WeMade FOX win WEM 2010

WeMade FOX are the winners of World e-Sports Masters 2010, defeating SK Gaming on two maps to claim the title.

The Grand Final at World e-Sports Masters 2010 saw de_nuke as the first map. SK, starting on the CT side and won the pistol-round, but it really went downhill for the Swedes after they had lost the second round to WMF, after an aggressive push on the ramp by SK. Only one additional round went in favour of SK before half-time, seeing WMF lead at 13-2. The South Koreans locked it down in the second half, claiming three straight rounds to win 16-2.

Second map de_tuscan had SK starting as Terrorists. The Swedes seemed like they had pushed their reset button, as they now coped perfectly with what WMF tried against defending the bombsites. It was however WMF to finish best after the first half, scoring eight rounds, against seven for SK. On the CT side SK did not have much luck going their way and WMF seemed like they knew exactly what to do against the Swedes, as they a lot of times execute their attacks on the two bombsites perfectly. The South Koreans push hard and it in the end paid off, seeing them claim the eight round of the half, to win 16-10 overall.

WEM 2010Best of 0
7th November 2010
Best of 3

It is the first big win for WeMade FOX in a very long time, they have made it the finals before, but never won. The team also to some extend proved that they are capable of winning a match not taking place on de_inferno, having played it three times this tournament.

A happy group of South Koreans

WEM 2010 final standings

1. Korea WeMade FOX - $22,000
2. Sweden SK Gaming - $11,000
3. Poland Frag eXecutors - $8,500
4. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $7,500
5-6. China TyLoo - $6,000
5-6. United States Evil Geniuses - $6,000
7-8. Sweden fnatic - $4,000
7-8. Finland Power Gaming - $4,000

This ends our coverage from World e-Sports Masters 2010, make sure to drop by our galleries for photos from the event, find them by clicking here.

gj wmf
2010-11-07 09:16
Still selling a signed WMF t-shirt! pm me for info. :-)
2010-11-07 16:29
India h8or 
WMF guys have insane aim + reaction time. Ak in their hands is devastating.
2010-11-07 18:00
well deserved! :)
2010-11-07 09:16
United States Kyte 
They've waited 5 years for this moment. Not once have Hacker.pk/project_kr/eSTRO/WeMade FOX ever placed first internationally. I know they have won a fair share domestically, but internationally, its been a slippery eel for them. 2nd WEG3 as project_kr (lost 2:1 to wNv) 3rd WEG Masters as Hacker.pk 2nd Extreme Masters Season 2 Finals as eSTRO (lost 2:0 to mouz) 3rd WCG 2008 as eSTRO 2nd ESWC 2008 as eSTRO (lost 2:1 to PGS) 3rd WEM 2008 as eSTRO 2nd GameGune 2009 Mexico as WeMade Fox (lost 2:1 to EG) 2nd DTS-Cup 2009 as WeMade Fox (lost to WiCKED e-Sports, Best of 1) 2nd e-Stars Seoul 2009 as WeMade Fox (lost 2:0 to fnatic) 2nd e-Stars 2010 as WeMade Fox (lost 2:1 to Fx) I'm so fucking happy they finally did it. I thought solo, bail, and termi would retire before getting a first place finish at an international competition.
2010-11-07 10:08
they played a crazy game
2010-11-07 11:35
Agreed. It was a long time coming, but they finally did it. With the way they played throughout the tournament, I'd be very disappointed if they lost. Very good job WMF, proud of you guys.
2010-11-07 16:13
they are gonna retired..they are joinning the army =P
2010-11-07 22:56
gg... :)
2010-11-07 09:16
United States mah9 
wmf played great and deserved the win. congrats!!
2010-11-07 09:17
gg wmf
2010-11-07 09:17
cool :D i got all wemadefox players in my dt but sad that i've missed 5 matches so i'm not going to win anything :(
2010-11-07 09:17
Peru Zhe 
2010-11-07 09:17
2010-11-07 10:17
2010-11-07 19:03
India prabh 
well played!!
2010-11-07 09:18
Congrats! Very nice WMF!
2010-11-07 09:18
mmmm, I want to demo
2010-11-07 09:18
France klwN 
very impressive performance, their aim is from another world. and peri... no comment about this guy, just crazy. still a lot of very close rounds on tuscan, could have gone either way. I really wanted SK to win this after their amazing come back against Na'Vi playing as a mix, they really deserved a 1st place, but what can I say, shit happens...
2010-11-07 09:18
PERI !!!
2010-11-07 09:19
Singapore Nephalith 
Yea, peri aka hojob is playing like the first time I saw him and his team (esq.wind) beat WMF. He's really good. ^^
2010-11-07 09:37
And for once, a Asian teams wins a tournament. How cool is that? :) GJ WEMADEFOX ! Plus,I guess my theory that europeans have better aim is wrong. Of course separate players have better aim than Asians, but WeMadeFOX proved, that they have amazing aim. And peri's aim is simply sick. Really wicked guy :P
2010-11-07 09:28
YEah bro finally Asian team on top!
2010-11-07 09:26
Other Mortal_Wombat 
2010-11-07 09:47
been waiting for this day for a long time.. shouted "YEAH" out loud in my office!! :P
2010-11-07 10:15
haha :D
2010-11-07 15:01
Let's bring peri over here so you can give him a nice, sweaty blow job, ok?
2010-11-07 19:49
grow up kiddo.
2010-11-07 19:54
Haha, I was just joking mate :D P.S. You're one year younger than me... :P
2010-11-07 19:56
WeMadeFOX is BACK! sounds good..
2010-11-07 09:19
Good Game WemadeFOX
2010-11-07 09:19
WMF had sick aim.. well deserved victory!
2010-11-07 09:19
WP WMF! ;-).
2010-11-07 09:19
2010-11-07 09:19
hmm, its suprise :P
2010-11-07 09:19
Ye, WEM is tournament of suprises ;-)
2010-11-07 09:20
2010-11-07 09:19
WeMadePeriw0w! n1 WMF
2010-11-07 09:21
Malaysia monsteray 
Tuscan score ? thx
2010-11-07 09:21
16 10
2010-11-07 09:22
not 16:11?
2010-11-07 09:23
Greece Mys7 
2010-11-07 09:21
deserved :D go WMF
2010-11-07 09:21
awesome termi and peri! deserved 100%! wemadeINFERNO wemadeNUKE wemadeTUSCAN WemadeFOX
2010-11-07 09:23
+1 u are right :)
2010-11-07 17:37
Congrats WMF!
2010-11-07 09:23
2010-11-07 09:23
WMF's aim + tactics, what else is needed beside them? I think it's bravery, they took it too in this tournament.. anyway GJ Wemade FOX.. just go ahead
2010-11-07 09:24
I hope this result will encourage other Asian teams to perform better also! very n1 WMF!!!
2010-11-07 17:49
im proud... fx owned fnatic and navi : ) so.. summary - fx are still top3 on the world, bo1 is too random and all > fx on inferno. and gg WMF : * btw.. 2:0 ? its not 2:1 ? : >
2010-11-07 09:26
France klwN 
yeah according to older posts it should be 2:1 I think :D
2010-11-07 09:28
it's impossible to be 2-1 cuz if SK would take a map they would be the winner, Sk neded to take 1 map as they cam from the Upper bracket, WMF needed 2 as they were from the LB
2010-11-07 09:43
France klwN 
when there's an upper and lower brackets system, the upper bracket team has always been considered as already having one map. at least that's how it was in older news posts regarding grand finals results.
2010-11-07 09:50
the topic is about WMF winning WEM and you still manage to mention FX. I expect nothing less ofcourse.
2010-11-07 10:21
polish mentaly m8 :)
2010-11-07 14:26
Argentina sebaxinho 
man, they are so annoying sometimes (all the time maybe???), if we talk about global warming they will find a way to talk about neo and company
2010-11-07 17:45
n1c3 4e
2010-11-07 09:25
now the popular misconception about WMF that they can win only on de_inferno is erased GOOD TO SEE AN ASIAN TEAM WINNING AN INTERNATIONAL EVENT these guys came close in 2008 when they were estro but now the hard work and the no. of hours they rack up is paying off
2010-11-07 09:27
Yes, now they can win on inferno, and beat a mix ;x. Very well deserved though!
2010-11-07 11:53
2010-11-07 12:05
lol? Get a brain and then try communicating with others.
2010-11-07 13:37
Grow up child. Cant handle the fact that WMF were the better team in the tournament? Go cry in your corner :)
2010-11-07 16:36
Do you even read before you post? I pointed out two facts (although the first one in a slightly cheeky manner): a) it wasn't a settled SK lineup (although imo it should be), and b) regardless of the above, WMF deserved to win the tournament, for a variety of reasons. If you cant see where, I will even point it out for you: "Very well deserved though!" So I suggest you take your rant at crying fanboys to those who are actually whining, not those who simply look at the picture objectively.
2010-11-07 16:51
Yes, now they can win on inferno, and beat a mix ;x. Very well deserved though! Are you retarded? You're just labeling WMF as an 'only-inferno' team when they won in nuke and tuscan. Beat a mix? When SK beat Na`Vi, i didn't see anyone say Na`Vi lost to a mix, they just said Na`Vi lost to SK. Face it man, you're just a troll, and you and other people hating on Asian teams has become so habitual it's become totally normal for you guys to speak down @ Asian teams. Read your OWN statements before speaking out of your ass next time.
2010-11-07 17:38
As I said (if you would actually READ what I write), the first point was a tongue in cheek remark regarding the nature of SK's lineup, which you simply can't deny, regardless of anything others have posted (and if you checked my previous posts, you would see I didn't comment on it). It even contains a smiley, and if you read things in a logical order, the inferno comment refers to the previous days, and the mix comment to the latest match. As for hating on Asian teams, as I have pointed out in the previous post, WMF's victory was very much deserved, and they played very well. Their dedication and practice hours is admirable. If you wern't so quick to jump on the "omg asian haters suuuck" bandwagon, you might be open-minded enough to take my comments in the manner in which they were posted, i.e. read the second line of posts and not just the first. Prejudgement works both sides of the coin - don't be so fast to label people and generalise them as "speak(ing) down to asian teams" when they have actually commented on their success being deserved. It is hypocritical as hell.
2010-11-07 18:38
Why do you have to make some reason or excuse up for the win when ALL you could say is "Congrats for the win WMF, well deserved". All this inferno-crap and mix-team crap is just playing down their achievement. Even if you are intending to compliment them, the manner which you have typed that post is leaning more towards 'hating' on them. That's how I interpret it. So either you just typed the post in a wrong way or you meant to take a kick at WMF.
2010-11-07 18:50
Option 3: the post was misinterpreted ;) which is partly my fault lol. Next time I will add :PPP instead of ;x. :PPP
2010-11-07 18:55
I never understood the :x or the xD smileys anyway :PP
2010-11-07 18:57
Wauw, your IQ can't be over 60, can it?
2010-11-07 16:55
Whatever it may be, its definitely higher than yours :)
2010-11-07 17:52
2010-11-07 13:52
see #300.
2010-11-07 15:32
Are you dumb?
2010-11-07 16:55
te thing is SK win NaVi bcos face. same way with WMF on D2 but with Delpan, seems to be Delpan doesnt like tuscan or nuke to use AWP
2010-11-07 09:27
nice !
2010-11-07 09:29
WE MADE INF ? dont think so... well deserved
2010-11-07 09:29
wmf had easy way to the final but here they showed what they're capable of ;D At last win! They had so many 2nd and 3rd places!
2010-11-07 09:29
you guys definetly just need to stop talking all together... easy way?!? define easy?! u had 8 very strong top pro teams gathered for this event..it's incredible how much crap u guys keep coming up with to make excuses.
2010-11-07 09:32
when u play two times map like inferno when its the worst oponent map its kind of luck dont u think? but in modern cs 1.6 u need also that luck : )
2010-11-07 09:38
so according to your logics, Na Vi was unlucky? coz they were beat by FX and SK, for which de_train is the best map.. stop writing here and just cry T_T, hahah
2010-11-07 09:41
like i said, STOP TALKING, inferno's been out forever and FX's been playing INFERNO forever, all tournaments have had INFERNO forever, so if ur supposively the "top 3" team in the world, your telling me you can't come up with better tactics to win a match in a map that's been out FOREVER against a supposively a team that's not even in top 5 by you guys' standards? u guys are a joke.
2010-11-07 09:42
2010-11-07 09:43
Singapore Nephalith 
+1 Also worth mentioning, this event has been going on for 4 days. Only one map per day, every team had the chance to study WMF's inferno game every night. I know FX anti-strated them a few times but it wasn't enough.
2010-11-07 09:49
damn.. u guys cant shout down u pride! :D its true! every team have "the weakest map" and its luck to play that map (two times in row!) with that team! face it! this isn't excuses.. this is how modern cs scene look.
2010-11-07 09:50
rofl,get over with it,FX didnt play well against WMF,nothing wrong with the map,FX just didnt play well enough,I am a fan of FX,but I dont like cry-baby,BO1 is away hard than bo3,anything could happened,so they wanna win they will have to make no mistake. if you dont understand how they lost you should watch more of that demo,instead of crying about maps in here.
2010-11-07 10:20
but the fact is teams have always their favourite maps and the maps where they usually loose. and when you play your favourite while it is your opponents yours then I guess on this level(very equal) of cs you are most likely to win.
2010-11-07 09:52
first match against the weakest of this eight who weren't even supposed to be there and then two matches on your best map while it is your opponent worst map which is a really huge advantage
2010-11-07 09:54
so EG is the weakest of this group of 8?? so PwR gaming i guess is better..hmmm and EG happened to BEAT Fnatic... hmmm... am i going to keep repeating myself to this troll or is he going to stop talking and talk facts...?????
2010-11-07 09:56
typical american boy.. he can see trolls everywhere but not in the mirror :D u have fu*k up logic dude : )
2010-11-07 10:00
it's funny because u know im right and you have nothing else to say
2010-11-07 10:00
och ye dude.. u have right! not : )
2010-11-07 10:03
ohh ofc EG was the best team in the tournament :) w8 ghosting isnt allowed :O?
2010-11-07 17:27
oops sorry, i thought they fought vs pg, eg isn't the weakest of course. Still two infernos were quite lucky choice of maps. But what i'm trying to say is that they didn't present in the bracket such an outstanding aim as in the final and they still made it through
2010-11-07 10:08
EG cheated and got caught,even it didnt change the score,but cheater is cheater,cheater is loser.
2010-11-07 10:22
Dude EG fucking cheated against fnatic...
2010-11-07 20:11
So, if you say that they had easy way to the final, Fx isn't strong team, right? Fx won versus Navi and fnatic, but they aren't strong team, right?
2010-11-07 09:37
Playing your best map against opponent worst map on this level of cs makes a big advantage
2010-11-07 09:52
2010-11-07 09:30
well awp on nuke is used very little as far as international scene is considered. but tuscan is an awp friendly map if i m nt wrong
2010-11-07 09:31
Thailand hahahoha 
need peri demo!!! i will give u a kiss nix0n for that!!
2010-11-07 09:32
2010-11-07 09:35
*wmf :D
2010-11-07 10:23
2010-11-07 11:44
2010-11-07 13:07
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2010-11-07 14:12
2010-11-07 16:09
when did the last tym an asian team won an international tournament can sumbody tell me?? i think it was WnV
2010-11-07 09:38
Singapore Nephalith 
Haters got served.
2010-11-07 09:39
Macedonia mSHR 
gg :)
2010-11-07 09:40
Russia suN. 
I was wrong again. ;__; Good job, WMF.
2010-11-07 09:40
fucking sk
2010-11-07 09:43
because they were not capable to "prove" it's just wemadeinferno? just cry cry T_T, poland idiot
2010-11-07 09:53
take it easy, it's only a game xD GG =) !
2010-11-07 10:08
and when you win YEHHHH SKK GOOGOGOGO let them enjoy it :'o
2010-11-07 11:15
maybe, but i don't insult like "fuck xxxxx" =P
2010-11-07 19:36
Glad you don't, that's stupid lol
2010-11-07 19:41
gg ;)
2010-11-07 10:09
One continent team, but GG.
2010-11-07 09:43
2010-11-07 12:24
Paraguay lel0x 
Good Game FOX
2010-11-07 09:44
Other Mortal_Wombat 
good job all of wemadefox, peri monster!!!!
2010-11-07 09:44
i said yesterday, that FOX will be winners. Now we see the results, great performance from FOX in WEM ;) well done
2010-11-07 09:49
2010-11-07 09:50
2010-11-07 09:51
Singapore Nephalith 
Err. Nix0n? I think EG won Gamegune Mexico. o_O hltv.org/?pageid=35&newsid=2878
2010-11-07 09:53
haha lol at your timing :D
2010-11-07 09:54
YEESS!!! gj WMF <333 btw. "It is the first big win for WeMade FOX in a very long time, last big victory for the South Korean team was at GameGune Mexico in the 2009." Did't EG win GG Mexico? And if i remember correctly WMF and EG were the only good teams there..
2010-11-07 09:53
2010-11-07 09:55
yes finally wmf win! congrats
2010-11-07 09:57
Liberia KYUU 
this is the first time for a korean team to win a legit( if u guys count WEM legit) international tournament
2010-11-07 09:57
I'm kinda sad with those inferno things (in first 4 rounds, 3 times was inferno) but still they deserved on victory after great perfomance during last year ps. anyway SK really sucks without RobbaN on Nuke ;p
2010-11-07 09:59
your analytic skills is invalid, cus you have none.
2010-11-07 16:41
your arguments are invalid, cuz you have none
2010-11-07 16:44
India pfx 
NICE!!!! this is great! This Prove's WMF is and will always stay among the best!
2010-11-07 09:58
Macedonia flo9 
My Bets (N)
2010-11-07 09:59
nice yeah :$
2010-11-07 10:01
Poland jMS 
It was 2-1, not 2-0. SK entered to Grand Final with a 1-0 lead and lost to maps. THe final score was 2-1 then.
2010-11-07 10:02
nice we made fox... great team.. great players... who made smart calls and also have very good aim. good calling + great aim = great results
2010-11-07 10:03
2010-11-07 10:06
France klwN 
so now people are gonna hate on SK just because they couldn't get some revenge for FX and their double loss against WMF ? wtf is wrong with you guys ? :\
2010-11-07 10:07
my apologise to wmf. I think that they will be crushed :P Finally they won smth :D gj
2010-11-07 10:07
no mTw - 1st place for WMF
2010-11-07 10:08
+1 Haha
2010-11-07 10:09
2nd WEG3 as project_kr (lost 2:1 to wNv) 3rd WEG Masters as Hacker.pk 2nd Extreme Masters Season 2 Finals as eSTRO (lost 2:0 to mouz) 3rd WCG 2008 as eSTRO 2nd ESWC 2008 as eSTRO (lost 2:1 to PGS) 3rd WEM 2008 as eSTRO 2nd GameGune 2009 Mexico as WeMade Fox (lost 2:1 to EG) 2nd DTS-Cup 2009 as WeMade Fox (lost to WiCKED e-Sports, Best of 1) 2nd e-Stars Seoul 2009 as WeMade Fox (lost 2:0 to fnatic) 2nd e-Stars 2010 as WeMade Fox (lost 2:1 to Fx) 1st WEM 2010 as WeMade Fox (FINALLY!)
2010-11-07 10:10
Yes, finally!
2010-11-07 10:13
thanks for your post... wmf was really unlucky team ever.. :(
2010-11-07 10:20
not realy unlucky the thing is they can win big tournements but when they play good they seem to make these mistakes that brings them in bad situations they cant come back from
2010-11-07 10:42
Poland jMS 
It is the first big win for WeMade FOX in a very long time, last big victory for the South Korean team was at GameGune Mexico in the 2009. They won GG Mexico
2010-11-07 10:47
...no they didn't. They lost 2:1 in the final to EG.
2010-11-07 10:56
Poland jMS 
All right, I can see now. The text in this news was corrected.
2010-11-07 11:13
They didn't win as he said but whatever that was a joke, we already knew that the final would be wmf vs EG ahaha xD
2010-11-07 11:21
Poland dalaylama 
2010-11-07 10:10
LOOL This is so wrong! WEM sucks! We all know that fx > wmf! Wmf just won FX by accident two times! Inferno also sucks because Fx lost there by accident, normally they dont ever lose.
2010-11-07 10:13
u mad?
2010-11-07 10:16
:D okay dude, anyway wmf is now champion, what a fuck... :DDDDD
2010-11-07 10:18
sorry it;s for #110
2010-11-07 10:18
Sweden Traitorz0r 
Na`Vi, fnatic, FX > WMF But wmf played 3-4x inferno(their best map) and them just watch SK demos on NUKE/TUSCAN. Anyway GOOD JOB WemadeFOX!
2010-11-07 10:21
Russia 3rd 
nonsense just quit it
2010-11-07 10:45
2010-11-07 11:05
All the teams watch demos.
2010-11-07 11:09
u r right :D
2010-11-07 16:17
2010-11-07 17:05
Sarcasm? No?
2010-11-07 17:42
no, its a fact
2010-11-09 01:38
Aww. you are one little QTpie!
2010-11-09 14:39
It was a very hard tournament with almost all big superstars: na'vi, fnatic, fx, sk, eg. Before the event I didn't give them any chances to win ;) I'm honest at the momemnt ;) I predicted 1. na'vi 2. fx 3. fnatic WMF proved that they are very strong and they can win match against anyone. They showed to all (especially Poles) that they are not 1map team. I'm happy beacuse of that CS is so beautiful. ;) It's my opinion ;) Poles please stfu because of fx lose ;) WMF are WEM Champions now and what you say? ;> GJ WMF. P.S My heart was with SK :D
2010-11-07 10:14
good comment happy GL
2010-11-07 10:17
you need to stop typing smileys, they're seeking world dominance
2010-11-07 16:42
just 22.000 $ VERY BAD PRICES
2010-11-07 10:15
it's about damn time, <3 solo
2010-11-07 10:16
India vU^ 
congrats WMF! very well played :)
2010-11-07 10:17
True very good game by WMF ! Congrats! They will deserved this !
2010-11-07 10:18
2010-11-07 10:18
nice wmf!
2010-11-07 10:18
Sweden Traitorz0r 
Wp by WemadeFOX! Sorry, SK, but you show very bad game!
2010-11-07 10:19
2010-11-07 10:20
7-8. fnatic - $4,000
2010-11-07 10:23
Well, I hope we shall see them around in 2011 as well. ;)
2010-11-07 10:24
DelpaN was noob in Tuscan !!!!!! infact in inferno as well ..
2010-11-07 10:25
Finally asian brother won the title,so nice to see,gg,sad alex have to retire.
2010-11-07 10:25
On behalf of Asia, nice one WMF!!!
2010-11-07 10:25
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
They where completly unstoppable. Its really awesome to spec a team that plays so great, + they have wanted a 1st place since years :D gz
2010-11-07 10:26
2010-11-07 10:27
2010-11-07 10:30
WMF is really strong on de_nuke.they may trained on it.Really strong team.
2010-11-07 10:31
Got to admit. Well played final. But I still hate triple inferno :>
2010-11-07 10:32
2010-11-07 10:33
Belgium FnX^ 
2010-11-07 10:34
lolol its better to lose 16-11 than 16-2!!!!!!!!
2010-11-07 10:35
No matter if you lose 16:14 or 16:0 at the end.. it's a defeat.
2010-11-07 19:04
"IF WMF NO PLAY INFERNO VS FX, the final : FX vs SK." IF FX NO PLAY NUKE VS FNATIC, the FINAL : FNATIC vs SK! chillout, mate.
2010-11-07 12:26
i don't think so fanboy <3
2010-11-07 13:49
b8 mate.
2010-11-07 14:07
It is said by somebody who is "Frag eXecutors Fan"... gl fanboy
2010-11-08 17:57
hahaha gg wmf
2010-11-07 10:39
gj WMF) atleast 1st
2010-11-07 10:39
polish boys are sad :/ just joking!!!! but its really funny how the whole tournament happened, the fnatic clash, wmf ups and downs winning the tournament ahah
2010-11-07 10:39
NOtA | 
Poland ChoseN1` 
WE MADE INFERNO HAHAHAHHA no fair play against FX (2x inferno and kick Loord?) hmm
2010-11-07 10:44
WOW, I think u should consider hanging up urself on some tree or smth, coz they lost. Srsly It's just a game, ofc I would like to see fx win too, but I'm happy anyway coz they have beaten fnatic and na'vi quite easy and proven they're still on top.
2010-11-07 10:46
look stupid wtf not fair? 10000$ ?? acept that polska
2010-11-07 10:50
so let me get this str8...if fx or fnatic or navi won this tourney, theyre the best...but if wmf, theyre lucky...
2010-11-07 10:46
That's because the majority of the posters are European or not Asian.
2010-11-07 10:54
sense makes none
2010-11-07 17:58
I'm assuming your trying to convey that my post doesn't make sense. Let me elaborate. If HLTV.org was an Asian dominated website you wouldn't see many people saying "luck" or whatever. Since it's dominated by Non-Asian posters, there's no bias and in fact there is actually a lot of haters who for some reason can't stand the sight of seeing an Asian team doing well. Therefore arises the several "luck" posts :) I hope it makes more sense now.
2010-11-07 18:04
bs, really, if WMF played different maps at knock-outs I wouldn't call it luck but they did. Double elimination bo1 system is made to play different maps.
2010-11-07 18:14
You can't say its luck if the maps were decided from before. They are strong in inferno that's true, but they are equally stong in other maps also, hence defeating SK in nuke very convincingly AND tuscan. No luck, but skill prevailed.
2010-11-07 18:17
they wouldn't be in finals, if they played another maps.
2010-11-07 18:21
How can you justify that? Did you read my post at all? Wow... They beat, wait that's not the right word... They THRASHED SK in nuke and also beat them in tuscan... This proves they CAN win in other maps, proving they are not "WeMadeInferno" as you fanboys were claiming. So therefore even if the tournament was best of 3, you can't say they wouldn't reach finals. You never know what could have happened.
2010-11-07 18:25
ok, knock-outs weren't kind to them
2010-11-07 18:37
if bo3 then a european team would win.
2010-11-08 23:07
They were lucky to get to play their strongest map a majority of the times, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't have made it to the finals if they didn't get 3x inferno.
2010-11-09 01:07
Yeah, I think too.
2010-11-07 11:11
finally :) gj guyz u deserve this
2010-11-07 10:47
sad :/ SK was the best team in this tournament. Anyway GJ and GZ WMF.
2010-11-07 10:47
#163 :D
2010-11-07 11:02
2nd best
2010-11-07 11:22
well done wmf
2010-11-07 10:48
Hmm why iam not suprised at all!
2010-11-07 10:48
Poland bkx 
Well done WMF, fully deserved! ;)
2010-11-07 10:53
Few more tournaments and they will be top1 team in the world!
2010-11-07 10:55
Poland Pab 
loooooooooooooooooool! i was sure sk will win :O anyway gratz to them, but i still think if they will face other team in bo3 it wont be that "easy" for them :P
2010-11-07 11:16
They are on form!
2010-11-07 11:46
now for those people who said we made inferno have to eat what they said.
2010-11-07 11:02
gg WMF .... ^_^!!!!
2010-11-07 11:05
I dunno why SK lose it, but WMF deserved win - what happened with SK :(
2010-11-07 11:06
22k :) wow
2010-11-07 11:07
gratz WMF!
2010-11-07 11:10
gg ;]
2010-11-07 11:11
polish people always rage when FX loses, good job WMF finally managed to get 1st place after all those top 3 finishes! GG WP
2010-11-07 11:13
sad EG :/
2010-11-07 11:15
impressive, that koreans beat so much strong teams... Also INFERNO INFERNO ^_^
2010-11-07 11:16
2010-11-07 11:19
Really congratulations from Poland ! I told yesterday : WemadeINFERO sucks and more worst words . I'm really sorry , i give my honor to Korean team :D Thanks and one more CONGRATULATIONS !
2010-11-07 11:21
wp wmf
2010-11-07 11:22
When i saw teams before a start, everyone favorited fnatic or navi, somebody SK.. and i said.. "we didn't see wmf playing so long, and they're famous cause of their good tactics, so who knows what is going to happen here" .. and look what happened, they won!
2010-11-07 11:27
2010-11-07 11:28
2010-11-07 11:33
gg wmf
2010-11-07 11:35
WMF were clearly the best team. Then comes fnatic and Na'Vi but they were just unlucky to play maps that were their worst but their opponent's best. And then comes SK, PG, Tyloo and EG. They too were really unlucky to play their worst maps and that's why they lost. It's all a set up!!
2010-11-07 11:37
nuke - worst fnatic's, and train - worst Navi's? thats their best maps...
2010-11-07 11:43
quite good irony, still this is true that inferno is fx's worst map and wmf best ;D seeing how often everyone says that is infectious ;)
2010-11-07 11:56
money for 4-8, China is cool
2010-11-07 11:39
2010-11-07 11:39
i'm still abit suspicious about that 1v1 with peri vs face, face checked A-site and started walking from through the house into B, pari was checking B with no idea where face was, but suddenly he turned to look at the balcony, he planted and never took his crosshair from the balcony and that's where face came from. I just thought that 5sec ago he had no idea where face was, but then he became 100% sure he was coming from balcony. And no face didn't make a sound. Just remembering what frod did vs fnatic I got suspicious...
2010-11-07 11:40
bcos the balcony is the only site he dont see inside?
2010-11-07 11:44
well face could have been coming through one of the 3 other entrances to the site, but somehow peri was 100% sure he was balcony
2010-11-07 12:04
I noticed the same thing with peri, could be some crazy gamesense but anyway the WEM regulations are a big joke. You can't make a match protest within 5 minutes, and also the tournament system is really random (bo1 double elimination+no groups) and lets not forget those monitors with live ingame view =)
2010-11-07 11:49
Imagine if it was Neo or f0rest instead of peri. would you get suspicious?
2010-11-07 12:25
yes I would, even if it was heaton :D. Just because I can't think of a single reason he would have known face coming out of balcony... It could have been a guess, but still his actions imply more that he was 100% sure
2010-11-07 13:37
----hmm nvm :PP
2010-11-07 16:03
2010-11-07 13:39
dude he took like 30 secs to walk around the bombsite only so possible entrances wer Long b or there. besides face took only like 4 secs to peak after bomb planted. im sure peri would look somewhere else if face peaks in 6-7 sec after he planted.
2010-11-07 14:39
that is so true, PERI was looking for him after his teammate got killed right in front of him and checked around, then noticed face he wasn't coming and planted the bomb. ONLY availabe entrace would've been balcony or banana area. VERY SMART PLAY BY PERI!
2010-11-07 15:41
face could have been outside the site waiting? he could have come from below balcony or from the main entrance especially suspicious was the way he suddenly turned to look at balcony, already looked there for like 3sec before plant and never took his crosshair of balcony
2010-11-07 17:55
he walked outside site and spent like 20 secs checking that area. did you even see the match? lol as I said, if face would of peak 2-3 secs more than what he did, peri would of turn his crosshair somewhere else for sure.
2010-11-07 18:06
Korea DAEBAK. WeMadeFOX DAEBAK. Good job guys
2010-11-07 11:42
so well deserved for these cool koreans after years of fighting hard and never placed 1st.. gj wmf!
2010-11-07 11:44
WMF deserved it after all... BUT, watching SK playing that 2 maps was simply disgusting. I think even my team can do better, tbh. They just got owned like bots or worst than that, I wonder how did they manage to get to the finals playing like that, no offense.
2010-11-07 11:46
2010-11-07 11:47
Definitly not a victorious year for SK :/
2010-11-07 11:47
No...they let WMF won bcs they've got money for that :D JokInG :D GJ WMF! But still....how they've reached the final...Thats the serious question... 2 times inferno against FX... set up...
2010-11-07 11:48
Very nice. Gratz
2010-11-07 11:49
nice play by wmf,they surprised my but GJ :)<3
2010-11-07 11:50
Congratulations WemadeFOX!
2010-11-07 11:51
well done wmf. thx china for an amazing tournament
2010-11-07 11:52
amazing? rotflmao. seriously.
2010-11-07 11:59
was not that bad actually
2010-11-07 12:54
haha nice <3
2010-11-07 11:54
2010-11-07 12:02
demo plz
2010-11-07 12:03
POLISH version: lolol wemadeinferno FX worst map lololol KOREAN version lolol d2 WMF worst map lolol
2010-11-07 12:06
SPANISH version: lolol random map worst map lololol
2010-11-07 16:03
great job WMF!!
2010-11-07 12:07
gj FX <33 ;<
2010-11-07 12:09
2010-11-07 12:16
United Kingdom hArdLad 
Wot the fuck happened????????? SK had this.
2010-11-07 12:17
gj WMF !!!
2010-11-07 12:19
nice WeMadeFox!
2010-11-07 12:21
2010-11-07 12:28
wmf is so random... gz to both though
2010-11-07 12:24
Not random, watch youtube, they're the team with most tactics
2010-11-07 15:37
wp WMF
2010-11-07 12:27
Nice! Can't wait to see the demo :D
2010-11-07 12:29
gg,,, WeMade FOX - $22,000 nice prize
2010-11-07 12:35
why isn't the demo up yet?
2010-11-07 12:37
finally wemadefox
2010-11-07 12:38
jugding by the match well deserved by wemadeFOX, anyway worst tournament i have ever seen since 2002 to be honest.
2010-11-07 12:41
only bcos the bo1 and PWR GAMING
2010-11-07 12:41
Because organisation i think
2010-11-07 12:57
2010-11-07 12:46
Belarus SnG.Striker! 
2010-11-07 12:47
fucking CHINA !!! -.-
2010-11-07 12:49
gg boys =D
2010-11-07 12:49
2010-11-07 12:51
2010-11-07 12:53
jp dog
2010-11-08 09:50
yeah. after navigohome i want to see wmf top1 in this wem :DDD niceeee :)) solo u are legend gj !!!! ;)
2010-11-07 12:55
Poland qcq 
.... wmf cheated
2010-11-07 12:56
you mad?
2010-11-07 16:02
2010-11-07 12:56
termi | 
Asia Tekin 
Well well finally wemade wins a international tournament!. Now its time for termi to leave the team :( why is that? he has do his 2 years service in the military. his almost at the age of 25
2010-11-07 13:00
at 25 they do obligatory military service?
2010-11-07 13:07
termi | 
Asia Tekin 
He doesn't have to but at that age he should be getting a mail from the military about his service; he can still postpone until his 30 but I think this should be the best time for him to leave and let someone else join the team. If you remember ryu from the old project.kr/Hacker.PK he had to leave the team before CPL 05 due to military services.
2010-11-07 13:24
termi | 
Asia Tekin 
we will find out soon whats going to be there choice.
2010-11-07 14:38
but if he can postpone it and he gets payed for playing CS, then im sure hell postpone it
2010-11-07 14:42
Actually in the long run for termi's life, military service is indispensable thing. So It's better to be done in younger age. cause he can't playing cs forever. It's essential way that already 'ari','hee','enemy' etc. many other Korean CS players took, and it will be the same for 'solo'&co.
2010-11-07 15:31
termi | 
Asia Tekin 
Its hard to tell cause this is mandatory for all S.Korean men. I know by the time he hits 25 or 26 years he has to go to military or face jail time.
2010-11-07 15:44
gj wmf. is termi retiring? who is likely to join the team?
2010-11-07 14:14
termi | 
Asia Tekin 
If termi leaves the team that is because he decide to do his 2 year military services. IF termi does leave theres still players that is able to join Wemade ex: Mal, okju and of course the former WemadeFox/eSTRO member ari.
2010-11-07 14:38
What about hee? :)
2010-11-07 15:15
termi | 
Asia Tekin 
Jinhee Park(hee) is already in the military he has a couple of months to go until he gets release.
2010-11-07 15:35
'hee' is in military now. imo, New member would more likely being chosen in Team Hyperatic. or maybe just discharged from military: former Lunatic'hai's hero 'enemy'would be. enemy in WMF. wow it would be sick
2010-11-07 15:39
termi | 
Asia Tekin 
enemy is finish with his mandatory 2 years service.
2010-11-07 15:41
thanks adding ari would be nice.
2010-11-08 05:22
WMF only won to FX and SK because they only play good inferno! oh wait...
2010-11-07 13:03
hltv really lacks interviews from the last days) For me it is the most interesting content from the tourneys(( Would be great to see more interviews next time. SK-gaming make a great job in this case even despite this interviews with asians are a bit unclear(
2010-11-07 13:09
Norway duffz00r 
2010-11-07 13:10
What up now, Poles? Wooohooo
2010-11-07 13:11
demo wtf...
2010-11-07 13:15
hahaah fnatic ;DDD
2010-11-07 13:15
2010-11-07 13:18
FX deserved the win against Na'Vi, I thought FX would win the tournament after that. But I gotta say, imagine how pissed Na'Vi probably is to have lost train to SK after leading the half at 12-3. :) Great job wMf
2010-11-07 13:20
expected :)
2010-11-07 13:23
only smart people would realize that cs is a very random game.. and actually congratulating wmf for playing well and fairly. everyone else making excuses are either too close-minded or just plain sore losers
2010-11-07 13:31
GJ WMF<3!!!!! i liked all the comments from the polish fanboys about WMF only good at inferno! haha:D WMF>FX
2010-11-07 13:30
GG WeMade FOX :D ps: gj bail.
2010-11-07 13:30
grats to wemade WP'd
2010-11-07 13:31
gj WeMadeFOX gratz
2010-11-07 13:32
WP WMF, they won a mix team, but it wasnt any mix team.. it was SK's mix team with delpan and they won Na`Vi! It was a good team despite the fact they were mix. Great game WeMadeFox, and good luck for the other tournaments. and great run SK, that was an amazing comback :)
2010-11-07 13:33
WMF play this style that really hard to deal with them. If the FX that played for SK (WMF to beat them earlier in the ladder that leads to the final) FX probably would have won, but gj WmF its 1 big tournament for them a long time
2010-11-07 13:35
2010-11-07 14:08
If FX would have played better, they would have propably won too.
2010-11-07 14:51
on any other map they would beat them, they faced two times on inferno.
2010-11-07 18:06
How on earth can you know that? They clearly showed some skill when beating SK on Nuke and on Tuscan.
2010-11-07 18:14
Well they wouldn't be in the finals. Double elimination bo1 system is made to play a variety of maps, not just one.
2010-11-07 18:17
Again, how do you know that they would not have won?
2010-11-07 19:21
goodgame wmf you really deserve it.
2010-11-07 13:39
Gj WeMade, here an interview with Glow and Solo: sk-gaming.com/video/296323-Wemade_FOX_gl..
2010-11-07 13:43
god..that interpreter fucking sucks...seriously he mistranslated like 95% of what Solo said and he couldn't even understand questions himself lol.
2010-11-07 15:18
finally wmf, gz!
2010-11-07 13:48
2010-11-07 13:49
they deserved it, when u spec them, u can see that they train alot, gratz WMF!
2010-11-07 13:49
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2010-11-07 13:54
nice WMF! well deserved
2010-11-07 13:57
2010-11-07 13:59
ZywOo | 
Norway himleal 
gratz! wp!
2010-11-07 14:00
yee.. nice :]
2010-11-07 14:00
2010-11-07 14:04
Poland kRAMERO 
WMF lucky won. they played 3times inferno ;o
2010-11-07 14:07
yeah.. it's true. they always prepare well about de_inferno.
2010-11-07 14:54
2010-11-07 14:10
Poland kRAMERO 
3.11.10, 12:00 Evil Geniuses 4:16 de_inferno WeMade FOX 4.11.10, 14:15 WeMade FOX 16:14 de_inferno Frag eXecutors 5.11.10, 14:15 SK Gaming 16:7 de_dust2 WeMade FOX 6.11.10, 13:15 Frag eXecutors 11:16 de_inferno WeMade FOX
2010-11-07 14:10
2010-11-07 14:12
When will grand final demo be online?
2010-11-07 14:19
2010-11-07 14:22
WMF teem new word champion now?? WMF > SK > NAVI > EG > fnatic!
2010-11-07 14:26
2010-11-07 15:24
2010-11-07 14:28
now wmf must win some event out of asia to prove they're good
2010-11-07 14:33
i need demo demo demo demo demo demo demo demo :(
2010-11-07 14:38
2010-11-07 14:41
2010-11-07 15:22
2010-11-07 16:18
unbelieveable.. they finally got world champion! actually they have spent many times to be champion.. maybe about 6 years? i would like to praise their patience
2010-11-07 14:44
7-8. fnatic - $4,000
2010-11-07 14:48
congrats, WMF!!
2010-11-07 14:55
youtube.com/watch?v=jxHL0xEn9nc You can see that how wmf prepare well about de_inferno at this movie.
2010-11-07 14:59
There's not much to do against 20 perfectly thrown grenades :D The kill in the end is insane too ^^
2010-11-07 15:08
kk yeah.. insanely scene.. ^^
2010-11-07 15:15
WMF has an amazing flashbang show when theyre getting into a bombsite!~
2010-11-07 15:15
look at glows frag sicko
2010-11-07 15:41
:O perfect flashes
2010-11-07 16:11
glad to see coreans on the top :) gg
2010-11-07 15:09
hm... well done.
2010-11-07 15:11
2010-11-07 15:12
2010-11-07 15:14
2010-11-07 15:19
want demo of this match! and pov of peri =/
2010-11-07 15:23
Good to see WMF back on the top : D
2010-11-07 15:23
congratz wmf
2010-11-07 15:27
WEMADEFOX !! i see all the wmf fan boys up out of the caves.. since im a SK + WMF hard core fan, im happy n sad :D go WEMADESK!
2010-11-07 15:28
I miss the PG's gold times, like WEM 09 :/
2010-11-07 15:33
the write up must've got the maps wrong, remember that WMF can't win on any maps apart from inferno, right Fx fanboys?
2010-11-07 15:37
2010-11-07 15:42
great job it was a good match too ... they totally deserve it ! congratz !
2010-11-07 15:42
nice job WMF
2010-11-07 15:42
2010-11-07 15:45
nj WMF
2010-11-07 15:48
Gratz WMF, well played!
2010-11-07 15:49
ammuzing the way how they played nuke, well deserved win, gratz.
2010-11-07 15:52
waiting 4 POV demos :) GG WMF
2010-11-07 15:57
request: PeriMonster POV, he remind me of 2003 spawn, just a new unkown player, but dominated all the greatest players on cpl as standin
2010-11-07 16:04
2010-11-07 16:29
2010-11-07 16:49
yeap peri is as unknown as statue of liberty. Maaaan you must be following cs scene for a long time!
2010-11-07 17:13
you are so awesome, can i get your autograph? LOL not many knew him before he joined Wemadefox . smartass
2010-11-07 17:29
Finally, they made fox !
2010-11-07 16:04
2010-11-07 16:06
Bulgaria SHISHETu 
ffs,WMF get so lucked,but chance GG for em ;)
2010-11-07 16:07
despite their lack of sportsmanshit at wcg 2007, im actually pretty happy for them. congratz!
2010-11-07 16:07
Denmark JtS 
What did they do?
2010-11-07 17:20
read KF3's blog here at hltv.org :)
2010-11-07 18:44
Denmark JtS 
OMG If that is true then they are assholes ..
2010-11-07 19:18
How means WMF before ?
2010-11-07 16:13
2010-11-07 16:25
They were e-STRO before with a different lineup.
2010-11-07 16:42
ty :)
2010-11-07 17:39
Their unorthodox play is spectacular! Crazy ecos, boosting, and riskful posses which finally worked perfectly! Nice.
2010-11-07 16:22
peri | 
Brazil pixzin 
peri is the best aim of the world, all i can say.
2010-11-07 16:24
:D:D:D It was time!
2010-11-07 16:29
2010-11-07 16:36
peri | 
Brazil pixzin 
2010-11-07 16:42
GG wmf peri,solo <3
2010-11-07 16:43
2010-11-07 16:43
it's not world championship...not interesting
2010-11-07 16:45
WMF === screen-looking play !! Peri play HOW strange cluthes against face and moddii . if you look demo carefully you will found peri totally know where his opponent is !
2010-11-07 16:46
Oh, I got it! WMF can't win an event without cheating right? So you try to find some reasons who can explain their victory, right?
2010-11-07 16:49
NO , WMF have very good aim and playstyle . but this match totally show us how to use another "skill" to win . i just cann't understand all the korean play , they are always bet on right bombsite , just like they always know what SK is going to do! look peri's cluthes , he know where moddii and face is
2010-11-07 17:02
they dont guess all the time the right bs,if you watch tuscan you will see that they stacked in b1 bombsite while the others are going b2,its just randomness ;)
2010-11-07 18:10
thats right , DEMOS the best help
2010-11-08 09:52
Were you actually at the event and eye-witnessed WMF ghosting? If not, you have no idea whether WMF ghosted or not, and you have no idea whether SK were able to ghost either. So stfu with your ridiculous accusations. How about a congrats to WMF instead, they not only aimed up, they played in a very intelligent manner that was clearly beyond your comprehension.
2010-11-07 17:26
2010-11-09 03:03
2010-11-07 16:47
peri > foxj
2010-11-07 16:53
2010-11-07 17:08
peri can 1v5 k1ck
2010-11-07 18:49
dont be retard ty
2010-11-07 19:38
finally wemadewin :DDDD, congratz boys, project_kr :X
2010-11-07 16:55
International competition or not it was pretty much on le home soil... gj anyway well deserved.
2010-11-07 17:03
$22,000 , they picked a nice tournament to win :)
2010-11-07 17:05
GJ WMF!! Really a great surprise in this tournament :)
2010-11-07 17:09
it was about time for wmf to win bigger tournament
2010-11-07 17:09
2010-11-07 17:13
They would never had won if the whole tournament was group stage and bo3 all the way :)
2010-11-07 17:22
@ EUROPEANS.LOL . u ppl say WMF suck . if they do they would lose no matter what as fx sk etc r super strong teams.. and if fx n sk r gods they must be good in all maps. so dont give maps as an excuse.. wmf played so much inferno . the teams r not clever enuf to learn their tactics.. and neither could SK do anything in nuke(dont forget the glow spam) or tuscan ! if u guys talk map-luck etc. its just pure cries.. wmf is equal to FX and SK and today is just their day ! they deserved it. so all u fan boys accept the fact n stop giving excuses
2010-11-07 17:37
+1 Europeans cant handle watching Asian teams doing well... So typical :)
2010-11-07 17:41
They have always been doing very well, but guess 2nd and 3rd places are not good enough for some people :p +1 to #437
2010-11-07 17:58
plzzz dont mention Euroeans n asians on this forum..... just coz of few bad people why r we fighting on this forum ?? we all are like brothers PEACE !!
2010-11-07 18:02
I'm only speaking about the European trolls :) If i offended any European that doesn't hate on Asian teams then my apologies :) Just wanted to straighten out a point I've observed in this site.
2010-11-07 18:08
there are many kids on hltv who will read half of ur comment and after that they will just start fighting :)
2010-11-07 18:12
WMF win is just like my nick muhahahahahahahahha gg wmf sk nt guyz u were also good.....
2010-11-07 18:00
where is demooooooooooooooooooo
2010-11-07 18:04
2010-11-07 18:23
WMF played crazy last night, imo they played like a #1 world class team. gg
2010-11-07 18:31
2010-11-07 18:41
theyre a world class team. teams like Lions, mousesports, EG cant win them normally i think
2010-11-07 18:56
Nice WMF!!
2010-11-07 18:45
2010-11-07 18:59
2010-11-07 19:04
<a href="sk-gaming.com/video/296323-glow__solo_go..">sk-gaming.com/video/296323-glow__solo_go..</a> In the end solo said, "I confirm, inferno is the best map for us, but tuscan is weak enough, because we don't practise tuscan alot, because we haven't time for this map. It happened during preparation of this tournament,too. So we don't like tuscan. It's better to play train, nuke or dust2 than tuscan. And for some european CS fans, it's not, that we played inferno 3 times, because we wanted it, that's none of our business. And tournament schedule was set before, also teams are invided as number 1~8 according to the schedule, but we were the last of eight, and we couldn't even pick up this number. We were so unhappy to hear, that we play well only inferno, and we decides to prove, "no". And we did it. Thanks" Sorry for my poor english.
2010-11-07 19:21
Well said solo!!
2010-11-07 19:23
2010-11-07 19:42
2010-11-08 04:40
WMF THATS ALL!! PERI IS A SKILLMACHINE !!! GG very good to see them winning!! keep this nice work up wmf !! GOGO !!
2010-11-07 19:24
so they finally win something
2010-11-07 19:28
SK performed very well anyway. After all, they played very "random" because of delpan ofc :P
2010-11-07 19:33
yeah.. actually delpan's ability was more brilliant than players' of WMF. :D
2010-11-08 04:45
nicE JOB!!! congratz WMF!
2010-11-07 19:34
Well deserved :D!
2010-11-07 22:18
omfg wtf. WMF fail hard at oriental events and when they play a tournament like this they beat everyone? This is unbeliavable. @fnatic = you guys are going to replace someone because of this FAIL? because of ESWC you changed THREAT and blamed him for not raising your game. now what?
2010-11-07 22:24
agaree fnatic didnt play well enough to win,but it's bo1 ,Na vi lost 2 time and out of event before final alos,btw,EG cheats,they are the one who should be blamed,shame for them.top clans from all over the world,any team may win it,GG still to our korean brother,WMF well deserv this.
2010-11-07 23:47
Yeah.. You're right.. WMF has spent about 6 years to be World Champion. I will look forward to seeing a good performance of Chinese teams soon.
2010-11-08 04:26
Thank you , I wish that to be soon too, Congratulations WMF, solo the best player in the world.
2010-11-09 07:00
Grats to WMF!
2010-11-08 02:30
config peri?
2010-11-08 02:32
korean cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2010-11-08 04:45
"f0rest play with heart" -> glow they always eager to learn & respect others = success
2010-11-08 06:09
f0rest <3 cs xD
2010-11-08 12:33
lol but tyloo won WMF so thats why FX are not agree with BO1
2010-11-08 09:46
WeMade FOX <3
2010-11-08 10:01
2010-11-08 11:43
:o nice , gg
2010-11-08 12:32
2010-11-08 17:52
=O oO nice money! $_$
2010-11-09 02:11
hojob = peri nice wmf
2010-11-09 06:11
gj wmf
2010-11-09 08:21
gg wemade fox :)
2010-11-09 15:41
2013-09-13 19:07
Are you kidding me xD! 3 years laterrrr?:D
2013-09-13 19:08
nostalgia :-[
2013-09-13 19:09
2013-09-13 19:09
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