SK players feature in Toshiba ad

SK Gaming's Counter-Strike roster are featured in a brand new Toshiba commercial, promoting their new gaming laptop.

As a part of the partnership between SK Gaming and Toshiba, a commercial promoting the new Toshiba Qosmio X770 gaming laptop has been launched.

In the video below, you will see the SK Gaming players talk about Toshiba's new laptop, and how Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström feels about his "Michelle".

This is not the first time Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund stars in a commercial, as he was recently seen promoting recycling along with Emil "HeatoN" Christensen.

2011-06-14 11:26
Portugal zeniteee
Sorry N4M31355 por replying you, its just for everyone can see what i gonna say... So many haters ?! "lol, they are playing without headsets" - its a computer ad not for headsets ; "so bad actors " - if you do best, why you dont are in tv! try do ad in other language, and see how you did ! and yeah... "stop using players for ad" - lol?! if they use this material for playing, and with so many people buying what they use, whats wrong with that ?! or better, whats wrong with you people ?! that videos are funny ! you should stop saying bad things and start act !
2011-06-14 20:16
you clearly took this seriously ;)
2011-06-15 17:58
Portugal zeniteee
thats because its really annoying see people always complain! --
2011-06-15 21:03
people have a right to have an opinion, you know, even if a negative one. Plus, I do not need to be an actor to know when an actor performs poorly. Learn to deal with it.
2011-06-19 20:00
sorry for this n5m3... I CALL BULLSHIT ALL POSTS BELOW. So everybody now is specialist (probably graduated) in Marketing and Advertising? :P Most of you probably bought some steelseries shit just because of a fuckin ad on SK/fnatic/whatever site, now you all are probably searching for tEh QoSmiO
2011-06-14 23:53
lulz just saw ive spelled wrong the first 4 chars of his nickname
2011-06-15 02:22
2011-06-14 11:26
2011-06-14 16:53
2011-06-14 11:27
SK Haming Toshiba Ad Hero :>
2011-06-14 11:27
2011-06-14 11:31
2011-06-14 11:31
Hilarious! :D
2011-06-14 11:31
2011-06-14 11:31
the first one is great but i don't like the second one at all...
2011-06-14 11:32
that ad sucks bigtime
2011-06-14 11:34
2011-06-14 19:33
Haha =D
2011-06-14 11:35
both suck big time. it is embarrasing to watch.
2011-06-14 11:35
United Kingdom sl1ps
2011-06-14 11:41
+1 what a fail
2011-06-14 14:58
2011-06-14 15:30
2011-06-16 13:42
2011-06-17 14:36
2011-06-14 11:36
2011-06-14 11:38
This news sucks donkey balls
2011-06-14 11:38
2011-06-14 14:58
United Kingdom sl1ps
2011-06-14 11:38
2011-06-14 11:39
United Kingdom sl1ps
They should stop using gamers for adverts. They never look comfortable and it just looks embarrassing. If they must use gamers, get some that are good on camera, like shaGuar used to be.
2011-06-14 11:40
Or threat :9
2011-06-14 12:22
2011-06-14 13:11
2011-06-14 13:16
no offense but have you seen 80% of the professional athlete commercials? they look cheesy and embarrassing as fck to look at too. We simply learned to live with them. Although i'll say, face should definitely do a gillette commercial, can't fail on that.
2011-06-14 17:11
United Kingdom sl1ps
What are you getting at? -__- Thats what I said... :/
2011-06-14 17:30
i mean all pro athletes. hockey football tennis etc majority of them are terrible during ads. plus you gotta remember that spotlight for video gamers isn't something they learn to grow up with, n with every new commercial they keep improving. I thought robban acted fairly well in the first commercial in fact
2011-06-14 23:09
United Kingdom sl1ps
Ahh, oki my bad. Totally read it wrong. Silly me. But agreed, most do. Although, gamers are simply the worst of the worst and some do have a natural ability infront of the camera - who it would make more sense to use. Robban seemed more at ease than the others and admittedly, it can also come down to those writing the commercial/script. If that is terrible then the poor sods having to be in it are gonna be done for if they aren't able to properly turn it around.
2011-06-15 10:20
SK Haming? Is this a new clan or something? :o
2011-06-14 11:42
is SK.gaming - dennis ;)
2011-06-14 11:44
I was sarcastic, bro :P
2011-06-14 12:08
no bro SK.Hamming just means that, Hamming from hammer, cuz' they threw players like garbage! hammering could also mean butfu..ed, cuz that's what they do to players, and to fnatic with delpan :P so you se SK.Hamming is really a team!
2011-06-14 12:13
Wow! So much info! Appreciate. Hahaha.
2011-06-14 12:58
All of them except robban sound like they are robots reading a script.. overall this is one of the gay-est add I've seen! and one of the stupidest.
2011-06-14 11:43
pad bigger than laptop.. that's rly cool :D
2011-06-14 11:44
amazing! I bought it and it is simply amazing!
2011-06-14 11:47
wow, cool SK is the most popular team
2011-06-14 11:48
No Charisma.
2011-06-14 11:52
100% BOYAN
2011-06-14 11:49
Did they make Get_right to hold "michelle" on purpose?
2011-06-14 11:50
HAH nice
2011-06-14 11:50
stupid vid.
2011-06-14 11:52
Estonia FrispeN
So fake, can we see MSi commercials too ? :)
2011-06-14 11:53
much better than this vids from SK :D gtr face > all
2011-06-14 11:58
playing without a mouse never seemed so cool
2011-06-14 13:22
thats not a commercial..
2011-06-14 13:35
Kazakhstan 44s3r
its unreal think it is pov))
2011-06-14 17:04
f0rest so cute
2011-06-14 11:54
f0rest: Worldcup winner 2010,2011?!!!!?!!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
2011-06-14 11:54
liers :D
2011-06-14 12:02
Kazakhstan 44s3r
f0rest world cup winner with sk gaming GeT_RiGhT world cup winner with sk gaming LOL :O
2011-06-14 17:05
Russia beka_b
2011-06-14 11:54
lol in 2nd video they playing without headsets?
2011-06-14 11:57
These guys are really good actors! They should move to Hollywood after they finish gaming.
2011-06-14 12:01
fnx | 
Turkey LICK
HAHAHAHA--<<< Get_right smile the first time:DD:D:D::D
2011-06-14 12:03
that laptop is awesome... pure freaking power... but that can run like 20 cs 1.6 at a time...
2011-06-14 12:07
funny very
2011-06-14 12:08
it would look better with Delpan :)
2011-06-14 12:10
2011-06-14 12:50
omg ...
2011-06-14 12:13
lol they are not good actors..but still did i think it was abit funny :).
2011-06-14 12:18
The sound when face touches his beard is so epic.
2011-06-14 12:35
2011-06-14 12:35
I wanna touch Michelle
2011-06-14 12:40
Face should be doing "Head And Shoulders" Adverts!
2011-06-14 12:41
hahahahaha nice1 man!
2011-06-14 13:02
it looks like they won on poker instead of cs in the second add hahah =))
2011-06-14 12:42
I thought it was alright, seeing English is not their native language
2011-06-14 12:49
2011-06-14 12:49
They are better at playing than playing :D
2011-06-14 12:50
2011-06-14 12:53
2011-06-14 12:58
This reminds me of that old Intel ad with vilden: xD
2011-06-14 13:00
except cs matches arent held in underground basement 1v1 mode that look something out of YUGIOH cartoons :/ they should of showed us a 5v5 match that would of made this ad perfect
2011-06-14 13:24
Vilden is a known WoW or WC3 player, I don't really remember wich, but I know he left cs a bit because of that...! So its 1v1, and could be a bit geeky underground :P:P
2011-06-14 13:28
that is the single gayest ad on the face of this earth..if you think that is good in anyway at all you have zero taste and like men.
2011-06-15 06:35
where's delpan? :(
2011-06-14 13:00
With fnatic.
2011-06-14 20:35
When did SK won World Cup 2011 ? Remove the videos please.
2011-06-14 13:07
2011-06-14 13:26
2011-06-14 13:19
2011-06-14 13:25
i hate it when they just use sounds that arent even in the game to make it seem "cooler" and they dont even show any in game footage :? hey SK , il give u a free tip , just film SK gaming winning a match and make sure the laptops are visible that would be 10x better than theese 2
2011-06-14 13:26
2011-06-14 13:31
not good
2011-06-14 13:32
ahahah thanks! BobbaN & Michelle n1 :DDD don't touch her, she's my
2011-06-14 13:37
2011-06-14 13:39
not when they're free
2011-06-14 13:52
it's quite funny, but face seems really awkward haha
2011-06-14 13:45
2011-06-14 13:45
2011-06-14 13:46
2011-06-14 13:46
2011-06-14 13:48
Haha, sidewaysfcs07 has already bashed that video in the youtube comments :D
2011-06-14 17:24
worst ad ever imo
2011-06-14 18:06
f0rest, fuck back,
2011-06-14 13:52
2011-06-14 13:54
2011-06-14 14:00
haha gtr expressions are epic
2011-06-14 14:04
They should put the owner of "Michelle" Pasha than Robban, pasha fits more
2011-06-14 14:05
2011-06-14 14:08
nice =D
2011-06-14 14:12
kinda funny...commercial about a team that problably won't win a single int. tournament this year...
2011-06-14 14:15
and how do you know that? probably? hmpff
2011-06-14 14:19
face: "I play tournaments all over the world, and it's always by my side" SHIT JUST GOT REAL
2011-06-14 14:24
i love michelle =D
2011-06-14 14:30
2011-06-14 14:33
2011-06-14 14:35
2011-06-14 16:17
2011-06-14 14:39
w0w 1st commercial what a cheese zomfg....
2011-06-14 14:47
2011-06-14 14:53
nice movie
2011-06-14 14:57
2011-06-14 19:46
2011-06-14 15:16
Are you kiding me people? The ads are great only thing that is not so great is that they are swedish gamers, not english actors. And the sounds could be CS sounds not like CoD or something.
2011-06-14 15:16
Singapore Nephalith
World Cup winner? CS has a World Cup? WCG is like World Cup in CS, but none of these players have won WCG.
2011-06-14 15:32
GeT_RiGhT Detected in 0:03 - 0:09 - 0:14 2nd video.
2011-06-14 15:48
This is pretty fucking awesome. f0rest is pretty good on commercials
2011-06-14 15:53
btw wheres Delpan ? :D
2011-06-14 16:07
Should of got Na'Vi and zeus doing his epic dance. Then they would sell laptops
2011-06-14 16:10
damn ppl, if u want some future in this e-sport u must support this kind of add, at least try to fake some happiness or buying intentions :/
2011-06-14 17:09
Michelle :D
2011-06-14 17:20
Sweden cnzTT
2011-06-14 17:25
I'd like to buy this if it's for sale in USA
2011-06-14 18:06
What did f0rest achieve to become the World Cup winner of 2011?:)))
2011-06-14 18:07
It doesn't say he is the world cup winner of 2011 it just sais he is with SK since 2011.
2011-06-14 21:00
No it doesn't
2011-06-14 22:00
Yes it is
2011-06-14 22:07
Yes it what? Look at the ad, it says he is World Cup winner three years in a row.
2011-06-14 23:04
2011-06-14 18:25
hahaha wow
2011-06-14 18:33
2nd one is ok-ish ... 1st one is kind of embarasing :\ low quality humor
2011-06-14 18:35
2011-06-14 18:51
It was actually painful to watch these. Dont think I've ever seen someone so awkward infront of a camera before, no offense just facts.
2011-06-14 18:59
funny :p
2011-06-14 19:01
2011-06-14 20:19
cs is starting to be a world famous ''sport'' and that is fucking awesome ;)
2011-06-14 20:21
face is a really viking HAHA
2011-06-14 20:38
i liked the first one alot xD
2011-06-14 21:02
You guys don't get it... It sais X times World Cup winner (must be internacional tournaments like ESWC, WCG, IEM). Then it sais when they joinned SK, "With SK Gaming since XXXX".
2011-06-14 21:02
2nd one LOLSOUNDS!!!
2011-06-14 21:19
wheres delpan? :-D great ads
2011-06-14 21:36
I felt so sorry for them... It had to be damnly embarrassing to watch this sh!t later :O Especially this 1st ad
2011-06-14 22:44
Serbia Coolyou
I like the first one, but not the second.
2011-06-14 23:47
I always find commercials with 1.6 players very awkward :P
2011-06-14 23:49
Dont care about the flaming. It worked. -Probably none of us knew about this Toshiba -No other blend is commented in and in many other gaming sites. -Probably you wouldnt think "Toshiba" if you aim for a laptop that can actually be perfect for gaming. -Probably you want to make e-sports bigger and sympathize with a blend that as just invested in e-sports for its add. -And most of all, Im sure everyone that actually compeats will see the commercial with way more attention than many others. Just my opinion anyway..
2011-06-14 23:51
I wouldn't think of toshiba and this ad just assured me of it
2011-06-15 11:51
so you think the laptop is crap because you didnt like the clips?
2011-06-15 11:54
No, I think the laptop is crap because it's crap. The crappy acting just belongs to it and helps create the atmosphere of crappiness.
2011-06-15 12:05
i love 1st commercial =D Michelle love ya SK guys robbaN ownZ
2011-06-14 23:54
2011-06-15 01:35
LOL @ Michelle
2011-06-15 03:51
This is almsot as gay as vilden's WCG promo/commercial...
2011-06-15 06:34
Nice :D
2011-06-15 08:03
First one is great =DD
2011-06-15 11:08
lol, who is sk now? brool story
2011-06-15 14:17
gotta love the first one
2011-06-15 23:05
ahahah michelle
2011-06-18 00:39
2011-06-21 12:24
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