Video: Frag eXecutors defeat coL

October 3rd, 2010 22:46

Our second video from today shows the winning moment of the 3rd/4th place decider between Frag eXecutors and compLexity.

Frag eXecutors have picked up the bronze medal at the 2010 WCG world finals with a 2-1 victory over compLexity. After losing the second map when leading the tie 1-0, FX demonstrated some really solid play on the third map, de_train, and won it 16-4. You can now find below the moment in which they sealed the deal.

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2010-10-03 22:48
2010-10-03 22:48
2010-10-03 23:02
2010-10-04 00:07
Fx gg ;)
2010-10-03 22:49
not so happy i think fx want play in grand final not semi ;p
2010-10-03 22:51
Poland MJP 
You wright. They have hard bracket start from SK , WMF , NAVI. Was so close 2 win vs NAVI on the first map :) On the tuscan Fx is like NAVI on nuke . Bad map for Fx, but no excuses . Fantastic game by Fx on WCG . I think they are for sure top3 in the world for the moment, with navi and fnatic above :)
2010-10-03 23:03
Poland qtas 
tuscan is their best map now, kuben says that in some interview
2010-10-03 23:14
navi, mtw, fnatic then FX imo
2010-10-04 11:58
yea listen to gred he's right
2010-10-04 13:27
boring - can't hear any 'kurwa'
2010-10-03 22:53
2010-10-03 23:14
2010-10-03 23:15
yup :< no kurwa no victory from FX :(
2010-10-04 08:24
It's a podium at least! GG Guys!
2010-10-03 22:53
n1 :))))
2010-10-03 23:09
Sad, coL don't get anything...
2010-10-03 23:14
deserved win gj
2010-10-03 23:14
lol they are unhappy ;d
2010-10-03 23:18
Poland kRAMERO 
lol hehe what happen? are they lose? :D
2010-10-03 23:22
Poland 2DJR 
They is half for an watching learn because! Haha! ORANGE JUICE HAHAHAHAHAHA! now seriously, idz sie pouczyc angielskiego
2010-10-04 16:32
nice, :*
2010-10-03 23:49
Well, why they should jump screaming cheering and dancing, Fx is a team which were shooting into TOP1 and they didn't achieve it, so the three place is like a xmas present from school teacher, nice game by both.
2010-10-03 23:54
You are right. GJ Frag eXecutors !
2010-10-04 00:14
are you fucking kidding me? its not like that, notice that navi was watching whole tuscan in FX-SK match, they have more than 2hour to relax and watch opponent game. Fx had not more than half hour after WMF, just for eat something. Just from first map in FX-NaVi anyone who know how our guys play notice that they should need a rest. They are humans, nor machines..... To by honest, I wanted to see that match next day with both team full power pasha nice game, next wcg comeback!
2010-10-04 03:57
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
neo is a machine though.
2010-10-04 21:30
congratulation on the 3rd place !
2010-10-03 23:56
nice game, nuke, best match!
2010-10-04 00:10
They were much more happyer when they beat sk... Little sad that only 3rd place but they did very nice game. gz Polish stars
2010-10-04 00:14
lol taz fake comemoration
2010-10-04 00:36
#21 no it wasn't the best match for sure... complexity was able to play good only on one map(de_nuke), cause it was their map O_o dd2 and train was dominated by Fx, as we could clearly see it by a score. anyway it was such good tournament for Fx, sad that their bracket was so hard :/ For me the best matches of whole WCG2010 was Fx vs SK.gaming and Na'Vi vs mTw :)
2010-10-04 01:38
whre i can get this dekstop logos ? =]
2010-10-04 06:47
2010-10-04 13:24
well deserved atleast silver but bronze is not bad at all.....well now we can safely say that fx is one of the best if not the best(counting team 3d) in the wcg....i believe if even fnatic wud have been thr they wud have atleast got the bronze....
2010-10-04 07:20
taz dance ;d where happy? :D
2010-10-04 11:55
gj Polska :)
2010-10-04 12:11
2010-10-04 16:31
3rd place not bad...
2010-10-04 17:11
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