face and tentpole join NiP

March 14th, 2007 23:26

NiP announce a new line-up as two of their players are removed and former Begrip players, tentpole and face are added.

Over the past week there has a been a lot of talk regarding Begrip, NiP and the fate of two players: tentpole and face.

NiP announced that they would be making changes as their new roster was under-performing. Rumours spread that they were after the two Begrip players. While tentpole was released to roam as a free agent face was not to be released for €5000. NiP refused to pay this amount and thus talks between the teams were abandoned.

However, only yesterday it was announced that face would be quitting Begrip and breaching his contract. Begrip announced that while they accept his parting the team they would not accept to see him play for any team until the end of his contract.

Well today all the rumours and controversy has ended with NiP announcing that both tentpole and face would be joining the team on a full-time basis. With this announcement came the news that both Björn "Bullen" Wall and Øyvind "KF3" Magnestad would be removed from the squad. The reasons being that Wall seems to have apparently failed to impress the team while Magnestad's communication problems, as well as the fact of him being a foreign talent, contributed to the decision that was today confirmed.

We await to see how Begrip react to this news but until then the NiP roster now looks like this:

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The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Dennis "walle" Wallenberg
The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Jonathan "miniw" Wallenberg
The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Kristoffer "Tentpole" Nordlund
The image “https://static.hltv.org//images/flag/se.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Johan "face" Klasson

Amazing! Looking forward to see them playing together. ;)
2007-03-15 01:05
first time i read serious matters like this about CS !
2007-03-15 01:24
Brazil cogu 
mibr > NiP hahaha :P
2007-03-15 02:22
my clan>mibr
2007-03-15 17:46
lol cogu :D
2007-03-15 02:41
United Kingdom drail 
Cogu is that really u from Mibr?
2007-03-15 03:37
Finland FliE 
#4 & #5: If you have a brain, use it. No, he is not the real cogu. NiP could potentially do some damage with this lineup, but then again we've seen from time to time again that good lineup does not automatically mean success (new aTTaX, new mouz, SK, 3D...)
2007-03-15 04:06
Brazil petal 
not cogu? i think yes... "Made in Brazil" I ask hem... Wait
2007-03-15 04:13
Brazil petal 
Hers Orkut Profile.... orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=1351304589236.. Is he... not a fake.... Yours comunity orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=4241709 I wait he replys
2007-03-15 04:17
KF3 > miniw :| anyway GL in the future
2007-03-15 12:47
Sad to see Bullen leave, I think he played very well. Also, impress on a team when only getting to play 2 matches.. Bad style NiP.
2007-03-15 15:21
Afraid when your at that level NiP only want's the best of the best, and he needed to much pratice.
2007-03-15 16:08
Crazy lineup.
2007-03-15 21:06
Brazil cogu 
#8 lol
2007-03-17 00:10
nip sucks :D potti have to come back ^^
2007-03-21 18:20
Brazil cogu 
2007-03-21 22:47
sk best:D
2007-03-22 14:54
cogu what are you doing there??
2007-03-28 08:18
he is just a human 2? He isn't a god? If he wants 2 reply 2 something, why don't you let him? He's a human just like you and me ;)
2007-03-28 22:13
2013-04-01 05:21
2013-04-01 05:25
1 of april
2013-04-01 05:28
:D 8/10
2013-04-01 05:30
this is from 2007 :s
2013-04-01 05:32
but if it will be true i'll cry with happiness
2013-04-01 05:34
2013-04-01 06:16
2013-04-01 06:19
aaaaaaaaaaa great times cs go suck ! GO GO GO TENTPOLE !!
2013-04-01 08:05
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