Verygames October Sale

Our amazing sponsor Verygames has announced in their October Newsletter a price reduction of their popular DediGames range of services.

For those not familiar with Verygames, they provide all of our HLTV servers, which we all enjoy when watching various events around the world. VeryGames also hosts thousands of Game Servers over three different locations.

This October offer is valid for all three server locations being London, Paris and Frankfurt. Some of the savings include:

  • Savings on 1, 2, 3 and 4 core servers in both DediGames and DediGames XTREM range
  • Savings on DediGames PRO range
  • Savings on their popular 24/24 Option
  • Receive 2GB Dedicated RAM per Core, valid for all DediGames, XTREM and PRO range

So if you are in the market for a new game server, this is an offer you should seriously consider. For more information head over to the VeryGames website and check it out!

wooo :)
2011-10-18 15:14
2011-10-18 15:14
2011-10-18 15:15
a shame that their services are not around here
2011-10-18 15:15
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2011-10-19 21:30
lets buy!
2011-10-18 15:19
2011-10-18 15:24
2011-10-18 15:34
wtf, i have never ordered a VeryGames server.. they are sh t
2011-10-18 15:46
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how would you know they are "sh t" if u have never ordered one ?
2011-10-18 15:56
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Ived ordered a few, and yes they are shit, and that is why he never ordered one. For HLTV its ok, but for serious gaming VG loses everything, high saturation ,low quality. Also they are liars, they offer you 1000 2000 5000 10000fps in css when css did no more than 500fps or now 67 fps, and they still take peoples money that pay 100000fps and then say thatt its valves problem. Oh and I talk as a customer, only voip now because the rest is crap high price for low quality.
2011-10-18 16:13
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2011-10-18 16:15
Hello MrDoyle, Concerning the quality, everybody can have its own feeling. If the company still here and growing since 7 years now, that's probably for a reason. xFPS option worked perfectly before the update of last Friday. Today it is broken, and the option will be removed very soon. You should not be so rude with us as partner, even if you don't like your services. We provide lot of ressources to since several years now. If you like the site you should respect this at least.
2011-10-18 19:11
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cyx | 
United States NeZiX
Hmm... screw you? Sponsoring a website does not mean that patrons of that website are required to like the sponsor, nor that they can't share their bad experience about the sponsor. Yeah, sponsoring may improve patrons view of you because they associate you with the website they like, but it doesn't mean that their experiences with your company are suddenly invalidated. If I watch the NFL and they are sponsored by Ford, it doesn't mean that I'm going to go out and buy a shitty American car. And yeah, if someone asks me about them, I'm going to tell them that they are shit and that BMW's are better. Feel free to come on to a news story like this and give your side of a user's opinions... but coming on here and demanding that users respect you because you are a sponsor? Screw you.
2011-10-18 19:34
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read it yourself againt,typical american down syndrome kid! when we start paying to watch hltv, then u start compare NFL and this site please. or i can go with ur "theory" "i never had sex, it must be bad, im telling everyone not to" grow up kid, show some respect.
2011-10-18 20:53
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his post is acctually true, what makes you call him a typical american with down syndrome?
2011-10-18 22:38
cyx | 
United States NeZiX
Yes, I did bring up the NFL. It's called an analogy. Maybe you've heard of it? What VG|NiaK said was okay... until he said, "You should not be so rude with us as partner, even if you don't like [our] services. We provide lot of ressources to since several years now. If you like the site you should respect this at least." When replying to an unsatisfied customer in a public forum, the most professional option is to apologize for the inconvenience and provide support information and/or a refund. On the other hand, it is not professional to start defending the company' service-quality based on it's longevity (essentially calling the customer a liar) and then proceed to tell the poster that he needs to respect the company because its provides services to a website he visits. ^^^That isn't customer service... it's insulting.
2011-10-18 23:00
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Agree 100%
2011-10-19 07:45
So true!!! :-)
2011-10-19 09:07
2011-10-19 12:03
When I read this, I realize that the communication support/method is probably not good here. People feels like God over the Internet, and are always open to spit on the companies when they can, even if they support the same passions and hobbies. We are probably too "human" to think like this. But believe me, this will not happen again.
2011-10-19 12:45
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2011-10-20 06:29
2011-10-19 07:45
Hi, do not lie. A few months ago I rented one of those 30.000fps servers, just to see if it was true. First of it was never 30k, and usually unstable, fps around 25-28k, which is terrible because there is nothing worst than unstable fps. After a few tickets, it was still a problem. Then the OB update came, the big one, the one that made your pingbooster starscript not work correctly and only give around 10.000fps max, I opened ticket about the issue and you said nothing could be done because of the update. Oh well thats great! So I pay for 30k and get 10k, no money back, just extended contract, no thanks.
2011-10-18 21:17
this is certainly a fake account!!
2011-10-19 09:09
because almost no one uses them, because they are low quality, cuz you have to pay for them;d
2011-10-18 16:15
You don't need to pay for a VG server to try it. The man might be a fool or might as well be right... However his comment is of no use as it's quite lacking in arguments. PS: are VG servers even available for rent in Latvia? No wonder the guy thinks VG servers are "sh t" if he played on some British/French/German server with high latency!
2011-10-18 16:25
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Why do i need a F ing latvian server? i can order them right f cking here (from local site's, who provide game servers.,,, i need some like swedish server so the enemy has a decent latency,,, think out side the box m8.
2011-10-18 17:09
2 replies
I think the word you are looking for is "fucking" :)
2011-10-18 17:15
1 reply
He was leaving out the "u" in purpose, it's called "censoring".
2011-10-19 00:21
still to much
2011-10-18 15:48
Working in Brasil? hahahaha! so funny! Goodluck VeryGames!
2011-10-18 15:55
VeryGames are good but they need to broaden their scale a bit. Paris, London, and Frankfurt on the map would look like a very small triangle since they are literally right next to each other that pings won't make much of a difference. If it were something like Germany, Italy, and like Ukraine or something they would have a lot more customers O.o
2011-10-18 15:58
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Isint Frankfurt IN Germany???
2011-10-18 22:45
1 reply
*facepalm* One in West, one in South, one in East. What exactly didn't you understand? Rather than having all three server hosts in the West they should split up, i kept Frankfurt because Germany has the best ping in the West. To answer your question, yes it is.
2011-10-18 23:29
cool ^_-
2011-10-18 16:03
commercials again? really? is it not enough for you, that i find myself dozens of times at steelseries website by doing a wrong click? c'mon dudes. too offensive adverts. ps. all steelseries users are marketing victims :P
2011-10-18 16:09
18 replies
Well fine, we'll stop doing onsite coverage, fire our crew and stop hosting HLTV, then we don't have to run any ads! Or people could buy VIP if they have a problem with the fact we need to advertise to keep this site running..
2011-10-18 16:10
16 replies
you guys always done a great work. is the only gaming site i use for a long time. i really respect ur work. but this is first time i make fuuuuuuu face about content here. maybe i was little bit rough, just this short link really pissed me off badly :)
2011-10-18 16:21
lol nomad, advertise the fuck you want as long as the site runs great and the staff is happy. After all, is the only thing which is keepin cs alive.
2011-10-18 16:27
+1 nomad ..
2011-10-18 17:49
don't mind him, u people are doing great job :)
2011-10-18 17:59
Agree! :)
2011-10-18 18:01
do you get money / click ? in that case the steelseries ad must be a real money maker... and it's not because it's more appealing or visual
2011-10-18 18:23
I'm gonna buy vip if you promise i won't see any advertisments on web, can you make that happen?
2011-10-18 22:41
9 replies
The only advertisements you'd get with VIP are these kind of posts - which, in all honesty, is pretty fair.
2011-10-18 23:48
Iceland alex! Seems pretty advertisement-free, doesnt it? ;)
2011-10-19 00:16
7 replies
This link has a virus..
2011-10-19 21:23
6 replies
Iceland alex!
2011-10-19 21:25
3 replies
What if I say that my antivirus has detected it, and stop opening the page on purpose.
2011-10-19 23:26
2 replies
Iceland alex!
weird, its just a picture :P what kind of anti-virus do you have?
2011-10-20 08:09
1 reply
Avast anti virus..
2011-10-20 16:33
2011-10-19 23:27
1 reply
I have just tried it again, and avast! stoped opening the page and it threats the virus.. if your anti virus doesn't then its ok, its not up to me :)
2011-10-19 23:31
I use steelseries Siberia V2 headset and Steelseries QcK+ Fnatic mousepad... They're quality stuff and have the right to be advertised 100%
2011-10-19 00:25
too bad that U.S only plays on ESEA :3
2011-10-18 17:26
1 reply
Not all do. There's CEVO too.
2011-10-19 19:50
Good luck VeryGames! They have very good servers...
2011-10-18 18:08
thats cool :)
2011-10-18 18:12
I also recommend game-hosting :)
2011-10-18 18:55
1 reply
nonexisting support from my experience which is kinda a letdown...
2011-10-18 19:08
? :s good support here atleast :p
2011-10-18 19:12
In my experience VeryGames server are quite decent, never had one but played on those servers and the reg was fine I think.
2011-10-18 19:38
1 reply
you always reg fine, even in source -_-
2011-10-18 19:46
cool :D
2011-10-18 20:11
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
i just readed the "october" and think "oh, oktoberfest"
2011-10-18 21:19
1 reply
this lol
2011-10-19 01:41
2011-10-19 02:46
thx VG
2011-10-19 05:14
2011-10-19 16:35
2011-10-19 16:42
2011-10-19 21:43
2011-10-19 23:29
thats cool :)
2011-10-20 08:51
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