zEn completes aU for Xperia PLAY

Gunnar "zEn" Eng has been announced as the fifth and final member for alchemists Unleashed's Xperia PLAY lineup.

The speculations were many in regards of who would be the final member in the alchemists lineup for the Danish event. The community generally asked a lot about Sondre "REAL" Svanevik, but the opportunity for the former MYM member to join the team, seemed to be zero in reality.

The team, which has been led by Gunnar "zEn" Eng on multiple occasions, will once again tie him as a member and complete the lineup for Copenhagen Games.

alchemists will attend Xperia PLAY with the following:

Norway Preben "prb" Gammelsæter
Norway Ola "elemeNt" Moum
Norway Jon Thomas "DaY" Rudstrøm
Norway Tommy "syrtekz" Skoglund
Norway Gunnar "zEn" Eng

The team is a previously mentioned only brought together for this specific event, what the future will look like for alchemists is not determined.

United Kingdom hArdLad
2011-03-27 00:36
LOL U MAD?!?!?1?
2011-03-27 01:02
United Kingdom hArdLad
I wanted FAKE but its ok
2011-03-27 01:26
Same -zen and syrtekz +Real and KF3 =Perfect line up
2011-03-27 06:53
2011-03-27 09:27
2011-03-27 10:21
2011-03-27 12:03
KF3????? its clearly that you only look at what KF3 have done 3-4 years ago... FIRSTLY Syrtekz is today a much better player than KF3. SECONDLY aU dont need 3-4 callers on the same team. zEn and also DaY would be enough. :)
2011-03-27 19:12
Its not the point, they'll loose anyway, they could've lost with style elemeNt XeqtR Real KF3 prb/Day
2011-03-27 19:21
not the point..? then what was your point with your comment? change SYRTEKZ and ZEN for KF3 and REAL, just because they will lose anyway?? you make no sense :) and still, that change you suggested would not be of any good. Maybe REAL for zEn, but zEn is caller
2011-03-27 19:26
Cause they started to announce prb element for a ONE SHOT, everyone expected some legends like real xeqtr etc ... And now we got what ? Maybe better player nowadays, but "standart" player, players you see on every news about norge when they switch player. What is the point here ? Do you really believe they'll achieve something like that ?
2011-03-27 19:34
I dont think KF3 and REAL go under the category "legends". :P maybe if you said something like xeqtr.. ;DD
2011-03-27 19:52
If only you knew how to read, you would've read "everyone expected some legends like real xeqtr etc ..." But as the tragic amount of smiley abuse going on your post show, you obviously cant read.
2011-03-27 20:41
wow, hard words from a guy that nicks "sorrow94" ;)):PPP;D I know what you wrote you dumbass. And I said that if you had written "-zen and syrtekz. +xeqtr and knoxville" or something, taking some REAL legends name, then I would have understood your lame joke about all those who think aU will win with old starplayers.. but when you wrote "REAL and KF3", I thought you where serious, as they are not legends, just former norwegian gamers who made themselves a name in the cs world, and not like XEQTR and elemeNt, who have won huge tournaments and been leading players. goodnight
2011-03-27 21:08
real not a legend? what asinine comment.. Just stop now before embarrassing yourself more than you already have. being the best player to have ever come out of Norway, out of the likes such as element, xeqtr, dark, naikon, etc. IS LEGEND STATUS. goodnight
2011-03-27 23:02
no really, what makes a legend? he was and may still be a incredibly good player, but we cant really compare him to, lets say XEQTR, because xeqtr WON! he won almost every major tournament at the time, he was the best of the best, and he formed winning teams. Look at his status now compared to REAL. Xeqtr is soughtafter in many ways after what he have done. They wanted him to commentate games and share his experience, they made him Captain of Team West (fnatic etc), because he had achieved some really great things. im not saying that all this is needed to be a legend, but it takes more to it than just being a superskilled madfragger :-) if being that makes you a legend, half of sweden would have been legends.
2011-03-28 16:20
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
REAL was a level above anyone else in Norway, much like sixeR is in France. And no1 can say sixeR isn't a legend :)
2011-03-29 09:28
REAL is a legend dude
2011-03-27 22:53
2011-03-27 00:36
2011-03-27 00:40
2011-03-27 00:41
+3 you should make a complain about this.. -zEn +REAL
2011-03-27 00:43
2011-03-27 01:10
2011-03-27 00:47
2011-03-27 00:52
Ignorance is a nice car though.
2011-03-27 01:49
2011-03-27 04:22
2011-03-27 07:08
2011-03-27 08:41
2011-03-27 08:53
2011-03-27 09:50
this team is one big epic fail, without Real or with him.
2011-03-27 11:09
2011-03-27 11:42
They are just attending the event for fun. Stop being so serious about it.
2011-03-27 13:31
no, he wants to see them beating navi 501/0 in best of 1000
2011-03-27 13:39
Denmark mainz
WOW players must be pretty tired after that match then O_o and a little hungry too..
2011-03-28 02:13
This combo is fucking sick!
2011-03-27 13:31
Edit: Were sick-.-
2011-03-27 18:05
2011-03-27 14:57
2011-03-27 16:04
2011-03-27 16:57
REAL >>> zEn :(
2011-03-27 00:36
I like how I had to scroll down half of the page to get to the 3rd comment :D
2011-03-27 13:23
2011-03-27 16:58
2011-03-28 00:30
NEO | 
Poland Antro
no real;/ sadface*
2011-03-27 00:37
Too bad :/
2011-03-27 00:37
2011-03-27 00:37
hope this lineup do some damage... Real would hv been better where is real anyways?? is he still active ??
2011-03-27 00:37
He plays for fun with friends in online random cups etc.
2011-03-27 01:15
Playing poker.
2011-03-27 01:33
this will not get to far. zen was the poorest choice of all possible
2011-03-27 00:38
real :(
2011-03-27 00:38
oh bad :( REAL PLZ
2011-03-27 00:38
real plz? because tomato stil sirius
2011-03-27 08:31
was hoping for real but nvm zen is good :D
2011-03-27 00:38
Good luck zEn.
2011-03-27 00:39
I dont think zEn is so good.. But still, good luck!
2011-03-27 00:39
expected, but i don't know if that's actually a good thing.......
2011-03-27 00:39
2011-03-27 00:39
bad ............. + REAL
2011-03-27 00:39
2011-03-27 00:40
It was actually few days before clearly known that REAL won't play for aU. So stop crying.
2011-03-27 00:40
2011-03-27 09:03
why not?
2011-03-27 15:06
We weren't told the exact reason, just that he wouldn't be one of the 5 players. REAL is playing quite a bit of poker, and who knows, maybe there is a poker tournament at the same time^_^
2011-03-28 02:29
zEn a tree
2011-03-27 00:41
Started fun ended shiettt
2011-03-27 00:42
2011-03-27 01:40
2011-03-27 00:42
NO REAL NO WIN, no cry!
2011-03-27 00:43
2011-03-27 00:48
eSahara RARA ?
2011-03-27 01:12
2011-03-27 04:50
+1 :D
2011-03-27 12:49
REAL could not attend, we try to ask him about it. We`re just a old gang of cs players, going there to have fun :) So let`s hope you guys enjoy that element,prb,day etc is at least playing. :) Have a great night and evening boys.
2011-03-27 00:48
gl bro still dont get it why the norwegian scene hates you that much
2011-03-27 00:51
cause the norwegian scene consists of random 14-17 year olds who will amount to nothing. zEn is a good thing for the norwegian cs scene. he creates teams that does great, then gets the boot. jungelbobo didn't hit that hard either, still he got praised as a good cs player.
2011-03-27 00:54
wow the good old times with junglebobo damn i really liked his pistol rounds :D <3 team9
2011-03-27 01:08
really smooth man
2011-03-27 00:55
2011-03-27 10:21
Nice, gl & hf! :)
2011-03-27 00:54
Gl Gunnar, Looking forward to watch you guys play.
2011-03-27 00:55
i would like if u clear the reason why aU let the rest of the guys go. did they really gave u an ultimatum?
2011-03-27 00:56
Okey you can get the reason. Well latly i had alot to deal in my personal life, so i could not do the things a normal team captein, ingame leader does. Look at demos, finding new tacs and such. The guys need some1 that`s 100% focus. They deserve that also. It had nothing to do with my preformence latly. It where because, he did not really have the time now, needed to focus, on something else then cs also. Then the guys wanted a swedish player, witch we said no to. Since we`re a norweigan bases orga, and want at least have the majority of the players norweigan. They did not accecpt this, and even our sponsors wants a norweigan team. More then a sweidsh team of norweigan players. So that`s the reason, they did not want to take any norweigan player igl. :)
2011-03-27 01:01
hope for your sake your good, seeing as 90% people here think your no where near up to par. THE CABS ARE HERE
2011-03-27 01:07
thanks for that man, and gl in whatever u have to be focused in ur real life :) GL and HF xperia :)
2011-03-27 01:19
Good luck, zEn !!Thanks for the information ^^
2011-03-27 07:27
How is the ingame leading gonna work? Will elemeNt do the majority of the calling, and you'll pitch in like threat in fnatic?
2011-03-27 13:18
haters gonna hate, good luck!
2011-03-27 00:58
gl zen! just chill and just pwn your enemies :P just pwn :)
2011-03-27 00:59
GL zEn
2011-03-27 01:00
gl bro, im with you...
2011-03-27 01:06
have fun man. :)
2011-03-27 01:11
have fun man don't listen to these kids.
2011-03-27 09:20
exactly i don't know why ppl are saying such a things as -zen +real you guys are going there to have fun not to conquer the cs scene
2011-03-27 10:12
how these kids think when they cry and scream "real" he would come from the nowhere :D
2011-03-27 00:50
hahahahha poor zen lol
2011-03-27 00:51
zEn i hope you don't give a fuck about those comments...
2011-03-27 00:53
mikkis would have been a better choice...was bsl not available? Remember seeing him in a pic at a tourney not too long ago...
2011-03-27 00:55
He is playing some online tours and gathers with mates.
2011-03-27 01:23
bsl would hardly be a candidate, doubt he has touched CS for years now. You may refer to e-Stars Seoul in 2010, he was selected as coach for Team West.
2011-03-27 01:23
He is actually playing quite much =)
2011-03-27 01:43
REAL should be proud of himself that he have so many fans, they are just crying for him:D
2011-03-27 00:53
2011-03-27 13:36
I cry IRL
2011-03-27 00:53
hahahaha n1
2011-03-27 11:05
pff so many retarted comments , where are your manners? hope u do some damage with that lu gl boys
2011-03-27 00:54
dunno why ppl hates him so much.. hes a good caller tho.. HF Gunnar :]
2011-03-27 01:09
Japan kitzune
its not the ingame. the biggest issues is related to poor non-ingame desicions, looots of them if we believe the rumours, idk anythinng except he isnt quite that popular or respected
2011-03-27 12:06
2011-03-27 00:58
The best fail ever!
2011-03-27 00:59
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL
NO SPAWN ? OMFG lol....
2011-03-27 01:00
2011-03-27 01:05
2011-03-27 01:25
Albania klay
2011-03-27 03:15
2011-03-27 07:13
2011-03-27 11:48
Yep, untrue but believable.no
2011-03-27 13:34
2011-03-27 16:49
Actually I hope they won't do any dmg and zEn finally realises he's good for nothing team breaker.
2011-03-27 01:02
they won't anyway with zEn or not. too good teams nowadays, so some old farts can't do shit against them.
2011-03-27 14:06
Denmark AndersR
i think elemeNt proved in '08 that it's possible to make a working comeback.
2011-03-27 16:16
zEn is an great caller and igl. Glhf : P
2011-03-27 01:04
2011-03-27 01:07
gl zEn ! REAL :s
2011-03-27 01:18
2011-03-27 01:20
fail they wont do ANY damage on big teams
2011-03-27 01:23
I doubt that they actually believe that themselves =)
2011-03-27 01:44
2011-03-27 01:26
No REAL, it's unREAL!
2011-03-27 01:30
fail team. zEn sux
2011-03-27 01:32
What is most disappointing is that when you see a good old lineup consisting of the caliber that we see now is that zEn is in the lineup. I'm not saying he is a bad player, not at all. But normally when you see zEn in a new team it is for the most a young talented team. Now there are a whole bunch of oldschoolers that people has not seen play officially in a long time, especially element. It would certainly be fun seeing how it could have gone with REAL or any former players in the catch-gamer, team9, eoLitic. old norway who everybody loves vs the new generation. gl to Alchemists in Copenhagen.
2011-03-27 01:33
2011-03-27 12:30
2011-03-27 01:44
2011-03-27 01:46
Lol, cut zEn some slack. He isn't the best fragger, that is for sure, but he has achieved some great accomplishments and lately he has been playing really good. It will be fun to see how they will perform in the tournament, I have no expectations though!
2011-03-27 01:48
fail, will lose all.
2011-03-27 01:50
expected xD
2011-03-27 01:52
rulon club?
2011-03-27 01:59
why all hates him ??:D
2011-03-27 03:00
LOL :D Poor olament
2011-03-27 03:02
where is REAL? nevermind .... GL
2011-03-27 03:05
zEn turned his fan! halves of the players, not the courage to come here and talk and take your mistakes! hope you can do well in camp and prove how good you are! also shot but not the reason of his former colleagues because I think the captain is a minimum of devoting himself to the fullest and if you can not switch to another player, because as you have been humble in acknowledging his actions, and try to help your team! sorry for bad english
2011-03-27 03:29
So many haters... I think people gotta chillax, It's clearly that they are attending for the fun of it.
2011-03-27 03:30
good luck zEn and aU !!! :)
2011-03-27 03:30
aU: syrtekz pirb DaY element zEn SAINT
2011-03-27 03:35
hmm, actually quite interesting what you say there. SAINT is a very clever player and extremely stable with his performances. The fact that SAINT had joined aU, could have done that they had a top 3 on the Xperia play
2011-03-27 04:01
Agree with you, SAINT is a very good player and he frags like hell =)
2011-03-27 04:10
Nice joke. NorwaysPride = SAINT ? Rofl
2011-03-27 16:44
nah, its not me, my acc is banned, so i cant write a shit here, so i made this one now. dno who it is.
2011-03-27 18:05
Hello, my name is plex... Norwegian guy, for those who didn't knew that.. and i would like to comment on some couple of things. He can not call, not at all, he says hardly anything when he calls, and he really struggles with reading the play. element is a VERY good caller and smart player, so I can NEVER see why they took zEn in the lineup here, but if I have to guess, its because he is in the management of aU and decides everything and sit with all the sponsors. zenix, whom he nicked before, also stole money from a LAN he was on, he never gave the money they got for the LAN to the rest of his mates, He's a little thief. The only good people in the lineup that can Frag well and have good aim is actually PRB, and that is silly. Day was good with awp back in the days, do not know how he is now. syrtekz is good at gathers, but now that it comes at a slightly higher level, I have no faith in him. element is a legend ofc zEn is just crap. My point is that zEn sucks donkeyballs and NEVER should have been included in this lineup Thank you. plex - Proud To Be norwegian I got 2 accounts, this is my fake acc, but im so proud what i have been writing here, so i tell you my name :)
2011-03-27 03:53
nice man
2011-03-27 04:01
omg=)))))))))) go sleep man srsly !!!
2011-03-27 04:02
haha plex
2011-03-27 04:45
thanks plex, nice to know
2011-03-27 11:57
2011-03-27 03:52
How bad must zEn have felt being the last one to be revealed to an entire community wanting it to be REAL no matter what. lol
2011-03-27 04:02
Yeah, poor zEn.
2011-03-27 05:01
It's kinda obvious that nobody likes zen :)))))))))
2011-03-27 04:12
Isnt zEn like ingame leader? But where do you need ig when you have ig GOD element in your team? zEn isnt mad fragger so whats the point? If this tournament is one time for this line-up why not KF3,kalle, or even KORN?
2011-03-27 04:21
the same wondering o_O
2011-03-27 04:51
I laughed a shitload in this thread
2011-03-27 04:23
WHAT A FAIL!!!!! -.-
2011-03-27 04:51
They are not going to accomplish anything....elemeNt and DaY are beyond washed up idk whey they would even come back aU must have paid them some good cash money and zEn is a horrible 5th....he is not a good IGL and cant frag for sh1t....theyll be lucky to make it out of group play
2011-03-27 04:51
element came back for a few weeks with little practice and ended up 4th at WCG. don't underestimate them element understands this game very well and the way it continues to change. I will say one thing though, REAL was on this team and they need a madfragger like him. to bad he couldn't attend this event.
2011-03-27 05:07
so Ola or zen doing IGL? :P
2011-03-27 05:44
if zEn is not doing the igl I dont know what hes doing there at all
2011-03-27 07:43
having fun with the big boys
2011-03-27 10:51
2011-03-27 14:51
2011-03-27 14:51
Greece her-1g
zen is gonna hung them at xperia....mark my words :)
2011-03-27 06:05
o_O okay:)
2011-03-27 06:07
OMG bad
2011-03-27 06:43
2011-03-27 06:43
2011-03-27 06:50
Ehm,i wish it was REAL instead of zen but it was kinda obvious that 5th player will be zen.
2011-03-27 07:06
He is and has for a long time been using his position to lure big shot players into teams, only with him in it. (as he's one of the owners of aU) herp
2011-03-27 07:34
Yeahi guessed it's something like that. Same thing goes with pops i guess. :)
2011-03-27 07:42
im just happy element is playing
2011-03-27 07:13
2011-03-27 07:24
NO REAL NO WIN, no cry!
2011-03-27 07:25
Not to jump on the bandwagon or anything. But zEn, do not dissapoint at this event. serr gl!
2011-03-27 07:42
zen? lol -zen+real anyway gl
2011-03-27 07:47
bad no Real,no win..
2011-03-27 08:00
Brazil hugoooo
ben, REAL, kalle, moddii > zen but the duo prb + elemeNt will be enough to get some attention
2011-03-27 08:09
2011-03-27 08:17
WTFFF zen sucks REAL its a monster NO REAL no Dream team
2011-03-27 08:17
FAIL,zen noob
2011-03-27 08:29
will be nice on Andreas team if REAL go with them: MODDII BBARBARR/hellzERk tacky kalle REAL
2011-03-27 08:44
2011-03-27 10:13
would they change lineup if they fail Xperia?
2011-03-27 09:19
2011-03-27 10:13
no real no win best aimer ever (and i am nt saying cause of this bad nws)
2011-03-27 09:44
tt.... no real. fail
2011-03-27 10:05
Bulgaria Villagers
2011-03-27 10:08
2011-03-27 10:12
they need REAL
2011-03-27 10:15
they wont even be top 5
2011-03-27 10:28
Not even top15, check the participants list :)
2011-03-27 13:49
prb element real kf3 korn would be a great team
2011-03-27 10:30
2011-03-27 10:48
-korn -kf3 +hellzerk +serpen
2011-03-27 13:45
prb REAL hellzerk KF3 elemeNt :P
2011-03-27 17:21
REAL hEllzErk m1kkis prb KF3 would be a great team imo
2011-03-27 10:55
nice ! 1 caller 1 awper 2 riffles and 1 noob
2011-03-27 10:58
elemenT ftw
2011-03-27 11:02
REAL is great defender....but what happened is happened
2011-03-27 11:08
-syrtekz +REAL
2011-03-27 11:18
very fail
2011-03-27 11:32
2 IGL's? zEn and elemeNt? -zEn +REAL !!
2011-03-27 11:43
Not good at all..
2011-03-27 11:56
They will loose 16-5 maximum to all the great teams that will take part to the event :)
2011-03-27 12:03
Japan kitzune
HAHHAHAHA! no wonder they choose to reveal him last, to keep alive at least some tension and interest, but now the baloon exploded, epIC FAIL!
2011-03-27 12:11
Best team for ever 1.Heaton 2.SpawN 3.f0rest 4.markeloff 5.Neo
2011-03-27 12:18
Naaah! Best team forever: NEO markeloff Edward starix SpawN
2011-03-27 12:43
Edward is a good aimer, but his brain was 0.Heaton is the best play of all time, starix perhaps wiser, but next to spawn and heaton what you ingenuity: P
2011-03-27 13:14
you are crazy !
2011-03-27 17:56
Oh God.
2011-03-27 12:47
2011-03-27 14:31
Greece her-1g
nah get_right markeloff neo trace n0thing according to this years stats!!! as for oldschool players ksharp heaton potti element xeqtr should do the work :)
2011-03-27 19:43
sad they have announed him at last. he will be worse than all inactive players
2011-03-27 12:39
Imo zen deserves this a lot, he seems like a great guy! Gl!
2011-03-27 12:39
there is just one REAL player in norway :>
2011-03-27 12:40
not good! :(
2011-03-27 12:46
I think when zEn saw those +1337 comments for REAL,he become really demotivated.
2011-03-27 13:24
So what? He's a lammer
2011-03-27 13:37
you deserve a ban.
2011-03-27 13:43
If he got a normal/strong personality, comments like those above should only motivate him to shut them up.
2011-03-27 13:52
Yeah,you're right I really expect that he will prove himself and show us some nice actions at Xperia.
2011-03-27 13:59
for what i know, zEn is the owner of aU or he does something in the administration, so there's nothing to do.
2011-03-27 13:25
part owner, and ye - it sux.
2011-03-27 14:00
hahahah fail :D
2011-03-27 13:57
NO COGU ? OMFG lol ....
2011-03-27 14:03
fail :s but GL~
2011-03-27 14:04
if zen fails this time he will be crucified by ruin element and etc comeback, for the norweigan community :)
2011-03-27 14:05
(14:27:03) (aU|zEn) we're just at cph games for fun
2011-03-27 14:33
well, fortunately the money is borning in the trees!
2011-03-27 14:37
3old pro 2newbie pro:D good luck alchemists
2011-03-27 14:45
Norway billson
Decent line up. Hope they could do some damage.
2011-03-27 15:02
I really thought REAL would be the last guy when syrtekz was announced 4th. Well, GL zEn and co!
2011-03-27 15:02
I Dont like this :/
2011-03-27 15:03
First I was like :D But then it was like O.o
2011-03-27 15:09
prb element KORN REAL hellzERk THIS IS A TRUE LINE-UP ! =d
2011-03-27 15:41
Poland kRAMERO
as always zen is fail
2011-03-27 15:52
2011-03-27 16:42
It is more like this: More zEn or no Alchemists. He is owner of the teamname and the channel. And I think for sure he can do a great figure down in Denmark.
2011-03-27 16:50
fail + REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=\\\
2011-03-27 16:50
prb elemeNt REAL DaY KF3 - would be best
2011-03-27 16:58
zEn, Rulon, OverDrive, Rara and Storm best team ever.
2011-03-27 17:25
This is ironic I know ,but Storm is far better than this players ! btw. Ironic : Rulon,OverDrive,Rara,floreNz,-- btw2 you can't compare HeatoN,or potti with f0rest they didn't play against each other. Once upon a time lineup : HeatoN,potti,fisker,SpawN,knoxwille Now: gtr,f0rest,NEO,markeloff,trace
2011-03-27 18:02
floreNz is not bad..he just mercs all the time =p and yes if gtr f0rest NEO markeloff and trace could go back in time to when HeatoN, Potti, fisker, SpawN and knoxville were good..on 1.5 or 1.6 then they would wipe the floor with them.
2011-03-27 18:24
except at that time gtr, neo , trace where collecting pokemons in gameboy color and heaton was winning CPLs with potti :P
2011-03-27 18:32
Latvia Ke]R[4u
hahaha n1
2011-03-27 20:22
2011-03-28 19:03
Michael "Ahl" Korduner 4ever)))
2011-03-27 19:39
He was one of my favourite players back then :-)
2011-03-27 19:44
yeah! He is amazing player...
2011-03-27 19:54
I don't think they would beat them ,and if they did that would be a epic match ;)
2011-03-28 15:32
elemeNt Naikon XeqtR DaY REAL
2011-03-27 22:04
As always zen will ruin everything ...
2011-03-27 23:22
Come on, cut the man some slack, he has been playing pretty good lately, and he is indeed a decent IGL. It's immature of you guys to talk such crap about him on a public forum. However, if elemeNt is calling, there really are better options than zEn when it comes to allround players. My two cents.
2011-03-28 00:26
REALly overrated
2011-03-28 01:19
Not REALly.
2011-03-28 17:59
It would be better if zEn retired and started on building up a new team of norwegian talents as a manager.
2011-03-28 01:37
Denmark mainz
wow real flamewars around this Zen guy :O
2011-03-28 02:16
Brazil gu1d0
this guy its defnetely not ZEN at all
2011-03-28 04:32
+Real and +KF3... elemeNt, prb and juve9le or XeqtR or Korn hehe :D gl guys
2011-03-28 05:37
REAL prb hellzerk/DaY syrtekz/elemeNt Naikon/KF3 my best: REAL prb hellzerk syrtekz Naikon
2011-03-28 06:46
penguin is better?
2011-03-28 07:32
2011-03-28 08:44
What a bad choice
2011-03-28 13:56
2011-03-28 17:31
Bulgaria SHISHETu
nice,what a great team for Norway,gl guys :)
2011-03-28 19:18
thank you!
2011-03-29 04:17
they won't play further then the tournament
2011-03-29 08:39
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