WinFakt bring in jigetus for plastE

Just moments after defeating Alternate in the IEM GC New York qualifier, WinFakt has announced that Samu "plastE" Aalto will be stepping down to backup player, and Jirka "jigetus" Ryhti will be taking his spot in the starting roster.

Back in July, we announced the Finnish team as paistit, since then they have played as ROCCAT before finally joining up with WinFakt. Through all these changes, the team has kept the same lineup until now. Aalto had the following statement to give on the team's website regarding his reasons for the change:

"The last six months or so I haven't felt that motivated to play and practice and I'm sure everyone has noticed it from my performances. I still want to play CS especially as I feel like I've started playing better individually again after e-Stars, but with the amount of events that are coming up in the next few months and my current situation in real life, I'm not able to practice as much as the rest of the team wants to and I don't want to be the one weighing everyone down, so I will step down to being inactive."

plastE from WinFakt

plastE will now have to look on from the side lines.

Team captain, Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen had the following words to say about his long term friend and teammate Aalto:

"It's a sad day as we all really enjoy playing with Samu and we've had a blast at these last two trips in Kiev and Seoul but unfortunately as he said he doesn't have enough free time right now to practice as much as the rest of the team wants to so he offered to go inactive and for us to play with someone else. That's what a real friend and a teammate does and although we all wanted to play with him, we're happy to welcome jigetus to our team and are eager to start practicing with him for the upcoming events and see how good we can become with him onboard. You will first see us in action on Sunday in the final qualifier for IEM Global Challenge in New York."

Ryhti will make his debut for WinFakt this coming Sunday in the final qualifier for the IEM GC New York. There WinFakt will look to add another Global Challenge qualification to their rapidly growing list of achievements. 

WinFakt now boast:

Finland Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen
Finland Niko "naSu" Kovanen
Finland Kimmo "BASiC" Fagerholm
Finland Timi "aslak" Verkkoperä
Finland Jirka "Jigetus" Ryhti

Finland Samu "plastE" Aalto (backup) will be covering the final IEM GC New York qualifier, as well as WinFakt's next LAN appearance in for the IEM GC Guangzhou, China.

2011-09-08 23:53
jigetus = forest
2011-09-09 18:45
cool story bro
2011-09-09 18:46
its true !
2011-09-09 18:46
...why are you answering yourself
2011-09-09 18:52
hahahahha xD
2011-09-10 04:57
2011-09-29 18:52
cogu > aslak
2011-09-10 00:34
you miss the point
2011-09-14 02:41
<3 this team
2011-09-08 23:54
2011-09-10 17:25
nice player sad for paisit :(
2011-09-08 23:54
2011-09-09 09:29
nice <3 BASiC
2011-09-08 23:55
Good luck jigetus, sad that plaste lost his motivation tho..
2011-09-08 23:56
Denmark Saiya_7
read ! its not mottivation its lack of time.
2011-09-09 00:15
The last six months or so I haven't felt that motivated to play and practice and I'm sure everyone has noticed it from my performances.
2011-09-09 00:41
its the combination i think, that is just too much for ateam of such calibre and ambition.
2011-09-09 01:25
his head is just too big for CS pro scene
2011-09-09 02:00
2011-09-09 02:30
fuuuck off. you fucking idiot. trolling everywhere. BAN him from Nix0n. you just fucking 1337 troll.
2011-09-09 03:05
2011-09-09 12:38
Of course you are angry cuz he raped alternate yesterday :)
2011-09-09 19:54
made me lol :)
2011-09-10 18:54
I think you should read it again.
2011-09-09 15:00
wooooooooot, plastE played awesome tonight
2011-09-08 23:55
Yeah, he ruined alternate, so this news is quite Oo Kapio played well aswell.
2011-09-09 05:20
N4j | 
Germany N4j
wow... lmao... I called this weeks ago! I'm so happy. Jigetus my favorite findland player!
2011-09-08 23:55
amazing <3 jigetus, rising star!
2011-09-08 23:55
AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE BEST TEAM EVER jigetus, basic, aslak, lurppis, naSu!!! dudeee!!!!
2011-09-08 23:57
2011-09-08 23:56
Estonia TehkarN
2011-09-08 23:56
jigetus is great player nice change! :D
2011-09-08 23:56
nice pick :)
2011-09-08 23:57
ain't that a Finnish dreamteam now? gl
2011-09-08 23:57
yeah, perfect lineup
2011-09-08 23:59
what about allu, Freon?
2011-09-09 00:20
rofl, and who would they replace?
2011-09-09 00:25
-BASiC, lurppis +allu, FreoN
2011-09-09 00:47
"english lessons is an art"
2011-09-09 05:22
Congratulations, you fell for the most obvious 'troll' in history.
2011-09-09 08:21
"english lessons are an art"
2011-09-09 17:20
instead of?
2011-09-09 00:25
H^N missing
2011-09-09 00:29
aslak is a bit of a better AWP player than H^N good player, tho
2011-09-09 00:46
2011-09-09 08:02
Yeah, lol (?)
2011-09-09 23:51
maybe but H^N is like dsn but anyways he is wery good with awp
2011-09-09 12:58
but H^N is like dsn OK... I just hope you meant that his style is like dsn's, otherwise he's nowhere as good as old Harley.
2011-09-09 23:52
Yea I meant that :)
2011-09-10 16:44
hahha lol
2011-09-09 14:04
2011-09-09 23:52
So just find him :/
2011-09-09 17:23
2011-09-09 17:24
cant get any better, finland's finest
2011-09-08 23:57
2011-09-08 23:57
India h8or
Now this team can do some serious damage for sure.
2011-09-08 23:58
gl plaste in rl you were an amazing player
2011-09-08 23:58
this lineup is so sick :o, it could only get better with double awpers H^N and Aslak, to bad that H^N is in the army, this is a pretty sick lineup indeed, nasu since lurpis came cameback is playing much better. ps:As plaste said, he was underperforming latelly, when he was in Powergaming he was the best in their lineup without counting the time that BASiC was in powergaming.
2011-09-09 00:00
The finnish scene got to much wasted talented players... only 1 good team over there like the brazilian scene
2011-09-08 23:59
now they will destroy :)
2011-09-08 23:59
amazing sick line up!!
2011-09-08 23:59
yay !
2011-09-09 00:00
they are stronger now!
2011-09-09 00:01
They can't be stronger. GL aslak
2011-09-09 00:01
Jirka <3 king!!!!!! *-*
2011-09-09 00:02
Deadly line-up. aslak has been on fire lately, lurppis too and jigetus is always good. I think they can do some damage now.
2011-09-09 00:03
best finish player
2011-09-09 00:03
2011-09-09 00:04
OMG, sick, sick, sick! Looking forward to see them playing with this new lu!
2011-09-09 00:04
a lot of potential, hopefully he finds the motivation. gl WF!!!
2011-09-09 00:04
-nasu +H^N perfect team i guess :P anyway good move
2011-09-09 00:04
nasu is a GREAT entry fragger, he has been doing a nice job since lurppis cameback. Though H^N is in the army, so idk if he will be a good replacement (-nasu +H^N as u said).
2011-09-09 00:25
yes i know that H^N is in army but would be great imo
2011-09-09 00:37
I always liked "contE" and "plastE" cuz the "E" haha :) gl plaste in real life, gl winfakt and wc jigetus.
2011-09-09 00:04
at last, jigetus in WF
2011-09-09 00:05
Prolly the 5 best players in Finland atm. We could discuss about naSu, tho.
2011-09-09 00:05
nasu is one of the best entry fraggers.
2011-09-09 00:15
For me, those are the 5 best players in Finland. I stated that. But ofc, ppl are allowed to discuss whether naSu is in their top5 or not. The rest is simply outta discussion.
2011-09-09 00:19
fucking sick line up
2011-09-09 00:05
nice, good line!
2011-09-09 00:06
gl jige & basse.
2011-09-09 00:08
+allu :)
2011-09-09 00:08
Best lineup possible in Finland (while H^N is in the army of course, with him they might even reach the top of the world ;)).
2011-09-09 00:09
don't overestimate the guy ;)
2011-09-09 01:17
Real is my King!!!!
2011-09-09 07:25
2011-09-09 12:03
plaste beast :/
2011-09-09 00:09
nice :) gl
2011-09-09 00:10
This lineup will be destroying some good teams I guarantee that
2011-09-09 00:10
nice ;) roster
2011-09-09 00:10
<3 BASiC
2011-09-09 00:12
I'm so sorry for plastE, for me he is the best in Finland
2011-09-09 00:12
Sad to see plastE go as he is one of the best to come out of Finland. But at the same time finally jigetus has a chance to play in a team which really has a lot of potential, dedication and a good leader, I think they might have a shot to go far with this team.
2011-09-09 00:12
jigetus 2 movie is m motivation :D
2011-09-09 00:12
and keiz 3 movie is my motivation :D
2011-09-09 00:29
looking like best team @ Finland. GL. btw jige got really nice aim.
2011-09-09 00:15
So sick lu, hope to see them pwning at Sunday, gl guys
2011-09-09 00:17
2011-09-09 00:20
gl lurppis an team
2011-09-09 00:21
plastE is the best finnish player when he is in his best shape, hope jigetus can forget his internet player status and start showing his big games during lans. My favorite actual team along with eSA <3
2011-09-09 00:24
NO Z/;
2011-09-09 00:27
finally the best line-up possible in Finland! Love this team! GL
2011-09-09 00:29
Awesome team =D
2011-09-09 00:29
sick, potential top team.
2011-09-09 00:32
aslak, jiGetus, BaSiC the three biggest potential of Finland with the best in-game leader of their country, I hope they'll attend the big events.
2011-09-09 00:35
sry lurpiss ;/
2011-09-09 00:57
2011-09-09 00:36
Finland on the move, finally the light of 2008 still is shining for this country
2011-09-09 00:41
gl guys ! <3
2011-09-09 00:44
aw'som move
2011-09-09 00:45
plaste was a beast but jigetus is young and motivated who's probably a better player than plaste at this point now anyway, seriously sick lineup
2011-09-09 00:46
gl guys, great lineup
2011-09-09 00:49
Great line-up :) I even think this line-up has the potential to mess things up for SK/FX/Na'Vi/mTw
2011-09-09 00:55
Lets go boys !!! :)
2011-09-09 00:58
<3 this team!
2011-09-09 00:59
sad, felt like plastE was just getting back his form from the good old days. just look at todays game versus alternate, he was crazy. but jigetus aint a bad replacement either. will be interesting to see how they'll fare in future tournaments.
2011-09-09 00:59
2011-09-09 10:41
wOw, just amazing.
2011-09-09 01:00
Yugoslavia iksveili
awesome, top5 for sure :D
2011-09-09 01:03
2011-09-09 01:06
2011-09-09 01:08
best possible lineup in Finland -if ruuit is still inactive- GL guys !!!
2011-09-09 01:18
nicce, but plaste is sick player -nasu +plaste is better
2011-09-09 01:19
how old is plaste ?
2011-09-09 01:24
22 (-89)
2011-09-09 01:25
conte is excellent player too. i think -aslak +conte :D
2011-09-09 01:24
You must be joking, right?
2011-09-09 13:06
this team have so much potential and a huge teamplay (: , gl Winfakt
2011-09-09 01:25
Romania amt;D
allu , H^N,freon,plaste ,ruuit and Finland will have two strong teams :D.
2011-09-09 01:27
you forgot natu tihOp contE and some other good players
2011-09-09 06:11
Romania amt;D
Indeed I did that. :D
2011-09-09 12:20
unfortunately those 3 arent the same level anymore. if H^N can come back from the military and be anywhere near as good as he got he needs to be in this team! hope jigetus can get back to the beast he was. sick player
2011-09-09 18:35
jigetus is an awesome play, I love to watch him :)
2011-09-09 01:27
jigetus is really good player. good luck to him.
2011-09-09 01:29
lol plaste looks like 9 year old huehue
2011-09-09 01:30
+H^N = Sick lineup
2011-09-09 01:35
Awesome! And today's Jigetus birthday aswell! :D
2011-09-09 01:37
gj and goodluck plaste, yes the motivation is big problem for cs in a while.
2011-09-09 01:44
Freon > jigetus
2011-09-09 01:44
threat > basic
2011-09-09 01:48
snajdan > f0rest
2011-09-09 02:43
GOD > everybody
2011-09-09 06:21
Skrillex > GeT_RiGhT
2011-09-09 06:21
carn > neo
2011-09-09 11:37
2011-09-09 21:24
allu owned so much in soltec vs esc match.. first time I saw him playing.. r0x he plays a lot
2011-09-09 01:44
good luck jigetus and plaste
2011-09-09 01:48
lurpis nasu plaste ruuit conte (that was the best lineup they ever had....)
2011-09-09 01:52
plaste conte ruuit tihop kookas was my favourite!
2011-09-09 02:54
+1 ruuit DA KING !!!
2011-09-09 03:26
omg good good team we will see!!
2011-09-09 01:56
no plastE no WINfakt :c
2011-09-09 02:08
Portugal proutounz
go go go guys. This is nice :D
2011-09-09 02:22
jigetus onliner . jigetus = fury imho
2011-09-09 02:29
jigetus > fury
2011-09-09 03:35
i mean the "onliner" part . they are all onliner/moviemaker
2011-09-09 17:32
2011-09-14 02:40
I can't believe my eyes, not even one finnish guy saying "-x, +y". Imagine that this change was performed in any other country with only one main representant of their CS scene(eg Poland). Speechless!
2011-09-09 02:32
+x -y thing is totally pointless. Saying +x -y doesnt change their rosters. Let the teams do their own decisions.
2011-09-09 18:22
really nice team
2011-09-09 02:54
jigatus is amazing! plastE too :) gl winfakt gl lurpiss
2011-09-09 02:57
+ barrack, kuppi, shiri
2011-09-09 03:04
sad :(
2011-09-09 03:04
i think this is nice change of roster. jigetus is my fav player since 2010.
2011-09-09 03:07
I thought starix is you favorite player since 2010 :$
2011-09-09 03:41
dude you aren't good at trolling, give it up
2011-09-09 04:06
really good line up ! basic & jige & aslak new stars and tomi w0w
2011-09-09 05:00
sick line-up top1 world
2011-09-09 05:49
sad for the players who liked playing with plaste, and JIGETUS IS A FUCKING BEAST!!! TOP TEAM WITH SOME HARD PRACTICE!!!!
2011-09-09 06:09
best line up
2011-09-09 06:36
yeaaaaahhh this news make my day!
2011-09-09 06:54
2011-09-09 07:18
plastE the best wf player
2011-09-09 07:35
PlastE <3 but this lineup is good...
2011-09-09 07:40
2011-09-09 07:48
plaste <33 for ever in my heart
2011-09-09 07:57
Nice move =))
2011-09-09 08:08
nice news :) gl jigetus
2011-09-09 08:10
gl jigetus
2011-09-09 08:14
2011-09-09 08:19
Latvia GekonsCS
wht would be nicer -naSu +jigetus ;/
2011-09-09 08:34
2011-09-09 08:41
oh no =(
2011-09-09 08:34
if jigetus performs @lan as well like in inet, sk,navi, fx should be scared now :E
2011-09-09 08:38
yeah I know that he's a beast but still I'll miss plaste ;q
2011-09-09 08:40
2011-09-09 08:49
gl jikee!
2011-09-09 08:56
I never get bored watching this movie of jigetus
2011-09-09 10:43
damnit, first ruiit, then contE, and now plastE aswell, 3 of my fav players from the old roccat/inari days inactive :/
2011-09-09 09:18
indeed, gotta hope jigetus fits in and gets in shape fast
2011-09-09 15:39
yeah never saw too many matches of jigetus, I hope he is not less good than plastE but I doubt he will give winfakt a skillboost on short term. perhaps with the right dedication in the long term he can make the team better though :)
2011-09-09 15:41
Yeah, he sure has sick aim and style but completely different than plastE, and not much lan experience or against high skilled clans either. But I think he will get in there.
2011-09-09 16:43
let's wait n see :P
2011-09-10 15:52
I'm saying this with a high risk of getting trololol'd. jiGetus is one of the most skilled players in the world, reminds me of trace somehow. if he's been playing some CS lately (thus he might be in shape) he will be a superb addition.
2011-09-09 23:58
cool,I will be sure to keep an eye out for him next winfakt matches :)
2011-09-10 15:52
Well honestly as long as this team stays serious, they are indeed one of the strongest teams in the world and with hard work and motivation, they can easily be a constant top3 winner on events. Good luck.
2011-09-09 09:21
man this team has achieved so much in such lil time. always liked the finnish players (ex-roccat, dsky and 69n-48e). good luck!
2011-09-09 09:37
yyyyeaah its 69N - 28E
2011-09-09 11:31
my bad :D
2011-09-09 18:01
2011-09-09 09:50
2011-09-09 10:07
i dont understand plastE raped alternatew yesterday and now hes backing down?
2011-09-09 10:07
read the news carefully.
2011-09-09 10:35
Finnish teams have always reminded me a bunch of some sick skilled bastards that kinda underperformed on big events. I'd really want to see some suomi pwnin on the upcoming ESWC/WCG :D
2011-09-09 10:15
Sadly there was no wcg qualifier for 1.6 at finland this year :/
2011-09-09 11:14
so ur saing, they aint atending wcg bro?
2011-09-09 12:23
yeah. Finnish wcg organisation decided to send sc2, fifa and tekken players instead..
2011-09-09 13:39
WATAfkin waste of your national esport potential
2011-09-09 15:06
Everything sucks in Finland these days :)
2011-09-09 18:15
jigetus gl :)
2011-09-09 10:18
Happy birthday Jigetus, lol.
2011-09-09 10:37
so funny
2011-09-09 13:37
it's not a joke, today is his birthday.
2011-09-09 14:05
...? :P
2011-09-09 15:42
SillySeason 2.0
2011-09-09 10:47
nooooooooo T_T ,but jigetus is better.hope they win some tournaments
2011-09-09 10:53
lurppis ruuit basic aslak jigetus imo ! :D
2011-09-09 10:58
what about LEBARI-THE-KING roflamo they cant get contE he is the gr8est rager ever
2011-09-09 11:01
I agree :D I remember watching roccat/inari matches back then and he was raging like no other :D
2011-09-09 18:14
2011-09-09 11:02
Good luck plastE & jigetus.
2011-09-09 11:25
Best player in Finland history been replaced by best player in Finland of last two years, looks good if we are basing on shape but would be nice to see them together, anyway WinFakt get stronger;p
2011-09-09 11:36
best player in finnish history? he was up there but I would say ruiit, and contE #2
2011-09-09 15:42
Opinions are opinions.
2011-09-09 18:13
true! what's yours? :P
2011-09-10 15:50
I think plastE is alltime best from Finland. Ruuit 2. and contE 3. :)
2011-09-10 17:16
okay cool :P
2011-09-10 17:25
plastE is definitely one of the all time best players in finland. i respect his decision to step down and give room to another player with more time and motivation. gl
2011-09-09 11:47
Belgium v1ncNtt
Goodluck boys!!
2011-09-09 11:48
jigetus konjaaaaA:A:D:D:D:D
2011-09-09 11:51
Already long ago knew it ..
2011-09-09 12:01
see you later plastoisE
2011-09-09 12:07
love this team now though would like to have seem plaste stay in them :( lurppis aslak <3 basic jigetus <3 plaste :'( though nasu is still really good, he's just out classed by these 5 and couple more in finnish scene, in the top 10 just not in the top 5 gl winfakt <3
2011-09-09 12:25
nothing more to add +1
2011-09-09 12:57
this is good... cant wait to see them playing :))
2011-09-09 12:28
-jige +slegu
2011-09-09 12:31
jigetus NICE!!!!
2011-09-09 12:42
plastE n1 pistol player :)
2011-09-09 13:23
noo.. plastE was the best player in that team IMO. Good luck in future(poker) =D
2011-09-09 13:29
Good luck in the future. I have read that he makes shitloads of money by playing poker. EDIT : didnt mean to reply unef0is, miss click.
2011-09-09 13:41
niiiiceeeee jigetus gl
2011-09-09 13:46
gl,hopefully jigetus will be commited to this team,and they could become a top3 team.
2011-09-09 14:10
omg +natu , and when HN finishing in army?
2011-09-09 14:20
2011-09-09 14:22
this is so fucking good
2011-09-09 14:36
very bad............ plastE <3 amazing player
2011-09-09 14:43
:( i think jigetus is a god player, but i don't think he can preform at the same level as plaste :O pls prove me wrong jigetus!! plaste/ruuit is the 2 oldest, and best aimers from finland overall (my opinion ofc) :) i wounder how lone has lurppis, plaste, conte, ruuit and that oldschool crew played cs? ithink lurppis g0t famos @ 03/04 correct?
2011-09-09 15:04
sad for plaste..but gl jigutes
2011-09-09 15:26
2011-09-09 15:36
Needs a little more Ruuit!
2011-09-09 16:14
and now they will be unstoppable :)
2011-09-09 16:29
Their train will suffer from this, since plaste was one of the best players ever to hold the inner bombsite
2011-09-09 16:44
totally agree with you, interesting see who is going to replace plaste @ inner
2011-09-09 17:38
I bet its jigetus. Its most easiest way cuz then they dont need to change their positions and renew their holds.
2011-09-09 19:51
lurppis played inner quite well imo in EG when he just spotted to give fRoD time to back him up, and as far as I know jigetus has played at least occasionally inner also in some of his teams so I wouldn't really see it as a problem :)
2011-09-09 17:43
Not to sound like a fanboy and all but de_train is the strongest map for Jirka as well : )
2011-09-09 20:55
Jigetus is more like individual player,not like plaste,but hope it will be okay.
2011-09-09 17:00
2011-09-09 17:18
jigetus <3
2011-09-09 17:58
2011-09-09 19:04
Great move and the best line up for finish imo.... but will miss plastE.... Now I am expecting so much... ^_^
2011-09-09 22:13
aslak <3 best ppl today.
2011-09-10 00:28
really great line up !!
2011-09-10 16:13
gl dyyds
2011-09-11 19:54
2011-09-29 18:31
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