4Kings announce 2011 LAN

4Kings have announced details about their 2011 LAN event.

The British-based organisation recently organized the Wiredout event last month, which served as a qualifier for DreamHack Winter and ended with Danish mix puta coming out on top.

The 2011 event will take place at the Gamerbase LAN center in Reading, a tournament which will be open to all teams and feature the support of QPAD.

The 4Kings LAN 2011 will hand out €2,000 in cash prizes in the event of 16 teams signing up, but the organisation can boost the prize purse to almost €2,900 if 24 teams register for the tournament.

This event will be part of a series of competitions 4Kings are planning to host next year, as they hope to attract teams from around to globe to their tournaments.

4Kings LAN 2011 16-team prize purse:

1. €1075-1200 + 5x QPAD 5K mice
2. €600 + 5x QPAD HeatoN M Clothpads
3. €240 + 5x QPAD Small Clothpads

4Kings LAN 2011 24-team prize purse:

1. €1670 + 5x QPAD 5K mice
2. €775 + 5x QPAD HeatoN M Clothpads
3. €385 + 5x QPAD Small Clothpads

Wow pretty impressive. Maybe they add another team to sponsor?
2010-12-09 01:10
2010-12-09 01:11
Great news :D
2010-12-09 01:11
go myRevenge go dignitas :)
2010-12-09 01:11
k1ck? :D
2010-12-09 01:12
doubt it.
2010-12-09 01:13
"€2,000" and "they hope to attract teams from around to globe" Those two quotes don't go together.
2010-12-09 01:14
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Its a starting place to build from. They won't get an international presence from that purse but they can build from a well run event. Start small and gain sponsor support to make the event bigger each time. Then as it becomes respected then international teams will start to show.
2010-12-09 11:29
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2010-12-09 18:21
2010-12-09 22:52
2010-12-11 11:52
Ye, i laugh when i saw that. International teams would spend more money in flying and hotel's then they would won in the tornament omg
2010-12-09 01:16
17 replies
+1 , so only mediocre and locals teams will be interested by this tournament ..
2010-12-09 01:18
2 replies
this is massive though. finally a decent uk lan with semi decent prizes, open to everyone, big names behind it etc. hope this goes well.
2010-12-09 01:29
1 reply
this is like ept and pgs from portugal lolol
2010-12-09 01:33
Depends where they are from.. you can fly to UK from many european countries for as little as 30 euros return per person.
2010-12-09 02:08
Just checked the tickets from Copenhagen to London and it says £68 return and if the LAN is held in a non peak season the hotels would be cheap as well so some teams might like to attend, since a danish mix last time won it might give the incentive for other non top teams to attend.
2010-12-09 02:10
6 replies
Last time PUTA won they weren't given the full prizepurse, as promised. And the event was covered by the primary eSport site in Denmark - didn't land too many positive comments. I don't think you should expect any danes at all, tbh.
2010-12-09 02:20
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well Navi still hast got the prize money from IEM... I took Copenhagen as an example tickets are much cheaper for Spanish people and they have got some teams who never cut it at the top, rather try win this event than to go to a top event where u know who the top 8 would be :).
2010-12-09 02:32
This was not a 4k run event, but thanks for your caring :)
2010-12-09 03:06
3 replies
The British-based organisation recently organized the Wiredout event last month, which served as a qualifier for DreamHack Winter and ended with Danish mix puta coming out on top. They did have a part of it as you can clearly see. And unbelievable that they have the nerves to promote a new lan-arrangement just a couple of weeks after Puta won and changed the prizes to ½ of what was promised and btw they STILL havent even got that prize!!! So yearh dont think you should expect a lot attending from Denmark at least. Imo retarded if other european countries would take that risk
2010-12-09 12:38
2 replies
Wiredout 4 was renamed to Wiredout 4K because 4K agreed to pay for the winning team to go to Dreamhack and thus turning the event into a Dreamhack qualifier which attracted a lot more teams. 4K paid the winning team puta to Dreamhack straight away as agreed. The LAN itself was organised and run by Wiredout (dylan and don1) with some 4K managers helping out at the event. There are rumours that Wiredout has a done a runner with the prize money but there is still time yet, I still haven’t got my EPS prize money from ESL and that’s nearly a year ago now.. This event however is being organised and run fully by 4K and has nothing to do with Wiredout so I would be confident there will be no issues with prize money at all. It’s harsh to think that 4K is getting bad rep for this considering puta etc would not have even come to the LAN if it wasn’t for 4K paying for the Dreamhack spot and 4K paid them to go to Dreamhack straight away. Afaik 4K asked Wiredout if they wanted to use 4K’s PayPal account for LAN payments but they refused and used don1’s PayPal account instead (who has not been online since). /essay
2010-12-09 15:15
1 reply
Okay thanks for the info :) A guy from 4kings explained it to me that they had nothing to do with it. Would have been nice with a proper statement about that though :) It wasnt explained in danish cs-news-sites so of course a bit confusing
2010-12-09 17:33
Obviously eint heard of RyanAir!
2010-12-09 15:12
5 replies
If you think it's worth spending 100euro p person in flying hotel and food and winning (if the team get the 1st place) 200euro p person you must be a fool..
2010-12-09 21:21
4 replies
It was a joke man. RyanAir is awful, thats the point. Take a chill pill.
2010-12-09 23:20
3 replies
Ryanair is amazing :p
2010-12-09 23:49
2 replies
since when, oh since easy jet is there as well :)
2010-12-10 10:28
1 reply
I've flown to Norway and back with Ryanair for prices like 2 pence, 6 pounds and 10 pounds, easyjet are never that cheap but easyjet are good too :)
2010-12-10 11:49
2010-12-09 01:17
See you there! :)
2010-12-09 01:24
6 replies
2010-12-09 01:30
2010-12-09 01:31
2010-12-09 01:34
Keiz! bring it on :)
2010-12-09 03:05
2 replies
you bring me the qpad headset first! :)
2010-12-09 17:46
Where the money from WiredOut @?
2010-12-09 21:34
NICE :) Expect me at summer :P
2010-12-09 01:39
Brazil fzZ
2010-12-09 01:54
myRevenge easy win.
2010-12-09 02:02
Dream on Blacky :)
2010-12-09 02:05
I hope dignitas attends as a team this time.
2010-12-09 02:12
"The British-based organisation recently organized the Wiredout event last month, which served as a qualifier for DreamHack Winter and ended with Danish mix puta coming out on top." Has PUTA been paid yet? I mean, the full prize? Afaik, they haven't.
2010-12-09 02:17
9 replies
Ok stop crying about it, lots of events delay paying their prizes.
2010-12-09 02:23
1 reply
Its NOT about delayments. Its just wrong setting up a new lan-arrangement and even announce prize-money before actually having paid Puta.
2010-12-09 12:41
We haven't received a Dime of our £450, and we're still attending. Prize money isn't everything, however it's now actually run by 4Kings and not 2 individual gamers - 1 of which who ran off with the money.
2010-12-09 03:07
6 replies
You have to understand this is an upset. No, prize money isnt everything but you have to cover your travel expenses. Thats why this whole situation seem very retarded and as being the organizers of this event 4kings should at least pay that half (which was promised after the event changed the prize-pool)
2010-12-09 12:43
5 replies
You really need to get ur facts right before posting :)
2010-12-09 13:03
4 replies
Denmark Danny D3
Maybe you should explain instead? Cause for all we know, the facts are straight. I'll help you out a little. Explain the following: The fact that the event holders cut the prize money right before the final. The fact that PUTA didn't recieve the prize money anyways.
2010-12-09 14:04
2 replies
Look below
2010-12-09 15:50
1 reply
Denmark Danny D3
2010-12-09 18:09
My facts are from statements from some of the players from Puta. So maybe you should explain it properly.
2010-12-09 17:24
nice good news
2010-12-09 02:43
nice, hopefully this time more top teams will attend!
2010-12-09 02:54
myRevenge easy win
2010-12-09 03:01
1 reply
x2 that.
2010-12-09 16:01
nothing interesting for int teams
2010-12-09 03:32
Nice, don't expect any American (both continents) nor Asians coming to it though.
2010-12-09 08:16
Nice, would be cool if they would actually pay the price money as well..! Can we get a stamp please with different degrees for different tournaments and organisers depending on their effectiveness when it comes to actually paying price money? :/
2010-12-09 08:24
nice mor lans please
2010-12-09 08:28
Oh really, ASIA AINT COMIN? wtf.... Canadian talking about which country is good at cs...LOL
2010-12-09 08:46
1 reply
montenegro owns pal
2010-12-09 14:50
go 4K
2010-12-09 10:05
sweeeeeeet, SkullsY easy win
2010-12-09 10:15
1 reply
India mainz
ill like to see Clip take some teams down :D
2010-12-09 10:37
ill be there!
2010-12-09 10:20
hope this'll finally give the UK 1.6 scene a push forward
2010-12-09 10:44
In Sweden there's LANs with prices like this at least once a month, so nothing special for us. But it's great for people that live in the UK! The pricemoney shouldn't be split up though, give it all to the winner so atleast one team will get something out of it.
2010-12-09 11:48
Would be nice if they paied what the oved before announceing new turnements.
2010-12-09 12:13
6 replies
4Kings owes nothing and has no responsibility over the financial workings for the Wiredout series. Our contribution to the event was the Dreamhack Qualifier and putting our staff forward as admins. If you want to complain about prize money contact the event proprietors - Dylan & don1.
2010-12-09 12:19
5 replies
So are you gonna have the same to guys in charge of the prizes again? If your next comment is that its not up to you, who is in charge (when being the organizers and actually arranging another lan with the same people) then this whole situation seems like a big retarded joke ^^ :|
2010-12-09 12:50
2 replies
No - neither Dylan or don1 will have any role with this event. 4Kings has totally separated from Wiredout brand since the prize money problems began. This is the first of many events which will be ran entirely by the 4Kings staff and management.
2010-12-09 13:07
1 reply
Okay sound good then :-] Would have been nice with a proper statement with this situation thats all :D
2010-12-09 17:27
I only know what I have been told. But I think its strange that you dont take responsabillity and know who to trust, or just fond whats owed and get on.
2010-12-09 14:23
1 reply
The Wiredout series has been running in the UK for some time now, and both dylan and don1 have a history within the scene of running events. When we met to discuss about how 4Kings could develop Wiredout, they wanted to take things slow, and have 4K help create a website, and look for new partners, whilst they retain full financial control - which was fine with us. We've tried to pursue the prize money with relatively no success; so 4Kings as an organisation decided to separate from Wiredout and develop our own series - where there will less chance of that ever happening again.
2010-12-09 14:46
OMG Prize for 2nd place is HeatoN! xDDD
2010-12-09 12:24
The reason there was problems with price money at the last event was because the person who took all the deposits didn't turn up to the event and stole the money. Note this person is not a part of the 4kings org.
2010-12-09 12:42
Bulgaria SHISHETu
huh nice,gl ...
2010-12-09 12:43
Even if theres only uk teams at this lan hopefully it wont consist of 90% mixes :)
2010-12-09 12:49
LOL who did one with the money?
2010-12-09 12:50
1 reply
2010-12-09 13:27
There should be at least 16 teams, with a little international interest as well :)
2010-12-09 13:05
nice !
2010-12-09 13:43
cu on adr ;_) dutchies r present!
2010-12-09 14:04
maybe i do come. We are trying to get exact price to get there etc..
2010-12-09 14:04
There is a hotel right outside the event, very reaonable, email me with all your questions and ill try to help you Adam@four-kings.com
2010-12-09 14:46
Serbia Coolyou
I would like to go :D
2010-12-09 15:29
myRevenge got this locked.
2010-12-09 16:54
1 reply
2010-12-09 18:14
More prizemoney, lol..
2010-12-09 17:03
new arbalet cups for 1 year? nice..
2010-12-09 18:03
Why do u all care? You will never attend this lan anyway
2010-12-09 20:01
c u there
2010-12-09 20:07
myRevenge yes come on!! need to sort mesekf out with a team to attend :D
2010-12-09 20:31
4Kings doing good stuff for UKCS.
2010-12-09 20:57
I'm trying to get a team together and i'm 90% sure it will go. Go Ryanair! :D
2010-12-09 21:24
cy@ there
2010-12-09 22:07
2010-12-09 22:53
Finally i guess i might meet some of my favorite teams
2010-12-09 23:37
hahaha crzy thx for the tourism!
2010-12-10 01:03
Lets hope this will becomes a success, so we can see more and bigger tournaments in UK.
2010-12-10 02:15
2010-12-10 02:48
Another glorified mix lan with the only team attending/winning = myrevenge! Same old trolls to live up to expectations. MVDribs Robins mix to finish second!!!
2010-12-10 11:06
smc | 
United Kingdom smc123
nice, cya there :)
2010-12-10 18:06
So far there are nore dutch teams signing up than UK! Looking fwd to seeing all the international teams :) there is a pub next door for all ur drinking needs :) cu there!
2010-12-10 21:25
3 replies
Don't worry, I'll be representing NL! :D cu there.
2010-12-10 22:27
1 reply
read it wrong as well. :(
2010-12-12 16:29
i've send you mail but i don't get response
2010-12-13 12:58
As of now, the LAN will take place on March 19th to the 20th, 2011. 4Kings website.
2010-12-12 16:29
Cu there
2010-12-12 16:58
nice prize money
2010-12-12 17:17
ye dates have changed :)
2010-12-13 02:07
Think Deathwish and NEB from Norway are attending :-) Heard some rumors about them traveling together :-)
2010-12-15 01:00
1 reply
Hope so, spoke to both owners and looks promising :)
2010-12-15 07:55
Sounds interesting.
2010-12-16 20:32
i want qpaddd xd
2011-01-27 08:01
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