ESWC 2011 viewer's guide

Twenty teams will this week be participating in the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 in Paris, France. Wondering when your favorite team or teams will play? We bring you a complete schedule for the French event, allowing you to plan when to get up or how late to stay up.
ESWC 2011 will see twenty teams fight for a $33,000 prize purse, starting Saturday at 10:30 with the opening matches.

Below is a detailed schedule to guide you through the three days of Counter-Strike action. All times are listed in your local time zone, so make sure to edit it in your profile settings if you have not already. Please note that the times are subject to change.

Saturday, October 22

Groups A and B
Time Map
Sweden Lions vs. Italy redbyte
10:30 TBA
Sweden ESC Gaming
vs. Belgium Antwerp Aces
10:30 TBA
Russia Moscow Five
vs. Israel eSrael 10:30 TBA
Ukraine DTS vs. France 3DMAX 10:30 TBA
Poland AGAiN
vs. Italy redbyte 11:30 TBA
Sweden Lions vs. Belgium Antwerp Aces 11:30 TBA
Sweden SK Gaming vs. Israel eSrael 11:30 TBA
Russia Moscow Five vs. France 3DMAX 11:30 TBA
Poland AGAiN vs. Belgium Antwerp Aces 12:30 TBA
Sweden ESC Gaming vs. Sweden Lions 12:30 TBA
Sweden SK Gaming vs. France 3DMAX 12:30 TBA
Russia Moscow Five vs. Ukraine DTS 12:30 TBA
Poland AGAiN vs. Sweden ESC Gaming 14:00 TBA
Belgium Antwerp Aces vs. Italy redbyte 14:00 TBA
Sweden SK Gaming vs. Ukraine DTS 14:00 TBA
France 3DMAX vs. Israel eSrael 14:00 TBA
Poland AGAiN vs. Sweden Lions 15:00 TBA [1]
Sweden ESC Gaming vs. Italy redbyte 15:00 TBA
Sweden SK Gaming vs. Russia Moscow Five 15:00 TBA [1]
Ukraine DTS vs. Israel eSrael 15:00 TBA
Groups C and D    
Finland WinFakt vs. Algeria viva Algeria 17:00 TBA
Denmark Anexis vs. Portugal Defining Stars 17:00 TBA
Germany mousesports vs. Reunion OUR GAME 17:00 TBA
Germany Alternate vs. France Virus Gaming 17:00 TBA

[1] Please note that one round five match from either Group A or B, will be played on stage Sunday morning. It is currently not known which match it will be.

[2] The organizers have furthermore informed us, that should they have time on their hands to execute round two of Groups C & D on Saturday, then they will do so. This means that the matches currently set for 10:30 Sunday, might be preponed.

Sunday, October 23

Time Map
Group A or B match on stage 09:30 TBA
Groups C and D    
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Algeria viva Algeria 10:30 TBA [2]
Finland WinFakt vs.
Portugal Defining Stars
10:30 TBA [2]
Sweden fnatic vs.
Reunion OUR GAME 10:30 TBA [2]
Germany mousesports
Germany Alternate 10:30 TBA [2]
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Portugal Defining Stars
11:30 TBA
Finland WinFakt vs.
Denmark Anexis 11:30 TBA
Sweden fnatic
vs. Germany Alternate 11:30 TBA
Germany mousesports
vs. France Virus Gaming 11:30 TBA
Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Denmark Anexis 12:30 TBA
Portugal Defining Stars vs. Algeria viva Algeria 12:30 TBA
Sweden fnatic vs. France Virus Gaming 12:30 TBA
Germany Alternate vs. Reunion OUR GAME 12:30 TBA
Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Finland WinFakt 14:00 TBA
Denmark Anexis vs. Algeria viva Algeria 14:00 TBA
Sweden fnatic vs. Germany mousesports 14:00 TBA
Reunion OUR GAME vs. France Virus Gaming 14:00 TBA
Quarter-finals     15:00 BO3
Semi-final #1     17:00 BO3

The schedule for Sunday is currently not set in stone at all, as the possibility of round two Groups C & D being preponed to Saturday will affect the schedule the entire day.

Monday, October 24

Time Map
Semi-final #2
09:30 BO3
Third place decider
12:00 BO3
Grand Final 15:00 BO3

With the schedule not being fixed at this time, we will do our very best to update the match pages as soon as the matches are either pre or postponed.

We will of course be bringing you full coverage of ESWC 2011. Should you have any questions regarding anything related to the event, then feel free to write it in a comment below and we will do our best to give you an answer.

Also, if you have not signed up for our ESWC 2011 Dreamteam, then what are you waiting for? To read more about the Dreamteam and find out what prizes are up for grabs, simply click here.

Note that since the schedule is not particularly Dreamteam-friendly, the market will open at the end of each day, regardless of which stage the competition is at, so you will have to adapt your team to the circumstances.

2011-10-21 01:02
Go viva Algeria !
2011-10-21 11:04
Go GO Viva AlgeRia <3 !!
2011-10-21 13:44
Nice team from Algeria ;] goodluck
2011-10-21 15:33
Denmark Budde 
2011-10-21 01:02
Brazil ptL^^ 
hard 4 DT =/
2011-10-21 01:02
Go winfakt!
2011-10-21 01:03
kalu | 
Yugoslavia gemi 
GL Lions and WinFakt!
2011-10-21 01:04
Monday Grand Final 14:00 School :((((((
2011-10-21 01:06
same for me, but I would miss the demo :p
2011-10-21 01:07
2 weeks free time here in Germany, Nordhein-Westfalen :) gonna watch the whole tournament! :)
2011-10-21 19:59
FalleN | 
Portugal proak 
shit monday...oh wait...I don't have school on mondays...:FUCKYEAH: ^^
2011-10-21 01:52
sorry for writing in portuguese but... voce ta falando serio? aonde é esse paraiso?
2011-10-21 02:26
msm tambem qero saber !! 8O
2011-10-21 08:42
humm college? :s im studying law in Coimbra and i can choose my practical classes schedule, so i will definetely watch the final :)
2011-10-21 11:37
its a pitty for u nigga D: here in Brazil the most guys study during the morning or at night ;p
2011-10-21 14:02
yeah lol the ones that work :)
2011-10-21 14:23
geez you choose them? i'm going to feup, porto and for these few first weeks the schedule just sucks >:
2011-10-21 17:23
porto man? im really sorry for u, really.. im from porto, and i'd choose Coimbra any day of the week,
2011-10-21 22:04
i've heard feup is pretty good university to go to if you want some kind of engeneering, actually i was told it was the best in portugal :p but as far as i now coimbra's university is pretty good as well! i'm from braga...
2011-10-21 23:12
it depends. look here for example, we are clearly the best pt university, by far. our students association is older than the Porto university itself, we receive a lot of foreign students, we send a lot of pt students abroad, we are year after year considered the best pt university, we have a academic life like no other in the world, we have history, the rest are merely a weak copy of Coimbra university :) not trying to be arrogant nor anything, but cmon look at this video and u'll understand it all but yeah, i heard that feup is pretty good to, but dont let urself be kid about the ratings, for example LAW rating in Coimbra is ~14 values every year, in Porto is like ~16 or so, but we have almost 350 SPOTS while in Porto 100! u know what i mean? :) but i hope u have a GL no matter what :) porto is a dangerous city, not like coimbra, there are only students in there, the city is almost empty @ weekends :)
2011-10-21 23:49
i don't even know in which campus are they teaching law xD i do believe in what you said but so far i'm not disappointed in choosing oporto ;D and i also found this piece of news a while back the ranking is made out of a different survey group which would explain the differences but both of them can only mean we're going to great universities :)
2011-10-22 00:04
FalleN | 
Portugal proak 
universidade :P tenho poucas aulas! :P
2011-10-21 16:15
on mondayS? oh god, your headmaster for president!
2011-10-21 10:09
I'm on vacations so any days is good hahah hell yeah
2011-10-21 10:39
ya, i was also wondering why not start on friday?
2011-10-21 15:09
GL SK Gaming <3 :D
2011-10-21 01:06
Good, but this shedule is bad for DT.
2011-10-21 01:07
indeed. i wouldn't buy any player from WinFakt, Anexis, Defining Stars, mousesports or Alternate
2011-10-21 10:47
A & B on Saturday C & D on Sunday Finals on Monday Wouldn't that just be a lot easier..
2011-10-21 01:08
It would be but not for spectators.
2011-10-21 01:20
Chile MrJav1er 
2011-10-21 01:08
i dont understand :S
2011-10-21 01:09
2011-10-21 01:11
players from that team is that I have to choose for my dreamteam if 2 parties that play should be played on 22 and 23 do not understand this shit, bitch organization.
2011-10-21 01:12
mTw not attending to this cup ? why ?
2011-10-21 01:13
Skipping because of ave.
2011-10-21 01:21
oh! so many matches on saturday :D but grandfinal @ 15:00 :( why not 16:00 when everyone getting home from work :[
2011-10-21 01:16
+1 !
2011-10-21 13:49
yeah, sooooo ridiculous. let's hope for a two hour delay.
2011-10-22 02:27
Ukraine gungrave 
Semi-final in 2 days = f@il 1 team only final 2nd semi final+final :\\
2011-10-21 01:17
yay, finally :D nice job. edit: Group A or B match on stage 09:30 TBA? didn't get it.
2011-10-21 01:25
M5 - DTS )
2011-10-21 01:26
can't wait! pls small delay !;d
2011-10-21 01:29
grand final @ 13:00 lol
2011-10-21 01:29
@ 15* plus, two hours of delay. it's a bo3 full of pendings for sure, then... will end at 19
2011-10-21 01:45
Keep timezones in mind, it is probably at 13 where he lives :)
2011-10-21 09:42
omg, monday :(( i think i have to miss school... :D
2011-10-21 01:30
What can you do? If you're sick, you're sick.
2011-10-21 11:11
3 days full of CS 1.6 matches, going to be amazing
2011-10-21 01:33
yeah, i realize how nerd am i when i get excited about a cs weekend
2011-10-21 01:35
hahaha +1 agree with you
2011-10-21 01:42
hahahaha same here
2011-10-21 02:27
i'm not but my friend laughing at me now :(
2011-10-21 11:12
2011-10-21 04:52
AGAIN go win it easy warmup against AA and redbyte, next more hard with esc and lions and next standard mayby win mayby nope
2011-10-21 01:34
u gotta love polish english :) and their love for AGAiN.
2011-10-21 13:21
It's not his English, the problem is that there are no commas.
2011-10-21 17:23
Haha stupid? If it's no commas, spelling is fucked up, and the sentences is completely wrong. It's HIS english. gtfo.
2011-10-21 18:10
AGAIN go! Win it easy. Warmup against AA and redbyte. Next, more hard (ok, it's it will be harder) with esc and lions, and next, standard, mayby (maybe) win, mayby (maybe) nope it should be not). He would pass the test, probably with low grade, but he would pass. :D
2011-10-22 10:34
I guess you don't really get what an english grade is? That's like kindergarten english. He would not pass any kind of test.
2011-10-22 21:40
We bring you a complete schedule for the French event, allowing you to plan when to get up or how late to stay up. Yeah, we'll see about that. I already know to set my alarm 3 hours late because this tourny wont start anywhere NEAR their posted times.
2011-10-21 01:36
+ still, i'm sure that in the day i'll waiting for this delay and couting on it, they'll will play right on time.
2011-10-21 01:50
why the fuck do they make the event on the weekend then have the good matches on monday when most people are working? bunch of morons.
2011-10-21 01:42
The games will be delayed as always, so you will make it after work time. x)))
2011-10-21 01:46
lets hope. third place decider starts at 4 here, im off at 4:30 and will be home for sure for the finals.
2011-10-21 06:57
some people work on morning and afternoon... but hell who cares, i'm on vacations in october :D
2011-10-21 10:57
hahaha, u've already said that ur'e going on vacation like 3 times now. What's ur problem? U think ppl care?
2011-10-21 13:23
Norway kakkopp 
Tons of troubles at day 1, i will be suprised if we will se any preponed matches at all
2011-10-21 01:57
does finals have hltv?
2011-10-21 02:10
of course
2011-10-21 10:57
viva Algeria match one vs Winfakt, match two vs Na'vi. I feel sorry for them >.<
2011-10-21 02:10
Morocco docx 
for their moral yea that would be fucked up lol best of luck for them ;)
2011-10-21 03:35
I don't think they would take even one round from any team on this event.
2011-10-21 17:25
Lions vs ESC Gaming :D
2011-10-21 02:33
Brazil hugoooo 
this will be the most random dreamteam ever
2011-10-21 02:35
yeah, this dt is very hard
2011-10-21 02:41
lol indeed
2011-10-21 05:52
Unfortunately, but it's out of our hands.
2011-10-21 13:00
Excuse me! Sir, Will today's Semifinal match be (A1/D2) vs (B1/C2)? A1=AGAiN, B1=SK Gaming.
2011-10-23 09:50
A1 vs D2 C1 vs B2 A2 vs D1 C2 vs B1
2011-10-23 09:53
So, semifinals will be... 1st: (A1 vs D2) vs (C1 vs B2) 2nd: (A2 vs D1) vs (C2 vs B1) ?
2011-10-23 09:59
2011-10-23 10:01
2011-10-23 10:04
go Na`Vi
2011-10-21 02:46
Brazil sicariuswtf 
hard dt
2011-10-21 03:07
AMAZING JOB the best in the business!
2011-10-21 03:11
GO NAVI! 1.6 is so much fun to watch! Can't wait!
2011-10-21 03:12
loving dreamteam and!~
2011-10-21 03:12
Nice nix0n
2011-10-21 03:13
Yugoslavia b1n3 
SK Gaming vs Moscow Five on Day1... Loving it! GO 1.6 GO ESWC!
2011-10-21 03:15
SK win take it
2011-10-21 03:15
2011-10-21 03:22
Finally a tournament with big matches happening on weekday. Looking forward to this exciting tourney, may the best team win.
2011-10-21 03:34
Wooh! mouz vs alternate. Erm.. at the risk of sounding ignorant. Where are "OUR GAME" from?
2011-10-21 03:52
Reunion Islands
2011-10-23 11:41
this is going to be a nice gameweekend
2011-10-21 05:02
fist matches will be boring imo + 1-2h delay and times of matches are good :)
2011-10-21 05:28
i pretty pretty agree with your advice mby 3,4 is even better
2011-10-21 07:54
Faroe Islands kozy 
What about the schedule for the female CS tournament, can it be seen anywhere?
2011-10-21 05:28
Lithuania k0pAs 
nice time
2011-10-21 06:36
man so awesome this is a great tourney to watch, Im really excited.
2011-10-21 06:49
Should be great!
2011-10-21 06:57
But who of the teams are playing in the 1st semifinal? Can any admin link wich 2nd meets what 1st in the quartefinals, sorry for spelling to early for me :) Like Group A 1st vs Group B 2nd Group A 2nd vs Group B 1st and so on or is it the same for group C and D also? :) would be glad to get some answers
2011-10-21 07:12
We will be abble to change our team after a match? Cuz most of the times happens that the market get closed and u can't do any transaction.
2011-10-21 07:33
Again vs SK final =DDD
2011-10-21 07:40
Anything about the female tournament? Hope they'll have HLTVs for their matches too, right? As far as I know, the groupstage matches are supposed to start (and end) today and there's still no info about it :/
2011-10-21 07:55
Belarus ALBiNh0 
they will start at 10-30 CET as i know
2011-10-21 09:22
Good luck to all the teams i really hope we get to see some Awsome matches ! :D ill be cheering for AGAiN :D Good luck to all though
2011-10-21 07:58
winfakt gogo XD
2011-10-21 08:39
Every team will play in first day.So very hard for DT =))
2011-10-21 08:48
Gl Na'Vi
2011-10-21 09:10
Estonia looodi 
i really hope that the final will be played later on the 19.00 or something
2011-10-21 09:07
France Wyrd 
One of the worst schedule I've ever seen. n1 France... wait... Hopefully we'll know soon enough 1) which games of group A and B will be played on sunday 2) which teams will play the 1st semi-final. If they were smart it would be only those from group A and B since they've played their groupstage on saturday, but you can't assume anything about their brain when you see this kind of schedule.
2011-10-21 09:11
really hard schedule for dreamteam :>
2011-10-21 09:38
GL eSr And NOM
2011-10-21 09:42
6-Mouz 5-winFakt 4-dts 3-fnatic 2-Sk 1-NaVi
2011-10-21 09:53
where you miss AGAiN I Am sure they ill be in top
2011-10-21 10:15
2011-10-21 10:18
Is it Fools' Day or something?;D
2011-10-21 10:42
STFU fanboy!
2011-10-21 10:46
lol ?????? again > fnatic,dts,winfact and mouz !!!!!!!! they'll fight with sk and navi for top!!!!
2011-10-21 11:31
Sk AgaiN Na`vi ESC winfakt fnatic
2011-10-21 14:04
@ nixon , There is no hltv for female matches ??????????
2011-10-21 10:07
Russia Hy6 
There are, but not's ones ...
2011-10-21 13:52
Nixon doesn't care for female cs 1.6.
2011-10-21 17:28
gl sk
2011-10-21 10:14
GL SK !!
2011-10-21 10:27
2011-10-21 10:39
M5 gogo plz!
2011-10-21 10:43
Group stage - 16 round's for win or play 30 round's?
2011-10-21 10:50
Stop at 16 rounds won.
2011-10-21 12:58
thank God! 30 rounds is stupid
2011-10-21 15:19
WinFakt go!
2011-10-21 10:50
GLLLLL gogogo hard!
2011-10-21 10:56
gogogo viva algeria hard!
2011-10-21 10:56
6-viva algeria 5-winFakt 4-dts 3-fnatic 2-Sk 1-NaVi
2011-10-21 10:58
1,5,6 - group C ...
2011-10-21 11:00
6- viva algeria do you think he is serious?
2011-10-21 15:54
hwo know, maby this boy believe in that :)
2011-10-21 22:01
Grand Final 15:00 BO3 :(( wtf? schoool ;-( i will celebrate the winner
2011-10-21 11:01
School is overrated ;)
2011-10-21 11:37
Use the legendary tactic. After you had lunch, say you are sick and the teacher will let you go. I've done this a few times ^_^
2011-10-21 23:03
what a tactic! breathtaking, man.. breathtaking
2011-10-22 02:28
go go viva algeria <3
2011-10-21 11:13
dang you could of said that group c and d will have some matches on day one,i would have picked up other players:\ on DT
2011-10-21 11:14
This is like the worst schedule for DT ever
2011-10-21 11:17
I don't have problem i say to my teaches e need go homem to see the final :D
2011-10-21 11:19
Go VA xD !!
2011-10-21 11:29
United States dsu 
I'll be there on Saturday. :)
2011-10-21 11:33
Serbia Rki 
Crap for dt
2011-10-21 11:46
Grand finale should be later. C'mon, 3:00 PM? Even if it's 5:00 PM with delays, that's too early. Make it 7:00 PM: more eyeballs wich is good to advertisers revenues and fantastic to the general CS community (due to school or work).
2011-10-21 11:50
what is a "one round five match" ?
2011-10-21 12:01
2011-10-21 12:08
anyone knows OurGame's line up ? :PPP
2011-10-21 12:11
OurGame: KRONOS Skylers Monolith Kyo Gigi
2011-10-22 12:39
Why schedule is so weird ? :/ The most important matches will be played when we'll be at school
2011-10-21 12:54
poor schoolboy :(
2011-10-21 13:28
and what will you be doing on monday ? : )
2011-10-21 13:38
probably sleep, fap, smoke weed and watch eswc
2011-10-22 02:30
The grand final should have been on Sundays as well..
2011-10-21 13:18
Kazakhstan Trapptrapp 
2011-10-21 13:29
I think fnatic is going to take this.
2011-10-21 13:34
impossible imo : )
2011-10-21 13:39
Kazakhstan Trapptrapp 
no chances for fnatic...
2011-10-21 15:13
fucking exames :D
2011-10-21 13:38
Russia Hy6 
Exams in October... It's the summer session, isn't it?
2011-10-21 13:49
Modular system
2011-10-21 13:53
Best 2 players from Viva Algeria or Our Game please and roles
2011-10-21 13:41
GeT_RiGhT NEO Dosia Roman Jigetus
2011-10-21 13:50
That's really fucked up schedule for DT. Can't even buy cheap players from day2 because the two teams who will not play till day 2 are fnatic and navi. how unlucky is that :D
2011-10-21 13:56
Gl and Go hard VIVA ALGERIA !!! Viva Algeria ; D
2011-10-21 13:57
wth is our game?
2011-10-21 14:00
Will the games from the female tournament not be available to watch?
2011-10-21 14:14
Go bouteflika :D
2011-10-21 14:27
nice matches,looking forward to watch them
2011-10-21 14:45
2011-10-21 15:09
no you dont
2011-10-21 15:21
SK-gaming and Viva Algeria Good luck !!! <3
2011-10-21 15:47
who are the best players in viva algeria and our game?
2011-10-21 16:28
Other xdM 
Again Get_right
2011-10-21 16:40
DTS vs SK : ) cant wait 2 see tis match ~
2011-10-21 17:39
dreamteam market open after day 1 or after groupstages?
2011-10-21 17:56
Our Game : Kns , gigi >
2011-10-21 18:31
first interesting game of the day at 12:30 ESC vs lions
2011-10-21 18:43
m5 good luck! hope you will show some really good game :)
2011-10-21 18:52
Gl for Viva =)
2011-10-21 18:57
what is the best player from viva Algeria ?
2011-10-21 20:00
just bought Jamesdine for DT based on a highlight video of the Algerian ESWC qualifier :D
2011-10-21 20:26
AGAiN, Get_Right
2011-10-21 19:14
Algeria xBr 
GL Viva Algeria !
2011-10-21 19:24
Grand Final on Monday, are they crazy or what ??:>
2011-10-21 19:43
fnatic will win ! top kills will go to Richard 'Xizt' ! GG.
2011-10-21 19:55
2011-10-21 20:53
that's soo great. go for it, AGAiN!
2011-10-21 21:13
OurGame - nationality and line-up please
2011-10-21 21:39
From Reunion Island
2011-10-22 12:42
SK win :-)
2011-10-21 21:40
2011-10-22 12:41
2011-10-21 22:29
Go SK !
2011-10-21 23:00
top3 1/2/3 viva Algeria 1/2/3 redbyte 1/2/3 OUR GAME ^___________________________________^ i cannot laugh BTW AGAiN win AGAIN
2011-10-22 00:03
Where can I see lineups on the teams?
2011-10-22 00:48
gl mouz again & ofc viva algeria ^^
2011-10-22 01:19
In viewer's guide group C & D started 22' , but the HLTV ip's not announced this match, they started today or not?
2011-10-22 08:31
go go go gog og ogog go go g
2011-10-22 09:12
Virus Gaming go !
2011-10-22 09:29
2011-10-22 09:30
1st SK 2nd na'vi 3rd AGAiN
2011-10-22 13:15
come on open the market when group A and B are closed and before C and D .. not at the end of day1
2011-10-22 13:53
2011-10-22 14:31
Norway duffz00r 
2011-10-22 14:39
quarters ? a1-b2 , c1-d2 ?_?
2011-10-22 22:16
a1 vs d2, a2 vs d1, b1 vs c2, b2 vs c1
2011-10-23 11:36
AGAiN just AGAiN ;)
2011-10-23 13:34
Nema srba?
2011-10-23 17:59
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