Na´Vi win DreamHack Winter 2010

Natus Vincere have been crowned DreamHack Winter 2010 champions following their victory over mTw.

The Grand Final commenced on de_inferno, witnessing a mixed start with both teams collecting rounds one after each other. However, it would be the Ukrainians who gained some ground in order to post a half-time lead of 9-6 as CT.

As second half began, Natus Vincere stepped up their game and were able to close down the first map after scoring seven consecutive rounds, producing the score 16-6. 

Moving on to de_train, mTw started out the brightest and managed to keep Na´Vi under control during the five first rounds as CT, but the WCG 2010 winners counterattacked and tied them up at 7-7, concludingly 8-7 in favor of Na´Vi.

Following the side switch, it was now when Natus Vincere made things count, as they claimed a total of eight rounds, to mTw's four, leaving them the winners of DreamHack Winter 2010.

27th November 2010
Best of 3

DreamHack Winter 2010 final standings:

1. - Ukraine Natus Vincere - $14,100 + KVD gift card worth $14,100
2. - Denmark mTw - $4,250
3. - Sweden Lions - $2,800
4. - Poland Frag eXecutors 

Stay tuned to as we still have more content to push out before we can officially end our coverage of the Swedish event.

well deserved
2010-11-28 00:19
most sucessfull team of all times, by far. SK 2003 and fnatic 2009 have not won a single ESWC or WCG (the biggest tournaments at the time) and Na´Vi got both and a bunch of mayor ones in the first year together, that is just insane. I hope they get invited and end winning the Kode5 to finish the year increasing their record.
2010-11-28 06:50
it's not like that. Your info is wrong. the most successful team of all times is still the old SK team because in that time they couldn't be beaten (a whole year). Nowadays it's a diffent story.
2010-11-28 07:25
You definitely can't compare the sucess of a SK team that had only one true opponent at the time (Team9) and Na'Vi that must fight each tournament against extremely strong sides such as fnatic, mTw, FX, WMF, SK, EG, coL etc... The overall level of the game is not the same and the level of difficulty to achieve these performances is absolutely incomparable. It's just like Real Madrid winning 5 European Cups in a row in the late 50's with Di Steffano : it was possible at the time because the level of competition wasn't the same, it's impossible now. Except that Na'Vi made it this year. Still, I consider that the best team to ever grace the CS scene and the most successful is the 2006-2009 fnatic because it placed top3 of virtually every tournament it competed in for four years straight (like 80 or 85%) and THIS is something incredible too.
2010-11-28 11:06
yea, u said right about fnatic i agree with u too. it's like NEO best player of the decade, but no one the best atm. every single tournament we can saw different unreal moments and players. one time starix > get_right, second - SIXER > markeloff etc.
2010-11-28 12:25
DH was absolutely esenin's best tournament, he was insane calling, backing up their teammates, killing, wow, i hate that players as dumb as GTR get so much attention when no one can see what esenin does for Na´Vi.
2010-11-28 19:34
Man, you have zero clue when it comes to cs if you manage to call GTR a dumb player... His technique is just amazing >_< Both cen9 and gtr are great, they're just acting their role in the team and it's only natural that a mad fragger like gtr gets more attention than a bat boy like cen9
2010-11-29 12:07
do you know what f0rest's rol in fnatic is? well, its the same as GTR and he doesnt lose so many easy situations, he can play with his teammates without having to camp in his site waiting for kills as GTR do. What I mean is that GTR is obviously not a teamplayer, just a guy that kills a lot.
2010-11-29 14:09
looool!!!!! get a life!!!!!
2010-11-28 15:55
sk 2003 won a wcg title actually ....the 2003 title.....learn to google
2010-11-28 09:07
you are right.
2010-11-28 19:31
Fnatic has won several eswc's though. :)
2010-11-28 12:52
You dont need to reply me with that..
2010-11-28 19:00
I needed to because I wanted a discussion :D.
2010-11-28 19:35
they deserved, congratulations
2010-11-28 00:19
2010-11-28 00:19
Brazil fzZ 
2010-11-28 00:19
Brazil d1k 
2010-11-28 00:19
2010-11-28 00:19
prices o_O
2010-11-28 00:19
haha, what happened to "1st" :D
2010-11-28 00:20
KVD gift card what is it?
2010-11-28 09:11
haha indeed.. Really too big difference between 1st and 2nd imo
2010-11-28 00:46
Estonia ygos? 
starix lucker
2010-11-28 00:19
2010-11-28 00:29
lucker ?!?!?!?
2010-11-28 00:39
ygos idiot?
2010-11-28 01:11
2010-11-28 03:04
Latvia SLowN 
gj now have a nice holiday !!!!!!!
2010-11-28 00:19
2010-11-28 00:19
Greece flqq 
2010-11-28 00:19
gj navi
2010-11-28 00:19
Bulgaria SHISHETu 
gratz and GG for Na'Vi,mega sad for mTw :(
2010-11-28 00:19
Denmark Wich 
lol thats a short news... :D
2010-11-28 00:19
Full report to follow...
2010-11-28 00:20
Denmark Wich 
still short ;P
2010-11-28 00:22
nice nice but fnatic sad! =(
2010-11-28 00:19
amaz1ng game i am so happy(
2010-11-28 00:19
wcg 2010 replay :) Awsome Navi groving for each day
2010-11-28 00:19
2010-11-28 00:19
sad 4 mtw :(
2010-11-28 00:20
KVD = ?
2010-11-28 00:20
mb some shop
2010-11-28 00:40
Latvia Vii 
KVD is car auction website or somthing like that... as i remember there were some events be4 that had same gift cards..
2010-11-28 01:45
2010-11-28 11:20
gg <3 markeloff ;) awp master ;)
2010-11-28 00:20
2010-11-28 00:20
2010-11-28 00:20
2010-11-28 00:20
Russia SP3C73R 
n1ce :)
2010-11-28 00:20
sad :/
2010-11-28 00:20
Faroe Islands xE0s 
2010-11-28 00:20
champions!! amazing Na'Vi! had a hard bracket too. I think they also set a new record in money winnings! 2010 truly yours!!!
2010-11-28 00:20
Very nice holidays next! More than a month, New Year and etc. God, I am so envyous )))
2010-11-28 00:29
impossible , fnatic in 2009 won all tournaments more 100$ money
2010-11-28 00:30
yeah..and have counted how much navi won? about 200k
2010-11-28 00:40
??? LOLOL i said 100 random but fnatic won all tournaments 2009 navi almost all tournaments 2010 ... fnatic > navi in tournaments and $ now stfu :D
2010-11-28 00:42
Sweden Vilseledd 
Na'Vi 2010 > fnatic 2009 now in pricemoney
2010-11-28 00:45
not lol
2010-11-28 00:49
not just prizemoney, in everything.. navi 2010 are the best team ever.. they rape everybody.. literally
2010-11-28 01:14
He is right, NaVi won more money, ypu didn't even care making counts
2010-11-28 03:21
Russia B!F 
SK 2003 - 183 000 $ fnatic 2009 - 189 000 $ Na'Vi 2010 - 219 500 $
2010-11-29 09:17
fnatic won all tournaments 2009 *facepalm*
2010-11-28 01:09
Na´vi won all tournaments 2010 *facepalm*
2010-11-28 01:34
? not eswc , eps nordic , e stars etc lol
2010-11-28 02:39
eps nordic???? hahahahhaha omg.. do you go to the school?
2010-11-28 03:36
God damn dude EPS NORDIC, where only NORDIC countries participate. Go have a freaking Geography class...
2010-11-28 05:12
i think you click the wrong reply button.
2010-11-28 05:14
portugal nuff said
2010-11-28 08:14
Na'Vi had won ESWC! EPS Nordic is a tournament 4 Nordic countries only!
2010-11-28 10:20
They won e-stars and eswc.
2010-11-28 13:00
My post was sarcastic reply to riTn, because obivously they did not win all the tournaments in 2010.
2010-11-28 14:50
shut up pls. seriously
2010-11-28 01:13
what came up first is that They lost wcg in 2009. But fnatic were definitely good back in 2009 ...and now they are good too. just lack something a bit..
2010-11-28 04:02
they didnt win wcg ....stfu
2010-11-28 09:08
nice job bros
2010-11-28 00:20
Bulgaria dz3n 
amazing game by all players in the team congratz na`vi
2010-11-28 00:21
2010-11-28 00:20
trace was the best!!!
2010-11-28 00:20
Ukraine dr1 
ceh9 monstr
2010-11-28 00:21
na vi > fnatic
2010-11-28 00:21
nice :D
2010-11-28 00:22
best team of this year ^_^
2010-11-28 00:22
why first place gets 28k $ and 4th nothing bad price distribution
2010-11-28 00:22
2010-11-28 00:22
China A7iE 
gj nv
2010-11-28 00:22
gj navi
2010-11-28 00:22
:S fnatic is really need to pick up Delpan for beat NaVi
2010-11-28 00:22
1 guy cant do anything sry
2010-11-28 00:24
hmm Arcadion actually improved mTw alot imo
2010-11-28 00:48
they placed 2nd again just like they did with sunde..
2010-11-28 01:15
Yep but a lot tougher opponents this time
2010-11-28 16:52
yeah, correct me if im wrong but in wcg they beated sk and lost to navi, just like they did in dreamhack..
2010-11-28 17:01
in WCG they beat earthquake, EG and col to reach grand final.
2010-11-28 18:10
oh yeah, right... my bad then
2010-11-29 01:38
1 guy can mean alot, when its 5v5.
2010-11-28 01:20
yeah I can't wait to see a new fnatic lineup
2010-11-28 00:25
What? They're making changes in their line-up?
2010-11-28 00:29
not now but soon, maybe after this year
2010-11-28 00:33
Oh, ok :). I thought that it's confirmed information. :)
2010-11-28 00:36
Umm... Delpan won't help ^_- and who the heck would you replace? dsn, good awper? cArn, the igl? GTR, good and important player? f0rest, the legend? Gux, the very best lately IMO?
2010-11-28 00:25
delpan fit in fnatic,he is anti-markeloff
2010-11-28 00:29
If he had to replace someone, I'd say dsn
2010-11-28 00:48
i'd say forest.
2010-11-28 01:16
As far as I know dns created fnatic and only leaves if if decides it himself :)
2010-11-28 01:28
There were other players in fnatic.cs before dsn..
2010-11-28 01:38
Okey, if you say so. I am just saying what I have heard, just rumors. As I said "as far as I know", and I don't know that mutch. I only watch sk-gaming's matches. But if you say so I quess you are right. Sorry for posting wrong imformation ^^
2010-11-28 01:47
hehe, no reason to be sorry about. The first fnatic.cs lineup was digital, Magix, MegatoN, solido, zaffe.
2010-11-28 01:49
ah, okey :) Thank you.
2010-11-28 02:19
delpan is better than markeloff no doubt... simply better... he is too good to ignore... recently in china when sk beat navi on train with delpan... it was their strongest performance for like five years... delpan is mega...
2010-11-28 09:00 Can happen to everyone. Markeloff also had a 0-15 vs mtw some time ago..
2010-11-28 16:47
"some" means "long" markeloff 0-15 was in 2007 or something
2010-11-30 23:18
doesn´t change the fact he was ermine. f0rest would never let it happen =))))))
2010-11-30 23:35
y but Delpan joined the club recently
2010-12-02 23:22
I can agree with you that Delpan is an insane awp. To bad it isn't 6v6 so sk could have bought him :p Still delpan vs markeloff. I don't know, I don't watch markeloff's gameplay except when he play against sk gaming and I can't jugde him from a few matches :)
2010-11-28 15:18
dsn is the captain, not the creator of the team, he said in an interview that he will retire soon.
2010-11-28 23:24
Russia B!F 
carn is the captain
2010-11-29 09:20
cArn is IGL, DSN is captain!
2010-11-29 10:36
Russia B!F 
2010-11-29 10:43
DSN captain, cArn in game leader, captain not equal IGL!
2010-11-29 13:06
Russia B!F 
stop replying, carn is both captain and igl.
2010-11-29 13:11
have it your way!
2010-11-29 13:19
Russia B!F sat down with fnatic captain Patrik "cArn" Sättermon... Ok?
2010-12-13 10:23
It's not the captain! it's the IGL. Stop it already you think what you want I think what I want!
2010-12-13 10:26
Russia B!F 
AHAHAHA! You may think what you want, but the truth is different :)
2010-12-13 10:47
Russia B!F 
2010-11-29 13:11
I didn't talk about the role "OUTSIDE" gaming.
2010-12-01 16:06
No. but I said that if he created the team there is no possibility for them to remove him, it would have been him to decide. Anyway. I was wrong, he isn't the creater of the team ^^
2010-12-01 20:34
dude, delpan would realy help. if he cant go to fnatic then to sk. u could all see their performance in asia with delpan...
2010-11-28 13:40
2010-11-28 00:22
nice one :D
2010-11-28 00:22
Brazil dgS* 
congratz Na'Vi Best team of the year ^_^ +1
2010-11-28 00:22
fx no price HAHAHAHAHA
2010-11-28 00:24
veeery funy :|
2010-11-28 00:26
yeah they played all these matches and then went home without a prize HAHAHAHA
2010-11-28 00:29
2010-11-28 10:38
Paraguay lel0x 
2010-11-28 00:24
NaVi ! Love ya guyz!
2010-11-28 00:24
gg Na'Vi team of year for SURE!!!!!!!!!!
2010-11-28 00:24
14.100 4.800 unfair but, gg.
2010-11-28 00:25
gj, I think with good practice mTw can be top 3 in 2011.. what do you guys think?
2010-11-28 00:25
I think it wil heppen: Na'Vi, FX, mtw. The top3
2010-11-28 00:28
Except that sk, fnatic and lions are better than fx :PppPPPppPp
2010-11-28 13:02
okay man ;)
2010-11-28 22:33
Singapore Nephalith 
They are already top 3 this year. So targeting for top 1 would be possible if they put a lot of hard work like Na`vi did this year. As for SK, I think they will forever be inconsistent until the 'holy trinity' retires.
2010-11-28 00:31
until the holy trinity RETURNS!!! xD
2010-11-28 00:31
From what I've seen lately I think the following teams will be stronger with the following exchanges... Just an opinion: mTw: minet, trace, arcadion, zonic, karrigan (Reason: ave is a really good player and under rated but since arcadion basically took most of his role, a strong fragger like karrigan can really help) SK: Same except exchanging walle with a player like Delpan (Reason: walle is decent but for the role of awper it would be better if someone more consistent joined, since the role of caller has been changed to Robban) fnatic: Same but they could use a more consistent awper,(Reason: generally they've been making forest awp when DSN has a bad day, which has become more often than usual)
2010-11-28 00:34
2010-11-28 00:49
f0rest only awps in train, because you need 2 awps in that map usually
2010-11-28 00:51
2010-11-28 02:42
Singapore Nephalith 
Just imo, fnatic's main weakness is team play. They have been relying too much on aim, just as they did in 2009. This can't work anymore as most teams already discovered their habit..most notably Gux. Most people are saying Gux has been poor lately. This is wrong. :P Most teams know how aggressive Gux can be and they know how to make him less effective. mTw is far more consistent because they have, imo, the best teamplay out of all. Their flashes/counter flashes are perfectly timed, smooth rotations, etc. Basically almost everything if not everything they do is a collective effort. They work as a unit. Na`vi on the other hand has the best of both worlds. Obviously their team play isn't as great as mTw yet, but they have individual players that can make up for it.
2010-11-28 01:28
well it's true that fnatic have really powerful individual players, but you're right about mTw. In the match between them I noticed how effective mTw are in countering fnatic pushes, like where arcadion and zonic both flashed a banana rush and arcadion jumped down and they killed all 5 without losing a single person. In the match mTw vs Na'vi, mTw did quite well in tactics but Na'vi did quite well in counting those tactics which led them to out aiming them. Just my opinion of course :P
2010-11-28 01:37
Couldnt agree more
2010-11-28 05:19
actually navi is based on teamplay ....since one of their players can match up to aimers like gux, get_right and f0rest ...
2010-11-28 09:10
Russia B!F 
ave seems to be a nice fragger also, not only igl
2010-11-29 09:35
i think they alrdy are?
2010-11-28 00:29
yeap, +1
2010-11-28 00:31
na´vi, fnatic, mTw top 3 2010 IMO
2010-11-28 01:23
I agree with you, sir.
2010-11-28 04:18
Too much noise and ads and so little prices. Shame for sponsors.
2010-11-28 00:25
Estonia Loz 
2010-11-28 00:25
Singapore Nephalith 
Congratulations Na`Vi. They had to face fnatic, FX, and mTw for the gold. Respect.
2010-11-28 00:25
Xyp9x | 
Portugal bonzoo 
It was the worst distribution of the prices I've ever seen, the first one receives 14k e the second one only 4k-.- and the fourth one receives nothing...
2010-11-28 00:25
I think its better if the winner gets more than 50% of the total prize distribution, makes it worth winning.
2010-11-28 00:27
And other prizes makes them worth whining.
2010-11-28 00:28
first 28k
2010-11-28 00:30
Estonia IMG- 
gg best
2010-11-28 00:26
Amazing Na`Vi GJ <3
2010-11-28 00:27
Someone Got an excuse for FX lost against Na'Vi and lions? tired? luck? Neo wasnt owning all like everyday?
2010-11-28 00:27
Imo Neo is getting worse every year and he is not as good as he was but still he's famous somehow. Pasha and Taz are doing great lately. Kuben, Loord and Neo unfortunately aren't madfraggers and so. Na'Vi was better and that's all. About Lions... dunno I think that they were/are pissed cause losing to Na'Vi and they felt disappointed. They always plays bad when it comes to fight for 3rd place. Mentality.
2010-11-28 00:32
Pasha is the new neo.
2010-11-28 00:33
There's no one who can plays like NEO played in his best shape, imo.
2010-11-28 08:47
Neo does one bad tournament and you start saying hes getting bad????? l2p seriously
2010-11-28 01:20
I have seen WEM, the tournament before it (forgot what that was, lol) and now DH. So 3 tournaments and all I have seen was Neo in not his best shape that's why I wrote what I wrote sometimes he makes the big difference but it's like one match out of five... Ofc I'm still huge fan of 'em...
2010-11-28 18:54
I guess you haven't seen previous 4 tournaments. Neo WAS madfragger there. I mean he was the best fragger or 2nd from fx in all 4 tournaments. However, I agree that he isn't getting any better in contrary to Pasha. But it was just one tournaments here where he played bad
2010-11-28 12:05
Natus Vincere DreamHack Winter Champions.
2010-11-28 00:28
Ye, we can read too.
2010-11-28 00:29
Just wanted to say it... ...again!
2010-11-28 00:31
May be his keyboard doesn't work so he copypaste this )))
2010-11-28 00:32
haha n1
2010-11-28 07:13
No way, since when?
2010-11-28 01:25
Argentina w33nter 
gg gratzz
2010-11-28 00:29
2010-11-28 00:30
China A7iE 
o o , so what happen with fnatic now ?
2010-11-28 00:30
Well done once again! :)
2010-11-28 00:31
I bet they anti-strated mtw like hell when mtw was busy playing Lions. Nonetheless, Congratz.
2010-11-28 00:32
Complexity destroyer NaVi, best team in 2011 > Complexity.
2010-11-28 00:32
Europe 7Y3 
joke of the year
2010-11-28 00:35
not even a good one though..
2010-11-28 01:18
wait and see.
2010-11-28 05:40
2010-11-28 00:41
Europe 7Y3 
nice event , great playoff where Na'Vi beat fnatic, FX and mTw
2010-11-28 00:33
gg , congratz Na´Vi =P
2010-11-28 00:36
KVD ???
2010-11-28 00:37
Tournament is sponsored by MSI, KVD and Sennheiser and boost a total prize purse of 250 000 SEK ($34 200) including a car from the auction website KVD.
2010-11-28 01:24
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
HUGE Respect for NaVi... They convincingly beat other 3 of the top4 teams for the tournament and at no point got outplayed at all... Very dominant performance. GG.
2010-11-28 00:38
After winning this major tournament they're going for a trip,holidays for couple of months. Probably they won't be in proper shape after such a long break. Might be a better chance for others to prepare..... I hope something strange is going to happen in next year!
2010-11-28 00:41
nice english you must teach me.
2010-11-28 03:08
Congratulations guys :) What you have achieved this year, is without doubt, the most impressive performance ever by any team, in Counter-Strike's 11 year old historybooks. (Atleast if you ask me) SK 2004, mTw 2008 & fnatic 2009 were all great teams, and all of them delivered great and memorable results, but NaVi 2010, will be first at my list for sure!
2010-11-28 00:41
indeed +1
2010-11-28 00:51
And for me they kinda like came behind a bush at first :D
2010-11-28 00:52
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
U got that right jack :)
2010-11-28 00:53
maybe with a top player like urself jack, people will start looking at navi in a different way.. i always said navi are the best team of 2010, people kept saying fnatic were, now i say, navi are the best team ever, like u do, cause no one could measure this kind of skill, tacs etc so far.. maybe if the pros recognize them as CS legends, the community will follow, cause they sure deserve it..
2010-11-28 01:22
ye,they really need to be recognized as legends or they wont sleep llo0l0ol0o0l they couldnt care less about it,they just play and sometimes they win others they lose,maybe now they are winning more than they lose but why would the community follow them?jeez what a soap opera
2010-11-28 12:58
some many words to say nothing.. fantastic..
2010-11-28 16:58
Considering they came from "Average pro gamers" to - Fkin amazing over night? Yea.. I would really like to known their practice schedule and who they practice against?
2010-11-28 01:24
Well they live together and what i´ve heard from interviews they practise about 10-12 hours per day. Plus they actually made tactics on papers not ingame. Had sceams for Nerdiness finally paying off for them xD
2010-11-28 01:36
wouldn't call that nerdiness.
2010-11-28 14:05
What would you call it ? :D:D
2010-11-28 15:06
wazorN what stuff? tell me i will try it ;]
2010-11-28 03:09
Congratulations Na`Vi !!!! ^^
2010-11-28 00:42
28k for first place and 4250 for second ? ;///////
2010-11-28 00:44
gg navi nvm mtw i still love u. please can anyone explain what is KVD gift card ?
2010-11-28 00:46
Tournament is sponsored by MSI, KVD and Sennheiser and boost a total prize purse of 250 000 SEK ($34 200) including a car from the auction website KVD. Auction site for cars, caravans and yachts. Navimobil!
2010-11-28 01:29
smart sarma :/
2011-03-10 17:12
Does anyone know for what is that give card? What na'vi players can buy for it?
2010-11-28 00:46
it's online auction webpage with cars, like allegro in Poland, but with cars only
2010-11-28 15:35
thanks mate
2010-11-29 19:24
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
imo i like pancakes O_o with honey
2010-11-28 00:50
gratz! &#8470;1!
2010-11-28 00:51
2010-11-28 00:52
yes i am winer of DReam TEaM Thnks Navi
2010-11-28 00:53
fx :(
2010-11-28 00:53
gj navi
2010-11-28 00:54
KVD Giftcard is from a Swedish website ''. Don't realy understand Swedish but I guess it's about actioning/selling lots of stuff. Checked it from google :)
2010-11-28 00:55
Tournament is sponsored by MSI, KVD and Sennheiser and boost a total prize purse of 250 000 SEK ($34 200) including a car from the auction website KVD.
2010-11-28 01:25
Definitely well deserved, they played a much better match than mTw did. Oh well, I really hoped for mTw that they would win the whole event, but once again NaVi showed that they are by far the best team in the world. Congrats!
2010-11-28 00:57
Way better than mTw :) NaVi is on another level, lets see what 2011 has prepared for cs 1.6
2010-11-28 01:02
defenetly best CS team in the world in current modern CS
2010-11-28 01:03
I LOVE Natus Vincere Good Job BOYS !!! <3
2010-11-28 01:07
congratz Na'Vi, well deserved
2010-11-28 01:07
Navi the best team in 2010, without a doubt!
2010-11-28 01:07
Didn't FX win any money or something ?
2010-11-28 01:10
gg they deserved it but,easy game.
2010-11-28 01:12
NAVI best team ever..
2010-11-28 01:22
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
nice -_-
2010-11-28 01:23
#133 NAVI isnt just best team of 2010. NaVi is the best team of all time in cs, when it comes to skill level.
2010-11-28 01:30
fnatic says bye to top
2010-11-28 01:37
without a doubt best team in the world right now
2010-11-28 01:38
Deserved, they are almost unbeatable.
2010-11-28 01:39
Givecard is for a car or boat, for example they can buy Audi A6 or BMW 523 for whole prize :d. KVD is auction website for like i said cars, boats, etc.
2010-11-28 01:47
they'd better sell it for like 12-13k USD. It's no use for them
2010-11-28 02:47
it was really fun with heaton shoutcasting
2010-11-28 01:49
Yes, Na´vi is the best team that has ever existed. Rest can´t play CS, quit now. God made hands for markeloff, starix espescially for Counter-Strike. Markeloff is so great, i want to have sex with him. They are the best of the best of ever exsisted best, underestand!?!?!
2010-11-28 02:05
huh I remember this Melvin :)
2010-11-28 03:01
Can't believe people living in the Netherlands can be so angry.
2010-11-28 11:20
i feel sorry for you
2010-11-28 15:55
Na`Vi best in 2010!
2010-11-28 02:19
n1 Na`Vi :)
2010-11-28 02:33
2010-11-28 02:50
good job navi! you deserve to be the best team of this year :)
2010-11-28 02:58! Can someone from Sweden please explain in English what carn and gux where telling each other at 1:30 - 2:10. Thanks in advance..
2010-11-28 03:00
nice !
2010-11-28 03:16
as a team performance, NaVi have arguebly showen us cs at its finest, throw times and I admire that. no one thought fnatic record could be beaten but navi. these hungry ukraniens are true inspirational to all eSport fans. congratuzaltions for your succesful year and thank you! and I also want to congrat mtw for their 2nd place and for still fighing no matter what. I dont care if this was the fifth time they failed to take on navi. the ukranies aim are just superior right now and I found only zet, the motherfucker to level up with navi's aim today. Atleast when he was on top in 2006 ofc. peace out
2010-11-28 03:22
#180 they were talking about markeloffs position. trying to find out where he holls and who backs him up. I gues they fear him the most. I dont blame them. Hes awp is to be feared. cArn yellas noobs when they win second map and at the end, some angry fnatic fanboi screams at navi pig and be more lucky hahah
2010-11-28 03:35
2010-11-28 03:41
lol Carn yells noobs?
2010-11-28 11:21
gj xlopci :D
2010-11-28 03:34
Congrats no Na`Vi. No one can argue against them being the best team in the world.
2010-11-28 03:49
gj Na`Vi
2010-11-28 03:59
wp Na'vi
2010-11-28 04:20
haha, so Lions actually won 2-0 against FX... that's just sick.
2010-11-28 04:23
Navi has won 200000 usd this year. Go go navi.
2010-11-28 05:10
where can i download the demo ?
2010-11-28 05:15
nice )
2010-11-28 06:29
gg navi :)
2010-11-28 06:37
Good job Na'Vi, best team team of the year. Good job great coverage.
2010-11-28 07:04
2010-11-28 07:05
gg navi
2010-11-28 07:18
2010-11-28 07:19
where or when I can find demos of finals?
2010-11-28 07:32
NAVI gratz! best team and solo skill in the world.
2010-11-28 07:42
ghh ! na`vi !
2010-11-28 07:53
Na'Vi make's history, they will become the best team off all time in my opinion.. ( no reply plz )
2010-11-28 08:06
2010-11-28 08:11
wow, 1 hour ago there was nothing there!but thx:)
2010-11-28 08:15
2010-11-28 08:23
damn.. Na`Vi win one more time..
2010-11-28 08:30
and it is great ))
2010-11-28 08:44
gg navi...
2010-11-28 08:43
2010-11-28 08:43
GG Na'Vi :)
2010-11-28 08:44
2010-11-28 08:48
GG Na'Vi and Lions for the 3rd place.
2010-11-28 08:51
2010-11-28 08:53
markeloff had a pretty sick weapon save against fnatic at inferno,he got 3 out of 4 guys chasing him
2010-11-28 08:55
Thanks to the organizers for a good champ and Na `Vi for a great game.
2010-11-28 09:08
stop arguing over what team is the best of all time u loosers u cant compare the 2003-2004 sk with any 2010 team ..thats just retarded in 2003 u had like 3-4 tournament , now u got 15 ...... yes navi have won the biggest tournaments of the years ...but today pretty much all the top teams can beat eachother on a good day ....
2010-11-28 09:12
gj guys...ns:))
2010-11-28 09:29
Pretty proud for them..Just a good example for anyone that impossible is nothing in any field if you hard working & have an aim to achieve/ Also want to send a huge respect for danish boys - you deserved to play in the final. And if's not Na'Vi i hope you'll take the 1 place in the next championship intelligent calm guys from mTw!) And again congrats Na'Vi, a team from Ukraine.
2010-11-28 09:29
2008 mTw > all
2010-11-28 09:41
nip > all?
2010-11-28 11:12
Na`Vi is on their way to become the best team ever in CS history (at least in terms of money win in a year) SK 2003: $171,642 fnatic 2009: $175,622 Na`Vi 2010: $215,573 (source: & Congratz to them
2010-11-28 09:41
Hmm... Maybe, but one yeat it's not ten years, dude. 2003-2005 SK 2005-2008 Fx 2008-2009 mTw 2009-2010 fnatic 2010-???? Na`Vi
2010-11-28 09:55
and dont forget about team 3D
2010-11-28 13:24
2010-11-28 13:32
yeah Na`Vi is great team but the prizes in 2003 were a bit different that in 2010(i think)
2010-11-28 10:21
+1. You right. 2k3-2k8 is another prizes.
2010-11-28 12:13
That's why I said they're on their way :D and nowadays, prize money for single events are much less than years before. That means you have to win more events at almost the same (or event higher) competitive level
2010-11-28 12:22
Current Global Rank 10th of 4810 :( too bad that it didnt open on before the b03 matches like it said, i would probably go top5 then :/
2010-11-28 10:03
congratz na 'vi
2010-11-28 10:14
Poland metal_cs 
Mortal Team Word deserved to win Na'vi is to much confident i dnt like it ;/ Zeus face in final was great, that was sth like hmm eat lemon or somebody hit her sister... rage in eyes
2010-11-28 10:43
Yeah, as i said, with no mercy! Greetings
2010-11-28 10:44
gj na'vi
2010-11-28 11:03
-fnatic -FX -mTw and Na'Vi top1
2010-11-28 11:16
and then I lol'd
2010-11-28 14:59
Hmm.. Fewmore tournaments like this one forfnatic and they will be out of top 5 in the world :o They are already out of top 3 at the moment :(
2010-11-28 11:46
easy nice ;)
2010-11-28 11:52
so who can say that na vi isn't top 1 of 2010 now hu??
2010-11-28 12:04
I was 135th whole tournament same dreamteam
2010-11-28 12:09
ya veril v vas parni :*
2010-11-28 12:14
2011,2012 new era,coL new champion.
2010-11-28 12:14
congratulation Natus Vincere!
2010-11-28 12:15
2010-11-28 12:19
Denmark plumTree 
was the best team that won - tho they didnt act the best.. IMO there should be some rule that u cant harrash the opponent like there is in online matches.. Standing up and showing 2 fuck fingers when u win a round is just unsportmanship.. Makes me think of ukraine like i always did, unmannerd ppl who steal cars..
2010-11-28 12:24
2010-11-28 13:39
yea i saw it too..what a fucking douchebag this ceh9
2010-11-29 00:19
to replace dsn? :D:D:D haha nice joke :) they all are perfect players, and dsn plays his solid game almost every game. Their problem is Tactics, because they just play so low tactics based game compared to na vi, mTw, FX. They should definetely work on it.. they cant just play half way aim based and half way tactic based game... in 2009 they played different style, rushing around and giving some they are walking and walking
2010-11-28 12:36
Yes !! Navi <3 . Im so great for U guys ! U all owe ourselves ! Ukraine <3 !
2010-11-28 12:40
I want SK comeback to top :(
2010-11-28 12:42
2010-11-28 12:51
lold at people to say to remove dsn when he was the best of fnatic
2010-11-28 12:56
GJ Na'Vi
2010-11-28 13:05
I'm just want give respect to Murat Jumashevich.
2010-11-28 13:13
gg Na`Vi :d
2010-11-28 13:43
is there a vod of the high quality stream from this match?
2010-11-28 15:01
2010-11-28 15:05
no money for 4th place? lol
2010-11-28 15:06
I think Fnatic has beaten NaVi more times than the other way around this year actually... but its the final placings that matter, NaVi plays good when needed. Edit: Its 5-3 to fnatic in matches between them and Navi this year, but Navi is the better team for sure. They win against everybody else, while fnatic is a little bit inconsistent.
2010-11-28 15:42
Ukraine gungrave 
NaVi and fnatic play 19 maps. 10 win NaVi, 9 fnatic 5-3 matches because fnatic win few times BO1 =)
2010-11-28 18:10
are you sure? According to my calculations: 1-0 EM Continental ( fnatic win 2-0 ) score 2-0 1-1 EM Global ( na´vi win 2-0 ) score 2-2 2-1 Arbalet Bo4 ( fnatic win 3-2) score 5-4 3-1 Arbalet Cup Europe ( fnatic win 2-1) score 7-5 3-2 ESWC ( navi win 2-0) score 7-7 4-2 Gamegune ( fnatic win 1-0) score 8-7 5-2 Shanghai ( fnatic win 2-1) score 10-8 5-3 Dreamhack winter ( navi win 2-1) 11-10 That makes fnatic won 11 maps and na´vi 10. I doubled checked, though if i have a mistake let me know.
2010-11-28 23:51
Ukraine gungrave 
1-0 EM Continental ( fnatic win 2-0 ) score 2-0 wtf?? 0_0 navi lose to mousesports 2-1
2010-11-29 00:02 I have a mistake; fnatic won 16-14 in a groupstage match. So it actually makes 10-10 in maps. But don´t worry i´m not trying to say fnatic is better or anything. Na´vi is the best team of 2010, period :) I´m still glad that the best team of 2009 was the only team who has a good record against na´vi.
2010-11-29 00:08
2-1 Arbalet Bo4 ( fnatic win 3-2) score 5-4 navi was already won tournament, but fnatic still had places to fight. and why u even count their meeting results? Who cares them if NaVi win most of big tournaments of year and fnatic doesnt. NaVi is team of year and best team of all times when it comes to skill level. End of discussion. Or do u think that old eoL or SK.swe2003 could have dominated like that if NaVi was around back then? Just watch some old demos where they play and u see how lowskilled they are compared to nowadays teams and their opponents were even more terrible to compared nowadays teams. CS skill level get higher and higher year by year and in 2010 it is @ highest point so far and NaVi dominated. They simple are the best (and with that i mean SKILL LEVEL, not dominating time) team of all time. And its also funny that some people think that fnatic had became bad and isnt what they used to be. Those people simple dont realize that clear fact that other teams are getting better and better
2010-11-29 08:40
"2-1 Arbalet Bo4 ( fnatic win 3-2) score 5-4 navi was already won tournament, but fnatic still had places to fight." Yes, i am aware of that. "and why u even count their meeting results? Who cares them if NaVi win most of big tournaments of year and fnatic doesnt. NaVi is team of year and best team of all times when it comes to skill level. End of discussion." I don´t care. I was just stating the facts. I know it doesn´t matter. As i said in my previous post, na´vi is the best team of 2010. Why did you even reply me? That´s what i said ?... "Or do u think that old eoL or SK.swe2003 could have dominated like that if NaVi was around back then? Just watch some old demos where they play and u see how lowskilled they are compared to nowadays teams and their opponents were even more terrible to compared nowadays teams. " No i don´t think eol or SK.Swe had a chance against Na´vi, in fact i think if na´vi would play really serious every round - sk.swe or eol would lose 2-0 ( 16-0 each map ). "And its also funny that some people think that fnatic had became bad and isnt what they used to be. Those people simple dont realize that clear fact that other teams are getting better and better" If you think this is funny then i´m afraid you have a really bad sense of humour. I´m aware of the fact that the teams are getting better and better every year, but you can´t also deny the fact that fnatic has been playing bad.
2010-11-29 12:54
gg navi, best team in the history of counter-strike.
2010-11-28 16:16
Leave it to some historicians.
2010-11-28 17:56
oh but I am.
2010-12-09 18:33
Romania C1pryaN 
gg Na vi !
2010-11-28 16:53
gg. :]
2010-11-28 17:12
2010-11-28 18:01
2010-11-28 18:51
seems like you not see wemadefox
2010-11-28 19:40
Ukraine gungrave 
2010-11-28 20:27
Pakistan Keo 
after 3D ...its navi walking on there steps :P
2010-11-28 19:06
fail mTw! coco xoxlo
2010-11-28 21:42
ok, tnx Low Of Xperience!:D
2010-11-28 21:58
gj guyz! ftw! navi davi!)
2010-11-28 21:57
Congratulations Na`Vi. Those guys, you really Natus Vincere :]
2010-11-29 15:06
GRAtz Navi ~ sad for mTw tho..they lost second time against navi in a final... !!
2010-11-29 15:37
2010-11-29 15:59
wow, so much respect for Danish and Swedish users! seeing their teams lose is very hard but yet I see only reasonable comments with nice words for Na'Vi. This is amazing!
2010-11-29 21:19
i think the way that Na`Vi played final was just perfect. I'm not fanboy, but who watched train i think will undestand
2010-11-29 21:40
Great start for ArcadioN, that's for sure!
2010-12-01 14:24
You would bump this old topic :P
2010-12-09 19:24
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