Fx reach ICSC 7 final

March 20th, 2011 12:55

Frag eXecutors have eliminated Ukranian hopefuls DTS in the opening Semi-final two maps to nil on de_nuke and de_inferno.

Frag eXecutors got off to great start on de_nuke taking the pistol round thanks to some clutch play by Jaroslaw "pasha" Jarząbkowski. DTS were able to win quite a few gun rounds, but never able string a few together. In the end the money system got the better of them and they finished the half down 5-10 as the favoured Counter-terrorists.

In the second half, Fx showed some great teamwork and dominant individual talent led by Filip "NEO" Kubski. Fx proved their terrorist side lead was too much to handle for DTS and were able to close out de_nuke 16-6.

de_inferno seemed to follow the same script as de_nuke. Fx once again took the pistol as terrorists and seemed to be playing the match at their tempo. DTS managed to win some gun rounds, but couldn't consistently win back to back rounds which lead to many save rounds. After some interruptions due to a leaked password the game was paused for a minute or two, whatever happened during the pause, really helped as DTS came out fighting and for the first time and won a bulk of rounds in a row. DTS narrowly lost the first half 8-7.

DTS continued their momentum from the end of the first half and won the second half pistol and following save rounds.  Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow was relentless in the opening rounds doing most of the damage. DTS were able to open up and handy 7-1 lead, opening up the score to 14-8 in their favour.

Just when it looked like DTS had de_inferno all locked up, Mariusz "loord" Cybulski won a nice 1v2 - four kill round, and proved once again why he is regarded as one of the games best in a pressure situation. Fx gained momentum from this and forced the game 14-14. Kubski took a leaf out of Cybulski's book and managed to take down four rushing terrorists with three AWP bullets, and setup a nail biting 16-14 win to Frag eXecutors.

Broken tag

Frag eXecutors will now face the winner of Natus Vincere vs KerchNET in the Grand-final of the Intel Challenge Super Cup 7, which is scheduled to start soon. For more information about that game, follow the link here.

Sweden Gumme 
nice match!
2011-03-20 12:55
nice reading skill : )
2011-03-20 12:55
Sweden MelleN 
he saw the match ?
2011-03-20 12:56
Article is created to read it, doesnt it?
2011-03-20 13:00
doesnt plural, isnt singular. so in ur theory, no one that didnt read the article, can post right?hummm ok
2011-03-20 13:04
Actually you both fail.
2011-03-20 13:05
where did u learn that "doesn't" is plural?? Shoot that guy immediately!
2011-03-20 13:10
lol @ the grammar correction.. time for u to revisit "question tags" ^^ PS: and stop bickering over validity of the first post FFS lol..
2011-03-20 13:24
isn't it or wasn't :D
2011-03-20 13:33
I isnt understand why you guys discuss, doesnt it was a nice match?
2011-03-20 13:34
2011-03-20 13:37
quite nice, but overfilled with problems, such as ventrilo which wasn't working for fx, spectators and even players joining server because of password leak :D
2011-03-20 13:37
isn't, not wasn't, because you are negating the previous is (from is created)
2011-03-20 13:48
yep I knew that one of these was correct (not both), but to be honest I wasn't sure if tense is the case or just "is" :)
2011-03-20 14:44
2011-03-20 13:59
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
why do you even give a sh$t, and give him the attention he wants?
2011-03-20 17:57
well, obvoisly you didnt read the article yourself...
2011-03-20 18:18
I did not, checked the comments a while, after article has been written : )
2011-03-20 18:47
no, you just wanted to look at the first 3-4 comments and see if there was anyone that u could rage on...
2011-03-20 21:58
2011-03-21 01:37
2011-03-20 12:55
good job fx c'mon navi win kerchnet !!
2011-03-20 12:55
Poland Aper 
gg :P
2011-03-20 12:55
gl finelae Fx
2011-03-20 12:56
:D~~~~ Fx out foxed DTS
2011-03-20 12:57
Well played both teams, hope to see a stunning final with fx facing Na'Vi:D
2011-03-20 12:56
final vs incognito hahahahaha
2011-03-20 12:56
inferno win by loord :p
2011-03-20 12:56
they smoked some stuff yesterday :)))
2011-03-20 12:57
dktenso | 
Brazil lgzn 
The penultimate round made by NEO was amazing! Superb 5/5
2011-03-20 12:58
ty loord
2011-03-20 12:59
amazing from Loord and Neo! :)
2011-03-20 12:59
gl fx in the finals :P
2011-03-20 12:59
WOW, Loord and NEO really put the pressure on me. Thought i had plenty of time to write about it, but then had to type as fast and my hands could to get the article out this fast.
2011-03-20 12:59
I like ur style of writing!
2011-03-20 13:03
thanks, i usually write each half (during the break) and then a mad-rush to get the final half out soon as the map finishes. Usually this works (because i can predict the result) but every so often NEO wins some epic round and the match ends early. Then im really under pressure.
2011-03-20 13:05
true neo is unpredictable but as u wrote 1 on 3 (2 on 4) by loord was momentum of FX and broken ukrainians, nice that you reminds all most importants moments of match, keep it!
2011-03-20 13:13
yeah my mistake again, 2v4 (1v2)
2011-03-20 13:21
Read #30, impossible that they won 8-1 in the second half, because then 15-8... Map end 16-14.
2011-03-20 13:15
did read it, and fixed it.
2011-03-20 13:20
2011-03-20 13:00
Gj 361!
2011-03-20 13:01
When is the final?
2011-03-20 13:01
19.00 GMT+2
2011-03-20 13:07
Should be one helluva interesting final!
2011-03-20 13:01
sexy play by some individuals
2011-03-20 13:03
Poland Marcines 
2011-03-20 13:05
6:1 or 7 but not 8:1 because it doesn't make sense :)
2011-03-20 13:05
7-1, thanks !
2011-03-20 13:12
gratz fx
2011-03-20 13:09
its always the same thing,when fx are about to lose,some guy shows off with incredible skills and takes the round
2011-03-20 13:16
usually NEO or Loord, two the best clutch players :D
2011-03-20 13:29
China Specster 
loords action was amazing, and waiting for neos highlights!
2011-03-20 13:17
2011-03-20 13:18
guys u have to make a movie from pasha's pistol round
2011-03-20 13:31
Omg HLTV plx give us the tt pistol round of pasha in de_nuke. SSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!
2011-03-20 13:34
2011-03-20 13:34
what about pops? i didnt watch match. was he fine or?
2011-03-20 13:34
Europe DrexxEnt 
Nice DTS Good Inferno:) GL vs NaVi(im guessing) FX!
2011-03-20 13:35
loord showed some good pgs skillss, it was nicee
2011-03-20 13:37
Damn, I lost it... :(
2011-03-20 13:40
ive tagged the following as possible "Highlights" ********************* Movie Highlights PASHA vs DTS (de_nuke 1st round) LOORD vs DTS (de_inferno 25th round i think) NEO vs DTS (de_inferno) 28th round i think) ********************** just gotta wait to see how the HLTV's came out (sometimes they were lagging, especially during NEO's round). Or if there are POV's or a Local HLTV available. But those 3 are have been marked as the 'best 3 so far'
2011-03-20 13:41
can't wait to see them
2011-03-20 13:45
good, gomes
2011-03-20 13:50
thanks, bus
2011-03-20 14:06
Or Puss, right? ;-)
2011-03-20 15:56
KUBEN VS DTS (de_nuke 16th round -3 round ) crazy -3 with usp NEO vs dts (DE_INFERNO 15TH ROUND -4 round ) lucky shot on Kucher then pick his awp kills last two guys
2011-03-20 13:55
NEO vs 3x DTS de_nuke
2011-03-20 14:18
2011-03-20 13:49
I was expecting p.s. when fx need neo can bee monster:D
2011-03-20 13:49
gj FX & NEO[t] :) FX vs Na'Vi :) !
2011-03-20 14:21
why not,gl on the final :)
2011-03-20 14:38
"Fx reach ICSC 7 final" - why not Frag eXecutors if u write Natus Vincere everytime
2011-03-20 14:51
nice FX neo best <3 good luck in a match NAVI!!! GOGOGOGOGO POLAND!!!
2011-03-20 15:28
g0 fx !
2011-03-20 15:53
Argentina lm3 
again the final Fx vs Na`Vi.... again is going to win Na`Vi
2011-03-20 15:54
so nice match
2011-03-20 16:33
Finland nsis 
Are the finals played online or at lan?
2011-03-20 16:36
The final is today?
2011-03-20 16:44
Finland nsis 
And? My question was are the Intel Challenge Super Cup 7 finals played online or at lan.
2011-03-20 16:47
Sorry ;) The finals will played on LAN
2011-03-20 16:55
Finland nsis 
Ok, thanks.
2011-03-20 17:37
2011-03-20 17:01
I really want to see thoose video highlihghts which you talked about ;)
2011-03-20 18:05
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