DELTA's ham banned in ESL

April 29th, 2011 21:54

BenQ DELTAeSPORTS.COM member Mateusz "ham" Rosłon has been banned from all ESL competitions for a period of two years after being caught cheating.

The specifics of the match in which Rosłon used an illegal tool have not been announced by the ESL, but by looking at the player's last two encounters, they were played on Wednesday and Thursday in a 2on2 ladder.

Rosłon, who is a longtime member of DELTA, will serve a two-year ban which will only see him return to action in April of 2013.

ham (in the middle) banned from all ESL competitions

The news comes as a major blow to DELTA, who have been down to a three-man roster following the departure of Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski to MaxFloPlay.

Contacted by, the EPS Poland admins have indicated they are still in the process of reviewing the case and have not yet ruled on DELTA's situation in the EPS league. The Polish team have just one point from two matches played.

This is the latest case of professional players being caught cheating in the ESL, with figures such as Viktor "Sally" Filimonchenko, Rodolphe "Diodel" Verloës and Stephane "kristeN" dos Santos having all been caught red-handed.

About: Top 10 players caught cheating

cheaters rulez
2011-04-29 21:54
hahahahahahah =))
2011-04-29 21:54
2011-04-29 21:54
2011-04-29 21:55
2011-04-29 21:55
someone still playes esl? wtf!?
2011-04-29 22:11
Ever heard of EPS, IEM and ENC? Nice flame attempt though ;-)
2011-04-29 23:05
flame attempt? what are u talking about lol.
2011-04-30 15:12
2011-04-30 03:14
n1ce seeveeen :D
2011-04-29 21:58
seven =)
2011-04-29 21:56
2011-04-29 21:55
Portugal kick_fox_ffs 
HAHA polish nice !
2011-04-29 21:55
what u mean? u speak english or what?
2011-04-29 22:33
Portugal kick_fox_ffs 
of course, polish guy just failed
2011-04-30 09:49
ye ; s
2011-04-30 10:16
Litva hahahahahaha HAM clear, fuck!
2011-04-30 18:35
Portugal kick_fox_ffs 
shut up you kid, some polish peoples is so bad, not ALL, for example when in lithuania was football match, and polish GUYS just destroy everthing..... SHAME
2011-05-02 14:58
I'm replying here so I'll be able to find your comment the next time I'm high as a kite. I'm sorry for the lack of relevance. :)
2011-05-03 01:30
OMG Poland>>>Litva
2011-05-03 09:34
Portugal kick_fox_ffs 
first litva is russian word, LITHUANIA is english if you know that..., stupid kid please ban him
2011-05-03 14:28
Sweden ezk 
omg :S
2011-04-29 21:55
he still sucked even with cheats
2011-04-29 21:55
2011-04-29 21:56
True. Ham hungry fat fucking mess.
2011-04-30 03:33
haha jens.. HAM HUNGRY
2011-04-30 04:38
2011-04-29 21:55
You sucks ham , you and your team!
2011-04-29 21:55
the downfall of delta.. sad
2011-04-29 21:56
H@H@H@H@ cheaters must die !
2011-04-29 21:56
2011-04-29 21:56
ahhahahahah, now I know why DELTA won against MYM :)))))
2011-04-29 21:56
2011-04-29 22:07
dude , read more , in delta vs mym ham was clear.
2011-04-29 22:35
I was thinking that if he is such a "nice" person to cheat in 2v2 game, he could possibly also cheat in that game as well, but ESL didn't find out it.
2011-04-29 22:54
He cheated in a 2v2 ladder, noob.
2011-04-29 22:37
if he cheated in a 2v2 game, he could also cheat in that game, and ESL could not find out it
2011-04-29 22:52
yeah my comment was dumb. sorry
2011-04-29 22:53
And ESL wouldn't have found it out.*
2011-04-30 07:28
ye, I have to improve grammar a lot, thank you :)
2011-04-30 10:59
2011-04-30 09:05
imho anticheat can't catch 100% of cheaters, and i thought that maybe anticheat didn't catch in that match. but most propably he didn't cheat in that match.
2011-04-30 13:11
ESL dont have an Anti Cheat program. And they need more admins, so they're all busy the time,and cant watch all demos. I know a guy, who made his own wallhack and aimbot, and he did never got caught coz it wasnt an exe file. Or im not sure if that's the reason, but he never got cought, until he said, you poor shit admins, your not abel to find a cheater, if u dont look into my pc, your Anti cheat can search through my whole pc. So I dont think it's hard to cheat without any1 knowing it.
2011-04-30 16:54
you just once again proved my point. Thank you =) you can explain this to a 23 year old hAGGRAZ! who just called me an idiot with false justification about anticheat...
2011-04-30 17:26
Haha no problem m8 ;) It's kind obvious, how can an Anti Cheat scan your whole pc ? The SGL AC only scans exe files, and you know how much it takes, it's alot of players who get's fps drops and stuffs of it, that way some ppl changed to demos, so you can record the game and send it to them, so they can jodge if anyone complanins. So guess how hard it would to play if you got an AC who scaned the whole pc ?
2011-05-01 04:38
ye, but he prolly didnt
2011-04-30 10:13
I think that most likely he didn't, but you know, i do not understand (/respect) ppl who are capable of cheating
2011-04-30 11:01
well, thats true :)
2011-05-02 20:18
fucker i talk about delta vs mym
2011-05-01 01:33
U mad bro ?
2011-05-01 04:40
LOL u mad bro?
2011-05-03 23:53
Why would I be mad ? No reason.
2011-05-04 19:13
Die hackers!
2011-04-29 21:56
hahahahaha GL
2011-04-29 21:57
2011-04-29 21:58
This guy play in Gamegune 2009 , and now .... -.-
2011-04-29 21:59
gamegune 2010 too... but let's face the truth, this ban is a mistake.
2011-04-30 02:35
what kind of mistake ?
2011-04-30 03:48
2011-04-29 21:59
Ireland nuer 
i dont even care
2011-04-29 21:59
its a joke
2011-04-29 22:00
Lol he sucked with cheats too? i just wonder how bad he would be without it xD
2011-04-29 22:02
delta sux anyways so that's not a lose
2011-04-29 22:02
2011-04-29 22:02
2011-04-29 22:03
Double click brain.exe next time, please.
2011-04-29 22:03
i do that every time i run my pc ;)
2011-04-29 22:11
2011-04-29 22:11
u so funny
2011-04-30 12:15
One of my many charms ;)
2011-04-30 16:57
Algeria SHeTaN 
ahahahahahahaah good
2011-04-29 22:04
DELTA Player cheater :O
2011-04-29 22:04
2011-04-29 22:05
take a reha and you can cheat again with better ones :D
2011-04-29 22:05
rdh: This is Error ESL WIRE HAHAHHA "tak to blad wire'a"
2011-04-29 22:06
rofl :D
2011-04-29 22:07
2011-04-29 22:06
2011-04-29 22:06
Hahahahahahaha [jaki idiota] Good Work ham !
2011-04-29 22:06
Haters, Haters, Haters, Haters, Haters
2011-04-29 22:06
Diodel cheated ESL? :D
2011-04-29 22:08
During a Summer cup match organized by ESL.
2011-04-29 22:16
Thanks :)
2011-04-29 22:19
2011-04-29 22:08
2011-04-29 22:09
pffffff . BB Ham !!!
2011-04-29 22:10
so damn lame
2011-04-29 22:10
Pathetic cheaters
2011-04-29 22:10
2011-04-29 22:10
he already did it last year in IEM5 Qualifiers vs MYM if you guys remember :P Chee(ater)rs
2011-04-29 22:11
Hmm what happend?
2011-04-29 22:14
2011-04-29 22:11
Haha, good, but who cares about this n4b? ;> Delta is low, just like Ham ;)
2011-04-29 22:11
2011-04-29 22:12
account link please
2011-04-29 22:12
Ham is pro :) Mistake by esl FX needs him -NEO +Ham
2011-04-29 22:13
2011-04-29 22:38
Rara fan club :D
2011-04-29 23:01
2011-04-30 09:49
hahahahahahahahah, bastard
2011-04-30 19:21
muhahaha lawl, he was poor anyway
2011-04-29 22:13
shutdown -i IP: HAM
2011-04-29 22:13
ban for life FFS
2011-04-29 22:14
Cheaters must die! :D Ham n00b15h
2011-04-29 22:14
2011-04-29 22:14
what does that mean?
2011-05-03 10:20
Sweden ZOD! 
2011-04-29 22:15
Millenium Diodel ESL cheating ??????
2011-04-29 22:15
and why are you now talking about him? yes he did
2011-04-29 22:19
it was 2-3 years ago...
2011-04-29 22:21
2years and hes still been banned for a new months
2011-04-29 22:23
yep I don't wanna go into this debate again but he had retired at that time, and thought he would never come back
2011-04-29 22:56
But he comes :)
2011-04-29 23:00
yep, like most of those who retire lol
2011-04-29 23:00
link ESL?
2011-04-29 22:19
thanks d:)
2011-04-29 22:24
go kill yourself, you were in a top team (polish top team) and you used cheat? 465455 players dream to be in ur place, and you wast it.
2011-04-29 22:21
2011-04-29 22:24
wasted it why exactly? its ESL, ESL is a shit right now, and he probably cheated just for fun, you and a bunch of braitards still didnt got it, do u really think he cheated with the intention of not beeing caught? he is on a top polish team, he doesnt give a fuck about some internet games, most of u all saying "omg cheator, die" cheated and are saying that craps, mind ur own business, he wanted do cheat, he cheated, got banned, he is still on a top polish team, what about you guys?
2011-04-29 22:41
Ok sir, that's good point. But still he lost his "good look" if so many people know about his cheats there. Now he can be really hated, in every match with high score by ham, there will be mass of comments about cheating again. My english isn't that good, but I hope you get what I mean ;) Agree with me? :]
2011-04-29 22:49
yeah i know what u mean, in internet whenever he makes a good score everyone will be suspicious on him, but he has a good solution, just go lan and shut them all up, like delpan, diodel, axon, etc did.
2011-04-29 23:05
its ESL, ESL is a shit right now I'm sure that any polish player would love to play on their national EPS, besides the fact that they can earn some money out of it, being "on a top polish team" he has more chance to win the EPS than other teams. he doesn't give a fuck about some internet games Banned from IEM's and ENC's etc he is still on a top polish team For now...
2011-04-29 23:20
he plays good without using cheats so why the hell wouldnt he be on a top team? i doubt delta would boot him just for beeing banned on ESL
2011-04-30 02:07
He was CHEATING in ESL, I hope you know what 'cheating' is, its the worst thing you can do, srsly just trying to defend a guy who cheated.. its just... wrong in so many ways.
2011-05-01 03:51
im not trying to defend the cheater, but let be honest, if gtr cheated now on esl, would u all say "omg such a noob"? no, because he already showed that he can play without them, thats my point
2011-05-01 17:18
Well... What other major leagues are there except for ESL? Obviously Delta isn't going to international competitions, they aren't anywhere near good enough for that. His chances of going to the top are even closer to zilch than they ever were.
2011-04-29 23:48
ESL lost credit along time ago, now they are just known for the image they have builded, so u mean DELTA would only be "tops" if they won some ESL cup? i mean, who really cares about internet stuff?
2011-04-30 02:57
Tough guys like you obviously don't, but teams who want sponsors and who want to make a name for themselves do.
2011-04-30 03:13
yeah, want to make a name for themselfs and get some sponsors winning internet tourneys, bravo.
2011-04-30 18:48
Algeria DeyMed 
2011-04-29 22:46
i understand ur point..., its all about corruption even in cs though, lets remind kuben being banned after cheating on de_cbble, but he still plays like nothing ever happened ...;/
2011-04-30 00:40
link about it? never saw :/ edit: lol'd
2011-04-30 01:11
u see u found it :)
2011-05-02 18:42
+1, what an idiot ;p
2011-05-01 03:52
next NEO
2011-04-29 22:22
DELTA fakking suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2011-04-29 22:23
Poland pV* 
2011-04-29 22:23
idiot ham ....
2011-04-29 22:24
Who cares about ESL? lol
2011-04-29 22:25
eps poland?`money? :D
2011-04-29 22:26
well EPS gives prizes in money so why wouldn't you care a lil bit..
2011-04-29 22:27
he is banned from IEM,ENC etc :D
2011-04-30 00:53
2011-04-29 22:25
ahaaha , top xiter , nice . nice shot baby
2011-04-29 22:26
oh delta...when will you quit[32]
2011-04-29 22:26
What the...? I though that Delta was better than this.
2011-04-29 22:26
hahha what a looser!
2011-04-29 22:26
gj ham
2011-04-29 22:27
hahaha come on cheaters
2011-04-29 22:28
2011-04-29 22:28
can we know what kind of cheats did he used ?
2011-04-29 22:28
nope this will be secret under ham and the ac admins
2011-04-29 22:37
2011-04-29 22:41
2011-04-30 09:28
haahahaha! nice one)
2011-05-02 09:38
dear good what a retard
2011-04-29 22:29
haha lol
2011-04-29 22:31
2o2 esl sucks anyway
2011-04-29 22:32
Retarded Cheaters: Diodel, aSpx, Sally, kristeN, ham, next cheater? :/
2011-04-29 22:38
2011-04-29 22:38
2011-04-29 22:41
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
bad for my dt :<
2011-04-29 22:35
ham clear, this is shit ;d
2011-04-29 22:35
and they won fair and square against Moscow Five that game last year....riiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
2011-04-29 22:37
China Specster 
Some explication about why my post has been deleted? :o rofl
2011-04-29 22:38
No cheats discussions on this site.
2011-04-29 22:40
2011-04-29 23:21
Does this site look like a place to discuss which cheat is failing and which is better, posting links to cheat sites etc. ? In case you doubt, it does not and is not.
2011-04-29 23:27
2011-04-29 22:38
i bet he wasnt cheating just esl failed (as always) since they didnt tell what kind of 'illegal tool' it was
2011-04-29 22:38
If they tell the 'illegal tool' developer would know it needs an update...
2011-04-29 22:39
:O they found my "illegal tool", have to update it! Told ham to stop using it -.- ! hahahah xD
2011-04-29 22:50
2011-04-29 22:38
buhahahahahahahaha... ham nice!
2011-04-29 22:38
2011-04-29 22:41
Man, why would someone cheat these days. They should be able to figure out that if they're caught, they're CS career is instantly over with for good seeing as the game MAY not last longer than another year or two. But who knows!
2011-04-29 22:42
... Cheaters makes me sick, 2years ban? Give him a lifetime long ban.
2011-04-29 22:44
2011-04-29 22:45
hahaha lol
2011-04-29 22:46
2011-04-29 22:46
2011-04-29 22:48
ye.. cheater, stupid u. if he 'cheated' with wh, ab or some other, ban shouldn't be only for 30days :-)
2011-04-29 22:49
Actually the ban would be a two-year one...
2011-04-29 22:52
but it isn't and it will be delete, so stop :_D
2011-04-29 22:59
Well, the ban for the player is active; it is the situation of the team which is still pending.
2011-04-29 23:04
and next time, if ure going to write some news like that think twice..
2011-04-29 23:04
What are you talking about?
2011-04-29 23:06
Saying 'u' i mean Heh, i wonder if u write some apologize news when the ban will be delete!
2011-04-29 23:09
Why it should be deleted? It seems you know more than ESL about what will happen in the future. As said, the ban is active right now. And that is the fact this news piece is about.
2011-04-29 23:16
why would would apologize? they just posted what was posted on esl site as news.if hes clear then the one who would apologize is esl
2011-04-30 03:43
2011-04-29 22:50
2011-04-29 22:51
That's why bacon is better than ham.
2011-04-29 22:53
2011-05-01 14:28
2011-04-29 22:54
2011-04-29 22:59
i remember the first ever match i watched of DELTA and someone on said 'that ham guy plays like a freaking cheater, pre-aim ftw'. HLTV.ORG knows best ;)
2011-04-29 22:59
2011-04-29 23:03
2011-04-30 00:57
Poland obl 
Mr obvious :D I'm just waiting for the moment of replay from admins of esl about ham. Sorry guys but he plays a long period of time and I think it MUST be mistake, however I hope so:)
2011-04-30 12:47
where is video :D
2011-04-29 23:03
video? there isnt any video, some adminfag from polish esl banned him and thats all..
2011-04-29 23:07
so demo or other thing that confirm cheating??
2011-04-29 23:09
Most likely the demo players have to record during their ESL matches and ESL Wire log.
2011-04-29 23:19
Admins doing their job does not turn them into "fags". A kind of language you should refrain of using on this site. Thank you.
2011-04-29 23:27
haha 4 sure he was cheating @ 2on2 lader
2011-04-29 23:11
retard =d
2011-04-29 23:13
trace | 
France Reo_O 
Rofl, epic fail ham.
2011-04-29 23:15
2011-04-29 23:19
OMG ,now i know,how delta win united on 2010!
2011-04-29 23:23
Poland rDh 10:6 on 2/2 match super hax ...
2011-04-29 23:32
Maybe super but it's still hax! You and him should go back to non steam and there run with cheats. ESL WIRE work's fine which means that ham used something illegal (CHEAT) . Don't lie here and on other sites . On LAN's you playing like non steam boys and on internet you're god (Match VS MYM) ? Not this time baby. Truth is painful . Take my advice and go back to non steam with your teammates . There is your place .
2011-04-30 00:02
wire works fine... rdh and ham play as nonsteams... they both play better on internet than on LANs... take my advice and... find a good doctor
2011-04-30 02:28
ehh :) Ham is good player , AIM IN HAND!
2011-04-29 23:36
idiots, got a ban because he had opengl on the desktop because he watched the demo, wire for that bans in the ESL. Ham will soon be unbanned :-). nice h4x! hax0r not loses :(
2011-04-29 23:42
2011-04-29 23:46
Poland eksnajn 
omg, what a pitiful guy ... i dont understand this attitude .. ham - please tap in to your head ...
2011-04-29 23:58
2011-04-30 00:11
10 years playing CS. ham usually is better on lans, not @ net. anybody who gave this ban made a mistake. ham has played 1000 important matches, and started to cheat at stupid 2vs2. people think, then ban or write dumb comments
2011-04-30 00:27
If you look at previous 'important match' players banned for cheats it just happens like with any other player.
2011-04-30 00:28
so in your opinion there is no place for mistake? we all know that wire is far from to be perfect.
2011-04-30 00:32
If you read my message again, you will see that I state that despite 'ham has played 1000 important matches' it does not mean that automatically he is unable to cheat. Sure, mistakes happen but he would not be the first known player cheating in 'stupid 2vs2' matches like others have done in official 5vs5 matches, pcws etc.
2011-04-30 00:36
the question is how the player can defend himself now. at this moment he has only the link to this news, and nothing more. no one told him for what he has been banned.
2011-04-30 01:08
ESL uses the support ticket system therefore I presume that this is what ham is supposed to use.
2011-04-30 01:11
so ham should has to prove that he is innocent? Oo or it has been proven that he is guilty???? it is something wrong @ ESL... what he should to write, what to explain if he completly does not know why he has been banned?
2011-04-30 02:01
I did not state that he has to prove himself innocent, did I? I only said that there is a mechanism that the ESL uses and that is how both ham and ESL have to work this out and in the end come to conclusions (keep ban, unban etc.)
2011-04-30 16:45
I heard that he wrote this support ticket with request of explaining his ban. He got very short answer: End of discussion? It looks like if you got esl ban, there is not a possibility to argue with that.
2011-05-01 19:44
Some ESL admins are more accessible than others it seems as I recall reading conversations that tried to find solutions acceptable for both sides to this kind of issues.
2011-05-01 23:29
ESL is very important for whole eSport community. In my opinion they do great job. But this situation shows that nobody is perfect, because it is far from be ok, if the future of very experienced player (over 10 years, and many many LANs), always clean, present captain of CS National Team of Poland hinge on... random admin's mood. no reasons, no evidence (presented to player), no discusion, only the pair of almighty wire and admin. it looks like ESL is modern company which create and rule the feudal society. worth to remeber, that in this way, it can happen to any of us : (
2011-05-02 09:24
Well, ESL trust their stuff thus for them there might be no reason to look more into it (similar to what happens with Valve and VAC bans) or discuss it with anyone, even the affected player, especially in terms of what caused the ban in case they don't want to warn the program developer if they consider a cheat was involved. As I stated previously being a very experienced isn't nowadays (nor has it in the past) a valid reason to being able or not to cheat due to other experienced players cheating for fun, revenge, need etc. .
2011-05-02 19:15
"in case they don't want to warn the program developer if they consider a cheat was involved." Yes I have heard this explanation, why esl does not show the evidence, but... cheat developer will be warned by banned user of its software, right? "As I stated previously being a very experienced..." This is true, but software error or drunk admin are equally possible, right? I do not want to prove that ham was/is clean. Simply I do not know that for sure. But all what we know is that he got ban during sh.ty 2vs2 match, and every of us can see the ham's demo from this match which looks like very clean.
2011-05-02 21:21
They will be warned if their cheat was actually detected, right? ESL did not state it nor the opposite. Everything is possible and ESL trust their stuff as said. The demo is just one of the things that offer a (public) insight on ham's play. ESL has their internal info (Wire).
2011-05-02 21:50
Jonathan maybe it should be marked in news, that ESL did not show any EVIDENCE of useing by ham this "illegal tool"?
2011-04-30 10:04
ESL ban if they have evidence or, at least, their anticheat software has detected something suspicious. That is the way they work, just the same as it has happened in the past with former Aequitas. As for presenting evidences, well, as far as I understand things are usually dealt with internally, between ESL and the player. That is without the interaction with the general public.
2011-04-30 16:50
2011-04-30 00:34
hm... for me? I stopped believing in it after accusations of Xenitron
2011-04-30 00:38
What a bullshit, they will unban him probably tommorow, but still some idiots will call him cheater.
2011-04-30 00:42
2011-04-30 00:56
Lol... Nice... Delta sux lately..
2011-04-30 01:02
ham not cheat...
2011-04-30 01:07
Omg the world will be over by then, he's so fcked.
2011-04-30 01:10
it's ridiculous, esl wire is regret.
2011-04-30 01:37
you have played this 2v2 match with ham! did he cheat? tell us the truth!
2011-04-30 01:36
of course, it is fail ; )
2011-04-30 01:37
the question is whose fail : ] ham's or admin's...
2011-04-30 01:50
ofc admins, ham is player who from 10 years is top3 Poland, he had good achievements on LAN! and he cheating all the time - of course, pathetic.
2011-04-30 01:57
hahaha why am I not surprised :D guess he got tired of sucking so much :D
2011-04-30 01:40
as far as I know, this 'illegal tool' was not found running at his game. It was something else according to my sources.
2011-04-30 01:49
what else?
2011-04-30 01:53
Why they banned him? What he have? WH?
2011-04-30 02:03
he was clear
2011-04-30 02:09
wire needs one million code lines more to explain that! I have heard that ham pressed left mouse button during the match, and suddenly opponents became dead. it was very suspicious.
2011-04-30 02:14
lol, when will they explain what he did ?
2011-04-30 10:42
really good question. I'm afraid the answer that 1 000 000 $ software can't be wrong.
2011-04-30 13:58
pfff, we w8 for official answer on this :)
2011-04-30 18:48 As I said Wire is Good and admins are just his acolytes!
2011-05-01 19:53
yep you were right :)
2011-05-03 01:05
y every 1 hell bent on cheating in ESl events ? lol
2011-04-30 02:10
he is clear
2011-04-30 02:21
2011-04-30 02:33
Argentina btkger 
aspx > all
2011-04-30 02:35
2011-05-01 22:44
for me he's clear, and some one banned people are clear..
2011-04-30 02:37
2011-04-30 02:42
BenQ DELTAeSPORTS.COM member Mateusz "ham" Ros&#322;on has been banned from all My NO-STEAM ONLINE competitions for a period of 10 years after being caught cheating. :D:D:D:D:D And U what think? He is a Hax or not ? :P Who is "ESL"? :P
2011-04-30 02:45
So what? The only thing that surprises me here is that it was this guy who got caught at first...
2011-04-30 02:55
2011-04-30 03:15
FRENCHS AND POLES WORST @ INTERNET SORRY BUT TRUUUH YUUUUUUUP and tbh there are a few others in every ladder which use cheats :) NO AC TOOL IS SAFE
2011-04-30 04:15
delta keeps disappointing!
2011-04-30 05:06
2011-04-30 05:08
2011-04-30 06:02
Mexico Oz? 
2011-04-30 06:37
I doubt he cheated that makes no sense <_<
2011-04-30 07:27
2011-04-30 07:32
This is error esl wire .
2011-04-30 07:51
Hahahahhahahahaah ! Ham is 0.
2011-04-30 07:57
and you lol.
2011-04-30 08:28
maybe he just wanted to stop play I guess, for sure it's slightly stupid style but who knows...
2011-04-30 09:00
Cheaters: delpan, diodel, ham, Sally... KILL THEM ALL!
2011-04-30 09:08
and n0thing, SPIKEONE and this guy from Earthquake
2011-04-30 09:30
don't forget fRoD. ( EG's player was ghosting in lan party against ex-fnatic ) %45 of EG's cheater =D
2011-04-30 19:24
and kuben
2011-04-30 23:11
Yep n0thing got banned from CAL, but im not very sure that he cheated really..
2011-05-01 14:20
2011-04-30 09:09
2011-04-30 12:16
2011-04-30 19:25
2011-05-01 14:18
HAM SAYS: Everybody have doubts, and he accused the largest: - "I do not understand how anyone in their right mind could think that I used cheats' disgusted ham Says, adding the - "Anyone who have a mind knows that, I do not have to use the cheats, after 10 years playing in CS, in addition in the 2on2 match. - "It was a mistake ESL Wire and I hope for a quick clarification case, witch already i applied to admin ESL Poland - acknowledge ham Sorry for me english i translate it from
2011-04-30 09:17
I think everyone already said: "guilty" ...
2011-04-30 12:04
not everyone, but sad that so many people say so many shity words without any evidence of ham's cheating.
2011-04-30 14:09
When ESL will decide to adduce any EVIDENCE of useing by ham so called "illegal tool"? Or maybe ESL has not to does that?! Pls remind to me who has established ESL? George Orwell?
2011-04-30 09:35
2011-04-30 09:37
Thx HAM ! :)
2011-04-30 09:49
thx for what? think for a while. if you have been accused without any evidence shown? shot him after evidence, until that try to support him.
2011-04-30 09:56
2011-04-30 10:08
and this is probably the smartest sentence you have ever writen @ HLTV.ORG. gj and keep going that way!
2011-04-30 14:02
2011-05-01 18:06
NOtA | 
Poland ChoseN1` 
He didnt cheat all up noobs :-) it's bug in esl wire and he will be ub
2011-04-30 09:55
2011-04-30 10:00
And that how polish CS scene is falling down...
2011-04-30 10:00
2011-04-30 10:13
why the f*ck he cheated on 2vs2? O_o
2011-04-30 10:14
ahahahah ham was 0,eaven with cheats.
2011-04-30 10:14
esl FAIL
2011-04-30 10:25
ahahahahahah good luck ham
2011-04-30 10:29
This is error EWAC. Really :)
2011-04-30 10:34
haters mad lol
2011-04-30 10:43
it cant be true, if he's on top at 2on2 ladder with huge amount of wins and just few loss, why the hell would he cheat?! imo it's big mistake
2011-04-30 10:49
Are you for real?
2011-05-03 22:38
2011-05-04 18:26
OMG, it's EWAC FAIL... Wait one day and you'll see that he's clean...
2011-04-30 11:02
stupid meat
2011-04-30 11:06
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
a to ham
2011-04-30 11:32
oh cmon it was 2on2. it is very stupid to cheat, but i would agree with a 2 year ban only if it was an official delta match.
2011-04-30 11:45
he WASNT cheating. its just esl wire bug. read before you write something stupid
2011-04-30 18:59
create new account lol and new steam id... easy
2011-04-30 11:50
Sweden ShageN 
And new name, surname, plastic on face/body, etc...
2011-04-30 12:03
yes.. lol noobs make this
2011-04-30 13:10
cheaters must d1e. ham n00b
2011-04-30 12:03
lol's, go home f*cking cheaters))
2011-04-30 12:18
lol he isnt cheater
2011-04-30 12:51
cs it's a basic and easy game ! cheat = no skill/brain no seek other ; and for diodel is just for hungry moment, he is one best skill!
2011-04-30 13:08
2011-04-30 13:42
Hello. Probably wire find something in this match : <a href=""></a> ham uploaded demo a few minutes ago, so you can evaluate this hax demo now : D!
2011-04-30 13:44
I'd like to ask a few smart CS guys to look at this ham's demo, and identify suspicious situations
2011-04-30 14:07
I dont think he would use some esp then, since i doubt he has a timer for wire, more likely some random smokehack/flashhack/silent aimbot if he cheated.
2011-05-01 14:17
ham is now more popular ! :D
2011-04-30 13:44
Thats just a fail of EWAC. A guy that played CS for 10 years wouldn't just cheat in some random ESL 2ON2 match.
2011-04-30 14:04
hahahahahaha LOL!!!! bad news :D
2011-04-30 14:29
It's a mistake from EWAC
2011-04-30 14:54
ewac suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2011-04-30 15:32
hahahaha.. omg ;/
2011-04-30 15:10
go bac Aequitas and more cheats , i hate EWAC.
2011-04-30 15:14
ham will be unbanned
2011-04-30 15:25
because of EWAC mistake ?
2011-04-30 15:31
2011-04-30 19:03
if ewac bans a random player nobody cares and everyone is happy, but when it's a top player then everyone says that ewac is shit or it's a admin mistake...
2011-05-01 10:20
ewac is just a fkn big joke
2011-04-30 15:44
2011-04-30 16:16
One big mistake! My friend also got banned for cheating cuz' of EWAC mistake.. Its sh!tty program ;) Ham showed his skill on offline parties and to be honest, he played better off than online. There is no sense in cheating after 10 years of playing counter strike..
2011-04-30 16:18
esl is the biggest crap on this planet
2011-04-30 18:56
that was a mistake from ESL...
2011-04-30 19:22
ewac fail
2011-04-30 19:59
sally banned :(
2011-04-30 21:27
CHEATERS MUST DIE! thats enough ..
2011-04-30 21:51 now you could see demo, so rate it and compare with esl decision.
2011-04-30 22:44
2011-05-02 01:07
HAHAHA fucking newb!
2011-05-01 02:28
How do they ban him if they are still reviewing the case? they shouldn't release any information until they are ready to talk and sure he cheated...
2011-05-01 06:41
They don't wrote that he cheating, just he is banned because its true :-)
2011-05-01 16:13
He said this ban is a esl wire bug.Hacks on 2vs2 match omg...
2011-05-01 13:48
hahahahahhaahhaahahahhahahahahaha! FAIL xD
2011-05-01 14:43
2011-05-01 15:52
'dark' is gonna join him on the banned list!
2011-05-01 16:07
2011-05-01 16:13
2011-05-01 16:29
only idiots believe that he was cheating
2011-05-01 16:40
And how can you know that he didnt? jeez...
2011-05-01 17:24
it just a log EWAC, maybe a software error.
2011-05-01 17:36
LoL, when i see this i just say LoL :P CHEATERS DIE ! :D
2011-05-01 23:17
2011-05-02 01:52
AHAHAHAHAAH , 2-1 DELTA win againist MYM. Who said that MYM n00bs? AHAHAH
2011-05-02 03:56
So did ham reply on a polish forum or smthn?
2011-05-02 04:53
yep. at and
2011-05-02 09:01
Switzerland CHEDEL 
can i have the link? cause i searched but i didn't find anything.. :( edit:
2011-05-02 20:39
people. he didnt cheat...
2011-05-02 17:47
look demo and say .. hi have wh ?? I don't think so wire is shit like all saying
2011-05-03 22:10
2011-05-03 22:26
You know Aequitas is not used anymore but Wire, don't you? For ESL it is reliable thus they act how they do.
2011-05-03 23:03
I know that it's "moved under Wire", no need to correct me. It's history and present state will make you cry if you've played games using it once in a while.
2011-05-05 16:55
Quit the hating already, will you? You all sound so envy, go train more so you can finally call mids from mirc.
2011-05-03 22:51
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