project_kr add enemy to their roster

The South-Korean team known now as project_kr have brought in former Lunatic-hai shooter Young Mo "enemy" Ahn to replace the exiting Sun Ho "termi" Pyun which we reported earlier in the week.

The former WeMade Fox squad, seem to have made an ironic trade as Pyun is set to join the military services, just as Ahn finishes his stint in the military. Ahn however is no stranger to the international spotlight, he has a handful of top five places at ESWC and CPL events but most of his fame was brought about when he released a series of POV demos of him playing in public servers.

Ahn had previously been spotted playing in a Korean competition known as the "KCL2010 Winter" with current project_kr leader Geun Chul "solo" Kang.

The project_kr roster now looks complete featuring:

Korea Min Soo "glow" Kim
Korea Sung Jae "bail" Lee
Korea Bum Gi "peri" Jung
Korea Geun Chul "solo" Kang
Korea Young Mo "enemy" Ahn

2011-01-26 04:19
2011-01-26 04:20
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
2011-01-26 04:20
if he is anything like he used to be they'll wreck lol
2011-01-26 04:21
yep, enemy was a beast with the AK some years ago. Best possible pick i guess.
2011-01-26 10:59
Like a kalashnjikov monster
2011-01-26 12:13
Depends if enemy gets spotted.
2011-01-27 19:55
2011-01-26 04:21
2011-01-26 04:22
o: gl
2011-01-26 04:22
nice, hope he's up to par, though.
2011-01-26 04:23
good luck
2011-01-26 04:24
pretty awesome addition as long as he can perform like he used to.
2011-01-26 04:27
looks like a super strong roster, gl in the international scene!
2011-01-26 04:28
my favorite player in cs from asia.
2011-01-26 04:29
Really great team. They have an excellent team that easily could emerge internationally - gl guys!
2011-01-26 04:33
Emerge internationally? They won the last international tournament they participated in. They are already in the top.
2011-01-26 13:07
lol,only 1 title in 10 years thou,
2011-01-27 12:48
They finished top three in all the greatest international tournaments at some point - ESWC, WCG, IEM, WEM etc..
2011-01-28 08:31
Expected this move since I heard me termi doing military service (:
2011-01-26 04:33
gl guys, is nice to see project_kr completed again.
2011-01-26 04:33
yO !!! GL ... buT v all miss termî really :( SAD....
2011-01-26 04:35
big addition
2011-01-26 04:36
hope they'll find a home asap. best of luck to you guys :)
2011-01-26 04:38
here is enemy's new picture
2011-01-26 04:40
haha solo has right enemy :DDD
2011-01-26 06:12
OMFG god i can't believe he's back, my all time favorite player, and thn of course roman cpl summer clash with SK was unforgettable wow i am so fucking happy lol, what an upgrade IMO (but i am a bit bias i suppose) and they are going to destroy
2011-01-26 04:43
you have a new all time favorite player and team every day dude, just shut up lol. maybe trying sticking to your picks for once instead of just being a total fanboy and changing constantly.
2011-01-26 04:46
2011-01-26 07:24
2011-01-26 12:22
you dumb fuck, just because i like a player doesn't mean he's my favorite it's been enemy since i seen him play at cpl 05 i believe and roman at the same tournament with mTw i never included enemy lately because he was obviously in-active you don't have a few favorite players fuckie? :D
2011-01-26 12:37
I thought zet was your all-time favourite player lol
2011-01-26 13:32
wtf dude zet is gay
2011-01-26 18:22
gay or not he can still be a favourite player for someone :p
2011-01-27 01:38
yeah by homossexuals
2011-01-27 21:33
where did u get this information??
2011-01-28 12:41
zet? nonononono, i said he was the best player i've ever seen in 05-06, including today's players..and RobbaN said that as well.. Does any of that suggest zet was/is my favorite? So no one else has favorite players?
2011-01-27 01:41
+1 not to mention his constant uninformed opinions about teams etc ;p
2011-01-26 18:47
2011-01-26 13:57
i guess even termi is gone 4 military ....not sure though....... but can u link me dat demo please .i wanna see his skills link me a nice pov ...thanks
2011-01-27 15:15
2011-01-26 04:42
An amazing player a while back definitely one of the best. and his AK usage was years ahead of everyone else. hope he wrecks.
2011-01-26 04:50
niiiice!!! peri, solo, enemy, gl!
2011-01-26 04:50
enemy > termi :D
2011-01-26 04:50
2011-01-27 12:50
gl guys
2011-01-26 04:51
Brazil hugoooo
they replaced the worst of the team by one of the best koreans ever oO i also like more the tag than WemadeFOX
2011-01-26 04:56
idk if you can say that, termi just played the backup role on the team, he had his moments of greatness for sure.
2011-01-26 08:07
that's too much analysis for him, do not expect him to understand what a backup role is. if he's not madfragging, he's worthless.
2011-01-27 19:52
OMFG *.*
2011-01-26 05:03 enemy vs public server.
2011-01-26 05:04
enemy vs. players without brain low low low level ;o
2011-01-26 13:19
youNg mO~~
2011-01-26 05:39
haha he is korean name ann young mo !! NICE~
2011-01-26 06:11
!!!ya !!!! enemy you are the one !!!!
2011-01-26 05:41
thats sick, awesome replacement :D
2011-01-26 06:03
NICE enemy is korean top aimer 2005 CSL winter 2st Lunatic-hai member he is military going 2008 he is home come back !! bravo!! GL project_kr(wmf)
2011-01-26 06:10
enemy is amazing player :D goood luck guys!!
2011-01-26 06:15
clipper > bail :D
2011-01-26 06:16
No bail>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
2011-01-26 07:03
2011-01-26 14:04
2011-01-26 15:55
If his aim is as good as it used to be he'll be beasting everyone pretty soon... guy used to be redonkulous.
2011-01-26 06:27
GL, enemy is sick :).
2011-01-26 06:29
Yeah, Lunatic-hai had very good aimers. I'm happy he's back, he had such a great aim :D Hope he still has it!
2011-01-26 06:33
Russia hameleonus
<3 this teg :D
2011-01-26 06:38
Brazil 1kuNg
if he plays like his POV demo...
2011-01-26 06:43
this is interesting actually, haha if they can get a sponsor i'd love to see how well they can play. Although players generally don't make great comebacks after such lengths of time, these guys put in serious hours of practise everyday so maybe it wont take too long for him to get back in form. Cliper and mal have finished military service aswell, termi played well in wem2010 but he did dissapoint at times. btw anyone who doubts on bail is foolish he's an amazing player, peri and glow were playing so consistantly, solo recently seemed in a slump but hopefully he can get out of it. I'd love to see them actively competing during this year..
2011-01-26 06:47
2011-01-26 06:54
You're learning not know the legend
2011-01-26 11:21
gl project_kr !
2011-01-26 06:58
Why would they add a enemy?????
2011-01-26 07:05
2011-01-26 09:26
seems like no one got it, but i did, which means I am awesome
2011-01-26 11:33
Yes your awesome :D
2011-01-26 11:54
lol.. u'll never walk alone!
2011-01-26 11:56
Brazil hugoooo
lol! well played
2011-01-26 21:58
2011-01-26 22:45
enemy used to be a monster very good addition gl to the koreans gogoenemy
2011-01-26 07:08
2011-01-26 07:42
China Atlas.H
hope they can join IEM5 World Championship.
2011-01-26 08:01
Let's hope, this is a great team that woulrd actually even have a shot at the top spots.
2011-01-26 10:56
Brazil fzZ
2011-01-26 08:02
nice love this guys i'm not gay:D
2011-01-26 08:07
2011-01-26 08:10
great lineup, hopefully they can do some damage
2011-01-26 08:12
hi guys ari > enemy or enemy > ari ? :X just asking
2011-01-26 08:29
enemy>ari. and mal was better than both of them.. i miss lunatic-hai, clipper was sick also.. epic final vs sk
2011-01-26 10:44
haha 2005Final Lunatic-hai vs SK is wonderful games
2011-01-26 11:20
agree lunatic-hai were so underrated
2011-01-26 11:58
ari > enemy IMO but ari is retired i think
2011-01-26 20:08
2011-01-26 08:31
hope they get stable orga
2011-01-26 08:36
2011-01-26 20:57
sick lineup, hope it works out
2011-01-26 08:43
isnt enemy too old for this?
2011-01-26 08:44
He's 23 i'm pretty sure, younger than termi was
2011-01-26 08:49
I mean, did he have training in recent years
2011-01-26 14:30
"but most of his fame was brought about when he released a series of POV demos of him playing in public servers." Are you serious?-_-
2011-01-26 09:03
yup... watch those demos... an aim like you have never seen before... unbelievable aim... he was light year ahead in aim at that time... although i don't expect he would be dominating nowadays even with his old aim...
2011-01-26 09:08
I asked that because those public demos are definitely not the reason for most of his fame.
2011-01-26 09:51
i think the statement is fair, if you watch the POV demos, everyone thinks he is cheating, they had no idea how good he was. At the time of recording he was in Maven (i think). Each demo has about 10,000 downloads on gotfrag itself, not to mention other sites, + youtube/video's of it. It was those demos that made people sit and notice korean CS.
2011-01-26 09:59
Hi Gomez el pepito can u give me link to dll his demos plez?
2011-01-26 13:30
One legend replacing another. This team has the potential to play at the same high level the last team managed to.
2011-01-26 09:16
Enemy ... this enemy with amazing public demos ??? Nice ... can't w8 to see him in action!
2011-01-26 09:25
good player :)
2011-01-26 10:04
they will be my favorite team after all this changes in Europe scene
2011-01-26 10:07
does korea has a CS scene at all ? i thought everything is based on starcraft.
2011-01-26 10:13
Korea is oldschool counterstrike country with a big history and strong comunity in CS 1.6, former big and feared teams include maven, project_kr, lunatic-hai, estro, WemadeFox, last big win internationally is in WEM 2010 in hands of WemadeFox, not very long ago, so as you figure by now, the scene is Strong enough, even if overshadowed by starcraft, we have alot of history since the first CPLs until today
2011-01-26 10:56
l-hai, the best !! rip mal ennemy cliper :( (bebe rishnark loki and others... :p)
2011-01-26 10:58
do u have many tournaments in CS ? and does it worth being a CS player in korea ?
2011-01-26 11:14
enemy!! gl
2011-01-26 10:25
Legend team is back :)
2011-01-26 10:28
yes !! enemy & mal & bebe is Legend Hope to come back
2011-01-26 11:17
go blight gaming, sign this guys...
2011-01-26 10:41
YEAH enemy!!! roll those fuckers as you used to!
2011-01-26 11:04
nice nick :D
2011-01-26 11:05
2011-01-26 11:08
enemy >> lsw
2011-01-26 11:17
AMAZINGG!!! Lunatic-Hai enemyWATAFAA!! :p
2011-01-26 11:19
no ari no win
2011-01-26 11:20
wtf enemy>ari
2011-02-25 06:48
we will see ;)
2011-02-25 15:45
Please rename the team to Lunatic-Hai !... oldskool times back please :D
2011-01-26 11:22
GL Young Mo ;)
2011-01-26 11:28
GL ;)
2011-01-26 11:30
ari in army? hee?
2011-01-26 11:31
same quests here :p
2011-01-26 11:54
yes his in army
2011-02-25 06:47
2011-01-26 11:42
It's ok guys he was in the military, not like zet playing CS:S with yanks, so he'll be fine.
2011-01-26 11:44
on paper this lineup is crazy, but lets see what enemy can do
2011-01-26 11:49
good luck p_kr have a nice roster..
2011-01-26 11:50
Estonia FrispeN
how to fuck you add enemy to YOUR lineup.. TELL ME!!! HOW???
2011-01-26 12:10
If they could find a center to train 12 hours per day like they used to in WMF Center they could be fucking monsters :) & i'm sure enemy is still good otherwise solo wouldn't pick him after playing with him the lan tourney BTW where CAN WE FIND DEMOS OF KCL 2010 Winter
2011-01-26 12:25
OH MY FUCKING GOD Legend's back
2011-01-26 12:23
nMY kick ass ! :)
2011-01-26 12:27
sickest lineup
2011-01-26 12:27
Great news :D It should be a very interesting year for CS!
2011-01-26 12:31
Solo, peri, enemy! Wow! It looks really great!
2011-01-26 12:32
demo demo demo!
2011-01-26 12:37
wow, nice
2011-01-26 12:37
I hope that he's been playing cs alot these past years so he'll be as good as he was back then.
2011-01-26 12:41
the best player of Korea !
2011-01-26 12:48
project kr goo ! let's pwd some noobs ! +enemy is fuck!ng amazing
2011-01-26 12:48
n1 bojz
2011-01-26 12:48
Germany tummi
woohoo =) very nice!
2011-01-26 12:59
bow down to the, bow down to the AKing.
2011-01-26 12:59
Young Mo FIGHTING!! I guess they finally started a league for CS at S.Korea amazing I never knew about this but they held one last summer <--- The demos of KCL summer 2010 If you want to watch. No demos yet from the recent KCL Winter.
2011-01-26 12:59
i think this is guy who made fantastic action on B site, on inferno with glock maybe i'm wrong
2011-01-26 13:04
wtf ? project_kr <3
2011-01-26 13:07
2005-2006,project_kr was top3 at least
2011-01-26 13:28
2011-01-26 13:14
he wasnt regarded as the best AK player in a year?
2011-01-26 13:17
take it easy guys.. did he even played cs last 2-3 years on pro lvl?
2011-01-26 13:26
awesome lineup !
2011-01-26 13:32
gogo good luck :)
2011-01-26 13:47
glow is a warmachine
2011-01-26 13:53
2011-01-26 14:03
very nice enemy iz no goud
2011-01-26 14:16
2011-01-26 14:22
dont ilude yourself, cs has changed a lot since enemy's departure, so, i hope he adapts, but dont ask that much from him in the beggining
2011-01-26 14:45
Back in the old days this guy would overrun teams with his Ak... Nice move by project_kr
2011-01-26 14:51
OMG :O enemy *__*
2011-01-26 14:51
YES1!!!! sick line up , top3 in the world riht now
2011-01-26 15:01
peri wins!
2011-01-26 15:03
fukin NIIICEE enemy use own, hope he can repeat that
2011-01-26 15:10
2011-01-26 15:10
good, but anyway, peri still being the King of Asia
2011-01-26 15:14
add ari, and they will have incredible line up (bail sub).
2011-01-26 15:21
2011-01-26 15:26
This just got better, enemy used to be sick!
2011-01-26 15:39
Good luck :D
2011-01-26 15:41
enemy NICEEEEEE :DDD gl project_kr!!!!!
2011-01-26 15:50
Fucking Geewd !
2011-01-26 15:52
is he a good player?? because i didnt know him :D
2011-01-26 15:59
sad for termi he had to leave. GL enemy and project_kr. Grab another tittle! (:
2011-01-26 16:13
It remains to find a sponsor...
2011-01-26 16:13
yes earlyer find that sopnser :((
2011-01-27 02:02
enemy was one of the best korean players. I just remember glow and mal who have been as good. fucking awesome move, gl project_kr <3
2011-01-26 16:19
<3 enemy , best of luck.
2011-01-26 16:58
2011-01-26 17:18
GL project_kr
2011-01-26 17:22
2011-01-26 18:24
Bulgaria SHISHETu
gl guys ;)
2011-01-26 18:35
If he's still in shape that's great news, glllllll
2011-01-26 18:42
AMAZING But i would liked more add ari!! <3 Ari =/
2011-01-26 18:56
best :D gl ^_^
2011-01-26 19:39
enemy :P Gl
2011-01-26 19:42
here is enemy :D:D gl
2011-01-26 20:09
I hope they will find the organization soon ;)
2011-01-26 21:02
Good rifle, GL (:
2011-01-27 00:12
The usual Asian reply to all their problems, add some more aim lol Hope this works out, and my respects too to termi.
2011-01-27 00:32
OMFG, what a come back !! GO GO GO enemyBOT !
2011-01-27 01:41
China steel0815
gl enemy! gl project_kr!
2011-01-27 09:23
This is such good news!! damn I remember seeing enemy's inferno demo (almost unreal aim....and when I was relatively new to cs) and being so impressed with it that I spent hours practicing this AK shooting style... And when the results started coming for me...I was like this guy is so ahead of his contemporaries.... Hopefully he can find his form back...I am pretty sure project_kr will be a top 3 contender then...termi wasn't doing well these days...solo, peri, enemy, glow (if he can also find his form back)..just an amazing combination!
2011-01-27 10:47
I'm really happy that bail isn't the one who had to leave. he is totally underrated and one of the best teamplayers in the world. crazy aim, crazy tactical mind and he did quite well in 2010.
2011-01-29 12:51
gl enemy!
2011-01-27 10:48
enemy top10 aimers of all time!
2011-01-28 02:04
That statement about him being famous mostly for that TWO pub demos is one of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard. And he to add insult to injury, he calls it a "series" (lmao). So, no mention about how he beasted with MaveN in their first international tourny and came out of nowhere to beat SK and place 3rd @ WCG 2004, or carrying Lunatic-hai to a 4th place finish at ESWC 2005, or the performances he put up with mal at CPL Winter 2005 where they lost to SK in the final by the skin of their teeth and placed 2nd. But, this figures. That GoMeZ kid knows zero about CS.
2011-01-29 02:34
enemy > termi ?
2011-01-29 02:39
Yup. Termi was slacking anyway. Enemy is a Korean legend.
2011-01-29 07:35
thx m8
2011-01-29 10:37
enemy is many times of match he is LEGEND !!
2011-02-25 06:39
miss termi
2011-01-29 08:16
is this real? NICE
2011-01-30 01:49
bebe cliper enemy mal rishNarchK
2011-01-31 21:55
yes.. 2005 cs winter.. team Lunatic-hai enemy is really nice player GL korean!!
2011-02-25 06:42
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