prb stars in new alchemists team

alchemists Unleashed have announced that Preben "prb" Gammelsæter will star in a new team that is set to be unveiled over the coming days. 

The Norwegian organization had yesterday witnessed the departure of four of their players from their Counter-Strike squad.

The former team wanted to replace Gunnar "zEn" Eng, then the team's captain, after he had failed to fulfill the demands given by the team for him to improve. 

At the same time as announcing the former team's departure, the organization stated that a new team, which will be composed of Norwegian players only, would be in place shortly. 

Now, less than 24 hours since their loss, a new team is starting to take form, with former MYM man Preben "prb" Gammelsæter being the first unveilment.

The announcement does, however, also state that the team they are about to unveil will only represent the organization for Copenhagen Games.

Interestingly enough, it also notes that the team will boast players that have won several major tournaments in the past, including CPL.

For now, alchemists have:

Norway Preben "prb" Gammelsæter

The entire team will be revealed on March 27.

one man army
2011-03-24 11:21
(c) kHRYSTAL :)
2011-03-24 11:42
Enough :D
2011-03-24 12:11
he's a good player indeed, but Norway needs itm best players in their country: REAL and +3 that`s hard to choose.
2011-03-24 12:35
Real,Kf3 , nola and element maybe :D
2011-03-24 12:37
2011-03-24 16:10
real prb kalle tacky hellzerk.
2011-03-24 13:22
2011-03-24 13:28
no kalle & tacky are with modii and barbar :)
2011-03-24 13:55
Won't be possible since tacky and kalle anounced that they will stay in moddii's team. REAL prb HELLZERK KORN syrtekz Would be a nice lineup in my opinion.
2011-03-24 14:24
- syrtekz +MODDI
2011-03-24 15:19
aU have stated that they will from now on only have NORWEGIAN players.
2011-03-24 16:11
my bad :P
2011-03-24 17:36
and KORN have stepped down from active gaming, that was why they took in BARBARR :PP
2011-03-24 16:12
2011-03-24 16:14
2011-03-24 16:26
+1 :)
2011-03-24 13:25
PRB \m/
2011-03-24 11:22
+real xione oops junglebobo :D
2011-03-24 11:24
Team 9 ftw!
2011-03-24 11:32
haha old school !
2011-03-24 12:07
yes! <3 :D
2011-03-24 16:39
prb, syrtekz, hellzerk, REAL and element :D
2011-03-24 11:24
Hmm... an All-Star team :P
2011-03-24 11:25
need real, kf3, kalle, korn
2011-03-24 11:26
+xeqtr mark my words :D
2011-03-24 11:26
I'm guessing it would be a bit too expensive to fly him in from Korea. :)
2011-03-24 11:29
damn Pus u'r a bloody grinch :( but maybe he is on vacation in norway or smt :P btw: when are Copenhagen Games again? cant remember >_<
2011-03-24 11:33
Haha! April 21-24 :)
2011-03-24 11:37
aight, thx buddy. ....nevertheless still a grinch :P
2011-03-24 11:45
Pus, you have to add elemeNt to the list :)
2011-03-24 16:31
Badbeat @ XLFrag, only HS. prB <3
2011-03-24 11:26
2011-03-24 11:28
this lineup will go far
2011-03-24 11:31
It's not 100% impossible to see element in this roster tbh., he still plays gathers etc. but dont know how much time he got for a team, but it would be fun to see him in atleast a small prosject =]
2011-03-24 11:38
yeh and he played recently a The Gathering didn't he? If this line up's is only meant to attend 1 event it's possible idd
2011-03-24 13:47
I have been talking to the org and they are talking to Walle, Zet,Tentpole and allen
2011-03-24 11:44
the organization stated that a new team, which will be composed of Norwegian players only,
2011-03-24 12:00
2011-03-24 12:29
hahaha, sobo owned
2011-03-24 13:06
you are nothing but a morron.hahahaha
2011-03-24 15:45
rofl you are so stupid, hahahaha
2011-03-24 17:45
haha, and why is that? Because im 10 years older than you, and you have no intelligence, what so ever? :)
2011-03-27 13:41
why are u laughing hahahahaah??????????? what he say is true. so i guess u are the one that is so fucken "STUPID!!!!!!!" nice try trying to act smart by calling someone stupid, to make you u look smart but u FAIL BIG TIME SO HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA DUMBASS LOOK AT THRASHERS TRYING TO TROLL BUT GOT OWNED!!!!!!
2011-03-27 14:04
XeqtR Naikon Luke OOPS REAL juve9le knoxville any 4 of those ^^
2011-03-24 11:42
alchemists prb alchemists REAL alchemists element alchemists Xeqtr alchemists Naikon old team :P
2011-03-24 11:45
+REAL +elemeNt +noLA +Naikon make it happen
2011-03-24 11:44
hellzerk, kf3, real, oops
2011-03-24 11:51
Bulgaria SHISHETu
One Man Army > all ..
2011-03-24 11:52
+REAL +kalle +tacky +hellzerk
2011-03-24 11:54
haha, #70
2011-03-24 13:23
best possible line-up imho.
2011-03-24 13:27
2011-03-24 11:57
REAL REAL REAL bla bla bla
2011-03-24 11:59
i know REAL will be on this team ;)
2011-03-24 12:00
+REAL +elemeNt +XeqtR +knoxville best line up world top1 world gl prb-CO
2011-03-24 12:02
2011-03-24 12:10
2011-03-24 13:11
2011-03-24 14:36
+ kunfigur3, real, element and DaY to come out of the wood works
2011-03-24 12:06
They need hellzerk <3 :D prb hellzerk tacky REAL noLA my dreamteam :)
2011-03-24 12:10
+REAL, tacky, syrtekz, x
2011-03-24 12:10
2011-03-24 12:13
+REAL +Naikon +elemeNt +XeqtR
2011-03-24 12:14
will lose motivation and fall soon enough imo
2011-03-24 12:16
probably :(
2011-03-24 16:18
"The announcement does, however, also state that the team they are about to unveil will only represent the organization for Copenhagen Games."
2011-03-24 17:16
+hellzerk +tacky +kalle +KF3 team .no <3 :D
2011-03-24 12:18
yeah <3 prb hellzerk tacky kalle KF3
2011-03-24 14:36
where are omen and everlast?
2011-03-24 12:19
Dno about omen, but eVERLAST is on my steam friend list ;D
2011-03-24 12:28
2011-03-24 12:38
Your like the coolest person ever morron
2011-03-24 15:51
you seems really cool too morron
2011-03-24 17:45
what are you whining about?
2011-03-27 13:41
omen currently plays with a bucnh of friends in a clan called Cleanup Crew, and everlast is still the f#cking basterd he have always been..
2011-03-24 12:53
DarK Luke Damien naikon
2011-03-24 12:23
prb REAL element nola syrteks
2011-03-24 12:25
helzerk online hero
2011-03-24 12:25
no moddii no party for them sadly =(
2011-03-24 12:28
2011-03-24 12:29
+1 they will have a nice team anyway with prb and maybe (real + tacky) but i think moddii was best of them in terms of aim
2011-03-24 12:31
it seems moddi barbarr kalle tacky are going to still a team toguether :DDD
2011-03-24 14:11
prb kalle moddii barrbar real
2011-03-24 12:30
-barbarr +zneel
2011-03-24 12:34
prb REAL noLA KF3 elemeNt and they are for sure going to enter the top5 rank until 2012.
2011-03-24 12:37
noLA and elemeNt are way too far from being professional to be able to get back to their highest level, especially nowadays.
2011-03-24 13:07
elemeNt won 3rd or 4th place on his last WCG performance, when he and his team mates had a very short amount of time to practice. I believe that a professional player like him can do the same anytime. Oh and forgot to mention, noLA REAL and prb were part of this lineup as well. KOENSABABZ, true they are both callers, so this would probably won't happen. I actually believe that elemeNt will not come back, so KF3 is an option.
2011-03-24 13:26
nola hasnt been seen in the scene for some years now.
2011-03-24 14:28
prb REAL face elemeNt noLA Not gonna happen :PP
2011-03-24 12:48
prb tacky kalle REAL hellzERk
2011-03-24 13:01
+kalle +REASTEN +REAL +tacky/syrtekz/hellzerk :D
2011-03-24 13:01
prb hellzErk REAL syrtekz tacky :o
2011-03-24 13:09
prb day kf3 syrtekz real moddii pronax barbarr tacky kalle
2011-03-24 13:12
pronax still in rage and its good. manne keiz pronax dennis lidde/pop
2011-03-24 13:27
prb ; hellzERk ; DaY ; REAL ; Vertigo would be nice
2011-03-24 13:14
they should take REAL, serpen, kalle and mby hellzerk that would be awesome.
2011-03-24 13:19
Serpen and hellzerk are both attending but with the tag Deathwish :) , so as Takrenna said its prob gonna be prb, syrtekz, real + 2 other randoms...
2011-03-24 13:28
+ REAL, Oops, xione & Juzam :(
2011-03-24 13:24
real if u read this, and remained a little time to play cs on professional level again, PLEASE COME BACK, we want you>D
2011-03-24 13:25
u dont need more. get reasten with him, then u got the norwegian army :)
2011-03-24 13:36
OMG, go go Norway, I love your country <3 prb syterkz nola element real4ever! *--------------*
2011-03-24 13:37
good times MIBR - bsl, eduzin, KIKO, pred, Corassa, BanZ
2011-03-24 14:15
prb kalle tacky hellzerk moddii
2011-03-24 13:41
prb syrtekz element vertigo reasten/day
2011-03-24 13:43
Sweden Traitorz0r
prb, REAL, tacky, kalle, syrtekz.
2011-03-24 13:51
kalle and tacky have a team with MODDII and BARBARR remember?
2011-03-24 14:01
new MYM : moddii, BARBARR, manne, pronax, keiz new aU : REAL, prb, tacky, hellzerk, kalle hhaha :D
2011-03-24 14:12
prolly gonna be: prb,vertigo,syrtekz,element/kf3 and real/zen
2011-03-24 14:26
zen??!!!?!?!?omg LOL
2011-03-24 19:21
aU:Real,Prb,Hellzerk,Syrtekz,Ben :-??
2011-03-24 14:32
Ben sold his computer to my cousin, so I doubt that he will join ; )
2011-03-24 16:09
i know some player sold his PC,but i forgot who he was..hmmm elemeNt joined :D hope it will be for long and make with the other 3 which will be added a solid and competitive team with good results
2011-03-24 21:45
bring back juve9le
2011-03-24 14:42
still, if Zen is there there will always play 4v5
2011-03-24 14:42
would be nice to see ; REAL elemeNt Naikon hellzerk prb :D
2011-03-24 14:49
so sick!
2011-03-24 17:42
REAL, prb, hellzerk are level above all but there are some good players like kalle, tacky, zen, syrtekz, DAY, Vertigo and of course is always option with MODDII!
2011-03-24 14:58
needs more element
2011-03-24 15:01
Good so far..
2011-03-24 15:04
+ moddii; barbarr; kalle;tacky
2011-03-24 15:17
REAL, prb, vertigo, element + syrtekz/kf3/day
2011-03-24 15:27
gogo prb!
2011-03-24 15:33
Knoxville element Naikon Luke
2011-03-24 15:34
It will be prb, real, element, vertigo and syrtekz =)
2011-03-24 15:36
2011-03-24 15:38
eoLithic AGAiN!
2011-03-24 15:44
hzk & REASTEN, m8b REAL & KORN could join as well
2011-03-24 15:50
Don't know why some of you are saying Xione I remember in the CPL that REAL and co got to final vs fnatic, he was terrible and it wasn't just in the final...
2011-03-24 15:52
they got to the final man.. can't be that bad
2011-03-24 18:24
lololololo , element o.O.O.O.OOoOoO
2011-03-24 16:33
olameNt!!!!!!!!!!! GL guys add real and 2 random :D
2011-03-24 16:07
OOPS was amazing, they need him to come back asap
2011-03-24 16:11
I agree, would have been so cool! :p
2011-03-24 16:37
Alchemists: Preben 'prb' Gammelsaeter Ola "elemeNt" Moum (???) Jorgen "XeqtR" Johannessen (???) Lars "Naikon" Olaisen (???) Sondre "REAL" Svanevik (???)
2011-03-24 16:36
omg -moddii -kalle/barrbarr -tacky/barrbarr -prb -real
2011-03-24 16:37
elemeNt :D:D:D NICE
2011-03-24 16:37
Element is confirmed!
2011-03-24 16:39
finally :DDDD
2011-03-24 16:57
2011-03-24 17:11
elemeNt is in, REAL will be in (99%, who else...), my guess for the two last players is syrtekz & hellzerk
2011-03-24 17:25
If that's the case, there will finally be a reason to watch Norwegian CS again.
2011-03-24 17:35
As far as I know hellzerk is attending with Deathwish.
2011-03-24 17:40
didnt know about that, since zx9 disbanded i only knew alchemist's lineup, thanks !
2011-03-24 18:10
2011-03-24 17:38
raven and element zz
2011-03-24 17:49
+ element
2011-03-24 17:59
+ element
2011-03-24 18:05
prb, element, zen and one more are released each day
2011-03-24 18:23
KF3 badmanners he said to the korean guys I hope u die by cancer ahAHhAhAhAhAhhAhAhAH
2011-03-24 19:39
prb nice player
2011-03-24 20:00
PRB<3 nice player!
2011-03-24 20:21
2011-03-24 21:21
For now, alchemists have: Preben "prb" Gammelsæter haha I'm sure you did it to be funny xD
2011-03-24 23:11
prb REAL elemeNt noLa juve9le hahaha old school line up but sick :)
2011-03-25 02:00
prb REAL elemeNt XeqtR noLa or prb REAL elemeNt tacky kalle or prb REAL elemeNt BARBARR MODDII
2011-03-25 18:17
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