Video: Interview with Valve

October 27th, 2011 19:58

While visiting New York for the IEM6 Global Challenge New York, we had the chance to sit down with Chet Faliszek from Valve, for an extensive talk about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and more.

Ever since we heard about a new Counter-Strike in the making back in August, the questions have been many, some more critical than others. Will Valve's latest CS title, Global Offensive, be the game to replace Counter-Strike 1.6 on the pro circuit?

The questions were many, both from our side, but also from the community's side, who got the chance to ask questions, when we sat down with Chet Faliszek during the IEM6 Global Challenge New York.

The interview is a little over 36 minutes, hit play below to watch the interview recorded during our visit in New York and who knows, maybe there's information regarding the beta keys for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We will continue to follow Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as it progresses and enters the beta stage, as well as how the future might look for the game.

Very gad jab najxon
2011-10-27 19:59
haha the video is 30 min and u saw it in 1 min gzz nab
2011-10-27 20:02
i watching, faster that you are born, you feel me BRU!?
2011-10-27 20:03
Lithuania hx1 
We all feel your disgusting English, pal.
2011-10-27 20:03
2011-10-27 20:03
N good username btw. <3
2011-10-28 00:39
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2011-10-28 06:25
whats mean "ftw"?
2011-10-28 20:12
for the win
2011-10-28 20:16
thx bro!
2011-10-28 20:22
Sweden TLY 
what? its good job from nixon side to make a long interview even if you havent watched it.......
2011-10-27 21:06
Nix0n give this fanboy a kiss lol
2011-10-27 20:20
Every gentleman,who can tell me where could I download the nice movie named "Just a feeling",it shows us the nicest moment of the former wNv.Gaming player -- Jungle.Once he was the best sniper in the world. I'd apprecitae if any one of you to tell me . I've searched it from,but the link doesn't go well.
2011-10-28 04:52
btw he never was the best awper
2011-10-28 16:36
i know he is crazy, it was "zy" who was the best not "jungle".
2011-10-28 23:40
that's propably the worst cs movie i have ever seen!
2011-10-28 20:40
2011-11-06 14:12
2011-10-27 19:59
2011-10-27 19:59
Amazing job from Nixon and, AGAIN!
2011-10-27 20:00
Chuck norris, watched 35 mins video in 6 mins, imba :O
2011-10-27 20:03
2011-10-29 22:20
Portugal tkd 
2011-10-28 01:16
Brazil mikep 
Will watch it now Great job
2011-10-27 20:02
2011-10-27 20:03
coldzera | 
Brazil akak1 
2011-10-27 20:04
gud job
2011-10-27 20:08
nice :)
2011-10-27 20:20
wOw Nice
2011-10-27 20:22
Nice, interview with Tom Hanks :D
2011-10-27 20:23
Netherlands washedup28YO 
lol precies waar ik aan d8 xD cast away? :D :P nice interview
2011-10-27 20:45
this game is made for FFA boys...
2011-10-27 20:32
Sweden JAMV 
######################################### Really? You didn't bother to watch and understand this interview did you? I'm very satisfied on his opinions and ideas to create a game built on how we _THE COMMUNITY_ want it. All you haters should motivate your answers and not giving states such as "this game is made for FFA boys...", explain what the problem is and MAIL Valve, they are open for solving problems. keep it real, jeez
2011-10-27 23:25
+1 This is a great chance for us, we should not waste it due to being close minded.
2011-10-28 04:47
sorry m8 but you don't understand one thing... they will not make a game for competitive and professional use because its not profitable, it will only satisfy a small group of people compared to the huge amount of copies sold for casual gamers they made a great game only once - by accident
2011-10-28 14:11
I bet the day when FX will switch to csgo, you're gonna say that the game is awesome.
2011-10-28 15:32
2011-10-28 16:27
They will make this competitive, however they won't throw in a 1 Million dollar tournament. Still, whatever they will do with CS:GO, it's still more than they ever did with 1.6, ever. And CS 1.6 lasted for 10 years, why wouldn't this succed? This has better graphic's which attract players, sponsors, viewers. And the rated matchmaking for the more serious people, and then the pubbers can play the casual mode or gungame. Why are you so negative toward CS:GO, you seem to wish that it will a failure, so we can stay and step 1 forever...
2011-10-28 23:02
You have some good points, but I just wanna correct you on something. This game does not have better graphics. It has newer graphics.
2011-10-29 18:26
technically they didn't make that one either. ;)
2011-10-29 06:43
does that guy believe in what hes saying? no matter what they change the game remains bad
2011-10-27 20:33
and how do u know ;)? like he said, Try the beta when it comes out and trashtalk the game after that if u dont like it.
2011-10-27 20:41
Pessimistic people like you are so sad. As Chet said, you haven't tried the game have you? It wont be the exact copy of CS 1.6, its impossible to ask for something like that. Its a new game, its a little different, a little the same. Give it a chance and might blow your mind. Please, don't be pessimistic!
2011-10-27 20:59
u'r so positive brah ! people be happy, CS:GO is comming!
2011-10-27 21:21
i just saw a picture of it and i wanted to throw up 1 look is needed to understand if the game is good or not and cs:go is definitely a bad one and from the things i have heard and read... i will stick with 1.6 until the end many of you will call me mental for me judging the game by just 1 picture but thats the reality some people realize things way faster than other people sadly
2011-10-27 21:59
But honestly, for sure you're not one of those people, most likely quite the opposite.
2011-10-27 22:14
People look at 1.6 and say it looks like garbage. You don't see that because you've been playing the game for too long. I love 1.6 but to look at pictures and judge a game is the dumbest thing you can do. Its the same thing with any old competitive game too. If you don't play Street Fighter, go watch Third Strike videos. If you don't play twitch FPS, go watch Quake 2 videos. If you don't play RTS, go watch Starcraft videos. They are all fantastic games but just looking at videos or pictures of them, you would never be able to tell.
2011-10-27 23:00
answer me honestly: does this look like a quality game? (i just took a random pic) it looks crap. but since you've played it for a long time you're probably like "ooh de_prodigy, great map!" or smth like that but imagine a totally random person looking at that picture or any 1.6 pic. and i'm not just talking about the graphics.
2011-10-28 00:06
no thats some shitty game which id never touch
2011-10-28 00:35
vinniep why u are so addicted to sick graphic?????????? Graphic means nothing it's all about gameplay not graphic... If u like to shoot with electroshock or some other shits go and play MW3 or Battlefield 3, because the CS:GO rly sucks first people run like a chickens or like guys who poop in their pants... Nobody blame CS:GO about graphic but about gameplay it's like if u want to play mario but they give u new version of it but gameplay is like a tetris do u still would play it? No u would probably say: ,,F**k this shit I am going to play old version...''
2011-10-29 11:05
Don't forget that it took CS 1.6 (now) almost 5 years to reach perfection.
2011-10-28 04:50
How can you say such a thing? 1 look is needed to understand the game? How can you judge something you haven't tried? Is it because the graphics? No one is sure giving a damn 1.6 graphics, although they are out dated as hell, yet 50k people gather to see a bo3 of CS at home. So what does it matter if the graphics are updated/changed? The game play will be the thing that matters. If you don't know how the game play is how can judge it, especially when its in the pre-alpha? I do not understand your logic.
2011-10-28 13:20
Honestly, though I agree with you that a carbon copy of 1.6 is wishful thinking and would never happen, and that it's silly to expect or ask for it, it saddens me a bit that Valve went out of their way to ensure that DotA, a very popular modification of an already popular game, would be remade identical to the original, down to even its most intricate technicalities, because the community loved every single detail about it. Yet with Counter-Strike, also a very popular modification of an already incredibly popular game, and on top of that made by Valve themselves (which I assume would make replicating intricate technicalities a lot simpler when compared to an engine they don't have access to) they decide to ignore a lot of what their huge fanbase loves about the game with each installment they put out, dividing the community with each attempt and thus making the job of pleasing all of them with a single awesome game progressively harder. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge optimist and have high hopes for this new installment, and plan on getting in the beta as soon as possible and providing my feedback. I prefer to see their initial run with DOTA2 as an epiphany they had and that they've finally woken up to realize the competitive potential their games have and that they will be actively pursuing it from now on, not only with DOTA (which I also enjoy) but with their very own mod-community phenomenon Counter-Strike :D.
2011-10-27 23:54
I would dare to say, that a Dota type of game, is easier to copy to new graphics, than a FPS type of game to way more advanced graphics (1.6 -> GO) without having a hard time copying the game play. But I suppose with go, they aren't even trying to make their best efforts into having the 1.6 game play in GO, 'cause they want a NEW, FRESH game. If they would do their best to do so, the game might be very different. To good or bad, whose to say?
2011-10-28 13:15
good comment!
2011-10-28 17:21
most ppl that are bad at games dont like them, dont blame them for makeing bad game when really you just have no skill
2011-10-28 01:49
Serbia posS 
2011-10-27 20:39
Good job, nix!
2011-10-27 20:41
Nice iview! Really turned my head around about cs:go. Waiting for beta.
2011-10-27 20:50
cs:go is da boss nao.
2011-10-27 20:51
Brazil th3W 
1 question.... where the F is half life 2 episode 3?! our hl3??
2011-10-27 20:51
+1 :(
2011-10-28 12:55
Very interesting topic. "We'll see." That's all I have to say :o))
2011-10-27 20:56
2011-10-27 20:56
Not really much stuff we didn't knew already, but a really cool interview, thx alot nix0n! :) I got a good feeling about this game!
2011-10-27 20:56
he doesn't even admit that cs:s is fail compared to cs1.6, even today cs1.6 have more people playing it thatn cs:s ffs dude,
2011-10-27 20:57
CS:S isnt a fail? tell me how it is fail? Because it didn't make it as an e-sport? I would hardly call that fail.
2011-10-27 21:01
o.O a game with minecraft graphics(like css douchbags say) with 12 or 14 years, have more players than cs:s (i'm not messioning esports), css was called broken by their own users, the games is like almost 10 years old now? and still is beeing updated? not a fail? in every aspect, i have the game, i bought it and played it, it's not a matter of skill or graphics or so, overall it sucks, i would rather play condition zero instead of css.
2011-10-27 21:08
2011-10-27 21:12
i bought it around 2006, i played it 1 month in 2006, 2 weeks around 2008, then a few time ago i eard about the update, i installed it again tryed it, and it sucked ass, never touched it again. I spend like 60€ in the pack half life2 game of the year, hl2 rocks i'm playing it atm, but ffs i wish i had my 60€ back, crapy crapy game, there isn't other words to qualify cs:s
2011-10-27 21:23
lol that is amazing :)
2011-10-28 05:42
So fucking bad argument, your not saying 1.6 is broken? What about russianwalking, superhuman wallbanging, nades having 1 pixel hitbox etc, 1.6 is broken also but the bugs haven't been fixed and been implemented as features to gameplay and everyone uses them. I am source player but i prefer 1.6 as a better game, but that doesn't make source a fail game. Of course when you switch from 1.6 to try source you might think that it's broken since it is entirely diffrent game. In the end there isn't even so much difference between 1.6 and cs:s. Both have just some diffrent mechanics and metagame.
2011-10-27 21:24
2011-10-28 10:11
there isn't much difference? recoil, hiboxes, grenades and flashes, bunny hop, you barelly can't wallbang in css (what is 1 onf the coolest fictures in 1.6), in css you can't do russian walk, the big ass models in css, the movements, de_train map lol it got to suck to not be able to do that tricks on the stairs of the trains like we do on 1.6 lol, in the end, it's like 2 totally difrent games in terms of fictures. PS: CS:S developers were so fucking dumb that they took out quickshot, fastzoon what you wanna call it. Ps: Without russian wallking half of the crazy clutchs you saw till today wouldn't be done or even the competitive games would be boring and slow, probably one of the best fictures in 1.6, super human wallbang? pretty much the best feeling about playing cs shooting a wall and killing some1 without seeing them, and you can use it tactics.
2011-10-28 11:27
Yes i agree that there are differences, but the metagame is still pretty much the same. Russian walking or laddertricks won't be the dealbreaker if the game is unplayable or not. Those are the things you get used to, if you play the game for like 2 weeks. Yes de_train is diffrent from 1.6, but that's the point, there are diffrent tactics you are able to do in CS:S. I also agree that 1.6 awp would be better for competitive gamplay than CS:S, making you get punished for missing shot. And this may be added into the game some day now, at least I think many ppl have suggested it in the CS:S private forums with Valve developers. Wallbanging is kind of a big diffrence, which I would love to see more in CS:S. Not because the crazy one deag through 4 walls, but to punish for stupid peeks around corners. But it is something you just get used to. And I think that CS:S is more tactical game, don't think that i think 1.6 is noob game etc. But the truth is, it is easier to master shooting in CS:S comapred to 1.6, thus more people shoot so good that you will need to think your movements more. Also will require you to use more strat smokes + flashbangs (which play so much bigger role in CSS than 1.6, by being so much more effective) to beat your enemy.
2011-10-28 20:08
yes you got a point there, when you say that is easier to master css aim, so thats why the game becomes more tactical. But overall in terms of individual skills, cs1.6 still's the one who requires it the most, and that's because of that, that many people still plays it. And russian walk, is pretty much one of the biguest features, to encrease the pace of the game in 1.6. Wallbang in maps like nuke is the thing that make nuke terrorist side and ct side more even, and so. CS:S in terms of a counter strike game, lost the coolest features, that make 1.6 the game it is today, probably if css had the same or similar type of rcoil and hitboxes, russian walk, wallbang, quickshot, bunny hop, ladders, etc.. i probably would play it, imo thats why cs:s compared to 1.6 is a fail, cause they tried to make a game to replace cs1.6 but they didn't get the best of 1.6 into it.
2011-10-29 14:50
I agree on the russian walk "duck jump" aspect. The duck jump gave so much variety in cs1.6: something between running and walking, a style to peak corners, going onto ledges without jumping, increases gameplay and clutching ability... CS:GO engine cannot create that movement?
2011-10-30 13:42
i'm not trashing cs:go yet, cause i never played the game, i was talking about css and the fact that the guy on the iview didn't admit that cs:s is a fail, cause it was created to replace 1.6 and almost 10 years later it didn't happen.
2011-10-30 14:53
The people who like competitive FPS, obviously play CS 1.6 since its the way to go and we are all to some sort, competitive so its obvious people go for 1.6. However people who want to relax and have fun, i'd say CS:S is a better option. Public play is a lot better in CS:S than in 1.6 (ignoring Deathmatch), and how the search is done to join a relatively good Public server. The mods are ton better in CS:S, I for instance love to play Minigames, a thing that rare servers have in 1.6, and its really poor in 1.6. I.E Jail, its a lot better in CS:S than 1.6. I hope you understand my point. PS. I am no source fanboy, I rarely play it anymore, but just saying that is isn't a fail, just a different type of game!
2011-10-28 13:27
it's your opinion so obviously i have to respect it, at least imo the fun stuff in 1.6 stills better, cause for me is easier to bunny op in cs, easier to surf (a mod that i love :d), and easier to do kz and hide n' seek. Still it's just my opinion, I have a good computer, and i have the game since 2006, i don't really play it cause i don't like it at all.
2011-10-28 14:43
Yeah, i get that its a opinion issue on some part, but the game it self isnt a fail. Surf in 1.6 is the best though!
2011-10-28 15:05
Cs:go is just a business. All they want is selling to the most of people they can, no matter if they stop playing it after that cause it sucks. This will be for ffa boys, casual gamers, ps3/xbox players.. In other words, this game will be easy.
2011-10-27 20:59
Did you watch the WHOLE interview?
2011-10-27 21:00
2011-10-27 21:00
Most encouraging thing was the separation between "casual" and "competitive mode" this should fix alot of problems CS1.6 had towards the end of it's patched life (Riot Shield) and also what CSS constantly has. As long as the "competitive mode" has constant and correct updates, then eventually the game could possibly replace 1.6 and CSS as the esport title.
2011-10-27 21:08
Denmark Wich 
sooooo the betakeys nix0n???... where are they! :D
2011-10-27 21:08
My question was in there!!!
2011-10-27 21:08
gz c:
2011-10-29 20:03
I also had a realisation moment, after watching the interview. For way too long, people have associated "Games with good graphics, make really bad competitive games". With examples like CSS, BF2, MW2 etc" But if you actually think about it, it doesnt have to be that way, when CS1.0 came out, it had probably the best graphics around for an FPS, and it came out pretty good. So maybe "better" graphics can work.
2011-10-27 21:14
My dad spent wheelbarrows of money to buy a video card for doom! Our phones can run it now.
2011-10-27 21:19
Voodoo 3s were the shit :D. Also ACCELERATED 3D GRAPHICS sounded so badass back then lol
2011-10-27 23:55
oh mannn. glide looked sick!!!!!!!!!!
2011-10-28 10:34
India kh4N 
You cant compare those two scenarios. When CS 1.0 came out it probably had the best graphics at that time, but no one had experienced a game like it before. When games like CS:Source and CS:GO come out, we have high expectations(Recoil, 1.6 feel, etc), but they never match our expectations at all. Secondly, CS was never aimed to be a simulation or a "realistic" shooter game. Nowadays, all developers aim to produces FPS games that could be as realistic as possible(I'm talking about BF,COD,etc). So that is also another point which shows WHY CS was successful and today's new-gen games aren't. The reason why CS 1.0 was successful even because it had the best graphics was because of its unique game-engine that attracted a competitive nature. Even till today, people are learning new undiscovered things in CS 1.6 whether it be a flash or a jump or whatever, no other game in the world has achieved something like that AFAIK.
2011-10-27 21:35
i agree with all of your points, but i think you missed mine. I was purely making an observation about peoples misconception of good graphics means bad competive games. Nothing to do with reasons why, or what type of game. Also nothing to do with other reasons why CS is such a good game.
2011-10-27 21:41
I understand your point, but graphics nowadays are a bit more complicated. Back then, even if the graphics were good, the textures were more permissive. Now, like the Valve guy said, graphics greatly change the game experience. Still, I think you are correct, we should open our minds a bit. To me, the interview was encouraging. Let's see what happens.
2011-10-28 04:56
Why do you have to predicate your statement? "even because it had the best graphics." You say that as if the game plays well in spite of the graphics. Those were the graphical standards at the time. Graphics and gameplay are independent. CS was aimed as a realistic shooter. The other contemporary were iD games, the unreal series and HLDM or team fortress. Very unrealistic games, it doesn't look realistic now, but it's all about perspective. Those were the circumstances at the time.
2011-10-28 00:01
Sweden taM 
Where have you gotten that idea from? I can't remember ever having seen it expressed. However, I think most people in the CS-scene do feel like good graphics is alot less important than the general feel of the game - the game play. So i think people feel like graphics isn't necessarily important, rather than that good graphics has a negative effect on a game, sonehow. And it doesn't take alot in terms of changes in order to make a your favorite game so different that there's a good chance that it's less fun to play. I mean, just look at the reactions when there have been more significant updates. Granted it's been some time since that last happened, but still. I myself just recently got over things like that you can't sneak fast anymore (like you could way back when you could sneak fast by tapping the forward button just right) and that they changed so you couldn't (in fact it turned out that you can, but it's alot harder) jump several times in a row. So when we're talking about an entirely new game, people are bound to be sceptical, I think.
2011-10-27 22:00
Yeah, there seems to be this ridiculous misconception in games that just because it may look good, means the gameplay has to suffer. Chet makes a really good point in the interview that if you like the game, and you like the sport. You'll deal with the changes and embrace them. It's like people complaining about interp or reg or something. That's just how the game is, your playing within it's confines. It's your job as a player, to deal with it.
2011-10-28 00:04
Thanks for the interview Nixon. To all you ignorant. Lazy. Closed minded dolts. Everything is independent. You can still play jolly old 1.6. You just want the attention, so go ahead. Poop on the game, because everyone else is.
2011-10-27 21:15
Romania mL7 
great interview
2011-10-27 21:19
2011-10-27 21:20
if you mean Go Counter Strike Go ! : +1; if you mean Go Counter Strike Global Offense! : -99999999 (:
2011-10-31 14:03
I've played 1.6 for so long now, infact I've know many guys that have, and I also dabbled in source for a while, but I can only say that a mixture of the scenes, to combine into 1 will not only make the scene SO much more competitive but way more fun, never to forget new rookie players that turn out to be stars in CS:GO. In 1.6 we have like 10 - 16 super pro teams, what would it be like if there was IEM and there were 64 teams that every single team could beat any single team? That makes the game so much more interesting, makes people spend alot more time and involving themselves more, being geeky.
2011-10-27 22:12
2011-10-28 05:42
cs:go is a great idea to make a bigger cs community. CS2 will come for us. but the worst is waiting :S
2011-10-27 22:20
Why does Valve hate 1.6 so much? Those huge CSS models in CS:GO are stupid. Huge models, huge hitboxes, lots of useless clutter. CS:Promod is way better.
2011-10-27 22:48
I would be just perfectly happy if they would just release Counter-Strike : Newold with new graphics but nothing really touched in the gameplay. just some nicer reflections, shadows, smoother red rock etc.. 'Cause the reality is that when there comes new games all the time people don't want to play this one anymore or the game is just being dump'd by sponsors and events. I believe that there's going to be players in 1.6 still after 10 years but not even near this many we have right now. CS 1.6 is not a game that attracts new YOUNG players anymore. In the beginning of the video this dude says 1.6 and source community each have the game they want to play. well.. it's partially true. I think there are bunch of people that would like 1.6 to have better graphics but that's really not the argument i'm using for this. CS 1.6 community wants new graphics because the game is about to "die" so to say in a little while. I know 2010 was the year that had the most amount of big tournaments but 2011 we're going a little downwards again without having ex. Arbalet cups.. --EDIT-- I've played this game since the first beta came out about 1999 or 2000. I like the game how it is and I'd still play it as long as i have the competition in the scene too like we have it now.
2011-10-27 23:21
Sweden taM 
Some smaller tweaks can be done. Like the HLTV can be improved a little bit. When spectating you can have the same info as you do when playing; you could be able to see the amount of bullets left etc. Also, I really dislike that you get three frags for defuse and explosion. And some more smaller tweaks, but yeah, no majer differences.
2011-10-27 23:36
the 3 frags is good for arcade mode playing like in publics so it encourages the players to defuse but on pro mode they could be removed or changed to 1 frag/score
2011-10-27 23:53
Sweden taM 
That's true. I should probably clarify: it does makes sense when playing public, but you could make a cvar out of it so you can turn it on and off. Because when you or play 5on5 it's only really annoying as it messes up the individual scores and renders them somewhat meaingless. Also, personally I really don't like the slow-motion feature on HLTV. That ought to be removed as well, I think.
2011-10-28 01:06
Replying to my own post but i have one more thing to add to that graphic issue. In the video Chet says that Volcano stated out that the graphics were making it harder to detect players with awp for an example.. I think the maps don't need those dust effects or fog. They look kinda nice but it affects the gameplay, I think the most of public cs1.6 players play clan matches aswell so why not make it so it is straight away competitive in publics also. SIMPLE models(like cs 1.6 has, but rounder=more polygons.. would be really nice) same thing for the environment on the maps.. just keep it as they are in 1.6 but make it smoother looking by increasing polygon amount. It WILL be a great success if valve can manage to do a game like that with the same gameplay and most of the flash tricks and stuff so it will be familiar AND it will sell for sponsors/tv etc aswell. Fair fact is that CSPromod is way ahead CS:GO atm though i really hope there's going to come some kind of "cs1.7".. And btw, the gun models on CS:GO look awful, they're FAT.. can't even believe that they are real-life size? if they are u have to make em thinner :D
2011-10-28 20:50
Oh yes and one thing more i forgot to say, the defuse kit thing is pretty dumb idea. It only makes sense in the 1.6 kind of de_train which is really CT sided map. There's only one flaw.. If you have 2 defuse kits and you split the defense in half.. you have one on each bombplant.. but if your teammate with the kit dies to under some train(inside) and the other guy with the kit dies in the beginning of the round while pushing from alley.. u have zero kits and if you try to retake the kits it's like having c4 under control for terrorists(u know what i mean). they can protect the kits for a while or whole round if they have man advantage. and when they get the plant down they can let go of the kit cause IF the ct gets back on the inside bombspot in time he cannot defuse it no more.. or he just has so hurry that the terrorists control the situation easily. CONCLUSION: 2 Defuse kits make the CT play really random. Luck is too great factor in this point and it messes really much with the original gameplay of CS1.6 and CS:S.. I know Valve want to throw in some new stuff but i think atleast the Molotov is a bit too much. if you conquer bombsite B in de_dust2 and have 5 Molotov's on your side and throw 1 at a time or 2 at a time in front of the B double doors.. it's kind of impossible to retake the site. It's like spamming nades while defending b site or something.. so it should atleast have a limitation. Another idea for the molotov and other new stuff is that the competitive mode wouldnt have them or atleast would have serverside possibility to disallow 'em. With these ideas and arguments about CS:GO or another CS development I only try to achieve greater future to Counter-Strike 1.6 players AND mby TOGETHER with CS Source players. mainly for 1.6 players because what i hear is that the community of 1.6 is bigger than source's or atleast it has had or has the highest amount of players all time so it's about time to get updated cs 1.6 in our hands at some time so the players can still achieve tournament wins.
2011-10-28 21:03
and btw now that I remember one thing that annoys me in many new fps games is that when you move your mouse the weapon models move "separately". it feels so sloppy and unresponding, same with the movement if you strafe left and right and it feels like it has a delay or something.. it affects the gameplay & feeling to play it.. there's few new points that might be worth checking out.
2011-10-29 00:07
Portugal f0nZ 
So, where's the beta?
2011-10-27 23:30
its out. you need a beta key if you wanna play it and to get beta key you have to win it somewhere or already have it from cs:go events like pax and iem6.
2011-10-28 00:35
The beta has not started yet.
2011-10-28 01:01
yes it does but not for everyone
2011-10-28 13:34
It hasn't started yet, according to some rumours it will begin next monday (the 31st).
2011-10-28 00:59
But it won't be an open beta like they announced back in August right?
2011-10-28 01:35
Closed beta first (only the people with keys will be able to play), followed by an open beta sometime later.
2011-10-28 02:37
This new CS is another cartoon, isn't it... Or maybe I say that because I've been playing CS ever since version 1.0 or something back into the year 2000-2001... :S
2011-10-28 00:00
Portugal picc 
dropping the defuse kit...LOL
2011-10-28 00:06
great questions and great answers! thx! it clarified a lot of things. after seeing this interview you can't really complain about cs:go anymore. you can either help them make it better, just play the game or stay away. i haven't yet decided which one i will do :D
2011-10-28 00:20
Very nice interview. This leaves me optimistic
2011-10-28 00:19
Portugal picc 
2011-10-28 00:22
Hey Nix what camera do you use? Like can you send me an exact picture of it ? I'd appreciate!
2011-10-28 00:31
2011-10-28 09:36
Thank you
2011-10-28 13:52
Brazil focA 
I play counter-strike on LAN since 1.5 (about 2003) and I think it's the best game I've ever played, but seriosly guys, you're taking this too serious. Valve guys are just doing their jobs (developing games), and they're doing it the best way possible! I know you guys love 1.6, but what they're trying to do is just the better for everyone mid/long term.. it's to unify both communities and make a bigger/better one, with more competition. Just stop trolling and wait for the beta to be released, play the game and then give them the feedback you want! They want to release the game that is better for everyone, why the hell would they want to release a game that we hate? As we say down here in Brasil: "PARA COM ESSA BIRRINHA CARALHO!"
2011-10-28 00:43
Portugal tkd 
2011-10-28 00:49
That last part was unnecessary, but at least next time please add a translation.
2011-10-28 01:06
Brazil focA 
sorry guys, didnt want to blow my entire comment because of a little "raging" sentence, next time I'll think twice before posting stuff like that! :)
2011-10-28 01:13
i agreed
2011-10-28 20:21
Actually there's one thing wrong in your post.. Chet said that they are NOT trying to Unify both communities together. It's ok if you like 1.6 or Source, we give you 1 more option is what Chet is saying.. or atleast that's what i understood from this interview from his speech and between the lines.
2011-10-28 21:05
Brazil focA 
If this matchmaking stuff comes good (like it works in League of Legends with that "ELO" and "ranked" stuff), IMO it will be one of the best improvements counter-strike series has ever had! It's so much easier for "newbies" to enjoy the game, and eventually the community will get bigger and bigger! APROVED!
2011-10-28 01:03
Portugal tkd 
i like the way that the game is taking.. Give it a chance. Support it, feedback it (a real feedback). In the end try it and judge it!
2011-10-28 01:10
Sweden taM 
It is very promising that they seem to be intent on listening and working with the community in the development of CS:GO.
2011-10-28 01:13
Poland MJP 
polish surname haha:]
2011-10-28 01:22
The most important thing for me from all these interviews with Valve guys is that for the first time they really seem to be committed to taking advice from the pros and the community in general, and changing the game according to their feedback. Hopefully they are able to make it good when the beta comes. From the Seattle meeting to IEM NYC the progress was apparently pretty slow, but hopefully they'll pick it up once they get constant daily feedback
2011-10-28 01:24
Downloading 1080p right now. Will watch later when i have 36 minutes to spare. :D
2011-10-28 02:39
valve should redo all the gun models...they are all so kiddy loooking.
2011-10-28 02:41
games shit
2011-10-28 03:17
You are 11 and afraid of change?. Man, you are gonna have it tough in life
2011-10-28 04:57
yes because im really 11 years old..
2011-10-29 03:08
I gotta say after watching the Showmatch and watching this interview, I'm genuinely anticipating what the final version if this game becomes. If we do the right thing and give constructive feedback, this could be a fantastic version of our game. And I would really love to not give Torbull my money to avoid cheaters. Time for a new PC.
2011-10-28 03:27
make cs go death animations alot more intresting ... the satisfaction of getting a frag in 1.6 seeing dinks hit the faces and the bodys doing this like strange jumping jack animation is kinda gratifying even though it looks ridicolous , the whole phsyics thing about css/csgo just seems weak from a player whos been around since hooked on the hl1 CS or give an option in the menu to have cs:classic death style vs newschool
2011-10-28 03:56
i agree, they should bring back the flinch in 1.6 when you take dmg. also the head should push back when you get dinked like in 1.6, and also apply the viewpunch when you get dinked(with no helmet). and ofc bring back the hs animation.
2011-10-28 04:15
lol gomez. when cs came out there were so many better games graphically, even fps.
2011-10-28 03:59
They need to make the game look less cartoony (tf2 style) Valve should look at the HUD from promod.
2011-10-28 04:15
36min... someone could post the keypoints plz? the best questions/answers
2011-10-28 04:18
People have been waiting 7-8 years for a new game, the least you can do is spare 36 minutes more :P
2011-10-29 12:58
I haven't been waiting for a new game (I can play 1.6 for another decade without any problem)... Maybe even more, since I saw the gameplay of CS:GO in those videos, looks terrible, that's why I'm not so interested in watch the whole video. I don't know about you, but talking about games my first impression never fails, if I saw a video of it and thought it was crap... later when it was released I played and confirmed my first thought. I hope it fails for the first time with this game, but it seems to be quite impossible, because I dislike EVERYTHING I have seen about CS:GO, every single map, every single model, every single sound, every single shitty recoil shown in the videos.
2011-10-29 18:41
Well according to Chet he says exactly what you just said, that everyone judges what they see in the videos. The running + gunning is because the ones at the event were on consoles and they didn't know how to play so they were just running around and EVENTUALLY getting kills. Also that they're willing to change everything about the game, there's nothing they wouldn't change they are asking the community for feedback. Also you will be getting it for free for the beta to give them feedback and let them know everything before they release it for a price. Basically saying try it first if you don't like it don't play it.
2011-10-29 21:32
after years of hearing.. "BUY ME A DEFUSE KIT" can finally be done. can finally be done..
2011-10-28 05:57
Well... not quiet, but yeah;)
2011-10-28 07:38
2011-10-28 06:10
not gonna work, kids these days dont understand the concept of learning the game and slowly getting better and better everyday and having others being way ahead in skill, games today must be 15 mins and your as good as everyone else can get, its called css/cod/battlefield/etc
2011-10-28 06:42
Say what? There's nothing more frustrating than dying in games like CoD because some dude has been playing 24/7 and got way more upgrades than you.
2011-10-28 14:12
isnt 1.6 with better graphics called cs promod?
2011-10-28 08:17
if you watched that video he clearly says its not going to happen
2011-10-28 09:39
OMFG he says CS1.6 people have what wants. Thats totally wrong, people wanted to play a MODERN GRAFIC game with the estructure of 1.6, like a CS1.7. U stoped on getting better a PC game, of course u want that game to die.
2011-10-28 07:34
You didn't even watch the interview, did you?
2011-10-28 08:51
Yes, i did.
2011-10-28 09:01
Obviously you didn't, coz he made a clear answer in the interview of what you just said. It is impossible to create a game with 1.6 gameplay that have modern graphics.
2011-10-28 11:55
2011-10-30 17:35
Is "duckjump" possible in CS:GO? Duckjump is a must have.
2011-10-28 08:05
It's not in the game and it's not a "must have", it's just an idiotic bug that the CS players got used to.
2011-10-28 22:46
omg... another reason for me to dislike even more this brand-new fail attempt to create a new Counter-Strike I hope someone in the CS:GO crew just gets crazy and convince all them to totally remake the game from zero, I really hope.
2011-10-29 18:49
Buy 2 diffuse kits..... drop them at 2 bombsites at the start of the round, so that if someone without a kit clutches, he would still have the kit. Doesn't really make much of a difference imo. Unless ofcourse Ts can too pick up kits n hide them. In that case CTs should also be allowed to hide c4.that would be funny /jk
2011-10-28 08:14
yeah just what i thought. If you have 2 defuse kits just drop one at each bombsite..
2011-10-28 10:43
i always dreamed about hidding c4 XD
2011-10-28 20:40
hahaha......that wud have been interesting wudn't it .
2011-10-29 06:03
2011-11-24 23:52
how about beta keys for dota 2...screw that cs;go
2011-10-28 08:39
lets wait the beta and see
2011-10-28 09:38
Can't wait to see what Valve are going to do !
2011-10-28 09:51
You should mention something about hl2 ep3
2011-10-28 10:43
n1 inf.
2011-10-28 10:44
Very good interview. I'm much more optimistic after watching this interview than i were before and i think we've been given a great chance to give feedback to shape the game into becomming more like the game we love - cs 1.6 GJ nix0nMVP and Chet Faliszek
2011-10-28 10:55
Ok , it was interesting hearing from Chet all about CS:GO , and i changed my mind , now i'm seeing it from his point of view! It's not a replacement for CS 1.6 that we all love , and not a replace for CS:S ... but a "new" game :) that it's a kind of both , Source engine/maps/weapons style mix with 1.6 gameplay
2011-10-28 11:32
Lithuania zbs 
i dont care about graphics and other diferent stuff, but guys do the recoil same as 1.6 and you get 90% players play CS:GO
2011-10-28 11:44
it`s easy, just take CS 1.6 gameplay and make the graphics better we don`t need another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
2011-10-28 12:47
2011-10-31 11:57
CS:GO - shit
2011-10-28 13:21
in this capitalism world it's hard to see a company care about a product itself rather than it's sales, but chet seems to really be all about making a better counter-strike. in my opinion as a good 1.6 player the next big thing, which cs:go obviously aims to be, should be as close to the gameplay of 1.6, but of course with up-to-date graphics (as he said and i know myself graphics change gameplay) and not too much new additions like molotov cocktails etc. besides that a lot of people complain about the lame weapon models (first-person) which i also think should be overdone. other than that, match-making, blocking and reporting people sounds awesome. and, of course, a better vac - nowadays on 1.6 servers you get so many cheaters or people with scripts that it's simply ruining the game. not everybody has the time or motivation to compete in big leagues like ESL (of which unfortunately also a lot of undetected cheaters or corrupt admins are part of).
2011-10-28 13:46
Great job from, awesome interview . Cant wait for CS:GO :)
2011-10-28 15:02
Will CS:GO be a free game or? Excuse me the lame question. Thank you.
2011-10-28 15:37
No, but it will be a downloadable title only, which means it won't be that expensive.
2011-10-28 22:43
Ok, thanks!
2011-10-28 23:43
How fucking hard is it to make a CS exactly like 1.6 but with good graphics even if the graphical update changes the gameplay a bit? Is that so fucking hard? Oh, 1.6 is the dominant game since it was release, lets make a CSS2 to "fail" again instead of a 1.6 gameplay based game. Seriously... I bet this shit won't even get close to 1.6 gameplay but whatever just make your new game "fail" again. Probably it won't fail in terms of selling like you said CSS didn't fail but it will fail in terms of competition, probably.. I don't know because 1.6 is getting really old, the only way CS:GO succeeds is if you trow big tournaments with a lot of money and sponsors and teams are FORCED to move to CS:GO That whole matchmaking and stuff not in-game is awesome but please just make a cs 1.6 gameplay based game !
2011-10-28 15:59
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
No 1.6 players are bothered about the graphics. Nobody wants an exact replica of 1.6, I think the majority of us are happy with 1.6. But if Valve are making a new game, I'm happy for them to take chances, and try come up with something new, and if we don't like something, they are giving the community the opportunity to let them know. I honestly do not get how people (not just you) are sat here complaining, and saying "no no no, that's not what we want". Who the fuck is 'we'?
2011-10-28 22:18
I also think 1.6 is perfect the way it is, but i also think it is dying little by little so if they HAVE to make a new game i would like a 1.6 exact gameplay with better graphics, that would be the best possible game for me if i need to change. well, they wanted to do something new with css too, look how it is... and now they say they will listen to the community but it will never be a equal or better game then 1.6 because they wont just listen to 1.6 they will also listen to css community, even if they listenned only the 1.6 community it would have some of their "new" ideias anyway, hopefully good i can't say much really cuz i still haven't tried the game, but anyway i think it will always be worst then 1.6 if they try to merge the 1.6 and css communities because the game will always have css ideias and i hate everything in css i think it's worst then 1.6 in every possible aspect. so yeah, that's my opinion and i don't really think i ever mentioned anybody but myself idk how u came up with that 'we' but maybe i did mention, i wont read my comment again.
2011-10-28 22:45
I think the problem lies with the fact that people want a new game but exactly the same as 1.6, to be honest 1.6 was never ever perfect in the first place, and people have become accustom to the bugs that were in from the start to what you would call "features" now. People forget they started off as bugs in the first place. How won't they listen to the 1.6 community, what reason would they have against the 1.6 community? At the end of the day 1.6 is the larger of the two communities, so who has much more input into the game? If you had even bothered to listen to this wonderful interview, you perhaps would have heard that from Valves mouth that they made mistakes in the past and want to rectify them with the community. They work hard with communities like TF2 & L4D to make their games better, they also listen to Source players to make Source better. If you had also listened to the interview, CS GO will be a completely new game, so yes there will be noticeable differences from any of the previous Counter Strike games to bring Counter Strike out there to a brand new audience as well as retaining the current audience of players. At the end of the day the power lies within both sets of communities to make this work and help Valve make a game that can both unite the two communities and push out the CS Franchise for another 10 years +!
2011-10-28 23:46
I'm not saying they won't listen the 1.6 community, they will, but they will also listen the CSS one and I think CSS is worst in every aspect, and in my opinion it will always be a worst game then 1.6 if they listen to CSS. But that's my opinion for now, I still haven't tried the game, I hope they make a lot of changes and I really hope it's a good game, I just don't think it's gonna happen.
2011-10-29 00:16
"I'm not saying they won't listen the 1.6 community, they will, but they will also listen the CSS one and I think CSS is worst in every aspect, and in my opinion it will always be a worst game then 1.6 if they listen to CSS." Why do you even think this? Have you even looked at the recent changes for CSS? The whole point of the changes was to make CSS much closer to 1.6, so why would Source players make the "feedback" worse?
2011-10-29 01:17
I think that the 1.6 community is in some sort of paranoia state. Everybody are now critisizing the game and misjudging it. Like Chet said, no one have played the game yet, they're judging from the appearance that they had seen in videos. Don't get me wrong, i'm a 1.6 player for numerous years and i'd struggle to make CS:GO as similar as 1.6, if i could. All the hands are on the feedback that we could give. The more organized we are, the more we could make it similar to what we really need.
2011-10-29 15:45
i think the thing with just simply copying 1.6 with better graphics (aside from the gameplay problems chet mentioned in the interview) is getting a solid fanbase/range of customers to play the game. i mean, i think we all know at this point how extremely stubborn the 1.6 players (at all skill levels i might add) are and how the slighest and most subtle of changes can make them not wanting to play or even try the game out. so, by making a copy that isn't 100% equal to 1.6 in gameplay, who would play that game? for general FPS players it would probably not be their number one choice to play, they'd just rather stick with CoD or whatever, while the 1.6 players and cs:s players would stick to their game as well. my point in all of this ranting is this: Valve HAD to make a fresh game with lots of new features and whatnot to make it more than just a copy and instead having the best elements from previous CS games but also having some new, cool stuff in it. that, i think, is the only way to actually get people to play the new game. otherwise the community would just end up sticking to their respective games, as they have been doing for so long now. they or "we" need something that's refreshing but still something that we know what it's all about in essence (counter-strike) to get the best possible result and im hopeful this game might just give us that exact thing.
2011-10-28 17:31
if it is not 1.6 a cs: go, I simply go out of cyber sports, and other mogie! Why do they gonyatsa for physics games have constant ulutshyt schedule.
2011-10-28 17:43
Great interview. Seems like a good way Valve is going, let's hope they are listening to the community.
2011-10-28 17:52
1.6 4 life !
2011-10-28 18:40
1.6 > all
2011-10-28 20:11
That reminds me.. "1.5 > 1.6" and now? "1.6 > ALL" and after ten years? "CS:GO (or other) > ALL" are you mad guys? just wait for the game and play.. or not, depends only on you.
2011-10-28 20:27
This and don't forget BETA > VALVE RELEASE and then 1.3 > 1.5 WHY ARE THEY RUINING THIS GAME I QUIT ESPORTS then like 6 months later 1.5 > 1.6 THEY RUINED IT I QUIT and now it's 1.6 > ALL. seriously, you're all hypocrites. At least fucking play the game before talking shit.
2011-10-28 23:01
2011-10-28 23:22
2011-10-29 16:31
i remembered when i dont want to change to 1.6 because i was loving 1.5 but all changed to newer version and i have to change too so its a matter of the game of mode. You cant play a game alone there is a lot of ppl changes because of the rest.
2011-10-28 23:44
I watched the whole video! :)
2011-10-28 20:32
2011-10-28 20:44
This is the first time I've seen a game developing company (Valve) asking everyone for feedback. You should appreciate that because most devs just make games that everyone should adapt to and this is not the case here. Instead of whining about it, state your opinion on how to improve CS:GO so that we can enjoy a good and competitive shooter. The only thing that concerns me so far is the cross-platform feature (PC/XBOX360/PS3) because playing with a keyboard/mouse can't be even compared to a gamepad at all.
2011-10-28 21:55
yes no game ever had a thing called beta where they test it and ask for feedback from the users.
2011-10-30 11:36
Most games have BETA testing but most of the time they ignore the gamers themselves. They don't ask about "how the game should work" or anything like that. They simply pre-release a 99% made game which is 99% the same as the official release.
2011-10-30 17:43
2011-10-28 22:08
2011-10-28 22:23
At the moment CS:GO is sh*t....
2011-10-28 22:24
nice interview :)
2011-10-28 23:23
interesting interview :)
2011-10-28 23:35
They have to update the graphics but not the animations... we like those SIMPLE animations, we like to fire a bomb with a simple move, and watch other die just like in cs 1.6, not like with real phyisics laws xD I mean, WE WANT TO PLAY CS 1.6, NOT COD or Battlefield 3, so the big difference are the animations.
2011-10-29 04:02
I'm disappointed that Chet fails to see CSS as a failure. In the interview, nix0n mentions that more players still play CS1.6 than CSS. Chet's rebuttal is that CSS has sold x many copies and therefore was a success based on those sales. CSS sold so many copies only because it was part of a successful franchise. Alone, it would have bombed. I bought CSS when it came out, not because it was a good game, but because I was a CS fan. Now I play CS1.6. Valve should be ashamed that more people still play the 12 year old version of CS. And remember, Valve can't even claim credit for the original. Chet is just in denial. No matter what he says about listening to the community, the first step to fixing any problem is admitting that there is a problem in the first place. And in this case, CSS is the problem.
2011-10-29 09:27
They dont care how long you play game, most important is how many copies they sell. They earned a lot on CS1.6 and they still have earnings, but obviosly they are satisfied and with Source.
2011-10-29 19:00
2:58 - "CS:GO is not replacing anything" Thank you very much.
2011-10-29 10:10
he meant cs:go is not taking place of all css updates
2011-10-31 01:14
"Change is inevitable, if you dont change you will follow it one day"
2011-10-29 10:25
very good interview
2011-10-29 12:52
There will always be critics, the success of the game is all wavering under the opportunity of more optimism than pessimism at this point, the more optimistic people are the more they will play the game and adapt. Pessimistic people will either not play it or play it a few times before going back to their game of choice/used to. Valve is doing just fine with their new title, at the moment they're mostly trying to limit how pessimistic the community is at this point.
2011-10-29 13:14
Thx for the interview, Nix0n. Very good job!!
2011-10-29 13:32
Nice interview Nix. Waiting for those beta keys thou. :)
2011-10-29 14:59
Austria timecard 
gj nixon
2011-10-29 16:27
Pretty long and thoroughly made interview. Good job. I liked what he said about having only two defuse kits :D It does add tactical point of view. Although if I understood correctly, you can just drop kits where ever you want. Just drop both of the kits to bomb sites at the start of the round and who ever is alive will just pick them up and defuse the bomb :D
2011-10-29 17:32
NEO | 
Poland LGf 
can some1 tell me in points what important did he said in this Interview cause my english suck and i batter read then listen ?
2011-10-29 20:03
2011-10-29 21:46
Faliszek lou
2011-10-30 20:17
Why don't you guys just rename your "Counter Strike 1.6" desktop icon to "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" after all you want nothing but 1.6.
2011-10-30 21:16
when final of ICSC 9 AGAiN vs DTS ?
2011-10-30 23:12
i hope everyone understand's what makes 1.6 unique than css or all of the past versions of cs is GAMEPLAY , not graphics but GAMEPLAY , 1.6 fans hated source because of gameplay... i have some friends that play css and played 1.6 they like css because they say 'its so much easier than 1.6 , 1.6 takes years and years to become fully aware of what the game is' css failed because it was easy for 1.6 players and it was liked by alot of players who have never played cs before because of the grahpics and some what of similar gameplay to 1.6.... 1.6 is more hard much more compatative much more tactical than css will ever be.. and i think that CS:GO will be the same as css if not very similar to it. lets face it on a populer level css was much more populer than cs 1.6 but on a compatitive level and and on a pro's level they will always favor cs 1.6 better than css. i think valve is making cs:go like this is because they want it to appeal to css players more than 1.6 players , because they know what 1.6 players think of css , they think its shit and i do too i think its the worst fps game ever made , but the thing that makes it attractive to css players is that , the grahpics are kind of like COD and battlefield games , and the game play is some what similar to 1.6 , and lets face cs:go will turn out the same as css , in the end valve dosnt give a shit about 1.6 players or the community of 1.6 all they want is more MONEY. but if valve really wants to make cs:go a perfect game for css players and cs 1.6 players , then its to late because most people have to remember that most of the css players started playing css and most of the 1.6 players played css and hated it and the only way they can change cs:go , is making the graphics much better and keeping the gameplay just like 1.6 , but and then the css fanboys will start crying and we all know that css is much more populer than 1.6 so in the end i dont think that cs:go will become loved by cs1.6 but it will be loved by css players , but lets wait and see what will happen.
2011-10-31 04:28
Many people say that CS:S is the worst game ever, it will never replace 1.6, etc. I have a little question. What do that people want from Valve? A brand new game alike 1.6 in terms of gameplay? I thought it was Condition Zero. But how many people played it and still play? I don't think there's much of them. Thus, Valve's development policy is justified, because they just don't have any certain demands from community. They have to develop something new, don't even know whether community approves their innovations or not. IMHO, ofc. About CS:GO. I liked everything I saw in trailers, on screenshots, etc. The only thing which concerns me - new stuff with crosshair. However, I won't make any conclusions untill I see this game myself.
2011-10-31 05:05
finally i watch this complete video and i m pretty much impressed with Chet citing all problems related to further developments in CS 1.6... feed-backs and stuffs waiting for CS:GO :) though i disagree at a point that CS:S was a success, it was bought under the impression and aura of 1.6 by community..
2011-11-02 04:22
Good one, \o/
2011-11-12 02:18
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