Na´Vi trash Just to win OSPL Spring

Natus Vincere did as expected win OSPL Spring 2011, winning the Grand Final against Just in a 2-0 manner to win the main prize of $5,400.

The Grand Final took place in the ballroom at the Almaty Towers, where the two teams would duke for the trophy. First map de_dust2 was very one sided, the Ukrainians were simply too much to handle for Just, who did not score a single rounds, losing 16-0 and down one map.

On second map de_train, Na´Vi started on the Terrorists side, scoring a 10-5 lead at half-time. Winning the pistol-round as CT, Na´Vi did not let anything slip away and took another five to win 16-5 and 2-0 overall for the OSPL Spring victory.

Broken tag

1. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $5,400
2. Uzbekistan Just - $2,000
3. Kazakhstan k23 - $1,000

As you may have noticed the match did not feature HLTV, meaning we do not know if the organizers recorded a local demo. The organizers failed to show up this morning and deliver the needed information for us to connect, which made it impossible to broadcast the match.

Didn't had the best organization ever, but a part from that, money for gaming is good in everyway!
2011-04-03 14:22
Does k23 got a big org ? Haven't seen them for while :P
2011-04-03 18:19
Is that a response to me? :/
2011-04-03 18:34
Yea :)
2011-04-03 21:02
I was talking about OSPL organization.
2011-04-03 21:30
Yea I know, But Im wondering why k23 aint that active anymore, If it is the Org or they just quitted :P
2011-04-03 22:22
k23 was privately backed by arbalet, the same guy that backs Na`Vi (and backed UNiTED), they kind of died when a few of them went to UNiTED, and when AdreN decided to focus on his studies, they knew they wouldn't ever attempt to be a pro team again. now they just attend some more local events (OSPL, ASUS)for pleasure if they have the time.
2011-04-04 08:44
Okey thanks man, Yea it would be very hard for k23 to play without AdreN. Imo AdreN is top5 :)Loved to watch k23, even if they got the shittest internet in the world, they still played very good, with many awesome, tacks, strats, and rotations, they just knew exactly what to do every round, in every map, if some1 diead or if they got a frag. It was absolutly amazing ! I dont think any team can be so organised as k23, but they wouldn't have dont it without Konstantin.
2011-04-04 14:33
shut up kiddo
2011-04-04 08:18
no reason for that, he was just asking a question. not to mention you are 15...
2011-04-04 08:44
omg is portuguese he got~sense of humor ~ -.-
2011-04-04 22:45
2011-04-04 17:10
2011-04-03 14:22
2011-04-03 14:22
toeasy ;/
2011-04-03 14:22
2011-04-03 14:22
Easy match for Na`Vi Good Job ;)
2011-04-03 14:22
damn,16:0 16:5 for final :SSS sad sad
2011-04-03 14:24
where can i get the demo i cant find it :x
2011-04-03 14:25
Did you bother reading the post?
2011-04-03 14:26
u can find some of ceh9 starix and zeus pov's on navi's website
2011-04-03 14:34
"As you may have noticed the match did not feature HLTV, meaning we do not know if the organizers recorded a local demo."
2011-04-03 14:43
Expected meat event
2011-04-03 14:25
2011-04-03 14:25
2011-04-03 14:26
easy job for navi =)
2011-04-03 14:26
easy win na'vi :P +5400$ ;D
2011-04-03 14:27
5000$ just for play4fun. very nice )
2011-04-03 14:29
to easy for navi!
2011-04-03 14:32
interesting how much did they payd for traveling to KZ?
2011-04-03 14:35
GJ NAvi 361 Expected
2011-04-03 14:35
a litle about 200ye/person
2011-04-03 14:59
easy :D
2011-04-03 14:35
navi should let smaller teams win atleast the local events lol
2011-04-03 14:40
There were no more russian or ukranian teams, maybe Murat Arbalet invited Na'Vi - that's why they came. But yeah, i agree with you.
2011-04-03 14:51
Local events with smaller teams doesn't get any attention so it happen even though you can't see it.
2011-04-03 16:20
well yeah thats true but still 5000 bucks would've meant a lot more for some other team thn navi.. PS: larissa riquelme = Paraguayan model who stripped after world cup right? ;)
2011-04-03 16:28
Yup she is :D
2011-04-03 20:14
money is money
2011-04-04 08:09
was too easy for navi
2011-04-03 14:44
gj NaVi;)
2011-04-03 14:44
Erm it should be thrash and not trash
2011-04-03 14:54 ospl stream tseermoniya Awards
2011-04-03 14:54
They won't attend to xperia, so they needed some money for holiday.
2011-04-03 15:01
shit, didn't expect that at all!
2011-04-03 15:05
Na`VI always surprises :)
2011-04-03 15:07
2011-04-03 15:10
navi on ospl: top1 cs + top1 fifa + top3 dota = $9050 but top1 dota = $9150 :DD
2011-04-03 15:08
I think this is the first time i see a 16-0 score in professorial, competitive CS. Lol, i mean even the most shittiest team take 2/3/4 rounds...
2011-04-03 15:11
It's not the first time. Here is a video where Catchgamer beat SK in the WEG in 2006 ;) <a href=""></a> And here you can read about it if you scroll down to the english version
2011-04-03 15:46
Lol, that's insane
2011-04-03 16:18
fx defeated mouz on train 16-0 in IEM 3 i think..
2011-04-03 16:29
i have watch live SK vs Catchgamer in Arirang TV. :]this match was amazing.
2011-04-03 17:58
Orgasm right thurr
2011-04-03 18:56
Na`Vi [16:1] fnatic de_inferno...
2011-04-03 17:38
What part of your brain disconnected when reading "16-0 score"?
2011-04-03 21:56
he is just showing an example proving that sometimes it happens in cs even to top teams. yes, it is not 16-0 but that's not really the point (i.e. 16-1 is still a complete domination). and there is no need for you to be so mean, especially when you are kinda missing the point..
2011-04-04 08:03
I don't think I am missing the point, it has nothing do to with being dominated in general.He even said "even the most shittiest team take 2/3/4 rounds..." meaning that he has seen teams being dominated in the past - but he has never seen a 16/0 game before. Therefore it makes absolutely no sense to post a comment with a 16/1 score, it is simply irrelevant.
2011-04-04 08:45
mym vs mousespotrs on ESWC Masters 2008 16-1
2011-04-03 18:40
What part of your brain disconnected when reading "16-0 score"?
2011-04-03 21:56
"haha" no, I thought they played while 16-1
2011-04-04 18:00
Bulgaria SHISHETu
we know that,gj Na'Vi ;o
2011-04-03 15:19
that's some sick easy money for Na'Vi... it's just $1000 each but still, just for playing some super easy games against those teams, that's insane.
2011-04-03 15:22
+1 money4party
2011-04-03 15:34
2011-04-03 16:37
easy $5,400
2011-04-03 15:24
gratz Na`Vi
2011-04-03 15:44
gratz navi n1
2011-04-03 15:55
easy opposition.
2011-04-03 16:03
if we look at this in a starcraft angle. navi is terran totaly op and unbeatable so they win. just is protos they can win but still very hard vs terran and k23 is zerg they got the best players but the race is to bad. So ofc they lost in the semi cuz they played vs terran... k23 is the most skilled players in the tournament but they got the weakest team so.
2011-04-03 16:27
whatafuck are you just saying dude xD are u high?
2011-04-03 16:27
2011-04-03 16:36
all i understand from your post is that you think kazakhstan people are zerg. what a racism.
2011-04-03 17:22
2011-04-03 17:38
hahaha +1
2011-04-03 21:31
2011-04-04 11:16
What are you talking about? How you can compare SC2 races with CS? OMFG! Just give me some your drugs, hope its help me to understand you.
2011-04-03 19:27
na'vi(hard)>k23(noob) Edward>markeloff>Starix>Zeus>ceh9>Adren
2011-04-03 20:44
Na`Vi gj!!!
2011-04-03 17:39
No words, Na`Vi gods.
2011-04-03 17:39
2011-04-03 17:42
2011-04-03 17:44
Airticket from Kyiv to Almaty ~ 400$. And for sure 400$ back. Every Guy from NaVi got 1,000$. Food, taxi, poor party ~ 200$. Guys just traveling with no idea about profit :)
2011-04-03 19:32
omg idiot
2011-04-04 11:15
2011-04-04 18:29
2011-04-03 20:02
it was so easy for navi
2011-04-03 20:24
i think k23 its not in form , not training , no tournaments , k23 have awesome players but the organization dont support the team :(
2011-04-03 23:13
bla bla bla
2011-04-04 11:15
easy 4 navi
2011-04-03 23:14
Was a silly tournament, navi had no rival.. were few teams and few money, and even the orga failed so hard.. no matter, I'll still loving k23 :) <3 dont mind third place :)
2011-04-04 00:37
2011-04-04 04:50
Poland kRAMERO
#34 MYM(Fx) crash mousesports 16:0 in playoffs of eswc some year
2011-04-04 08:16
last year Na'vi on ESWC beat Mtw/Fnatic on d2 16-3 16-1 ? )) 1/4 and 1/2 so =\
2011-04-04 08:40
easy match
2011-04-04 11:27
boring tournament
2011-04-04 12:16
has Edward improved his eruptive moods?
2011-04-04 13:00
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