lurppis leaves Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses have announced their decision to replace Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen with Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman.

The Finnish veteran had signed for EG in April of 2009, moving to the United States to help rejuvenate a stalling team.

Kovanen, who became Evil Geniuses' captain, guided the team to a fourth-place finish at the IEM4 World Finals and first-place results at GameGune Mexico, MSI Beat It and several tournaments in North America.

Contacted by, the former Roccat player stated he will move back to Finland at the beginning of next year and did not rule out a return with fellow countrymen.

"I'm going to stay in Oregon until early February, when my current visa expires, and will then fly back home and continue school, work out, hang out with friends etc, the normal life, if you will," he told

"I've had a couple of conversations with the guys back home but I can't really get more into it until I'm back in Finland."

Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman, who is mostly known for his time with x3o and compLexity, joins from Frag Dominant to bring in a new tactical approach to the game.

"It's a big honor for me to finally get a shot at playing for the top organization and best team in the United States," he told Evil Geniuses' website.

"I've always wanted to play with Jordan, Danny, and Tyler so I'm really looking forward to learning as much as I can from those guys as well as bringing my own unique viewpoint to help the team reach new heights.

This is the second roster swap for Evil Geniuses in the space of just three months, after Derek "dboorN" Boorn was picked up to replace Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol back in September.

Irukandji: new EG in-game leader

Timmerman will make his first appearance for EG in the upcoming ESEA season, which kicks off in January, after which the team is expected to attend the IEM5 World Championship.

Evil Geniuses now have:

United States Danny "fRoD" Montaner
United States Tyler "Storm" Wood
United States Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert
United States Derek "dboorN" Boorn
United States Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(
2010-12-23 04:42
he was cut btw
2010-12-23 04:56
eg will be owned by all teams now :P
2010-12-23 13:01
2010-12-23 17:29
was this decision taken due to lurppis' expiring visa ? or some other reason ?
2010-12-23 17:52
na .....
2010-12-24 14:16
sad for tuBBy =D
2010-12-23 07:38
2010-12-23 18:05
no:(( lurrpis:(
2010-12-23 11:30
2010-12-23 14:06
also bigger than markeloff or any player in the Na´Vi lineup? :-) Nah.. I don't think so.. :D
2010-12-23 23:48
2010-12-24 10:25
NOT :-) But okay. We'll see next year how far this new lineup will get ;-)
2010-12-24 12:35
very sad, I like lurppis :(
2010-12-23 14:44
Brazil fzZ
2010-12-23 04:43
2010-12-23 12:02
how was that expected?
2010-12-27 13:31
ouch EG is gonna suck really bad now. sad day for USA.
2010-12-23 04:44
everyday is a sad for USA!
2010-12-23 12:13
Sad day for both Finland and USA bro
2010-12-23 12:13
cool, now they won't cry at wcg cuz they have a stand-in gl
2010-12-23 04:44
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
2010-12-23 05:18
+1 :P
2010-12-23 07:14
and like always they will be raped by EHAUHUEAHU
2010-12-23 12:41
2010-12-23 13:11
CNB> coL :D
2010-12-23 14:37
as always? annoying brazucas
2010-12-23 16:30
sad but true story :( edit : those fanboys are so fucking boring, my country is so flamed here because of them
2010-12-23 17:49
Canada Quartz87
2010-12-23 04:44
All American is a plus, but sad to see lurppis go. and irukandji is good too so im expecting some good results this year
2010-12-23 04:45
+rambo +irukandji=top3!)))
2010-12-23 08:09
after what he did for them? really?
2010-12-23 04:44
frod storm and warden left jason lake for more money at eg, after all he did for them. so im not surprised. i dont think they even care
2010-12-24 15:34
nice,but i dont like dboorn.. gl EG.
2010-12-23 04:45
me too. - dboorn and + evo. or kyle "kth":D
2010-12-23 04:56
what year is this? kth? REALLY?
2010-12-23 05:13
rofl exactly what i was thinking
2010-12-23 06:56
LOL why does this guy know kth? I hope he really isnt from ukraine, im still creeped out ROFL
2010-12-23 08:16
im from Ukraine, rly:D
2010-12-23 12:43
me too +10
2010-12-23 16:18
Good luck Mr. Kovanen
2010-12-23 04:45
2010-12-23 12:18
+1 reps
2013-08-27 12:37
Belgium v1ncNtt
2013-08-27 13:08
2013-08-28 10:29
what a stupid move now EG is really screwed.
2010-12-23 04:47
just what i did thought
2010-12-23 11:42
old news. this really sucks. my favorite cs player of all-time :(
2010-12-23 04:48
Yeah this is a stupid move replacing lurppis with the best IGL in NA. Should have definitely replaced lurppis with someone from Hong Kong. Come on people, think for a change.
2010-12-23 04:49
Realistically the best IGL in North America still probably isn't as good as Lurpis.
2010-12-23 04:50
stenoo is best ingame leader from NA dude think for a change.
2010-12-23 04:54
He hasn't done anything post 2008 unlike Drew
2010-12-23 04:59
once again state something he has done internationally of course.. obvious fanboy. grow up.
2010-12-23 05:37
Sorry what has Drew done?
2010-12-23 05:42
what has steno done?
2010-12-23 07:52
placed 3rd at dreamhack winter! lol
2010-12-23 16:05
ROFL your mad, drews calls carried coL, drew will be fresh as well as he aint bin playing much recently just scrims once in a while, drew is the best igl in america fulll stop
2010-12-29 14:42
Think you're forgetting what lurppis manage to do with a team that didnt win anything when competing european teams. But guess we will see if this will improve their abilities but tbh I dont think they will be able to keep up tactic-wise after he's gone.
2010-12-23 07:19
It isn't as if there was no talent or experience on the team with lurppis though. n0thing is possibly the most innately skilled player to ever come from NA, not to mention fRoD and Storm are both former multiple-time world champions. coL was the best team in the world for a portion of time, and was top3 overall from 05-06 easily.
2010-12-23 10:44
Jep inno but a year before lurppis came they kinda lost everything when going abroad. So yearh ofc they got potential and skilled members. Im just saying that the experience lurppis came with about european gamestyle/tactics imo this might end up to be a big downfall
2010-12-23 11:54
it was a combination of reasons why EG was performing under par at that time. - fRoD, Storm, and Warden had just returned to 1.6 from source. the entire competitive aspect of the game had evolved since they left, and their old competition had just gotten better and better. - even after lurppis joined, it took them about a year to really reach the dominating level that they ended up acheiving, at least in the North American scene. they were still losing to x3o/coL early on with lurppis. i don't think anyone could really expect a long term commitment from a Finnish citizen like lurppis. being away from home for as long as he was is actually surprising, and i'm sure it's not an easy thing for most people to do for an extended period of time. Him going back home was just a matter of time, and while I don't know whether it's true or false, many people are speculating that the organization asked him to leave. if you think about it, North American teams are only able to attend a percentage of the major international events. They don't have the means to make it all over the world like the europeans do, and every year you see them missing many big tournaments. WCG is one of the few that are a priority for Americans, and the fact that they need to use a stand-in, and break their training regiment for those 1-2 months, would put a damper on any teams chemistry and consistency. Irukandji is hands down the smartest and most individually skilled IGL in North America. If you ever watch him play, you would know how technical and talented of a player he is. He can frag with the best, he's a very hard worker, and he's a great study of the game, as well as the most up-to-date tactics being used around the world. He led x3o/coL to the 1st/2nd spot in the USA within a year, and consistently held them there for the next few years. Now he's a part of a much more skilled and experienced team, not to mention WAY more devoted to the game, as EG players tend to treat counter strike as the priority in their lives, unlike most NA players at the top level, who need to focus on school and/or work. This is definitely not a bad move for the states, gl.
2010-12-23 17:52
excellent post, +1
2010-12-23 18:14
I'm not really sure where you get your information from about EG starting out poor when lurppis joined. x3o/coL have never beat EG consistently on LAN EVER period. The only time they ever beat them and went on to win the tournament was when thomz first joined and they won ESEA and when lurppis wasn't playing at a WCG event in newyork. After that gfn joined the ranks of EG and coL never EVER EVER had a chance at beating EG on lan. coL went out 16-4 16-3 at IEM American finals and never really made top 2 at a ESEA event ever again. Mainly because they starting cutting and replacing people (IGL) has a huge say and ended being released by coL management if i'm correct along with NineSpot. To be quite honest i can really careless about what you talk about as far as North America, because internationally is all we Americans should ever care about not some USA scene when it's clearly a joke and anyone can win (see ESEA's last event). Which brings me to my next point since you seem so strong over Irukandji and i'm not saying hes bad or awful or not fit for the IGL job, when has he ever done something over lurppis that was international ever? I'm sorry but show me his resume that makes him a clear better cut IGL then lurppis is all.
2010-12-23 19:44
well first off, i never once said that drew was better than lurppis. i said he was the best IGL from North America. i still don't know why youre talking about gfn, but ok. when i explained how EG lost to x3o/coL frequently when lurppis first came to the states, it's because they did lose..a lot. i know this because i actually watched the matches. assuming you won't take my word for it, i've done you the service of actually snagging up some of the match stats around that time to support my senseless ramblings. the bottom line in what i was trying to get across is that with lurppis out, there's no one better to replace him than dRew. even as the best North American [Citizen] IGL, he's also the best performing leader on the scoreboard, and that's where he has even lurppis beat. no IGL in the US can frag better than dRew, just look at his individual stats for any season. And to say that dRew has achieved more internationally than lurppis would be a retarded statement, which is probably why i never said that either. However, his international resume has more W's on it than any other IGL in the past 3 years (other than lurppis). Once again, i did the work for you. Extreme Masters Continental Finals (2nd to mibr) IEM III: LA (5/6th over fnatic, Gameplay, and old-x3o) Dreamhack Winter (3rd overall, beat SOA, Millenium, k1ck, and were eliminated 2-1 by MYM who won the entire event) so, not only is dRew the best available option for EG, he's also a phenomenal player all around. i was trying to convey this to the foreigners, and i shouldn't have to explain NA cs to someone from NA...don't get so defensive.
2010-12-23 21:36
i wouldn't really say that drew has lurppis beat there as lurppis has been consistently EG's top3 player under n0thing and fRoD. both are good players nonetheless :D tomi's newb.
2010-12-23 22:13
Appreciate the post with information about online matches which are pretty invalid and anything can happen online here. Yeah I watched their online performances and they were usually GREAT and such but your posting random matches which had no direct result of their placing throughout a LAN. The only which was WCG USA open really isn't something to hold a accomplishment for. lurppis has played the same if not more international matches as Irukandji and has made bigger plays and has better stats in NA and international. see his post above mine and you be the judge the past few season. x3o beat Gravitas at that IEM and got destroyed by mibr in the finals, no real contest then thoMz left for Gravitas which then they eventually fell to Gravitas at Kode5 USA Grand Finals which Gravitas won. (living together evolution,Irukandji,dboorN,hero,NineSpot) They blew ESEA Season 3 vs EG in the Grand finals. They blew WCG USA 2009 finals to EG and Turmoil (impulsivE,thoMz,perez,gfn,ben) getting 4th place. cut evolution for thoMz Won ESEA next season over DINC and EG then received 3rd place at Dreamhack Winter 09. Blown out by mTw the only talented team they played besides Millenium for 3rd. No they didn't play MYM at all during the tournament. mTw beat them in a bo3 and knocked them into 3rd/4th finisher round while mTw went to play MYM in the finals. Blew IEM America 16-3's vs EG a week or so later. After that they hit the lowest point not making it outta group play for IEM world finals and getting 4th place at ESEA LAN finals and coL eventually make a new squad getting rid of Irukandji and NineSpot. I can understand what you're trying to say that he is the BEST IGL from America but with the current talent pool he had, this isn't anything much greater besides having n0thing. Once again when international events roll around and they are playing vs talented top teams we can see what type of IGL he is again. I'm just saying coL released him before and remembered hearing how he would mentally shut down and get upset when they would start to lose. goodluck lurppis and Irukandji in 2011.
2010-12-23 23:27
youre just an angry child, aren't you? i understand that this is "breaking news", so maybe you guys are still on your toes about the whole thing, but at least read what i say and stop inventing things to argue about. i agree that lurppis is better, more experienced, and has achieved more than drew, and i never said otherwise. all i said was: a) coL used to beat EG when lurppis first joined. i mentioned nothing about the final tournament placings, or whether the matches were online.. they just flat out used to win, and many times were blowouts to be honest. this is just a fact. b) in comparison with every other in game leader born in the USA, dRew is currently the best (which i suppose could be an opinion, fine), and has had the most international success in the past few years...other than lurppis (fact). the players obviously watch drew at these tournaments when theyre not playing. they know what he's about. they basically have their pick at any player that they want in the country, and they chose him. judging by tomi's response, it sounds like he was removed from the team as opposed to actually wanting to call it quits. plus, in his interview he seemed to have expected more time to work with dboorN. if that's true, then i don't really agree with that move. if he chose to go back home and leave the team, then drew is the next best thing..plain and simple. as you can see, i mentioned nothing about EG's career successes, nothing about the evo/xp3 compLexity roster, nothing about turmoil or any of its players, nothing about thoMz. i appreciate your thoughts on all those things, but if you absolutely HAVE to keep talking about them, please respond to someone else's post, as they do not apply to anything i have said to you.
2010-12-24 00:05
No success meaning winning consistently in USA or internationally is my point. good day sir. typical fanboy response.
2010-12-24 00:35
your absolutely right, now name one Amercan IGL who's led a team to better international results in the past 3 years
2010-12-24 02:29
fr0d and storm were top top players back then but many people have just overtaken them (it mainly happened around the time they chose to go play source lol.. when they came back they never quite got back to their same level)
2010-12-23 13:05
Best = Naz
2010-12-23 07:55
you compare lurppis to a guy from hong kong? really? communication-wise lurppis is better in english than your average American. Thus, making him perfect for EG, for the time he stayed in EG. In my opinion, if it wasn't for lurppis EG would have sucked really bad and would be missing LANs. EG although never top3 still managed to become dangerous at international events, and still managed to offer good games(spectator-wise). I don't know who they practiced with before tournaments but lurppis's contribution to this team was invaluable. I don't like his cocky-flaming ass but you gotta respect the guy for his dedication to our beloved game as a whole. So bitch plz think before you boast about "the best IGL in NA", cause your statement isn't even close to what's really happening, and I don't think that anyone in here can speculate on anywhere as near to 90% of what's really going on inside EG. So stop being disrespectful cause you will get spanked punk
2010-12-23 14:11
2010-12-23 23:17
retard move by EG.. LOL
2010-12-23 04:49
sad..but drew is a good add.
2010-12-23 04:50
EG used to be my favourite team but i'm finding it increasingly difficult to support them after fRoD's recent antics, the addition of dboorn and now cutting lurppis? n0thing needs to learn swedish or something and come play in europe. and lurppis needs to make a na'vi style finnish team with himself, tihop, basic, jigetus and whoever the best 5th is in finland.
2010-12-23 04:52
2010-12-23 04:54
or n0thing can learn Finnish and be lurppis' fifth.
2010-12-23 05:51
No one wants to learn finnish.
2010-12-23 11:27
Hahahah someone had 2 say it ;D
2010-12-23 13:32
but everyone wants to learn danish!!11
2010-12-23 17:31
2010-12-23 23:18
Yeah, they do not.. because they're to busy learning danish
2010-12-24 07:48
The butthurt is strong in you, young padawan.
2010-12-24 10:04
2010-12-24 10:45
2010-12-26 08:59
2010-12-23 10:27
2010-12-23 13:09
what are frods recent antics? oh and plaste would be the best 5th for that team, would be beastly! :D
2010-12-23 17:53
EG is changing lineups way to often and now they get rid of lurppis for Irukandji? AMERICAN CS CHANGE LINEUPS OFTEN with no success. he couldn't lead coL at international events. FAIL.
2010-12-23 04:53
what's a fail is your lack of recollection to coL's success internationally.
2010-12-23 05:10
hes right though Irukandji never really did anything for coL that gave them success. the line up with Xp3 evolution thoMz herotowN and dboorN had the most success until the team cut evolution. he only managed one ESEA invite victory when they picked up thoMz a few weeks earlier and a 3rd at dreamhack a month later. After that nothing besides 3/4ths at ESEA and fail at IEM's. just saying i'm not a hater, i just speak truth.
2010-12-23 05:16
dont remember placing 3rd at dreamhack?
2010-12-23 06:57
I think he meant IOL4 not really sure, something has to be with IOL
2010-12-23 08:23
they didn't even win IOL4 with the new lineup, when the only other good team was a swedish pug.
2010-12-23 17:55
yup, they finished 2nd... thats maybe what the guy thought above me :) when he said 3rd dh winter..
2010-12-23 19:50
no coL did place 3rd at dreamhack winter, but with Irukandji and the old lineup (the one that actually had success for years). its ok though, he has no idea what he's talking about.
2010-12-23 21:47
yeye ur right
2010-12-23 21:50
they placed 4th in the dreamhack compo losing against mtw in half final and losing vs millenium in bronze final
2010-12-23 15:06
no , actually they finished 3rd they beat mill get ur facts strait before trying to reply.
2010-12-23 16:09 Your wrong coL beat Millenium in a bo3 to receive 3rd place at Dreamhack Winter 09. Don't make false lies.
2010-12-23 19:50
Dreamhack Winter in 2009 3rd place.
2010-12-23 19:46 Your wrong coL beat Millenium in a bo3 to receive 3rd place at Dreamhack Winter 09. Don't make false lies.
2010-12-23 19:53
drew has been the best player from a non-EG team internationally for sure, not to mention his style of tactics mixed with EG's base of ideas ased on their play with lurppis could be really good.
2010-12-23 10:46
Pretty sure dRew led his old POV/coL lineup from cal-open to esea-invite champions. a lot more than anyone on EG has ever done, if dRew had this lineup to lead since the beginning EG would be a top 5 team in the world.
2010-12-24 07:40
stop posting on this website please.
2010-12-23 06:40
Well they had 3 players who have left/cut. Warden: Really wasn't doing anything good for the team. Cut GFN: Quit due to life reasons, lurrpis: Cut before season 8 because he would have to leave in February so why not have a team for the new year?
2010-12-23 23:15
hanes, warden, gfn, now lurrpis :(((( and no free slot for evolution . incredible.
2010-12-23 04:53
r u serious ..irukandji is a upgrade compare to lurppis ..mark my words..
2010-12-23 04:54
Copy that ! Anything else with that ?
2010-12-23 04:57
i think so also
2010-12-23 05:25
mmmmmhhh drugs are bad, mh kay.
2010-12-23 07:57
Hopefully we'll see lurppis create a new strong finish team like roccat once was.
2010-12-23 04:55
lurpis to POWER GAMING:D
2010-12-23 04:55
2010-12-23 08:22
2010-12-23 23:15
Didn't lurppis hint he was going back to Finland in 2011 a long time ago? Not sure why people are suggesting EG might've cut him.
2010-12-23 05:10
Russia hameleonus
drew gl :)
2010-12-23 05:12
his experience was one of the main reasons for EG winning, but new player is better aimer then him
2010-12-23 05:13
i bet fatass frod had something to do with it
2010-12-23 05:18
Welcome back home :DD
2010-12-23 05:19
happy! but sad D:
2010-12-23 05:21
again? o.O
2010-12-23 05:24
GO EG great pickup upgrade!
2010-12-23 05:24
No lurppis no winn for EG.
2010-12-23 05:25
I feel like everyone is really doubting drew for no reason. Hes a great guy and a good leader I'm sure they wouldn't have picked him up if it was a bad idea guys. Anyways best of luck EG!
2010-12-23 05:38
nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
2010-12-23 05:38
lol,usa cs was nothing before lurppis gets there,this is sure a downgrade,gl to lurppis,may he return to power gaming and bring that hell of a team back into the top
2010-12-23 05:47
lol usa cs is nothing compare is fox right? what has your country ever win in cs? i don't think KICK even made it out of bracket round in a big international tournament ever, and your talking shit about US cs scene LOLOLOL
2010-12-23 08:44
are u idiot? jesus christ... he said his opinion, might be dumb, but its his opinion, so where the hell did the talk about k1ck or fox kid? oh and btw kick placed 5-6 in gamegune2010, fox was to times in a row gamegune best AWP and they beated mouz and fairfrag i guess in the 2010 event, so dont u just stfu?
2010-12-23 12:21
reported :) and btw,i said that usa cs was nothing After the cgs period,and how can you contradict me on that matter?
2010-12-23 18:38
lurppis' new team will be the best in Finland no doubt and he's one of my favorite players. Irukandji is a good add and you can't say he's a downgrade or an upgrade until we see what he can do first, and imo he's a great player and led some good na teams; with this lineup and new opportunity i think drew can actually achieve something.
2010-12-23 05:57
2010-12-23 06:11
All American roster :X
2010-12-23 06:23
gl luRp
2010-12-23 06:40
imo this is a great movie, and is probs the best all-american roster u could make hopefully lurppis goes back to finland and plays with power gaming and they become good again too caus they've been very average recently (although they probably wont have ruuit still which is a huge shame)
2010-12-23 06:48
Yeah a great movie and the head of the movie is LURPPIS hahaha
2010-12-23 11:51
haha my bad, meant 'move' :P
2010-12-24 08:46
Hahaha i did understand that :p
2010-12-24 09:46
this could be good or bad, if EG was like a spunge and soaked all that lurrpis had to teach them and continue to use it with the edition of drew, they could be good
2010-12-23 06:59
the just did a bad move in my opinion, Lurpis was the only 1 in that team that actualy new what is European cs and how to counter the top teams the rest of the team only relay on aim and obvios that did not work is now time to see Americans in a pit again :))
2010-12-23 07:26
This is a major upgrade to be honest.
2010-12-23 07:26
he said that he will focus on his studies and school life, meaning that this possibly could be the end of lurpiss as far as cs is concerned.
2010-12-23 07:32
Speaking of EG, where have they been the past like 5-10 tournaments?
2010-12-23 07:42
go go go irukandji gl hf !!!! sad for lurpiss but andrew are a great player and captain ....:)
2010-12-23 07:57
eg will be a regular NA team again, and low tier on the world scale.
2010-12-23 08:03
definitely still better than any french team ;)
2010-12-23 08:18
Wow... just.. wow.
2010-12-26 09:02
still whoop f2f every time !!!! lol
2010-12-23 08:47
EG needs european players :)
2010-12-23 08:04
kind of sad, lurppis is such a good player and a really awesome guy. I was so surprised how connected he was with the community, since he was a top player for so long. Its pretty abnormal for pro players to actually answer pms on websites and irc so regularly, but he was just a super nice guy who answered everyone. I would really like to see him play with the future... PwR.bigdaddylurp Also kind of excited to see the top American team with a 100% usable American roster. I really hope EG can be as strong as before. Go EG 2011 :)
2010-12-23 08:18
Irukandji looks like a virgin.
2010-12-23 08:32
I think drew is probably one of the most normal looking guys ever. Weird to make that kind of judgment off a picture though! NJ being weird!
2010-12-23 10:47
Hahaha what do you expect from a guy from India who really is a virgian?
2010-12-23 11:54
Better than these two guys passing me off as a virgin based on the country where I live in. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
2010-12-24 10:08
.. And that comes from the guy from India. Rofl.
2010-12-23 14:50
1+ LOL
2010-12-30 07:37
lurppis was a very good igl :| and way Irukandji and not a player like evolution , inpulsivE etc?
2010-12-23 08:46
Lurppis was awesome but GL EG n GL Irukandji and hope to see lurppis in PG
2010-12-23 09:00
-dboorN + thoMz
2010-12-23 09:05
wow truly amazing lineup , one of the bests of all times in USA :)
2010-12-23 09:08
YES ! NOW COME BACK TO POWER GAMING PLZZZ :D if u thought eg sucked with lurrpis....
2010-12-23 09:12
lurppis, nasu, tihop, plaste, conte :)
2010-12-23 09:14
no ruuit? :O
2010-12-23 11:48
ruuit has quit his carrer to take care of his child
2010-12-23 11:55
He havent quit... Hes just inactive atm. He have played some matches after his child born. He havent just make total come back yet. I promise he will return next year.
2010-12-23 14:42
I don´t think so because you don´t have the time when you are a parent..
2010-12-23 14:53
u promise? lol
2010-12-23 15:28
lurppis, ruuit, plaste, tihop and nasu please :)
2010-12-23 09:18
that team would rock europe :)
2010-12-23 23:23
- Irukandji + pauly/naz :)
2010-12-23 09:22
-Storm +evolution
2010-12-23 09:27
finally the best team in the USA is together
2010-12-23 09:46
Not really when Lurppis did play with them THEN there was the best team...
2010-12-23 14:54
well i must say that now its looks rock solid, atleast on paper.
2010-12-23 09:48
good decision by EG
2010-12-23 09:52
-Storm +PaTyoJoN :D
2010-12-23 09:58
either you just watched Patyojon: Play it Hard or you are retarded!
2010-12-23 10:48
Or maybe, you are idiot and think that people just watch cs movies. I saw how he plays, and i like it. It's just my opinion, so don't write bullshit comment's.
2010-12-23 19:09
i don't like irukandji. lurppis > all
2010-12-23 10:15
nice to see fumm aùerican line-up in american team :) GL lurppis
2010-12-23 10:17
good move by EG....will make the team stronger once they settle down and great for finnish scene too....maybe with lurppis as IGL we will get to see some stable and successful finnish team... lurppis tihop jigetus basic nasu/H^N
2010-12-23 10:20
2010-12-23 12:02
Hope they don't start to change player every month. However I don't really see that coming tho, but I just hope for the best for them! :) So, Tomi. I guess DOOMBRINGERS is back on the ladder when you'r coming home :D?
2010-12-23 10:25
Read his statement.. February 2011
2010-12-23 16:43
I don't get why you are writing that to be honest, I said like: _When_ you are coming home :) Not like Iam asking him When his coming home .. :p
2010-12-23 17:58
just ignore him ^ anyway how its sk doing now?;d could you wrtie blog on sk or post here some fresh news !?
2010-12-23 18:11
HAHA, fanboy spotted
2010-12-23 21:30
What's wrong with being a fanboy? Though I think GeT_RiGhT should be able to post here without getting fanboy comments, but maybe he enjoys them? :)
2010-12-23 22:43
Aaah im sorry my eyes read something else, i just woke up that time :(
2010-12-24 01:29
2010-12-23 10:26
This is good, best American line up ive personally seen. Nothing bad, IMO can come from this. Upcoming events will show surprising results imo.
2010-12-23 10:40
hope for a Power Gaming! :)
2010-12-23 11:00
2010-12-23 11:04
look, eventually Lurpis had to go, unless he planned on living in America. He said it himself, his visa was expiring so of course EG had to do the next possible thing and that is to bring in an american igl. Lurpis did his job well. His goal was to help EG compete internationally. Yes it is a big loss to EG but they don't really have a choice. This was expected eventually.
2010-12-23 11:05
bad for eg
2010-12-23 11:12
They kick him or he need to go back for his country ? if they kick him they are lost , i dont know irukandji but lupris was a smart a experient IGL
2010-12-23 11:17
Really bad for EG. Lurppis is one of the best IGL's in the world for sure.
2010-12-23 11:18
Lurppis back PowerGaming ?
2010-12-23 11:18
big lose to EG
2010-12-23 11:23
bb EG
2010-12-23 11:28
watch out world.
2010-12-23 11:30
Big lose for EG , lurppis >>>> irukandji P.S - I think lurppis will be join on power gaming!
2010-12-23 11:37
wtf? lurppis is awesome and he did a great job in EG :(
2010-12-23 11:41
Lurppis back to Power Gaming ;) I really hope that.
2010-12-23 11:47
col way better than EG
2010-12-23 11:49
2010-12-23 11:51
2010-12-23 13:12
;) thank u
2010-12-23 13:27
This sux, does anyone know whether this was Lurp's decision or if EG just removed him? He did accomplish his goal of making EG competitive, so maybe this was the plan all along. EG FTW!
2010-12-23 11:54
2010-12-23 12:00
low team > EG GL HF
2010-12-23 12:02
2010-12-23 12:14
2010-12-24 23:24
Personally i think it´s a bad move but we´ll see. Lurppis had a huge impact on making EG an top team. I hope he joins PG.
2010-12-23 12:07
I don't think that this will improve their game, lurppis was basically the main reason why EG was so successful this year.
2010-12-23 12:44
i think drew can bring more things to the table that lurppis could.. go eg looks stronger this year
2010-12-23 12:51
-Storm +thoMz
2010-12-23 13:03
gl eg
2010-12-23 13:05
Bad move, but EG hasnt been good in the end of this year so what ever ;p (cheeeeaaaaters...)
2010-12-23 13:12
i wonder what the reason behind this "cut" was. lurppis indeed helped them out a great lot. but the last couple of games i saw with him, he wasn't playing very good, even for an ingame-leader. perhaps they wanted someone who can hit the heads a bit more often and i guess after over 1½ year they wanted to try something new tacticwise. though i must say this looks like a backstab right now, Irukandji is a very good player and if they dont start to fight within the team, they can build on the success they had so far.
2010-12-23 13:14
wait I will talk with him in the sk's profile
2010-12-23 13:15
omg n1 lineup
2010-12-23 13:23
nice 4 lurppis now + lurppis PG
2010-12-23 13:24
2010-12-23 13:38
2010-12-23 13:41
sad. =\ ! so.. he retired or he wants to play in Finland ?
2010-12-23 13:45
sad !!! +lurpiss_sp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-12-23 13:59
return to PG plz!!
2010-12-23 14:08
nice for lurppis and to his comeback to europe, and EG would still be able to do big damage. Foreign transfers are still not profitable in e-sports.
2010-12-23 14:15
Take a time-machine, go back to NoA time. Take a glass of milk and some cookies to eat, review their wins and losses. Come back, edit your answer = Profit~
2010-12-23 15:00
big lose for EG
2010-12-23 14:32
Bulgaria SHISHETu
nice,back of from that FAT FROD NUBSTER and go in the some new team,gl man!
2010-12-23 14:33
lurppis brought them back to the top. without him i dont see it would have happened. now his job is done though, and they can manage without him for sure. gl for EG and hopefully lurppis takes back the role of ingame leader of the best finnish clan.
2010-12-23 14:58
Sweden ribb
they should kick storm as well and bring in evolution!!!!
2010-12-23 15:02
Lol you cant bring in a member that quickly even if he does pull of an ace with 5 deagle headshots. he might have been lucky nad may not produce the same shots. on the other hand, your right about storm, hes a shit player, so at least its better to bring in some one that can do somthing,
2010-12-23 15:08
Sweden ribb
haha yeah right, I was just typing evolution because he just appeared here at hltv with an dgl ace. He is a really good player, better than storm. ninespot is also better than storm. storms days has past...
2011-01-07 10:56
good luck irukandji, hope you succeed ;)
2010-12-23 15:10
a loss for EG gl lurppis
2010-12-23 15:17
Perfect replacement, lurppis too old , irukandji too good !.. good move
2010-12-23 15:20
irukandji is a better caller then lurppis .reads team better mid rounds.. and his a far better aimer... he can frag far more consistently.. A Huge upgrade to me there was 2 people holding EG back .. lurppis and Storm..
2010-12-23 15:24
yuppp lurppis is overrated..drew has amazing fakes/tactics and im sure if he puts in the time to study teams like na'vi fnatic sk etc he can anti-strat them very well. i remember watching coL vs EG in esea finals a yr or two ago and drew was driving EG crazy with fakes at B on inferno and hitting A i was really impressed.
2010-12-23 16:22
And like you guys have any idea how he reads teams in "mid rounds", how can you really know what goes inside their head...
2010-12-23 17:15
It doesn't matter if i know what goes inside their heads, i follow every esea invite season finals and what goes on in "their head" is obviously displayed through out the round.. what are you talking about??
2010-12-23 22:07
i hope they are fully motivate
2010-12-23 16:23
sad and good news.. Lurppis did great job in eg in my opinion. Lots of #1 places and few international win, but everything ends in some point. Now lurppis can be with his family and friends thats good. If he has the motivation still what he has in eg, maybe finns back in top again?
2010-12-23 16:26
omg no :(
2010-12-23 17:17
dude bullshit, EG are doomed.. rofl but still I'm pretty much a fan of lurppis so i wish him luck with his life and hoping to see him playing again in the future (:
2010-12-23 17:23
2010-12-23 17:40
sad.. go EG !!!!
2010-12-23 18:22
Do not like it, bad for EG!
2010-12-23 18:27
so sad :(
2010-12-23 18:32
-natu +lurppis and pwr will be much better :D
2010-12-23 18:37
massive +1 !!
2010-12-23 18:44
lurppis tihop jigetus basic plastE
2010-12-23 18:52
yeah that would be nice lineup but if lurppis will play still i think nasu is in his team. (little brother)
2010-12-23 19:03
couldnt agree more.
2010-12-23 21:00
all of you saying EG is doomed are idiots...have you guys ever even seen Irukandji play? Drew is an exceptional IGL and his teams have oftentimes given EG a run for their money even with far less talent around him now you give him n0thing, fRoD and dboorN to use at his disposal and great things should come this lineup looks very very strong..
2010-12-23 18:55
+1 indeed!
2010-12-23 18:58
1. lurppis jigetus basic plaste nasu 2. natu tihop freon driim spikeone
2010-12-23 19:18
how about contE? :(
2010-12-23 19:43
irukandji sick aim and nice movement gl
2010-12-23 19:20
gl EG :/
2010-12-23 19:40
jigetus, lurppis, BASiC, contE, natu.
2010-12-23 20:41
plastE, lurppis, contE, naSu and BASiC/tihOp for 5th, rank 1 in the world!
2010-12-23 21:03
Tomi niko kovanen together 2 stronK
2010-12-23 21:57
stupid americanos, when will they learn ? europe is the best !
2010-12-23 22:12
And hotshotz said something about what has lurrpis done and what has drew done.... lurrpis was on a team that went to almost every single major event because of no real national competition. he always represented for his country... and he never dominated anything! of course lurrpis is going to have a better international resume based solely on attendance. if you have watched both players equally, to say lurrpis is a better player/leader is the epitome of fanboy'ism and you should of been aborted
2010-12-23 22:31
stats > ur talk about fanboyism, holy sht go to bed kiddo.
2010-12-24 06:37
lurppis to power gaming and they will be on top AGaiN
2010-12-23 22:40
-storm + evolution maybe? storm is so irregular right?
2010-12-23 22:49
didnt read it yet but im crying already :(((((
2010-12-23 23:02
hard to say how this will turn out. Drew can be great at calling, and also seem to fail miserable other times. But one things for sure, he's got better aim than lurpis.
2010-12-23 23:07
It will be interesting to see how this works out though I still think that the 'European approach to the game' lurppis brought to EG has lead the team to where it is now. Anyway, as said, looking forward to future news on EG's performance and lurppis' plans for 2011.
2010-12-23 23:18
Regardless of drew's abilities he's a douche. I've played esea pugs with him and all he did was put people down and act like he was the greatest player in the world! Not the kind of guy i'd want representing a top american team IMO.Also lurppis is way better than he will ever be and flame on if you must but it's the truth.He was like the only player to interact with members on the website,always answered my questions for me.I just don't see irukandji being able to fill his shoes in any way whatsoever.Just my 2cents.. Happy Holidays.
2010-12-23 23:31
lol @ retards trying to have a go at Tommi, having played vs EG a few times i can tell you he is still an amazing fragger, when you have somelike Jordan or Danny on the team its sometimes hard to get kills.. Gl with your future teams tommiboy <3 also drew u big noob are u gonna step up and smash or what?!?! haha :D gl man
2010-12-24 00:20
dude they have no idea who u are as does everyone else on this site shut up.
2010-12-24 07:14
2010-12-24 08:44
made my day
2010-12-24 10:53
2010-12-26 17:42
still no one cares :D
2010-12-27 14:16
well why dont you ask them yourself ya spastic retard?
2010-12-27 02:27
lol whered the dud go
2010-12-27 02:28
It would have been nice to have some actual comments from fRoD, Storm or n0thing about the reasons for this change. It seems that they wanted to bring in drew instead of lurppis but offered no comments about it for the community. As far as I've seen, drew has seemed to be quite a good player but it remains to be seen what he can do on an international level as he just hasn't had the chance to compete extensively enough. Best of luck to both EG and lurppis. If lurppis continues to play after returning to Finland it might do wonders also for the Finnish cs as capable IGL's aren't really found there.
2010-12-24 00:31
so many opinions.. yet none of them matter
2010-12-24 02:38
I like how #267 sucks lurpiss's and drew's dicks trying to portray himself as a bigshot. Nobody is a bigshot in cs broda, trust me.
2010-12-24 05:30
They should have had this lineup for a while now...maybe even hero instead of Storm but thank god EG is back to a full American lineup...I think they can become a top 5 team if they stick together. Stop hating on Drew kids a beast fragger and led his old coL/POV team literally from cal-open to the best team in America, I guarentee this lineup gets better results then with lurppis, he was really good but I think Drew is a better more creative strategist as well plus they have dboorN one the nastiest riflers in the game instead of Warden/gfn.
2010-12-24 06:49
#262 nice troll, the guy is pretty cool judging from ESEA pugs I played that he was in.
2010-12-24 07:07
Troll?I don't think so.You are just an a** kissing fanboy!He is an arrogant ba***d.And it's not personal.He never once said anything to me that was negative.But the fact remains,his attitude isn't right for the game.
2010-12-25 01:09
I dont understand this move, imo it was lurppis who made them what they are now. Not forgetting that he had the highest fpr of esea last season if im correct. I dont see that the visa expiring would be any kind of reason, I think it already expired once and tomi just went to get new one? I dont understand this if it was a cut but if tomi him self wanted to leave then I guess it just have to be excepted :)
2010-12-24 11:00
2010-12-24 11:48
Fair enough they've been around for ages but I think they need to change their other players, not lurppis. gl, you'll need it :x
2010-12-24 15:53
Tomi, GOOD LUCK! You will be missed!
2010-12-24 19:37
They wanted Drew also because of WCG...they were tired of throwing that tournament away cuz Lurrpis was Finnish :-/...
2010-12-25 03:37
idk i love eg but tomi not playing isnt why they lose wcg every year, its just bc other teams are better...this is a slap in the face to tomi and i dont like it....he's the only one on the team that actually gives back to the community by taking time to talk with us. Good luck lurppis
2010-12-25 05:13
"time to talk to us"??!? who gives a flying f man are you some kind of nerd. we want results.. i dont care what storm did over the weekend i just want them to win. they won a international event in 2 years clearly lurpiss's "strats" were not the answere
2010-12-26 06:17
are u some kind of result nerd? lol u make no sense in calling me a nerd...were they better with or without lurppis? did they show better results with or without lurppis? did u ever think they havent won much bc every other team from europe is better? do u think a less experienced igl is going to change the skill gap between america and europe? are u some kind of nerd? I dont care if u dont care what storm did this weekend...are u some kind of nerd? are u some kind of phaggot? are u some kind of asshole? u nerdragingphaggotasshole...when they do even worse with an average american strat caller who hasnt proven himself anywhere near as much as lurppis has, im gonna slap u in the face with my fat nerdy cock. If you look at any other team out there that has made a name for themselves, they all appreciate their fans, for the most part Eg does not and that means something to alot of people that follow them...ur opinion means nothing which is why no1 including myself gives a shit what u have to say. fatnerdvirgincockgobblingasshole. see i can be a 13 yr old pre-pubescent lil prick too. btw ur grammar sucks, go back to school phaggot
2010-12-26 06:28
im a fan, not a nerd. you want a blog bro like come on. n0thing had the old old EG lineups at this position (top of usa)... so much better? ROFL if you aint first your last kid. keep saying n0thing fRoD and Storm arnt good enough.
2010-12-26 16:32
u ramble like a child without thinking about what ur going to say, storm is one of my favorite players ever...i have always said fr0d is one of the best players NA has ever had, and n0thing is one of the better players around today. I have never once said any of them arent good enough, u put words in my mouth bc u are upset. However lurppis is better than irukandji, all the stats are there for u to look at and he comes from the european style of play which is what dominates the game of cs today. You can be a fan all you want, but ur statements are wrong and this was a terrible move on EG's part. end of story
2010-12-27 05:33
your highly over rating lurpiss
2010-12-27 06:08
fuck!! he was so gudd in this (my favorite) team ;//////// i hope that Irukandji wouldn't mes everything now !! :/
2010-12-25 12:56
frod, sick player xD
2010-12-25 23:45
here comes the stubborn child in you again, u cant overrate someone by looking at stats on paper, the stats are facts, they actually go look at both of their past teams/seasons/accomplishments and tell me who is better...if u say irukandji ur being a straight up fanboy, and theres nothing else to it. i think we're done here, im going by factual evidence and u keep giving ur opinion.
2010-12-27 06:25
thats funny because hltv . org had him ranked 5th on the team. so witch stats you going by? esea? or international events???
2010-12-28 05:14
and where was irukandji ranked and for what teams?
2010-12-28 07:12
look kid you lost. you didnt even answere my question. irukandji is ranked 3rd on the team as of now, so he obviously put up the numbers that made coL a top team(3rd at dream hack winter and beat EG alot with less talent). hes just a better player all around and hes AMERICAN. get off my cok nerd go talk to your mom if you want someone to talk too you.
2010-12-28 08:44
dropya you're really clueless on saying Irukandji is better then lurppis, lurppis has done better then him at all ESEA events and has done more internationally then Irukandji could even dream of. you do know coL released Irukandji because his lack of leadership skills and getting upset and shutting down was a huge reason behind it before they picked up the new american roster with Xp3. 3rd place at Dreamhack Winter they played nobody to achieve that 3rd place victory besides SoA and Millenium both which thoMz and dboorN played beyond incredible and carried the whole team. coL has never beat EG on LAN except once when thoMz first joined coL and they won ESEA that season. after that they never had a chance so your argument is void.
2010-12-28 10:22
no they want the first b03 in esea finals when they had evolution. void. the irukandji thing happend but then they relized and begged him to come back removing evolution. void. and lurpiss couldnt get it done with the team internationally therfore they needed a change. void. so witch argument is void?
2010-12-28 11:58
chucky is right you're about as clueless as a 13 year old child trying to fit into a classroom. Irukandji has done ZERO anything internationally and you think now hes gonna do something? you are stoooopid ehh.
2010-12-28 22:01
Sorry I'm late. What is FODDER's view on this move?
2011-01-21 18:37
Wtf. NA scene is flippin out. I can't keep up with the team changes and new lineups.
2013-08-27 13:18
Germany pr9ud
are u kidding us? did u even read the date of this post?
2013-08-27 13:22
Welp. No. [spoiler] goes away in shame and hides [/spoiler]
2013-08-27 13:25
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