FACE2FACE have been crowned champions of the French EPS League after wins over Millenium and LDLC.com.

The LAN finals of the EPS league, which took place at the ESL booth inside the Paris Games Week show, were played between the top three teams of the regular season, who faced each other in a group stage to decide the winner.

FACE2FACE and Millenium kicked off their campaigns in the EPS Finals with 2-0 victories over LDLC.com, with both teams then meeting each other in the decisive match.

After winning the first map, de_inferno, in overtime (21-16), FACE2FACE found life much easier on de_nuke, and kept Millenium at bay to score a 16-4 victory.

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EPS France IX Final Standings:

1. France FACE2FACE - €3,000
2. France Millenium - €1,000
3. France LDLC.com - €750

Sweden ezk 
2010-11-02 00:14
2010-11-02 00:14
How did rara play? :) Anyway good job. I really hope that, they will find a organisation soon. Even with rara they are smashing everyone in France :P
2010-11-02 00:16
H@H@ :D
2010-11-02 00:18
2010-11-02 00:24
Rara played very well, watch the demos.
2010-11-02 00:29
Ok. Nice:P
2010-11-02 00:32
link demo??
2010-11-02 00:45
2010-11-02 00:56
2010-11-02 00:56
tnx :P
2010-11-02 01:04
United Kingdom hArdLad 
Does rara have a job? (just asking) :P
2010-11-02 01:12
Yes he got a job don't worry for him ;)
2010-11-02 01:16
United Kingdom hArdLad 
haha, ok.
2010-11-02 01:31
Summer | 
Korea dafNaY 
kebab maker? LOL
2010-11-02 22:54
And what's wrong with that? Is that suppose to be a joke? Wow. You should try better than that.
2010-11-03 02:35
They all have, none of them is professional player you know... F2F don't even have structure or sponsors. It's just a game for them, no common point with Navi or Fnatic. It's why you should give them some more respect and let them play with their friends if they want to. They are exactly the same as you, playing for fun, they're just much better.
2010-11-03 10:26
Rara lead F2F to the victory on de_nuke T side and was very consistent on inferno as Terro and during the OT ;)
2010-11-02 01:15
who is the igl in face2face? and whos the igl in millenium?
2010-11-02 14:53
geno & HaRts
2010-11-02 18:37
He win every 1on1 versus mSx, so he played very well ;)
2010-11-02 09:20
2010-11-02 00:17
SpawN | 
Bulgaria No__F3aR 
2010-11-02 00:18
2010-11-02 00:23
your the man!
2010-11-02 00:25
nice ;b
2010-11-02 00:23
Le favorite team.
2010-11-02 00:24
nice try but it doesn't mean anything in french :P
2010-11-02 14:03
2010-11-02 19:58
2010-11-02 00:26
what are the lineups ?
2010-11-02 00:27
FACE2FACE : Rara, MAJ3R, SIXER, Geno, mahE Millenium : R!Go, HaRts, mSx, drizzer, ioRek Team LDLC.com : skelp, mshz, Ozstrik3r, kUtA, MAVERICK
2010-11-02 00:30
Na'vi.fr: MAJ3R, SIXER, R!Go, mSx, drizzer/HaRtS
2010-11-02 02:37
Morocco docx 
3 igl ? and mahe is FUCKIN SICK bomb site holder :) so i would say -RARA + mSx/R!Go
2010-11-02 03:31
Europe eler 
yes! HaRts (igl) sixeR (awper) mSx RiGo MAJ3R
2010-11-02 05:22
Russia hameleonus 
agree :) best french line up =)
2010-11-02 10:42
F2F - Rara + mSx = best french lineup.
2010-11-02 13:18
and drizzer? LEl.
2010-11-02 15:17
drizzer what? there are many players as good as him, even though he's good
2010-11-02 18:36
Russia B!F 
Geno igl, Sixer awp, Majer, mSx, R!GO
2010-11-02 09:06
you guys can stop considering mSx as part of the french top5, he's been miles away from his old shape for sth like 1 or 2 years
2010-11-02 18:52
F2F, unstoppable in France...
2010-11-02 00:29
France youg 
Don't agree, if you look hltv you can see mSx was useless on inferno. If he recover his 2k7/2k8 level Millenium can stop F2F. GG F2F and i'm very happy for rara who played very very nice. I think his the second best player (against M) after Geno who make a T side (inferno) and OT really amazing for a lig.
2010-11-02 08:46
They have been stopped many times recently. M did not play very well this time (mSx was in a terrible shape) but their matches are usually very close.
2010-11-03 10:11
sixer f2f play w'out tactics against HEADSHOTBG?
2010-11-02 00:31
2010-11-02 00:32
Bulgaria dz3n 
Online but winners. What justification is that "online win", don't be so misguided
2010-11-02 11:45
really? dont you see different between online matches with and LAN ones? what is more we are talking about teams from countries not so close to each other
2010-11-02 15:22
no I think HSBG played well and F2F were on a bad day. Their manager said in the post match statement "worst match ever", so I guess sth happened that we don't know about
2010-11-02 18:51
if rara isn't a good player replace him to other sick player bcz f2f are sick ;)
2010-11-02 00:31
French scene doesn't have any interest
2010-11-02 00:38
like you.
2010-11-02 09:21
you wouldn't read nor post here if you really meant it
2010-11-02 18:50
rara is on of the best players in the world
2010-11-02 00:58
2010-11-02 00:59
2010-11-02 15:20
2010-11-02 01:10
yes You are on hltv.org :)
2010-11-02 01:23
2010-11-02 01:13
MAJ3R, SIXER R!Go, HaRts and mSx. With this line-up, a french team could do a lot of damage in all internacional tornaments.
2010-11-02 01:25
2010-11-02 01:26
now maj3r > msx sixer > any players in france
2010-11-02 01:27
Rara > * ;p
2010-11-02 01:42
who is the igl for f2f? my guess is geno
2010-11-02 01:53
World Kobs 
yes geno one of the best french player ,smart and great aim .
2010-11-02 02:17
Geno leads but he's helped by Majer and rara.
2010-11-03 10:14
sixer n' maj3r > all fr gamers. ffs milenium tried to pick the best of the bests of france and still they lose again and again to the same team. :\
2010-11-02 01:54
lol MAJ3R, SIXER R!Go, HaRts and mSx. or geno for millenium team and good chances to destroy
2010-11-02 01:57
drizzer > rara
2010-11-02 02:15
World Kobs 
these days the f2f players are all better than msx so stop saying msx , msx rigo iorek make a good match every 10 ones... f2f wont get stronger with any of these players ,they don t get better since years imo. yank ,mat or drizzer would make more sense.
2010-11-02 02:28
France youg 
2010-11-02 08:58
2010-11-02 10:49
yeh 2 bad YanK is not playing seriously, he's just AWESOME
2010-11-02 18:35
nice.keep going
2010-11-02 02:41
goood game Millenium
2010-11-02 02:46
2010-11-02 04:12
2010-11-02 04:22
Brazil fzZ 
2010-11-02 06:24
poor Millenium, those guys once almost ruled the international scene, now they can't even rule their own scene.
2010-11-02 06:25
lolz @ "almost"
2010-11-02 07:56
2010-11-02 06:58
2010-11-02 07:16
gg F2F !!
2010-11-02 09:22
Still thinking that F2F are better than -M-, 'cause their player are really more efficient, and they can make the difference, you know that any of us have good or bad days, mSx too... we are humans :) So it was a good fight between these teams, and the better won... it makes me smiling that french players can be so watched :) Good luck for the future guys :)
2010-11-02 10:08
stop say shit with Rara , rara take the victory in the last map with Geno.
2010-11-02 10:48
majer sixer msx harts iorek
2010-11-02 10:53
SIXER MAJER mSx mshz drizzer n1 French team
2010-11-02 12:36
yehyeh and no leader
2010-11-02 18:35
2010-11-05 16:26
rofl mSx leading the team? He has no experience in this domain, and I doubt he'd be a good leader..
2010-11-05 16:45
yeah !
2010-11-02 12:44
I think imo, that -Millenium- played really well on T side of inferno were they put a great 10-5 lead but after CT side, they were totally out and T strats at overtime were quiet a messy job, so F2F take an easy OT on inferno.On nuke it was another story and -M- had a bad taste of what is a CT side on de nuke, they would have win with a stronger pistol round and a strong gunround but instead they did a wierd buy at 2nd round with dgl+kev and it was an epic fail imo.
2010-11-02 12:49
best team in fr.
2010-11-02 13:16
mSx, MAJER, Sixer, Harts, Geno asap
2010-11-02 14:04
stop saying that msx is still a monster, he is really useless since a year ago
2010-11-02 14:06
expected :)))
2010-11-02 14:11
World Kobs 
it was really dumb move by Millenium to kick Sixer Maj3r and co haha
2010-11-02 14:54
ofc :)
2010-11-02 16:28
Ukraine DREv 
2010-11-02 15:26
2010-11-02 17:35
f2f are like fullgaming good at their territory and bad outside
2010-11-02 18:10
no I think they're rather good outside too.
2010-11-02 18:53
I hope they'll find a good orga soon
2010-11-02 18:37
2010-11-02 19:08
i've always said that Rara is good
2010-11-02 20:24
2010-11-02 21:04
2010-11-02 21:56
And this guys don't even have a structure or sponsors... Btw stop saying shit. Last time M won, this time it's F2F but both have almost the same level, you can't just judge it on 1 match you did not even watch. When M reborned everybody said they did not have the potential anymore to beat F2F. They already did it now and they're still improving their game so give them some time.
2010-11-03 10:22
they never did it in a bo3
2010-11-03 11:26
You didn't know the story behind F2F epic fail at PxL Lan. They drove all night long till Arles 2 days after returning from LA, they were exhausted the whole event and definitely shouldn't have done this comp, it was a mistake but they still needed points for the french Masters so they decided to do it at the last minute. Anyway there is no such excuse, Millenium and LDLC played better at PxL LAN, and it's always good to remember what's the feeling of being defeating if you want to keep improve your game. F2F lose against both Millenium and LDLC at this LAN, but still managed to won 2/0 in bo3 against the same opponent during WCG.fr and EPS.fr, I guess I made my point, till the next event ! And yeah of course, Millenium is a great team, they beat LDLC fairly easily, and I'm sure they'll prove their definitely back at DH Winter, France has 2 good teams at the moment, and it's been a while !
2010-11-03 11:51
Yeah, everybody noticed F2F were not in their best shape at this tournament but anyway I think M are not very far from their level now and keep improving their game. It's a very good thing to have a real challenger in France for F2F, it should force them to keep working their game to stay at the top. If they don't M may challenge them soon (when mSx plays for real at least). Can't wait to see both teams in international events =)
2010-11-03 12:47
best lineup in france should be : MAJ3R HaRts(igl) SIXER(sniper) Geno YanK about mSx , he want stop play rifle and play with AWP thats why he suxx atm.. maybe soon as possible he will be good like he was with emuLate.
2010-11-03 11:06
I like this line up! however I don't know what the chemistry would be like between them, the guys from F2F & -M- seem to be really different
2010-11-03 11:25
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