moxxi & zaider banned in Denmark

September 6th, 2011 01:37

Nicolai "moxxi" Tinggaard and Emil "zaider" Brandt have received bans from the Danish community site, two years and one year respectively.

On the first day of September, the Danish community site brought news, which accused the duo of cheating. The news was built around facebook conversations between Nicolai "moxxi" Tinggaard and Emil "zaider" Brandt, which allegedly took place before the match against SK Gaming in our Xperia PLAY prelude.

The conversations shows the duo chatting about using shady methods (cheating) in the match against SK Gaming, as well as the possibility to use it in practice games. The conversations were in Danish, for those wishing to read them, then a complete package of the screenshots can be downloaded by clicking here., which is not just the Danish community site, but also organizer of various e-sport activities in Denmark, today went on to issue bans to both players.

Tinggaard was given a two year ban from all activities, based on his ban at (moxxi's profile), which is an international network for gathers, FFA and more, but also the conversations with Brandt, which to is very revealing on the matter of using cheat. Tinggaard has however claimed that it was not him playing on the account when it got banned. Tinggaard's ban will expire on September 5, 2013.

Brandt received a one year ban from all activities, only based on the conversations with Tinggaard. Brandt will see his ban expire on September 5, 2012. has been in contact with Brandt, who admitted that duo had the conversations about cheating against SK Gaming, but by the same token disagree with, that his ban was issued based on screenshots from a facebook conversation.

"The entire case reflects on Nicolai and I having facebook conversations, which took place about six months ago, in which we joked on the matter of cheating against SK Gaming and how it should be used.

Today I received a one year ban from all tournaments held by, which is based on the conversations and on the conversations only. I can't understand how a ban can be issued on speculations whether I have cheated or not.

I have several times offered people my in-eye demos from the match against SK, in order to kill the rumors of me using any type of cheat. People, including XplayN, have furthermore had the option to confirm/deny the facebook conversation by downloading the HLTV demo and study my play, to determine if there is anything shady.

Instead XplayN decided to ban me on the conversations that took place between Nicolai and I. I have cheated before, but it is so far back I can't even remember when it was. It's history – innocent until proven opposite." - Emil "zaider" Brandt told

Event organizers in Denmark have previous had a zero-tolerance policy, meaning if a player was banned by one event organizer, then others would follow. The policy is however seemingly not currently active, meaning it is by now unknown if the duo will receive bans from other Danish event organizers, or for the matter non-Danish organizers.

2011-09-06 01:37
"I have cheated before, but it is so far back I can't even remember when it was. It's history" I can remember for you, zaider
2011-09-06 04:15
best one!
2011-09-06 11:11
cheater will be always cheater
2011-09-06 17:29
cheaters gonna cheat...
2011-09-06 21:17
ahahaha nice one!
2011-09-07 04:31
Poland seeez 
2011-09-06 01:38
Brazil mth_R 
2011-09-06 01:38
hehe 2011... there's still cheaters on the pro scene... sad
2011-09-06 01:38
the cheaters aint pros, they are trying desperately with cheats to get up there. lmfao
2011-09-06 02:16
I mean if you read he offered his in-eye demos so I mean that means that they acted without even seeing both sides so I would have to side with the "cheaters"
2011-09-06 02:42
you shouldnt believe everything he says, Now his trying to get people behind him and get unbanned. "I have several times offered people my in-eye demos from the match against SK, in order to kill the rumors of me using any type of cheat." Yea its easy to say now when your banned to trick people that your innocent Cry how much you want stupid cheaters.... LIAR.
2011-09-06 02:49
If people didn't believe everything they said. They wouldn't be banned right now. XD
2011-09-06 05:19
Actually zaider agreed on sending demos from the SK match as well as he offered to upload his newest demos from gathers, which on the baseline was the reason why the pictures of the conversation was published.
2011-09-06 10:31
2011-09-06 13:03
you have no grasp of logic.
2011-09-06 16:13
they are sons of bitches, cuz thats its fuckin wrong, i am not a professional player but a dont cheat even when i played cs non steam.
2011-09-06 13:00
they should make a team with vedimak
2011-09-06 01:38
vedimak diodel zaider moxxi ham
2011-09-06 01:46
Ukraine dph 
+16 awesome !
2011-09-06 01:49
y 16 ?
2011-09-09 08:24
Ukraine dph 
y 1 ?
2011-09-09 12:10
2011-09-06 01:50
United States mah9 
2011-09-06 02:00
Brazil spi- 
-ham +aSpx 4sure
2011-09-06 02:04
-2 they were banned only for a facebook discussion .. not really evidence , everyone can joke about that .. and they wouldnt be retarded enough to post on a public page about it...
2011-09-06 02:06
Sweden Snipatore 
they didnt post it, the screenshot was taken by their teammates rofl.
2011-09-06 07:21
did you even read the news?
2011-09-06 14:41
viktor F. from 2k6 > 2k8 :(:(
2011-09-06 02:33
homework :D
2011-09-06 09:47
-ham +Delpan xD
2011-09-06 02:59
2011-09-06 06:43
delpan is cheating online or was it far way back ago?
2011-09-06 08:13
yeah, fucker did cheat.
2011-09-06 11:13
2011-09-06 13:03
It's old news dude and he did cheat before.
2011-09-06 16:22
- delpan + kuben
2011-09-06 14:17
Switzerland CHEDEL 
-diodel, you never see that guy in lan, he's just a monster. stop blaming him cause he activated vs cheaters team on EPS france.
2011-09-06 12:10
shox | 
Turkey Metalyze 
Yeah, Diodel is really good. One of my favourite players from France. Shame he couldn't control himself and cheated vs cheaters.
2011-09-06 13:09
Switzerland CHEDEL 
well said =)
2011-09-06 13:13
what? who? where?
2011-09-06 18:44
I loled. I played against him many times in mix at ~3am, when you make some wallbangs and good headshots at him, he activates wallhack. I'm not telling he's a piece of shit at LAN, but when he's playing on internet he's still cheating sometimes.
2011-09-07 04:38
2011-09-08 04:06
shox | 
Poland maxiu 
ham no !! he don't cheat ...
2011-09-09 10:28
2011-09-06 01:38
Brazil spi- 
2011-09-06 01:39
but how can they publish it? its not public information,,, its personal. ohh and btw,,, its dumb to give a ban, without having some proof, not some jocking around, and the +1 year ban ? for beeing banned from playzeek? oh my god, ill register there and write Chritopher GET_RIGHT Alesund for crying out loud , and use hacks,, will that mean that he will be banned from any activity in danish held events, like Xperia play etc?
2011-09-06 16:05
2011-09-06 16:04
i haz cookiez!
2011-09-06 16:06
fuck off hahaha
2011-09-06 16:06
omg bastards
2011-09-06 01:39
Abit harsh..
2011-09-06 01:40
2011-09-06 01:43
peri | 
Brazil pixzin 
everyone can edit a simple screenshot in MS Paint, easy... i think ban one guy because of screenshots is so unfair. (im not saying that he didnt cheat)
2011-09-06 01:41
They have admitted to have had this conversation. The question is whether or not it's reasonable to ban them on behalf of this.
2011-09-06 01:58
zaider lol obvious he is a ineter :) im not surprised
2011-09-06 01:41
me too +1
2011-09-06 01:50
hahahahh tards!
2011-09-06 01:42
zaider nice nickname :>
2011-09-06 01:43
+1 :D
2011-09-06 23:46
cuuuuuuuuuuul :D
2011-09-06 01:44
pretty bad situation for them. maybe xplayN overreacted a little bit. come on it was facebook. if they really wanted to cheat then they would have discussed this on steam/irc/ventrilo in private not on facebook :D beside that if the demo is clean i cant see the matter
2011-09-06 01:46
Denmark JtS 
It was a private facebook discussion. No one else could see it.
2011-09-06 12:37
haha fail --' You ever heard of private conversations in facebook?
2011-09-06 16:00
no because i heard of other programs :D
2011-09-06 20:46
pretty hard to ban them from basically everything in denmark.. especially for zaider
2011-09-06 01:47
Denmark Wich 
2011-09-06 02:53
make your point
2011-09-06 03:08
. now shut up
2011-09-06 14:33
2011-09-06 16:05
2011-09-07 13:10
chrisJ | 
Netherlands deemuu 
Kind of overreacting don't you think? I mean there's no hard evidence they actually cheated. Also one thing, referring to 'last names' in a story like this is rather confusing. It's fine when you write something about SK for example, but with players like this I don't really have any clue who it is you're referring to, even though you stated it before.
2011-09-06 01:48
they've already been accused of cheating vs top teams in the past, i dont see this as overreacting at all...their teammates took the screenshot of the convo and submitted it...obviously their teammates didnt want to be banned as well later on when zaider was caught, so they reported them to make sure they werent accused as well....its pretty obvious that you're a shady person if ur teammates are ratting u out to save their own face. good riddance
2011-09-06 07:31
I was never caught (Maybe 2 or 3 years ago) and the only reason why these screenshots we're published, is because a former clan mate, thinks that I started to use hacks the last couple of weeks in gathers.
2011-09-06 07:44
i never said u were caught, but u have been accused more than once(by top players)...and by saying u were never caught, that implies that u have cheated in the past but u were lucky to not have been caught doing it...and ur former clanmate probably knows some truth about u and ur past, and he feels like letting us all know now that he isnt playing with you anymore...get banned fgt. also ur a liar LOL u replied to someone elses comment under me with this "I was caught cheating on Custodia in September 2008, go do some research yourself." So you DID get caught cheating before...LOL u cant trust a liar...
2011-09-06 09:39
I never said I wasn't caught. Its standard knowledge at the Danish scene that I was caught before. In the statement I always wrote that I've been caught before, so where do you get that information from?
2011-09-06 13:37
lol the first 4 words of ur reply to me was"I was never caught", thats where i got it from...
2011-09-06 13:54
(Maybe 2-3 years ago) ???
2011-09-07 08:29
2011-09-08 04:23
07:44:51 : I was never caught 13:37:46 : I never said I wasn't caught. Hum.
2011-09-07 04:41
2011-09-07 08:29
It's ok to lie when you do it at 13:37.
2011-09-07 15:35
2011-09-08 04:22
How can you explain the conversations then? Its pretty obvious to me that at least one of you guys have been using cheats for some time..? Its clear to me that you at least have a cheat of some sort on both your computers and have discussions whether to use it or not before games.
2011-09-07 15:07
Who have been using cheats for some time? Its all rumors.
2011-09-07 15:45
But still, how can you explain the conversations then? You have to agree with me, if you saw a conversation like that between lets say crZy and raf0w - what would your thoughts be?
2011-09-07 21:05
I don't remember the conversation to the fullest - the logs is too old, so I can't go into my Facebook and re-read them. But yes, I would find it suspicious and I agree with people that find the log suspicious. But if raf0w and crZy had this conversation, I wouldn't vouch for a one year ban just for having the conversation. You need to take in consideration that this is not the full log and can easily be taken out of context from something else.
2011-09-07 23:25
2011-09-06 11:31
you should fuck this team mate now =)
2011-09-06 13:36
"The entire case reflects on Nicolai and I having facebook conversations, which took place about six months ago, in which we joked on the matter of cheating against SK Gaming and how it should be used." Lol, shut up. Thank god you got banned, lousy hackers.
2011-09-06 01:48
haha :D
2011-09-06 02:12
Bad decision by XplayN.
2011-09-06 01:48
great decision by XplayN, get rid of the cheaters b4 they have a chance to ruin a season or win money that they dont deserve...
2011-09-06 07:43
Bullshit decision, way too uncalled for bans
2011-09-06 01:49
I KNEW IT zaider was sick in that match against SK i believed he had cheat right away.
2011-09-06 01:51
link to match? edit. ok found
2011-09-06 01:58
zaider played very well and i think he isn't cheating
2011-09-06 01:53
i dont think hes cheating vs SK, mate
2011-09-06 16:06
should provide proof of them actually cheating rather than just conversations.
2011-09-06 01:54
playzeek have screen dumps of moxxi using wallhack. :)
2011-09-06 02:26
moxxe =/= zaider
2011-09-06 02:53
My friend got banned for "wh" in playzeek, but that wasnt wh, that was bullet, so i dont think that playzeek admins are good enough. I didn't saw moxxi's pz screens so i can't say something bad or good about him.
2011-09-06 08:21
bad decision I would say..
2011-09-06 01:55
reading that ved1mak was like "LMAO! failed kids, RTFM before you trying to do some SHADY damage"
2011-09-06 01:55
Killing young talents is shitty decision.. everyone was saying trace & turkizh where cheating before and now, look they are in the behind of the scene :) Give them a chance to proove themselves in LANs etc.. bullshit decision
2011-09-06 01:56
"i have cheated before in the past", enough said....hes not a young talent, hes a former and future cheater/season destroyer.....get rid of him
2011-09-06 07:48
Warden cheated in the past. fRoD cheated in the past. n0thing cheated in the past. Delpan cheated in the past. fury cheated in the past. khrystal cheated in the past. The list goes on...
2011-09-10 05:42
FODDER cheating now :D gl in future ^_^ brooooo
2011-09-19 16:08
Maybe because they was cheating in the past?
2011-09-06 08:21
trace was cheating?
2011-09-06 08:34
Denmark deu 
he got caught too once as far as i remember, by vac2 actually :) turkish was the know as a powercheater back i the days, an he did to some point. I faught a fight to get alot of people banned in denmark when i cared for cs, but now its all good :) cheaters cant get me up the chair; they are just insecure kids trying to earn attention, though being the scenes demise :)
2011-09-07 00:51
That's sad.. But hey, you do stupid things when you're a kid, life goes on..
2011-09-07 08:25
ave aswell.
2011-09-08 22:44
Lol, really man?!
2011-09-08 23:53
So many pros have cheated, also your fan Delpan.
2011-09-10 05:40
I know that, and I haven't judged anyone, people make mistakes when they're young.
2011-09-10 09:03
so that means they wont cheat again? if you've cheated in the past when cs1.6 was was in its prime and people really cared about gaming, why wouldnt u cheat now when the game is in a decline and less and less people have respect for it anymore...
2011-09-06 09:37
once a cheater always a cheater
2011-09-06 11:15
2011-09-06 13:02
God, I hate that sentence. That is to believe that people cannot modify themselves, that everyone should be condemned to death penalty because they won't be able to correct themselves and that you can't fight against the nature of things. Some close-minded retard was too proud to know the word forgiveness and stated that "once"-"always" bs. I honestly think they should get more conclusive evidences.
2011-09-06 14:10
Im just saying his examples are really bad, because those 2 players actually cheated in the past. I dont know where you are going? If you are saying they still cheat, then no im pretty sure they don't :).
2011-09-06 14:27
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
trace must be cheating, he is impossible! ;]
2011-09-06 15:43
zaider never performed well at a LAN event, so why would anyone believe, that he's not cheating? On the other hand, moxxi is quite competent :)
2011-09-06 12:23
2011-09-06 01:57
I don't think KARRIGAN, roman and cLy would randomly agree to play a match with two "cheaters" in their team.
2011-09-06 02:00
KARRiGAN will play with anything, cLy is a bit dodgy online too and roman once destroyed 4K on internet :P I think its the perfect internet team :P
2011-09-06 17:54
2011-09-08 04:13
banning some guys over a facebook discussion thats so lame by xplayn
2011-09-06 02:04
esl admins should take some lessons from xplayn
2011-09-06 02:06
2011-09-06 08:38
well said.
2011-09-07 04:45
Argentina tinchOO 
2011-09-06 02:04
Norway duffz00r 
haha pwnd!
2011-09-06 02:05
shaGuar | 
United States brieN 
lol, they should be banned but for being fags using facebook as a chat. what are you girls who say they arent pretty in pictures knowing you will be commented as your pretty and post emo lyrics...
2011-09-06 02:06
Come again?....
2011-09-06 13:53
2011-09-06 21:53
thats just the dumbest reason ever ; O
2011-09-06 02:12
haha +1
2011-09-06 02:17
Good article! because now they will get bad rep and hopefully nobody is goin to play with them after this. well deserved!
2011-09-06 02:15
u jelly?
2011-09-06 04:07
It's just nobody wants to play with him either :D
2011-09-06 08:13
of what exactly? please tell me?
2011-09-06 12:24
Because they were playing with Karrigan, cLy and roman? Nothing against you, mate, but the way you wrote, it seems like you're really jelly of them.
2011-09-06 12:30
Switzerland CHEDEL 
with some software's help, i can play with neo, f0rest, marlekoff. sorry dude.
2011-09-07 12:10
The thing is, no one knew they were potentially cheaters.
2011-09-07 12:29
Switzerland CHEDEL 
2011-09-07 12:49
i think this is bit unfair decision sad :(
2011-09-06 02:15
owned hahah
2011-09-06 02:18
2011-09-06 02:28
ban permanent...!!
2011-09-06 02:30
2 noobs -,- epic
2011-09-06 02:30
2011-09-06 02:34
someone translate the conversation to English please. :)
2011-09-06 02:38
They were talking about puppies.
2011-09-07 12:32
embarrasing, obviously they were cheating. Based on their use of words. They were not joking, anybody who is scandinavian can easily say that they were in fact not joking. Always known that these two players were cheaters.
2011-09-06 02:41
But did they cheat or not ? I don't understand, they're banned about a fb conversation ? wtf ?
2011-09-06 02:43
Sweden Snipatore 
moxxi is banned for facts, caugh and caugh :D but about zaider its only suspicions but talking about cheating with a busted mate....
2011-09-06 07:26
2011-09-06 08:59
What about Google+?
2011-09-06 02:43
ah sad.. I had much respect for them...
2011-09-06 02:50
wouldn't be surprised if it's true. the semi scene is dominated by cheaters these days. really sad. really no point in playing cs anymore if you are around or below the semi scene =)
2011-09-06 02:54
2011-09-06 03:03
Banning with just 'proof' of a FB conversation (or any conversation for that matter) is just plainly wrong. Sure; if somebody got banned for cheating and it can be made plausible that he was playing (screenshots, IP logs...) I would agree to 'transfer' the ban, but the second ban is just..... bla
2011-09-06 03:04
Uruguay ShubertoN 
2011-09-06 03:19
The same rat who organises cashtour tournaments and cheats his face off to win the money. Rat.
2011-09-06 03:27
Portugal picc 
ban them for life
2011-09-06 03:28
2011-09-06 03:31
ban them for 6 month old conversations with no proof to back it up. Retarded
2011-09-06 03:36
HAAHa and so drove to the alliance: D
2011-09-06 03:38
Venezuela chespiZ 
fodder friends HAHAHA
2011-09-06 03:44
Delpan aSpx Diodel Vedimak manne > world
2011-09-06 03:45
someone translate the conversation please (like this) photo 1 in english : sadsadasd photo 2 in english asdadsadasd
2011-09-06 03:50
One of the screenshots: Zaider: Yes, but we’ll have to fail a little. :-) For example sell b, if they call incoming A, even though we know its fake. :-D Moxxi: Yes, but we cant always be ready when they’re coming B etc. Zaider: Yeah Zaider: Do we use it in pracc? Moxxi: No? I dont want to. I’ll get too used to it.
2011-09-06 12:30
no doubt Good decision from XplayN
2011-09-06 14:32
the most stupid decision ever, i think theres something personal behind this too. they really cant ban for 1 year because of some messages, even if those messages were like that, gosh...
2011-09-06 03:52
if you have never cheated or had discussions about cheating it's pretty hard to think that these guys are not cheaters If you cheat sometimes you understand them more; some people talk about cheats casually and they are always the kind who i know cheat sometimes... even if they didn't cheat vs SK they clearly are the cheating kind
2011-09-09 13:51
and this is related to my message how?
2011-09-09 14:25
jumping to conclusions that it's personal is not a natural assumption for anyone who has had no contanct with cheats
2011-09-09 15:23
think what you think, but i have never even touched cheats :) i guess i am an unnatural person then..
2011-09-09 19:08
Finland nsis 
So you get a one year ban for conversations on FACEBOOK? They were probably just joking "heh, let's cheat against SK, maybe we'll have chance". That is NOT proper evidence at all and should not lead to a ban in a million years.
2011-09-06 04:00
Yeah, probably was just a joke
2011-09-06 04:05
You, sir, are right.
2011-09-06 04:10
2011-09-06 06:27
u may be right
2011-09-06 08:26
its not if they should cheat... it was in detail how they should cover it when they cheated but its fact that they diden cheat in the match, but that was only becus they diden knew if the cheat worked
2011-09-06 10:03
2011-09-06 12:18
some people went into jail just coz of facebook pictures/conversation which proved their fault
2011-09-06 12:23
Denmark JtS 
2011-09-06 12:43
United Kingdom wap 
download the conversation and translate it. its obvious they werent joking
2011-09-06 18:42
Doesn't matter, it still isn't enough reason to ban someone for a year.
2011-09-06 20:05
Haha I knew it, said Im 100% sure they used something :) faceplam btw the facebook chat
2011-09-06 04:10
World WestSideDude 
Haha, you used to be wallhack master. And we never know what you do at home now. Maybe you still playing with wallhack?!
2011-09-06 06:52
Ye, he is playing with wallhack at DreamHack, e-Stars, WCG etc.
2011-09-06 08:36
"And we never know what you do at home now." Fanboy detected.
2011-09-06 10:36
Retard detected. The guy is playing for one of the best teams in the world, if not the best team, why the hell would he cheat? It's retarded to say that he cheats.
2011-09-06 10:40
+1 Every LAN tournament this year delpan have pretty much owned it up. Every team wants him. kinda speaks for itself
2011-09-06 12:26
Yeah, and they started to win big tournaments when he joined, they wouldn't have want to sign him if he cheated.
2011-09-06 16:01
"Every team wants him" o_O k.
2011-09-13 13:06
Hello cheater.
2011-09-06 06:59
SK|delpan. loooooooooooooool, you was cheater. so stfu
2011-09-06 07:20
He was a kid, like 15-16 yrs old. Kids are stupid and makes mistakes.
2011-09-06 08:37
So are (was) moxxi and zaider
2011-09-06 18:27
2011-09-06 23:45
Yeah, maybe, I don't know, I haven't commented the situation regarding them so I don't know.
2011-09-07 08:28
I am sure you dont say that to the cheaters on mIRC:
2011-09-19 14:27
That's because I don't care about why they cheated and who cheats there, Delpan did cheat yes, but the guy is a professional and people still bring it up? They're just mad ;)
2011-09-19 15:33
Ignore the haters, don't feed 'em. You used wallhack too but you were young, everyone makes mistakes. :)
2011-09-06 08:38
it seems u wanna lick him...ALOT
2011-09-06 09:32
I don't want to lick him just tired of all the haters hating on him because he used wallhack a long time ago. The guy can literally teach you the game. It is not my fault that you "understood" what I was saying in a wrong way, retard.
2011-09-06 10:39
kk fanboy
2011-09-06 18:01
Nothing more to say? PWNED
2011-09-06 18:27
its not that i dont have anything more to say.but im not gonna give time + effort to a guy like you..:) p.s,were u a delpan fan 2 years ago ?NO when he played on mym? NO now that he is on sk and played 3 good tournaments u wanna lick him..i hate thoose kind of people :)
2011-09-06 19:17
HAHAHAHAHA. The most stupid and retarded guys are those who talk about stuff they not know about. I have liked Delpan as a player since he played for MYM and with SK as a stand-in. So don't talk shit jackass cuz you don't know a shit!
2011-09-07 08:22
u are one of the few then
2011-09-07 08:56
Haha, dude, just cut it out, you're dumb as shit, there is no point for you to argue here, log out please!
2011-09-07 09:05
u got serious problems....try to read again my last reply to you fucktard.
2011-09-07 09:07
That reply fits in to 2 situations, the thing I said about me being a Delpan fan all the way from the MYM fan, or the thing with the guys who talk about stuff they don't know, make yourself clear.
2011-09-07 09:16
u about being delpan fan ...
2011-09-07 09:33
Then ok.
2011-09-07 09:45
Switzerland CHEDEL 
lidda became a fan of delpan in 2011. just a stupid fanboy. ignore that little licker ahah
2011-09-07 12:53
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
your country is bankrupt so pls su
2011-09-13 11:44
WTF? xD What does that mean? xD Kid comment..
2011-09-19 06:17
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2011-09-06 11:48
lol your tongue has to be brown by now?
2011-09-06 18:33
#216 dumbass.
2011-09-06 18:38
Delpan - cheater. And maybe you still cheating on the internet. Who knows. So maybe you will be little bit softy about cheaters / programms?
2011-09-06 08:43
Yeah, and on lan he pwn everyone of you stupid kids!
2011-09-06 09:28
hi kuben
2011-09-06 17:57
Switzerland CHEDEL 
hi lex =)
2011-09-07 12:53
2011-09-06 09:55
tactical facepalm you mean
2011-09-06 12:11
VH | 
Denmark VHzt4r 
I'm sure you're an expert
2011-09-08 12:47
hahaha now i know why LIONS lost to UNDERDOG$ hahahahahha thanks hltv for my useless betting and dreamteam against cheaters!
2011-09-06 04:12
roman was cerrying the team
2011-09-06 10:06
and karrigan =D
2011-09-06 11:42
diden watch the hole game... only most of dust2... where roman was on fire
2011-09-06 11:45
Germany JK- 
Very bad decision to ban some1 based on a facebook conversation. Either examine the in-eyes or stfu and leave them alone.
2011-09-06 04:15
sick cheater
2011-09-06 04:26
how they can cheat with EAC ?? :(
2011-09-06 04:31
World WestSideDude 
they can, but they banned after GAME by SCREENSHOTS
2011-09-06 06:51
did you even read the news? or are you just guessing what the news is about?
2011-09-06 14:53
some players cheating on EAC and still not banned, so its based on what kind of cheat they are using. And some people store "pay-cheats" for EAC.
2011-09-06 06:54
its easy, but its only sad kids that do it.
2011-09-06 09:50
LOL! I had a double take after reading the article. But after that? I've come to the realization; it doesn't really surprise me they were banned over having conversations about cheats and there application.
2011-09-06 05:19
auahauhaa Underdogs victory was fail then???
2011-09-06 05:25
stupid hackers!
2011-09-06 05:56
so, if I'm talking with a friend about... killing Obama (an absurd example) - the CIA/FBI/KGB/aliens will kill us?
2011-09-06 06:07
if u ever talked about killing obama and the fbi/cia found convos about it, yes u would be arrested 100%, i dont know why u would say kill u, that doesnt make sense...but yes 100% u would be arrested....
2011-09-06 08:00
Don't agree to base this off conversations, but I do agree on the ban on moxxi based on the playzeek bans. That is ACTUAL proof.
2011-09-06 06:09
I agree 100%
2011-09-06 08:38
Denmark mindgames 
zaider has used cheat before, and he admit it as well. How is it any different? He may as well cheat now or would have cheated forever if XplayN didn't act.
2011-09-06 16:31
2011-09-06 06:12
LoL. Stupid reason to ban anyone even if they cheated. You should check the demo and base your actions on that, rather than some FB conversation.
2011-09-06 06:39
the problem is that many hackers know how to cover it up, its not like they have wh on all the time, they probaly toggle it on and off to get a "overview" where they are
2011-09-06 10:09
Point still stands
2011-09-06 13:16
if you knew what it said in the logs and a lot more which is not covered in this news
2011-09-06 13:52
TEAM CHEATERS: Delpan - awp cheater Diodel - ak/colt cheater vedimak - ak/colt cheater aspx - ak/colt cheater Dece - noob cheater > sally - cheater, manager of cheaters
2011-09-06 06:45
+moxxi and zaider - newbie cheaters
2011-09-06 06:46
kuben, zonic, trace and turkizh might be abit better choice with delpan
2011-09-06 10:10
zonic and trace? WTF?
2011-09-06 14:18
zonic cheated back in the days... way back... trace have been a common fact that he once was cheating... dont get me wrong... im a big trace fan, not becus of his history of cheating... oh and ave was cheating way back too
2011-09-06 16:40
World WestSideDude 
Welcome to Delpan's cheat-club!
2011-09-06 06:47
Cheat-clan! Delpan <3 Wallhack Zaider <3 HackWall moxxi <3 WackHall DecE <3 to be a noob Diodel <3 to go on WCG by WH
2011-09-06 06:53
Where is v3dim4k and aspx?
2011-09-06 08:06
zaider got fucked imo, the organization should of at least watched their pov's before banning them kinda bullshit
2011-09-06 07:12
dont you think they did?... they used 3 days on the matter... but there is no soild proof in demos... thats allso why he diden get the full 2 year ban
2011-09-06 10:12
2011-09-06 07:18
They're not cheaters...................... - noobs, you can't ban players only because their "joke-chat"... FACTS AND PROOFS IN STUDIO!!!!! SO THEY'RE NOT CHEATERS
2011-09-06 07:19
Sweden Snipatore 
dont say bullshit moxxii was busted
2011-09-06 07:31
Well... Chat-facebook isnt proof to ban.
2011-09-06 08:09
Denmark JtS 
#273 That does not seem like a joke to me.
2011-09-06 12:45
moxxi was busted on
2011-09-06 15:13
This doesn't prove anything... chats or conversations in jovial mood can't be the valid proof to ban them.. zaider is right by asking to scan his in-eye demos for his shady play... u cant blame anyone with supposedly this chats.. and how come this chats reach them... some 1 is playing a spoilsport fr him..
2011-09-06 07:23
Sweden Snipatore 
SFM posted it.
2011-09-06 07:32
his teammates took the screenshot and posted it....
2011-09-06 08:01
you really think that an ineye demo will show if his clean or not? cheats are very legit nowadays, he might even be using a silent aimbot that no one detects and also esp/wh. if someone is cheating on a client, especially on a "pro/semi pro" level, then it WONT be detected by a POV demo.
2011-09-06 10:03
it was so obvious, they nearly beat sk @ net and then dropped out of the group @ lan
2011-09-06 07:52
Philippines gCN 
You should always be professional. Act like a pro, play like a pro.
2011-09-06 07:55
2011-09-06 07:58
emil wtf ?
2011-09-06 08:04
Look and learn ESL.
2011-09-06 08:05
cheaters sucks
2011-09-06 08:11
First of all read the news. Before say: cheaters.
2011-09-06 08:14
i did you n00b
2011-09-06 09:18
Without cheats even RARA can slay them ;D
2011-09-06 08:16
Unfair Ban. Unfair for zaider and moxxi. Playzeek's client, is like my ass, when I eating chili rød chili red chili green chili numse chili. Very very bad.
2011-09-06 08:36
2011-09-06 08:42
lol cheater, so?
2011-09-06 08:47
he played vs lions last night :/
2011-09-06 08:51
They also abused their admin right's on ventrilo to have a phantom in the opponents room during topgathers. People in Denmark call this vthack, even though it isn't a "real" hack. However it pretty much shows their attitude towards things. Zaider admitted to have used cheat at playzeek + he's busted at custodia anticheat some time ago aswell. In 2011 he's busted abusing "vthack" with moxxi, and now this conversation. Wonder about the times, these guys haven't been busted. :)
2011-09-06 08:58
Busted at Custodia and Playzeek at around the same time as your teammate was busted on Playzeek - 3 years ago :)
2011-09-06 09:04
Berry was busted more than a year before you, and it surely wasn't 3 years ago you were busted at custodia. Also you've been busted abusing you ventrilo admin rights + talked about using cheats in an official match. Both of these things happened in 2011, and the fact that your playstyle is being accused for cheats for being so freaking wierd, just makes it even more suspicious. There you have the difference :).
2011-09-06 09:11
i can make a conclusion that all danes cheat :D
2011-09-06 09:14
I was caught cheating on Custodia in August* 2008, go do some research yourself. I don't even want to reply on my playstyle - I can't do anything about it. :)
2011-09-06 09:37
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
weak boy wanted to win? :{
2011-09-06 09:43
And when were you cheating with your user "xtah" on playzeek? I may agree that the bans are pretty harsh, but i suppose you see yourself, why it's really hard to trust your words any longer?
2011-09-06 09:43
Early 2009, 15th of February.
2011-09-06 09:53
Then it's also 9 months after berry was busted. You didn't want to answer my second question?
2011-09-06 10:00
The ban is harsh as it is given on speculations and no evidence. And yeah, the majority might find it hard to trust me right now, however I still think the ban is unfair.
2011-09-06 10:09
are you an idiot snappi? stop accusing zaider.... he hasnt been cheating since what he/I told you. (3-4 years ago)
2011-09-06 10:09
and how do you know that? are you his father? you cant have any idea if he cheats or not so it seems like your the idiot here not snappi.
2011-09-06 10:11
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
he's just their friend friend of cheaters
2011-09-06 10:42
dude, I've been playing with both zaider & moxxi for ages. They don't cheat.... It's just in your imaginary head that they're cheating. I'm a friend of those two long before they actually became known so..
2011-09-06 11:14
stfu please...
2011-09-06 12:37
Norway duffz00r 
n4p, please shut ur mouth.
2011-09-06 13:09
oh you must be so reliable then, I believe you.
2011-09-06 14:24
well im the only one who really knows zaider & moxxi. just let me remind you that they dont cheat. if they were cheating why would we / topplayers play with them?
2011-09-06 15:32
cuz they didn't know? In France everybody knew for a fact that KristeN was a cheater but he always managed to end up in some team with good players, playing against topteams
2011-09-06 15:37
We dont care if you rim them every night, they are pair of idiots and hopefully will never get to play an offical game again
2011-09-06 18:01
man, you are getting owned at every reply that snappi do on you =(
2011-09-06 11:45
The ban isn't harsh at all. You've been banned for cheating in the past and obviously you didn't learn anything from it. Also, we consulted a lawyer about whether your conversation on Facebook could be considered evidence, and as it turned out, it could. In fact, there's a real-life case involving 2 people talking about cheating at their exams (on Facebook), and guess what, they learned a lesson, too. So there you have it. It took 4 days to make a decision. 4 days of debating and confirming a lot of things. Some agrees, some don't. That's their right and I respect that. You should respect our decision, take responsibility and learn something from it. Maybe then it wont happen again.
2011-09-09 17:28
Okay, now everything makes sense!! You spoke to lawyer? :O AND HE AGREES? Okay, now I don't think its harsh anymore.
2011-09-09 18:12
Wow, that's real mature of you. I was trying to make the point that we did have evidence that you were planning to cheat. And that's most likely what got you banned - that and your past not-too-mature actions I'd say.
2011-09-09 19:55
The real issue is, that your conversation without doubt reveals that you will not give cheating a second thought if you feel safe about it. That is the core reason for your ban. It is a known fact that cheat programs succeed anticheat programs as it is easier to crack than prevent and as ppl like yourself are willing to finance the production. My hope for you is that you realize that there is no grey areas when it comes to cheating and alter your decision to use it permanently.
2011-09-10 01:03
I love zero tolerance policy.. :) that attitude towards cheating should be punished right away. Think its awesome has given them thease punishements and would be awesome if other organizations learned from this.
2011-09-06 11:11
Most cheated countries: Russia, Brazil, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland:( , Sweden, GBR.
2011-09-06 09:12
mexico and China.A lot of hackers.Mexican hacker suks btw,they cant even win with aimbot and wall's on.
2011-09-06 09:38
same shit everywhere , those countries you've mentioned have just a lot more players the others.
2011-09-06 12:42
there are as many cheaters in every countries dude, and cheaters in every countries' pro scene... rtd
2011-09-06 14:25
Sweden+Denmark <3 cheats
2011-09-06 09:13
The thing that did it for me, was that they did not talk about the possibilities of cheating, they talked about HOW to cheat and planned how they should play to make it less obvious. I think it's really stupid by them, because zaider is a pretty nice guy, but yea... Even if they didn't cheat it's insanely stupid.
2011-09-06 09:14
Nick: zaider Age: 16... OKAY
2011-09-06 09:17
almost 18 :D
2011-09-06 14:59
2011-09-06 09:24
2011-09-06 09:28
not right. doesn't matter what one say but what one do. freedom of speech is still on afaik.
2011-09-06 09:31
"I have cheated before, but it is so far back I can't even remember when it was." omg
2011-09-06 09:47
They probably cheated last night too. But hey, maybe they will grow up too. Right now they are 15-17 and they think they are invincible and can do whatever the f*ck they want. Hopefully they will grow up soon.
2011-09-06 09:48
love it when cheaters get what they deserved hahahah noobs for life. plus they aint pro they noob
2011-09-06 09:56
Many Danes know that they have used cheats for a long time :)
2011-09-06 10:02
I know zaider & moxxi from a personal perspective. I've been playing with them since they were little kids, by that 11-12. I know one thing, zaider always jokes about cheats and so does moxxi. But, one thing I do know is that they don't really cheat. What these kids did was that they were lameing on facebook since they always talk like that to each other. I don't get why XplayN did this harsh punshiment but I can assure you guys. zaider & moxxi haven't been cheating as zaider said, for the past 3-4 years. Last time they both actually cheated was when zaider used to run a pracc-channel on QuakeNet. And they were cheating on the biggest cheaterportal in whole Counter-Strike, a.ka. PlayZeek. And that was about 3-4 years ago. I don't see why you people are flameing them but one thing is for sure. If zaider & moxxi DID cheat, then they've to be the worst cheaters I've ever played with. I know a few notable times I've been playing with them, when they've been lowfragging like dipshit. IF you guys are complaining about them both cheating, then you don't really know em because they're like average players. I don't even see the reason and the logic behind zaider, this isn't the first time he gets banned for something stupid. Now, the funny part is whole DK used to 'be a friend' of zaider. But now everyone is mad hatein' on him. There's one thing fosho, I won't hate neither zaider or moxxi for this like the rest are. So guys, you just have to prove yourself at LAN and see how it goes because I know fasho that you don't cheat any longer.
2011-09-06 10:07
i like
2011-09-06 10:12
Sweden Vilseledd 
I'm going to trust a friend of cheaters, probably a cheater himself, that he's speaking the truth. no.
2011-09-06 10:16
i like
2011-09-06 10:17
i like
2011-09-06 10:18
hahaha this is hilarious so that means that all that are friends with zaider or moxxi is a cheater? wait, that logic makes no sense.. since they've played with players that you are the biggest fan of. so..... no more arguement here.
2011-09-06 11:16
"I have cheated before, but it is so far back I can't even remember when it was." But we should trust him, and you. Aahokey.
2011-09-06 11:29
i dont care who they played with? i have played with kHRYSTAL also FYRR73 @ pn so whats up with that comment? and i didnt say you were cheating, cuz i dont know if you are or not. i was agreeing with him due to you saying zaider&moxxi being clean while you cant know if they are or not. there is also more cheats now for EAC3 then ever before so that means its a bigger chance then ever that they are cheating now.
2011-09-06 11:45
If you guys have lil sense in your head. I've been playing with those since they even began playing CS... Why are you guys argueing about people you don't even know? "KHRYSTAL FYRR73", you played with them maybe once or twice. I'm talking for years and years, I've known them both since they were 11-12 around that age so what's the argueing here? They've been cheating and banned in the past for cheating but you've to understand, they don't cheat ANY LONGER. I'm going to continue repeating myself til you guys have understood what I've written. If your gonna hate on zaider or moxxi, then you can hate on "Friis", "Delpan" , "karrigan" and lots of other players that have a cheating history... No hate on the presens, we don't live in the past. We live now.
2011-09-06 15:41
Friis, KARRiGAN? First I hear trace now Friis and KARRiGAN? Dude.. Is that true?
2011-09-06 18:33
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
I think this is the 10th fucking comment where you say, that you have played with fyrr73 and khrystal, but seriously who gives a shit? That dosent make you a good cs player, stupid newb, so tired of you freakin troll....
2011-09-07 13:09
haha i replied that to him since it makes no sense saying that they play with players that im the biggest fan of, which is not true. and yeh im tired of you too with your mediocre clan acting good and trying to be famous even though you suck at cs.
2011-09-07 16:57
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
You are just pathetic newb :)
2011-09-07 18:24
says you? :D
2011-09-07 18:42
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
Indeed I do :-)
2011-09-07 18:43
Norway duffz00r 
I like
2011-09-06 13:11
2011-09-06 10:40
Moxxi was caught cheating 2 weeks ago on playzeek. Your arguments is therefore invalid.
2011-09-06 10:58
are you serious? if he cheated on playzeek, who the fuck gives a rat about it??? do u know how many cheaters there are at playzeek everyday? do u know how many topplayers (KVICKEN etc) that have been banned on playzeek? You've no idea, so stop eating your own hand cause all ppl cheat on playzeek. If it were official match, then I'd agree with you but playzeek??????? There's no logic there.
2011-09-06 11:18
Denmark JtS 
That is not the point come on! Two wrongs does not make a right .. The rule is imo. pretty simple: Don't fucking cheat !
2011-09-06 12:49
Norway duffz00r 
rules are rules!
2011-09-06 13:21
what am I reading...
2011-09-06 14:31
Soooooo incredibly dumb...
2011-09-06 16:15
If you really can't hear how stupid that sounds, then i can't really see the point in having this discussion.
2011-09-06 23:36
rofl,so if some 1 hack in playzeek then these pros should be allowed to hack? rofl,wtf are u thinking? btw how are you anyway if you dont mind?
2011-09-06 23:56
Cheating on public is the same thing as cheating on PlayZeek. So yeah, moxxi got busted for cheating on public, WEEH :(
2011-09-07 10:24
What is wrong with you!? This is like saying murder is alright as long as you only do it to people from Africa.
2011-09-07 11:16
Naa, if your gonna metafor about this subject then it'd be like: "In a war where moxxi kills the most." Because on PlayZeek everyone but none other than everyone cheats. If he's cheating on somewhere everyone tests their hacks to max then I don't find it offensive if he'd get tired of playing clean there. I see no point in argueing about this, cheat is cheat anyways. There's a difference in cheating in official games, then cheating on casual public games where everyone cheats. I won't argue with you anymore because you can't argue in the same level as me. What I'm trying to say is that, the whereabout moxxi cheated on is regardless of your saying a righteous place to cheat on. Hence that ALL people cheats on PlayZeek, and even Snajdan have cheated on Playzeek.... So get real.
2011-09-07 12:33
Switzerland CHEDEL 
owned.. again =)
2011-09-07 12:58
Bla bla bla bla.
2011-09-06 11:07
HAHA, you are a famous cheater in Sweden aswell. How can we trust you? Everyone in Sweden knows you use/have used cheats:)
2011-09-06 16:07
cause we look down on losers, dont play this game if u wont even trust your own skill.They should just go kill bots. I think we are not only saying they did cheat or not,but they had bad history that no 1 will believe them for a long time.That's why we say it once a cheater always a cheater. I think XplayN's act is a little bit harsh,but i think they have their reasons.just think how many times they didnt get them when they cheated?i do think they deserve this. and when some 1's attitude is like this,then they surely will cheat again(seems they just think cheating isn't that bad).That why no 1 will listen to them. if they want to gain people's trust again,they have to play like a man in both lan and online(no matter what's score they do,at least theyr playing man's game),but i think they way they reacted seems no 1 will trust them,and seems they just dont care. hf with your programes then.No one will want to play with you anymore. ps: to hacker: you may win some games with hacking,but you are always a loser,you cant even play a game,what else can you do?lol
2011-09-06 23:53
This is stupid..
2011-09-06 10:16
Banning due to a facebook conversation is pretty stupid. Especially since they claim he cheated in a match that they have his demo from but can't prove he used cheats in that demo.
2011-09-06 10:22
show me the cheathunters who actualy can tell on 100% that guy was cheating...he is not stupid probably and on that level which he plays u cant tell hes cheating just coz he suddendly turned back and started covering back for example...and ye its normal to "joking" about using cheats against SK and then end like 2-1 for SK...oh wait it isnt + that shady history its god damn sad that this rot is climbing up to higher level of players, really sad
2011-09-06 11:05
Also, could someone translate the facebook conversation with the emoticons. I can read swedish but my danish isn't very good; however, the first ss seems like they are joking.
2011-09-06 10:24
Denmark JtS 
2011-09-06 12:49
Nothing new really. HAX.DK; Danish cs scene is full of cheaters and have been for ages, even many danish semi-pro teams. This is just tip of the iceberg that become exposed (here at Nicolai "moxxi" Tinggaard and Emil "zaider" Brandt should be banned permanently from all european cs events and leagues.
2011-09-06 10:30
Denmark JtS 
2011-09-06 12:50
Denmark mindgames 
As if Sweden is any better...
2011-09-06 16:40
my danish friends please translate the conversation please:-)
2011-09-06 10:39
Kinda harsh, but BURN IN HELL CHEATERS.
2011-09-06 10:40
imagine how mani times he won CASHTOUR :) and he was admin on the mirc chanel and e.t.c.
2011-09-06 10:44
Brazil hugoooo 
bans shouldn't expire
2011-09-06 10:44
just cuz they won big teams that makes em cheaters O_o wow ....
2011-09-06 10:50
No. That's not it. Are you stupid?
2011-09-06 11:08
:) u shouldn't really call ppl u don't know stupid :) and if thats not it then what is ? :) mr smart
2011-09-08 01:20
just because they are "maybe 5th best team in denmark" they cant be cheaters?
2011-09-06 11:12
they can but that doestn mean they are cheaters
2011-09-16 13:59
read the news
2011-09-06 11:30
=> is shit
2011-09-06 11:13
maybe they joking ... xD
2011-09-06 11:27
2011-09-06 11:27
But they cant prove that they were cheating...Thats just convrsation between these two guys...
2011-09-06 11:30
moxxi was banned becus of playzeek ban
2011-09-06 11:46
props for the guy taking screenshots and who the f are these interneters?
2011-09-06 11:34
I don't see the point in you posting this and I apologise for trolling but most people know who they are and the fact that you posted this, whoever you may be is stupid.
2011-09-06 12:50
ok den
2011-09-06 14:05
dunno if this is the real deal
2011-09-06 11:35
Bad decision by
2011-09-06 11:38
I don't even understand why people cheat.. it's fun to auto aim to someones head? it's fun to see a character behind a wall? you need to be really childish if you think so. There are people that cheat for "fun" , but also there are people that cheat in order to gain fame and respect among their national communities so they can get a good team and shine as the star of the team. I think that in most cases, people cheat for that, and not for fun. Cheating for fun is an excuse for those who get caught for cheating, and they have nothing else to say but "it was a joke" or "it was for fun". So that's the case with these two in my opinion, saying that this whole conversation was just an inside joke or whatever. I'm pretty sure that they used cheats on practice matches and on some official matches. Anyways, this ban by XplayN is justified. It's a clear message for everyone to not use cheats and not even think about it.
2011-09-06 11:44
couldnt say it better myself :)
2011-09-06 11:43
Ages from both explain you all
2011-09-06 11:48
+1 fucking tards destroy the pleasure of playing
2011-09-06 12:38
+1 (4)
2011-09-06 15:09
I don't know mate I can see how it would be fun to a slightly simple person
2011-09-06 18:04
2011-09-06 11:53
What is shady method?
2011-09-06 11:53
They are popular now , more then ever :)
2011-09-06 11:58
"..., only based on the conversations with Tinggaard" I know nothing about the matter except what I've been reading on Xplayn and in the comments there these last few days, but that sentence seems a bit misleading from what I've gathered so far :)
2011-09-06 12:06
How can it be misleading? It is nevertheless why I am banned. Read the statement from XplayN - "banned because of the intentions of using cheat."
2011-09-06 12:11
Go cry in the corner dumb cheater
2011-09-06 12:34
No need :-)
2011-09-06 12:37
So did Delpan in his age? Fuck delpan
2011-09-06 19:17
Do you think it could be personal revenge of any progamer you won against and his friend admin on Xplayn? I think its so wierd that they decided to ban you for 6month old bullshit.
2011-09-06 13:16
I've no idea. My first thought was that they are doing it just because of the flame war at XplayN, and they feel like they need to give us a punishment, even though my punishment is unfair :p
2011-09-06 13:36
have you uploaded your POV against SK somewhere? Could you give me a link?
2011-09-06 14:26
My in-eye from inferno is uploaded here at the site. I've deleted the other two demos a while ago (before this drama), but you can download the HLTV demo. :)
2011-09-06 16:22
not the same thing to me
2011-09-06 16:28
i have watched his pov demo, he is clean and he is a good player.
2011-09-07 00:25
so what? He could have still cheated. I thought that he had his POVs and therefore he could cut the crap himself and prove everybody he was just cheating, but without the other povs it's gonna be hard now
2011-09-07 15:12
Dude, do you expect that I save all my demos on my HDD at all time? Some day I have to delete them and I did a month ago or so.
2011-09-08 12:13
just saying that it would have been easier for you to prove you're not a cheater, now people will probably not believe.
2011-09-08 19:07
True. Though it seems they've taken the VT thing and perhaps a few other things into consideration as well. The moral and attitude in general seems to be a big factor in the whole matter - so only based on the conversation is an understatement, at least to me ;) I'm not judging you personally though, but hope the whole case could clear up without any kind of bans.
2011-09-06 16:27
Switzerland CHEDEL 
owned by facebook.
2011-09-06 12:20
2011-09-06 12:33
role hacker in dt +999999
2011-09-06 12:35
always found that zaider suspicious.
2011-09-06 12:35
yep, he cheats in praccs
2011-09-06 14:45
rofl, he has bad history of hacking,and he never even change.Watched some demos when he cheated,17 years dumb hacker cant even play a game lol.
2011-09-07 00:02
zaider chill out =DDDD
2011-09-06 12:36
i suspect zaider doesn't have a CHILLSIDE :D
2011-09-06 12:44
i'm sure they don't cheating :) both are rly good players i wish them best of luck
2011-09-06 12:38
well, base on google translate, that conversation was a bit suspicious, BUT, xplayN must have like screenshots or other evidences, because that doesn't proof at all that they were cheating, who says it isn't a joke like sometimes me and my team do? and we dont cheat, best of luck to them :(
2011-09-06 12:46
Denmark JtS 
#273 Better translation.
2011-09-06 12:51
Who says it isn't a joke? XPLAYN.===D
2011-09-06 13:59
2011-09-06 12:53
Estonia Loz 
2 nubs anyways
2011-09-06 12:56
World j@m 
You are all saying that they are noobs for cheating, but I bet 99% of HLTV users now use or have used hacks. And i don't blame Xplay for ban them, i just wanna say too all hltv users "think before you write"!
2011-09-06 13:16
99%, orly?
2011-09-06 13:17
World j@m 
no, i'd say 99,9%
2011-09-06 13:28
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
he's just a cheater
2011-09-06 13:29
In ESL - you cheat, sites make highlights for you, you get some fans and haters... Everyone sees the obvious truth BUT you keep playing. In XplayN you get banned just for talking about it. :D weird stuff
2011-09-06 13:28
GeT_CaTcHeD :/
2011-09-06 13:36
2011-09-06 14:33
2011-09-06 14:36
2011-09-06 14:38
2011-09-06 14:41
2011-09-06 15:08
2late bro,fun finished
2011-09-06 15:09
GeT_GorDoneD fagg()T
2011-09-06 15:10
wonder if isc9 will turn over the lions match now.
2011-09-06 13:51
why should they?
2011-09-06 13:53
Sorry, but you diffently know what he/she/it means. For suureee
2011-09-06 14:00
Norway M0LTEN 
2011-09-06 13:57
2011-09-06 14:12
OLEG :))
2011-09-06 14:47
/q ?
2011-09-06 14:32
maybe they should check on delpan using cheats again, who knows
2011-09-06 14:34
what a joke
2011-09-06 14:35
So they cheated and they were banned, eod.
2011-09-06 14:40
my favourite cheater scandal was Kristen!
2011-09-06 14:41
2011-09-06 14:53
wasn't a big scandal :) everyone in france knew kristeN was cheating, but he was a sociable guy and friend with the most of topplayers and played decently in the LANS he attended.
2011-09-06 15:01
even he played decent in lan doesn't mean he stop hacking,nothing to do with the lvl you played, if you cheat then you cheat.
2011-09-07 00:05
2011-09-06 14:53
zaider seems to be an unmature cunt from what ive heard, cant say im surprised.
2011-09-06 14:58
It is impossible to judge on one correspondence on facebook lollllllllll
2011-09-06 15:08
Being one of the people who caught aspx (we were a group of 3, the Noobusters) I believe I'm at a good point to voice my personal opinion on this matter. You shouldnt ban a player without evidence. However, this "evidence" doesnt necessarly mean from this match. I believe anyone who has been caught cheating should forever be banned from online competitions. If it were that way, we wouldnt be having this ludicrous article here, as zaider and moxxi have both been caught cheating already at some point in time. That is my personal opinion on cheaters and what I judge adequate punishment. I have really strong moral values, (never cheated at test, never helped anyone who asked for help to cheat), so I pretty much despise any kind of cheat. I saw delpan comment here, like he's one to talk. And whoever was sucking his balls saying he was a kid: he still is, saying stuff like "we are the best, Im the best" on interviews. It is a fact that a lot of professional players have cheated. To name a few, from my country Brazil: prd, bit, fnx, urb. And there is solid proof for these 4, I have it saved on a txt file somewhere on my harddrive on my old computer. Anyways, to sum this up: good ban should they think like me, otherwise its somewhat unfair.
2011-09-06 15:19
not bothered reading beyond "anyone who has been caughty cheating should forever be banned from online competitions." ridiculous... a game with slowly diminishing numbers being made to suffer more. people cheat... get over it. the few who are stupid enough to cheat in anything that matters get caught - diodel, kristen, wilzoo.. and they get their just punishments. plus people never fail to remind them of their pasts - for example delpan. generally people learn from their mistakes and so surely deserve a second chance not a lifetime ban from a computer game... (dont forget thats all cs is, a computer game.) no one likes cheaters, but some people on the internet get far to wound up over it. and retarded comments like #389 are embarassing. bla bla bla etc etc etc
2011-09-06 16:15
very, nice fail hmm zaider ;O..
2011-09-06 15:34
so if someone thinking of murdering few ppl he gets death penalty. this is stupid imo.
2011-09-06 15:40
Your logic makes zero sense.
2011-09-06 15:54
these bands dont make sens also.
2011-09-07 00:23
Yeah, your English makes no sense either.
2011-09-07 00:27
charged with conspiracy or attempted murder, thats why they didnt get the full 2 year bans :)
2011-09-06 16:06
guess then half of population should get charged.
2011-09-07 00:25
go hire some cops den.
2011-09-07 00:34
Dumbest decision ive ever seen.
2011-09-06 15:43
OUTzaider :S
2011-09-06 15:45
love cheate'rs :) I too use wallhack :D
2011-09-06 15:46
hate cheaters:) I use to catch them all the time in pub servers with some good admins.
2011-09-07 00:08
He may have accidentally turned on*t happen dude ! :3 SHAME YOU !
2011-09-06 15:50
And how would his demos show if he used cheat or not? Maybe he just had WH and told the team where to go and so on, and then play bad.
2011-09-06 15:55
hooch | 
Israel m@$k@ 
2011-09-06 16:03
wmbz2k #195 HAHA, you are a famous cheater in Sweden aswell. How can we trust you? Everyone in Sweden knows you use/have used cheats:) Edit: oh, sry for not replying, just scroll up for his comment.
2011-09-06 16:07
yeah and pigs flies.
2011-09-06 16:23
In planes they do.
2011-09-06 16:57
yeah, in planes. that means they don't fly you moron. learn english
2011-09-06 17:10
They fly, in planes. You fly when you visit another country by plane.
2011-09-06 17:22
Du flyger inte i ett plan din idiot. Du flyger med ett plan.. Learn the difference flying physically and flying in an aerial vehicle. MORON
2011-09-06 17:25
"You don't fly with a plane idiot. You fly with a plane.." Then you fly idiot. If you fly WITH a plane, just like when you walk WITH a friend. Maybe the pig fly side by side with the plane, or what was your conclusion?
2011-09-06 17:38
what a fucking stupid guys PLAY ON CHEATS OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO KILL ALL CHEATERS especially in pro scene !!! what a idiots. GOD I DONT WAN'T TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE
2011-09-06 16:09
2011-09-06 16:32
He cheated @ dakarma against mTw when they won 2:1;he left without any penalty there,so he wanted to do it again.So obvious.Get banned for life looser!
2011-09-06 16:17
he was a big suspect together with fistabob... but no proff was found
2011-09-06 16:42
it's definitely not reasonable to ban them on behalf of a conversation. whether they cheat or not, this ban should be lifted. this is not how justice works. you're innocent until proven wrong, and this is no proof. They should check the demos out and then decide objectively. fair and square.
2011-09-06 16:22
lmaoo using vthack in gathers is sooo fucking lame and sad I expected more from zaider and moxxi I guess...
2011-09-06 16:36
Sweden Snipatore 
win > all !
2011-09-06 16:59
well not everybody can be as good as me ..
2011-09-06 17:12
I hope time will fix this kind of behavior but who knows
2011-09-06 17:43
2011-09-06 17:06
Denmark ptn 
zaider is not cheating, and did not cheat against SK. Ridiculous ban.. "He thinked of cheat" Wow, if you ban people because they think of cheating at a log, you cold ban 75% of the whole scene.
2011-09-06 17:27
Is that kind of punishment usual for XplayN?
2011-09-06 17:46
Denmark ptn 
No, not at all. it makes no sence.
2011-09-06 19:59
Sweden Snipatore 
he was busted cheating in the past, moxxi was too. then they talked about cheating again, what else? if they really didn't cheat, they're really stupid.
2011-09-06 20:23
So you usually think "well maybe we should go and cheat in this match, because our opponents might be stronger then us"... wtf???? really I never had this thought and never spoke about it with people, not even as a joke.
2011-09-06 20:10
Denmark ptn 
Well, their mentality is not that big, they are still not mature enough as you see. But ive been at lan with zaider, and he is a really good player if you ask me.. i have never doubted about his skills online/lan. Anyway it is fair for me that moxxi get 2 years of ban, but zaiders 1 year is still a huge question for me. And yes, i do agree with you its not even acceptable to talk about such stuff - and even think of doing it.
2011-09-06 23:47
Zaider cheated vs SK and still cheats to this day you can tell by the words he is using to defend himself, he doesnt sound sincere about his innocence. I't must be very hard for him now though knowing that he will never be taken seriously again, oh the poor boy :(
2011-09-06 18:07
he didn't cheat against SK
2011-09-06 19:19
And by the way, if you get busted by the playzeek anti-cheat you deserve this ban. Everyone cheats there without getting cought. You should even get a ban for only playing there, only noobs play there.
2011-09-06 18:44
First of all I don't feel sorry now that i won vs zaider's team with protest. Secondly NO ONE IS TOP PLAYER IF HE EVER PLAYED WITH CHEAT
2011-09-06 19:38
2/4 of pro players already played with cheats :/
2011-09-06 20:55
So for me they are bots on hard then.
2011-09-06 20:57
But they still own 3/4 of the rest :o
2011-09-06 21:42
It's strange opinion. If someone chated when he was 13-16 yo (childhood - no brain) and now is a world-class player (f.e. Delpan) then he is still bot for you? He could beat you with a black band on his eyes but he still is a hard bot for you. Think of it.
2011-09-10 14:59
Well, I would like to see something more then just a facebook conversation, but if it's from reliable sources, then I guess it's decerved :)
2011-09-06 20:16
Good decision by XplayN. Cheats should not be tolerated in any way.
2011-09-06 20:24
they can play with sweden or finland teams like esc!
2011-09-06 21:55
Who wants to play with cheaters?
2011-09-06 23:44
congratulations, you guys deserve No.1 cheater from
2011-09-07 03:17
fucking cheating cunts go die in a fire, can't stand faggots that cheat in online competition.
2011-09-07 10:35
Denmark PEHZEN 
Ses noobs!
2011-09-07 10:36
Still zaidergoSu~ !
2011-09-07 14:22
and I thought we were free of cheaters ¬¬
2011-09-07 16:14
vedimak > zaider anyways
2011-09-07 17:06
Netherlands rajino 
dudes.. are you that stupid... 1. talk about it when esl wire is ON hahaha.. 2. i have to say that cant ban them for no prove. -> U ban someone if HE IS cheating AT THE MOMENT, not before he has done it or talks about it. He's is not cheating, he is just talking about it... so this is ridicolous tbfh... 3rd. he has ESL wire on + Custodia anticheat on screenshot 3. If he tried nor cheated in that match u would notice it between now and 1 month just like that vedimak guy right? because ESL wire uses 'ESL claim Grigorov was unveiled by new detecting methods that were added to the ESL Wire software recently'
2011-09-08 18:03
who was the whistle blower ???????????????? i didnt get that
2011-09-09 08:25
A real-life friend of moxxi's took the screenshots. SFM posted them, AFAIK.
2011-09-09 17:53
great decision dude..
2011-09-09 10:25
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