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Russian giants in the form of Virtus.Pro have announced that Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov will be joining their roster.

Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov, former Islanders player, has proved he has what it takes to compete at the top after an impressive season with his former team where they achieved a third place finish in the NPCL finals and being chosen to represent the nation in the ESL ENC tournament.

Irina Semenova, owner of Virtus.Pro is of the belief that Makarov has the skill and talent to be a part of the team and had the following to say:

Roman has proven to be an excellent player for a long time, in the previous year he was able to obtain a lot of experience in international games...
Besides, he is a an all around player, good with all weapons, including Russia's famous Deagle and AWP.

Makarov will replace Boris "Snoop" Podvalshchikov in the team, who is no longer part of Virtus.Pro.

Podvalshchikov played a major role in the squad during the three years he was in Virtus.Pro but leaves the Russian team due to personal problems that the organisation prefered not to disclose.

Makarov will have his debut for Virtus.Pro this Saturday, during the Intel Challenge Cup in Rostov-on-Don.

Virtus.Pro has now the following roster: Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov Aleksey "HEL1" Novikov Viktor "Sally" Filimonchenko Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov 
snoop hundereds of times better than romjke
2007-05-18 00:09
they lose to thats why they need changes :X
2007-05-18 01:21
GL Great Russians :) GL F_1N :)
2007-05-18 02:42
Norway rEELs 
Time will tell if it's a smart change or not..
2007-05-18 04:24
Good luck guys!
2007-05-18 04:54
Russia bS 
#1 Not really. ;)
2007-05-18 07:06
ROMkje is a crazy one
2007-05-18 07:11
Albania MpD# 
Im Beter than ROMkje:@:@:@:@
2007-05-18 12:12
Russia SU 33 
2007-05-18 15:17 scam
2007-05-18 19:54
romjke is a nice guy, he lived at the same house with me
2007-05-21 23:56
hooch | 
Israel m@$k@ 
2007-05-21 23:59
Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov ?? Johan ???
2007-05-22 00:51
yea Johan .K :)
2007-05-22 12:57
Hope they can play without rumours of cheating now :)
2007-05-22 17:22
Hungary Lagi 
Think Boris much better.
2007-05-22 17:34
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