WSVG Louisville - Final standings

June 24th, 2007 14:09

Yes, WSVG Louisville is really over now. Delays plagued the event to some degree more or less the entire time. However ladies and gents (mostly gents), we now bring you the final results and standings.

Consolidation Final

Map Result
NiP SK Gaming de_dust28-16

Grand Final

Map Result
69N-28E SK Gaming de_inferno, de_train1-1

Since SK-Gaming came from lower bracket, they needed to win two maps over 69N-28E. SK-Gaming won inferno 16-13, but lost on train 16-4.

Final standings

1. 69N-28E - $13.500
2. SK Gaming - $9.000
3. NiP - $4.500
4. mousesports - $3.000
5.-6. Team Convention
5.-6. Turmoil
7.-8. Talent
7.-8. mugNmouse
9.-12. CheckSix
9.-12. Desire 2 Excel
9.-12. x3o
9.-12. eMazing Gaming
13.-16. Ascendence Gaming
13.-16. Phoenix Connection
13.-16. Dominion gaming
13.-16. Team 34

5 European teams attending, 5 European teams in top5... I like.. :P
2007-06-24 14:25
Hahaha :D Its awesome :D
2007-06-24 15:09
There's one european teasm on 9-12, but Europe > USA =)
2007-06-24 14:31
9.-12. Desire 2 Excel it's USA team :PPPP
2007-06-24 14:49
Ya, shell is a nub..
2007-06-24 14:56
Denmark shell 
I know, it was a typo.
2007-06-24 15:25
ok ok :D
2007-06-24 16:37
Turmoil and Talent will be the USA representatives at the ESWC Finals!!!
2007-06-24 15:26
lol Europe came to USA and just raped them!
2007-06-24 16:02
America suxxx???:D If Team 3d played they had won
2007-06-24 17:24
3D plays Source... Source suxx... so Team 3D suxx... and as all the former top teams play CS:S... america suxx... It´s that easy.
2007-06-24 17:30
Haha, no .. 3D sucked even when they did play 1.6 compared to EU teams.
2007-06-24 18:51
I wouldn't go around saying America sucks just because the yankee suck. I'm sure MIBR or EG would've reached higher if they had attended the event. Damn them yanks for trying to claim the whole American continent.
2007-06-24 20:44
Europe dominating :O 69N on fire, must be their energy elixer!
2007-06-24 21:04
i wonder.. next year.. how many EU teams are going to be invited?
2007-06-24 21:49
I doubt there will be a next year for Counter-Strike 1.6. Enjoy ESWC, WEG Masters and WCG this year
2007-06-26 09:58
epic win for SK
2007-06-24 22:32
stupid north americans, Jason Lake changed compLexity to source just because they want to win easy money, all the team members played CS 1.6, and, if they continue to play 1.6, with zet and ramb0, they would be a strong team, but I think they like to play with noobs, just because the money... EU > USA mibr > Bush
2007-06-25 01:15
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