Top 20 players of 2010: f0rest (6)

As we close in on the top of our list, we remain with six players who stood out far more than the rest. It is the former fnatic and current SK mad-fragger, Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg who takes up the 6th position. He had an excellent 2010 in which his form culminated during the summer, when he led fnatic to two of their titles.

Basic information

f0rest from fnatic

Player: Sweden Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg
Team: Sweden fnatic
Age: 22

Team achievements in 2010:

1st - Arbalet Cup Europe, GameGune, IEM5 GC Shanghai, KGC #2
2nd - IEM4 World Championship, IEM4 European Finals, MSI BEAT IT, DSRack LAN #3, EPS Nordic II
3rd - Arbalet Cup Best of Four, e-Stars (also won the Continental Cup as part of Team West)

Stats from major LAN tournaments in 2010:

Kills per round: 0.81
Deaths per round: 0.62
Rating: 1.21 (?)
Maps played: 132
MoM: 33 times top rated in a match
Best tournament: Spain GameGune
Best map: de_nuke
Most notable stats: 4th best KPR (0.81), 4th best player on de_nuke (1.26 rating)

In 2005 the Swedish team Begrip surprised everyone and won WEG Season 2 in front of many more famous teams, while the main star on their road to 1st place was Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg. He was nominated for the Newcomer of the Year and Best Counter Strike Player of 2005 following that success and several months later, at the beginning of 2006 he joined fnatic as part of a new lineup whose goal was to become the best in the world. That was exactly what they did in the next few years, while Lindberg became the team's best player and affirmed himself as one of the best to ever grace the game, winning the award for Best Counter Strike Player in 2006 and being nominated for it twice more, in 2008 and 2009.

Almost, but not as good as 2009 at the start

After an extremely successful 2009 for fnatic, they went into the next year with a lineup change as Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl had left the team, while the replacement was found in form of Björn "threat" Pers. Their first test came early on in mid-January when they attended IEM4 European Champioship Finals. It seemed like nothing has changed compared to last year, as fnatic dominated the group stage and reached the final of the event with 7 straight wins. However, they were then defeated by mousesports after a big fight and they had to settle for 2nd place. Lindberg had a very good tournament, finishing it with a 1.20 rating, 3rd best in his team and 5th best at the event. He played well in every match, but he excelled the most during the group stage clash with mTw when he displayed one of the best individual performances by any player in the entire year, having a 26-4 score in the first half as CT on de_dust2, giving his team a 13-2 lead and announcing that he will be using the AWP more often in the future. He finished the match with 41 kills and earned himself his best rating of the year in a match - 2.18.

At the beginning of March, fnatic took part in IEM4 World Championship of which they were the reigning champions. This time they started by losing their first match against Evil Geniuses, but then again went undefeated for the next 8 maps until meeting Na`Vi in the final. The Ukrainians however took the gold in front of fnatic, as the Swedish team had to settle for another 2nd place. Lindberg himself was again one of the best players at the event with a 1.16 rating (6th overall, 2nd in his team), especially shining during the semi-final against SK with a 30-12 score in the first map. He had another impressive performance before that, in a group stage match against Frag eXecutors where he led his team to come back from being down 6-9 at the half with his 21-4 score in the second part of the match as they ended up 18-12 winners.

Two 2nd places in a row for fnatic

In May it was time for fnatic to finally climb to the top of a tournament, which they did at Arbalet Cup Europe on their home turf in Sweden. They once more reached the final undefeated after 8 maps, although with one draw on the way, only this time they managed to overcome Na`Vi at the last step at take their first title of 2010. Lindberg performed even better than before, finishing as the 3rd top rated of the event with an impressive 1.29 rating, although once more as the 2nd best of his team. His best performances came in the playoffs, in the semi-final against PinG and also in the final against Na`Vi when he was top rated in both of their map-wins.

However, they didn't continue with that form, as they lost in the final of IOL FINAL4 Season 2 to their rivals SK Gaming a month later. Lindberg had just an average display with a 1.01 rating, not helping the team's cause much.

That tournament was intertwined with another more prestigious tournament, DreamHack Summer at the same venue, which turned out to be the first occasion when fnatic didn't make it to the final of an event in 2010. They already found minor trouble in the group stage drawing with the French side Fair Frag, although still claiming the first place, but then they ran into H2k in the quarter-final and that's where their road ended, while H2k went on to finish 2nd. Lindberg had an excellent 1.28 rating, but mostly thanks to his performance in the group stage, although he didn't disappoint in their playoff match either.

Lindberg also played for his national team in the ASUS ENC online stage from April to June, which they ended up as first in their group. However, his contribution wasn't very significant as he finished with a 0.97 rating in 10 maps. He did have a highlight round from that competition though, with an ace in the match against Ukraine:

Lindberg's ace against Ukraine

Really impressive form in July and August

Next up for fnatic was a trip to France where they had a chance to visit Disneyland and take part in ESWC. However, they didn't have much more success, as they were stopped in the quarter-final for the second time in a row, this time by their biggest rivals of the year, Na`Vi. Lindberg had an excellent display again, finishing as the top rated player of the event with an amazing 1.34 rating. He led the team to be undefeated in the group stage once more, especially with performances such as having a 33-13 score against Alternate or 29-20 against WeMade FOX in a close 17-13 win.

After two consecutive quarter-final finishes, fnatic decided to make a change bringing back their lineup from 2009 by signing Ståhl again. It paid off immediately as they managed to win their next event, GameGune in Spain. Lindberg had his best tournament of the year with an incredible 1.42 rating while playing well in every match during their title-winning campaign. Particularly admirable was his performance in the final against Frag eXecutors where he was top rated in both of the extremely close maps. He had his best AWP performance of the year in the first map, recording 24 kills with the big green and helping his team reach a 22-20 double overtime win. Lindberg was later voted the MVP of GameGune here on our site, and we also made a special movie about his performance at the Spanish event:

Mini-movie: f0rest at GameGune

Both Lindberg and fnatic repeated their impressive form at the next event, IEM5 Global Challenge Shanghai. They took another 1st place after overcoming Na`Vi in the incredible two-day semi-final and then later beating TyLoo.raw in the final. Lindberg himself was once more voted the MVP at our site, and rightfully so as he was the top rated player of the event with a 1.29 rating. He had his best matches against the Chinese finalists TyLoo.raw, both in the group stage (34-15 individual score) and in the final as top rated in both maps.

fnatic continued stomping their opponents at e-Stars Seoul as they started by winning 10 maps in a row, including practically singlehandedly winning the Continental Cup for Team West on the first day. They were then flawless in the group stage of King of the Game tournament, and also won their first map of the semi-final against WeMade FOX, but then surprisingly fell to the Korean team in the next two maps. The Swedes ended up as 3rd after beating TyLoo in the bronze medal fight, while Lindberg himself played great while fnatic's winning run lasted. Although, this time he finished as the team's second best player, even though he was top rated in 6 of their matches, including what was probably his best performance in a group stage encounter against WeMade FOX, where he put up a 33-16 score during a 17-13 win.

The impressive run of form by fnatic and Lindberg ended at e-Stars

As September came, fnatic traveled to China for the MSI BEAT IT tournament which they finished in 2nd place after losing to Evil Geniuses in the final. Lindberg had a solid tournament with a 1.14 rating, 2nd best in the team. His best match was in the final when he led the team to their 2nd map win after two overtimes 22-20 having a 41-26 score.

A short while after their return from Asia, the last map of the final against mTw in EPS Nordic II awaited them, although they ended up on the losing side once again and finished 2nd in the league. Overall during the season, Lindberg performed just average with a 1.00 rating without ever standing out much.

In the second half of October, fnatic went to Denmark to take part in DSRack #3 and KGC #2. During those tournaments, they developed a minor rivalry with the Danish side Full-Gaming, against which they lost in the final of DSRack #3, but then later defeated them in a very close match in the final of the other tournament, KGC #2. During the first tournament, Lindberg wasn't very impressive with a string of average performances and a 1.07 rating in the end. However, in the Komplett Gamer Challenge #2, he played excellent on their way through the Swedish playoffs, having great performances against RAGE and Lions.

Fnatic once had another chance to visit China in 2010, when they attended the World e-Sports Masters in the beginning of November. They ended up losing two matches in a row and finished as shared-last of the tournament. Lindberg however didn't disappoint, especially in their second match which pitted them against Evil Geniuses, where he recorded a 44-32 score as the team's best rated player during a 23-25 triple overtime loss.

In the online competitions during the second half of the year, fnatic performed well in IEM5 European Championship, finishing first in their group after winning all of their matches, having trouble only against the Russian side MYM. Lindberg performed very well during IEM5 and finished the competition with a 1.24 rating. In EPS Nordic III they ended up being less successful, as even though they reached the playoffs as one of the top four teams, fnatic lost to mTw in the semi-final and then to RAGE in the fight for 3rd place. Lindberg was better than in the previous season, recording a 1.13 rating overall, while his best match was against fnatic's big rivals SK Gaming when he put up a 23-12 and also made one of his highlight rounds of the year:

4-kill pistol round by Lindberg against SK

The last tournament for fnatic's dominating lineup which afterwards dispersed was DreamHack Winter, also the last event in 2010. They finished their participation in the quarter-final where they met Na`Vi again, while Lindberg overall had one of his worse tournaments with a still solid 1.05 rating.

One of the most dominant players in 2010

Lindberg had the second most 33 man-of-the-match performances in major LANs, while he was also the 4th best fragger with 0.81 kills per round. He played excellent throughout the year, especially during the summer when he led fnatic to winning two competitions, although he was quieter as the year drew to a close.

With his team he managed to win 4 competitions - Arbalet Cup Europe, GameGune, IEM5 GC Shanghai and KGC #2, while also having several 2nd places at important tournaments such as IEM4 World Championship and IEM4 European Championship Finals, as well as at MSI BEAT IT and DSRack #3. Fnatic also finished 3rd at Arbalet Best of Four and e-Stars King of the Game tournament.

Lindberg himself had plenty of great tournaments, while the most impressive one was GameGune where we witnessed one of the best displays by any player at any tournament last year. He was also the MVP at IEM5 Global Challenge Shanghai, while he had a great display during fnatic's biggest success too, which was winning Arbalet Cup Europe.

He was undoubtedly one of the top six players of last year which all had amazing performances at some point, but someone had to be placed 6th. So Lindberg, as the second best in his team and as the MVP at two relatively minor tournaments is selected for that position.

New chapter in 2011

At the end of last year, Lindberg was signed by SK Gaming, to which he transferred after spending 5 very successful years in fnatic. He is expected to continue being one of the world's best players and to help return SK Gaming to the very top in 2011.

Recommended demos of Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg in 2010:

Opponent Map Event Score Demo
Denmark mTw dust2 IEM4 Eu Finals (Group stage) 41-14 POV
Poland Fx inferno IEM4 World (Group stage) 32-15 POV
Sweden SK inferno IEM4 World (Semi-final, map 1) 30-12 HLTV
Russia UNiTED tuscan Arbalet Best of Four (day 1) 36-21 HLTV
Russia UNiTED inferno Arbalet Best of Four (day 1) 35-20 HLTV
Ukraine PinG inferno Arbalet Europe (Semi-final, map 1) 29-13 HLTV
Ukraine Na`Vi inferno Arbalet Europe (Final, map 1) 19-8 HLTV
Ukraine Na`Vi dust2 Arbalet Europe (Final, map 3) 24-11 HLTV
Ukraine Ukraine tuscan ASUS ENC (map 3) 22-16 HLTV
Germany Alternate train ESWC (Group stage #2) 33-13 HLTV
Korea WeMade FOX dust2 ESWC (Group stage #2) 29-19 HLTV
Belgium Antwerp Aces nuke GameGune (Group stage) 26-22 HLTV
Ukraine Na`Vi nuke GameGune (Consolidation final) 20-14 POV
Poland Fx train GameGune (Final, map 1) 39-27 POV
Poland Fx nuke GameGune (Final, map 2) 28-20 POV
China TyLoo.raw inferno IEM5 GC Shanghai (Group stage) 34-15 HLTV
China TyLoo.raw train IEM5 GC Shanghai (Final, map 2) 29-14 HLTV
Korea WeMade FOX dust2 e-Stars (Group stage) 33-16 HLTV
United States EG nuke MSI BEAT IT (Final, map 2) 41-26 HLTV
Sweden Lions tuscan KGC #2 (Swedish final, map 1) 26-10 HLTV

If you missed our previous article about Filip "Neo" Kubski click here, or if you want to see who else is on the list when it is updated, head over to our Introduction article here.

What do you think about the performance of Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg in 2010? Does he deserve a place in the Top 20? What was your biggest impression of him this year? Feel free to leave a comment on this topic and stay tuned to if you want to see what the rest of the Top 20 looks like, as we will bring you number 5 tomorrow.

Morocco skamz 
omagad only 6th? trace 5th well it's true he has not been as important to fnatic as he was on the past two years, but i was pretty sure he would be in top5, along with markeloff starix trace and get_right, cuz Edward didn't have a great second part of season, but well those six players were obviously the best in 2010, it's hard to pick the best one :)
2011-01-15 21:38
trace n1 ;)
2011-01-15 22:19
this top20 is fucking bullshit,it is piece of nosense!!!!
2011-01-15 23:26
omg f0rst is 6th what a fail from admins? i can't belive that. 4ever 1st
2011-01-15 23:50
This sucks, why you people still get surprised with this, everybody knows that HLTV admins are fans of markelnob and he will be the 1st
2011-01-16 00:25
You sure can make alot of conspicary theories, of a statistic based top20... I must admit that.
2011-01-16 00:30
It's NOT statistic based. Neo's rating is lower than n0thing, moddii, and delpan's, but he's ranked higher.
2011-01-16 05:30
You are most certainly definitely wrong.
2011-01-16 05:54
Switzerland DinoSkyline 
I agree 100% it's always like that , this really sucks ...
2011-01-16 01:18
feed the troll cmon
2011-01-16 03:38
Said the brazilian boy with "<3 f0rest" behind his nick. You must be very objective :) Let me guess, fallen SHOULD BE IN TOP 20 ! Why not cogu :) Hf bro
2011-01-16 04:19
top players of 2010 ... Read well the post... Na'Vi had done a much better year than the rest so they deserve to be on the top
2011-01-16 05:06
lol markeloff will be the 1st or starix bcz of wcg and other tournaments...
2011-01-16 17:30
4ever 1st ? AHAHAHAHHAH what a positiv fan
2011-01-16 01:11
It's just numbers, based on statistics. Instead of whining, you should appreciate this great article about your favourite player.
2011-01-16 04:31
but u guys must understand that is only about their performance on 2010, not about all the years played.
2011-01-16 19:19
Brazil SUVACO 
starix or trace next i think: 1-mark 2-get 3-edward 4-trace 5-starix
2011-01-16 10:14
really if this were 6th place 1th place will by what???
2011-01-15 22:22
5th place trace/GtR
2011-01-15 22:34
you forgot about navi's guys =/
2011-01-15 22:46
starix, edward and markeloff will be in top 4 I mean :)
2011-01-15 22:50
starix will be 5, im quite positive
2011-01-15 22:56
i bet starix will be #1. :) i'd expect trace around 2-3. :)
2011-01-16 03:31
I think edward or starix 1st and markeloff 2nd
2011-01-16 08:57
2nd part of season Edward>Forest rly
2011-01-15 23:26
hahaha f0rest 6th..........................
2011-01-16 19:40
nice :D gl in SK
2011-01-15 21:35
2011-01-15 21:36
+1 sad :/
2011-01-15 21:37
Yap :S He Didnt Show Much His Skill In The Lasts Tournaments , Thats Because He Gets Only 6th . But I Guess We Will Can See More From Him This Year In The New Team .
2011-01-15 21:39
Stop Using Capital Letters All The Time. Pls....
2011-01-15 22:13
Argentina tinchOO 
Yeah its annoing
2011-01-15 23:14
its google translating i think :)
2011-01-15 23:15
You Dont Have To Read It If You Dont Like It :P
2011-01-16 01:53
just one word to shut you up. Kr1sten.
2011-01-16 04:20
2011-01-16 21:16
lol nice GeT_RiGhT will be higher =D
2011-01-15 21:36
top2. Nixon said me that. ;)
2011-01-15 21:47
dont lie mate :)
2011-01-15 22:02
If that's true it's deserved. He's been the backbone of fnatic ever since he joined
2011-01-15 22:05
yuuuu 1st gtr =D
2011-01-15 22:32
2011-01-15 21:36
Congratz, guess that trace(5) starix (4) Edward (3) GeT_RiGhT (2) markeloff (1)
2011-01-15 21:36
+1 but 1st is Starix :)
2011-01-15 21:40
i think 1.edward 2.starix 3.markeloff 4.GTR 5.trace
2011-01-15 21:40
edward cant be 1st, cauz Yegor is first in his team
2011-01-15 23:16
Portugal hwz1 
agree but change trace with gtr for me :D
2011-01-15 21:47
1. gtr/markeloff 2. gtr/markeloff
2011-01-16 03:40
2011-01-15 22:20
Romania C1pryaN 
The best aimer in the world ... !
2011-01-15 21:36
not anymore with it fanboys ...and get_right was a much better aimer than f0rest after wcg 2009
2011-01-16 08:47
Singapore Runk 
f0rest could easily be top 3 if based on skill and single performance
2011-01-15 21:36
But it's based on overall play in 2k10 if based only on skill and single performance neo and f0rest should be best
2011-01-15 22:14
wtf? 6th??? O_O
2011-01-15 21:36
Russia 3rd 
top5 isn't for arrogant kids like him or her or whatever
2011-01-15 21:36
"FEMALE" haha
2011-01-16 21:18
hehe =)
2011-01-15 21:36
next: trace then: GeT_RiGhT then : Edward comes markeloff ANNNNNNNNNNNND STAaAaAaAaaRIIIiIIX
2011-01-15 21:37
Get_RighT will be 2nd or 1st.The same goes for markeloff.Edward will be 3rd or 4th.
2011-01-15 21:39
World WestSideDude 
Lol, GeT_RiGhT played weak this year. Good Kill-death stats, no more.
2011-01-15 21:54
Denmark AndersR 
considering that he has the best Rating of all, and his job is to kill i'd say he did perfect.
2011-01-15 21:57
sarcasm is your 2nd language Mr. :)
2011-01-16 03:34
Denmark AndersR 
how am i supposed to know whether it's sarcasm, there's so many people who could write something like that seriously + he's got no smiley so there's nothing pointing towards it being sarcasm.
2011-01-16 17:30
chill, i meant your comment was sarcastic. :D
2011-01-18 01:52
Denmark AndersR 
OH, hate the internet always having a hard time telling how to interpret a message.
2011-01-18 22:28
5 - get_right 4 - trace 3 - edward 2 - starix 1 - markeloff
2011-01-16 05:22
2011-01-15 21:37
He deserves 1st position no matter what (even stats) :)
2011-01-15 21:37
f0rest top4
2011-01-15 21:37
omg he deserves a better position :\
2011-01-15 21:38
Paque | 
Serbia Paque 
nice :D:D next get_right :D
2011-01-15 21:38
trololo detected!
2011-01-15 21:38
godbye fallen !
2011-01-15 21:38
2011-01-15 21:38
sickLy | 
Colombia sickLy 
I think that F0rest may be do it better... this year wasn't the best for him... but he is one of the best of the world and maybe this year with SK Gaming he become a top 3 player.. ^^GL
2011-01-15 21:38
in my opinion forest top3, but stats said sth else :P
2011-01-15 21:39
he should be higher up.......
2011-01-15 21:39
Brazil gbz1^ 
top5 FalleN ofc H@H@H@H@H@
2011-01-15 21:39
whatdahell, 6th?
2011-01-15 21:40
World WestSideDude 
Objective place for him.
2011-01-15 21:53
f0rest > trace, not much, but better
2011-01-15 22:19
2011-01-15 23:30
at this year
2011-01-16 00:14
not rly forest was probaly the best player before October And he was in bad shape after October. But Trace was very nice everytime (this year) So I am not sure, but in my option trace>forest a little.
2011-01-16 00:23
sickLy | 
Colombia sickLy 
THIS YEAR: Player: Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg Team:[SK] Age: 23 Position: # 3
2011-01-15 21:41
fnatic on 2k10 ! -.-
2011-01-15 21:41
I think it's team of last year.
2011-01-15 21:41
sickLy | 
Colombia sickLy 
yea.. i think so.. THE 2010 Team
2011-01-15 21:42
the 6th.
2011-01-15 21:40
what a joke, f0rest is the only number one together with markeloff 6th place is a kick in his nuts
2011-01-15 21:42
he deserve better :(
2011-01-15 21:43
not really.
2011-01-15 21:44
NEO | 
Morocco MADfn 
like neo ! they didnt show what we was waiting for in 2010 ... but they still legends of this time :D
2011-01-15 21:49
2011-01-15 21:43
n1 f0rest !!
2011-01-15 21:44
expected imo...other 5 players did much better than him last year ;) anyway GJ f0rest :)
2011-01-15 21:44
ye right "much better"
2011-01-16 02:14
don't take it literally...I think they were better than f0rest in 2010 !!! I'll correct myself much better = better
2011-01-16 04:44
i think markelof was defenitly the best in 2010 with his sick awp.
2011-01-15 21:45
NEO | 
Morocco MADfn 
Neo and forest <3 :D
2011-01-15 21:46
Sweden ejjz 
Great :) But he deserved top be in at least top 3! :(
2011-01-15 21:46
Sweden ezk 
2011-01-15 21:47
Ukraine ILT! 
1 bingo 2 klim 3 arn
2011-01-15 21:47
2011-01-15 21:47
Korea amnn 
he should be in top 5 for sure :)
2011-01-15 21:48
he is amazing! next edward
2011-01-15 21:48
6 :/ , but good job f0rest <3
2011-01-15 21:50
Great :) he deserved this..always plays good.. year after year in the top...and seems to play even better VS better teams and in the playoffs.
2011-01-15 21:50
f0rest da KING!
2011-01-15 21:50
and i recall people putting f0rest ahead of gtr :p i laughed at them
2011-01-15 21:50
f0rest is 1# maybe the kd was not best but he is the best, no discussion
2011-01-15 21:50
2011-01-16 06:07
2011-01-15 21:50
Russia Slava_slava 
nice, deserved!
2011-01-15 21:51
1 markeloff 2 edward 3 gtr 4 trace 5 starix
2011-01-15 21:52
2011-01-15 22:09
2011-01-15 21:52
World WestSideDude 
Next GeT_RiGhT or trace.
2011-01-15 21:52
World WestSideDude 
Thanks for your work Tgwri1s!
2011-01-15 21:52
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
CS 1.6 has new legend , it`s f0rest :) GJ Patrick :)
2011-01-15 21:53
2011-01-15 21:53
Portugal kyzz 
only 6th? how can be? :O
2011-01-15 21:54
1 Edward 2 markeloff 3 starix 4 Get_RighT 5 trace
2011-01-15 21:54
Denmark AndersR 
guessing judging only from the statistics on the site next will be: Starix, Markeloff, Edward, Trace and Get-Right (in that order)
2011-01-15 21:55
Nice, next GTR! 1.markeloff 2.starix 3.Edward 4.trace 5.GTR
2011-01-15 21:55
The best no doubt top 3 would have been nice but 6 is fine for what he did this year
2011-01-15 21:57
gg f0rest :)
2011-01-15 21:58
5. trace 4. starix 3. markeloff 2. gtr 1. edward
2011-01-15 21:59
are you fu*&^ kidding me 6th!? this is fucking lie.
2011-01-15 21:59
Russia flOy 
MoM: 33 times top rated in a match awesome
2011-01-15 22:00
Na`Vi players didn't deserve to be in top 20 ...
2011-01-15 22:00
it was a joke?
2011-01-15 22:50
Norway billson 
well deserved
2011-01-15 22:01
C'mon! 6th??
2011-01-15 22:01
It's too bad that this is based on stats, so we aren't able to see keiz, khrystal, niko (:o)
2011-01-15 22:02
2011-01-15 22:02
lol @GameGune movie: Blue mountain state intro song xD I forgot I had the last episode to watch.
2011-01-15 22:02
1 - Edward 2 - markeloff 3 - GeT_RiGhT 4 - starix 5 - ceh9
2011-01-15 22:03
tomorrow edward next starix then trace second gtr first mark where can we found all this interesting stats? best player on nuke, best fragger in 2010 etc?
2011-01-15 22:03
sad :(
2011-01-15 22:04
1.gtr 2.mark 3.edward
2011-01-15 22:04
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2011-01-15 22:44
f0rest should be at least the top three ¬ good luck to fallen that is sure to represent Brazil: *
2011-01-15 22:07
World fel7 
this top from stats mb markeloff not in top ...
2011-01-15 22:06
forp mdfakker
2011-01-15 22:07
The best players in the world are on 6 / 7 impossible ...
2011-01-15 22:07
+1 :/
2011-01-15 22:08
but f0rest is not the best player in the world ;/
2011-01-15 22:11
So who are??
2011-01-15 22:29
edward for me pistol,ak master
2011-01-15 23:33
yes he is u numbnut, forest n neo are undoubtedly the 2 best players in the world. with nothing to separate them from being better than the other.
2011-01-15 23:16
u cant say f0rest best without any eswc,wcg imo f0rest top5 world not BEST. its just my option dont take this seriously
2011-01-15 23:35
i know its just your opinion..but if you want to compare achiements in big events with their teams f0rest is way ahead of Neo. And im not saying that f0rest is a way better then Neo so dont start to flame me now.
2011-01-16 02:03
i really dont care neo>f0rest f0rest>neo neo=f0rest blablabla its team play for me may not be the best without winning the most important events in the year simple =)
2011-01-16 02:50
Okey..but it also comes down to wich event you think is "best" and why they are the best.
2011-01-16 03:17
Singapore Nephalith 
That's like saying Leo Messi is not the best player in the world atm just because he didn't win the world cup.
2011-01-16 07:33
like Simon Ammann could not be the best without winning the World Cup ;)
2011-01-16 17:43
really fucking retarded logic there mister.
2011-01-16 17:34
okay its just my fucking option
2011-01-16 17:43
IEM is the most important tournament nowadays considering the price money.
2011-01-16 18:31
this rating only about 2010 so its ok
2011-01-15 22:18
of course they are the biggest legends, and when they a raging not even a crazy get_right, edward or markeloff are able to get him BUT you have to get used to that fact, 2010 and 2009 where not the years we usually expected from them. maybe they will come back :) ,because over the last 2 years i havent seen any SUPERULTRACRAZY players as neo and f0rest in 2006-8
2011-01-15 23:40
Denmark AndersR 
if you want them higher ask them to kill more, jesus fucking christ please just read what these articles are based on -.-
2011-01-16 00:01
cry cry it's based on statistics, and markeloff and co. > f0rest, so don't get mad boy.
2011-01-16 02:18
f0rest should be top5 at least. The magic he's been showing in 2010 is just epic. He's the biggest ambassador for Counter-strike.
2011-01-15 22:07
Czech Republic -LaN- 
2011-01-15 22:09
next trace,markeloff,edward,gtr,starix
2011-01-15 22:09
neo f0rest = Kings ;]
2011-01-15 22:10
2011-01-15 22:11
2011-01-15 22:10
for me top1 ever *-*
2011-01-15 22:11
2011-01-15 22:13
2011-01-15 22:28
lol... f0rest 1th
2011-01-15 22:11
2011-01-15 22:11
2011-01-15 22:12
+111111111111111111111111111! if f0rest is n#6, I can be n#1 . -.-
2011-01-16 15:52
markeloff is #1
2011-01-15 22:12
song of this videos Lindberg's ace against Ukraine ??
2011-01-15 22:14
Modern Talking - Brother Louie Mix '98 (Radio Edit) [feat. Eric Singleton]
2011-01-15 22:54
thx :P
2011-01-16 13:03
top1 - foxj anyone else = corruption
2011-01-15 22:15
Mexico Jessica Alba 
top2 will be S3r!@l_K1LL3[r]
2011-01-15 22:44
there is always a chance
2011-01-15 23:53
Starix Edward Markeloff Get_RiGht
2011-01-15 22:15
I think Zeus, ave or cArn should be top 5. An IGL should be in the top 5..
2011-01-15 22:15
Zeus already top20
2011-01-15 22:49
haha +1
2011-01-16 13:04
and fallen? :(
2011-01-15 22:15
gj :) next trace
2011-01-15 22:15
well the top5 is gtr, edward, markeloff, trace, starix the only thing to know is placing
2011-01-15 22:16
team : fnatic ?
2011-01-15 22:16
In 2010 yes.
2011-01-15 22:28
now on SK
2011-01-15 22:35
2011-01-15 22:22
sad. ;s f0rest deserve be on top5
2011-01-15 22:25
good spot. deserved 6th and nothing more.
2011-01-15 22:26
f0rest top 6? very strange this top 20!
2011-01-15 22:26
Poland Pab 
like neo, 2 remaining old-school stars witch are always on top :) for me they were/are/will be best :p but ofc this year goes for trace and na'vi
2011-01-15 22:32
2011-01-15 22:41
Nice, GeT_RiGhT next! :o
2011-01-15 22:42
Sweden Traitorz0r 
+1 gtr will be next.
2011-01-15 22:42
Sweden Traitorz0r 
2011-01-15 22:42
1.markeloff 2.get_right 3.edward
2011-01-15 22:42
Starix, Edward and markeloff are above f0rest? Wooah, even they have performed really nicely, but still, quite surprise for me.
2011-01-15 22:45
nice... next.
2011-01-15 22:47
1st is meeeeeeeeeeeeee..lakronax_fin:X:X
2011-01-15 22:49
f0rest & neo should be top5
2011-01-15 22:50
f0rest deserve much much more than 6th place :S we will see 5th place .. it will be a new suprise i'm sure :D
2011-01-15 22:50
5. Edward 4. Get_Right 3. Trace 2. Markeloff 1. Starix :d
2011-01-15 22:52
? LOL whata the hell? f0rest 6th joke of the year HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2011-01-15 22:54
f0rest should be #1. 6th? pfttttttt
2011-01-15 22:55
deserved. next is gtr or trace
2011-01-15 22:56
People get what they get,they don't get what they deserve. ---said by Dr.Gregory House
2011-01-15 22:58
true man! really good words.
2011-01-16 01:20
1. markeloff 2. GeT_RiGhT 3. trace 4. Edward 5. starix
2011-01-15 22:57
2011-01-16 01:37
2011-01-16 07:35
for me, f0rest top 1
2011-01-15 22:57
2011-01-15 22:59
gj forP :)
2011-01-15 22:59
no one can stay on top quite like f0rest. the fact that he still maintains .81 fpr for major tournaments is insane lol, particularly because he had GTR and Gux on his team... best player ever!
2011-01-15 22:59
Russia wh1te! 
Na'Vi Edward ONE,gyus!
2011-01-15 23:04
5. trace 4. Get_Right 3. Starix 2. Edward 1. Markeloff
2011-01-15 23:04
HAHA, totally crazy round vs ukraine
2011-01-15 23:05
Sweden Traitorz0r 
markeloff 1st 5 - gtr
2011-01-15 23:05
1. markeloff 2. get_right 3. starix 4. trace 3. edward
2011-01-15 23:06
+1 :D 1.starix 2.edward 3.marleoff
2011-01-15 23:10
1 Edward 2 markeloff 3 trace 4 GTR 5 stariks
2011-01-15 23:13
joke this!
2011-01-15 23:14
Team: fnatic kidding?
2011-01-15 23:14
In 2010 yes , is fnatic!
2011-01-15 23:14
definitely Na`Vi didn't deserve this top20 ... they just played for fun and caught their lucky monday ,while mTw's or fnatic guys were crushing everyony on their way )) imo FalleN top1
2011-01-15 23:18
Sweden Traitorz0r 
2011-01-15 23:26
just sarcasm
2011-01-16 07:32
*beep* *beep* fake_flag^detected!
2011-01-16 01:07
and robban ? :S
2011-01-15 23:21
next 1 marke 2 trace 3 starix 4 edward 5 gtr
2011-01-15 23:21
1.Edward 2.GTR 3.Starix 4.markeloff 5.traceF/TAZ
2011-01-15 23:22
3 from na vi in top5 :D
2011-01-15 23:25
Sweden Traitorz0r 
he is 6, deserved!
2011-01-15 23:25
f0rest top3 imho
2011-01-15 23:27
In 1st half of year Forest was the Best But in October and later he was in bad shape.Thats why he is top6
2011-01-15 23:33
2011-01-15 23:34
well im going to think that Edward going to be first in the top, and 2 is markeloff
2011-01-15 23:35
One of my favorite players for his intelligence and frag ability =/. Ah well, hope trace gets at least top 3 :P
2011-01-15 23:37
2011-01-15 23:39
UNiTED tuscan Arbalet Best of Four (day 1) 36-21 HLTV UNiTED inferno Arbalet Best of Four (day 1) 35-20 HLTV vot pidar
2011-01-15 23:39
enlglish / BaN
2011-01-16 02:39
2011-01-16 11:19
should have been higher...
2011-01-15 23:46
lol #6 hahahahahahaha!
2011-01-15 23:48
trace top3 , so he can`t be next:P. Next edward/get_right
2011-01-15 23:53
coL fallen from between 10 could ta
2011-01-16 00:09
fallen ? :(
2011-01-16 00:12
2011-01-16 04:24
#6 or #1 he's still the best player in the world
2011-01-16 00:14
Lithuania TGK 
1 markellon
2011-01-16 00:20
best player in the world
2011-01-16 00:20
should be in TOP 3 ! :P
2011-01-16 00:21
f0rest is the CS KING!!!! The best!! #1 forever!! ^^
2011-01-16 00:21
only 6th? he can take anyone down anytime. for me he's the n1!
2011-01-16 00:26
why didnt he took IEM,ESWC,WCG alone? forest and NEO are the best of the best, but Neo couldnt pass the groupstage in first half of the year, and forest won nothing, except Arbalet Eu. Neo won nothing too.
2011-01-16 07:40
hahahahaahha OMG f0rest 1 ? lolzz.. 1st is MARKELOV !! ofc ;))
2011-01-16 00:29
f0rest top6? ahaahah NEO top7 ahhaahah OMG!
2011-01-16 00:30
If f0rest is just 6th in this ranking is just another ranking/stats joke...
2011-01-16 00:31
omg fallen isnt in top20 epic fail!
2011-01-16 00:32
2011-01-16 11:05
not this year
2011-01-16 00:32
4th place wcg
2011-01-16 00:32
why f0rest 6 ????????????? HLTV.ORG CRAZY! f0rest minimum top 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-01-16 00:38
comon, this is ridiculous..
2011-01-16 00:43
f0rest has the most stable form over last years, he is always in world's top10. It doesnt mean he was the best this year. Think about first half of the year totally dominated by markeloff and edward. Than starix showed his abilities. Dont forget about trace and gtr... Before you call me a fanboy I'll tell you Im fan of f0rest, but I hate to see people moaning all the time while HLTV does such a great job!
2011-01-16 00:45
hahaha a lot of fanboys
2011-01-16 00:53
hahaaha 6?!! looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
2011-01-16 00:54
way to look stupid
2011-01-16 04:29
2011-01-16 00:57
dont say bullshits, ffs, Delpan and moddi had both 1.17 rating, and still Zonic and Neo, who had both 1.14 placed higher anyway...
2011-01-16 04:25
next starix or traceF
2011-01-16 01:00
#85 agree !
2011-01-16 01:00
2011-01-16 01:06
1. get_right 2. star1x 3. markeloff
2011-01-16 01:07
markeloff should be 1st, but this is HLTV rank so there will be Edward ;) 1. Edward 2. trace 3. markeloff
2011-01-16 01:11
I thought top 5 for f0rest, but then again the obvious 6 is starix, markeloff, edward, get_right, and trace, so hard to put them in order.
2011-01-16 01:11
Switzerland DinoSkyline 
This is a lie, he should be at least 3. or 2. and not edward or markeloff :/ I think that in 2011 he is gonna show what is cs 1.6 with sk gaming
2011-01-16 01:16
I do not believe. :o
2011-01-16 01:20
f0rest, GTR and starix should be the top3 :c SAD
2011-01-16 01:21
I don't know why so many people keep whining about Neo and f0rest's ranks (or actually I know, only cuz there are too many stupid fanboys). Fact is : both Neo and f0rest didn't play one of their best seasons and STILL they're 6th and 7th, that's how great they are. On the other hand, markeloff, edward and starix had (obviously) their best season and trace and get right had one of their best. Don't worry guys, everybody know how good they are, but that's not a reason to be a complete retard.
2011-01-16 01:33
2011-01-16 01:36
Pretty much summs it all.
2011-01-16 14:47
Like i said in another comment, f0rest would be the 6th player, the top 5 should look like this 1. starix 2. GeT_RiGhT 3. markeloff/Edward 4. trace 5. markeloff/edward Before i was 100 % sure that Edward would be 3rd, but not anymore! :o
2011-01-16 01:33
starix wont ever be ahead of edward/markeloff
2011-01-16 01:51
I bet he will... first of all the first half of the season he played solid, and the last half he was their best player in most of the games for sure :)
2011-01-16 12:16
good choice, next=trace
2011-01-16 01:34
Markeloff deserves 1st place . cuz he was amazing in 2010 :D ... #2 Edward .. cuz he was the first fragger of navi and also great aimer ... so without him they couldn't be what they are ... this is my opinion maybe gtr or trace or starix will be bether then Markeloff and Edward ... we will see soon :)
2011-01-16 01:38
1. mark 100% info
2011-01-16 01:41
hehe nice fallen top1
2011-01-16 01:50
1-starix i hope
2011-01-16 01:50
Probably the best player last 5 years along with zonic and NEO. IMO.
2011-01-16 01:58
bad choise, i think f0rest is the best
2011-01-16 01:59
rah | 
United Kingdom rah(-_-) 
It's not a "choice". This is ranked on stats using a formula. Doesn't mean he's the 6th best player of the year :[
2011-01-16 02:17
Norway duffz00r 
Yeah 6th place fits him well for 2010 ;)
2011-01-16 02:04
You guys should post top3 in the same day, or top2 in the same day. Otherwise, it'll be obvious who was top1 even before it gets posted. After all, if there are 2 guys left, and top2 is, say, get_right, we all know that whoever hasnt been named yet is top1
2011-01-16 02:46
2011-01-16 02:47
fair enough that f0rest wasnt #1, but theres literally no way he wasnt #2 or #3. #6 is a bit of a joke tbh
2011-01-16 02:57
Chile GanbETA 
nice f0rest
2011-01-16 03:13
he is amazing!
2011-01-16 03:31
f0rest the best <3
2011-01-16 03:28
5. starix 4. get_left 3. edward 2. markeloff 1. trace!
2011-01-16 03:35
are there no pictures of f0rest in his new SK gear?
2011-01-16 04:07
check sk-gaming site
2011-01-16 04:24
i dont think theres anyway. but they do have some photos of SK bootcamp at get_right's place.. :)
2011-01-16 04:28
gimme link
2011-01-16 07:48
2011-01-16 12:34
i think 1-starix 2-Get_Right 3-markeloff 4-trace 5-edward
2011-01-16 04:31
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
I really think should close the comments option on these Top 20 Player of 2010 - the vomit that people let come from their mouths are endless ... I really think there is not a site that has more immature users on it, sad for the best eSports site at this moment
2011-01-16 04:37
maximum brofist to you, good Sir. 400 comments to every place and every time i see parade of stupidness and ignorance.
2011-01-16 19:18
hows he not the best...? not good scaling
2011-01-16 05:56
I think it's pretty clear that top3 is: 1. markeloff 2. get_right 3. starix but 4 and 5 could be edward/trace/Ozstrik3r/crZy
2011-01-16 06:00
forest&#65292; come on&#65281;
2011-01-16 06:02
#294 indeed. Starix played the most consistently where it counted.
2011-01-16 06:11
Singapore Nephalith 
Gotta love all these mindless rants about how f0rest deserves to be #1 in a ranking that's based on statistics. He's not topping the stats. Period. And I'm pretty sure f0rest himself wouldn't care about some petty rankings. If you think f0rest is number 1, then he is your number 1. That's that. Neo is my number 1, but I do know for a fact that he's not the best in 2010 and his stats aren't all that impressive. In fact I do think 7th place for Neo is quite generous. is only doing the ranking based on stats. Live with it. Don't like it? Make your own rank.
2011-01-16 07:48
good point
2011-01-16 08:48
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t needs a like button
2011-01-16 18:38
top5 trace top4 markeloff top3 get_right top2 starix top1 edward (Y)
2011-01-16 08:02
must be 1st
2011-01-16 08:13
I expect that :)
2011-01-16 08:20
Russia Arh 
must be 2nd!!!
2011-01-16 08:25
next up should be edward, starix, markeloff, get_right and trace
2011-01-16 08:48
f0rest dA MighTy ^^ 6Th Nice :D
2011-01-16 08:51
2011-01-16 09:02
under what rock have u retard fanboys lived for the last year??? get_right is OBVIOUSLY better than f0rest now .....even since wcg 2009 get_right has been better than f0rest in every single way. my personal opinion for top5 trace starix markeloff edward get_right even if the fanboy inside me wants markeloff to be 1st ...i must stay objective
2011-01-16 09:12
that is 1 sick lineup aswell :D
2011-01-16 09:15
one man army
2011-01-16 09:26
My top 5. 5.Trace 4.GeT_RiGhT 3.Starix 2.Markeloff 1.edward I think that edward best player in the world...
2011-01-16 09:27
omg,forest on 6 position?! i think, that Patrik will be in top5....
2011-01-16 09:53
no just in skill dont forget , the resultat of team too!
2011-01-16 10:21
why everybody forgot Sunde ? :( he was incredible in 2010
2011-01-16 10:40
Ukraine Aaz 
crappy nonsense!! Forest - top 4, what a fk?
2011-01-16 10:49
haha :D I said in Neo's topic that next will be forest! vangapowerwOw~ :D. love f0rest's style, amazing player:)
2011-01-16 10:55
congratz f0rest ;)
2011-01-16 10:58
forp dA-kiNg
2011-01-16 11:05
basic will be in top 5
2011-01-16 11:16
F:or3s7 O_GOD
2011-01-16 11:28
Bulgaria SHISHETu 
awesome the best player ever,must be on top1-2 ;( but gl to the next top5 ..!
2011-01-16 11:44
Only left 5 players : markeloff, Edward, starix, get_right and trace ?
2011-01-16 11:55
n1 Edward 1st
2011-01-16 12:01
f0rest 6th ,lol who's than first ? gtr,or markeloff
2011-01-16 12:15
LOLLED BY 2011 f0rest best player of CS markeloff will be 1 because they won almost everthing
2011-01-16 12:19
pita N1
2011-01-16 13:21
pita need to prove himself in fnatic.good luck for him
2011-01-16 13:24
next will be trace or edward.
2011-01-16 13:23
:@ :@ :@ f0rest the best player you must be first :@!!f0rest BEST 4ever of cs
2011-01-16 13:29
trace next :)
2011-01-16 13:33
nice ;] gl in SK !!
2011-01-16 13:43
okkkkkkkk nice
2011-01-16 13:59
next trace or starix.
2011-01-16 14:10
6. Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg 7. Filip "Neo" Kubski 8. Danny "zonic" Sørensen 9. Andreas "moddii" Fridh 10. Marcus "Delpan" Larsson The perfect 5? 0.o
2011-01-16 14:15
haha~agree only except zonic~
2011-01-16 15:14
I really recommend watching f0rest demos, such a smart player. Even though I think he should atleast be in the top3 for this year=)
2011-01-16 14:18
2011-01-16 14:19
forest sick)
2011-01-16 14:24
tihOp #1
2011-01-16 14:25
he should have been top3.. anyway gratz =))
2011-01-16 14:33
lol at brother louie
2011-01-16 14:34
1. makeloff / edward
2011-01-16 14:34
1 . Markeloff 2 . StariX 3 . Edward 4 . ceh9 5 . Zeus ... is how it should be
2011-01-16 14:38
omg forest 6th? plz admins.. atleast top 5
2011-01-16 14:47
i'm surprised, i was specting seen some brasilian player like FalleN in top10.. I guess, theres no chances anymore.
2011-01-16 15:00
lindberGoD of cs :D
2011-01-16 15:01
Gux f0rest and GTR I LOVE THIS TRIO SO MUCH ! ;@
2011-01-16 15:04
2011-01-16 15:05
hm imo f0rest > gtr, starix, trace
2011-01-16 15:27
fOrest is insane, in my opinion is better than neo
2011-01-16 15:29
2011-01-16 15:31 markeloff
2011-01-16 15:35
koroche pociki 1. gtr 2. edward 3. marik 4. starix 5. ded moroz
2011-01-16 15:40
wtf 16. face and now 6. f0rest oO
2011-01-16 15:43
omg ebites' v pot hltv f0rest min. top 3 Neo 2 markewa 1
2011-01-16 15:45
neo 2. ? never..
2011-01-16 16:28
agree :) good job
2011-01-16 15:46
Its not fair if Edward gets the first place just for hes pistol ace vs fnatic. I think it would be more fair if the ones who's rating the players look what the player have done before hes "career-top".
2011-01-16 15:54
its 2010 rating, please start using your brain
2011-01-16 16:14
lol. I would say that at least half of the users still don't understand how this ranking is being done, it's really annoying and fun at the same time to read those comments Less cs for you guys and more school! Maybe eventually users average iq will be above average, altough I doubt it.
2011-01-16 17:10
love ur language. "Cock taste good"
2011-01-16 17:28
atleast were not magging when we speak our language
2011-01-16 18:34
Could be better
2011-01-16 16:29
Lol, could be bla-bla-bla. He played very weak in 2010. 6 - maximum of HLTV can take 4 him.
2011-01-16 16:39
1. markeloff 2. starix 3. GTR 4. edward 5. trace
2011-01-16 16:46
f0rest for 6!? 1.markeloff 2.GTR 3.edward 4.starix 5.trace
2011-01-16 16:56
:S completely disagree
2011-01-16 17:01
2011-01-16 17:10
1.Gtr 2.Markeloff 3.trace 4.edward 5,starix
2011-01-16 17:35
2011-01-16 17:42
NEXT THAA Natus Vincere Proz
2011-01-16 17:51
1.Markeloff 2.Gtr 3.edward 4.trace 5,starix
2011-01-16 17:52
World WestSideDude 
Now get_right!
2011-01-16 17:55
go gtr
2011-01-16 18:03
huh trace in top 5 or not? :/
2011-01-16 18:09
Trace is the best player in the world behind Markeloff if he is next these rankings are completely subjective and bullshit, gtfo of here with starix and Edward being better than trace give me a break took them 10 years to achieve something in this game ill give it to Markeloff because he deserves the #1 spot pulling the rest of his team from the ashes but hes the only one that deserves to be ranked in head of trace.
2011-01-16 18:12
>give me a break took them 10 years >Top 20 players of 2010: f0rest (6) OOOKAY
2011-01-16 18:26
dream on f0rest gtr markel neo nest
2011-01-16 18:13
Forest top1 for me :)
2011-01-16 18:33
LOOOL i`m looking at this TOP20 and it makes my crazy o_O only 5 places left, and much more players who realy deserve to be in TOP. I bet they will ban ceh9 cuz of his "performance" on stage))))))) btw he was very good @ second half of the year, but i cant SEEEEE him and i dont think that HLTV will give him better place than f0rest have.
2011-01-16 19:10
f0rest is the best :) GeT_RiGhT will be the 1st
2011-01-16 19:23
GTR will be 5th or 4th. but f0rest is the best (:
2011-01-16 19:28
Bulgaria eht 
MoM: 33 times top rated in a match wow
2011-01-16 19:43
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
markeloff starix trace and get_right so no fallen? :o
2011-01-16 20:26
1-SpawN 2-f0rest Forever !!!!!!!!
2011-01-16 23:08
f0rest will rebound this year fresh new mates, more to prove.
2011-01-17 01:32
2011-01-17 14:16
wtf ? a don't agree !!!
2011-01-17 16:10
Peru KmuSzinho 
2011-01-17 21:12
2011-01-18 19:07
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