face! win Danish Championship

face! has deafeated TCM-Gaming to win the Danish Championship for 2011. face! were able to overcome TCM on two of the three maps, 16-12 on de_inferno, 22-25 on de_nuke and finally 16-14 on de_tuscan.

The Danish Championship 2011 final was held today during the break of the Xperia PLAY tournament at the Copenhagen Games Expo. The final surprisingly did not feature mTw who were knocked out in round one of the competition by Onlinerz.

face! got off on the front foot on de_inferno with a nice display of brute aim and strategy and were able to pick up nine rounds as terrorists. face! could have had a lot more rounds but TCM-Gaming newcomer Nicolaj "Nuggi" Larsen was able to win several key rounds towards the end of the half.

After some delay, the second half finally got underway. face! picked up where they left off and secured the first map 16-12.

The second map would see the teams face off on de_nuke. TCM-Gaming started the half as terrorists and were able to secure a 10-5 lead at the break. face! needing eleven rounds to win, took the match right up until the final round and fell just short, forcing it to overtime. Both teams then exchanged blow for blow until eventually TCM-Gaming won the match 25-22 in the third overtime.

After an epic three and a half hours from when the match started, the third and final map de_tuscan would begin. face! once again showed that terrorist side was the clear scoring side, picking up eleven rounds to take the half 11-4. TCM-Gaming would show that they wouldn't give up the title without a fight, but unfortunatley came one round short. face! came out winners 16-14, and the title of Danish Champions.

23rd April 2011
Best of 3

With the win face! won 5 Xperia PLAY smart phone and 10 cinema tickets, while TCM-Gaming got nothing.

FACE! the new masters of danmark :) congratulation!
2011-04-23 20:26
5 replies
HA-HA-HA!:D:D:D MTW is the best team in Danish!
2011-04-23 21:09
4 replies
2011-04-23 21:09
Argentina sebaxinho
who is the best team in "swedish" ?
2011-04-23 21:20
2 replies
2011-04-23 21:55
go gamerzone ====D
2011-04-23 23:57
congratz :)
2011-04-23 20:29
Gz! :-)
2011-04-23 20:29
congratz to face!
2011-04-23 20:30
new master? mTw?
2011-04-23 20:31
3 replies
mTw in 1/4 lose to OnlinerZ
2011-04-23 20:34
face! > Onlinerz > mtw
2011-04-23 20:34
1 reply
in online ofc
2011-04-24 04:46
well done
2011-04-23 20:31
gratz face!, quite surprising :)
2011-04-23 20:31
2011-04-23 20:32
wow, n1
2011-04-23 20:34
gj, very nice game by nuggi
2011-04-23 20:37
Marathon match, jeeeeez
2011-04-23 20:37
4 replies
will dt market be open before final and 3rd place decider?
2011-04-23 23:05
2 replies
2011-04-23 23:53
1 reply
kk ty
2011-04-23 23:55
Try being in an Australian timezone and watching it :/
2011-04-24 06:50
gratz :s face sad tcm :((
2011-04-23 20:38
gj face :) FX > TCM ;D !
2011-04-23 20:39
2011-04-23 20:41
There goes my 3 milion bet on TCM.. This is just great, from now on, I don't freakin care if they play against a team from freakin Afghanistan I would still bet on TCM just to see them lose, because every time I bet on TCM, they lose so I don't care if I would lose because it don't mean so much to me like it means to them, this is the last time they'll screw me, no one f*cks with lidda!
2011-04-23 20:43
4 replies
obviously TCM fucks with lidda ;)
2011-04-23 20:47
3 replies
Well they won't anymore!
2011-04-23 20:46
1 reply
Show em boy!!
2011-04-23 21:11
TCM have never been the best at lan.. we all know that
2011-04-23 21:47
good job
2011-04-23 20:44
2011-04-23 20:45
while TCM-Gaming got nothing. =))
2011-04-23 21:08
1 reply
...and then Anne: Join us again for the weakest link...goodbye.
2011-04-23 21:20
Belgium FnX^
l o l xD
2011-04-23 21:09
can I copy here my comment from the match? ;p
2011-04-23 21:09
10 cinema tickets =DD
2011-04-23 21:14
gratz face!
2011-04-23 21:17
2011-04-23 21:26
oh nooooooooooooooooooo :sadface: i bet 250000 to tcm gaming shit :angry:
2011-04-23 21:31
2011-04-23 21:35
5 xperia play phones are pretty cool :)
2011-04-23 21:39
nice face !
2011-04-23 22:09
what about team which won against mTw and won one map with SK? which place and lineup please
2011-04-23 22:12
face! very good team. Enjoyed watching them. They really sympathise to me! TCM great team 2. Denmark have very strong cs scene :)
2011-04-23 22:30
1 reply
them really nice played vs M5 was an epic match :)
2011-04-23 23:42
gz, suprise for me
2011-04-23 23:07
2011-04-24 00:27
Bulgaria SHISHETu
GG face :D
2011-04-24 16:32
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