DELTA raid Gameburg

BenQ DELTAeSPORTS.COM have bolstered their Counter-Strike division by acquiring the services of three Gameburg members.

DELTA is without question and beyond doubt a name that has hit the headlines on several occasions the past months and through the second season of ESL Pro Series Poland. 

In April, Mateusz "ham" Rosłon received a two-year ban for cheating after being caught using an illegal tool, and, as a result, the team were temporarily removed from the league.

Reports in the country had prior to the unveiling speculated whether Gameburg, who have been hailed for their consistency, would get picked up by DELTA.

The reports were partially correct, as DELTA have now announced they have decided to replace three of their members with players from Gameburg.

Grzegorz "szpero" Dziamałek, Przemysław "insider" Kłosek and Adam "destru" Gil are the three who have been given the opportunity to replace Sebastian "BS7" Furman, Sebastian "dArk" Babiński and Adam "avril" Zagajewski.

Meanwhile, what comes as the biggest surprise is the fact that Mateusz "ham" Rosłon is back on the organization's roster list.

DELTA now have:

Poland Grzegorz "szpero" Dziamałek
Poland Przemysław "insider" Kłosek
Poland Adam "destru" Gil
Poland Mateusz "ham" Rosłon
Poland Marcin "rDh" Rutkowski

This move is likely to cause the demise of the Gameburg team, who stand left with only two players - Grzegorz "brd" Ścieński and Damian "skynet" Popieralski.

nothing special.
2011-06-11 10:09
great line up
2011-06-11 10:09
shox | 
Turkey Metalyze 
GL insider.
2011-06-11 10:09
Sweden ZOD! 
Nice, -ham +sheen!
2011-06-11 10:10
- rdh + sheen, but won't happen anyway, sheen was just helping them @ EPS
2011-06-11 10:28
Sheen is a great player!
2011-06-11 14:37
yeah, they won't be able to attend many competitions becouse of ham
2011-06-11 13:13
Sweden Murdy 
ham hungry
2011-06-11 10:11
gl guys
2011-06-11 10:15
destru? sheen?
2011-06-11 10:21
destru is in the line-up :) Sheen just helped them @ EPS :(
2011-06-11 11:42
sorry... i mean - brodi
2011-06-11 12:04
2.5 men
2011-06-11 11:58
2011-06-11 12:05
Poland seeez 
2011-06-11 10:21
nice gl
2011-06-11 10:22
2011-06-11 10:23
gl unknows
2011-06-11 10:25
Nice! ham is a good player, and I guess they don't give a shit about esl anymore, so why not pick him up. GL ham, szpero & co
2011-06-11 10:31
Poland pV* 
big lol
2011-06-11 10:32
2011-06-11 10:33
very nice line-up.
2011-06-11 10:34
-ham -rdh -szpero +sheen +joolz +snax
2011-06-11 10:35
snax is unprofessional, he is kiddo-trollo
2011-06-11 10:37
Poland MJP 
u right , but he is good very good , in age 17 . In next 2-3 years he will be top polish player , weel he is already
2011-06-11 11:53
I'm not sure. Imo he is overrated
2011-06-11 12:50
2011-06-11 12:59
-rdh -szpero +sheen +joolz That would be better. As SEZ said snax is unprofessional :)
2011-06-11 11:43
2011-06-11 14:25
GAMEBURG-Team: brd skynet avril dArk SHEEN
2011-06-11 10:36
fury | 
Denmark Leffan 
Sheen played only because asked him for it(Delta), than won't be playing for the longer time
2011-06-11 10:41
World mkks 
my fav top2 ; ben, insider, snax, drive, ths
2011-06-11 10:48
snax is a kid! FX>FF>ALL in poland
2011-06-11 11:49
Poland jMS 
Don't judge FF right after one good event. You might want to say it if they place 2nd in EPS with only 1 defeat against FX or if they repeat such a performance like they did @ EGU. Actually they're pretty close to it, but still you can't name them top2 clearly.
2011-06-11 12:26
Great Team
2011-06-11 10:49
2011-06-11 11:00
2011-06-11 10:52
Poland brQ 
WTF? FX > ff > all polish teams
2011-06-11 11:01
I would say FX > FF > Team DEMOLKA > all
2011-06-13 22:40
pfff. shitty lineup, but we will see cuz old gameburg didn't play well.... anyway GL
2011-06-11 11:13
This sucks. rdh and ham were easily the worst Delta players. szpero insider destrum DRIVE ths How about that? ;-)
2011-06-11 11:14
Poland obl 
The better place for drive and ths is FF as it is now. To many changes aren't good for players;) I think now gameburg will break down :/
2011-06-11 11:34
That's also true. So maybe just insider instead of dOk in FF?
2011-06-11 11:35
I think that FF don't need to change anyone.
2011-06-11 11:36
They're good but not good enough to play abroad. They need something new I believe.
2011-06-11 11:44
They have to train.
2011-06-11 11:50
exacly ;) They have to train in this squad instead of changing players without end :)
2011-06-11 12:07
Yeah sure... szpero better than ham or ben... Come on...
2011-06-11 11:49
Recently? Yes ;-)
2011-06-11 12:02
Haha. Never.
2011-06-11 13:51
Polish scene is only FX. :D
2011-06-11 11:39
At the moment yes, but I believe if FF or present DELTA would be practicing more more more, they would do some damage on Europe/World scene :) For example, FF played great at last polish lan when they lost against FX 1:2 (16:6, 13:16, 13:16). Of course I know FX weren't prepared, but anyway it is very good result looking on polish scene :)
2011-06-11 11:48
Don't stop belivin' bro
2011-06-11 13:17
2011-06-11 23:49
because Fx is too strong for rest of poles, if any good team lose to Fx, they decide to a new team or retire..this is the problem in our scene :/
2011-06-11 13:21
Portugal wakens 
insider is really sick isn't it?
2011-06-11 11:44
fosho he is.
2011-06-11 11:52
true, true
2011-06-11 17:02
2011-06-11 11:46
-ham +dark/nvm/sheen
2011-06-11 11:52
dark/nvm? :DD haha
2011-06-11 11:52
;ham cant be kickec he is very good igl, im just worry about rdh
2011-06-11 11:57
better than old gameburg, but still not good enough to beat ff
2011-06-11 11:57
weak lineup, top5 poland, they cant even pracc in this lineup couse ham cant play Cybersport/ EPS..
2011-06-11 11:57
sheeen i miss you so ;(
2011-06-11 12:17
Incidentally, it's really strange action to keep two worst players in delta. That's why polish scene is what it is. It doesn't care about creating 5 the best players. Clans are built on friends-relation and how long one play in the given team, wrrr!
2011-06-11 12:45
Poland jMS 
This made me WTF when first heard of that. Gameburg where pretty solid team, able to beat anyone in Poland, except FX ofc. They had the motivation to play as well as FF and here it comes the news about DELTA picking 3 GB players. In addition I can't understand what ham is doing here as he's not allowed to participate in EPS nor in Cybersport League for the next year or so.
2011-06-11 12:29
CHEATER! kick ham
2011-06-11 12:44
snax change platform ;D league of legends with neo and taz! :D
2011-06-11 12:46
- rdh +snax
2011-06-11 12:49
DELTA should drop their long time members rDh & ham and pickup a full team, not 2-3 players...
2011-06-11 12:56
2011-06-11 13:02
then neqs got owned? or what happen now with his team?
2011-06-11 13:09
ham xD
2011-06-11 13:13
-rdh +snax -ham +pistolero
2011-06-11 13:14
ham was banned for cheating?
2011-06-11 13:28
Yes. = lame team
2011-06-11 14:06
No. Read the news.
2011-06-11 14:27
I did it,i`m talking about esl.Thanks anyway.
2011-06-11 15:22
Good lineup. GL in the future.
2011-06-11 13:32
insider drive snax ths luq soon
2011-06-11 13:35
guys u think destru will play without szpero? destru won't play without szpero, they are always together..
2011-06-11 13:42
It like Fox and Dosia in Russia.
2011-06-11 18:06
This move is likely to cause the demise of the Gameburg team, who stand left with only two players - Grzegorz "brd" Ścieński and Damian "skynet" Popieralski. the weakest ones
2011-06-11 15:21
Nice for delta ^^ FX > all team Polska :s
2011-06-11 16:23
2011-06-11 18:08
f0rest | 
Albania spadzxf 
i like good luck , go go destruu !!!
2011-06-11 16:25
2011-06-11 16:49
Who will be sniper? :p
2011-06-11 17:06
top 1000 swe > delta few months ago was great portal, with news about pros, ONLY PROS, world league, and now? who cares about noob polish team? gtfo YEYEYE, NOW TROLLS WIL SAY : insider > u,blalbabla, yeah ahahaha, insider vs a2g 3:18, kk
2011-06-11 18:18
FX > top1000 sweden !
2011-06-11 19:34
top 3 swe > fx
2011-06-11 23:04
Lions > FX? hmmmm
2011-06-12 03:19
you haven't to read this..
2011-06-12 01:17
few months or few years? ;) they aren't "noob polish team" but they can compete with rest of polish teams only... and that's sad. but gl anyway. and uhm... playing with ham is really bad move, he has been banned in two most important leagues...
2011-06-12 14:05
rdh awp, insider sick
2011-06-11 18:22
insider drive snax ths ben
2011-06-11 18:49
- rdh + Snax = Great lineup.
2011-06-11 22:31
omg worst move ever for Gameburg players + Delta kicked SHEEN their best player Sheen Insidier destru SnaX swone would be nice but impossible of course
2011-06-12 13:42
they didn't kick sheen, he was only as a stand-in in a few matches :>
2011-06-12 14:00
I know but I'm sure they could use him still
2011-06-12 14:01
they could use him sometimes, but i assume he has his own life (work, friends etc.) which doesn't include counter-strike anymore :)
2011-06-12 14:09
isn't good brodi ? Anyways rdh and ham sucks both
2011-06-12 14:01
true but rDh as igl + awp is decent
2011-06-12 14:02
2011-06-12 16:09
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