TyLoo shut down .raw team

According to cnFrag.com, TyLoo have closed down their .raw Counter-Strike division.

The Chinese team had been within TyLoo's ranks since December, when they decided to switch homes following the expiry of their wNv.cn contracts.

With the .raw players' one-year contracts coming to an end, TyLoo have opted against offering them new deals in a bid to balance their books.

"This year's expenses have far exceeded our budget, so taking into account the club's long-term development, the club have decided to keep only one CS team," a TyLoo statement read.

Meanwhile, TyLoo have announced they have picked up Bin "Savage" Liu from the now disbanded .raw team and Yangbo "P1rate" Dai, a former member of wNv.cn and SC.United.

The two new players will step in for the retired Zhengwei "alex" Bian and Chao "GoodRifle" Xue, who has been relieved of his post due his lack of motivation.

TyLoo will boast the following quintet in 2011:

China BingYuan "tb" Li
China Xi "karl" Wang
China XueFeng "xf" Lai
China Bin "Savage" Liu
China Yangbo "P1rate" Dai

The future of the other players who were part of TyLoo.raw is now in doubt, but with the IEM5 Asian Championship Finals just two months away, it is believed they will link up with other projects. The following players are currently without a team:

China Jiang "Virgo" Qian
China Biaohong "rita" Huan
China Wang "prom1se" Nan
Xue "xiaoe" Ye

where is muziwei
2010-11-30 03:47
United States mah9 
when is this supposed to be played?
2010-11-30 09:47
2nd December
2010-11-30 11:41
yeeeah pirate is sick, right ? :D
2010-11-30 12:10
very very very sick :D
2010-11-30 12:18
yeah i remember him :P i like that lineup. who will be awp player ?
2010-11-30 12:28
karl igl tb sprayer xf sprayer Savage backup P1rate awper :*)
2010-11-30 13:51
cool. i look forward to see them play
2010-11-30 14:05
we will see:)
2010-11-30 14:13
top1 world, i hope that
2010-11-30 14:14
nice man...nice to make friends with you, see 74# retard!
2010-11-30 15:29
haha what an idiot. chinese teams beat brazilian teams easy :D my comment in chinese is deleted :(((( ^^
2010-11-30 15:29
my comment was deleted too! 74#=retard,its true:)
2010-11-30 15:32
yes, totally agree :)
2010-11-30 15:37
do you have some msn or?
2010-11-30 15:40
yes maartin_111@hotmail.com
2010-11-30 15:48
hey,do you use MSN rarely? :/
2010-12-01 13:54
nah, im online now. have you add me
2010-12-01 14:01
done.. im online 2!
2010-12-01 15:23
done :-)
2010-12-01 15:33
my msn:bl0odyaim@hotmail.com :) add me
2010-12-01 15:27
i really like chinese teams too, but i disagree, i think they can't win so easy against a brazilian team hltv.org/?pageid=28&&offset=0&search=1&t..
2010-11-30 16:02
Brazil > China
2010-11-30 16:05
hahahha the world > usa !
2010-12-01 10:08
lol what a retarded comment
2010-12-02 15:00
i > u
2010-12-04 08:18
btw temme 1 team from usa who made it to the top 10 !! or 5
2010-12-04 08:19
I was talking about your retarded comment, not any American team.
2010-12-04 19:09
Brazil > China this isnt retarded??
2010-12-05 17:06
he is a retard.. Dont mind him!
2010-12-07 06:56
I like Brazil too.but 74# talk some shit! go to have a look,guy..
2010-11-30 16:47
ooh, don't mind him, it's only a retard =/
2010-11-30 18:06
this is really a brazilian gentltman.. nice to make friends with you. :)
2010-12-01 02:38
muziwei and kingz were invited to tyloo .. both from the clan 9eZ ! as kingz refused to join, muziwei din join too !
2010-11-30 14:48
2010-11-30 15:37
peri | 
Brazil pixzin 
p1rate is good?
2010-11-30 03:48
United States nyjuk 
well, he has to be decent to be on the new tyloo roster considering they had 2 rosters to pick from..
2010-11-30 03:51
yeah he is. one day i downloaded a demo from goodrifle because i was impressed with his performance against na'vi (i was watching markeloff's pov and goodrifle owned markeloff) and well. p1rate owned goodrifle. i dont remember which demo was it. and im not saying that x > y
2010-11-30 03:54
peri | 
Brazil pixzin 
nice, but, the key of tyloo is xf, one of the best aimer of the world...
2010-11-30 03:59
tb = gun god in china !
2010-11-30 14:46
iem4 chengdu,p1rate played amazing,even though his team lost.
2010-11-30 04:47
Brazil fzZ 
gl gl gl
2010-11-30 03:48
Who is p1rate?
2010-11-30 03:49
he was attending IEM Global Challange in Chengdu last year with his team, although they lost all matches, he was amazing versus top players in the world after three matches in group stage he managed to be 3rd best player in the tournament according to HLTV.org stats (if I remember correctly)
2010-11-30 14:07
bad notice
2010-11-30 03:49
goodrifle retired?
2010-11-30 03:52
If other clan snares him,he will continue.. if not,he will retire.. :/ Sad for his leave:((((((((
2010-11-30 04:14
2010-11-30 03:53
p1rate is really good, thought he might of been a bit 'raw' for a pro team (excuse the pun) but he definitley has talent. He is a very big fragger. p1rates biggest claim to fame was topping the Kills/Deaths ratio at Chengdu Global Challenge in 2009. Which is actually amazing considering the tournament featured SK-Gaming Fnatic Mousesports WMF EG Tyloo MIBR
2010-11-30 04:00
Nice to know :) thanks for the Information i didn't knew anything about him :)
2010-11-30 17:23
GL new tyloo
2010-11-30 03:55
I really like this new tyloo, but i dont know anithing about P1rate.. Gl tyloo!
2010-11-30 04:02
bad :(
2010-11-30 04:10
United States mah9 
i remember p1rate from the IEM Chengdu stop, he did really good put only played group matches.
2010-11-30 04:10
karl is a little weak in comparison with the other 4 players.. :/ P1rate is great!
2010-11-30 04:13
weak?... he is a igl, and imho he has a sick aim.
2010-11-30 04:37
hahhahah ALEX was the igl ! the guy who discovered nuke door rush !! karl is gonna be the new igl !
2010-12-01 10:09
its true :) and what is currently FX discovered to fall down on box as CT
2010-12-11 14:55
c1 :D
2010-12-12 13:57
and Karl will be the igl
2010-11-30 04:18
China m4er 
it is worth expecting :)
2010-11-30 04:19
Brazil d1k 
they were good :((
2010-11-30 04:22
Savage :) GL & HF XD
2010-11-30 04:29
karl will lose his weight!!! lol........hahahaha
2010-11-30 04:33
Ok where in the fck is GoodRifle?
2010-11-30 04:36
savage china no1 GL
2010-11-30 04:44
NICE hope to see some performance
2010-11-30 05:12
pirate is amazing last time he played a big tournament i think he had the best FPR
2010-11-30 05:22
P1rate=savage. tyloo gl!!!!!!
2010-11-30 05:23
Most people say P1rate is good because of the 1 event he attended and played well in. Yes he has skill, ive watched him in Chinese leagues to. But GoodRifle was amazing. I really dont think that GoodRifle lacked motivation. He played at the international level for a year only. Thats an excuse tyloo is making i think. Either way, i think tyloo will be better. They have more skill now overall.
2010-11-30 05:26
ive seen him play in the brunei gamers league - he was totally dominant then as well, but i agree GoodRifle is a big loss.
2010-11-30 05:27
tyloo.gaming vs ex-wNv.gm in 12/2 tyloo Savage xf tb Karl p1rate wNv alex sakula jugnle mikk K|ngz
2010-11-30 05:36
hltv ?
2010-11-30 06:57
I don't see anything in the sv
2010-11-30 07:05
2010-12-01 10:11
Germany j0tt 
when do they play? :/
2010-11-30 07:01
12.2 chinese time :6:00pm.
2010-11-30 07:03
what time is it as CET?
2010-11-30 14:09
maybe 12:00 AM??
2010-11-30 20:09
11:00 perhaps.
2010-12-02 00:42
wheres tk .
2010-11-30 06:04
tK is still missing . :/
2010-11-30 06:39
tyloo savage xf tb karl p1rate vs wnv alex sakula jungle mikk k|ng'z cnfrag.com/alex-retired-showmatch-for-fr..
2010-11-30 06:05
wasn't tyloo.raw the better tyloo team?
2010-11-30 06:29
2010-11-30 09:30
in early 2009, when they were in WNV imo they were better, but definitely not in 2010, and not now
2010-11-30 14:10
sad for GoodRifle great player but gl
2010-11-30 06:30
go savage
2010-11-30 06:33
Can somebody tell me who is IGL for tyLoo now?
2010-11-30 06:54
2010-11-30 07:00
Great :)
2010-11-30 09:22
2010-11-30 09:48
How do you know all of this? Savage was the igl for raw, why don't he continue in TyLoo, and about the awper, why won't he awp if he's not IGL'ing?
2010-11-30 12:32
LOL Raw's igl is Rita Savage can be a good backup :(
2010-11-30 13:52
I know it from tyloo bbs :/
2010-11-30 13:53
gl tyloo :) good team
2010-11-30 06:55
Savage GOGOGO!
2010-11-30 07:05
who will be the awper in tyloo?
2010-11-30 07:07
2010-11-30 07:11
- pirate +rita :(
2010-11-30 07:27
P1rate is a great player, seriously.
2010-11-30 09:30
rita better
2010-11-30 11:29
-karl,+Rita ,Rita is a better igl:*)
2010-11-30 11:58
rita is igl, tyloo already has igl, so what's the point?
2010-11-30 14:11
United States Kyte 
what budget are they talking about? TyLoo is a fail organization that didn't even have enough money to send them to tournaments in China--forget international competition.
2010-11-30 07:37
the best team in ur country cant even win against brazil... :-s
2010-12-14 22:57
Believe it or not , but there is no such replacement in overall china for GoodRifle
2010-11-30 07:44
they always hade the firepower they need to come up whit a better stratreading or somthing else to win the big games. As they keep beet 1 major team in EU then lose badly to another GL Tylo and tb
2010-11-30 07:46
2010-11-30 08:17
GL bojz
2010-11-30 08:36
Europe eler 
P1rate? lol
2010-11-30 09:01
2010-11-30 09:38
2010-11-30 09:47
lmao hahahhaha lolwut?
2010-11-30 12:17
2010-11-30 09:25
2010-11-30 09:39
Hungary sprayK1NG 
new tyloo has to bee nearly as good as before, but i wanna see a match in the first coming LAN event an against the 2 tyloo-s :) GL
2010-11-30 09:52
2011 tylooyear maybe.
2010-11-30 10:08
xf needs to play better than in the last tournaments and hope karls tactics will be good. anyway i think they should be rly good in 2011, looking forward to watch them :)
2010-11-30 10:18
xf - SAVAGE - tb :| Cant wait to see this team playin':)
2010-11-30 10:26
xf,savage,tb = insane Pirate = good karl = slow player i think GoodRifle :(
2010-11-30 10:50
GoodRigle =(((( need zy ^_^ -pirate+rita
2010-11-30 11:28
2010-11-30 11:36
He denied.
2010-11-30 11:37
he didnt deny,his leader K|ng'z denied alex :((((
2010-11-30 11:39
so why didnt muziwei join then? :S
2010-11-30 11:41
K|ng'z wants to continue 9eZ:/ alex didnt want to snare only one man of 9eZ,if only muziwei in,9eZ will break up! I chat with MuZiWei online and he told me :/
2010-11-30 11:47
ok thanks.
2010-11-30 11:49
:/ MuZiWei <3,best awper in china now :(((
2010-11-30 11:52
mm? i dont think so.. goodrifle is only one :)
2010-11-30 11:53
you dont know MuZiWei .. although GoodRifle is amazing,but MuZiWei is a little better :)
2010-11-30 11:57
2010-11-30 13:02
was that a joke or a fail?
2010-11-30 14:10
looks like bl0odyaim is a fans of MuZiWei lol
2010-12-01 12:09
Savage :* GOOD LUCK!
2010-11-30 11:55
savage :O
2010-11-30 12:06
GoodRifle :(((
2010-11-30 12:20
SAVAGE best player
2010-11-30 12:29
bl0odyaim , so good ..
2010-11-30 13:01
2010-11-30 13:50
1+ :D
2010-11-30 17:31
2010-12-05 17:10
kk buttfucker.
2010-12-05 18:22
2010-12-05 18:25
no GoodRifle no fun.
2010-11-30 13:27
sad for r1ta :(
2010-11-30 13:31
GoodRifle is my favorite pro player's nick name :/
2010-11-30 13:52
GOODRIFLE > pirate and sorry for rita and virgo ! they are really better than pirate
2010-11-30 14:04
this lineup is promising! cant wait to see their first LAN match ;)
2010-11-30 14:13
Wow. How awesome is that? Really amazing line-up. P1rate, if remember correctly, he was really good at Global Challenge Chengdu. And he played with the awp. I guess he isn't that good like GoodRifle, but he's decent. Well, if he won't play with the awp, than Savage can play. But as I already said, that you need to let Savage to play alone with the rifles. To gain something good, you need to sacrifice something. In this case, they sacrificed GoodRifle, but he has no motivation to play, but still. They lost him, but gained Savage, who is the top1 player in China. The only thing I'm worried is about the awp guy. Will he be able to like give a challenge to players like markeloff, trace and all the other awpers. TyLoo have now the three best rifle players in China, in one team. Dunno, who will be the in-game leader though. Some of you said, it could be karl? Well it's definitely karl or Savage. Really curious how this will play out. I hope they will attend more lans in 2011. Goodluck tyloo!
2010-11-30 14:40
+1 ! the best tyloo team ever !
2010-11-30 14:46
I readed a interview with karl at cnfrag's website. Karl will be the in-game leader. I guess they will give Savage the awp role. But P1rate could be the 2nd awp. Plus alex, will help them a lot. With tactics and all other things. That's really amazing, that alex will be able to help them. :)
2010-11-30 15:14
karl igl tb sprayer xf sprayer Savage backup P1rate awper :*)
2010-11-30 15:21
actually savage is better awper than p1rate in my opinion.. and p1rate is also really good with rifles
2010-11-30 16:50
im worried about karl's performance as IGL. he wasnt really awesome when alex was igl, hope he wont be worse now :) if savage will awp (instead of p1rate) then i would prefer virgo over p1rate. also worried about xf cuz he wasnt as good at last tournaments as he was when he was owning, so maybe if he lacks motivation or something virgo would be a better choice (he was awesome in last tournaments i think) :) anyway hope they attend many events in 2011, theyre my favorite team after all <3
2010-11-30 20:55
what about kuber ? first time to see p1rate without him in a team
2010-11-30 14:51
P1rate and kuber are related right?
2010-11-30 23:13
they are twins :)
2010-12-01 10:26
p1rate is good but zy is better :/
2010-11-30 14:59
amazinggggggggggggggggggg But I doubt Tyloo org lacks of money...
2010-11-30 15:10
karl igl tb sprayer xf sprayer Savage backup P1rate awper :*)
2010-11-30 15:19
alex -> Savage goodrifle -> P1rate any demo or video of p1rata?
2010-11-30 15:40
sorry..theres no demo or video.....gl...tyloo!!!!
2010-12-01 07:12
readmore.de/ have some
2010-12-01 12:00
karl bad!
2010-11-30 16:17
wtf, how can so many of you not know who P1rate is, top 3 in China imo... his aim is just annihilation
2010-11-30 16:31
gl tyLoo
2010-11-30 16:34
P1rate + savage = ownage
2010-11-30 16:49
zomfg, good lineup. Now we will see if they will train seriously, if they do so, they will improve alot & they can finish top5 to each tournamenet they take part to.
2010-11-30 17:25
gl tyloo
2010-11-30 17:28
they need GoodRifle
2010-11-30 17:30
China angle409 
virgo, rita are better than karl. they should keep virgo.
2010-11-30 17:31
Sad that GoodRifle wont be playing for tyloo anymore!!
2010-11-30 17:31
lal,gl ..
2010-11-30 17:31
and GoodRifle ? :S
2010-11-30 17:55
Chao "GoodRifle" Xue, who has been relieved of his post due his lack of motivation. As stated in the news piece.
2010-11-30 23:40
Germany JK- 
wow GoodRifle really is a big loss for TyLoo, also I always wanted to see him and Savage play in one team. These two are imo the best chinese players.
2010-11-30 18:14
Have you seen how insanely good tb is lately? The last half of this year, he was by far the best player on tyloo. Check out some of tb's highlights on youtube, where hes humiliating top teams.
2010-11-30 19:49
tb = gun god o china... btw his wife plays awesome too... sick awp!
2010-12-14 23:01
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
hehe I said exactly the same :P
2010-11-30 21:48
where's zy? he is an amazing awper
2010-11-30 18:16
Retired quite some time ago, if I am not mistaken.
2010-11-30 23:39
you are right.^^
2010-12-01 02:52
sad :(
2010-12-05 17:26
Great new line-up imo, looking forward to see them in action! ;)
2010-11-30 18:52
kasharp :D!
2010-12-01 00:50
wtf ululululul :d
2010-12-01 16:53
how for better results then previous tyloo.
2010-11-30 19:37
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
What the hell goodrifle quit? NOOO he was sick! would have loved to see him and savage on 1 team, would have made tyloo a force to be reckoned with, especially on train :<<<
2010-11-30 21:48
god damnit, this lineup is nice but GoodRifle is so fucking amazing with the awp and as a player, i wish he was more motivated if that was the real reason - tb + GoodRifle
2010-12-01 02:43
? -tb? tb is a sick sprayer :((((((
2010-12-01 03:35
haha.so EG.-nothing +pondfiller?
2010-12-01 08:52
sv_brain 1
2010-12-01 10:12
wow -tb + GR you made my day
2010-12-01 12:19
GR sniper tb sprayer why - tb?? not the same role! :/
2010-12-01 16:50
Are you seriously ? i'm reply to #184 the amarcian guys .
2010-12-02 14:02
2010-12-02 14:08
And why you pressed the 'Reply' button next to #192 instead of #184? ::)
2010-12-06 00:54
Chao GoodRifle :( ^^
2010-12-01 13:04
nice lineup, but imo goodrifle > p1rate
2010-12-01 13:15
will hltv.org post the time for the ex-wNv vs tyloo show match?
2010-12-02 00:12
chinese time 6.00PM
2010-12-02 03:18
sorry ,game delayed, 7:30pm...
2010-12-02 09:28
10x for that :D
2010-12-02 15:28
TyLoo.smackdown googogg
2010-12-02 21:02
BingYuan "tb" Li Xi "karl" Wang XueFeng "xf" Lai Bin "Savage" Liu Yangbo "P1rate" Dai really good line-up! i hope they have good results! savage(L)
2010-12-04 21:41
Tyloo !!! gang qi!
2010-12-08 17:56
i dont think karl is playing anymore.. ZY has joined in tyloo !
2010-12-12 13:54
"wx" .. not zy
2010-12-14 12:02
I thought you disapeared:(((
2010-12-14 15:29
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