TyLoo, eFuture qualify for Guangzhou

The Chinese qualifier for the IEM6 Global Challenge Guangzhou has finished, with TyLoo and eFuture claiming the two spots for the $40,000 tournament.

Chinese teams entered the final stages of the qualifier for Guangzhou this weekend, as the teams would duke it out online to settle which two teams would represent China in the Global Challenge.

Finishing first in their group with three wins and a loss, TyLoo progressed to the semi-final. The surprise of the group was HiQi, who managed to win against TyLoo, which gave them the second place in the group. The organizers did however receive complaints about the team, which made them review demos. HiQi were later disqualified, as the admins found evidence which affirmed the complaints. This meant that eFuture was granted the second place in the group.

In the other group, teamwork finished in first place, while ESP followed in second. ESP would go up against TyLoo, a match TyLoo won easily; 16-2 on de_tuscan and 16-7 on de_inferno. teamwork went up against eFuture, which into three maps to determine the winner. eFuture managed to win the last map for an overall 2-1 victory.

This means that TyLoo and eFuture are now qualified for the IEM6 Global Challenge Guangzhou, where currently seven out of eight teams are determined:

Sweden fnatic Germany mousesports Finland WinFakt China TyLoo
Denmark Anexis Australia Immunity China eFuture

It is currently not known what will happen with the eighth spot, HLTV.org knows South Korean teams have been contacted, but have declined the invitation.

IEM6 Global Challenge Guangzhou will take place October 1-5 during Ani-Com & Games and will feature a $40,000 prize purse, as well as two spots for the IEM6 World Championship.

2011-09-18 14:41
2011-09-18 14:42
Top2 teams in China. Should be a very good event. :) P.S. You guys should check out the Savage pov against c63d. It was pretty sick, 32:4 :b
2011-09-18 14:42
top2 teams in china = top20 in europe = boring.
2011-09-18 15:04
sad but true
2011-09-18 15:04
I mean, TyLoo definitely aren't top20 in Europe, they are about top10~, I do agree though, that they aren't like the topteams in Europe, they really rarely get top3 in international tournaments, but they proved, that on any given day, they can beat any team. But they haven't proved, that they are a stable team, that can get top3 in international events ;)
2011-09-18 15:31
Can you find a HLTV demo of Savage vs c63d. Or POV if you can :D ?
2011-09-18 15:42
individual skill is always pretty much to be compared to the best euro players, but tacs/strategies usually lack imo :(
2011-09-18 17:14
Yeah :/
2011-09-18 17:17
do a movie :D
2011-09-18 18:37
What movie :D
2011-09-18 18:39
tyloo movie man !! what else !!
2011-09-18 19:34
hello~~ tyloo fans?? me too@! i m chinese..I‘m a little english~~ haha~~
2011-09-21 15:08
+1 you said very good!
2011-09-19 12:01
"China" and "Europe", omg o_O
2011-09-18 20:02
tyloo in top 20 lol? mby in top 5
2011-09-18 20:02
sure! sk, fx, navi, fnatic and TYLOO are you kidding me? winfakt, mouses, dts, k1ck and many others are better then tyloo
2011-09-18 21:44
2011-09-18 21:53
2011-09-19 04:12
2011-09-19 08:39
tyloo used to rape na'vi...
2011-09-19 19:01
your opinion. tyloo are a sick team with sick talent! i don't understand some people in hltv..
2011-09-18 23:52
lol tyloo top6 at least
2011-09-19 03:36
2011-09-19 04:13
I saw there was a one 4 frags per. round... so should i wait for a movie or no?)))
2011-09-18 15:46
Downloading >>>>>>>> :)
2011-09-18 15:50
check his pov vs efuture in the final on de_train , that was sick awping skill xD
2011-09-18 19:25
saw Savage's demo today total destruction man,love it..
2011-09-18 19:37
You know the CS in China(TianChao)!As a Pro player is very difficult! A word in China:you know!你懂的! wNv you are never leaving!Some day a team as you will come back!
2011-09-19 06:26
n1, gl mousesports!!! but i think WF will be hard this time, they have enough time to train with jigetu$
2011-09-18 14:44
2011-09-18 14:43
will the ex-WMF find a way to this tournament ?
2011-09-18 14:45
2011-09-18 14:45
eFuture line up?
2011-09-18 14:46
thanks mate
2011-09-18 18:26
HiQi lol..
2011-09-18 14:47
2011-09-18 14:47
whats the lineup for "eFuture"?
2011-09-18 14:47
2011-09-18 14:56
yeah, noticed.. thanks
2011-09-18 15:02
look #9
2011-09-18 15:39
Oh sorry, i didn't update it for a long time
2011-09-18 15:40
hiqi :D
2011-09-18 14:48
gl tylooo
2011-09-18 14:51
eFuture lineup GoodRifle ,bigun,xpy,space,richie
2011-09-18 14:53
will UMX.tw attend this tournament? I regarded they are better than eFuture:(
2011-09-18 14:56
UMX.TW has lost to HIQI at the Preliminary contest..
2011-09-19 08:40
haha HiQi
2011-09-18 14:57
HELP Any ESL match links for the qualifier? HELP
2011-09-18 14:57
Immunity FTW!!
2011-09-18 14:59
Any demos or POV from matches except Savage one?
2011-09-18 15:00
China cc1987163
zotob is ex-cnfrag ,why are u in Canada ? You are Chinese in Canada ?
2011-09-18 16:47
Its just a flag
2011-09-18 16:59
settled in Ca
2011-09-19 16:41
2011-09-19 16:07
2011-09-19 16:41
I would like to see new fnatic lineup against top5 teams but...
2011-09-18 15:09
how many spots this tournament has?
2011-09-18 15:10
You would know if you read the news.
2011-09-18 15:30
I can see only qualify topics for this tournament. You could write number of spots and then add "You would know if you read the news.", I think that could be the best anwer. ;)
2011-09-18 16:51
where currently seven out of eight teams are determined:
2011-09-18 16:59
This means that TyLoo and eFuture are now qualified for the IEM6 Global Challenge Guangzhou, where currently seven out of eight teams are determined: It is currently not known what will happen with the eighth spot, HLTV.org knows South Korean teams have been contacted, but have declined the invitation.
2011-09-18 16:59
ty, my bad =(
2011-09-18 18:00
gl fnatic
2011-09-18 15:13
fnatic will win this
2011-09-18 15:20
gogogoggogog tyLooooooooo
2011-09-18 15:27
nice, go tyloo!
2011-09-18 15:35
Hope for WF
2011-09-18 15:36
nice, actually shaping up to be an interesting tournament. who would've thought? nice to see the two best chinese teams together with immunity. three teams that you dont see much. and on top of that there really isnt any given winner in this tournament. to be honest anyone can win (maybe not iM :D) and it's gonna be interesting as hell to see which of these teams can claim their first international title in a very long while. glhf :)!
2011-09-18 15:38
I've always wante to see a tourney without teams such as Na'Vi, Fx, mTw and Sk :D I hope MOuz will pull this one of :)
2011-09-18 16:41
+, no really big favourite here, anxious to see who takes the cake :P
2011-09-18 17:16
2011-09-18 20:05
didnt iM take a map off finland at WCG a while back?
2011-09-19 04:33
Yes, back in WCG 2008 they beat Finland (nasu, natu etc.) 16-12 on inferno, and they were also winning 9-0 on nuke but choked and lost 2 > 1
2011-09-19 06:36
i know they can upset any of those teams. but they're really not good enough to take the whole tournament :)
2011-09-19 11:35
i bet on fnatic or winfakt
2011-09-18 15:38
I bet for fnatic but hoping for MOuz :D
2011-09-18 16:41
fnatic will take this tour! :D
2011-09-18 15:38
sad that top4 is missing (fx,navi,sk,mtw)
2011-09-18 16:02
why aren't they playing ?
2011-09-18 19:26
because this is one qualifier, SK and others are in IEM NY i guess :s
2011-09-18 19:59
btw IEM NY looks better... anyway interesting event
2011-09-18 16:09
2011-09-18 16:30
2011-09-18 17:05
I miss TyLoo old lineup
2011-09-18 17:14
yeah goodrifle should never have left them :<
2011-09-18 17:16
yeap, he is just awesome x.x and tyloo.raw was good too.
2011-09-18 17:17
gl ofcourse, but i think they will loose again at the first matches... final fnatic / mousesports
2011-09-18 17:17
Line up ESP and teamwork plz?
2011-09-18 17:49
2011-09-18 20:09
2011-09-18 20:42
gl new fnatic lineup
2011-09-18 17:54
definitely the best two teams in china, hopefully they can do well.
2011-09-18 20:05
OMG nice. Wonder who is 8'th.
2011-09-18 20:07
Poland dalaylama
GO GO TyLoo !
2011-09-18 22:21
&#22825;&#31108;&#22909;&#26679;&#30340;&#65281;TyLoo is good!
2011-09-19 06:21
I cant wait for this event, for the people who dont think iM are good, you need to remember for the last 3 WCG's they've played they have always been in the group of death and have managed to put up some decent results. I wouldnt be surprised to see them finish in the top 3 assuming they are taking this comp seriously.
2011-09-19 06:40
good post ^^
2011-09-20 05:59
In China's professional playing games, is difficult&#65292;their team is not easy&#65292;Cs1.6 in China has been difficult to find new players&#65292;All play any other shooter game,for example:csol&#65292;cf&#65292; tyloo were involved in the go4csol
2011-09-19 11:40
tyloo shi jie di yi ni men kan zhe ba ! haha ! tyloo is good!
2011-09-19 12:03
lao di ni niu bi hhah
2011-09-20 05:51
this is an international site>hhaha
2011-09-20 05:53
according to aim, china top1 (tyloo) = europe top1. Europeans have better strats, thats about it. Gold medal for aimers (atleast for the last 3 years) goes to china
2011-09-19 13:13
I think the last spot should go to project_kr or another European team (mouz, since they finished 4th in EU qual), because other Korean teams are way below in skill level.
2011-09-19 16:05
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