Groups for IEM6 GC New York drawn

Groups for the IEM6 Global Challenge to be held in New York City on October 13-16 have been announced. The tournament will feature a total of four teams from the Americas, three from Europe and one from India.

The American qualifiers were held quite a while back and we saw the recent ESEA champions, Evil Geniuses taking the top place after defeating Backfire in the finals. Third team to qualify was Temporary, which is a relatively new team built around the US veterans Danny "fRoD" Montaner and Tyler "Storm" Wood.

South American representative at the event is semXorah, who replaced the actual winners of the Brazilian qualifier playArt, who were unable to secure funding to travel to the Big Apple.

In the European qualifier we saw mTw still featuring Alexander "ave" Holdt and the Russian power house Moscow Five end up in the top two, with SK Gaming making it as the lasat team after a close third place decider match.

The Asian spot for the New York event has gone to ATE from India, who were last seen competing at an international event at WCG 2010 grand finals in Los Angeles.

Group A Group B
Denmark mTw Sweden SK Gaming
United States Evil Geniuses
Russia Moscow Five
United States Backfire United States Temporary
India ATE Brazil semXorah

Top two placed teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, where four teams will duke it out in a single-elimination bracket, playing best-of-three maps.

The event will hand out $40,000 in prize money with the winners taking home a hefty check of $16,000. will be on site to provide you full coverage of the IEM6 Global Challenge New York, which will be the second global challenge in the sixth season to feature Counter-Strike.

Temporary has a tough group
2011-09-26 20:36
1sk,mtw 2m5,eg
2011-09-26 20:37
Na`Vi not participate because it? i forgot :S
2011-09-26 21:55
Japan mainz
they played wcg qual the same weekend as the qual for this event
2011-09-26 23:39
2011-09-26 23:50
and they lost. All they have to do is ESWC and 2012
2011-10-02 09:56
is IEM Kiev this or next year?
2011-10-11 00:18
next year
2011-10-11 08:16
Awesome to see ATE there !!!
2011-09-26 20:38
2011-09-26 20:38
I also thought the same !!! But its good that they will get good experience !!!!
2011-09-26 20:39
bottom of the group..come back home.. :p
2011-09-26 22:04
ATE's tactical play is not even on par with other teams from Asia like TyLoo, Lunatic Hai. They will get raped 16-0. They will definetly be bottom of the group.
2011-09-26 22:07
They are one of the best in our country. Doesn't matter even if they loose 16-0. Show little support :)
2011-09-26 22:49
+1 gl
2011-09-27 00:09
I'm supporting them.But I'm also being objective. Be honest with yourself, and you'll know what I'm talking about. :)
2011-09-27 12:51
yeah man....... ATE please win 1 match somehow, i will be so glad.... btw i think mTw will take it(no offence intended)
2011-09-28 13:54
ATE is our only representative every year and they never give us a single decent result , nothing but bottom of the group finishes every time I know they cannot be expected to do well against pro teams but at least a decent fight once in a while ? *sigh*
2011-10-01 18:07
they won't get any experience getting raped 16 or 30-0 3 times
2011-09-26 22:05
2011-09-27 04:01
2011-10-01 18:15
lol ATE... gl SK
2011-09-26 20:41
go mTw ! be mortal =))
2011-09-27 16:11
GL Ate :)
2011-09-26 20:41
1.SK 2.M5 3.mtw
2011-09-26 20:41
I think you will be correct
2011-09-26 20:44
don't think so... mTw is too strong for M5 sk mtw m5 :)
2011-09-26 20:45
we will see :) i think m5 will surprise us all :) thats just my guess
2011-09-26 20:47
think they will suprise, but in a bad way. they might go 3rd in their group
2011-09-27 00:09
That would be my guess too
2011-09-27 00:10
2011-09-26 20:41
You should instead give GL to those in need!
2011-09-26 20:46
gl all :D
2011-09-26 20:49
LOL @ ATE...
2011-09-26 20:42
sad for m5 :x
2011-09-26 20:43
not at all... we'll take our chances... :)
2011-09-27 00:10
Brazil brutAo
I believe m5 have a great chance to advance in the group.. 1st SK 2nd M5
2011-09-27 00:58
i forgot 2 team out of group
2011-09-27 16:07
India Godz.
wht Lol eh?
2011-09-27 15:55
gl ATE..
2011-09-26 20:43
nice to see EG with new line up versus europan teams although is just mtw
2011-09-26 20:45
Line-up ATE ? They are no. 1 in India?
2011-09-26 20:46
fire - Yunsung - Rshkhn^ - r4iD - RiTz
2011-09-27 00:10
r4id pexxer ritz wuzz kappa !
2011-09-27 00:55
#177 is correct Rshkn^ and party left ate earlier this year And no they can't be no1 in India even though they won ESWC qualifiers! It's actually hard to say who is no1 atm
2011-09-27 08:30
NSD is their closest competitor as far as i am aware
2011-10-01 18:17
winning BYOC in Delhi 2 times in a row ... surely they deserve to be called that :)
2011-10-01 21:49
all d best ATE....
2011-09-26 20:46
will be interesting to see EG on international scene, commentators from esea stream said they are on top3 world level, however I hope they will get beat the shit out them. go go mTw
2011-09-26 20:47
Commentators from esea stream!!!!!!!! Shit just got serious, I think they really are top 3 then!
2011-09-26 20:49
thats what they said, no need to cum in your pants all of a sudden boy
2011-09-26 20:50
Who gives a fuck what a bunch of randoms said? A guy named givemecash349 from hltv said that EG is top 1 in the world, now i hope that teams like mtw, sk will prove him wrong, see where im going?
2011-09-26 20:52
apparently you do if you replied to me
2011-09-26 20:51
you're the only random here, little bitch that has nothing better to do with his life than to piss other people off by replying utter bullshit to their comments... see where i'm going here...?
2011-09-26 21:02
bunch of random??? 3D rambo said taht idiot ps: iam not saying hes right, just saying you are stupid
2011-09-26 21:07
rambo isn't watching cs than if he said so stupid thing. Na`Vi, SK, mTw, FX, fnatic, M5, WinFakt, DTS > EG
2011-09-26 23:17
I couldn't give a fuck if he's rambo or not if he has turned into a retard
2011-09-26 23:29
i didnt know rambo from 3D is a random lol i love when kids dont know what they are talkin about :)
2011-09-26 21:12
trolling is AN* art
2011-09-26 22:32
another idiot bites the dust
2011-09-26 23:29
2011-09-26 23:35
queen !!!
2011-10-01 18:24
hahaah top3 world level :D
2011-09-26 20:49
they wouldnt even be Top10 on playnation
2011-09-26 21:35
loooool more like top 10 to be realistic
2011-09-28 10:32
Easy for SK.
2011-09-26 20:48
hope for mTw, long time ago they win something :)
2011-09-26 20:48
wow ATE seriously they gonna attend?!
2011-09-26 20:49
SK goona need so much lucky on this group (kidding)
2011-09-26 20:49
Norway billson
2 easy 4 SK
2011-09-26 20:50
ATE are going for a trip. They will see the sights and play cs meanwhile
2011-09-26 20:51
Not exactly , do u know we (including ATe and other cs players) are playing CS for 8 years or so n still cant do shit international level.. cuz the overall competition is not that high standard like in EUROPE. SO ATE will try to do some damage with their international exp than go for sightseeing. they ve seen USA. !
2011-09-27 03:27
I hope you're right. It could be nice to see an underdog beating famous team like mtw or eg :).
2011-09-27 14:04
not a chance sadly
2011-10-01 18:24
gl sX
2011-09-26 20:51
easy groups for m5 and mtw
2011-09-26 20:52
mtw is going to win vs sk so BOYZZZZZZ
2011-09-26 20:52
bund faad...........
2011-09-26 20:56
Kon hai tu? Himachal se to nahi?
2011-09-27 12:44
1. SK 2. mTw 3. M5 4. EG
2011-09-26 20:56
GL m5!!!
2011-09-26 20:56
Gl A+E all the best :) :)
2011-09-26 20:57
easy for ATE hahaahaha
2011-09-26 20:57
2011-09-26 21:00
sX line-up?
2011-09-26 20:58
Sorry for my ignorance, but why Na´vi is not there? On topic: gogogo m5
2011-09-26 21:01
semXorah :D
2011-09-26 21:03
Ate Gaming Line up : Ben 'r4iD' Varghese Ritesh 'RiTz' Shah Pranay 'Wuzz' Bhatia Kunal 'PeXXeR' Bhatia Akshay 'Kappa' Sinkar gl hf :)
2011-09-26 21:03
:D haha
2011-09-26 21:07
8 slots ain't a lot :/
2011-09-26 21:04
sX Line up Felippe "felippe1' Martins Gustavo "MKR" Mekaru Felipe "brtt" Gonçalves Frederico "atx" Marques Willian "LuL4!" Elias
2011-09-26 21:10
no chance
2011-09-26 22:09
if only they were in another group, I believe they could compete with EG for the second place
2011-09-26 23:30
Yes, but still a small chance to advance lol ;/ at least they are going to play against the best. SK top1 sweden M5 top1 russia Temporary top team in USA. I hope they surprise at least in one match =p
2011-09-26 23:39
Brazil brutAo
I think they can give some trouble to Temporary, because Temp has fresh lineup and stuff.. But SK is top2 in the world.. no chance at all. And m5 are showing very good games at last tournaments.. the matches I've watched, they showed a very good teamplay, I believe there's a small chance too.
2011-09-27 01:10
m5 not stable... they can in against SK and when lose to ATE :D so brazilian team havegood chanses ;) just remembered how m5 plyed at DH Summer and won fnatic 16-5 at de_nuke, and after that the played 15-15 with playart in de_mirage =)
2011-09-27 06:58
hope dis is finally it for ATE, though i really doubt it. NSD or fTw full lineup wud have been more better representative but hey! who cud u blame? ate has all d sponsors (there is) in INDIA.
2011-09-26 21:10
Rubbish. ATE has won the last major event held in India(ESWC) so I don't see why they shouldn't feature over NSD or ftw. Ftw hasn't played any major tournaments since BYOC either. So ATE is the best choice.
2011-09-26 21:15
ESWC india was a joke. u must be knowing what ATE actually got for winnig it riight? and btw it was just "my opinion" to see NSD or fTw go instead of ATE.
2011-09-26 21:19
Err, does it really matter what they won? The point is they won. And I was just correcting you because firstly, you mentioned Ftw, who've disappeared from the scene since BYOC. Secondly, you didn't mention Invictus, who even beat ATE in finals of DGL. So yeah, the only teams I would consider would be ATE, Invictus and NSD. But considering ATE won the last major tournament + they're in better form + they have more experience internationally, I would say they deserve the slot more than the other teams. Your opinion is meaningless unless you back it up with some facts like I just did :)
2011-09-26 21:22
How can other teams possibly get int experience if ate keeps on gettin invited all d time (without qualifiers)? and i agree ftw have disappeared frm the scene but until byoc dey have always performed well consistently. regarding invi, well dey are toooo unpredictable. i guess our question will only be answered once WCG India concludes.
2011-09-26 21:32
Read the news post carefully: As ESL was unable to find an Asian team to represent the continent in New York City, they instead opted to invite ATE from India, who were last seen competing at an international event at WCG 2010 grand finals in Los Angeles. It was like a last minute decision to invite ATE, so how on earth could they organize a qualifier for the slot. Makes no sense. So they opted for ATE over the other Indian teams because they won the last major tournament + better form + they have more international experience!!! Therefore ATE deserve the slot!!! FTW performed well consistently?? They've never won a single tournament outside Mumbai. How can you make such bold claims. Invictus = unpredictable? They've been finishing top 3 almost every tournament they've attended(If not all). Do you really follow the Indian scene or just blabber nonsense in international forums.
2011-09-26 21:43
fool, he is talking in the sense that ATe is in top form as they won the most recent tournament.
2011-09-27 03:28
and dere was no qualifier for IEM New York (in INDIA). ATE just got an INVITE. so i dnt think ESWC and a couple of local Mumbai clg tourney 1st places justifies ATE`s invitation.
2011-09-26 21:21
2011-09-26 21:23
Sounds like you heard of Ate Gaming few days ago
2011-09-26 21:31
no we were actually talking abt victories after byoc. i know of ATE's glories
2011-09-26 21:33
i mean dont get me wrong here. am an ATE fan myself but the results wont change (gloabally) with the current situation here in india.
2011-09-26 21:42
u seem to be far too ignorant about India cs scenario and please stop ur shitty blasphemy.
2011-09-27 15:39
not exactly, things have improved. atleast we can stand a chance against American teams.
2011-09-27 15:50
Brazil brutAo
Seems like nobody that are not indian wants to participate on the discussion of ATE invite, lineup.. I would really like to know if the Indian scenario of Counter Strike is strong? Because it's difficult to see Indian teams participating on International events and stuff. I'm pretty sure that players around the world have the same doubts too. In my opinion, as I don't hear anything about Indian tournaments and stuff, ATE will not have much chances on the IEM, but that's just my opinion.
2011-09-27 01:07
dude its like more than obvious lol XD
2011-09-27 04:09
Actually, there are a lot of talented players here in India. What holds them back is that matter of fact that there is no organization that would fund a team throughout the year. Hence, players can only play CS after school/college/work. Also, the lack of good internet in south Asia ensures that the experience that the other Asian teams have, do not get shared with the rest of the countries. So the CS community here is pretty isolated.
2011-09-27 06:00
The only reason the level of Indian CS is low compared to other countries is because of the internet. If everyone around India had single digit pings in all servers, everyone would improve at a great pace. Playing with interp 0.1 then switching to 0.01 doesn't help you to improve whatsoever, if anything, makes you worse.
2011-09-27 08:05
I think it's more like people in India don't see competitive gaming as a job. I mean, how many parents here would be willing to support their children if they take up professional CS? Close to none. It's a problem of misconception and misinformation. Of course, funding and sponsoring are also big issues, but they can be overcome. Support from home for pro gaming is rare in India.
2011-09-27 12:55
India won't do damage to any of those teams up there. Just saying..
2011-09-27 15:53
Re-read my post. Did I say anything about India doing damage?
2011-09-27 18:34
I didn't read the post and i don't want to, I'm just telling you cause you are from india and i just wanted to mention that for you, you talking too much shit thats why i told you that.
2011-09-28 01:15
I'm talking shit? I'm stating facts. You in the other hand, just showing us all the level of stupidity a person can attain in
2011-09-28 09:13
And you the other hand just showing us all the level of "trollism" a person can attain in
2011-09-28 16:21
Easy SK.
2011-09-26 21:12
M5 vs SK is getting pretty default this year..
2011-09-26 21:13
groupe A nice group realllly
2011-09-26 21:13
<3 ATE !! we are not as good as sk o Fnatc.. but we can still play gud !! <3
2011-09-26 21:14
Rankings (my opinion): 1.SK 2.mTw . . . . . 8.ATE P.S. : am not being sarcastic neither am i any sort of a traitor.
2011-09-26 21:14
Did anyone ask for your opinion ?
2011-09-26 21:47
say it to everbody here :x
2011-09-26 22:10
2011-09-27 04:10
Doesn't mean he can't state it. And anyways, I think he is right. A+E do not stand a chance. They will simply be out-aimed. I don't think other teams are even gonna bother using strats against them.
2011-09-26 22:11
That's the whole point of having a forum. You don't have to ask for anyone to state their opinion. And yeah, A+E have almost no chance of winning a single map. Hard reality.
2011-09-26 23:00
India Godz.
2011-09-27 16:01
2011-09-28 16:24
ife ATE really has a very good day and everything works out in their favor they will place 8th in any other case they will place 8th
2011-09-27 03:11
2011-09-27 06:10
1 SK 2 mTw 3 m5 4 EG np
2011-09-26 21:15
Gl ATE. *votes 4 SK*
2011-09-26 21:16
believe m5
2011-09-26 21:17
low tournament
2011-09-26 21:21
lan or online ?
2011-09-26 21:24
2011-09-26 21:29
2011-09-26 21:31
omfg, 1st line "Groups for the IEM6 Global Challenge to be held in New York City on October 13-16 have been announced."
2011-09-26 22:35
2011-09-26 22:44
Yeah.. this is the new shit. Intercontinental matches online. Dope... :p
2011-09-27 03:24
mtw vs sk gaming last match 16-10 16-4 mtw vs m5 16-7 easy for mtw to win sk and m5
2011-09-26 21:25
Israel selukvey
2011-09-26 21:28
don't expect lan results to be the same as online qual results.
2011-09-26 21:30
GL EG (;
2011-09-26 21:25
Israel selukvey
My bet is on M5 who will surprise us all.
2011-09-26 21:27
Na`Vi not participate because it? i forgot :D
2011-09-26 21:28
lol A+E how did they manage funds?
2011-09-26 21:29
I'd have preferred a team like TyLoo that recently competed internationally. Still, hf to ATE!
2011-09-26 21:29
There's actually lots of good teams they could have gone for: Tyloo redCode Titans Impulse Immunity ... and more. Anyways, good luck to ATE!
2011-09-26 21:35
Redcode is project_kr now. Titans haven't been seen for ages. I'd say UMX/Tyloo/Project_kr/k23 are the only teams which could possibly do anything against these teams.
2011-09-26 23:03
PPl like you are the reason why Indian scenes dont develop. Dont underestimate any team, for ur team hasnt wont ATE and ATE HAS REPRESENTED INDIA MORE THAN 6 tiems internationally ! Give them a chance , you have no idea about them !
2011-09-27 03:31
2011-09-27 08:39
2011-09-27 10:13
Yeah , funny u prefer a better team to ur home team. yes im mad. ! ATE deserves a slot, even ESWC slot got fucked. correct me.
2011-09-27 15:48
I'm a patriot but I'm being realistic while you're being idealistic. Their last international stint was in 2010. mTw, EG and SK all have changed their lineups since then. ATE has not played a single match against any of them in 2011. What else is there to explain? Most of the Korean and Chinese teams played e-Stars 2011 recently with top teams in attendance. As a result, they have much better chances against teams like EG and M5. Since only the top 2 teams of a group will advance to the next stage, it's almost pointless for ATE because they have no international boot camp. Their experience is irrelevant here because they don't have that kind of practice.
2011-09-27 15:59
the can at least beat backfire ....hopefully they will if they practice hard.... hope is a good thing...if u dont have it then buy it !! DDD
2011-09-27 18:50
they represented India 6 times and got raped and finished last every single one of those 6 times really deserving of respect man ...
2011-10-01 18:28
sad no FG
2011-09-26 21:30
FG you mean Full Gaming or FireGamers(now MANDiC)? FireGamers didnt want to go..
2011-09-26 21:42
fg? haha top brasilian now is mandic fallen fnx nak bit bruno
2011-09-26 21:45
Brazil brutAo
I'm pretty sure he was talking about Full Gaming... I don't see much sense an american asking for a brazilian team. Anyway, I will not miss FG.. But other teams could be invited, like Na'Vi, fnatic, Tyloo, project_kr, and others.
2011-09-27 01:16
no invitations, qualifiers were held lol
2011-09-27 03:02
Brazil brutAo
I know, I know.. but If they wanna do qualifiers to get the best teams, should do a lot more. There are only 3 top teams (SK, mTw and m5) on the final event.. As I said, no Na'Vi, fnatic, FX, WinFakt and others.
2011-09-27 09:36
That's why many GC's are hosted
2011-09-27 11:19
when it start?
2011-09-26 21:31
gl mTw
2011-09-26 21:32
Isn't India one of Asian countries? I don't get the news sometimes.
2011-09-26 21:33
I think that implies that any team who played the asian qualifier couldn't make it to NY, so they had to invite an asian team (which was more specifically mentioned as India).
2011-09-26 23:06
I don't think he tries to imply it that way and there wasn't any Asian Qualifier for NY Global Challenge. Oh well, it's not a big deal anyway but a mistake is a mistake. It should be corrected, or else some people may misinterpret it.
2011-09-26 23:37
There was a chinese qualifier that i know for sure. Maybe there was a korean qualifier as well that i wasn't aware of.
2011-09-27 13:38
There wasn't. That's why they posted this news: I think you're referring to Global Challenge Chengdu which is a completely different tournament.
2011-09-27 18:58
That's what I meant, Guangzhou not Chengdu. GC: Guangzhou & New York are two different and separate tournaments. There was no Asian qualifier for GC: NY.
2011-09-27 19:44
felippinho will kick sk's ass haha brazil in the death group, as always gl sX <3
2011-09-26 21:41
go mkr and felippe
2011-09-26 21:45
go eg!
2011-09-26 21:46
i prefer old IEM system with all top teams on one place :/
2011-09-26 21:46
Are you lost or sth? GC has always been with 8 teams, 4-5 internationals and 3-4 local teams! The best teams during all the GC face off in IEM Europe and IEM World
2011-09-27 03:00
1 sk 2 M5 3 mtw 4 eg 5/6 temporary 5/6 backfire 7/8 ATE 7/8 semXorah
2011-09-26 21:47
7 semXorah 8 A+E There, fixed.
2011-09-26 22:19
Lajawab deshbhakti dost! :)
2011-09-27 06:06
Being realistic has nothing to do with patriotism. OK, I'm supporting A+E. Will they come 1st? I'm simply stating the facts as I see them. If they do well, I will be pleasantly surprised and be really happy for them. But I'm not delusional enough to think they have a chance when they don't, simply becoz they are from my country.
2011-09-27 12:50
India Godz.
You mean to say you only support the teams ending up champions? dude lol
2011-09-27 16:05
Did I say that? OMG, get some common sense dude. And do tell me where my post makes it seem like I support teams ending up champions?
2011-09-27 16:36
So you support teams who have no probability of ending up champions? That must mean you support A+E. NOT
2011-09-27 16:54
Theres a difference between making a prediction and supporting teams
2011-09-27 17:09
Leave it bro. They don't have any common sense. I've figured out that much now.
2011-09-27 17:32
Run out of Logic aye? Smarting under self declared intelligence ... H@H@
2011-09-28 18:53
Hahaha. Bro, I support Na'Vi, who aren't participating. In this event, I'll be supporting EG. Don't see anything wrong in that either. Your objection is to the fact that I declared that A+E would finish last in the group, from which you came to the conclusion that I'm not patriotic enough. ROFL! Now, to draw a simple analogy from football, lets say that Mohun Bagan get invited to play with Man United. I've been a Man United fan for 8 years. I would obviously be supporting Man United. If I say that United will thrash Mohun Bagan 8-0, you'll again come and whine that I'm not patriotic enough. Again, let me ask you this. This is just a CS tournament. Does me not supporting a team that is representing my country equate to me not being patriotic enough. I simply fail to see the relationship. There are a lot of Danes who support teams from Sweden, a lot of Swedes who support Na'Vi, and a lot of Russians who support FX. Will you accuse them all of being unpatriotic? Again, last but not the least, in your face, ROFL!!!!
2011-09-28 19:47
Dude, you crazy? See a doc! Hehe:D Sure a lot of Poles might support non-polish teams but MOST of them would root for FX in any event that they are participating. Because, if they are not, then that does not speak volumes of their patriotism either. Besides, the first and foremost reason for rooting for a team in cases such as ours is: the nation the team belongs to, Of course, one wont usually know the players personally. Also, at the top level the skill gap between teams/players is very low. Hence, nationality becomes the prime driver for support of any team. There are, however, exceptions to this scenario where you have more than one top team from a single country and the fans there can pick and choose (e.g. Sweden) which team they want to support. Sadly, that option is not there at the moment with the Indians as we have only ONE team we can root for in this event. But of course, there are a lot of paki's sporting Indian flags like YOU who would try to argue with skewed analogies. So nvm, carry on flaming! :) P.S. The way you wrote the last line shows that you hardly have manners.
2011-09-28 21:07
See my football analogy. Also, I don't think any Paki even knows what Mohun Bagan is, let alone use them in an analogy. Also, about manners, calling a fellow Indian Paki, I mean, just wow. And you lecture me about manners? Once again, I say the truth regardless of whether it sounds unpatriotic or not to some people. I can understand that not supporting the Indian Cricket team could be unpatriotic. But a CS team, seriously? And let me make it clear again bro, I speak the facts as I see them. I never said I hate A+E. I just said they will finish last, and that I'll be supporting EG. I mean, what's wrong with speaking the truth. If my prediction is what you disagree with, then please make a prediction that suits your tastes and let's see whose prediction goes better. As I said earlier, I'll be more than happy if they do well, but I'm not expecting it, and I'm not gonna fake it. Also, I'm not gonna root for them on a site when all that matters is how they perform. Your Paki insult only shows the irrationality of your argument. Last of all, please never call a person from the city of the brave Jhansi ki Rani a Paki. I mean, seriously, it shows your ignorance that you speak that way about people you know nothing about.
2011-09-28 21:28
There are just so many contradicting statements in your reply that I can't really decide which one to start with. 1. You don't think "ANY" paki knows what Mohun Bagan is? Like seriously? :D 2. Suspecting that one might not be from India and from a neighbour country is bad manners? Thats new! :) 3. You claim that you are telling the "Truth"? About what? Something that has not yet happened? Who are you? Astrologer? Fortune Teller? 4. The way you talk about Cricket team and then a CS team is just so awesome. Seems like the concept of e-sport has not sunk in yet. 5. City of Jhansi ki Rani? Really? Sad to witness the state of the level of patriotism in the city dwellers now. Sure the brave Rani would never have wanted that. Take you time bro! :)
2011-09-29 20:04
Exactly my thoughts.
2011-09-27 19:14
dude! stfu n go get married :( No one needs your idealistic i=or realistic or sarcastic opinions over here! Since you could not be better in cs, stop whining about teams who are actually gonna represent india! its like if you are a cricket fan then you would have supported england in their recent tour right?
2011-09-28 09:22
a) There is no Indian scene. b) I started playing CS 3 years back. Going pro was never on my mind or an option so stfu already! c) Stop preaching right and wrong to me. I have the right to my opinion. If I don't support your point of view and you don't like it, that's your fucking problem not mine.
2011-09-28 10:38
India Godz.
dude +1
2011-09-28 19:49
7/8 doesnt mean you are either 7 or 8,means you finished last in your group,and if it is 2 groups theres 2 teams finishing 7/8
2011-09-27 14:01
Ah, OK. Sorry for that. :)
2011-09-27 16:36
shb... gl ate
2011-09-26 21:49
Chutiye !
2011-09-27 13:25
1. ATE 2. EG 3. SK
2011-09-26 21:52
WTF you trolling? How is EG above SK?
2011-09-26 21:54
2011-09-27 00:13
Rofl... Couldnt find a bettr reply! jajajjaa..
2011-09-27 02:38
Hahahahaha.. laughed so hard on this one! XD
2011-09-27 04:14
2011-09-27 11:39
2011-09-27 13:23
m5 vs mtw final !
2011-09-26 21:52
Only 1 swedish team that's very boring. :( Will mTw be able to afford this tournament? Since they had money problems.
2011-09-26 21:55
Good Luck SK *-------*
2011-09-26 21:55
temporary it can be better than eg ;) gl mtw
2011-09-26 21:56
I'm actually hoping that they are! EG will have the ESEA momentum to roll on with though.
2011-09-26 21:58
mtw got lucky with the group. and m5 vs tmp will be interesting.
2011-09-26 22:02
2011-09-27 18:43
easy for SK GAMING ;>> btw SK is the best cs 1.6 lineup of the CS scene.
2011-09-26 22:03
2011-09-26 22:04
Go ATE! Make us proud :D
2011-09-26 22:07
I think M5 can take it. Final: M5-SK
2011-09-26 22:08
2011-09-26 22:13
EG ! Go ! n0thing <3 I think that is missing here Frag Executors !! :>
2011-09-26 22:24
2011-09-26 22:24
ATE rape dem UP SIDE DOWN :D mtw we r ready
2011-09-26 22:25
2011-09-27 06:13
Frist Place: SK Gaming Second Place: Temporary Third Place: mtw Final: SK vs Temporary
2011-09-26 22:27
2011-09-26 22:31
awesome event
2011-09-26 22:38
easy money for SK
2011-09-26 22:40
dreamteam ?
2011-09-26 22:54
#125 has it, It will be sk vs temp for the finale, and sk will take it, i think it'll be pretty close to, Temporary is the best us team i believe, they are putting in about 60 hours aweek together, which is more than twice any other us team, they are playing to win. But we all know SK is prb to strong, But go fRoD and xp3!!!!
2011-09-26 22:56
sounds good to hear that :-) i will cheer for temp
2011-09-27 00:02
mtw will be second as always
2011-09-26 22:58
n0thing will ace every round, yaaay win win win
2011-09-26 23:04
i hope sX can beat temporary :]
2011-09-26 23:06
no one caught he "lasat" typo? do I get a prize? ;p
2011-09-26 23:07
GL ATE, i would be happy if they could play a tight match with Backfire.
2011-09-26 23:07
hmmm that might be really good match.
2011-09-27 02:39
gl ate, sX
2011-09-26 23:07
Brazil hugoooo
ATE and sX fighting for the 7th place gl anyway
2011-09-26 23:15
Cant wait for JoeM stream! Hope to see boobs again!
2011-09-26 23:22
hope EG will do some damage :)
2011-09-26 23:24
1.ATE 2.semX 3.Temp
2011-09-26 23:44
looking at comments it's topic about ATE ;D gl anyway ^^
2011-09-26 23:46
As ESL was unable to find an Asian team to represent the continent in New York City, they instead opted to invite ATE from India so india is not in asia?
2011-09-26 23:58
maybe for them its in the middle east of no where :DDDD
2011-09-27 00:05
1.SK Gaming 2.MOSSCOO FIFE 3.M T DABLOO 4.Evil Genesis
2011-09-27 00:04
2011-09-27 09:52
I wanna see EG pull out an upset and whip some asses
2011-09-27 00:05
Group 1 :.: - mTw. EG Group 2 :.: - Sk . M5 Final 1. SK 2. mTw 3. M5 4. EG
2011-09-27 00:07
want to see an upset from either EG or BACKFIYAH, US CS needs it.. n0thing^G to fuck shit up hopefully
2011-09-27 00:07
The 5 of Moscow will rock!
2011-09-27 00:09
1.Schroet Kommando 2.Evil Geniuses 3.Mortal Team Work 4.MoscowFIVE
2011-09-27 00:13
think m5 will take this or finish 2nd
2011-09-27 00:17
Russia AR4ER
ATE ftw!
2011-09-27 00:20
It's time for mTw !
2011-09-27 00:23
if ATE can beat backfire, it will be equivalent for us to winning the tourney !!! Cmon, ATE, show what you have got !!!
2011-09-27 01:03
1. ATE 2. SK 3. MTW 4. M5 Just trolling :D
2011-09-27 01:04
Jesus Christ, Indians are attacking HLTV.oRG!!!111 We need more gunslingErS!!111@@
2011-09-27 01:16
Imagine what happens if ATE wins a match... HAHAHA ILL BUNK COLL TO TROLL MAN
2011-09-27 03:32
2011-10-01 18:30
will be interisting to see what temporary can do against m5 because they can be pretty good so it will be really nice :D
2011-09-27 01:33
SK win all this, to easy =(
2011-09-27 01:39
sk m5 <> mtw
2011-09-27 02:18
LOL SX? this will be a shame for brazil if they can make 3 rounds per game they should be happy.
2011-09-27 02:25
GL ATE... Do your best!
2011-09-27 02:41
SK easy? hmmm i don't f0rest or get_right will be thinking that, once n0thing goes 35-7 on nuke !!!
2011-09-27 02:43
mTw, EG, M5 and SK :D
2011-09-27 02:56
Group B is quite a bit stronger than Group A mTw <<< SK EG <<< M5 Backfire < Temporary ATE <<< semxorah anyway, final standing: 1. SK 2. M5 3. mTw
2011-09-27 03:14
Stop underestimating ATE, they have represented India more than anyone else. they know how to handle it. Not an issue , GOOD LUCK ATE, last time i thought u guys almost naild ALTERNATE,,, hope this time u guys nail a good team and trust me ILL SEND U A PARCEL BEER - BEN HOPE U READ THIS>> HAHA
2011-09-27 03:33
OMg nice...GO AtE.. they can at least beat backfire...wohooo cheers for india hf
2011-09-27 04:08
Gl ATE HF :)
2011-09-27 04:31
gl Ate :xD
2011-09-27 04:48
Go go M5, its time to prove :)
2011-09-27 04:56
i think temp can suprise gl fRoD[A]
2011-09-27 05:25
n0things going to have to drop 40 frags everymap if there to take down SK
2011-09-27 05:39
1 SK 2 mTw 3 M5 ...
2011-09-27 05:54
mTw < or = SK EG < or = M5 Backfire < Temporary ATE <<< semXorah so group A < Group B :( p.s. want to see EG-vs-M5 :)
2011-09-27 06:11
Backfire actually > Temporary
2011-09-27 07:18
lol you didn't watched last games in USA scene, Temporary top-2 of usa at the moment
2011-09-27 08:17
lol HF ate
2011-09-27 06:13
Crazy Ppl .. A+E-Gaming ... Gl Hf!
2011-09-27 06:27
2011-09-27 07:10
Backfire GL! This is your show time!
2011-09-27 07:16
India Godz.
ATE \m/ \m/
2011-09-27 07:36
2011-09-27 07:56
2011-09-28 21:26
Ate Gaming \m/ Gl !
2011-09-30 06:53
totally suprised..... ATE in IEM????? WTF???
2011-09-27 07:58
it's just a way for sponsors to say: Indian fans, your money is welcome.
2011-09-27 10:27
gl ATE , ps - when does it start ?
2011-09-27 08:14
October 13-16
2011-09-27 15:00
laf.... groups... :D easy for mTw
2011-09-27 08:42
Easy for ATE 8)
2011-09-27 09:36
M5 best!GOOGOGO!
2011-09-27 11:59
SK vs EG Grand Final ?
2011-09-27 12:57
haha +1
2011-09-27 14:44
SK vs MTW ....everybody knws :D
2011-09-27 18:30
go m5 and ATE
2011-09-27 13:56
2011-09-27 14:24
Being realistic, we cant expect A+e to win the tournament but YES! we can certainly expect them to kick sum a$$ out there. Also, please dont under-estimate any1 :) Good Luck A+e :) all other teams too :D
2011-09-27 14:36
gl ATE
2011-09-27 14:50
Very good, I'll be there watching them play. Also I'll be there to punch GeT_RiGhT in the face
2011-09-27 15:52
Will be really great if EG will win.
2011-09-27 16:35
its such a shame there is no na`vi and FX wasted potential imo this tournament could have been so much better.
2011-09-27 16:42
Ate doesnt deserve to be there ! Waste pf spot ! Would be gr8 to see fx lions navi mouz or fnatic
2011-09-27 17:02
ATE will be the x6tence of this tournament. There must always be an x6tence at an event
2011-09-27 17:11
Comparing x6tence to ate is like comparing SK with ex a2g.
2011-09-27 17:39
please stop insulting a2g dude XD
2011-10-01 18:31
2011-09-27 18:04
u nuts..ATe can at least have some luck against backfire fingers crossed some support ...GogGGoooogogogogo ATE
2011-09-27 18:29
Ate sucks ! Wake up. Backfire had close matches with EG.Ate are going to raped. Everyone knows ate is weak now and their old lineup was better.
2011-09-27 19:53
1: SK 2: EG 3: mTw
2011-09-27 18:07
when is this ?
2011-09-27 18:16
SK, m5, temporary... bad to sX ;d glhf4all.
2011-09-27 18:19
EG will be really hit or miss, if the inexperienced players get devastated early to the euro talent then I see them actually finishing below temp, but if they get their confidence up on home soil I believe they can achieve top 2, they have a great lineup, but just missing the experience to perform well internationally
2011-09-27 20:59
top 2? rofl...
2011-09-28 07:58
2011-09-28 07:16
m5 will not go to the tournament (((
2011-09-28 09:05
Any news of a replacement? :|
2011-09-28 13:56
GL ATE .. Nail em .. JAI HO ..!!! :P
2011-09-28 09:40
P O O R :(
2011-09-28 16:03
2011-09-28 18:26
8 Gayming rip
2011-09-29 09:35
GL ATE ;)....Give us the best shot
2011-09-29 12:37
Ate Gaming \m/ Jai Hind xD
2011-09-30 06:51
well nice to see my country men who usually just lurk finally come out in force and have a discussion and in fact swamp this post :P
2011-10-01 18:33
2011-10-01 19:14
gl hf ate
2011-10-01 22:39
Russia goodjob
SK easy
2011-10-05 05:49
ATE replaced by :\
2011-10-10 10:23
plz when we start IEM6 ????
2011-10-10 10:44
gl M5
2011-10-10 10:46
no fx no navi no fun
2011-10-11 21:14
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