pita transfers to fnatic

December 10th, 2010 00:21

Faruk "pita" Pita is the fifth member in fnatic, following a transfer from his recent home RAGE, to the new composition of fnatic.

The Swedish team yesterday announced changes, when waving goodbye to Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund and Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg who went to join SK Gaming, as well as Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl who now roams as a free agent. Reports indicated Monday night that former MYM ace Marcus "Delpan" Larsson would join the ranks of fnatic, which Tuesday evening became a reality. fnatic also landed  Richard "Xizt" Landström, who left Lions for a spot in fnatic.

fnatic did however not reveal their final member, fingers and indications were led towards Niklas "niko" Johansson and Christoffer Sunde "Sunde" when the rumours first were led loose, but none of those turned out to be true.

Instead it should be the Bosnian born Faruk "pita" Pita, who has parted ways with RAGE, in order to join up with fnatic. Pita, who is yet another offspring from the Swedish talent factory Begrip, had his international breakthrough with the team, when they managed to beat SK Gaming at IOL Finals and later being picked up by MYM.

"Today is a great day. Who would have thought this day would come when I started playing back in the days. To be able to play with idols such as cArn and dsn makes you think you are still dreaming.

Also reuniting with my old teammate Delpan is something I'm really looking forward to and playing with one of the best Swedish talents today, Xizt. I could write a whole book about what I'm feeling right now, but to spare you fans out there of falling asleep reading this, I will be short: I would like to thank the players of FnaticMSI and also the sponsors MSI, Steelseries, Bigfoot networks, UGAME and SLAPPA for the oppurtunity. I will do everything in my power to keep fnatic on the steady rock they have been the last years and prove to the world that fnatic will dominate 2011" - Pita said in a statement on fnatic.com.

The finalized fnatic line-up now looks as follows:

Sweden Patrik "cArn" Sättermon
Sweden Harley "dsn" Örwall
Sweden Marcus "Delpan" Larsson
Sweden Richard "Xizt" Landström
Bosnia and Herzegovina Faruk "pita" Pita

The move for Pita also reunites him with Larsson, as the two hailed for MYM together in 2009, placing second at the Global Challenge in Dubai as well as winning DreamHack Winter in front of mTw.

With the line-up finalized, fnatic can now start the preparations for IEM5 European Championship Finals in January, which will mark the official debut of the new fnatic composition.

Portugal eZlo 
oh jesus. I'm speechless
2010-12-10 00:21
cyx | 
Brazil fzZ 
not expect
2010-12-10 00:24
Lineup is just fine. Pita I'm counting on you go go go!
2010-12-10 00:37
Its a good line-up i think to alweys wonderd how it would be with pita there will be nice to see! Goodluck to him!
2010-12-10 01:07
SK lineup is sick! :P
2010-12-10 01:47
SK will dominate Fnatic
2010-12-12 04:54
yea dog ,pita will rock them up , looking forward to see Sk humiliated
2010-12-10 07:28
i personally don't like the Fnatic roster .. But if they could probably change MODDII / Manne / Hyvlarn for cArn or may be DSN (There is no point of keeping them) , then it fnatic would make it to Great Level.
2010-12-10 13:58
2010-12-10 14:12
no brain detected
2010-12-10 14:55
haha you retard.. carn is probably the best tacticbuilder and teamleader in the world. why WOULDN'T they keep him? They didn't kick f0rest and gtr, they choosed to leave. Fnatic will be a great team and I wish both fnatic and sk the best of luck in the coming season. Please dont speak at all here if you dont know what ur talking 'bout.
2010-12-10 15:08
Haaha NOW you listen to me.. 1. i Never doubted and mentioned on cArn leadership and tacts. infact i loved and supported fnatic for last 3 years. But you know, Counter strike game is a TEAM GAME (if U r not a Newbie) . its all bout Ingame cordination n friendship outside the game.(i will not talk about Skill level, bcoz they are all almost on same Level ) and when these factor works, Examples are made Like..Fnatic '09-'10, Na'Vi'10 - To be Continued 2. i follow HLTV.org, So i KNOW " They didn't kick f0rest and gtr, they choosed to leave" 3. I CAN BET THEY NEVER MAKE IT TOP 5. --- Peace
2010-12-10 16:23
There're few flaws and contradiction detected in your arguments... Missing the point by your first statement, you're trying to hide yourself by giving another lame excuse.. When you say... if they could probably change MODDII / Manne / Hyvlarn for cArn or may be DSN (There is no point of keeping them) , then it fnatic would make it to Great Level. 1.There is big point keeping both carn and dsn because they're the base of the team and most experienced players to guide the other 3 members & to motivate just like in SK(Allen and Robban). Just consider to make a team of 5 random guys(they're missing in everything) by doing this they're increasing number of equations... So first priority to reduce the equations. 2.You can't replace an experienced IGL by a fragger. its all bout Ingame cordination n friendship outside the game. They're at professional level don't need to mention it. i will not talk about Skill level, bcoz they are all almost on same Level If you think they're at the same level skill wise, Why are you saying replace carn,dsn by manne,moddii. carn(igl),dsn more experienced...adding a plus point. I CAN BET THEY NEVER MAKE IT TOP 5. Don't try to be over confident... If they get it somehow,you probably would have no evidence to hide yourself.
2010-12-11 03:19
k ..fnatic boy listen.. tacts, igl are not everything, if you see the gameplay of Navi , then u know it.. you follow cs right, then you probably know it why NaVi is unbeatable atm . they play random mean situation wise. they haven't got a great IGl. what they do have..great aimers and potential to play rounds according to situation. NaVi were more or less a random team(it doesn't mean that i adore mix teams)..but there are examples like RAGE, Crystal(and yes i liked that team, they lost to SK in some tournament..but they were grt..again Mix team) Theory behind the removal of cArn and DSN?? Coz, imo its the greater good for the team fnatic.. when they both leave team(and they will) , the team management have to face the situation like 1 week bfore..they ll have to start from 0 and that will be a painfull job. cArn lives in London nowdays(since 1 year) and he got busy partially with his social life along with CS.(Fnatic never showed his colors from that day. God knows,may be this was a reason behind all this) now, WALLE was the most experinced IGL from sk, Bfore that he used to be a mvp of the team. WHAT happend, He F**ked up with his game, never rised again Ps: Delpan, Pita and Xizt are the best things that happend to fnatic. you need to see things practically rather than Emotionally and Stop saying IGL all the time
2010-12-11 09:13
It's the matter of time.Who don't like to say i'am following the game of NaVi because of they're winning many LAN Games,they made a streak. So its time to watch NaVi game... Incase any other team started to dominate then you might be following their game.you can easily create perception accordingly. For a single game would you like to play random wise even when there are database available to you,you can analyze opponent game when you're at LAN and accordingly you can make tacs so that you can play exactly in a counter way,and this job is not very hard for a proofessional team. You can make a point that they all 5 members are having a insane aim so tactics are not important. Everyone know they played very much motivated.Means every single player need to indulge in the game they can't give up easily. when such kind of key is missing in any team,then it will be hard to afford a single victory against a motivated team. For cArn,dsn..as you said carn is busy somewhere else. The factor may be their motivation for the game, They tired of playing cs,as gtr said that he was tired of playing cs in fnatic. This could be a reason for their loss. Incase carn was igl you thought it's better to replace by a insane aimer just comparing with zeus(better aimer) but someone need to handle the task.he played very much at international level, now he's not as much sharp as he was before but who knows... walle is also busy somewhere,so you can see where he stands nowdays. It's right to replace carn,dsn role wise not randomly but first they need to establish the team for a period.
2010-12-11 13:06
Well, Quick and Simple: "WE WILL SEE"
2010-12-13 13:10
sorry but he is swedish he knows what hes talkin about when it comes to cs. just how it is no sarcasm :D
2010-12-11 17:39
2010-12-13 13:22
if we talk about cArn's tactics, every tactic is just perfect if you have someone (I mean f0rest and GTR) who can enter BS and shoot 3 hs
2010-12-10 16:44
Exactly, like navi. tacts are not evrything..but they matters
2010-12-10 16:53
Okay.. I just want to be sure before I start arguing with you. Is it correct understood that you call Na´Vi random and that they play completely without tactics and the reason why they are so good is only because of their aim and individual skill? And finally that Zeus isn't a good IGL? If yes, then try to spectate the matches from above instead of just at one players point of view. After a few rounds you will realise that Na´Vi moves almost perfectly every round and that has nothing to do with their aim - (but ye their aim is almost perfectly too) - Zeus is a great IGL because he can keep his head up in rounds where Na´Vi is behind with a man, but still manage to secure the round in their favour. That my friend is a great IGL and that is also the reason why tactics is so important - if you don't have any tactics you will be confused and start losing rounds - and Na´Vi dosen't. Plz don't come and tell me that Na´Vi is random.. they play A LOT - and thats the reason why their tactics just works out for them.
2010-12-11 20:28
NO...how the hell do you get those notions from my lines.
2010-12-13 13:29
"they play random mean situation wise. they haven't got a great IGl" .. you just said it all .. :P
2010-12-13 15:38
i'll just sum up the best thought from me and not going to elaborate things to you. i think, After all my above comments, you din't get me. I DON'T LIKE cArn(especially) AND DSN. haha i know its a lame comment. after all, when you have someone like gtr forest and gux , its very esy to be called a great IGL. but the main thing is to be seen now... when he has very new and changed circumstances and must lead the team from front. Thats the real test. Recent Example: (obv why i hate him *cArn) what he said was exactly arrogance. Bringing up the achievements of 2 other players to compare to his own is defiantly arrogance. Basically he's saying im better than robban and allen because my CV>their CV. Best part about that quote was " if it wasn't for forest or gtr his achievements would have never rivaled that of robban and allen." ... Holy hell and yes one thing more, what in the world they are thinking about Gux and MODDII. Gux was defiantly as mature as pita and were a the part of Fnatic. cArn should defiantly think about him atleast but he sounds slightly more bitter in recent comment about moddii..cArn assumed that he won't fit into the team just because he got kicked from MYM.. Is He out of his Mind..
2010-12-13 20:05
sad man, man.
2010-12-12 17:51
yea pick inet mix hero hyvlarn instead of carn ahahahaha
2010-12-10 18:45
haha just dont talk n4p.
2010-12-12 16:31
so stupid guy :D
2010-12-15 15:32
cyx | 
Brazil fzZ 
2010-12-10 15:27
nice guess ;)
2010-12-10 16:45
lol guess u hit the jackpot there ^^
2010-12-10 20:00
very nice team!!
2010-12-10 18:05
yeah indeed, f*cking Sh*t I am speechless too, srsly not pita... Worst option they had (after the wanna be elite players). HOpe they change him as soon as possible
2010-12-10 13:57
people just forget that cs is not only killing, but teamplay and team spirit also, Im sure you would like to see moodii instead, but you also have forgotten that there have been several problems with him and his attitude to a team
2010-12-10 16:46
Yes I know what CS is about and I would not like to see moddii instead. I would like to see like hmm...tentpole or sunde
2010-12-10 17:00
Poland wm/R/ 
bad move imo
2010-12-10 00:22
2010-12-10 00:55
2010-12-10 00:58
weird move, but not sure it will be bad. It's time for cArn to show if he's a good leader or if it was only due to GTR&f0rest that fnatic did so well.
2010-12-10 01:41
Solid team, on paper they seem to not be able to beat navi, mtw, or sk imo though... however in game may be a different story if they have good chemistry and so forth. Only time will tell. I think this is a good and also big opportunity for Carn to show whether or not he has just been an average player that has won titles behind the brilliance of great individuals.
2010-12-10 02:03
are some of you dumb? pita is soooo fucking good, he's just as good as moddii and sunde imo,(even though i think moddii sunde are getting jipped in the scene right now) pita has an amazing awp, but that's the only thing sunde and moddii are better at fnatic may end up being better than SK.. sad that GuX and moddii are being fucked right now... RAGE walle > pronax moddii > lidde GuX > pop manne keiz but i doubt that will happen cpnsidering H2k needs one and it'll probably be GuX or moddii.. \ but i would love to see manne, walle, GuX, keiz, and moddii on the same team...WOW
2010-12-10 04:16
pita said that he learned awp from delpan... so i think we don't need that talent of his with delpan and dsn around...
2010-12-10 05:37
beautiful lineup :D manne,keiz,gux,walle,moddi, world top 5
2010-12-10 19:04
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
they do need his rifle skillz though. before he started awping in rage he was doing really impressive with m4 n ak, also you should be aware of the fact that pita has only been playing CS for a few years, when it comes to potential/talent, there is no better choice for fnatic. sry for the late reply :D
2010-12-21 19:37
as dumb as usual
2010-12-10 13:01
Portugal wRD55 
line up suck.. really.. fnatic I hate you.. you just killed 2 amazing teams to build a sucky rooster.. -.-'
2010-12-10 00:22
can you tell me how i can build a rooster?
2010-12-10 00:43
2010-12-10 01:01
Romania NX~ 
robban moddii gux f0rest get_right .. isn't that a good line-up ? too bad SK didn't go for this line-up .
2010-12-10 01:19
2010-12-10 02:27
Thanks for the info :D
2010-12-10 04:55
rofl wiggle
2010-12-12 15:08
he is a cockfight champion man! TAKE CARE !
2010-12-10 03:13
2010-12-10 04:04
2010-12-10 07:34
UK folks got always weird sense of humor. But I still love Black Books & co. .-)
2010-12-10 10:57
that was f0rest and gtr who wanted to split up with cArn and dsn, fnatic just didnt want to kick cArn, so f0rest, gtr and gux left them
2010-12-10 16:48
2010-12-10 00:22
yeah very sad
2010-12-10 00:55
I think it is because, moddi from what ive seen and heard isnt reliable as a player since he sometimes doesnt even show to some matches and is ignorant as a person, that is why i think they took pita instead
2010-12-10 02:08
exactly, people just forgot that it's not only about killing, moodii will just stay as the last option, some team will pick him, if there will be no other option
2010-12-10 16:49
Moddii and Gux both guys are in the same way. Both guys don't like to trust any team. Moddi was jumping from one team to another as well as gux switching from fnatic to sk then back to fnatic and now want to join SK again. So here we go... Why should a team trust them? boycott them!
2010-12-10 14:15
surprised :O
2010-12-10 00:22
Slovakia hed0r 
haha nice. i didn't expect that. but gl to them :]
2010-12-10 00:22
cyx | 
Brazil fzZ 
2010-12-10 00:24
haha, great nice opnion! should put +MODDII
2010-12-10 00:23
not bad
2010-12-10 00:23
+1 - no bad, no good
2010-12-10 05:26
wow nice
2010-12-10 00:24
:facepalm: bb fnatic
2010-12-10 00:24
haha =)
2010-12-10 01:38
FAIL -.-
2010-12-10 00:24
big big mistake - pitta + moddii
2010-12-10 00:24
Argentina NICOLAJZ 
2010-12-10 00:54
2010-12-10 00:55
2010-12-10 01:16
2010-12-10 01:44
2010-12-10 03:19
2010-12-10 03:52
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2010-12-10 04:44
2010-12-10 05:38
2010-12-10 12:31
2010-12-10 14:01
2010-12-10 14:40
lol i thought of doing that buh then again the longer the combo goes epic'er it gets. =P
2010-12-10 14:52
Bosnia and Herzegovina zgb 
2010-12-10 15:26
-10000000000 fuck off h8rs
2010-12-10 16:01
2010-12-10 18:20
2010-12-11 14:48
atleast give a dude opportunity ...
2010-12-10 00:58
i agree :)
2010-12-10 01:08
-pita +edward -carn +kikoooo
2010-12-10 01:02
2010-12-10 01:34
-you = hltv safe.
2010-12-10 14:02
I'm not a MODDII fanboy. But honestly, MODDII is better than bunch of pros namely PITA,face,Gux,Get_right etc even forest. What a pity. MODDII homeless again :(
2010-12-10 02:01
2010-12-10 07:35
Switzerland CHEDEL 
you're right.
2010-12-10 13:12
it's all about moodii behaviour, he does never take it seriously
2010-12-10 16:51
When they're considering niko,why they can't pita... could be a good choice... ^^
2010-12-10 10:19
probably you all never gave attention to pita and you don't know how good can he be
2010-12-10 11:20
2010-12-10 12:57
& What about this mistake!
2010-12-10 14:25
Bosnia and Herzegovina zgb 
2010-12-10 15:25
mmm, interesting..
2010-12-10 00:24
Omg, moddi ? well, not abad,.
2010-12-10 00:24
bad moddii > pita
2010-12-10 00:24
:( I missing moddi
2010-12-10 00:35
Norway duffz00r 
2010-12-10 00:25
2010-12-10 00:25
this is awsome nice to see pita with fnatic Gl :D
2010-12-10 00:25
you guys should give 'em chance not to write just moddii > pita thats stupid :] and why did they picked pita if he isn't from sweden? they'll need stand in for WCG.. i think they have their own reason for that and they know what they're doing so :PP
2010-12-10 00:26
Pita has a Swedish citizenship, he's just always had the B&H flag here, since thats where he has his roots.
2010-12-10 00:30
who creat hltv.org?
2010-12-10 00:55
the nomands
2010-12-10 11:29
Martin did.
2010-12-10 12:38
Troll alert @ Alchemists join NEB, user vaxa.
2010-12-10 13:42
How Much for admin? :D! you think i can be "admin malaria" :D!11
2010-12-10 14:33
whereas Nomad account id is 1...xD
2010-12-10 15:28
Nomad coded it.
2010-12-10 15:59
2010-12-10 16:52
so he have both swedish and bosnian citizenship? because i remember him in Clanbase nations cup playing for BaH
2010-12-10 14:29
Swedish only I think.
2010-12-10 14:35
ok that's weird because i am 100 percent sure he played for bosnia vs slovakia,, i remember that match :P
2010-12-10 14:50
He played for Bosnia... Even match against Serbia was WC-ed because he was not able to play in the moment the match was determined to be played.
2010-12-10 14:58
Yes he played 4 B&H and his roots are from B&H ! He played two CB I think btw. GL pita show them who is a boss btw.2 SK <3 :D
2010-12-10 17:18
i'm pretty sure he has swedish citizenship as well.
2010-12-10 00:31
as far as I remember fnatic boycotts WCG...
2010-12-10 00:59
2010-12-10 00:26
Congratulations dude :D Good luck
2010-12-10 00:26
lol unexpected , this is bad option for fnatic but gl
2010-12-10 00:27
-pita +SpawN))))))))))
2010-12-10 00:27
LOOOOOOOOOOL moddii > pita
2010-12-10 00:34
Moddi > pita
2010-12-10 00:27
moddii > gux,face,pita,xizt etc...
2010-12-10 00:29
moddii most evil emotion player, this is bad for team.
2010-12-10 05:27
MODDII>f0rest,GTR,Edward,Xizt,Neo atm... Only markeloff and trace are the same level as moddii right now...
2010-12-10 14:59
the first part is sarcastic ofc ?
2010-12-10 16:04
2010-12-10 22:02
2010-12-11 00:16
2010-12-10 00:27
Sweden Arke 
-delphan cheater +keiz much beter awp i think they wil butsex navi so hard they cent stand up tho hahahaaha best teem since SK 2002??????
2010-12-10 00:27
i guess u haven't seen what Delpan did in SK...using his awesome awp ON LAN. Impossible kills.
2010-12-10 00:39
this guy is only to troll.. remember is nick next times.. ofc delpan is better than keiz.. :D
2010-12-10 01:09
Either you have been pretty drunk when you wrote this or you have a strong issue with english grammar. At least what you wrote remained understandable. The times delpan was caught cheating is long ago he proved more than a thousand times that he is the best awp out there without any cheats. Keiz is good but he is not even half as good as delpan. And tbh I think the only reason fnatic have not considered to draw delpan before was his reputation.
2010-12-10 10:15
ofc delpan's awp> keiz awp, but keiz it's a better rifles
2010-12-10 11:22
The question is what do they need more? A good rifler or a good main awp?
2010-12-10 12:02
a good awp ofc, i didn't disagreed with you, just stated that keiz plays better with rifles
2010-12-10 12:11
Ok then I must admit you were right as well :D
2010-12-10 12:12
I think a good rifler. They have the most underrated awp in the world dsn
2010-12-11 03:22
kiez go to RAGE
2010-12-10 10:21
Brazil hono 
pita is good, but fnatic needs moddii
2010-12-10 00:28
so you know what they need, why dont you try a job at fnatic? when a team change the roster people think they are like robots and just do things randomly. oh no, they need moddi
2010-12-10 01:06
Brazil hono 
It's obvious fnatic needs a great fragger and moddii is pretty better than pita. And I won't be pissed off by your ignorance, so have a good night.
2010-12-10 01:25
nice lineup!
2010-12-10 00:29
GL i like this team
2010-12-10 00:29
2010-12-10 00:29
2010-12-10 00:29
moddii is just too much unlucky atm :\
2010-12-10 00:29
Brazil da:n 
OMG -pita +MODDII plx
2010-12-10 00:29
smart player and goodrifle to :D
2010-12-10 00:29
pls don't eat govna:)
2010-12-10 01:09
hahahahahaha! x@
2010-12-10 09:57
Bulgaria sN7 
2010-12-10 13:14
balkan mafija a? :D xD
2010-12-11 21:08
Bulgaria sN7 
Balkan > all :D Mama im da iba xD
2010-12-11 22:17
who will be the AWPer?? delpan or dsn??
2010-12-10 00:29
Maybe Delpan , dsn will be in-game leader i think.
2010-12-10 00:30
Oo, cArn was always the IGL...
2010-12-10 00:41
Yes lol , my mistake :o
2010-12-10 00:43
According to a statement from cArn on fnatic.com, Delpan will be main AWP and dsn secondary.
2010-12-10 00:31
Na'Vi style xD
2010-12-10 15:01
whats the problem with 2 awp?
2010-12-10 01:06
they're gonna have the same problems they had when threat was in fnatic.. 2 igl :/ i think
2010-12-10 01:22
Delpan, dsn will show us his old, almost forgotten, madfragging :) (madfragging or madfraging? :D )
2010-12-10 06:14
magfagging :D
2010-12-10 11:07
Delpan main awp, dsn secondary awp , carn igl
2010-12-10 16:06
2010-12-10 00:29
pita is a great player :D
2010-12-10 00:30
interesting, good luck fnatic!
2010-12-10 00:30
Costa Rica Mek0 
2010-12-10 00:30
eh ;O
2010-12-10 00:30
i hate fnatic
2010-12-10 00:31
comment =/ gl pita!
2010-12-10 00:31
2010-12-10 00:31
TROLLING ! so many words worthless they kno' better as you trolls...AW AW cry
2010-12-10 00:31
pita niceeeee!
2010-12-10 00:31
I called this in my earlier thread on possible 5th's and no one believed me. Hahaha! Feels good to be right ^-^
2010-12-10 00:31
Congratz! :D
2010-12-10 00:37
i hear you mate, convo with me and pus [8/12/2010 5:23:43 AM] Chris O********s: fnatic could sign PITA [8/12/2010 5:23:51 AM] Birkir B********n: lol hardly
2010-12-10 01:43
Idea snatcher Chris, we all know peekay thought of it
2010-12-10 04:45
I can confirm this
2010-12-10 09:55
Russia cheb 
oh shit i thought DIMAGA will be 5th
2010-12-10 00:32
2010-12-10 01:00
Patrik "cArn" Sättermon (In-game leader) Harley "dsn" Örwall(Rifle and secondary sniper) Marcus "Delpan" Larsson (Primary sniper) Faruk "Pita" Pita (Rifle) Richard "Xizt" Landström (Rifle)
2010-12-10 00:32
Dude ... dsn is twice more sniper than Delpan...
2010-12-10 09:55
2010-12-10 10:23
Bulgaria sN7 
Even in dsn's dreams, he wont be better than Delpan ;o
2010-12-10 13:16
dude.. i don`t want to say which one is better this is just the fnatic line up given by carn which means these are the roles which the players with have in the team :)
2010-12-10 19:19
That's fine ... but how you know that Delpan is the primary awp ?!?
2010-12-10 20:36
I see.
2010-12-10 22:41
Brazil ptn7 
2010-12-10 00:32
bad move. pita has not been on fire since old mym. it could turn out nice tho, if he gets back the fragging spirit
2010-12-10 00:32
The same goes for dsn. If pita and dsn get back into top form, Xizt keep on evolving and delpan does his thing, this line up will turn out crazy.
2010-12-10 00:43
u are actually wrong my friend, pita has been on fire with RAGE along with Zyppe. This is really a huge loss for RAGE and I think they will face huge problems with their new team.
2010-12-10 04:02
nix0n you are wrong, pita and delpan won dreamhack winter 2009 not dreamhack summer :)
2010-12-10 00:33
2010-12-10 00:37
glad to help
2010-12-10 00:43
moddii and gux go to lions imo
2010-12-10 00:33
moddii > pita :x bad move
2010-12-10 00:33
LOL :o:o:o:o.O
2010-12-10 00:33
in wcg , fnatic no have pita cuz he's from bosnia sorry for my english =(
2010-12-10 00:34
Sweden pita 
I can play WCG since im a swedish citizen ^^
2010-12-10 00:34
hmm , its ok.. good luck in fnatic great player ! ^^
2010-12-10 00:35
Sweden pita 
thank you very much!
2010-12-10 00:37
gl pita, I think new fnatic will kick everyones asses!
2010-12-10 00:57
lol ass kisser.. :)
2010-12-10 01:17
if you try to be nice you will be called ass kisser. Thats how it works...
2010-12-10 01:18
in this case u bet u are.. they dont stand a chance against navi
2010-12-10 01:28
we'll see. Never understimate young talented guys
2010-12-10 01:28
NaVi aren't GOD, and really, even GOD makes mistakes sometimes ^^
2010-12-10 02:02
there is no GOD!
2010-12-10 04:04
2010-12-10 07:22
-1 :P
2011-12-28 22:09
so true :)
2010-12-10 14:12
haha +1
2011-01-19 21:21
what you think about that BLA BLA BLA x>y
2010-12-10 01:10
good luck man and keep pracccing hard! :)
2010-12-10 01:12
GL to you, m8. Hopefully u'll be doing well with guys in fnatic :) <3 Fnatic 4ever
2010-12-10 02:00
Vietnam LgS 
go pita ! lift fnatic up high !
2010-12-10 02:34
GL dude.. NVM about the comments ..... Just show them wat u r made of.... :P :D... <3...
2010-12-10 03:27
ma tako je lave svaka cast translate: congrats, good luck
2010-12-10 03:41
gl man,its your time now.All eyes on you :P
2010-12-10 04:29
2010-12-10 00:35
lets see what he can do on fnatic
2010-12-10 00:34
2010-12-10 00:34
Germany j0tt 
would like to see delpan xizt moddii gux keiz :D
2010-12-10 00:36
ofc moddii > pita
2010-12-10 00:35
didnt understand this one
2010-12-10 00:35
Won't be the last thing you won't understand.
2010-12-10 00:38
pita was the worst on RAGE rofl
2010-12-10 00:35
eh? have u been following too much source ay? pita was RAGE madfragger and most important player, he has been on fire the last couple events and leagues. Time to wake up! )
2010-12-10 04:06
+1. You just have to watch 1 match to see it. I suggest you, IEM 5 QUALIFIER AGAINST ALTERNATE ;)
2010-12-10 14:13
2010-12-10 16:08
he was best in 95% of matches !!! :P
2011-12-28 22:13
Brazil da:n 
OMG MODDII > manne > dennis > zyppe > keiz > pita
2010-12-10 00:35
2010-12-10 00:58
only zyppe and moddii
2010-12-10 01:24
LOOOL but we'll see.
2010-12-10 00:35
GL faRRe
2010-12-10 00:36
yeah nice story from pita,love him. GL in future pita and fnatic <3
2010-12-10 00:37
moddi shouts @his pc : "WHAT THE FCK!":D sub-bad transfer
2010-12-10 00:37
Brazil btk- 
i didn't expect that! but, GL to them :)
2010-12-10 00:37
Good luck =D
2010-12-10 00:37
Very unpredictable move by fnatic here.. if you ask me.
2010-12-10 00:37
and now lions will be threat gux moddi krystal niko and they will rule the world
2010-12-10 00:38
-Krystal manne niko gux moddi threat that is the best lions line imo that could prolly keep up with fnatic and sk.
2010-12-10 03:14
niice +1
2010-12-10 12:59
+100500 or dennis/manne
2010-12-10 15:20
Dissapointed in all of this. The teams which could have been...
2010-12-10 00:38
SK @ perfect team: -allen +moddi
2010-12-10 00:38
If they do that RobbaN leaves
2010-12-10 11:59
good move i think, pita has shown hes coming back in the last matches. I also think he as a person is nicer than moddii, that might be a reason more for picking him
2010-12-10 00:39
cArn,dsn,Delpan,Xizt,pita GL !!!
2010-12-10 00:40
wow, i was thinking in lot of anothers one... but lets see
2010-12-10 00:40
nice pita :D gl. +MODDII -dsn fnatic = cArn, pita, MODDII, Xizt, Delpan.
2010-12-10 00:40
moddi?gux?sunde?khrystal?niko or fryte go new team plz
2010-12-10 00:41
Let's see that lineup at IEM5 Finals
2010-12-10 00:41
GuX in LIONS bad line up for fnatic in imo
2010-12-10 00:41
bb fnatic
2010-12-10 00:42
now im more fine to fnatic :P pita <3
2010-12-10 00:42
fail:X MODDII GuX > pita
2010-12-10 00:42
bad move :(
2010-12-10 00:43
btk?? Another fan of me ... lol
2010-12-10 01:12
lol =DDD
2010-12-10 16:09
3 awp ololo =DD
2010-12-10 00:45
Patrik "cArn" Sättermon (In-game leader) Harley "dsn" Örwall(Rifle and secondary sniper) Marcus "Delpan" Larsson (Primary sniper) Faruk "Pita" Pita (Rifle) Richard "Xizt" Landström (Rifle)
2010-12-10 00:48
pita can crush with awp too
2010-12-10 00:52
but he is not going to
2010-12-10 00:55
well...they should pick up Moddi, cuz Moddi > pita
2010-12-10 01:22
To all the haters here: Who do you think know best, the fnatic team and management, or YOU? That's what I thought.
2010-12-10 00:45
nice one
2010-12-10 01:13
Well put!
2010-12-10 02:10
they have delpan... i think they will be all right... and now carn won't have aim oriented strats due to a new team... they will rip a few heads ....
2010-12-10 05:48
2010-12-10 16:09
I think chemistry will be better with this move
2010-12-10 00:46
maybe sk is better on paper but fnatic have very good and talented players they can do some demage but if moddi join in lions together with gux they will be the next navi
2010-12-10 00:46
i dont think so :P
2010-12-10 00:47
i love this line-up ! Gux to RAGE! MODDII to Lions!
2010-12-10 00:46
good choice in my opinion, but we´ll see...
2010-12-10 00:47
GL, altough I don't think you can beat navi and sk
2010-12-10 00:47
2010-12-10 00:48
but sk can !
2010-12-10 13:54
gl pitaa proo imba PLAYERRRRRR
2010-12-10 00:48
manne keiz moddii Gux threat WTFFfFFFFFFfFFFF!!! Or -any +kHRYSTAL or FYRR73
2010-12-10 00:48
not expected, but gl Faruk you are great person and great player i hope you can do well in fnatic on international level! glglglg
2010-12-10 00:48
3 awpers :DD
2010-12-10 00:48
Patrik "cArn" Sättermon (In-game leader) Harley "dsn" Örwall(Rifle and secondary sniper) Marcus "Delpan" Larsson (Primary sniper) Faruk "Pita" Pita (Rifle) Richard "Xizt" Landström (Rifle)
2010-12-10 00:49
But pita use awp too
2010-12-10 01:01
should be good on train.
2010-12-10 14:18
moddi to lions YES!!!
2010-12-10 00:49
btw pita is cool
2010-12-10 00:49
i think is nice line up
2010-12-10 00:49
gl pita
2010-12-10 00:50
goood player
2010-12-10 00:51
fnatic will be the next team with roster changes like MYM H2K and the other upcoming Semi Pro teams fnatic will not be able to continue gaming on a topspot best of luck but i cant imagine it
2010-12-10 00:52
Lions Moddii?
2010-12-10 00:52
good player but moddii ,Gux > pita
2010-12-10 00:53
good for pita, but i dont see this team being stronger than SK and probably on the same par with lions (maybe a little lower tbh)
2010-12-10 00:53
gl pita !
2010-12-10 00:58
lool bad for fnatic pita is a good player but he won't ever replace f0rest, GTR or Gux. 2 bad they couldn't get moddii or Gux
2010-12-10 00:58
awesome move by fnatic...#5 Swedish team....GFU
2010-12-10 01:00
btw pita es great player.
2010-12-10 01:00
and now Gux join Lions and NiP official comeback in 2011 January :)
2010-12-10 01:00
2010-12-10 01:02
yr | 
Latvia G3kONs 
and moddii joins rage
2010-12-10 01:04
"play with idols such as cArn and dsn makes you think you are still dreaming." pita make me cry
2010-12-10 01:01
pita is fnatic . caaaaaaaaaaaaaa: D show your skill , own h8rs :D sretno ! :D
2010-12-10 01:01
it's hard to say how any of these teams will work. a lot of moddi fan boys need to realize that it's not just that shooting ability that needs to be factored in. You need to look at the players personality, his relationship with the other players in the team, motovation, goals etc... There are so many things that can influence the teams success, so i'll wait before saying fnatic is done for and SK will win. Since well throwing all the alstars togeather in SK doesn't mean that they'll actually start practising anymore than they did before. Good luck pita and fnatic, hope you're able to prove a few of us wrong.
2010-12-10 01:02
FIF = fnatic is fucked
2010-12-10 01:02
Just "lmao" on deleting my comment in which I put ONE bosnian word ... ignorant :S
2010-12-10 01:02
Include an accurate translation the next time and maybe your comment will stay alive ;)
2010-12-10 01:03
ofcourse ... Jonathan , who else "kralju" means calling someone as king , you curious fella <3 for you my dear
2010-12-10 01:07
Didn't hurt that much, right? ;)
2010-12-10 01:19
Johny how the fk u didn't know for Kralj... dissapointed
2010-12-10 01:58
disapointed. How the hell you didn't know the good gramar? :D
2010-12-10 14:22
disaPPointed :(((
2010-12-10 15:05
:D lol
2010-12-10 19:31
enjoy your terrible 2011 fnatic
2010-12-10 01:02
pita was as skilled as moddii back in MYM.2008, don't underestimate him !
2010-12-10 01:03
in begrip? he was even more crazier then moddii back then
2010-12-10 01:08
2010-12-10 13:04
yes he was ... search the old news , when everyone was crazy about pita ;)
2010-12-10 13:09
don't need to, I watched a lot of their matches at that time cuz on the very first day the line up was built I expected them to go really far. And sorry to say that but Delpan & moddii already were a step above the others
2010-12-10 13:14
that was later in mym ... but when they shocked sk and when they won iol with begrip , faruk was main star ... later in dubai pita&moddii played amazing ... and after that just delpan and moddii pita doesn't play as he used to , i know that . but now he has serious team - fnatic , and he is so motivated again and i except from him to explode again ... we will see ;)
2010-12-10 13:25
I not talking about one match in particular, pita is not the best imo but still a good player so it's obvious that he topfragged every now and then. Overall moddiii & Delpan were still the players to watch imo
2010-12-10 13:29
"won iol" ... "Dubai" those are not one matches ... i just brought sk as example yes , i agree with you , moddii and delpan are better atm ... but that can change in few months take care dude :)
2010-12-10 13:34
well I guess we won't come to an agreement on that today then :p
2010-12-10 13:42
MODDII >>> pita.
2010-12-10 01:04
2010-12-10 12:06
GL in 2011 fnatic. <3
2010-12-10 01:05
Hoping a lot from pita. Gogogo :D
2010-12-10 01:06
- pita why?
2010-12-10 01:09
nice move, go go pita :D
2010-12-10 01:08
Poland Tef 
Sad for RAGE and Lions but.. Fnatic is fnatic :) gl guys !
2010-12-10 01:09
2010-12-10 01:09
gl pita ^^
2010-12-10 01:09
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??? -PITA + MODDI WHY??? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL cArn smart igl he knows what he is doing if he knows that moddi is better to fnatic he pute moddi in fnatic i think that moddi > pita but moddi can play good at fnatic don't substime pita we will see stop saying that moddi or gux go to lions -.-' cArn now what he does GL PITA <3
2010-12-10 01:10
pita aim + gl
2010-12-10 01:10
gl dudes, hope pita & xizt become monsters :) these moves are a good thing for swe scene
2010-12-10 01:11
I dont expect too much from this line up, sorry :x GL! FNATIC pick all lions players maybe!
2010-12-10 01:11
fnatic with good line up don't sick super stars but carn know what his doing gl fnatic @_@
2010-12-10 01:12
good pickup 1 of the most underrated talent out there i see this lineup doin some real dmg n can all the noobs pls stop with the -player +player who r u 2 decide u aint shit just a bunch of fanboys let the pros decide _b
2010-12-10 01:14
couldn't say it better ;)
2010-12-10 01:21
China Specster 
you decide by what you see. Do you have to be a pro football player to say who is better, casillas or van der sar [for example]? No, you don't, you can see with your eyes who is better, so in cs we got the same case. moddii > pita [don't like both, but..]
2010-12-10 01:59
van der sar is 40 dude...
2010-12-10 05:55
China Specster 
-.-' you don't get it... I won't say another example, because people like you wouldn't understand it anyways, sad..
2010-12-10 08:42
gl pita, u can do it : )
2010-12-10 01:13
Interesting that now fnatic has a team of 5 great thinkers. I've always loved forest, but having 3 pure aimers (forest + gux + get_right) wasnt going really well for the team lately. Fnatic was steadily dropping in quality and becoming a top4 team instead of a top1. I'm wondering how this lineup will play out.
2010-12-10 01:13
go on pita. One of my favorites players. Hope you'll have a good stay at fnatic ^^ gj m8!
2010-12-10 01:14
lions just got a shit ton better imo, threat,gux,moddii,khrystal,niko
2010-12-10 01:14
very good player but bad choice , need fragger & aimer ; Gux or Moddii
2010-12-10 01:15
In my opinion,this fnatic squad is not that bad as it seems.In Delpan they got much better awper than the one they had(dsn),in xizt they got great aimer,probably on a level close or even same as get right and forest,and in pita they got descent sub for Gux(who,lets be honest,was playing poorly in the last couple of games,but he was playing poorly overall after he returned from SK).It is true that on paper SK now has more skilled aimers(forest,gtr and face),but fnatic has better awper(Delpan),which means again,the games between the two teams will be great. As a long-time SK fan i hope that they can finally return to their best with this squad,but still,fnatic is not team that should be underasttimated(even with this squad). But thats only my opinion :).
2010-12-10 01:15
2010-12-10 11:24
moddii obviously has a bad attitude. it's funny that all you guys think you can make a better decision than carn dsn and the fnatic organization. nice line-up, gl to them.
2010-12-10 01:16
2010-12-10 01:16
as aimer maybe, but as person dont think so.
2010-12-10 01:24
how do you know that?* you're the best friend of them :O
2010-12-10 02:03
then why fnatic picked pita? they don't know that moddii>pita?
2010-12-10 05:39
yea you are right ..fnatic never do mistake
2010-12-11 03:31
2010-12-10 01:19
you guys forget dsn was the second best player on fnatic under getright over the last two months, check the stats. hes a beast and this lineup is actually very strong.
2010-12-10 01:21
ok good luck fnatic
2010-12-10 01:22
a lot of crazy stuff going in the past few days...
2010-12-10 01:22
I dont think was the best change but.. good luck
2010-12-10 01:23
ok bad choice. SK>LIONS>fnatic
2010-12-10 01:23
Damn, fnatic was my favorite team but now... Really bad move since moddii was available, despite his rumoured bad temper / attitude.
2010-12-10 01:23
lol, how sad
2010-12-10 01:24
yes... new era... xD!
2010-12-10 01:25
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
gl pita -dsn +GuX !
2010-12-10 01:25
"I could write a whole book about what I'm feeling right now" haha I bet you could :P pita is an amazing player so we'll see how all of this works out... they probably had very good reasons for not picking up moddii or manne.
2010-12-10 01:25
klwN is gonna get drunk this night
2010-12-10 02:06
Brazil rw 
gl pita :) gl new fnatic!
2010-12-10 01:26
pita mmmm
2010-12-10 01:28
2010-12-10 01:30
Don't just think about how the team looks at this moment. Give it some time. This isn't the first time we see cArn and dsn pickup some half decent players, just look at f0rest and get_right, they were kind of unknown and not nearly as good as they are today.
2010-12-10 01:32
2010-12-10 03:48
Smart !!!! :D +1
2010-12-10 11:51
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
pita has been absolutely amazing for RAGE these past weeks so I don't think this will be a bad move, sure moddii is sick and all but they might have chosen pita because of the known attitude problems from moddii.. but this just makes the Lions team that much stronger as I would expect them to pick moddii up
2010-12-10 01:36
I've never seen so many Icelanders in the same thread. :o
2010-12-10 03:24
2010-12-10 09:16
HAHAHHAhAhaha ... EPIC .....ROFL !!!!!!!
2010-12-10 12:11
hello :D haha
2010-12-10 14:39
Seriously everyone who's saying that this was a bad desicion from fnatic you really need to think again, if you've watched interviews with pita you will see that he fits fnatic socially alot better than moddii, there's a reason why they picked him. Chemistry is so much more important than raw skill.
2010-12-10 01:36
2010-12-10 01:37
Totally agree. Moddi did an excellent job for SK as a standin, he far overperformed allen and wasn't far from face. BUT! according to the gossips he's a whiner so no wonder SK didn't offer him a new contract. It's the same reason why fnatic did'nt. He just wouldn't fit in. simple :D
2010-12-10 04:09
ofc they did a good decision, f0resst adn gtr went to SK because the team wasn't so good socially in the last times, so why should they pick a player that will give them instability
2010-12-10 11:26
pita is a good player, but not so good for fnatic..otherwise GL.
2010-12-10 01:36
would u consider putting Pakka instead of Pita?
2010-12-10 01:58
haha,mentolu ! gl with new team but i think SK will have leading roll in sweeden next year...
2010-12-10 06:25
duhh i want Sunde
2010-12-10 01:37
1.SK 2.Lions - FYRR73 kHRYSTAL niko threat MODDII/GuX 3.fnatic now
2010-12-10 01:38
Good Luck fnatic =)
2010-12-10 01:39
pita is a very technical player, excellent pick up for doing the dirty job for fnatic :D
2010-12-10 01:40
Russia B!F 
They don't have a man to do this, at least not the best one. They don't have a beast fragger machine now. Xizt isn't so stable, Delpan is more like carrying the rounds like markeloff, Pita is too passive, dsn hasn't played this role as there were 3 other players to do it. But they need a player like edward or moddii - usually the first to die after 2 or more kills by himself.
2010-12-10 07:37
maybe pita can be the "next" Gux. Gux wasn't a star like he is today before joining fnatic...Who knows
2010-12-10 01:40
maybe for you he wasnt... for people who have been following blank he was one of the best swedish players already..
2010-12-10 02:53
Norway billson 
good choise
2010-12-10 01:41
Patrik "cArn" Sättermon (In-game leader) Harley "dsn" Örwall (Rifle and secondary sniper) Marcus "Delpan" Larsson (Primary sniper) Faruk "Pita" Pita (Rifle) Richard "Xizt" Landström (Rifle)
2010-12-10 01:42
ur sick man
2010-12-10 02:51
baaaaaaaaaaaad ! + moddi or manne :(
2010-12-10 01:45
No Moddii - no win
2010-12-10 01:45
pita is good but this lineup is gonna fail imo. just seems like a randomly put together team..
2010-12-10 01:45
pita is good but... moddii it was better =)
2010-12-10 01:47
moddii or manne 'd be a better choice :s
2010-12-10 01:48
+MODDII -pita
2010-12-10 01:51
It´s fail they should have taken moddii.
2010-12-10 01:53
wow , so many nostradamuses here .
2010-12-10 01:56
Good luck pita , dabogda se proslavio jos vise , hail bosnia <3.
2010-12-10 01:55
China Specster 
lol! Lets see if fnatic makes some top3 in 2011. I don't like pita, he is stupid. [and no offence, I am based on what I have seen on LIVE tournaments]! fnatic will lose many many fans with this lineup.
2010-12-10 01:55
manne and moddii > pita
2010-12-10 01:56
moddii must of said no because there is no way pita would of been fnatic's first choice.
2010-12-10 01:56
now fnatic = top 10 @ world hahahaha
2010-12-10 01:58
pita and Delpan r old team mates so they can make good moves with carn strats i think they will do fine job,pita got nice ak/m4 also,he played really good in rage,GL fnatic gl pita! <3
2010-12-10 02:01
moddi, manne, sunde, khrystal > pita
2010-12-10 02:01
But sunde is awper
2010-12-10 02:10
also Pita played with awp for RAGE :p
2010-12-10 14:27
Lol fail:D
2010-12-10 02:06
im sure pita will improve a lot now
2010-12-10 02:08
lets be honest. pita? come on. fnatic will continue their 5-8th place finishes
2010-12-10 02:08
2010-12-10 02:09
Well, it was a hard choice because there are so many young and talented swedish players, I just hope they made the right one. Gl fnatic + pita :)
2010-12-10 02:11
dont understand this move,whatever gl :D
2010-12-10 02:13
pita? wtf !? ._. anyway GL fnatic, you'll need it :]
2010-12-10 02:14
best pick!!! :D
2010-12-10 02:14
LMAO stupid pick up. Pita is ok, but not fnatic good. RIP Fnatic. I've always hated SK, but now I like them with f0rest!
2010-12-10 02:20
best choice ever, pita looks like a really great person, and have a solid game.
2010-12-10 02:23
Lithuania zbs 
bad disicion for sure
2010-12-10 02:24
Brazil tava 
Is cArn a good capitain? We will see.. Because he probally is very motivated to show his skills.
2010-12-10 02:24
2010-12-10 02:25
2010-12-10 02:49
LOL at you
2010-12-10 04:58
fnatic made the best move of the last years (bring delpan in) SK should have him instead of allen.
2010-12-10 02:32
1.SK 2.Lions+moddi 3.NIP! 4.fnatic/rage....
2010-12-10 02:36
tbh,Gux will go to join LIONS for sure.
2010-12-10 03:06
NiP??? kidding right?
2010-12-10 04:09
seriously it's not joke
2010-12-15 16:18
gg fnatic top1 Sweden, at least in 2011 when they destroy i will say "i told you!! i was the only that saw they would be better than SK!!" now i will save this link to future bump
2010-12-10 02:39
2010-12-10 03:16
I mean this team is purely based on teamwork and execution, So we will see. I can actually see whats going on.. and i promise you moddii didnt turn down a FNATIC offer this was the roster chosen. Have faith
2010-12-10 02:48
I'm gonna comment this before I go to sleep . I'm really happy for pita , and why , well the reason is obvious. I don't think Fnatic will fail as many here says.I'm sure that Carn as legendary tac.leader will make this just fine. xizt,delpan,pita are all true talents. I can't wait to see this lineup in action...
2010-12-10 02:53
delpan will make this linup be shit. sad~
2010-12-10 02:55
2010-12-10 04:09
Pita is a good player, i think that fnatic can do some damage
2010-12-10 02:59
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo why pita... come on
2010-12-10 03:27
pita have big potential, gl fnatic :>
2010-12-10 03:33
I was a bit sceptical at first but then I read his statement and it just breathes excitement, I think he'll do anything to be in top form.
2010-12-10 03:41
stop hating pita is amazing... keep motivated fellas!
2010-12-10 03:42
pita is a great guy,good to see him there :) GL,hope carn dsn dont retire for an year atleast and make this lineup reach a top level.
2010-12-10 03:45
pita is good,but moddii is better
2010-12-10 03:53
Delpan will dominate with awp then you have xizt pita dsn + carn, i love this lineup alrready. like navi they will rely on star awper and strong backup rifflers. hhaha SK you loose, robban + 4 top aimer wandering around the map is not enough imo :D
2010-12-10 03:56
unexpected:) hope they know what they doin'
2010-12-10 04:03
are some of you dumb? pita is soooo fucking good, he's just as good as moddii and sunde imo,(even though i think moddii sunde are getting jipped in the scene right now) pita has an amazing awp, but sunde and moddii are better with the awp than pita, barely... fnatic may end up being better than SK.. sad that GuX and moddii are being fucked right now... RAGE walle > pronax moddii > lidde GuX > pop manne keiz but i doubt that will happen cpnsidering H2k needs one and it'll probably be GuX or moddii.. \ but i would love to see manne, walle, GuX, keiz, and moddii on the same
2010-12-10 04:18
no way... RAGE holds new talents... and u want them to go with old stuff, LOL lidde is an universe better than moddi
2010-12-10 05:07
lidde better than moddii? are u joking right? LOL
2010-12-10 05:48
gl pita =)
2010-12-10 04:40
pita is a good player and he can add something in NEW fnatic :P gl dudes
2010-12-10 04:49
king pitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2010-12-10 04:50
India j4v0 
Gux moddi FrRR73 niko Khrystal Please !!
2010-12-10 04:54
igl would be?? FYRR73 tried it in MYM after Jumpy retired and he was horrible at it honestly
2010-12-10 05:54
India j4v0 
u can replace him with walle he was the igl for a a long time with SK
2010-12-11 15:41
kNgV- | 
Brazil wAc 
f0rest and gtr going to sk was the same impact of lebron and bosh going to heat
2010-12-10 05:16
2010-12-10 05:22
Singapore Nephalith 
Yeah yeah.. all the pita hate.. lol. In 2-3 months, people will be all over pita's balls.
2010-12-10 05:26
fnatic top20 world nice
2010-12-10 05:48
bad player =| manne/dennis/moddii/gux better
2010-12-10 06:04
But now manne,dennis go to RAGE... and moddii/GuX to LIONS...
2010-12-10 10:49
-pita +moddii
2010-12-10 06:09
After all that YEARS of hating fnatic now they're my DreamTeam. Lol... :D
2010-12-10 06:15
Stupid move.
2010-12-10 06:24
imo delpan > ROBBEN IN AWP but forest > Zixt
2010-12-10 06:31
delpan=only awp RobbaN=igl+awp+good rifle. EOT
2010-12-10 08:20
seriosuly, you should watch some games before making such comments... Delpan rifle wise, although not as good as forest,gtr,moddii and the likes, he is still atleast as good as robban,dsn etc... which is easily good enough for an awper of such skill...
2010-12-10 08:32
WORST MOVE !!!! modddiii deserves more than em . NAVI 16 fnatic 4 IMO !!!
2010-12-10 06:31
all guys who are against pita should watch demos when he was in MYM and currently in RAGE.... then speak about this change
2010-12-10 06:33
dear if u compare level of pita with that of moddii i dont think u would still say that he deserves . Moddii is first fragger and now that pita in fnatic, xizt would be first fragger for them . can u expect shooting level from pita to an extent of moddiii sorry for my english
2010-12-10 08:09
pita was crazier then moddii when they played together in begrip and first tournaments with mym ... then all went down for them with the team ... moddii kept his amazing from , while pita didn't play like he used to ... but now , when he's in serious team like fnatic , he will explode again :) watch and see ;)
2010-12-10 13:05
okay, link works ... sry for replying myself
2010-12-12 18:49
well ok somewhere u r right but fnatic legends like f0rest didn't wont everything rt frm the start....so this may be a great oppurtunity for pita of what he's got if MODII goes to lions they will be destructive and more productive
2010-12-10 17:44
good luck pita good player with great brains
2010-12-10 06:41
as i thought it will happens. -pita +moddii
2010-12-10 06:42
I feel this would be the best move. Why???? Way back in 2007-08 when fnatic started to dominate they were just an ordinary team and no big reputations. The same would hold true now. Under the leardership of Carn, I think we can expect something huge from fnatic. But it may take some time !!
2010-12-10 06:50
2010-12-10 06:50
pita nice
2010-12-10 06:54
nice lineup does it come in good
2010-12-10 07:01
nice choice, gl pita.
2010-12-10 07:11
-carn, dsn; + moddii, manne
2010-12-10 07:13
Russia B!F 
nice! one of the best selectionists ever!
2010-12-10 07:40
this will create a problem when it comes to WCG
2010-12-10 07:38
It will not, since pita himself stated that he has swedish citizenship (a few comments above).
2010-12-10 07:59
oh,my bad
2010-12-10 15:50
GL to pita & Fnatic
2010-12-10 07:39
EXCELLENT choice .... pita is a mad player .... i hope he does great because he now has an incredible igl to help him .... lets go fnatic :D
2010-12-10 07:39
really bad choice for fnatic but gl SK,Lions,RAGE >>>>>>>>>>>>> fnatic :/
2010-12-10 07:43
no way RAGE > fnatic
2010-12-11 03:28
i like new fnatic more than previous :] gl to them.
2010-12-10 07:48
not a very good switch from fnatic
2010-12-10 07:48
h2k > fnatic
2010-12-10 07:53
2010-12-10 08:01
I guess RAGE will go with BARBARR pronax pop MODDII manne/lidde Mostly like the old H2k lineup.
2010-12-10 08:03
BARBARR is busy with his studies.
2010-12-10 09:01
new age
2010-12-10 08:05
Romania tud 
as far as teams go, 2011 will be very interesting, let's just hope it won't lack competitions.
2010-12-10 08:10
bad move
2010-12-10 08:11
2010-12-10 08:19
Gux is going to Lions.
2010-12-10 08:21
Imo moddii is better.
2010-12-10 08:31
Gux has no relation to RAGE, he's more connected to Lions since he played with niko back then in Blank. MODDII played with the RAGE guys in H2k, so it makes more sense that moddii will join RAGE and Gux to Lions.
2010-12-10 09:33
PITA IS AWESOME!! (although being said that, i'd still like moddii in fnatic more...)
2010-12-10 08:28
both gux and moddi should go to Lions... threat gux moddi niko fyrr73 that would be a great line up :) then you would have 3 swedish teams fighting pretty closely for the #1 title.
2010-12-10 08:33
I hope that Pita will surprise us :-) This situation reminds me of when minet joined mTw! Give him a chance people! :D
2010-12-10 08:38
wait wait , how can they play in iem with this lineup? they only have 2 previous members from their last lineup , dont they need to keep atleast 3?
2010-12-10 08:44
stupid fanboys! NIP are not cooming back and all of you who say that whey are best and bla bla bla, open your eyes, they are retired fot a few years and there are more young players who are better 100x times !
2010-12-10 08:47
yeah, what can you expect hltv.org is full of fanbots.
2010-12-10 09:07
2010-12-10 08:53
2010-12-10 08:56
go pita !
2010-12-10 08:57
bye bye fnatic! :/
2010-12-10 09:03
bad choice -pita +manne/dennis/moddii
2010-12-10 09:09
GL Landstrom <3
2010-12-10 09:10
Y did niko not join fnatic?? Niko knew that LIONS > fnatic without forest gtr gux i dont see this lineup doing nething special. defeating teams like NAVI mtw SK is a distance hope for fnatic now. They needed madfraggers in place of thr previous madfraggers. MODDII manne etc so many of them out thr in sweden. pita has been thr for a longtime now. he is a decent player , has potential no doubt. But this fnatic lineup dsnt stand a chance against giants like navi,SK,mtw,FX. I think we shldnt expect much from fnatic now. them winning against top teams would be nothing less then a miracle Just imagine GUx n moddi joining LIONS Gux = delpan moddii > xizt threat = carn niko > pita fyrret ? dsn
2010-12-10 09:16
u are so lost .. :S
2010-12-10 10:23
moddii > Xizt ? :) don't think so
2010-12-10 13:44
gl pit :\
2010-12-10 09:19
pitasho Noob Like kim
2010-12-10 09:21
R.I.P fnatic
2010-12-10 09:22
I would have chosen moddii instead of pita(and manne/dennis/old pz crew) Anyway, I think people will be surprised in the end ... I can already see the comments coming [<3 <3 <3 pita MVP] blablabla. As usual, on the internet everybody is hypocrite as hell. In the past fnatic signed Gux and get_right. Everybody still commented that SK will beat them easily and may I not forget his 0-14 score against SK and everybody had a great laugh ... 2 months later Get_right is an animal online offline. Welllllllllllllllllllll haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hasta luego
2010-12-10 09:28
Getright was n animal even before he joined fnatic. He was an animal in GIANTS and so was GuX.I had heard f0rest saying once that fnatic had problems playing against Gux. Gux n Gtr were madfraggers even before they joined fnatic but they got more recognition in fnatic playing international tournaments. Right now what fnatic needed was mad mad fraggers which certainly in my opinion pita is not !
2010-12-10 09:52
2011-01-23 21:58
GL to fnatic... nw its all upto cArn how he calls the strats.. carn, its ur time to prove urself, that u r one of the best IGL. :) 2011 is gonna be awsme.. :)
2010-12-10 09:29
I think that with those players fnatic should go for more aggressive tactics. which is always nice. :)
2010-12-10 09:31
Sk's line should be forest gtr face robban MODDII instead of allen. moddii is like best aimer in sweden
2010-12-10 09:41
having forest & modi in one team would be nice ;)
2010-12-10 10:37
yeap ... he prove once in the 1 v 1 tournament that he is aim master ... but the aim is not enought when you are in team ;)
2010-12-10 12:42
Gux go Lions. bad for fnatic...
2010-12-10 09:44
baaad decision
2010-12-10 09:45
gl fnatic.MSI in 2011! line up is great! gl pita! I think you can do all that fnatic want of you! will see in Kiev C-sport ARENA 22/02!
2010-12-10 09:47
cArn(igl) Delpan(awp) MODDII(Rifle) Gux(Rifle) Xizt(Rifle) Best line up for fnatic!
2010-12-10 09:47
2010-12-10 09:49
fnatic.MSI puta
2010-12-10 09:51
He seems very motivated and eager for some succes, so he's probaly a good choice. Can't wait to see them in action!
2010-12-10 09:51
mTw | moddii xDDDD
2010-12-10 15:07
nice !)))
2010-12-10 09:52
fnatic > SK ^^ fnatic.MSI Delpan fnatic.MSI Xizt fnatic.MSI Pita new generation gl ! gl cArn ! MODDII or GuX good bye cs :(
2010-12-10 09:56
nice :) good luck in new team pita ;p
2010-12-10 09:55
easy for SK
2010-12-10 09:56
hah. delpan > all dsn will prolly move on with the rifle more often now, but then again they have two awps, tehy wont have to use f0rest to awp anymore lol pita and xizt are insane riflers, so yeah give this team some time and they'll come out killers man. go pita make us proud (:
2010-12-10 09:58
manne would have been so much better...
2010-12-10 10:00
Pita fuck yeah.
2010-12-10 10:02
what can fnatic offer to sk? forest and gtr will destroy carn and Co easily
2010-12-10 10:04
-dsn + moddii
2010-12-10 10:13
Unexpected but great move. Pita is a very intelligent player just what fnatic needs. They have 2 great AWP's now with Delpan and dsn which will be hard enough to overcome, one of the greatest IGL of all time with carn (and the possibility of handing over this business to pita when carn retires). Furthermore the biggest swedish talent that is out there with xizt who just needs some guidance by more experienced players (again pita, dsn and carn). Really good choice, this line-up I am pretty sure this can work out and we will see fnatic on top of some tournaments this year.
2010-12-10 10:20
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Couldn't be happier, there's no player in sweden (or the world) I would rather see make it big than this guy. a great player but also a great guy IRL :)
2010-12-10 10:20
2010-12-10 10:23
New SK>>>>new fnatic
2010-12-10 10:24
i think so...
2010-12-10 10:41
glgl pita !
2010-12-10 10:33
sweden just got too many good players, they could form four top10 international teams.. who could beat top1 team from every other country. ^^
2010-12-10 10:40
bye wcg
2010-12-10 10:42
wrong. Pita has swedish citizenship as well...
2010-12-10 12:08
wtf is going in sweden :S
2010-12-10 10:55
unexpected..but gL pita !!
2010-12-10 10:55
2 good awp'ers in fnatic...delphan and dsn! FTW :D
2010-12-10 10:56
gud pick fnatic !
2010-12-10 11:01
pita is good but I dont understand what cArn and dsn are thinking. they want att build a team with leaders and it aint gonna work yet again. threat is much of a player as pita. fnatic will fail once again and for moddii being left in the dark is just stupid. I dont think moddii's attitude cant be worst then get_right, the dubbel-moral. I mean come on? sure allen is good madfragger and as a matter of fact he used to be SK's madfragger before moddii joined but what happened? moddii proved to be even a better madfragger then allen and over showed him so why not keeping moddii and remove allen? look at navi. they have 1 great intelligent leader Zeus and 4 bulldogs
2010-12-10 11:05
2010-12-10 11:08
See it in another way..pita is one of the best balkan players ever!! :P
2010-12-10 11:07
after cyx... :(
2010-12-15 16:22
hmm cyx was german.
2010-12-15 20:58
:O interesting
2010-12-10 11:08
i think they can participate wcg :) because of pita`s double citizenship
2010-12-10 11:08
i think delpan and dsn togheter is not so nice ! both are goods with awp and pita is also a good awper! maybe is good to transfer delpan to sk and allen to fnatic :D
2010-12-10 11:12
gl farre :)
2010-12-10 11:18
why not gl to him :D
2010-12-10 11:20
Tentpole/zneel/moddii better choice.
2010-12-10 11:21
Belgium FnX^ 
well gl to fnatic and pita but damn moddii such a insane player and no team :s
2010-12-10 11:22
i think that pita is a good player to fnatic but i was hoping that fnatic pick moddi, maybe it was a better choice, but GL fnatic ;)
2010-12-10 11:26
smart player,but i dont know how fnatic gonna handle 2 callers in one clan,pita is one of the best called after carn,taz,ave.They may look at this move as a longer shot,since carn is gonna retire,pita will be the best person for fnatic.I dont think fnatic's lineup is getting weaker,delpan is i think the best player right now in the world.Xizt is one of the best entry killer aside with gtr and forest.They will shine,
2010-12-10 11:26
Don't know if you're drunk or something, but pita is not an IGL. I don't even think he has ever been actually. Pronax was IGL in his last team (Rage), and in the team before that (mym) Jumpy was the IGL.
2011-02-06 02:58
Russia winner ^^ 
@___@ anyway Gl pita is great player
2010-12-10 11:33
pita is very good player.. he proved his self on big events... ;)
2010-12-10 11:33
Do not underestimate, i think this will be great.
2010-12-10 11:48
best swe lineup 'd be : get_right f0rest moddii manne delpan
2010-12-10 11:53
And again someone that did not even think about adding a good IGL... -.- I allow myself to correct your statement: best swe MADFRAGGERS are: get_right f0rest moddii manne delpan
2010-12-10 12:11
:D :D :D: FAIL ... does not depend only on the skill :)
2010-12-10 14:27
Have you read my post CAREFULLY? Or is this FAIL dedicated to the one that has tried to build a team on the basis of madfraggers only, the one I referred my post to??
2010-12-10 15:10
fuckin fail
2010-12-10 11:54
good move, pita is great. moddi + behaviour < pita + behaviour imo team spirit ftw :D
2010-12-10 11:59
dsn is carn's slut
2010-12-10 12:00
haha... sure he is :D
2010-12-10 12:11
threat 2.0
2010-12-10 12:11
pita rocks !
2010-12-10 12:19
Good luck pita you will need :-)
2010-12-10 12:21
gl pita !
2010-12-10 12:24
2010-12-10 12:29
Nice :D
2010-12-10 12:34
wot abt Gux and moddii ?? whose goin to be Lions 5th ??
2010-12-10 12:34
I wonder if someone from SK will own f0rest with a bottle.
2010-12-10 12:44
n1 =))))))
2010-12-10 13:26
RobbaN>>carn allen>=dsn face>pita GeT_RiGhT>Xizt f0rest>delpan
2010-12-10 12:53
let's see
2010-12-10 13:05
RG.ENUZI | walle
2010-12-10 13:06
all of the teams should get themselfs a tons of new tactics now
2010-12-10 13:10
no chance against SK..
2010-12-10 13:10
Poland Marcines 
fnatic low squad ;]
2010-12-10 13:13
In pita we trust.
2010-12-10 13:14
Well, they lost GeT_RiGhT, f0rest and Gux, but gained pita, DelpaN and Xizt. Pretty normal, but now they have 2 awpers. Interesting to see how cArn will work this out :P
2010-12-10 13:17
why do people think just because teams have 1,2, or 3 awpers they can't have a team? not to mention fnatic is going to be hardcore on train these guys are all amazing with rifles too just a little list of awpers that are GREAT with rifles - Delpan, markeloff, Sunde, trace, FalleN, sixeR, mSx, Savage, solo, LeX, approx, friis, KARRiGAN ext just like riflers are GREAT with awps pita, f0rest, manne, moddii, neo, dennis, glow, iorek, xek Dosia ext and the list goes on and on It's funny how people think awper's can't Rifle and Rifler's can awp..makes no sense to me
2010-12-10 13:37
Did I say they can't have a good team? Omg...
2010-12-10 13:38
iorek +1 great awp!
2010-12-10 13:47
lol nice =D
2010-12-10 13:24
i don't say this cuz pita is bosnian but i think he is better choice than moddii
2010-12-10 13:26
i agree, and i guarantee after niko turned them down, Delpan probably said something like he was a better communicator, listens, better out of game, something of that sort..not to mention pita is a fucking beast, especially on LAN Delpan had something to do with it for sure from their time in MYM and Begrip, he knows moddii and pita on LAN probably better than anyone besides old MYM GOGO FARUK <3
2010-12-10 13:34
Fnatic will be very hard to beat on train and d2 with 2 of the best awpers around. I think carn should let delpan play with the awp. Dsn plays very well with rifles , that man has an incredible aim ,and he frequently delivers to confirm this uith usp and deagle shots . Turning to sk : If RobbaN sets them up well , they will probably rape Na'Vi pretty soon. All of them are mad fraggers , all they need is tactics and practice.
2010-12-10 13:40
dude, of course Delpan will use the awp, when he was a stand-in for SK he awp'd instead of RobbaN or GuX he's the best in the world imo with the awp, he's either the best or top3 for other people, people that a clue about the fucking game that is :D Delpan is amazing with rifles, way better than dsn or cArn, but he's such an impact player with that awp
2010-12-10 14:05
Gux has never been an awper.
2010-12-10 14:17
Too bosanac pokazi da si najbolji.= Go bosnian show them your are the best . Sretno ucini nas ponosnim =good luck make us proud
2010-12-10 13:43
oh god,gl in the future ..
2010-12-10 13:46
lol i own you all :)
2010-12-10 13:51
-GeT_Right -f0rest -gux +delpan +pita +xizt BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! -dsn +delpan!!
2010-12-10 13:56
best swedish lineup is RobbaN Delpan f0rest GeT_RiGhT face
2010-12-10 14:03
2010-12-11 01:59
stupid move...
2010-12-10 14:06
2010-12-10 14:06
dsn usp*MOnsTeR
2010-12-10 14:08
i dont know how to say but i like it.
2010-12-10 14:09
gL pita and fnatic
2010-12-10 14:10
Moddii-Manne-khrystal-gux-FYRR73 gg
2010-12-10 14:11
manne is an animal...that would be amazing, but they aren't going to drop THREAT because he is their IGL, even though i think other players on the team can do it..
2010-12-10 14:16
"play with idols such as cArn and dsn makes you think you are still dreaming." - headshoted.
2010-12-10 14:15
Waiting for Guxs and Moddiis appearance on CS scene again. Gux to Lions? Moddii to RAGE?
2010-12-10 14:22
pita nice player, GL FNATIC
2010-12-10 14:21
no wcg now with this line-up? carn will never leave cybersport :)
2010-12-10 14:22
pita is sweden citizen
2010-12-10 18:36
2010-12-10 14:22
gux>pita Moddii>pita Manne>pita
2010-12-10 14:23
yes pita < all
2010-12-10 14:25
Gux .. NO PITA
2010-12-10 14:26
Sweden ezk 
Gl pita :D
2010-12-10 14:26
Huah.. Here is so stupid people
2010-12-10 14:27
we saw how manne is good at DH
2010-12-10 14:32
best swedish lineup: RobbaN (IGL/secondary awper) Delpan (Main awper) GeT_RiGhT (Mad fragger) f0rest (Mad fragger) MODDII (Mad fragger)
2010-12-10 14:35
2010-12-10 15:11
2010-12-10 15:57
Nice! I think this will be a great team. If they can build up a good chemistry which I think it's easy with cArn and dsn there, they will be a great force! Let's see how Xitz and pita perform in a great team! Nothing to say about Delpan, he's just going to rule the awp scene (with markel permission :P). Good luck pita!
2010-12-10 14:40
what is wrong with those sweedes?!
2010-12-10 14:41
nothing sir ^^
2010-12-10 18:38
people should know when get right joined fnatic he wasn't one of the best players in the world it's because of fnatic thats what made him one of the best players right now if not the best, the same could happen to pita wait and see :)
2010-12-10 14:41
Team.Revenge: Walle, Sunde, moddii, gux & dennis/manne
2010-12-10 14:45
- Carn + Moddi :D
2010-12-10 14:48
Who´ll be igl?
2010-12-10 14:54
dsn :)
2010-12-10 17:32
2010-12-10 14:49
Pita? Unexpected. I dont think its good but thats just my opinion and I hope im wrong! GL
2010-12-10 14:55
can we bet how long will stay fnatic with this lineup ?
2010-12-10 15:00
Pita is amazing, good luck. It seems like cArn and dsn wanted to gather three talents with some experience.
2010-12-10 15:06
bad choice
2010-12-10 15:10
-Xizt +moddi but this is not a perfect dream team, I WANNA SEE OLD FNATIC COMEBACK!!!
2010-12-10 15:17
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
GO GO GO PITA!!!!!!! Pita was always a BiH player and he will always be! GO FNATIC !
2010-12-10 15:17
what about Lions? THREAT niko Gux MODDII FYRR73 myb
2010-12-10 15:22
didn´t see that coming.
2010-12-10 15:25
Bosnia and Herzegovina zgb 
fnatic.MSi pita <33333 GL fnatic :) sretno pita :)
2010-12-10 15:33
Albania Heavon 
-xizt +Sunde
2010-12-10 15:34
-dsn +ins xDD
2010-12-10 15:35
Fnatic with this line up don't have chance against SK, Na`Vi or fX.
2010-12-10 15:36
Yeah because it was said by b4Ne
2010-12-10 15:39
Yeah, you have a problem with that ? You really think they can beat navi, sk or fX ? oO
2010-12-10 15:49
Poland Marvelm 
I think they have big chances of beating those.
2010-12-10 20:58
Ok, maybe I'm wrong, but fnatic with f0rest,get_right and gux had problems to beat Na`Vi and fX, and now when new players joined, I think they have even less chances. I'm not saying that they are bad players or something, but they didn't better then gux,f0rest and getright..
2010-12-10 21:06
Best swedish lineup would be carn as igl moddii as sprayer/first fragger gtr as sprayer delpan as sniper Xizt just to make team full
2010-12-10 15:48
f0rest instead of moddii and the team is complete.
2010-12-10 15:50
f0rest getright face delpan moddii gux
2010-12-10 15:55
Pita is a better choice than most of you guys think.
2010-12-10 15:50
2010-12-10 15:54
2010-12-10 16:14
composition of work just delpan
2010-12-10 15:51
fnatic.pita Delpan odgovara ahhahah :D
2010-12-10 15:53
this is the end off CARNING in fnatic , lol , they need someone that can replace forest and get_right and gux in fragging, and they choose pita? , the best player that coud call is magic lennart not pita
2010-12-10 15:54
2010-12-10 15:54
Lions will rock if they get both moddiii and Gux
2010-12-10 15:59
PITA <3333!!!!!
2010-12-10 16:02
this fnatic is shit.
2010-12-10 16:05
epic fail :/
2010-12-10 16:09
They should give manne the chance to play in a big team already!
2010-12-10 16:09
dont say s**t pita rocks :)
2010-12-10 16:10
Omg pita sucks ! get FYRRTE !
2010-12-10 16:10
cool but they should have picked up moddii Delpan+moddii is like sixer and majer, they should be in the same team gl
2010-12-10 16:13
2010-12-10 16:28
pita from?
2010-12-10 16:30
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
RAGE, former begrip n mym or you mean country? then bosnia, but he's a swedish citizen if I'm not mistaken :p
2010-12-10 16:38
one more step to close roster
2010-12-10 16:34
go pita
2010-12-10 16:40
pita ftw :) gl
2010-12-10 16:47
Bosnia and Herzegovina PC. 
fack.fnatik is so sick when they hawe stupid bosnian in they team.pita pita nabijem te na kita
2010-12-10 16:48
PitA PiTa PiTA piTAAAAAAAAAAA he is very stable player,very well for gux spot! Xizt = GeT_RiGhT true story if you say this wrong CHECK FX VS LIONS DREAMHACK!!!!!!!! DelpaN <= f0rest delpan always playing amazing if map train/tuscan Delpan more useful than f0rest with awp! pita = gux ezpz fnatic probably in top5-6 again but i am in love with ESKAAAAAAAAAY GAMINGGGGGG
2010-12-10 17:05
if lions will be (or is): THREAT niko Gux MODDII FYRR73 then sk>lions>fnatic
2010-12-10 17:08
tentopole is not playing anymore, sunde is just not as good as before and what is more he is sniper, and I everyone knows delpan and dsn are one of best snipers atm, so picking 3rd would be just senseless
2010-12-10 17:12
2010-12-10 17:21
pita has one of the best, if not the best, tracing aim I've ever seen, right next to forest's. That's the one where he aims at someone that's moving and follows him perfectly. I think that he should not be underestimated. You guys must remember that most of the pro players are almost on the same level of skill. It's teamplay, chemistry and good strats that push them a step further.
2010-12-10 17:22
2010-12-10 17:43
poor Delpan & Xizt :) the gonna become good & travel around the world but to place last at all top tournaments. faily fnatic:) -dsn -pita +MODDII&Gux
2010-12-10 17:39
Where's Jumpy ?
2010-12-10 17:40
retired.. More or less
2010-12-10 17:44
Anyway fnatic looks like old MYM.se dsn/zet cArn/Jumpy Xizt/moddii hope cArn can find chemistry & strats that makes Delpan+Xizt comfortable to play with all their capacities
2010-12-10 17:50
lions looks better, anyway gl to carn & dsn. sk = top1 se
2010-12-10 18:02
ajmo pita jebi :D
2010-12-10 18:12
-pita +my dog
2010-12-10 18:12
sadsad i want ma old fnatic team back...
2010-12-10 18:13
GL pita. Rape in fnatic and shut thoose nerds.
2010-12-10 18:19
ohhh my goddddddddddddd <3
2010-12-10 18:32
GLL pitaa! <3
2010-12-10 18:36
pita is noob :s , now with pita its sure SK>fnatic
2010-12-10 18:43
pita is noob yo ? :D Trolled by xAM!
2010-12-10 18:46
2010-12-11 02:30
- pitta + moddii OMGOMGOMG PITA >>>> MODDII
2010-12-10 18:54
pita is good in online with aequitass proof now with esl wire is bad player :) gg pita @ 5 frag vs eSahara only kill in wait 0 skill
2010-12-10 19:02
good choice imo... but i still think that moddiii is better then pita. anyway gl pita in your new home :d go fnatic
2010-12-10 19:08
2010-12-10 19:08
i think RAGE manne walle moddi pop lidde/gux
2010-12-10 19:08
pita is a really good player tbh..BUT i think it is several better players in Sweden so i cant belive this move.
2010-12-10 19:26
fnatic is now very bad
2010-12-10 19:27
Don't be stupid. They are in top3 Scandinavia.
2010-12-10 19:43
they haven't played yet a tourney...
2010-12-10 20:01
I know , but can you see that 80% of people here are underestimating fnatic and pita too?
2010-12-10 21:09
chatted with edward and about pita and fnatic he said sth like "good for us, one hard opponent less next year. so yeah i believe edward knows more than you as he has already played against all of them. no top3 team anymore.
2010-12-10 19:40
Yeah, cus edward(LOL) knows more about Swedish CS than cArn, dsn, deplan and Xizt. Funny!:)
2010-12-10 21:45
yeah and sweden fuk edward.
2010-12-11 02:32
Singapore Nephalith 
SS or it didn't happen.
2010-12-11 02:36
Nip is maybe gonna be back thats awezome! HeatoN fisker potti ahl SpawN
2010-12-10 19:56
+keiz and G_g
2010-12-10 20:04
fnatic is going to failup with that lineup big time Marcus "Delpan" Larsson Richard "Xizt" Landström Faruk "pita" Pita instead of those guys, they should taken way better players like: givar rdl floreNz with them, they would have some chance to success
2010-12-10 20:13
2010-12-10 20:42
if i heard about those guys for first time i means they 100% had to take them
2010-12-10 21:45
hahaha nice joke :D
2010-12-10 23:36
youre the best man, you think with your second head.
2010-12-12 05:24
2010-12-10 20:23
you surely dont understand how to win in CS. Fnatic need smart player instead of a gunner,if team forcus on making frags more than winning,they wont go far in any event. Great move to bring one the smartest player in the world to this clan.
2010-12-11 08:40
GL pita , you are fcking amazing.
2010-12-10 20:42
2010-12-10 20:44
omg please stop with all those " fnatic aren't even top 3 anymore " shit.they haven't played 1 match and yet u r all complaining.it's now up to them to build the perfect chemistry.gl fnatic
2010-12-10 20:51
GL pita, GL fnatic. SK is a great team now.
2010-12-10 20:58
fnatic going dooooooooooown.
2010-12-10 21:13
you are all noobs...pita is a great player...you don't know shi* so stfu
2010-12-10 21:38
i'v followed pita since one month and he's really skilled and brained. but to be honest with all those brutal changes i don't think fnatic will rock in 2011 but GL guys
2010-12-10 22:04
pita is really good, but moddii/khrystal/manne would have been better i think (sory4myenglish)
2010-12-10 22:15
We had to take, not pita, but Gux'a
2010-12-10 22:18
i thnik this is great for pita now he really can show skill and teamplay . pita allready play good with rifle and now have chance for showing what he can to do in FNATIC . KAMAN PITAA FARE BOSANSKO MAGARE ! <3
2010-12-10 23:07
sretno Faruk :) translate: good luck Faruk :D
2010-12-10 23:22
good luck pita :D
2010-12-10 23:37
carn want to prove the world of cs that he, together with dsn, can build a number 1 team starting by instructing rising stars, such as delpan pita and xizt. very good team imo
2010-12-11 00:29
+1 cArn is one of the best igl out there.People who say carn plays kinda old-school are wrong.From what i have heard cArn is good at adapting different game-styles.He does that to make things easier for his team-mates.Thats sign of a good leader.If he choose the players, its for a reason.He knows better so pls don't say x > y +x -y GL fnatic
2010-12-13 20:23
I look forward to fnatics resaults and pita dominating. No team ever just picks up a player for the hell of it.
2010-12-11 01:33
-Xizt -moddii And the lineup is beast
2010-12-11 02:08
keiz 2 RAGE please :)
2010-12-11 02:23
pop lidde pronax manne keiz Da-BeSt
2010-12-13 20:16
2010-12-11 02:28
India transformer 
gl fnatic
2010-12-11 05:41
Why do people think of themselves as all-knowing spokesmen? Just consider what You're sharing with us - the readers. (hereby I allude to the people having opinions on behalf og fnatic's choice of line-up) I personally think I had to go through indredibly much bullshit, just to get the slightest useful information in this thread. Keep it real, please.
2010-12-11 07:04
I dont think Gux is as mighty as last year,after watching him recent action. Moddii is a great player ,so is manne and gux,but right now,fnatic need one of more brain player(people say dsn is not playing good,i think he is one of the smartest awper and player in old fnatic),they cant depend on shooting to win against Na'vi.Delpan is now i believe the mvp player in fnatic.Carn,pita,dsn,delpan are all the smartest player u can get in CS,with xizt to be the entry killer,they have away better chance to win navi than the old lineup. I think people think SK is back,but i dont give much hope to them,with their bad managment,forest and gtr may lose their job later on if they cant get to top spot,loser clan dont even pay their players.We will just see.
2010-12-11 08:48
pita ; (
2010-12-11 09:03
pita left MYM for fnatic :P I wonder how they handle
2010-12-11 11:53
left mym for fnatic ? WHAT A NEWS
2010-12-11 11:57
2010-12-11 14:04
they can play WCG Swe?
2010-12-11 12:08
pita is a sick aimer
2010-12-11 12:29
AE PITA RAZGUZI TO !!! Show them who is the boss !
2010-12-11 13:46
this line up is so fkn sick, can't wait to see them play.. best of luck pita(:
2010-12-11 14:02
bye fnatic, you'll get owned every single event.
2010-12-11 16:58
Shut up if you have never seen pita playing.Asshole
2010-12-11 20:40
a guy that is 4th on k/d ratio on a team like rage going to fnatic hummm,im not always looking at scores but fnatic really need some gun power there and pita doesnt have much
2010-12-11 17:00
you're wrong , cuz he has better kd then pop , lidde and pronax ... manne has better that 4th kd ratio is for fnatic team ;) and btw kd doesnt mean nothin
2010-12-11 18:20
actually it does,nothing is more objective than stats,it isnt arguable when it comes to his k/d rank i really thought that he was 4th in rage,well it doesnt matter he will fail
2010-12-12 00:03
how will he fail ? explanation please ? don't tell me you're another nostradamus
2010-12-12 00:39
The statistics does matter. Take a look at Na´vi stats and then tell me again they don´t.
2010-12-13 14:29
1.09 kd ratio is just fine ... and it will be better ... its hard to play in semi team rage and get big difference between kills and deaths
2010-12-13 17:02
Wouldn´t call 2009 mym a semi-pro team.
2010-12-13 17:18
they just won dreamhack ... u used na'vi as example , those guys must have amazing kd ratio when they're unbeatable I repeat , 1.09 kd ratio is good! 400 kills differenec KthxBye
2010-12-13 17:49
I underestand pita is your countryman and you support him but you cant change my opinion. I´ve never said pita was a bad player. He is good, very good, but moddii is better. You can´t argue over that. kthxbye
2010-12-13 18:04
yes he is ... but chemistry matters kthxbye
2010-12-13 18:09
Yes but they will never know what would the chemistry have been with moddii. And i doubt they know how is the chemistry even now with pita since it´s a new team. moddii looks like a nice guy from the interviews..so does pita. But whatever. It´s nothing to discuss about, pita is in fnatic. I hope he won´t dissapoint me in 2011. Have a good day, Sir!
2010-12-13 18:15
Romania C1pryaN 
good move gl :)
2010-12-11 18:28
Well .. Not enougth to beat Sk .. Or .. maybe SK Gaming will be like Real Madrid xDD @ so many Super-starts but, you know the rest :x
2010-12-11 18:44
2010-12-11 22:13
First off anyone that says Xizt needs to leave the team is borderline retarded he is one of the best players in the world he just never had the stage to show off his skill. If anyone needs to leave the team its cArn or dsn, they need to bring a new fresh young lineup not have half the team oldschool and the other half new school i Guarentee they are going to conflict in terms of strats and movement of the team. Pita is a great choice and they should really bring in MODDII..that old MYM lineup was extremely nasty and disbanded way too early, that lineup - jumpy and + Xizt,dsn could be the best in the world.
2010-12-12 01:18
Best wishes Faruk "Pita" ;) Some of us believe in you, and in a reason why you are chosen for the fnatic team ;)
2010-12-12 15:42
did they even ask moddii?
2010-12-12 16:53
this is going to be sick!
2010-12-12 18:02
hltv.org/news/2726-begrip-add-duo-for-wc.. what they were and what they are now
2010-12-13 01:22
<3 pitaSHO
2010-12-13 15:20
pita is a very intelligent player, i think his playstyle will mesh perfectly with cArn/dsn
2010-12-15 07:59
it was a kind of obvious it was pita, at least for me, because Delpan and pita do a great teamwork, they were almost in the same teams together they are kind of best friends x) GL Fnatic GL pita
2010-12-15 16:41
Really nice for fnatic and pita , In my opinion pita is really great player, > Xizt !
2010-12-17 00:33
ahahahah your kidding right?
2011-12-28 20:30
2010-12-17 05:23
2010-12-17 06:51
goodbye fnatic, welcome sk
2010-12-17 19:40
aaaaand, FNATIC DOWN
2011-01-20 00:04
who laughs last, laughs better.
2011-01-23 22:07
2011-02-06 02:57
2011-02-06 03:00
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