SK open US team

January 16th, 2011 21:23

SK Gaming have announced the addition of an American Counter-Strike division to the organisation.

Reports of an American SK team had been around for some time, after former SK female player Alice "ali" Lew and a handful of other American players signed up on the ESEA website as "SK Female US" shortly before the New Year.

Lew, who became a free agent following the disbandment of SK's female team last month, is joined by ex-Turmoil duo Ben "ben" Hui and Joe "perez" Perez.

Ryan "NineSpot" Bell, who was last seen at compLexity, and Tyler "willsoN" Willson, who has played for the likes of Loaded and Frag Dominant in the past, make up the rest of the roster, with Derrick "impulsive" Truong joining in as backup.

"I can already see us playing as much or even more than other top American teams at the moment," Lew told SK Gaming's website.

"We know that we have something to prove - so that only gives us more motivation to practice harder. Stakes are just that much higher for us because of this sponsorship.

"We know that this may bring either a bunch of support/excitement and/or controversy/criticism. Let's just hope that we'll be able to shut them up."

SK Gaming's American team, who will be competing in the upcoming ESEA-Open season, have:

United States Alice "ali" Lew
United States Ben "ben" Hui
United States Joe "perez" Perez
United States Ryan "NineSpot" Bell
United States Tyler "willsoN" Willson

United States Derrick "impulsive" Truong (backup)

2011-01-16 21:24
2011-01-16 21:36
SK should of Picked up ex-WeMadeFoX.... ?
2011-01-17 01:26
2011-01-17 01:44
2011-01-17 03:19
They cant afford to pay the koreans... cuz koreans were supposed to be the highest paid gamers as gaming is way too developed that, not to forget the "WEMADEFOX" building ... House/gym/Gaming center/ their office. everything in 1 building lol. they owned it
2011-01-17 02:44
Yeah but that's because of the SC team. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised that the CS-team had the same privileges as SC B-team players (no salary - just free food and a place to sleep) or lower A-team level salary.
2011-01-17 16:13
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
2011-01-16 21:47
Pakistan MrHassan 
2011-01-16 22:07
2011-01-16 22:38
2011-01-16 22:44
2011-01-16 23:14
2011-01-16 23:14
truly, they are better than anyone in Romania. They would flick TEG away like a stale booger :)
2011-01-16 23:17
2011-01-16 23:35
2011-01-16 23:40
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
2011-01-17 00:20
2011-01-17 00:49
+1 rofl
2011-01-17 01:19
no need to be trollin' mate sure romania is a shitty country but teg is a better team than these guys..
2011-01-17 02:56
2011-01-17 07:51
i agree.
2011-01-17 11:00
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
2011-01-17 09:15
Why do you have the impression that I give a fuck about TeG? I'm sayin' that this is a bad deal for SK. Don't be such a retard next time, ok? :)
2011-01-17 12:18
2011-01-16 23:22
and... shut up.
2011-01-16 23:40
2011-01-17 01:30
Brazil 1kuNg 
2011-01-17 05:31
2011-01-17 07:48
Ben Hui- is a pretty good fragger. He's played in a few top teams in the U.S. Perez- Haven't seen him do anything since CAL-I although even then he was a pretty good player. He had 2 4Ks against EG.CA that year (2008). Ninespot-has held his own internationally Wilson- Used to be good. Don't know about now. Ali-haven't seen her outside of female gaming The point is that they all used to be good when there were ALOT of great CS competition. Maybe with GFN coaching them they could turn out to surprise you like winout did last season? I would not count them out for sure. The point is that they could probably take TEG easily. In regards to SK sponsoring them, I doubt its a serious sponsorship involving trips/salary. In my opinion, I think they were sponsored so that SK could still be relevent overseas as North American is still considered an untapped market for European companies which is why SK did not choose to sponsor a top team competing in invite.
2011-01-17 08:08
2011-01-17 14:16
Made me chuckle :')
2011-01-16 21:24
2011-01-16 21:24
Canada kapp 
they did it for the lolz
2011-01-16 21:25
nice :D gl guys :D
2011-01-16 21:25
and girl :P
2011-01-16 21:25
can't you say "guys" even for girls only?
2011-01-16 21:29
i wouldnt say "guy" to a chick ;)
2011-01-16 21:32
dunno but I've already heard american ppl saying "you guys etc" to a group a girls
2011-01-16 21:34
well, what do i know ;) all i know that guys is a synonym for boys
2011-01-16 21:36
#47 :)
2011-01-16 21:39
i've seen alot of chicks calling to each other "dude" also
2011-01-17 12:55
wahahahaah ROFL
2011-01-17 18:25
you can
2011-01-16 21:47
hes right, even in aus we do that too.
2011-01-16 23:51
you can
2011-01-16 21:35
In the Us, "guys" is usually referred to both genders.
2011-01-16 22:30
AUS is the same, as long as it's multiple people
2011-01-16 23:49
perez deserves a better team because he is the best CS Player on USA for me. Let's see if they could put more than 6 rounds on a map vs EG new lineup. gl
2011-01-16 21:25
+1 PatrickT
2011-01-16 22:12
And if the guys ever need motivation.........
2011-01-16 21:25
wOw.... mix team
2011-01-16 21:26
Sooo, they kick Madfrog and add this line-up? really?...
2011-01-16 21:26
2011-01-16 21:28
yea, really dont know wtf SK is doing. btw, this team probably wont last a month.
2011-01-16 21:52
+1 they wud have sent madfrog to korea -.-
2011-01-17 00:46
hmm interesting a girl playing with the boys, can't remember ever really seeing that... gonna be exciting i think.
2011-01-16 21:27
Canada kapp 
MugNmouse used a girl at cpl once (ali I think as well). Also, wasn't Queen from a-laget a girl?
2011-01-16 21:31
not something that i witnessed i guess, you're most likely right though.
2011-01-16 21:32
yes, Queen played for A-laget,and Huntress played for MK(mamazkillaz with aZn)
2011-01-16 21:40
There was a girl in one of the German EPS teams but I believe they didn't do much in that season... We'll see what SK will do though, gl :)
2011-01-17 15:48
yeah hope to see some good play tbh
2011-01-17 15:50
is this a female or male team ?
2011-01-16 21:27
2011-01-16 21:29
2011-01-16 21:28
: - D
2011-01-16 21:28
2011-01-16 21:29
you got to be shitting me...
2011-01-16 21:29
2011-01-16 21:29
ali rocks
2011-01-16 21:29
Ukraine gungrave 
2011-01-16 21:29
nineSpot :0
2011-01-16 21:30
Netherlands HBF 
2011-01-16 21:30
Sweden ejjz 
Good luck!
2011-01-16 21:31
epic fail with Ben Hui !
2011-01-16 21:32
AH@H@H@H@ hui :DDD
2011-01-16 21:32
ahahaha same here :D
2011-01-17 14:28
ninespot gogo:)
2011-01-16 21:33
Ben Hui... no comments anyway gl ali
2011-01-16 21:34
ben Hui :DD
2011-01-16 21:46
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
i'd be amazed if they can do any damage even in the US scene.
2011-01-16 21:35
SK Gaming US (0-0-0 in CS Open) Rough start
2011-01-16 21:41
how come ? League: CS Open (Central) Record: 0-0-0 (.000) L2read maybe?
2011-01-16 21:45
Ur not sheldon, how can't you tell my sarcasm man :( And start as in OPEN, not matches You edited your post and tried to be a dickhead, yet you failed and looked like a moron
2011-01-16 21:47
And good job cheating at ESEA lmfao
2011-01-16 21:48
And congratulation for being the whiny admin butlicker of esea
2011-01-16 22:11
really, admin buttlicker? you're gonna go with that?
2011-01-16 23:20
yeah didn't want to make him cry btw that guy always bring trouble to ppl in esea, making them getting banned for doing nothing
2011-01-17 00:19
2011-01-16 23:48
hes saying your garbage and you suck off some certain admins to get people banned in ESEA for no particular reason can you understand that padre?
2011-01-17 02:42
I understand, what I don't understand is why he came to that conclusion lmao, and why do you act like mad son?
2011-01-17 06:23
2011-01-16 21:40
well there's the esea open champs
2011-01-16 21:41
2011-01-16 21:42
lol :D go ali :>
2011-01-16 21:42
huge step for cs .. team of boys and girls mixed
2011-01-16 21:44
cool a male female mix :)
2011-01-16 21:44
2011-01-16 21:45
Malta wmbo 
have fun winning open
2011-01-16 21:45
United States giOF 
good luck ;)
2011-01-16 21:45
2011-01-16 21:46
us newbz..
2011-01-16 21:48
perez is a beast gl to them
2011-01-16 21:49
2011-01-16 21:49
lol when a female is in the lineup, it just becomes not serious anymore... CMON guys, a chick.. wtf? they won't win anything, cuz the spirit is different, discipline and brotherhood... Sometimes, when needed you will have to speak rough like guys do, but wtf? You know what i mean.. you can't say "hey wtf was that you stupid bitch" to a girl.. Looks funny for me, IMO
2011-01-16 21:49
you seriously need to step outside
2011-01-16 22:38
i don't have problems with "stepping out outside"
2011-01-16 22:58
wow welcome to the the 21st century mate. its no different to females in the military or females in any other working environment. and its not a competition for physical prowess (cuz lets face it msot cs guys couldnt manage 10 pressups)so thats not an issue. i feel sorry for any woman that ever dates you.
2011-01-17 16:26
you didn't get my point
2011-01-17 16:30
you meant to reply to razornt right?
2011-01-17 17:38
yeah yeah sorry mate :)
2011-01-17 19:03
no problem ;)
2011-01-17 20:10
hhahahah facepalm
2011-01-16 21:50
2011-01-16 21:52
2011-01-16 21:52
DD | 
Russia @sL4Mtv 
2011-01-16 21:53
ali between boys? ) interesting
2011-01-16 21:56
gl ali
2011-01-16 21:58
Norway billson 
GL, looks good.
2011-01-16 21:59
gotta say this is disappointing... SK could have made a HUGE move by forming a really top team to compete with EG in the US, but this team is just not at that level whatsoever... yes there aren't a lot of players to choose from now that the US scene is diluted, but with some push and iniative an organization such as SK could have easily enticed some former top players to return or something... would have been amazing to have a real SK/EG rivalry in America...
2011-01-16 22:00
Finland joona 
2011-01-16 22:07
Rambo hero thoMz sgares perez
2011-01-17 06:05
This is probably the best possible NA lineup: Pauly n0swal a2z thomz sgares they just couldn't play in WCG together.
2011-01-17 07:45
rofllllll yeah rite kid
2011-02-07 01:22
MIRAA, might want to add that Ediz 'goodfornothing' Basol is their coach.
2011-01-16 22:05
Not huge names but they have all been playing/pugging together forever so I guess it's kind of cool to see an ACTUAL team instead of a team that just is gonna roster swap every weekend.
2011-01-16 22:05
Brazil hugoooo 
2011-01-16 22:06
2011-01-16 22:06
Who the hell is managing SK this way? A freaking mix team? What the hell are this guys thinking?
2011-01-16 22:06
advertising only in USA
2011-01-16 22:10
holy shit, this is definitely world top1! *facepalm*
2011-01-16 22:12
Lol is this a joke? Most of these players are highly skilled but have been out of cs / pugging for atleast a year now.. Why wouldnt SK sponsor one of the good up and coming teams that are actually in invite? Unless they're not actually putting any money into it and ali convinced them to let her use the name..?
2011-01-16 22:12
maybe is it just a regular sponsoring like most teams have, I guess they're not paid like their swedish line up
2011-01-16 22:37
SK needs to take half this team and merge it with half of one of the up in coming like DWG, TAU, Backfire or ML gaming.
2011-01-17 16:25
i think that is ali who has all the contacts ;p
2011-01-16 22:18
lol gl for alice
2011-01-16 22:23
this is a joke men.
2011-01-16 22:24
2011-01-16 22:30
Ben "ben" Hui With this family impossible to live in CIS countries ))
2011-01-16 22:37
2011-01-16 22:39
HUI i PEREZ xD ultrafail
2011-01-16 22:41
double fail :D:D:D perez i hui xDDD
2011-01-17 08:04
There's a girl on the team and impulsive is a BACKUP? Is that a joke? No offense, but he's one of the best fraggers in america and he's a backup? Doesn't make sense. Kind of surprised SK decided to pick up some B-level players in the states.
2011-01-16 22:43
Would not you curious to see what happens? How to play the girl in the men's lineup? they will train her and that she will be able to show
2011-01-16 22:43
Sunde | 
World sfu 
2011-01-16 22:49
Ben "ben" Hui HAHAHAHA
2011-01-16 22:52
2011-01-16 22:53
and goodfornothing as a couch !
2011-01-16 22:56
my CAL-o bench-warmer team will beat em...that bad.
2011-01-16 23:03
2011-01-16 23:09
I haven't laughed this hard in a few days. There's no way SK is actually supporting this team right?
2011-01-16 23:13
OK now CS has officially become a joke
2011-01-16 23:21
lol... ali? impulsive should play... goodfornothing, mehLer, impulsive, ben & Ninespot!
2011-01-16 23:21
goodfornothing retired...
2011-01-17 02:05
2011-01-16 23:25
FalleN | 
Romania miezu 
legends :) all in one team gl
2011-01-16 23:33
legends? lol legends of what? pls do not use that phrase so lightly, no1 on this team is a legend in anyway.
2011-01-17 02:05
what about ninespot , he ain't so great but prolly the best in the team.
2011-01-17 22:17
I think you should not criticize them because of it) Treat it as an experience or a sample of such a game) And why not?
2011-01-16 23:35
lol some people are just so immature
2011-01-16 23:41
2011-01-16 23:44
it wssnt included in this article, but i feel its important to mention that gfn(goodfornothing) will be the manager/coach for this team as well o.0
2011-01-16 23:48
1. What a Team 2. Girl and 4 Guys? 3. WHY DO IT IN USA?
2011-01-16 23:48
2011-01-17 00:18
This team is full of mediocre invite players and good role players. There is no core to this team at all... they need to add a patyojon type player who can take over a game when needed... or better yet: Rambo, thomZ, sgares, +2
2011-01-17 00:21
sgares.... i tihnk i just threw up
2011-01-17 15:02
should've brought in thomz and hero
2011-01-17 00:50
I think thomz said no to both SK and DINC. Smart move considering both teams cant really be contenders internationally. EG.thomzo or at least I think that's the only team he would ever consider joining.
2011-01-17 01:34
Why would anyone want to pick up that fuck up thomz and drama queen hero. They are the two biggest contributing factors to the reason why Complexity has a Brazilian team. Thomz has proven he is unreliable by forgetting the single most important thing you need when traveling and hero has proven he can cause more drama that 5 high school girls with his roster changes and team management.
2011-01-17 16:23
Yikes someone is extremely upset at hero,thomz and aZn. Get over it crybaby. Hero didn't do anything wrong, and thomz has been to... i dunno how many international lans and domestic probably in the range of 50-100. They're all still friends so your point is invalid. relax
2011-01-17 20:13
LOL I don't believe you have a clue about what you are talking about. If thomz has been to numerous International events then there should have been no reason for him to leave his passport. Hero is a drama queen because it is either his way or the high way when it comes to the team roster. Do you remember when hero gave complexity an ultimate about playing with evolution and possibly kicking out xp3? Shit was drama llama all over the place. Also I never mention aZn so I don’t know why you bring it up….
2011-01-17 22:32
but thomz is fucking awesome so xD
2011-01-17 23:08
SK.usa needs to get rid of Ali.. and bring in thOmz
2011-01-17 01:22
Are you really from Faroe Islands?
2011-01-17 05:25
+1 on thomz, -storm +thomz best EG lineup ^_^
2011-01-17 05:45
storm is better then thomz. if its anyone its gonna be pauLy mostlikley
2011-01-17 12:05
I know you don't believe it but trust me, you'll see
2011-01-17 20:36
gl NineSpot
2011-01-17 01:24
It will be interesting to see how this works out. Though it looks quite strange to tag the team as female when there is only one in the team ::)
2011-01-17 01:36
i can already see ali being blamed for all their losses, which will be alot.
2011-01-17 02:04
2011-01-17 03:05
good luck go ali
2011-01-17 03:14
esea-open?...should be funny to watch.
2011-01-17 03:20
SK feeling confident of their Swedish team to play around with other continents? O.o
2011-01-17 03:55
yet another reason why NA cs is dead. thanks to eg hoarding all the top players, and complexity for leaving na altogether.
2011-01-17 04:06
hoarding? lol ur a complete moron...why would EG put anyone on their roster that isnt a top player...u really think thats why cs is dead in NA? wow i just have to say it again, ur a moron. So eg should have a lineup of Fr0d, n0thing, random cal-m caliber player, random cal-im caliber player, random friend of the team that no1 knows about. Yea that team would do wonders internationally, which is what everyone complains about, how EG cant compete internationally. again, moron = u
2011-01-17 05:17
just stop talking... The only reason that really can be cited as negative impact is complexity leaving NA and the team that made them leave,That team and most of its former players is full of the cancer that was thomz, hero, and aZn. Also there were a number of top level players who went into retirement or took time off.
2011-01-17 16:19
bad idea with the female. very sad
2011-01-17 04:24
uhh pretty sure ali is a decent player. Especially being female(nothing against them, but they do get treated alot differently in CS) and thomz may or may not still be banned by ESEA. Hero, however, i believe is playing in ESEA-m, and would be a great pickup for an aspiring team.
2011-01-17 04:26
prejudices? lets see what they can do, first.
2011-01-17 04:29
romania is not a shity country ,we are just to cocky when its about cs :).Pls don`t disrespect my country because of a game,thx
2011-01-17 05:39
if we look at this by advertisment side, its great step by SK Gaming. US market is really big so they cannot afford to dont have here some representative team :) gl dudes & betty
2011-01-17 05:43
The US CS 1.6 market is relatively small....
2011-01-17 13:50
It doesnt matter, if CS 1.6 is small...SK Gaming have their logo here, co they are part of it and they profit from that.... :)
2011-01-17 17:24
fuck yeah! ali da best. gl girl :):)
2011-01-17 05:44
ali is the best girl i have ever seen playing cs. Better than anyother girl. Not bein a "fanboy" Just telling you the truth. I know her i shes been playing this game for 9 years.
2011-01-17 06:23
This is embarrassing. And I'm American.
2011-01-17 07:28
let's see how it will work :)
2011-01-17 08:03
SK|solo SK|peri SK|bail SK|termi SK|glow WOULD BE 10,000 TIMES BETTER!
2011-01-17 08:25
i saw it in my dream about 2 months ago, no joke!!
2011-01-17 10:55
you dream about CS?
2011-01-17 15:33
no.. that's just random xDD
2011-01-17 20:32
you dream of cs? xD
2011-01-17 16:32
CS in Korea does not make SK enough money for it to be profitable to pick up the team. Since esports in Korea is so big you will need to pay them a salary and I do not believe SK can pay the salaries of 2 teams and their staff.
2011-01-17 16:11
fauk and epuck faul !!!
2011-01-17 08:38
GL!ali :D
2011-01-17 09:02
Where are benita and potter ?
2011-01-17 09:09
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
perez n ninespot are back! too bad imp is just backup/stand in
2011-01-17 09:16
2011-01-17 10:10
what were they thinking? were the organisation on drugs when they took this noob team? i dont get it.
2011-01-17 10:27
ali and ben are a pair :)
2011-01-17 12:12
not just fail, but 'decade fail' haha
2011-01-17 12:53
Its just marketing.The team cant live up to Sk's reputation. Americans can buy t-shirts an other stuff from SK site.You think their money isnt good ? But good luck. Oh , and TeG sucks.Most of romanian teams suck.Cs just isnt sponsored enough in this country. True , you shouldnt judge a country because of a game.
2011-01-17 13:58
sheldon cooper laughter !!
2011-01-17 14:01 solo
2011-01-17 14:59
2011-01-17 15:02
i was just thinking about sk ger a couple days ago, lol... and romania is just cheaters :|
2011-01-17 15:14
2011-01-17 15:23
dont underestimate sk us ,ali if not help the team by killing the opponents but sure can distract them :D
2011-01-17 15:25
LOL, n1 o.o'
2011-01-17 15:37
2011-01-17 15:43
they are gonna pay SK for using the name I guess.
2011-01-17 16:06
This team would be good if there weren't like 3 washed up players on it. Most of them have not played high level CS in quite sometime I believe. I think they sat out at least the last 2-3 esea-I seasons. But Perez is a very underrated US player and probably has played ESEA-I recently. He always seems to be the "backup", ringer, replacement, ect. But when he plays he normally produces. But I haven't seen the rest of them play in a while so they might be rusty.
2011-01-17 16:10
it will be better to bring ex-SK.female team than this one !
2011-01-17 17:02
good luck willsoN cya in esea open playoffs ;p
2011-01-17 17:22
These guys seem very inventive with their CS nicks: Alice "ali" Ben "ben" "perez" Perez "willsoN" Willson
2011-01-17 18:11
2011-01-17 20:10
it's interesting in how many languages hui means dick :D
2011-01-17 18:46
More teams more fun
2011-01-17 20:05
2011-01-17 20:51
Not expected. Still want to wish all the players the best of luck. Its good to see ninespot back in cs.
2011-01-17 22:10
NineSpot is in the HOUSE
2011-01-17 22:19
solo | 
Estonia FrispeN 
2011-01-18 12:54
you forgot goodfonothing as coach
2011-01-19 02:01
fail :-[
2011-01-19 12:30
2011-01-19 12:49
fail ofc :) don`t think they can win to EG more than 3 rounds :)
2011-01-24 13:26
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