central america had issues with it too! It's always a matter of internal policies of the country you're trying to get in!
2010-09-24 21:56
1 reply
Oh...I always take Canada and Switzerland as two countries no one has any problem with :) sad to hear that...and why South Americans..that is just random....
2010-09-24 22:59
you can get a visa to europe... it is the united states of A that has a freaking problem...
2010-09-23 12:18
it was tough in Germany
2010-09-24 03:28
No way that these teams from group B and C will directly advance through, there will be changes in groups for sure. Sorry for Pakistani players.
2010-09-22 14:03
Anyways they could not have done much damage .. Teams like grece, india, pak should first raise there level before wasting others time
2010-09-22 14:05
12 replies
Still, imagine how the guys were excited going to such an event, and playing with great teams from all around the world.
2010-09-22 14:08
Pakistan MrHassan
Yup they would not have done any damage but playing with big names like SK , NaVi etc will raise there level. By the way ATE from India IDX from Pakistan is the best of there country , so it means they are at the top level in there country. Playing in WCG or any other international event is a good source of learning.
2010-09-22 14:12
No one is wasting anyone's time. This is how you give exposure to teams worldwide and make CS grow globally. In everyone's interest.
2010-09-22 14:13
Tell me, how did you improve at CS?(if at all you did) I am guessing, by playing against better players. What if those better players thought you were wasting their time? Would you, or anyone for that matter have improved?
2010-09-22 14:35
8 replies
You don't get better by playing just 1-2 maps .. Learning is a continuous process that is why teams from US, Brazil come to Europe for boot camp ... I would have felt sad if they were going for boot camping for 1-2 months in Europe/us and then VISA denied .. It would have been a good experience but not of much benefit to either party ..
2010-09-22 16:10
7 replies
That is a flawed argument. Amateur teams don't have the privilege to bootcamp in Europe, they need to reach a certain level to even think about bootcamping. They instead should treasure these opportunities hoping to get whatever little they can with such a short experience. Not all teams that improve do so by bootcamping. So, it is a big loss for the players to miss out on such a big opportunity. Every little experience, however shortlived is a learning experience as long as you learn from ur mistakes. Learning is a slow process to only those who do not identify and rectify the mistakes.
2010-09-22 17:49
5 replies
And if you think that playing 2 maps against giants, loosing badly (SK vs ATE 30-0 possible) that too once a year will help them a lot .. then please check your brains I am being rational and you are being too emotional. And just to mention, If you remember there was a team called "Immunity" from Australia, which was in the same group as ATE in BEAT IT 2010 finals China . They are boot camping in Europe.
2010-09-22 20:39
4 replies
you are not rational..you are cynical :) I sense that in every comment of yours whether about ATE or India...
2010-09-22 23:10
3 replies
He makes a lot of sense IMO. 2 maps will not do shit about their gaming, and doesn't really count as exposure. They need to go bootcamp at inferno online or something. They're prolly lower than crystal right now.
2010-09-22 23:16
2 replies
Read #145
2010-09-24 10:07
Well, tbh its true that we wont get any better for just playing 2 map and even crushed by a big margin. Though the experience itself can boost their own confidence to get their ownself better. Do you think its such a waste of time for a low teams attending WCG? If there's such a thinking like that, then explain to me whats the purpose of WCG? Even if they lose and learn nothing from their match, they could watch the pros and learn some to their own profit. Its still a valuable experience isnt it?
2010-09-24 10:47
the other thing you seem to forget is that teams go to the practice zone at WCG and "bootcamp" for 12 hours or so and most of the time, big teams will play lower-tier teams just for the fact that they don`t want to play other top contenders and that at this point, their stuff is ready so they just want to stay sharp, fast, perfect their execution and get more confidence!
2010-09-24 03:32
very bad only 25 teams at wcg for example, in the past year at wcg were 39 teams
2010-09-22 14:06
It's sad to see the organisers keep failing researching on how to get visas in time... same with failing having clear contracts with sponsors...
2010-09-22 14:07
3 replies
Damn the US for not accepting visas oh wait..
2010-09-22 14:30
1 reply
2010-09-22 17:37
Seems the answer to your 'wondering' can be found in #45.
2010-09-23 01:01
every tournament in Europe plz :)
2010-09-22 14:08
very nice
2010-09-22 14:11
US sucks. Visa problems, They are NOT stupid, fat, justin bieber, twilight, religous idiots etc. They are only good at starting wars... oh.. wait... that's goes to "sucks" section.
2010-09-22 14:15
4 replies
bieber is canadian :D
2010-09-22 14:22
3 replies
works, sings, produces, performs etc in USA afaik.
2010-09-22 14:26
2 replies
That does still not make him a US citizen. By the way, you should cool down a bit. Thank you.
2010-09-23 00:59
Love me love me Say that you love me Fool me fool me Oh how you do me Kiss me kiss me Say that you miss me Tell me what I wanna hear Tell me you love me
2010-09-23 01:03
Russia hameleonus
lol, and now coL with forze at play-offs with only 1 game coming =\
2010-09-22 14:19
1 reply
Changes will be made for sure.
2010-09-22 14:24
This just sucks. Seriously US thinks it's some big shot pure land and every person that is brown or colored is a terrorist. My friend named Mohammed was denied a visa coz his name was in FBI most wanted list. I mean just his name! Now they started denying student visas too. For gods sake not everyone entering ur fucked up country is coming in as a terrorist or an illegal immigrant. Blocking visas based on sufficient evidence, I support. But visa officers just go by hunches, appearance etc. That is just 1st grade racial profiling!
2010-09-22 14:33
5 replies
2010-09-22 14:47
man... I wish our Transportation officers would practice racial profiling... that would make it a lot faster to get through the airport and in and out of the country for everyone else. It's not just brown people.. it's everyone. It takes many months just to get a passport and sometimes longer to get a visa, for anybody. Have you ever been to the US? it's not that fucked up, don't believe everything you see from Bollywood.
2010-09-22 14:58
3 replies
peaceeeee :)
2010-09-22 15:55
YOU are telling ME to stop judging America by trusting Bollywood, whereas most Americans judge India by watching Bollywood. True story : a guy, the other day asked me if my dad goes to work on an elephant....so to your question of whether ive been in America, the answer is yes. I live in the US. I love the country, just hate the attitude of a lot of people here. Its funny how you took over the land of native Americans, and now pretend to own it as if you created it yourself.
2010-09-22 17:57
1 reply
oh leave it man... when a country is the strongest it has the most say and will have the most ignorant people... lets suppose india becomes the richest and the most powerful country... then india will be the centre of their universe and indians wouldn't give a *beep* about anything else cuz they don't need to... it happens... although seeing the poverty and inferiority complex in india i am not sure it is gonna happen soon although they are an emerging economic power...
2010-09-23 12:23
with so many teams not attending WCG, why dont they invite k1ck
2010-09-22 14:41
3 replies
no money, no funny!
2010-09-22 15:17
2 replies
not following
2010-09-22 15:31
1 reply
k1ck not going because no sponsers and its too late to call any new team .. US VISA is not so fast
2010-09-22 16:02
bad ... ....
2010-09-22 14:46
I see my country's flag for the first time in the main headlines and I'm like O_O woot. And after reading what the news is arghh forget it. JUST SAD. :( Was waiting for this event to start from a lonnngggggg time. Sad x 10^1000000 ! =/
2010-09-22 15:20
Bad :(
2010-09-22 15:22
this was supposed to happen .... the us embassy in Pakistan takes 4 months normally to issue a visa applying 1 month before the event which is in USA makes no sense and if the people who organized wcg here dont have the financial backing to send the whole team than why give them license to organize it ? and this isn't the 1st time we are not participation in WCG wcg2006 the whole team didnt go same situation !!
2010-09-22 15:26
1 reply
I believe its 2007, Seattle right? 2006@monza, italy. So US = visas problem [for some]
2010-09-24 10:51
i feel sad for them 2 players in the team were my old team mates :(
2010-09-22 15:31
1 reply
you are talking about ibad(pogo) or shaggy bcz u have played with both of them
2010-09-24 11:25
It's interesting that only Pakistani's players have truble with their visas. I don't suggest american organizers affected on this decision but it's kinda strange anyway..
2010-09-22 15:38
lol go k1ck to wcg :)
2010-09-22 15:44
Brazil hugoooo
its easy: stop giving spots to bad teams/ or that have a hard time getting the visas; and let some coutries send two teams or more, like, SK+RAGE+Lions+fnatic, coL+CNB, EG+POV, Tyloo+Tyloo.raw... its way better than give spots to teams that wont even attend and/or are fvcking bad
2010-09-22 15:55
14 replies
-1 how do you expect this countries to grow in cs without this international tournaments??
2010-09-22 16:15
4 replies
Brazil hugoooo
they wont get better anyway, ATE from India play every ESWC/WCG and still bad
2010-09-22 16:30
3 replies
playing 1/2 international tourneys a year can improve their level?!!
2010-09-22 18:07
Yeah.. and in the future there's only several teams that still play the game. Great!!
2010-09-24 10:54
tell me the last time full line up of ATE played eswc/wcg? get ur facts right befor posting
2010-09-25 08:13
you dont get the meaning behind a "world cup", do you?
2010-09-22 16:28
4 replies
Brazil hugoooo
do you remember WCG 06, 07? look at the team list more top teams and more bad teams = more teams at all, what is good. Now, we have a few teams, its missing top teams (like the germans and fnatic), but there's still a plenty of bad ones, i mean, the overall level is lower than it was.
2010-09-22 16:33
3 replies
you still don't get it.....
2010-09-22 16:35
1 reply
2010-09-22 18:29
LOL, For someone from brazil who dont even know what "World Cup" means. Trully Unbelieveable.
2010-09-24 10:56
You weren't saying this when a great team like FG was idling around not getting an opportunity to participate in major tournaments. But now that they have got coL sponsorship...yeah go ahead jump the ship! I really doubt if CNB, RAGE, POV or Tyloo (both teams at once) have the money to attend tournaments in Europe and USA anyway...so I guess they also belong to the category "that won't even attend" you have created, unless paid by the organizers... ...which is exactly the problem most teams around the world are facing.
2010-09-22 16:35
3 replies
All the teams which you mentioned are way better than ATE, ID-X level ..
2010-09-22 17:24
2 replies
and still can't travel to best tournaments globally coz they got no money... Get it?
2010-09-22 17:33
1 reply
Exactly that was my point. I should have made it more clear. Its money everywhere.
2010-09-22 20:30
too sad..
2010-09-22 17:06
worst wcg of the history
2010-09-22 17:16
sad... this really is the worst wcg!
2010-09-22 17:27
is it also a hint dat US is partial against islamic nations ?? :P dats politic honey !! I dreamt of india Vs Pak :-(
2010-09-22 17:28
i dnt know, is dere a possiblity dat US is being partial against islamic nations ?? US has Superiority complex !! dats politics honey !! I dreamt of india Vs Pak :-(
2010-09-22 17:32
i feel sry 4 PAK :-(
2010-09-22 17:40
2010-09-22 17:45
we knew it a month ago lol......no sorries for bcoz we've no future in e-sports tc..
2010-09-22 17:58
but still pakiz nd indianz got talent....no offense
2010-09-22 18:00
7 replies
i keep wondering why you said "no offence"... :P I mean, how can it POSSIBLY be offensive to anyone? :S
2010-09-22 23:23
2 replies
Look at some threads and see how soon people feel 'offended' ::)
2010-09-23 01:02
look.....people do get offended....so thats why i wrote it :)
2010-09-23 09:55
There is an 'Edit' button to add further content to your message after it has been published.
2010-09-23 01:03
3 replies
i know this was intended
2010-09-23 09:54
2 replies
Despite being 'intended' in case of double posts you are encouraged to use it too.
2010-09-23 22:10
1 reply
k my bad :)
2010-09-24 10:16
WCG hosting in the USA they should have seen this coming. USA is one of the hardest places to get a visa for. Takes weeks, months, even for Canadians. It's just crazy the way USA immigration process works. WCG - don't host in USA ever again. Host in Canada or Switzerland next time. Visa for those are so easy to get and take such little time.
2010-09-22 18:09
2 replies
Plenty of past records with regard to VISA issues. Seems again this time organizers just sat down and crossed fingers (like with the local qualifiers).
2010-09-23 01:07
since when do canadians need visas to get into the US? just curious cuz i live in toronto, n have driven over to ny and chicago for weekends with just my canadian passport without any problems o.O
2010-09-23 05:30
A shocking News :( A ver very very shocking news, i Met pogo last week, he didn`t mention any of this issue they r having.... :(:(
2010-09-22 18:36
haha i knew this almost 3 weeks ago :D
2010-09-22 18:37
new group na'vi coL.br forze executioners
2010-09-22 18:56
1 reply
Brazil bandicoot
WCG make this group please, would be so good!
2010-09-23 09:18
Why there aren`t any sponsers in Pakistan ??
2010-09-22 19:39
1 reply
sponsors don't get them a visa still... :P
2010-09-22 23:22
yeas.. |ShaggY cleared that .. they have Visa prob. and big prob of finance and sponsors
2010-09-22 19:42
typical Americans reaction to currents war affairs.it is fault of our government also because they are bunch jokers who are just asking more American dollars in exchange of our sovereignty and respect.
2010-09-22 19:55
the organizers should be better than this...if people really want e-sports to grow, they need to grow up and see a bigger picture.
2010-09-22 20:07
im still expecting a reaction from the wcg organizers.
2010-09-22 20:13
1 reply
it's being looked at as we speak
2010-09-24 21:59
iDx better luck next time ! :( i thnk CHINA is the best place to organize WCG or any other international event...!
2010-09-22 22:01
1 reply
O Ja Pai! :D
2010-09-23 12:57
Hold it in Europe ffs.
2010-09-22 22:47
Thing is that this time's WCG will not be FUN for sure.. worsT ever ):
2010-09-23 05:25
another team without visas
2010-09-23 10:54
I am agree with Freezone, further to this discussion i would like to add few more things that.. We Pakistani are not terrorists state and front liner for war against terrorist, we as a nation proved in Sports (don't want to go in such details)and there are many things that we are proud of it. Our teams already have played many International Events like ESWC, WCG etc. in France, Germany, Singapore, USA etc. and have no idea why suddenly US Embassy required Guarantor. Well it is really sad that we are not able to participate in WCG2010. (PEACE)
2010-09-23 13:15
Its a terrible news, -i- and Dx were the best teams of karachi and after their merge they come out to be a very strong side, we will going miss them in action.
2010-09-24 11:28
you are rite friend but the wcg finals here in pakistan is very close between u5 and i-Dx , so dont forget u5 as top team also , carnage Aced fnatic in wcg if you remember with awp at inferno and a knife of forest at de_dust2 !!!! wow !! like a dream come true .. a part from i-Dx <3 <3 <3 love to see them in action too !
2010-09-24 12:50
:( Wth
2010-09-27 16:19
and i-dx are... ?
2010-09-29 06:50
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