bit joins TargeTDown CSS team

TargeTDown have announced that Bruno "bit" Fukuda has joined their Counter-Strike: Source division.

The Brazilian player had been without a team since being released by compLexity in the wake of a handful of lacklustre displays at the IEM5 World Championship in Hannover.

Fukuda has been strongly linked with joining playArt, who parted company with Carlos "viol" de Paula last week, but he has now opted to take on a CSS challenge, following in the footsteps of many top 1.6 players in Brazil.

He will step into the shoes of Maurício "NykkO" Chino, who has stepped down as player due to his lack of motivation for the game.

With this move, Fukuda reunites with Arthur "prd" Resende and Guilherme "spacca" Spacca, having played with them during their time in Made in Brazil.

TargeTDown now have:

Brazil Arthur "prd" Resende
Brazil Guilherme "spacca" Spacca
Brazil Lucas "steel" Lopes
Brazil Caio "rkz" Sinigaglia
Brazil Bruno "bit" Fukuda

Poland d5
; o
2011-04-05 16:19
aint spacca and prd playing for CNB?
2011-04-05 16:19
4 replies
yes, they are playing for cnb, but in cs 1.6, this is css
2011-04-05 16:21
3 replies
okay, so they are doing the same as then? playing both css and 1.6 at the same time? weird, but i guess it's the only option as brazilians.
2011-04-05 16:31
2 replies
probably yes
2011-04-05 17:30
yeahh! playing both games! (css and cs 1.6)
2011-04-05 18:28
2011-04-05 16:20
2011-04-05 16:20
1 reply
2011-04-05 16:21
css omg :S
2011-04-05 16:22
2011-04-05 16:22
1 reply
learn to read
2011-04-05 16:25
lol Fail
2011-04-05 16:22
2011-04-05 16:22
css? haha lol
2011-04-05 16:22
He surely will join some CS 1.6 team in near future. Maybe CNB or even playArt.
2011-04-05 16:29
bit =>>> zet same thing. gl
2011-04-05 16:29
1 reply
never ;x
2011-04-06 00:25
2011-04-05 16:34
Is his name Bruno Fukuda or Bruno Lima?
2011-04-05 16:41
1 reply
Bruno Fukuda Lima =)
2011-04-05 16:45
you're saying that css is sucks, but is the future of cs, the time of cs 1.6 is coming to the end. think about :D
2011-04-05 16:42
5 replies
2011-04-05 17:05
Norway billson
Are you crazy? Css is definitely not future of cs. Cs will probably die. Or csp will take that spot. Not lame and wrong css.
2011-04-05 17:16
I definatley don't think css will take over after 1.6 and neither do I believe csp will do that. I'm convinced that Valve will realese CS2 after they've finnished their work with Dota 2. I don't understand why so many people doubt that Valve will realese a new cs they've started to speak about it more and more.
2011-04-05 18:08
Same maps, 2 different games... gg no re!
2011-04-05 18:34
css had 7 years to take over 1.6 and it failed hard end of the story
2011-04-09 06:41
1 april?
2011-04-05 16:42
1 reply
2011-04-05 18:04
Finland ZoqFotPik
css still alive? shocking o_0
2011-04-05 16:44
what a hel??? he droped cs for css?! what a fail!
2011-04-05 16:44
2 replies
He's playing both 1.6 and CSS.
2011-04-05 16:49
1 reply
Well thats why he was so zero when playing with COL, omg BIT QUITE SOURCE ITS BAD FOR YOUR SKILL
2011-04-06 03:18
lol bit is very good player. css sucks.
2011-04-05 16:47
3 replies
bet you're awful at css
2011-04-05 18:59
2 replies
everyone is good at css
2011-04-05 20:27
1 reply
lol no
2011-04-07 22:00
CnB-Gaming 1.6 division is still alive or not ?
2011-04-05 16:58
1 reply
yes prd and spacca still playing 1.6, but they play css too :p
2011-04-05 17:03
haha wtf fail!!
2011-04-05 17:01
2011-04-05 17:01
2011-04-05 17:02
Brazilian mistakes.
2011-04-05 17:03
brazil the new UK or Italy where only play source in mini national lan events XD
2011-04-05 17:06
play source go noob...
2011-04-05 17:12
7 replies
2011-04-05 18:44
bit > you bit > Immunity bye.
2011-04-05 19:24
5 replies
Well as i so bit playing last tournament with col, i realy dont belive he can even win some guy from immunity ;DDD
2011-04-06 03:19
4 replies
So, you're talking to me that bit is worse than any player from Immunity,right?With what argument are you saying that? IEM5WC? So you'll judge if a player is skilled or not only with a tournament?Hmm,ok. I know, bit isn't anymore the player who we watched in 2007/2008, but in these times, we was one of the best players in the world, with no doubt. Someone from Immunity has done it?(nothing against you, I really love Australia). :)
2011-04-06 20:45
3 replies
Well, im not from australia :) its just my opionion, maybe he just plays too much cs:source, well people cannot play cs and cs:s and stay same level as they used to be..
2011-04-07 12:36
2 replies
United Kingdom hArdLad
crushader son! Winning comment here1
2011-04-08 03:11
1 reply
2011-04-08 03:34
all da less skilled players plays source. :( Shit game .
2011-04-05 17:15
hOly shit
2011-04-05 17:16
fail btw.. CSS wtf?
2011-04-05 17:19
yeah, better play 1.6 than source?.. makes sense?
2011-04-05 17:19
when they can't get anywheree in 1.6, go CSS. Go noobs
2011-04-05 17:20
To all NERDS: In brasil there is a "special?" (normal) culture where both cs1.6 and SOurce is just a game, they both are equally common, and its not rare to play both without kids going mad and jizzing all over themselves and their moms. thats why you read many of our top players playing both, and dont bothering much. cause its not a big deal, unlike other part of cs comunity. In other countries, european, there seem to be big rivalry and sense of "Belonging", lol why, is it because you sit inside your house during winter for 6months+ ? othe r reason? some kind of mad jail culture, with group vs group, they both suck, theyr both just a silly game. they both can be fun. In brasil there is no group, only real life and two games (both suck) I prefer 1.6, but i dont mind having a nite playing source, or other games. grow up, stop being so NERD, its a GAME. they both are. they both suck balls very hard. but NERDS sucks hardest!
2011-04-05 17:23
6 replies
correct but dont expect aproval, this is 1.6 site
2011-04-05 17:35
Brazil gbz1^
not for all
2011-04-05 17:48
I agreed with you until i read "they bouth suck balls very hard"
2011-04-05 18:10
It's quite funny to hear that from a Brazilian, which its life turns around Football.
2011-04-06 05:18
2 replies
Argentina sebaxinho
You're right not
2011-04-06 05:44
more funny he probably is so nerd he cant even throw a ball with his hands lol, but I spotted some truthyness except 1.6 doesnt suck, LOL what a noob, ( please have some sense of humour nr#54 :p )
2011-04-06 15:48
<3 spacca ^_^
2011-04-05 17:31
Lol at the kids who say f**k him for going css source. I'm not a css source fan, but I could care less if someone plays source.
2011-04-05 17:34
#55 nice team, but impossible ell leave of col, and foxj and prd join complexity :P
2011-04-05 17:35
1 reply
If you use the 'Reply' button the user will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2011-04-05 18:57
css makes 1.6 players afraid. In a few eps in esl, 1.6 section has been closed. (sry for my english)
2011-04-05 17:40
wait... so the coL-targetdown deal is off? or TD with 2 CSS teams (likely as zqk was leader of that one, and not included here)
2011-04-05 17:41
2011-04-05 18:12
CSS ?!?!?! Oh no.. don't give the world a reason to move to CSS please! 1.6 forver
2011-04-05 18:34
2 replies
i heard 1.6 in uk is dead?
2011-04-07 22:01
1 reply
United Kingdom hArdLad
2011-04-08 03:13
2011-04-05 18:35
He will come back like col did
2011-04-05 19:01
What was the highest award in CSS ?
2011-04-05 19:02
3 replies
CGS, players had salaries and i think the prize for the winning franchise was 1.000.000,00 U$... each frachise had 9-11 players including manager i cant remember details but 2 seasons i guess
2011-04-05 19:17
2 replies
wow, really? Thanks for info.
2011-04-05 19:25
cgs never managed to pay any of that and they went bankrupt also, correct me if i'm wrong but the total cash prize was 500 000
2011-04-09 06:44
2011-04-05 19:13
wtf rs
2011-04-05 19:15
LOL. All brazilian players gonna play Source in future, 1.6 die in that country :p
2011-04-05 19:19
2 replies
actually every brazilian with conditions to buy a good computer that can handle with playable frames/second in CS:S have played it already... some of these enojoy the game and still playing, some dont like, some play both like me... no big deal.
2011-04-05 19:26
2011-04-06 19:48
2011-04-05 19:33
It's like that in brazil, they are used to have 2 things in the same time. Just look at shemales...
2011-04-05 19:35
2 replies
Brazil gu1d0
at least i take a shower everyday
2011-04-06 05:05
1 reply
so do we wait do you actually ? In your favela you do have water ? impressive
2011-04-09 06:45
prd and spacca are playing css, LOL
2011-04-05 19:37
omfg i dont understand these guys -.-' playing 1.6 and source at the same time and some in diferent teams (spacca and prd playing for CNB at 1.6 and TargeTDown on css...) then want to have top10 world class teams ...
2011-04-05 19:55
2 replies
I guess they have a dream, but they are realists, that's why they just want to play both games and win local events just because of money
2011-04-05 21:44
1 reply
i guess you're right :D
2011-04-05 23:26
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
c'mon guys, they need money, css help them
2011-04-05 20:01
2011-04-05 20:09
bs bit. go TD
2011-04-05 20:29
Russia sNQ-
strange move
2011-04-05 21:47
Bulgaria SHISHETu
fucking CS:S,go back in 1.6 bit !!! ;o
2011-04-05 22:14
2011-04-05 23:08
lol people trying to play source cause its easier
2011-04-06 02:18
So Come and play.have you played before css? One more Noob. very Amateur . In brazil 1.6 is dead.Wake up . See ya at Compenhagem games.
2011-04-06 02:54
3 replies
Yeah right, you obviously are blind because your country team COMPLEXITY is like top10 in world ;P, and without lozer BIT, it will be very stable top10 =] and top10 in 1.6 is like top1 in CS:Source...
2011-04-06 03:25
uhul pwned by an outsider
2011-04-06 05:44
I think you're living in another country.. 1.6 is dead? I don't think so.
2011-04-06 07:18
Instead of having American, Latin American and Asian Finals for all those CS 1.6 Tournamnets they should have American + Asian Finals. Imagine coL Tyloo Project_kr EG and many more always playing against each other and getting good practice. Better then coL facing randoms or EG facing ESEA-O teams or project_Kr joining pubs to practice.
2011-04-06 03:10
3 replies
great idea actually but doubt it will happen
2011-04-06 04:25
2011-04-06 05:23
yea its a good idea in theory, but think about money costs... teams like col tyloo wmf and eg can travel around the world for cups like this, but and the other teams?? without big sponsors its impossible to realize international cups with small teams
2011-04-06 19:44
source, noooob
2011-04-06 15:28
2011-04-08 02:14
WoW, bit go source! :/
2011-04-09 02:02
ARE U SERIUS? c'mon man. wrong choice
2011-04-09 02:04
fkin joke
2011-04-09 12:18
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