eSahara win Gamers Assembly

Electronic Sahara have succeeded oXmoze as the Gamers Assembly champion with a 2-0 victory of Millenium.

The two teams had faced one another just one month ago in the MaXlan final, with Millenium then coming out on top 2-1 to build on their first-place finish at Atomic Re-So in February.

de_dust2 was a really close affair, with eSahara securing the win in the very last round after being up 9-6 as Terrorists at the break. On de_inferno, they found life much easier, and comfortably secured the six rounds they needed on the T side in the second half, having picked up a 10-5 lead at half time.

With this victory, Electronic Sahara add the GA trophy to that of Spirit Lan, conquered in January, meaning Millenium and eSahara have won two events apiece.

Gamers Assembly 2011 final standings:

1. France Electronic Sahara - €1,000 + hardware prizes
France Millenium - €500 + hardware prizes
France Virus Gaming - €200 + hardware prizes

deserved !
2011-04-25 11:38
2011-04-25 11:38
gg to electronic sahara :)
2011-04-25 11:38
Rara mvp of course.
2011-04-25 11:39
2011-04-25 12:35
2011-04-25 13:53
dis you see the tournament ?This is not funny anymore (im not a fan of rara but seriously, this is not funny).
2011-04-25 16:12
Mexico tim7
2011-04-25 17:04
ahaha RaraNa70R !
2011-04-25 18:37
they should change the team name to Eletronic SaRARA!
2011-04-27 03:13
i cant find anything about rara. is his real nick rara or he uses another one like esenin
2011-04-27 19:07
nice =D
2011-04-25 11:38
Hmm nice that i was on the hltv and i didnt see a THING of the match! NICE done
2011-04-25 11:39
2011-04-25 11:40
well deserved :)
2011-04-25 11:42
if ure losing on A, put sixer there.
2011-04-25 11:43
2011-04-25 11:45
bad prizes. :o
2011-04-25 11:45
it's a good prizes for a national event !
2011-04-25 14:35
fury | 
Denmark Leffan
Rara has a better aim than NEO, f0rest, so He will be a player of the year 2011 ^.^
2011-04-25 11:48
not funny
2011-04-25 12:19
uh? Its a fact.
2011-04-25 15:26
+1 RARA[t]
2011-04-25 17:04
and rarastwOw~
2011-04-25 18:55
you should become a comedian :D
2011-04-25 21:16
for a national tournament they are good enough 1k+hardw
2011-04-25 11:47
yeh and I'm not sure but I think the hardware stuff is pretty expensive, more than 1.000€
2011-04-25 12:16
why never add the lineups in the news?
2011-04-25 11:47
2011-04-25 11:54
2011-04-25 12:15
Nah, maybe a would be good, considering there's a whole section dedicated to teams and players.
2011-04-25 13:09
maybe NOT
2011-04-25 13:25
2011-04-25 21:07
Russia beka_b
demo pls?!
2011-04-25 11:49
gratz eSAHARA :D sixeR MVP
2011-04-25 11:56
2011-04-25 12:07
you all love RARA now :) but in the past tournamets you all hated him . It's true , people have 2 faces
2011-04-25 12:24
I think people are being sarcastic, I don't think people hate him he just isn't a very good player to say the least.
2011-04-25 12:32
2011-04-25 13:34
are you retarded?
2011-04-25 13:46
well, first, you don't get sarcasm. and second, I don't think anybody hates him. people are just making fun of him. hating a pro player is kinda stupid anyway, they don't hurt any of us, they just play.
2011-04-25 13:50
i "hate" markeloff's awp cuz his like allways stopping the swedish teams with it O_O
2011-04-25 14:02
u care about that ? come on...
2011-04-25 21:17
na not caring but its just that I like him his a nice player but I hate that his the one that mostly stops Fnatic,SK etc from coming to the final :P
2011-04-26 16:39
2011-04-25 12:25
Rara MVP? Nice joke.
2011-04-25 12:32
2011-04-26 00:54
some demos have been recorded?
2011-04-25 12:41
RARA4MVP HAHAHAHaHAHAHAH!! p.s cong. esahara!
2011-04-25 13:03
I've already seen your nick somewhere, but I can't remember where.. Hmm.
2011-04-25 21:09
hmm, with my past nick pingu or with this nick (real name) Luk ?
2011-04-25 22:06
With this. I have thought, you played recently in some known clan. Am I wrong?
2011-04-25 22:16
yep :D
2011-04-25 22:19
Ok, sorry then. Nice nick anyway. Peace out! ^^
2011-04-25 22:22
SIXER is defiantly the mvp
2011-04-25 13:04
Rara. all matches 0;7
2011-04-25 13:21
LOL +1
2011-04-25 14:34
I think the price money isnt 1000€. as you can see on this picture the team got a check over 1500€. but well im not sure :>
2011-04-25 13:44
oO so 1500€ + hardware
2011-04-25 14:37
Wtf... I thought eSahara are noobs. France should really make a top line up that could compete with all the great teams. Sixer MAJ3R diodeL CosMo HaRts Best Fr line up
2011-04-25 13:47
they aren't noobs in France, they are noobs in big international LAN's.
2011-04-25 13:51
What's the point then if you are noobs in big international LAN's... The LANS in France don't give you much money ( prize pot ) so really I mean if they are just doing it for fun, okay I understand but if they want to succeed they should really change their line up.
2011-04-25 14:16
well you seemed confused as to how they won... was just explaining, it was a French LAN. the rest is their business, I agree that they should upgrade their line-up :)
2011-04-25 16:50
Sixer,majer and harts are not noobs anywhere
2011-04-25 18:38
I meant as a team :)
2011-04-25 19:49
well i heard eSAHARA are real life friends and this seems to be the reason why they keeped playing with a mate that might isn't as skilled as sixeR and Maj3r are. I don't know if it's true but personally i like the idea of a bunch of friends playing on a very high level for fun. But yes i think there could be an international top team from france. sixeR Maj3r HaRts mSx CosMo
2011-04-25 13:54
France > Belgium trololol.
2011-04-25 17:15
Wow, you are a real stupid person I see... Did I ever say Belgium > France ? -.-'
2011-04-25 17:19
2011-04-25 19:22
sixeR, MAJ3R, HaRts, drizzer e mSx 4tw
2011-04-26 16:56
I don't think drizzer and mSx are that good... mSx used to bre grat, but it's time now for new blood such as diodel and CosMo who are very good players, and who frag like hell :)
2011-04-26 16:58
lol didn't you follow the Gamers Assembly event? mSx was sick, seriously I thought he was done with cs but he truly was on fire this week end, always picking double heads with deagle in eco, almost never dying without fragging..
2011-04-27 00:54
nice gg
2011-04-25 14:01
gj eSahara :) ! sixeR MAJ3R HaRts mSx drizzer
2011-04-25 14:30
-drizzer +Diodel YES!
2011-04-26 00:39
France jaimez
MAJ3R sixeR mSx HaRts mahe
2011-04-25 14:32
+1 best for me
2011-04-25 14:40
Diodel impressive
2011-04-25 16:09
Denmark mindgames
2011-04-25 14:46
2011-04-25 14:54
demo plz ?
2011-04-25 15:02
gj eSahara !
2011-04-25 15:10
does some french dude know on wich website do i get the hltv demos?
2011-04-25 18:39
none yet
2011-04-25 19:14
Good Job Rara, we are very proud of you. Well played eSahara :) The king on the middle ;)
2011-04-25 19:01
i love you rara!
2011-04-25 19:02
gj eSahara !
2011-04-25 19:02
sixeR above everyone in france :D
2011-04-25 19:06
Prices are 1500€ for the team and a computer worth ~ 800€ for each player
2011-04-25 19:16
sh*t, i've betted all my money in millenium -.- lost 50k
2011-04-25 19:30
2011-04-25 20:42
I think JoeM is proud of them :)
2011-04-25 21:10
lol. a bit to late for that tho :) he already showed his manboobs.
2011-04-25 21:27
++ ))
2011-04-25 21:11
Did Rara play good?
2011-04-25 21:23
average. Never topfragging obviously but not that weak (not like he was facing Na'Vi though..)
2011-04-25 21:31
When he faced Na'Vi he did well though :)
2011-04-25 22:36
I hesitated between saying Na'Vi or mTw cuz I know I would have that reply lol that was indeed his best performance of the year, by very far
2011-04-25 22:38
Ahah yeah, honestly, rara is not a bad player, he is just behind his mates, thats why his weakness come out that strong :/
2011-04-25 23:14
he's not as bad as people say, but he definetly doesn't have the level to be in one of the 4 best french teams
2011-04-25 23:20
kewl. Team sixeR fighting !
2011-04-25 21:26
2011-04-25 21:45
Brazil hugoooo
man... when will post the lineup on their news?!??
2011-04-25 22:48
2011-04-26 00:25
ahhh.. ok but markeloff the best yeah ???
2011-04-26 03:45
mm nice! sixeR FTW!
2011-04-26 09:11
CS is dying.
2011-04-26 11:16
2011-04-26 12:26
Bulgaria SHISHETu
eSahara easy won,sure ..
2011-04-26 14:52
eSahara is able to be the first in France with only 4 world class players... Moreover, as I know they are all friends and playing just for fun,imho not like Millenium... With this attitude French CS with a LOT of really impressive players will not be in the top... Sadly..
2011-04-26 18:35
2 world class players, and very good players, and one... n/c lol Millenium actually are a bunch of friends too, CosMo is ioRek's brother in law, ioRek an HaRts have been friends for ages, same for drizzer & diodel... the 5 of them must have known each other for at least 5 years
2011-04-27 00:28
Of Course, I don't know the details of everything. But from the outside point of view, I saw a lot of changes in Millenium, for example, and no changes in eSahara... I agree about 2 world class players in eSahara. The point is, until they bring together 5 world class players (which is possible to find in France), they will not be top5, for sure
2011-04-27 00:47
that is true, 2 bad cuz everybody agrees that there is huge potential there, which not saw in Edward & co before they formed Na'Vi, so I guess they could really build a mighty team, but hey..
2011-04-27 00:52
especially if we remember ESWC, where both french teams won against the best team NaVi... if they know how to beat Navi...
2011-04-27 00:55
lol yeh that's definetly something
2011-04-27 14:12
good game :)
2011-04-27 19:42
nice one sixeR & RARA but cosmo and ioRek are good 2
2011-04-28 19:23
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