SK Is Out!

Before ESWC actually started SK Gaming has to pack up and go home.

The first group play in the Swedish ESWC qualifier has just ended and that meant an exit for SK Gaming. With fierce opponents in the shape of fnatic and dark horse Begrip Gaming, SK Gaming really had to prove them self.
After beating Begrip Gaming as planned, SK and fnatic looked like the 2 obvious group winners, but since Begrip was able to beat fnatic in a close match everything was open once again.

In the final round fnatic crushed SK and thereby also their dreams of proceeding to the next round of the qualifier. A 24-6 loss together with a secure Begrip win against the amateurs from esc.Novama meant that SK finished third in the group and thereby had to pack up and go home.

Results Group A
fnatic vs. esc.Novama 26-4
SK vs. Begrip 16-14
fnatic vs. Begrip 14-16
esc.Novama vs. SK 1-29
fnatic vs. SK 24-6
Begrip vs. esc.Novama 24-6

Right now you can follow NiP in the second group of the qualifier right here on


2007-06-17 17:16
;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD thats nice=]fnatic vs. SK 24-6 ;D
2007-06-17 17:19
SK played really bad and this is the result... And btw one of this 3 teams must go out and Begrip played very well...(fnatic was favorite)
2007-06-17 17:19
2 replies
Sk didn t play So bad ... U didn t look the HLTV . They won vs Begrip who had won vs fnatic fnatic was just better than them but Sk played good . i juste don t understand why they drop the match vs fnatic they could fught a lil more I think but when f0rest and ins are on fire it s hard ... gl Sk great team
2007-06-17 17:35
1 reply
You can Still Say That They are Good Without Snajdan :D
2007-06-17 17:46
Begrip is very strong team very good game for Begrip on ESWC <3
2007-06-17 17:22
Forgot was that SK had to go home because of a 3 roundscore too little, if they had taken 3 more rounds, they would've stayed. Unlucky SK.. <3 SK
2007-06-17 17:31
I hate SK :) Stinke kælliger at danish, means at english Stinky Bitches ;)
2007-06-17 17:37
3 replies
lol :D...
2007-06-17 17:49
An i hate you, novato lame culo means in spanish noob ass licker :D
2007-06-18 19:56
1 reply
nåh okay, tillykke med det da. Just cuz i hate SK. Great team, but they sux o.O
2007-06-19 00:54
hahaha sk ahhaha...
2007-06-17 18:17
Pretty suprised that fnatic lost to Begrib, I mean I know Begrip is a handfull, but still fnatic usually beats everyone.. Well done by Begrip you make me happy! =) Unlucky SK.. Just have to get back on the horse! :(
2007-06-17 18:17
an eswc without sk is as soon as a lady without tits :d
2007-06-17 18:20
1 reply
HAHAHA thats true :P
2007-06-18 02:17
2 bad they should get ahl instead of striker and remove fisker for snajdan :D hehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheh
2007-06-17 18:26
rofl blame striker ... he played well you shitheads :/
2007-06-17 18:33
Schroet Kommando :<
2007-06-17 18:34
meh... all you people do is bitch, a new player gets in a team and they don't rape the competition its "get rid of xxx and get yyy". give the guys a chance to adapt they're game-style to new line ups.
2007-06-17 18:37
Striker player really well, all Sk played good, if they had taken more rounds against fnatic they woul qualified instead of begrip, but they did what they did. Begrip played also very good win against fnatic, minimal loss against SK. Stop blaming all teams, cause Sk, and fnatic was in good shape today. Grats on well played matches. P.S. Striker is the best player atm for SK. So stfu all u "i-hate-striker" noobs.
2007-06-17 19:27
Sk Out hahaha
2007-06-17 19:44
2007-06-17 20:52
they may be invited in the last seconds...I assume it will happen...tehre cant be an eswc without them...anyway fnatic would beat them twice easily :)
2007-06-17 21:34
1 reply
i'm pretty sure they can't be invited, sweden can only participate with 2 teams and it would be EXTREMELY UNFAIR to invite a team that lost in the qualifiers.
2007-06-18 12:46
14-16 is not a bad result. I would like to see some bo3 fnatic vs. begrip :). Nevertheless, fnatic played quite good.
2007-06-17 21:47
#13 i think they should kick all 5 players and get you to fight 1 vs all
2007-06-17 22:10
1 reply
We got this reply button :) U should use that mate.
2007-06-17 22:45
SK...... since they brought in Titans they gone bad...
2007-06-17 23:56
sk keeps letting sweden down :p
2007-06-18 03:42
NIce try .. Sk .. :S
2007-06-18 07:19
a bit sad that we don't see SK @ ESWC :(
2007-06-18 15:06
I think, SK is still a very powerfull team, but without SNAJDAN is really harder against the top teams, like nip, fnatic and BEGRIP!!! so go go go BEGRIP!!!!!! :)
2007-06-18 17:39
SK need to get thier shape together fasT!
2007-06-18 19:39
sk was good, but nip really sux :D gl bg.swe
2007-06-18 20:33
Sk Omg :))
2007-06-19 09:27
nananananana hey hey hey goodbye
2007-06-19 17:33
oO gg SK but Begrip & fnatic > SK xD
2007-06-19 18:02
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