ave back to mTw for final NY qual.

Danny "zonic" Sørensen has on his facebook page revealed that mTw will play Sunday's final qualifier for the IEM6 Global Challenge New York with Alexander "ave" Holdt. This strengthens the possibility of Michael "Friis" Jørgensen linking up with fnatic.

An avalanche of rumors and guesses started yesterday, when the rumor popped about Harley "dsn" Örwall retiring and fnatic recruiting Michael "Friis" Jørgensen. Örwall's retirement was confirmed late Wednesday night, which confirmed half of the rumor.

On Danny "zonic" Sørensen's facebook page, as well as on his twitter account, the Dane yesterday posted: "Dead legend back in business!!!! <3". In a reply to his fans on facebook, Sørensen went on to state that mTw will play Sunday's final qualifier for the IEM6 Global Challenge New York with Alexander "ave" Holdt.

Has Friis already sealed a deal with fnatic?

This strengthens the possibility of fnatic snaring Michael "Friis" Jørgensen from mTw. We are awaiting updates from both sides, to see what the future holds for Denmark's best team, as well as for fnatic who are to find a replacement for Örwall.

yay for ave !
2011-09-08 12:05
yay! I think hpx is the dead legend
2011-09-08 12:53
or meybe sunde / mje / whimp?
2011-09-08 14:31
off all that I have seen that people are trying to guess I hope for sunde!
2011-09-08 18:52
not gonna be sunde from zonic's facebook "Danny Sørensen Hehe Furqan, sorry but I dont think that is likely :("
2011-09-08 18:53
"Furqan" ?
2011-09-08 19:07
i have no clue what that means lol just what he said got it from his facebook
2011-09-08 19:10
He's (Zonic) obviously replying to someone named Furqan, who, presumably, asked if sunde would return.
2011-09-08 23:52
ok but i wasn't the one asking that would be Neal and he asked me what that means not if he was talking to someone and i told him :)
2011-09-09 00:24
Friis Low , ave is pr0 :)
2011-09-08 13:06
2011-09-08 13:07
2011-09-08 13:07
Friss is exelent primary awp and very good with all other weapons
2011-09-08 14:05
why is so many people calling Friis for Friss?... is it a mistake or is there a reason? :)
2011-09-08 18:41
mistake :)
2011-09-08 20:26
No, you low, friis owns you whenever you want;(
2011-09-08 14:49
2011-09-08 17:50
14 year old logic.
2011-09-08 18:47
2011-09-08 20:44
Just sayin', at your age, what are you doin' on a cs community, you shouldn't be afraid of your family or something for your age? Or you're just another retarded person that lies about his age?
2011-09-08 21:14
it's the default age here at hltv.org; i just didn't bother changing it yet. once again, 14 year old logic.
2011-09-08 22:25
the typical swedish wannabe, aren't you?
2011-09-08 21:18
what? i am swedish, how can i be a wannabe?
2011-09-08 22:25
2011-09-08 16:13
hahahah - 10000000000
2011-09-08 16:18
why u fakenick noob?
2011-09-08 16:25
Friis beast!
2011-09-08 20:44
sick comment
2011-09-09 07:54
yeah!! avenger
2011-09-08 20:40
This will be temporary :/
2011-09-08 12:05
I believe so too, by the look of what zonic wrote, someone else is coming and they are just using ave temporary.
2011-09-08 12:17
maybe whimp or sunde? would be amazing to see those players again! :)
2011-09-08 12:19
i think it is sunde because he is back from usa but i'm not sure :)
2011-09-08 12:39
he has been back in long time? if you are thinking about his world trip.
2011-09-08 13:11
i think if my memory is good and i saw this in his last interview : Sunde said: "I can not give a direct answer about whether I will stop professional gaming in Counter Strike. It is obvious that now I need to find another occupation, but my passion for CS will never fade away. I can not even assume what awaits me in the future, but if I offered to play again, without any doubt, I will accept the offer”.
2011-09-08 13:47
okay okay :) havent read that one.
2011-09-08 13:53
2011-09-08 14:39
I think it will be Sunde or mJe for sure, or MAYBE even ave will "come back".
2011-09-08 14:59
Rofl @ ave wil come bk =))
2011-09-08 15:37
Nothing is for sure yet.
2011-09-08 18:46
probably just for this qual, but good news :D
2011-09-08 12:06
some info about millicua accident pls!
2011-09-08 12:06
wow, what happened? :/
2011-09-08 12:13
nothing, only a nerd who posted something saying he died.
2011-09-08 12:54
Tunisia KJou
+1 .... it's Fake :D !
2011-09-08 18:26
who's millicua ?
2011-09-08 15:35
x6tence's player
2011-09-08 16:03
2011-09-08 12:06
dllninja fit 4rivals :) :)_)
2011-09-08 12:06
2011-09-08 12:07
:) come back for forever
2011-09-08 12:07
We know now who is the dead legend and who is going in fnatic.
2011-09-08 12:11
this new in particular says nothing about both doubts
2011-09-08 12:16
you meant to say it confirms nothing, because it definitly says alot, some major rumors about friis and a "unknown" legend back in buisness, even though unconfirmed, it reveals alot.
2011-09-08 14:18
Yeah this indefinately confirms it :)
2011-09-08 12:08
ave is not the dead legend. It will be Sunde, MJE or whimp I think.
2011-09-08 12:22
sunde already comeback, thats why he's not dead legend
2011-09-08 16:03
Not really no, I doubt that the dead legend is ave, it would be stupid, he stopped only 10 days.
2011-09-08 17:28
If sunde will be back he will be like the other players that got back you got zet,snajdan for example ave in the other hand stopped for a short time and will be back with a greater motivation..
2011-09-08 17:46
Oh yeah, ave stops 10 days and he backs with a greater motivation...of course. So, why did he stop ? They just take him back till they find someone else.
2011-09-08 17:51
well good for mTw, it's not like ave has lost his touch already ;p (quite the opposite in fact, seeing his recent tournament displays, freeing him up from the IGL role really allowed him to step up his individual game)
2011-09-08 12:07
What does Friis doing omg ?
2011-09-08 12:08
well correct me if m wrong... trace and Friis do not like each other... so no chance that they will play together... Friis moves to fnatic for this reason? coz i never saw a player moving to a team which is at rocks then his present team..
2011-09-08 12:08
yes.. and friis is known as a clan hopper :)
2011-09-08 17:44
they used to play together in SoA.. what happened b/w the two and they cant stand each other?
2011-09-09 05:57
it was back then they diden get along... thats why many ppl hoped they had left that behind them... but it dont seem so
2011-09-09 08:12
yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssss !! <3
2011-09-08 12:10
I think Friis will move to fnatic.
2011-09-08 12:11
2011-09-11 06:19
This showed us how MTW is well organized team and every member of it is respectful, friendly and pretty consistant. Nice to hear this, good choice ave! Go there and help your friends (teammates) when they need you. Good luck mTw, you're the team everybody enjoys watching it. So unpredicted team, could beat any team anytime. You know how's your chemistry workin and we all believe in you, really. Looking forward to watch mTw in full form. Goodluck!
2011-09-08 12:17
i almost cried...
2011-09-08 15:38
pfffff... mtw need a awp
2011-09-08 12:14
Japan mainz
yea but it only cost 4750 so they should be able to buy it after 2 rounds..
2011-09-08 13:10
2011-09-08 14:02
How old are you?
2011-09-08 14:44
haha :D
2011-09-08 15:10
2011-09-08 15:39
you made my day
2011-09-08 17:30
Awesome dude =))
2011-09-09 00:24
2011-09-09 12:07
2011-09-08 12:15
I love how ALL ppl think that the dgl vs navi was like THE BEST THING HE EVER DID:D plzz... he have maked a LOT of good stuff in many years..
2011-09-08 13:14
Who is the deagle legend?
2011-09-08 13:38
hahaha n1 :D
2011-09-08 17:30
I wasn't joking, Im sincere. I don't know who that is, would you please care to tell me?
2011-09-08 19:59
2011-09-08 22:25
ty :)
2011-09-08 23:07
it's for the same reason people think walle 1on5 vs pentagram is special..
2011-09-08 14:07
it was indeed very special. Not saying it's best thing he ever did but that 1on5 was special. What's wrong with loving some actions legends did ?
2011-09-08 15:41
I love the fact that someone would catch on to that. The clip is fameous because of the commentating and the fact that it was on stream. FACT. But the ace itself is not that spectacular. There have been many 1on5 wins, that is by NO MEANS the best 1on5 ace from a big lan match. Or yes, it is, but only because of the commentating.
2011-09-08 17:46
WCG Final both of them in case you missed the whole point . . .
2011-09-08 17:53
"Not saying it's best thing he ever did but that 1on5 was special" Can you read ? I said it wasn't the best one but it was SPECIAL, because it was stream, wcg final, commentators...
2011-09-08 18:00
read my 2 posts. they imply exactly what you are saying now, i don't see the problem
2011-09-08 18:22
Looking at your 2nd post, you seem to think i said it was the best, that's what I replied too. And btw, they can't imply what i'm saying now since I said it was special and u said it wasn't.
2011-09-08 18:26
the fact that it is special to a lot of people makes it special. Thus i'm not saying it isn't special: i'm just addressing as to why it is special, comparing it to aves deagle clip. i LOVE all clips with commentating (moto 1on4, walle 1on5, zonic 1on5, ave, spawns ninja, these i remember best) but i know that it's the fact that there was commentating that makes it special. It is still special, but in a different way.
2011-09-08 19:07
alright now i see what you meant. So we both agree then :)
2011-09-08 20:41
nobody says it's the best thing he ever did wtf ? He's just saying he's a deagle legend, meaning he owns with deagle which is true and he showed it several times. His 3 oneshots against Na'Vi are just the peak of it.
2011-09-08 15:40
How did you know that i said this according to the his 1v3 vs navi?
2011-09-08 18:31
cuZ all does it..
2011-09-08 19:02
tears in my eyes...
2011-09-08 12:16
This is a very weird situation. They lost an ave that was in the shape of his life and now he's back, which is good. But they got a Friis that is an AWPer of highclass and that could let trace rifle more, and now they lost Friis. Everyone was hoping for someone else like mJe, Sunde, KK etc. but ave coming back to mTw is not bad at all. But what I can't understand is why would they bring in Friis in the first place just so he would leave? If he joins fnatic then it's a win-on-win situation in my opinion because everybody gets a good player in their respective team. But I believe that they will use ave just temporary and that someone else will join mTw, by the look of what zonic wrote this will be just temporary.
2011-09-08 12:19
some problems you can't predict: it just happens.
2011-09-08 12:22
That's very true.
2011-09-08 15:01
Since I like mTw I hope they wont fuck up with ave like fnatic did to pita.
2011-09-08 14:22
Yeah but the problem with pita was that they kicked pita and then wanted him back. Ave "quit" CS to focus on school.
2011-09-08 15:01
Since we cant look more into this situation lets think a little about ave making favor for his team to get a gold with Friss. If his place in team is temporary it would be so painful for him to play here with that on mind. :(
2011-09-08 15:52
Yeah. Maybe he thinks that he will be their 5th player and he plays his ass of and in the end it comes down to that he isn't the player, that's whacked.
2011-09-08 18:48
how do you know that ave is "the dead legend" ?
2011-09-08 17:32
I don't and I never said that.
2011-09-08 18:49
fnatic will sign Friis later this week and present him monday as official player and ave will only be a temporary stand-in...possibly Sunde will return later this year. A dutch eSports gossip website contacted someone high of ranking inside the mTw orga who confirmed all of this. they were also 1 hour faster than hltv.org with the scoop...they will post a telephone conversation later this day! use Google translate: akortrush.nl/2011/09/scoop-fnatic-met-fr..
2011-09-08 12:17
impressive being faster than hltv.org once, how many times have rakaka.se been the first to post something? hundreds of times!
2011-09-08 14:05
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
I'm confused
2011-09-08 12:21
2011-09-08 12:28
dk mord4r :(
2011-09-08 12:35
don't think morf4r is good enough
2011-09-08 12:56
Old legend who recently played with KK on some event.
2011-09-08 12:58
kk and morf plays all the time... at slap live (lans) but never serius and they are not good enough for the top
2011-09-08 17:48
2011-09-08 12:29
blaq | 
Denmark Enk3lt
"Ave retires" they say and now "Ave is back" -.-'
2011-09-08 12:33
he is not really back. friis didnt work out and ave will stand-in while mTw doesnt confirm their 5th
2011-09-08 12:35
pasha worked out...
2011-09-08 14:42
made my day
2011-09-11 06:20
next new dsn joins fnatic for NY qualifier gl ave :)
2011-09-08 12:36
2011-09-08 12:42
indeed , would be funny :))
2011-09-08 13:53
2011-09-08 14:16
India h8or
Hpx the dead legend
2011-09-08 12:41
blaq | 
Denmark Enk3lt
Hpx have pracced a little with them i've heard from a near friend ;)
2011-09-08 12:44
India h8or
Would be sweet if he comes back isnt it? He was so awesome.
2011-09-08 12:47
read his facebook. he clearly says that ave is temporary for the qualifier and that it will be announced whats going to happen afterwards!
2011-09-08 12:43
yeaaaaaaaaah!!! gl ave!!!
2011-09-08 12:44
2011-09-08 12:55
Take it easy. Thank you.
2012-10-27 06:19
You are going to be banned.
2012-10-27 06:26
why? he told to hltv.org to STFU "Shut The FUck Up", im just telling him to calm down.
2012-10-27 06:29
i think heaton or bear grylls
2011-09-08 12:57
fnatic will be good with a master awp like friis
2011-09-08 12:56
fnatic started training with Friis, so mTw had to pick one guy to win NY qual = Ave. The 'legend' guy @ zonic fb = Sunde as i remember atm he's in the USA and will join to mTw later on, anyway gl.
2011-09-08 12:58
Japan mainz
hes in usa?
2011-09-08 13:02
Ya, but im not sure if he's still chillin' out there, so don't take it too srsly.
2011-09-08 13:10
Japan mainz
okay then :)
2011-09-08 13:11
sunde just back from the usa so there is a lot of chance that he will be the last mtw
2011-09-08 14:40
friss > hpx
2011-09-08 12:58
Japan mainz
always nice to se ave a last time <3 I hope for sunde/hpx/mje
2011-09-08 13:01
Friis is beast with big green gun, but they will not attend to WCG Will be interesting to see Whimp/Sunde back in mTw
2011-09-08 13:02
nice ave
2011-09-08 13:04
Danny Sørensen I would like to share the info with you guys! So you are the first to hear actually! Ave will be back to play the NY qualifier on sunday, and after that we will have to discuss what will happen :) Thanks for the support!!!!!
2011-09-08 13:09
SK snaring players from fnatic - BAD ORGA!!! fnatic snaring players from mTw - Good move! Oh boy. Anyway, gl in fnatic friis and awesome to see ave back even if its only for this
2011-09-08 13:12
what do you know about this deal? i doubt fnatic stole friis from mtw if he had a contract. which is what sk did, delpan is the one who did wrong in this situation though since he was the player under contract.
2011-09-08 14:07
What do you know about SK-fnatic situation? I mean noone steals a player just like that obviously wasnt talking about delpan, only gtr and f0rest. Delpan case is one of a kind and i really doubt things went exactly like fnatic staff says.
2011-09-08 14:18
I think there were chemistry problems between Friss and trace.
2011-09-08 14:26
ave please stay,you are danish CS
2011-09-08 13:13
När vi kontaktade cArn för en kommentar blev det dock få väl valda ord som indikerar att ryktena är falska. – Dom har god fantasi ;), skriver cArn till Fragbite. When we contacted carn for a comment was, however, few well-chosen words that indicate that the rumors are false. - They have a good imagination;), writes carn to Fragbite.
2011-09-08 13:15
Japan mainz
about the friis thing or what?
2011-09-08 13:20
2011-09-08 13:27
Japan mainz
yea okay tnx :)
2011-09-08 13:43
mtw > fnatic Friss >= ave strange decision
2011-09-08 13:25
mtw > fnatic sunde > friis sunde is the last player, ave is just a last for one match
2011-09-08 14:41
maybe in 2008 bro for sure not now :)
2011-09-08 15:21
same now you will see, when you will play with him ;)
2011-09-08 15:32
2011-09-08 13:28
dunno waz going on here
2011-09-08 13:28
2011-09-08 13:32
since i'm the fan of SK, i can't believe that one of my favorite players Friis, will join fnatic.
2011-09-08 13:36
Don't worry.Even if Friis joins fnatic,SK will steal him.
2011-09-08 15:46
"SK will steal him" Yeah, it's like if SK kidnap players from fnatic and jail them so they can't run away
2011-09-08 17:23
seriously man didn't knew people sometimes can be so dumb
2011-09-09 12:10
Who? :) Its not me that blames a organization of stealing players from another one, like if it wasn't the players choice...
2011-09-09 17:43
Of course I wasn't talking about you :)
2011-09-09 18:00
Furqan Chohan: Sunde will be back for sure :) come on danny say it :) 29 minutes ago Danny Sørensen: Hehe Furqan, sorry but I dont think that is likely :( 26 minutes ago Latest news.
2011-09-08 13:41
furqan chohan?
2011-09-09 12:11
Just some random guy on facebook.
2011-09-09 16:17
kinda rididculous if ave comes back already..
2011-09-08 13:45
they need a stand in for the tournament and if they want to win it he is their best choise
2011-09-08 14:10
yeah that i get. but i meant if he's going to join the team again permanently, then it's ridiculous.
2011-09-08 14:20
Why? :)
2011-09-08 17:23
friis SELL!
2011-09-08 13:59
AVE <3 jus do the best for r last days in the CS world : )
2011-09-08 14:05
could be sick to see mTw as zonic, trace, karrigan(igl), MJE, friis
2011-09-08 14:06
karrigan as igl is not realistic.
2011-09-08 18:36
What the fuck is this all about? friis and trace don't get along ? If not, zonic is making a stupid decision. cuz i guess ave will just make a temporary return. mTw needs a solid long-time top awper! Once again, I propose - arcadion + friis or Sunde back. Best solution for my mTw.
2011-09-08 14:08
trace didn't get a long with sunde neither so it's possible the same happend with friis
2011-09-08 14:14
do you know for a fact that it was trace that didnt get along with Sunde? when he left he just said that the team in itself didnt get along very well with each other, not specific that it was Sunde and trace that had problems with each other. if trace has problems with both Friis and Sunde, maybe it's his fault they're not winning any tournaments. maybe he's the social disturbed one - no matter how good he is at CS :>
2011-09-08 14:22
Then kick trace . I don't care how good he is. Sunde 08 > ALL
2011-09-08 14:30
I think you are wrong. Its looking like trace doesnt like raging and so much confident players like Sunde was. files.pixel.tv/podcast/489/inside-4793-f.. Look on reason why luq was removed from team sk-gaming.com/video/366128-NEO_1on1_13_e.. Counter strike is a game about chemistry. You cant stay together with people without great personalities. I hope you are getting my point.
2011-09-08 14:55
I just remembered an interview with Sunde and also some comments that suggested this but I have no reliable source to refer to
2011-09-08 14:59
friis is make wrong decision :F
2011-09-08 14:24
don't know why, but i hate multinational lineups. what about carn dream, wcg title? judging by his twitter, he prefers make advertising, rather than a training. sad.
2011-09-08 14:28
Carn gux pita xizt friis nice but THREAT niko MODDII Xizt Gux very nice!
2011-09-08 14:31
so confusing :O is he just a stand in or what ?
2011-09-08 14:37
no he is back only for one match an other player will take the 5 place, hope sunde ;)
2011-09-08 14:42
mee 2 ok ty :D
2011-09-08 14:49
"Dead legends back in business! <3". is it that Sunde :DD
2011-09-08 14:40
Furqan Chohan: Sunde will be back for sure :) come on danny say it :) 29 minutes ago Danny Sørensen: Hehe Furqan, sorry but I dont think that is likely :( 26 minutes ago
2011-09-08 14:44
i think i will not say the name of the five person before to be sure
2011-09-08 15:09
Sweden ShageN
+mJe (hopes)
2011-09-08 15:34
GL in fnatic Friis :)
2011-09-08 14:55
its so obvious that its KK but nobody else has mentioned it? very similiar player to what ave was, was IGL for the titans when they won eswc 2004 and he recently played again at the last danish event doesnt get any more obvious? edit: Sunde aint a dead legend, hes been playing ESL matches for the last 2 years
2011-09-08 14:57
i thought about him but i cant really see it happening. KK isnt anywhere near todays skill level im afraid.
2011-09-08 15:04
you know kk have played a lot og danish turnaments right?... allways with mates like morf etc so by the "fact" that i have played cs means he is aktiv agian?... please... many players play even when they retaire... they just dont pracc and play like they used to but i do belive that its mje comming back
2011-09-08 18:03
Nuggi / surraNga in for mTw !! Those 2 are beast with awp, too !
2011-09-08 14:54
suranga, ahahaha, ohohohho, eheheheeh, nice joke.
2011-09-08 15:39
I've heard that suranga is one of the best aimers from DK? Am I wrong, Danes?
2011-09-08 17:27
yes he is, but he states that he's a beast with awp too, but that's not entirely true...
2011-09-08 17:36
I watched a final between mTw (Sunde time) and line up consisting of friis, ArcadioN, warzoN, surraNga and karrigaN. During that match, it was surraNga who pwned Sunde & co hard with awp, and I was like "wow, there are 3 beast awps(friis, karrigaN and surraNga) who can challenge Sunde"
2011-09-09 03:56
so good move by mTw now they need to kick ArcadioN and bring Sunde whimp or karrigan... their call
2011-09-08 14:58
the dead legend?
2011-09-08 15:01
2011-09-08 15:02
- ave + markeloff And finally they will be able to beat NaVi even without friis
2011-09-08 15:08
Sweden ShageN
truth xD
2011-09-08 15:34
only other player it could be if its not KK is mje, then they would start winning their train matches against navi
2011-09-08 15:08
I told you to come back! :)
2011-09-08 15:13
and that's why...
2011-09-08 15:56
yes! :)
2011-09-08 16:31
this is is the dead legend ?
2011-09-08 15:19
I love their professionalism.
2011-09-08 15:26
lol :s
2011-09-08 15:29
Sweden ShageN
add MJE, if he can do both - work and playing
2011-09-08 15:35
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Hate to say it, but whimp, mje and sunde would all actually flop if they came back to cs. Look at Snajdan and zet, can barely keep a top5 Sweden team going.
2011-09-08 15:36
2011-09-08 16:08
gl Ave:)
2011-09-08 16:28
If its Friis' decision to leave mTw for fnatic then he's an idiot, and if its mTw's decision to replace Friis then they're idiots.
2011-09-08 16:30
well put =))
2011-09-08 16:40
welcome back
2011-09-08 16:40
Cool ave is one of my favourite IGL but, friis is 99% in fnatic with this move. And they will lose friis maybe 4ever,and how long will ave play :/ Only solution they have if ave quit cs after NY ist to sign karrigan,and then they will got a strong competative team in my opinion
2011-09-08 16:53
Sweden cnzTT
2011-09-08 17:27
Friis + kalle to fnatic!
2011-09-08 17:33
haha ! lol. i think he will quit cs after the IEM6 Global. friis stays in mtw
2011-09-08 17:34
Remember my words ? ''ave will come back soon'' ;)
2011-09-08 18:13
xplayn.com/398?newsId=8033 danish interview where zonic says friis is joining fantic and that mtw might have to fine a new orga if they cant find a 5. man
2011-09-08 18:23
Friis to fnatic, and mTw WHAT ?:s
2011-09-08 19:00
Japan mainz
mTw have to find a new organisation if they cant find a 5th player soon
2011-09-09 08:10
Friis has choosen Fnatic instead of mTw..... From a solid top3 team in the world to a solid top 5-10 team....
2011-09-08 18:25
friis goes to fnatic .after a year or so robban goes down and SK will sign Friis. this is how it goes. ;)
2011-09-08 18:25
+1, good point :D Xizt too
2011-09-08 18:32
I don't get it... Friis actually let down an amazing team he had just joined to go to fnatic which have been failing at every event and will fail even more now that one of their best players has left ? mTw could have been amazing with Friis, but he won't make much of a difference in fnatic I'm afraid, it really is a poor move.
2011-09-08 18:35
2011-09-09 00:45
2011-09-08 18:39
zonic confirmed his move to fnatic... gg friis
2011-09-08 18:41
hpx was "mTw's" awper before Sunde, and he was quite good with it. I dont think he'd be on todays toplevel, but he could get there with dedication. However, I dont see how mTw's lineup could be better than the one with Friis. Too bad they had problems. I guess karrigan joining would be a little weaker, but he isnt a dead legend, so the best lineup with a dead legend would have to include whiMp. Also, bad move for fnatic, they wont be able to play WCG.
2011-09-08 18:43
+sunde -arcadion ave igl mtw success
2011-09-08 18:45
+karrigan - arcadion ave igl
2011-09-08 19:42
XplayN have confirmed Friis in fnatic
2011-09-08 18:51
why friis, he doesnt even speak swedish,, how will they communicate?
2011-09-08 18:52
norwegian/swedish/danish is very similar
2011-09-08 19:01
mje back plz:)
2011-09-08 19:10
gl aveeeEEE :D:D
2011-09-08 19:23
To hell with that idiot Friis. Now I'll laugh when he's being knifed against pro teams. You had a chance to do big damage and you let it go to waste.
2011-09-08 19:24
ave is a freaking legend, looking forward to see mtw play with him again :)
2011-09-08 19:27
Friis traitor!
2011-09-08 19:29
good job Friis
2011-09-08 19:40
Shame on him. He lost his only chance to dominate the cs scene for more money :s
2011-09-08 19:43
true, that was such a killer line up...
2011-09-08 20:23
Maybe mTw didn't want to play with him,so he chose fnatic. just google translated danish i-view,he left for better salary. *facepalm*
2011-09-08 20:27
wow @ that interview, Friis is a fkn moron
2011-09-08 20:50
Edward returns
2011-09-08 21:14
vedimak'll be back
2011-09-08 21:17
thats just stupid friis..
2011-09-08 22:24
Brazil Kohzito
back sunde... or whimp
2011-09-08 22:25
Welcome back ave
2011-09-08 22:41
glgl AVE!! Old Legend MJE?:D
2011-09-08 22:42
-Friss +hpx or Sunde, - arcadion + ave
2011-09-08 22:42
2011-09-09 06:15
i must ask why is there a dot on the end of the title?:D
2011-09-08 22:44
abbreviation for qualifier
2011-09-08 23:45
oh lol i thought i read qualifier :/ seriously was a lot sleepy :D
2011-09-09 16:15
latest rumors is that karrigan is gonna join mTw but ave is gonna play this qualifier because karrigans contract with mouz doesn't expire until next month or something
2011-09-08 23:23
Japan mainz
2011-09-09 08:15
fragbites blog, don't know where they've gotten the info from though
2011-09-09 09:33
2011-09-08 23:55
It's a huge shame. I really wanted to see mTw have a shot at it, but this way, I don't see a good road for anyone. Fnatic makes less sense than mTw, and the ladder team is now on the ropes. My hope is that karrigan joins mTw, leaving Mousesports with an open spot that would potentially be easier to fill.
2011-09-09 00:24
2011-09-09 00:56
ave cezare
2011-09-09 01:01
yes! gl ave!
2011-09-09 02:54
2011-09-09 06:56
SUNDE gogo kk!
2011-09-09 08:18
Sunde awp crazy
2011-09-09 08:19
its gonabe MJe
2011-09-09 09:05
I hope its Ave ^^ he's a good player and been my favorite player for years. but if its sunde i'll still clap my hands together for the team!
2011-09-09 10:14
haha just like I said in friis fnatic news.. i am professional :) It is good to see him back again helping his friends out!!! gogo ave !
2011-09-09 11:06
friis will play for mtw
2011-09-09 11:06
Gogo,more international teams,would be interesting.
2011-09-09 16:52
just for IEM6 GCNY ?
2011-09-09 18:49
the trace/mJe combo would be sick, although taking in sunde would be crucial as well. hope ave plays a lot before the iem qualifier and shines one last time. plus, i think fnatic will be a serious threat again with friis.
2011-09-09 20:25
2011-09-09 22:25
i think Sunde is back :)
2011-09-11 06:22
This will be more exciting. Good luck Friis for joining Fnatic.. Welcome back ave in mTw ;)
2011-09-12 12:36
Nice :D
2011-09-13 19:07
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