solo forced to join South Korean army

According to, redCode captain and longtime Korean icon Keun-Chul "solo" Kang has been called to serve his military duty, forcing him to abandon his team.

It has been extremely quiet from the South Korean team, who prior to the IEM5 World Championship linked up with redCode. In Hannover the team crashed in the group stage, only managing to win against Lions, followed by four losses.

Today a report by the South Korean eSport portal fpskorea states that the redCode captain Keun-Chul "solo" Kang has been called to serve his military duty. It is a 2-year minimum, which mandatory in the country, and his duty would be starting from today, April 5.

By the looks of it, the move has been underway for some time, as Kang has hardly played the game since the IEM5 WC, having not used his Steam account for the past 25 days.

South Korean military call up CS veteran solo

Kang's friend and long-time teammate Sun Ho "termi" Pyun back in January announced his retirement, as he was going to serve his military duty. Not being contracted to any organization, he was no longer able to postpone it.

Kang is another victim – if you please – of the South Korean law, which has very specific and strict regulations regarding military duty. Representing WeMade FOX, Kang in 2010 won his first major event, when triumphing at World e-Sports Masters, coming from the lower-bracket to defeat SK Gaming 2-0.

With Kang joining the army, left in the team are:

Korea Young-Mo "enemy" Ahn
Korea Min Soo "glow" Kim
Korea Sung Jae "bail" Lee
Korea Bum Gi "peri" Jung

Interestingly enough, fpskorea refers to the team as project_kr, could this indicate that the bond between the South Korean team and the Spanish organization has been cut? Stay tuned to find out and we will also update you when there is news regarding Kang's replacement.

2011-04-05 15:25
he will solo army guys
2011-04-05 15:28
why you reply me ?:D
2011-04-05 16:21
so that ppl wil c hos comment obviously...attention seekers :P
2011-04-05 17:01
eh ?
2011-04-05 20:45
2011-04-05 21:38
Hahahahaha, Solo, welcome to real Counter Strike. LOL
2011-04-05 21:16
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, also be a good sniper in reality?
2011-04-06 01:08
no way,i think that in the real world he is a pussy.
2011-04-06 20:58
2011-04-06 22:55
only gamers that dont look like skinny bitches are (and trolls this is an opinion so no get mad plz) FX they look like mafia thugs
2011-07-01 04:55
Denmark Saiya_7
2011-04-06 23:55
2011-04-05 16:03
loli | 
Japan mainz
2011-04-05 16:05
he will fight DPRK, maybe he would headshot in real battlefield.
2011-04-05 19:04
Nobody can replace the one and only solo. Sadly Korean CS is going to an end :( Btw, solo ranks 9th in Durden's TOP 10 Clutch players of 1.6 era :) Good luck in all future endeavors, solo. U'll be missed.
2011-04-05 16:05
definitely, solo is the best player of WMF and Korea cs scene :(
2011-04-05 16:43
and all asian cs scene =\ gl Solo hope you be right back to the CS in a future
2011-04-06 15:53
why do you speak about yourself in 3rd person? ;o
2011-04-05 17:08
lol he thinks he's famous or something
2011-04-05 18:14
he's the most famous retarded person on
2011-04-05 20:03
2011-04-05 23:39
2011-04-06 05:14
laughed about that :D
2011-04-05 19:55
Greece her-1g
dude dont bother yourself with retards that think they are Julius Caesar(ceasar used to speak in third person for himself)...trolling is their life :/
2011-04-05 22:17
HAAHHAHAHAH i think we are know he's a stupid troll but him.
2011-04-06 05:13
who is number 1 top 10 clutch
2011-04-06 04:14
hey Tyler, you made my list too, and right now your momentum is going strong. I think u just TOP rara for first, here my list... 1.Tyler Durden 2.rara 3.annoying brazilian fanboy 4.pingu 5.Tyler Durden tyler is so amazing, he made my list twice :)
2011-04-06 05:32
2011-04-06 15:54
Mandatory ARMY because of North Korea....LOL
2011-04-05 17:02
Well, he has the aim already. And the tactics...
2011-04-05 17:40
ur joking right
2011-04-05 18:42
no he's serious
2011-04-06 00:37
He want to make a REAL ACE ;)
2011-04-05 20:50
He wants to make a real ace ;)
2011-04-05 20:55
Brazil gu1d0
time to show real skills SOLO,and btw fallen its also on the brazilian army,but here he still have plenty time to do other stuffs on his spare time,and gl SOLO i dont give 1 year to north korea nuke south korea and japan =[
2011-04-06 05:09
2011-04-05 15:25
2011-04-05 15:26
gl with north korea
2011-04-05 15:27
oh solo :s, gl solo :)
2011-04-05 15:27
2011-04-05 15:27
Aw man. This is so sad. And stupid. Fucking warlords.
2011-04-05 15:27
Sweden Vilseledd
sad korean 1.6 scene is dying, so much history from their teams
2011-04-05 15:27
u mean TEAM ...
2011-04-05 15:29
Sweden Vilseledd
you're right it's basically the same players =D, there was lunatic hai aswell though who overshined e-STRO quite a bit in like 2005 or something, I think they disbanded because of army aswell
2011-04-05 15:35
Thanks you answered my question lying long time in my head what was reason of Lunatic hais disbandment ;)
2011-04-05 17:56
Greece her-1g
after loki left project_kr in 2006 he was able to play for l-hai due to his contract with project_kr and he joined the army also ruy and bebe followed him so l-hai were left with mal and enemy..and after a year they joined the army too...
2011-04-05 22:20
sad ofc bye bye korean cs
2011-04-05 15:27
You're in the army now... WOOOUUWOOO You're in the army... Now =D
2011-04-05 15:32
stupid one =\
2011-04-06 15:57
sad, good luck, SOLO!
2011-04-05 15:28
2-year minimum.. are you fucking kidding me?
2011-04-05 15:30
2011-04-05 15:31
How long is it in finland?
2011-04-05 15:35
6, 9 or 12 months
2011-04-05 15:37
So, is there anyone who prefers 12month?
2011-04-05 17:34
yeah sure
2011-04-06 08:00
But why? If it is possible to serve only six months?
2011-04-06 13:02
tam za eto platjat otli4nue babki + otnowenie zaebennoe : xavka, wmotki, yder*anie za gos.den`gi
2011-04-06 15:58
Greece her-1g
here in greece is 9 for army 12 airforce 14 navy
2011-04-05 22:21
your country might be a bit safer than South Korea, as long as your big Neighbour changes his mind :)
2011-04-05 15:37
+1 Same here in estonia fing army duty. If we wouldn't live beside russia I think we already had army pay :(
2011-04-05 15:54
Yea and they will attack them again in winter, wearing green clothes. Too easy for Finnish awpers :)
2011-04-05 16:51
2011-04-07 01:01
In Singapore its 2 and a half years (:
2011-04-05 15:52
thats a long time :/
2011-04-05 15:53
hell yeah (: thank god I don't need to do it
2011-04-05 16:17
India Rocks!!!! No compulsory army duty here:) U r free to do watever u want
2011-04-05 16:19
indeed :).. want to come visit some day
2011-04-05 16:21
do as we do , everybody in algeria find a way to get out of it
2011-04-05 16:50
same in RO
2011-04-05 16:47
So interesting country... India.
2011-04-05 17:17
Well actualy in Latvia we are free to do or not, the law started in year from around 2000, so we can chose go to army or not =] Anyway good luck to solo, definently a legend, but i didnt see him a lot in action, anyway gl
2011-04-06 03:07
tahts cause pakistans not worth wasting 2 years :D
2011-04-07 00:42
they are still having war against North Korea, so it's nothing strange here.. anyway progamers can postpone duty while having contracts with organisation
2011-04-05 16:37
In the Czech Republic we dont have to join army :P
2011-04-05 17:57
go and train your awping skill IRL bro xD
2011-04-05 15:28
Wtf I thought he was contracted by Redcode, making him not have to join the army D:
2011-04-05 15:30
Redcode is a shitty organization. They were prob fake contracts or sumthing. Redcode can't even afford a website or t-shirts lol
2011-04-05 19:13
lol fail. contracts made out of clay i bet.
2011-04-05 19:32
give the guy a artic warfare magnum and he'll pwn those north koreans. :[
2011-04-05 15:31
At least he already have experience with guns :D
2011-04-05 15:31
2011-04-05 15:33
:(( sad\
2011-04-05 15:34
bad >.<
2011-04-05 15:35
hope for some pov demos &#711;&#711; hope for peace solo :-)
2011-04-05 15:36
2011-04-05 15:36
solo ace on the war;D
2011-04-05 15:36
2011-04-05 20:58
HE performs now real life counter strike ^^
2011-04-05 15:36
good for korean army, bad for korean e-sports ;]
2011-04-05 15:37
which is more needed? =)
2011-04-05 15:40
e-sports, because we have enough wars in our world... it's much better to play games :)) sry about my english :X
2011-04-05 15:50
2011-04-05 15:51
They play games in the real life, called war.
2011-04-05 15:54
In the real life there is no respawn :(
2011-04-05 16:42
agree,but in this planet can't get all what you want :>
2011-04-05 17:04
But we can stop doing what we don't want.
2011-04-05 21:15
true ... true
2011-04-06 15:28
2011-04-05 18:11
212 :p aha didn't see <3
2011-04-06 18:19
Yea countries should settle their battle with a best of 3 CS match...........:P At least no army-men will die.
2011-04-05 16:21
hahahahha, made my day. :P
2011-04-05 17:30
+++++ and your english is fine, well, written at least ;]
2011-04-05 17:33
thanx alot .. its really important for me
2011-04-05 18:13
why is that if I may ask? :P
2011-04-05 22:21
2011-04-05 15:38
2011-04-05 16:10
he will destroy all solo ;)
2011-04-05 15:38
Nooooeh! :/
2011-04-05 15:40
he has 55kg and 160cm height... what can he do in army? O_o
2011-04-05 15:41
2011-04-05 15:43
he can hide behind boxes more easy
2011-04-05 17:24
2011-04-05 18:32
hahahah nice
2011-04-06 15:40
hahahaahahahahahahaha !! :)) campeR [1g]
2011-04-07 00:44
Tunisia KJou
There is no " RETRY " Bro HAHA
2011-10-12 21:19
the enemy is same size, it's np
2011-04-05 15:45
I hope..
2011-04-05 15:48
2011-04-05 16:11
hahahahahahhahahah awesome xD
2011-04-05 16:39
2011-04-05 16:52
2011-04-05 17:06
2011-04-05 17:19
2011-04-05 18:32
2011-04-07 01:03
the outgameleader
2011-04-05 15:48
tank commander :D
2011-04-05 15:52
He will clean the 50mm canyon of the tank by inside...
2011-04-05 17:21
Size doesn't count for a lot when you have a gun
2011-04-05 15:56
well do you think it matters if u got shot by a 130kg 2m guy or 55kg+160cm
2011-04-05 15:56
in army it not about only shooting. forgot the cs world. this is the real world my friend. there is hard training..and not only.
2011-04-05 16:02
oh rly? :O tell me more plz wise man!!!!11 p.s. i have been in the army.
2011-04-05 16:18
haha :DDDD
2011-04-05 18:35
and btw. in my squad was an austrian with chinese roots. he was like 165 and 60kg. and this guy was maybe the toughest guy of all of us. /e: not even mentioning that the southkorean army, i am pretty sure, is one of the toughest to serve in anyway.
2011-04-05 16:25
ok dnd now. thanks
2011-04-05 16:25
Greece her-1g
yeah in the army you can drink beer whenever you want and you pay for it half the price...true story
2011-04-05 22:23
even better, the enemy cant shoot him, cause they cant see him..
2011-04-05 17:57
loli | 
Japan mainz
StEaltH SolDiEr O_O
2011-04-28 17:34
cs in real buaha ;d You don't win WCG - > GO TO THE ARMY
2011-04-05 15:42
one of my favourite players... Hope rC finds a gr8 igl & sniper otherwise we won't see them compet again :(
2011-04-05 15:42
Sad to hear that one of the, if not the best Korean CS player is forced to quit. :(
2011-04-05 15:43
now he will shoot is real weapon :D:D:D:)
2011-04-05 15:43
2 years.. awww shit thats too long
2011-04-05 15:45
he won't play anymore CS :( world end 2012 :O
2011-04-06 00:17
2011-04-05 15:46
nooooo :'(
2011-04-05 15:47
this army rule should be in every country... young people need it to get disciplined and personal fitness... really can go a long way in helping in the future...
2011-04-05 15:47
No, that would probably be one of the most retarded things to do. War isn´t good, not on any level. military service should only be necessary in countries which has a threat. For example I can understand why South Korean law is like this. They are close to North Korea, China and Russia which arent the friendliest regimes.
2011-04-05 15:55
If China or Russia wanted to invade Korea, no training in the world would help them. what a dull and retarded comment, this isn't the 1950's. And since when has Russia not been a friendly regime? Last time i checked their one of the main reasons you don't have a swastika on your flag.
2011-04-05 16:27
sweden was neutral in ww2 ...better go check the facts next time before u call a comment dull and retarded kk?
2011-04-05 16:34
Them being neutral has nothing to do with the fact moron. Had the allies lost WW2 everyone would be under the Nazi regime. Go be a white knight elsewhere moron.
2011-04-05 17:21
r u mad kiddy? =(
2011-04-05 17:46
If China or Russia wanted to invade Korea they would end up losing. They dont have the technology and economy to fight with the west world. Plus, have you ever heard of NATO? South korean pact with USA? The west world is much stronger then Russia and China put together and im including west with the asian countries Japan/S Korea. (If to say there would be WW3).
2011-04-05 17:11
no one is stronger... they all have nukes... no one will be defeated and a war cannot really happen cuz if a single nuke goes off then bye bye humanity... programmes like this should be neccessary to train the youth to be disciplined... not because they will be ready for war... i doubt solo is an athlete... physical training in army would really raise fitness levels of fat kids who sit all the time in front of tv or pc...
2011-04-05 17:20
First off I was said if there were to be WW3 which is nowadays almost impossible, nobody would have the guts to use nukes. However you cannot outcount that possibility so in that case we are all fucked. Which is another reason why military service shouldnt be mandatory. Who is to say its their decision to force people into MS? People SHOULD have the right to do whatever they like, not being forced. Its ridiculous.
2011-04-05 17:40
well it is not people... it is kids... they should make it mendatory after high school... and before college... i would love to do it if there was anything like that in my country... extreme fitness and discipline is very useful if you start in early age...
2011-04-05 22:09
YOU wrote that Russia and China are unfriendly regimes, as in they would want to start a war with South Korea thus defining the excuse that there is logic to their forced army training. How would you feel if someone wrote, that Estonia and Latvia have a good reason to have enforced military training because they're close to the Scandinavian border. See how retarded a statement like that is? P.S. If you think that out of China, Russia, or USA one is stronger than the other, you might want to get a clue. If worst comes to worst everyone nukes each other.
2011-04-05 17:32
Russia and China are not friendly regimes. They do not care about their own people, I think democracy is one of the most important things there is to stop violence and war. Which they dont appreciate. Your statement on the other hand is out of context. South Korea lies close to North Korea which is also a horrible regime and they need to have it in order to trying defend themselves. Nukes has nothing to do with this discussion.
2011-04-05 17:49
viking isn't a friendly regime
2011-04-05 18:37
Have you ever been to Russia or China, to make such an arrogant statement? What do you know of their government and way of life? You keep saying Russia is an unfriendly regime, yet you can't prove it. Because quite frankly you will find no such evidence to back up that statement. Sure, you might have a slight point with China, but to call Russia an unfriendly regime that doesn't respect democracy is absolutely asinine. That is simply and uneducated thing to say and believe.
2011-04-05 20:55
I have few russian friends, they are very nice people, thats not the problem. But for example its not that uncommon (What I've heard happens almost weekly) is that russians migs / hornets whatever they use, fly in finnish region, which after there's put a finnish hornet to follow it untill it goes back to russian area. That kind of stuff russians do althetime, dont know if they just want to annoy or are they inquiring the finnish defence forces or whatever. And want to add that russians do not give any explain for those actions. And really, Iam not excepting third world war nor do I like the mandatory military service (which yes, I have gone through) but thats what I've heard :).
2011-04-05 22:23
funny to read all stuff from you about my country. I was in Finland, Norway and i would say that there is not so big different between our and those countryis) Im seriously - you are kinda wrong )
2011-04-06 12:58
lol are you kidding me about China, the amount of resources they have, the USA would target them, but they believe they cannot take them out. China is uprising in super power extremely rapidly, and with an allie like russia, its a big NO.
2011-04-05 17:33
Strongly disagree with this statement. I believe USA is a sleeping bear which you should not count out. For example WW2 when Japan invaded Pearl Harbor, they excpected to win within months, look where that brought them.
2011-04-05 17:42
The world is different today, and you cannot say countries do not fear with China. Look at the economy, trading, money, technology. UK in 1999 was 50 years ahead in technology compared to China. Now 2011, and China only a few years behind, and have already prepared magnet/bullet trains across China surprassing England. 2020? i Think China is the Next Superpower, and the USA know this. Google dosent lie.
2011-04-05 17:46
You just forgot about ONU! The world is already dying, we don't need a WW3 to finish it :]
2011-04-05 21:08
China is going to be the leading superiour country within some years. They have a population bigger than any other country, and their economy is really good. The reason to your ignorance is truelly related to the influence USA have on us in the rest of the West. We've adapted the american popculture, and we blindly believe in their empty words and accusations. USA is not a sleeping bear, the state reminds me more of a confused gold fished threatened by everyone with other believes, ideologies etc. than their own way of living. The state of USA isn't really strong either, considering their ideology of marketing. They let the private have the leading role, while they only have the responsibility for the army etc. The only strong thing with USA is their influence in NATO and UN. If someone were to declare war with USA, almost the whole West would be involved immediatly.
2011-04-06 00:29
hahahahahah the bear who slept through vietnam war ??
2011-04-07 00:49
I don't want to reply on the other conversation of invations of China and Russia and whatever fucking war. The War, is not a good thing. Think about it. Maybe you can say that a military career could be good for some reasons, but thinking more globally (like a country scale), war carryies only benefits to companys interested with that (always talking abaout economic benefits), but the countries involved in the conflict... is a lot different the story...
2011-04-05 17:26
2011-04-05 17:55
So instead of using a mouse and a virtual ak-47 he will use a REAL ak-47...
2011-04-05 15:49
mmm... I think that the Korean Army do not use AK-47..
2011-04-05 17:27
Hopefully CS will be around when he's done, so he can come back with a bang :) (with a little practice of course)
2011-04-05 15:54
Have fun
2011-04-05 15:55
please remember me OLD WEMADE FOX is: glow termi solo bail and ???
2011-04-05 15:56
2011-04-05 16:03
haha, 4 seconds difference))
2011-04-05 16:04
2011-04-05 16:03
2011-04-05 16:04
2011-04-05 16:54
2011-04-05 18:30
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL
what a bullshit for solo! but i've tip for you ;D try to break your leg cause you don't need to play cs ! lol hf in army...
2011-04-05 15:56
2011-04-05 15:57
hehe, have fun solo, hope you're ready 4 reality
2011-04-05 15:57
meh thier army wouldn't help if russia went apeshit on both koreas.
2011-04-05 15:59
i think he's crying right now
2011-04-05 16:02
gl solo !
2011-04-05 16:04
sir yes sir! colonel solo here!
2011-04-05 16:06
bye bye korean cs
2011-04-05 16:06
2011-04-05 16:07
really sad news, wish him good luck in the army...
2011-04-05 16:09
loli | 
Japan mainz
is it here where i should write: Expected?
2011-04-05 16:09
will it be the end of redcode? :(
2011-04-05 16:10
2011-04-05 16:15
omfg such a waste of talent :(
2011-04-05 16:10
sad :/
2011-04-05 16:11
joining in real Counter Strike!
2011-04-05 16:14
this thing really sux, 2 year minimum? you must be kidding me, sick and sad.
2011-04-05 16:15
+1... I could not imagine how solo is feeling right now...
2011-04-05 17:28
not rly
2011-04-06 13:57
solo out = CS's dead on south korea. Keep project_kr alive and you're good to go.
2011-04-05 16:15
i hope he AWP's well in the army :P
2011-04-05 16:16
sad ://///////
2011-04-05 16:16
lets hope he is as good in real life as he is in cs xD good luck solo
2011-04-05 16:18
map: de_korea south: solo, soldier1, soldier2, soldier3, soldier4 north: kim jong il, soldier1, soldier2, soldier3, soldier4 south 16:0 north
2011-04-05 16:18
hahahaha :P
2011-04-05 16:52
-soldier1 + termi
2011-04-05 18:32
No wonder they forced 'solo' to join his country's army. He has way more xp with guns than non-eSport players.
2011-04-05 16:19
y.. u have xp with guns by playing a game right xD
2011-04-05 16:28
Isn't there a law for Korean men who are addicted to Drugs, Alcohol or CS that they can skip their time serving?
2011-04-05 16:22
r u kiding, they re recruiting good CS players as they know something about war :D he should have start drinking. IMO :D
2011-04-06 00:19
2011-04-05 16:22
Bad news ;(
2011-04-05 16:23
ahahah joke
2011-04-05 16:28
Really bad news!! I dont think he will come back to CS after his time at the army..
2011-04-05 16:28
2011-04-05 16:31
Nix i think that the win against lions was in the last match they had to play in group stage, it couldn't have been "followed" by 4 loses :-??
2011-04-05 16:31
2011-04-05 16:32
Sadly it isn't 1st of April :(
2011-04-05 16:36
enemy ari bail peri glow ari is the only player that can replace solo.
2011-04-05 16:36
But he's also in army afaik.
2011-04-05 16:53
going to play for real now :P
2011-04-05 16:37
Solo will own them on live.
2011-04-05 16:36
Thats sad...
2011-04-05 16:39
Bad for the scene but good for him imo.. i would have also loved to do the military service in Germany but to bad they cancelled it last year. :/
2011-04-05 16:43
yeah right, he'd love IF and only IF South Korea doesn't get in a war vs North Korea.
2011-04-05 18:50
What he is doing is something like military service too, i think. At least in Germany you will not go to Afghanistan or another foreign intervention as a conscript, don't know how it is in South Korea.
2011-04-05 19:15
I didn't find it anyway useful place (now talking about the finnish army) Didnt learn anything useful there, only positive thing is that I got many good friends from there.
2011-04-28 17:18
he will do ace in war !
2011-04-05 16:43
goodbye korean cs
2011-04-05 16:43
he will be in SNIPER ELITE
2011-04-05 16:48
Good game...
2011-04-05 17:31
cs is dead
2011-04-05 16:51
not yet, but its dying slowly but surely
2011-04-05 16:55
stop saying cs's dead lames.
2011-04-05 16:56
ty for help
2011-04-05 17:21
How old is he? Did he retire from gaming for that reason? That's too bad. Best of the luck in future solo. We'll miss you so much!
2011-04-05 16:55
have fun :D
2011-04-05 16:56
2011-04-29 18:15
Solo can't be replaced, this is such sad news. Thanks for all of your years of awesomeness solo, you will be missed:( Best asian cs player ever and a true legend
2011-04-05 17:12
the best player from asia OMG
2011-04-05 17:15
+Neo !
2011-04-05 17:19
sad, now is trying real guns
2011-04-05 17:20
Noboday is able to replace the one and only solo. I mean he is SOLO! Sadly Korean Pro cs is coming to an end. Best wishes in all ur future endeavors. U'll be missed. Oh btw, he ranked 9th in "Durden's Top 10 Clutch players of 1.6 era".
2011-04-05 17:21
This just told us that it's going to be war in few weeks...
2011-04-05 17:23
very sad for korean cs scene,probably gg
2011-04-05 17:24
One man army aka solo
2011-04-05 17:26
Thats bad for the team, they will not find better player than him, but they really need to..
2011-04-05 17:30
@sniper solo > usa :) pd, saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
2011-04-05 17:30
Nice , he's gonna have amazing aim after that :D
2011-04-05 17:32
Don't think tht he will return in gaming after his serving in army =/
2011-04-05 17:50
nixon, coming from the lower-bracket to win SK 2-1 right? not 2-0
2011-04-05 17:50
Well they won two maps, in theory with SK in lead by 1-0 default it would be 2-1 yea....
2011-04-05 19:27
We all knew that this day will come. Sad... No more those strage and interesting tactics...
2011-04-05 17:55
glhf ~ for real
2011-04-05 17:55
+1 nice awp for korean army =DDD
2011-04-05 17:58
welcome to the life
2011-04-05 18:06
Algeria DeyMed
Bad news for today Last time when it was (WMF) we lost termi, and now Solo :(
2011-04-05 18:06
Just so long as he know there's no respawns.
2011-04-05 18:07
"if you want peace,prepare for war" Sun Tzu The Art of War About Army service. Its impossible to avoid army service.They only way to delay it is to study and SHOW them the pappers of your Ph.D or something that proves the years of postponement.If you leave abroad you become army deserter and go to jail. thats the system here and I guess its similar with other countries. as for solo....2 years it long time :( .As we say here to the newbie soldiers ,he will have his pussy thickened :P
2011-04-05 18:17
who told you that scary stuff? thats rumours for fishes to make them serve. the low is clear, if you dont go to army while country is in peace, like now, the only think they can do is to add you more serving time and some cash fine.
2011-04-05 18:59
that happens when you are INSIDE country. 30-90 days more in service or 3euro per day. If you leave abroad you are deserter
2011-04-05 19:18
you are an insubordinate.its huge difference.not a deserter, deserter you are when you leave army while you serving which is stupid.anyway you can check to learn more
2011-04-06 00:05
Brazil gbz1^
no solo no south korean cs
2011-04-05 18:24
+1 very very sad news..
2011-04-06 02:45
fuck army -.-'
2011-04-05 18:27
hahahahahahahahahah xD!!!
2011-04-05 18:27
2011-04-05 18:34
so sad for solo :( but he will destroy'em all with his skills from cs! ahah
2011-04-05 18:36
solo is sick but a way too overrated. glow is the best korean player of all time
2011-04-05 18:40
way too overrated? sigh...
2011-04-05 18:51
truly a clueless thing to say. solo has been on top of the scene for 6-7+ years, glow is a newcomer in comparison, and glow has accomplished nothing close to what solo has accomplished... he wasn't a part of the team in 2008 when eSTRO got 2nd at IEM global finals and ESWC, and 3rd at WCG.
2011-04-05 19:19
sorry :D I have mixed up mal with glow, thought he would be one of cpl 2005 finalists. you are right in that point, but skillwise glow is still better than solo.
2011-04-05 19:37
mal was one of the top players in korea while playing for Lunatic-Hai. Apparently he is still active in CS so it's very possible he will join redcode/project_Kr however the team needs an AWPER. So I kinda prefer Cliper :-/ but Cliper hasn't been active.
2011-04-06 02:58
them watched out solo playing cs 1.6, so realize he is "wasting" in virtual game while he could headshot korea's enemies in real life!
2011-04-05 18:54
Ohh I love THE NEWS!
2011-04-05 19:01
lol the other koreans will go military like solo for 2 years?. LOL there will be no gaming in korea =D
2011-04-05 19:07
Sad to hear but there is still a lot of talent in South Korea, so I wouldn't expect redcode/ to disband anytime soon. I will be amazed if ryu makes a return to 1.6 to replace solo, but thats gonna be too random. As far as I know the only cs player that is still active in korean cs scene is mal or they could get another player from another team.
2011-04-05 19:14
Cliper is also back from military duty isn't he? he joined at the same time with enemy.
2011-04-05 19:16
His been back. His just not active in the cs community. If there was a ever a trace of cliper still playing cs he would have attended KCL2010 winter with a pug; but don't get me wrong he can still come back and play, but he isn't quote I should expect him to be in this stage of 1.6 that is in.
2011-04-05 19:22
Sad. I feel the team would be stronger with mal or cliper since bail seems to be slacking. But with solo gone who can stand up against the might of the European teams :(
2011-04-05 19:28
i feel like it would be the strangest time ever for ryu to return, since i think he would have wanted to play with termi and solo
2011-04-05 19:18
I just put ryu because of his ingame leadership skills that he showed back in WEG before he left for the military in 2006. For him to come back at this stage of where is cs is now it would be just too random but you'll never know.
2011-04-05 19:28
gl hf solo <3
2011-04-05 19:12
Global war 3.0 here we go. :trollface:
2011-04-05 19:26
2011-04-05 19:30
best asian player, pity pity !!
2011-04-05 19:36
oh there is chance for another team to take position in world cs from WMF
2011-04-05 19:37
I can't believe this :c South Korea 16 - 02 North Korea GG inf
2011-04-05 19:41
LIVE! :) bad news, gl solo and gl rC!
2011-04-05 19:42
he will surely get the awp
2011-04-05 19:45
The Best News would be: Lunatic Hai Reforms 3.0 Mal Cliper Glow Enemy Peri. bail as Coach lol.
2011-04-05 19:46
:D I though he is young
2011-04-05 19:53
now Solo make Counter Strike LIVE :p
2011-04-05 20:34
2011-04-05 20:38
korean cs died today
2011-04-05 21:16
Good luck solo! =( Sad to see you go
2011-04-05 21:23
the end is near...
2011-04-05 21:39 i hope he runs with his knife cuz everyone runs faster with a knife.. rl fps!
2011-04-05 21:40
Sucks! :( But Its good if north korea does something.. they are totally insane..
2011-04-05 21:43
Bulgaria SHISHETu
Ou My GOD,this is mega sux news,gl in the Korean Army bro,we'll miss ya like allen :D ;(
2011-04-05 22:14
Isn't redcode their new orga??
2011-04-05 22:14
2011-04-05 23:13
So why is he forced into the army? I thought that as long as they played in a organization, they didn't have to go through with their duty in the army?
2011-04-06 00:17
-.- ohhh my goshh,,
2011-04-05 22:38
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fuck it the line up looked perfect now, enemy just needed to find his old shape back and they would have had the strongest South Korean line up ever gl solo irl... since I have no idea what cs is gonna be like in 2 years
2011-04-05 22:40
2011-04-05 22:46
he'll still send some bulets!
2011-04-05 23:11
what map?
2011-04-05 23:14
solo going for a lan camp :d
2011-04-05 23:15
That is a great news to the Korean army.
2011-04-05 23:34
solo kill NorthKorea whit a granade
2011-04-06 00:14
change your country? what rules are those? seriously..
2011-04-06 00:17
best asian player by far
2011-04-06 00:20
real cs now :DDD
2011-04-06 01:20
=((( best of the best..
2011-04-06 01:31
i hate how countries have mandatory army services especially when they are doing something, and 2 years is a bit long atleast in places like germany its only 6 months
2011-04-06 02:15
Cause technically the war with North Korea is still going on. So everyone in SK must know how to defend themselves from NK. And I don't think the contract with redcode was legit prob just sum bullshit by redcode or else he wouldn't be joining the army... If only MYM had picked them up and given them legit contracts then he wouldn't have to join the SK Army till he was like 25 when most SK Programers retire.
2011-04-06 02:47
+cliper !! Lunatic-hai 2005 main AWPER solo missing...... GLGL solo..
2011-04-06 02:44
Yes. I think mal should also join to replace bail. Enemy Glow Mal (Calling) Cliper (Awper) Peri (The New Blood) Beast Lineup.
2011-04-06 02:48
it is Mal is nice order Lunatic-hai by 2005 but he is retirement cs. +cliper he is soon mlitery come back !!
2011-04-06 08:52
I heard from another Korean that he is still active (mal) but cliper didn't play CS at all when he came back from the Military or is he still in Militay service? Cause its been more then 2 years now lol.
2011-04-07 01:47
haha, wanna army? GO CUT LEAK'S IN UK WITH RUSSIANS. hahaha im serious -_-
2011-04-06 03:13
2011-04-06 05:38
2011-04-06 06:00
sad :(
2011-04-06 09:19
Cliper mal bebe can't get other with solo.bail,termi.
2011-04-06 10:00
hee has left in army in March 2009 mb +hee?
2011-04-06 10:32
WMF with not solo - meat
2011-04-06 11:53
i wish i could go to military
2011-04-06 11:56
SKorean army should just make an exception for progamers imo. They ruin these progamers careers. #332 I haven't been in the army myself but i can imagine the only thing that's fun about it is shooting weapons. im sure there are unknown talents in SKorea that they can give a chance to shine. They just need to find one.
2011-04-06 12:51
In Russia we have a lot of illegal ways how to ignore army. 1st of all there is a lot of inlesses with which u will not able to go to army. different head injures and other stuff, there is a huge choise which one u gonna simulate. 2nd u can just give some money to a doctor and he will do the job with ill. 3rd u can buy "army ticket" - is a document here in Russia. So i really can't understand why solo, wis his extra ordinary skills didnt find any way's to fuck those dumb assz from SKorea army. cheerz
2011-04-06 12:54
exciting we will se if redCode goes project_kr hope they headhunt a really good young talented player will be sad for them to stop the cs scene as WMF/redCode/Project_kr is my fav team :]
2011-04-06 12:56
solo : Need Backup!
2011-04-06 16:45
Now he would be Sniping in Real World :P
2011-04-06 17:17
Blame North Korea for mandatory enrollment in the south.
2011-04-06 18:01
tum saray phuddi kay ho.
2011-04-06 22:02
pretty sad :(
2011-04-07 00:50
:( GL
2011-04-07 05:45
2011-04-07 09:49
If the korean army research a new sniper rifle, that u can use and controll with a mouse! Solo will be the best solider in the world! :-) But The war and army is not a game. I will never join army! And never kill somebody. Maybe the recruiting officer. If he wanna put me to army! :-D
2011-04-07 12:53
Damn, these graphics are amazing!!!
2011-07-01 04:50
solo :(
2011-10-12 20:47
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