minet puts an end to his career

Oliver "minet" Minet has announced that he has put an end to his Counter-Strike career, following the release from the German organization yesterday.

In our news post about mTw releasing their Counter-Strike yesterday, Oliver "minet" Minet went on to write a comment, in which he declared he would not continue with the game.

Today we went on to get a comment from Minet, who told us that the team had agreed to quit after New York and he now has a full-time job, which does not allow him to play anymore and will furthermore start studies next year.
Minet did not attend mTw's last event, which was the IEM6 Global Challenge New York, Minet's last event as a player was e-Stars Seoul 2011, where mTw managed a fourth place finish. Minet joined mTw in October 2009, where he filled the void left by Muhamed "mJe" Eid.

Minet gave us this statement, as his last words:

"Thanks for the great times in mTw. I wanna thank Lars Eiben, Danny, Alex, Timm, Martin, our sponsors and supporters throughout my stay. PS. You can call me Alphabet from now on because I'm an alpha and you can bet on it."

Minet furthermore informed us, that he will only be playing HoN from now on, under the alias notrollzplz.

sad :/
2011-11-03 18:19
Before clueless 13 year old fags start killing sheeps in respect of Counter Strike's death; Read this: Counter-Strike is still the #1 First-Person-Shooter game on any professional event. Counter-Strike will continue to be the #1 FPS game on any upcomming event. Battlefield 3 and MW3 will get one big tournament and then it's over for them since none of the games can be taking over for CS when it comes to LAN events and competitive playing. CS is in no way dead or will die any time soon. It is, on the other hand, much less active and popular than before. However, despite losing alot of players and fanbase, it's still the #1 FPS game on every event. So please, STFU.
2011-11-03 19:15
2011-11-03 19:21
counter strike is dead......
2011-11-03 20:07
ur dead
2011-11-03 20:14
Only in ur country
2011-11-03 20:23
haha +1 :)
2011-11-03 20:39
2011-11-03 20:59
i think you looked to your flag
2011-11-03 21:24
you know nothing about Russia
2011-11-05 01:11
that's true. portuguese community is a shit.. don't know how to play.. they think they are the best. they use cheats in wars -.- how the hell can someone get better with this conditions? i already give up because of this.. i really like this game but i can't get better in this country -.-.
2011-11-03 21:25
sadly in portugal almost everyone fights to see who has the best hacks and not for who has best skills :(
2011-11-03 21:45
that's true lol sometimes i go to pubs and i always get banned. and why? this kids are stupid don't know how to play and if someone who has decent skill go to their servers they start calling you cheater and ban you -.-
2011-11-04 13:12
I was on VL server yesterday with some 60-3 or 60-4 I got banned 1337 minutes lol They are noobs xD
2011-11-04 15:33
yeah that sucks.
2011-11-04 18:19
you're an ass.. i am 100% sure u do nothing to help our community to develope so.. stfu
2011-11-04 01:11
and what u do? stupid kid -.-
2011-11-04 13:08
leave your country
2011-11-04 10:47
i can't.. i'm just 17 :/
2011-11-04 13:09
2011-11-04 01:00
hahahahaah :D
2011-11-05 16:54
+1 fact, But its amazing that the community is stil bound together. all they need is to make a NEW ENGINE just for CS, which resembles high end graphics with 1.6 feel . which is not possible in source engine
2011-11-04 02:56
I will continue to play counter strike 1.6.. but is sad...
2011-11-04 12:31
++++++1111111111111 CS 1.6 forever even when whole mankind will die, gods will play this great game...... and please I want to see zonic & trace back in action.......c'mon denmark :)
2011-11-03 19:22
cs is dying, even if its the #1 FPS game on events, have you seen the prizes? year after year, lower and lower. its rly sad.
2011-11-03 19:30
doesn't matter if it's 10 000 000 or 1 000 $.. it's still the #1 FPS game for events aswell as prizes.
2011-11-03 19:34
it's actually the opposite, it doesnt matter if its the number one game played at lans, what matters it's the prizes, players depend on it. the prizes eventually will get so low that it's not worthy to the players.
2011-11-03 19:47
its all about the fun and great moments
2011-11-03 20:50
for us, 'amateurs', not for the pros, because they live of cs, if it wasnt for the money they wouldnt be here, ofc they like to play it, but they need the money and cs takes a lot of time.
2011-11-03 20:58
there's always a portugal guy
2011-11-03 21:00
what does my nacionality have to do with anything? stupid brazilian... see? it's not that nice..
2011-11-03 22:02
do you think that they would do that if they are not enjoying every single moment of their carrers
2011-11-03 21:04
i'm not saying they don't enjoy it, but cs occupies a lot of time and the only way they can do this as a way of life its to gain money from it.
2011-11-03 22:04
brum brum, carrera. It's career
2011-11-03 23:00
lawl go back to the books nerd
2011-11-04 14:55
it could have SOMEthing to say about the economic stuff going on?!?! the world economi i pretty bad...
2011-11-05 21:16
Hes.. hes.... son of god!
2011-11-03 19:37
Euro's need to start looking at us North Americans to see what Counter-Strike will become for them. Counter-Strike in North America has had all of its fantastic and most interesting players leave years ago and the game is so much worse for it. The level of competition here in the states is pretty boring and there are only a few teams worth playing. You're saying this CS will never die thing and its true to an extent but it has become a lot more boring because there isn't the same level of challenge or the same amount of varied teams as there once was here in the USA and this will inevitably happen to you Euro's as soon as more players like minet and more teams like mTw leave the scene. In less than a year, you Euro's will begin to realize how boring this game is when you play the same few teams over and over again and I have to imagine that is the case for the top level teams that play each other over and over again especially now that mTw is gone. Keep to your 1.6 forever mentality but when the harsh reality hits you, that this game just isn't very fun when the competition is lacking then you will probably stop playing just like most of us North American players. We need new players, we need to give players like minet a reason to keep playing competitively, we need bigger prize pools and we need to give old players a reason to come back. The solution to all of those problems is a new game. CS:GO in its current state is not even close to being that game but its our best shot and we as competitive players need to support Valve and grill them into making a new competitive FPS. Its not about making CS:GO into 1.6. That will only alienate new players. Its about making a game better than 1.6 and before you say its not possible, don't forget that people thought the same thing when we made the transition from 1.3 to 1.5 or 1.5 to 1.6 or when people made the transition from Starcraft to Starcraft 2 or when people made the transition from Third Strike to SF4 or when people made the transition from Quake 2 to Quake 3. It IS possible to make a good competitive game(maybe not better than 1.6 but we can try)and Valve is literally the only developer capable of making a new competitive Counter-Strike. Say what you want about Pro Mod but in my opinion, that ship has sailed. We tried to get the 1.6 community to make the switch to Pro Mod and this foolish community had nothing to say but "Fail Mod" and attacked it without actually trying it. Most of the dev team for Pro Mod has left the team, the project has significantly less support than it once did and while progress is still being made, I think you'd be a fool to think that its capable of bringing the community back at this point. tl;dr: Its time for a new game. If you don't see why then you probably live outside of North America and don't yet understand how boring this game is when there isn't any competition or you don't understand how vast this game once was with the varying amounts of players, teams, ideas and general Counter-Strike theory compared to what it is now which is just a desolate wasteland where the same teams and players land in the same placings at events and the same teams play each other and lose on the same maps over and over again.
2011-11-03 20:08
FINALLY! - someone worth listening to - no bullshit, pure facts... +1 you just described my feeling the last year... 1.6 isn't dieing, maybe not, but the competitive side is just not fun anymore - the game has been around too much, nothing can surprise anymore and it is too much the same now...
2011-11-03 20:11
you just like walls dont you?
2011-11-03 20:37
Dude it drives me crazy. I still love watching Counter-Strike but its a joke nowadays. I started watching and playing Street Fighter 4 and their community is so amazing. Its full of life, the events are huge, there is coverage from several different outlets, there are people traveling around the world to stream events with their own equipment, there are dedicated shows on the internet that talk about the game and the happenings of the community and when you compare it all to Counter-Strike, CS just looks like a joke. SF4 has a community, it has personality and every event is awesome to watch because the results don't feel like they are predetermined in anyway. In all honesty, we could learn a lot from the fighting game community. They are willing to switch from game to game, they communicate with the developer(Capcom) on how to make the game better and they have something 1.6 never had, which is a sense of unity that surrounds players around the world. Here is a trailer for the upcoming Canada Cup 2011 which is taking place this weekend. youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedde..! The event is exciting because Korea, Japan, Singapore, USA, Canada and Europe have fantastic players with their own style and its truly unknown who will win this event which isn't something I could say about CS in a long time.
2011-11-03 21:46
I missed the reply button, here we go again
2011-11-07 03:55
You are the man. 100% agree on everything And talking about how the games grow up, look the case of Dota 2 :)
2011-11-03 22:44
you are just saying because: 1. u are noob, 2. u can't play 1.6 3. u can't understand 1.6 4. u aren't pro 5. u are nolifer 6. u want to play a game where u dont have something like 5 frags - 13 deaths 7. GL & HF
2011-11-04 01:35
wake up man .. :) thats fact ! mybe this game aint dying, theres soooo much players every country around this world .. even in my country, cs 1.6 still has so much player.. but.. quote from TheMonk - "1.6 isn't dieing, maybe not, but the competitive side is just not fun anymore - the game has been around too much, nothing can surprise anymore and it is too much the same now..." quote from dare365 - "where the same teams and players land in the same placings at events and the same teams play each other and lose on the same maps over and over again." quote from SKiLLY- "So, yes, cs, in terms of e-sports, is "dying" when you compare it to other e-sports titles."
2011-11-04 05:40
i agree... same teams same maps same strats no motivation to new players bcz top teams always grab d 1st prize nd later they end their cs career :|
2011-11-04 07:38
cs 1.6 on USA sucks! hard only people trying to " trollin" another people on ESEA ridiculous players only invite division and another on ESEA-M feel the cs in ur body and play really serious in all DM u found 1 or 2 cheaters! common on USA! cs not diying , counter strike is not dying, peope are killing
2011-11-04 08:03
You are totally right . +1
2011-11-04 13:26
Cs 1.6 is a perfect game. It is like chess. Now why would you want to change a sport like chess? I am not playing it for the visual experience, and I'm sure there are very few out there who are doing so. Please. For the love of GOD. LEAVE CS 1.6 ALONE! This game is complete. absolute. whole. round. entire. PERFECT. just like basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and even if the SK, NA`VI, FNATIC quit all together it just NOT going to change that. Or is it the money? I paid $15 and I'm playing it for 8 years now that's awkward isn't it? Well I would better pay you to NOT make a so called better version, than to pay for playing it.
2011-11-07 03:55
2011-11-03 21:00
1.6 is dying. This is a fact. I guarantee within 2 years there will no major tournaments anymore for 1.6 Too many people quit and there will never be any new players good enough to play at the top level. There is no money in the game anymore. You better cherish these moments, because they're the last. Face it kids, the golden era is long long over. We're on the final stretch.
2011-11-03 21:12
What are you? A Fortune Teller?
2011-11-04 06:51
u talk trash only for two or tree players retire! wtf? in da world u can found very mazing players! and organizations with hungry to play! if 1 or 2 team disban or dissapear 4 or 5 create! teams like - virtus pro - ESC -Lions -TYLOO -EG -x6tence -Hattersgonnahate -FF -Alternate teams top 3 or 4 or 5 in ur countries working amazing! if in future SK or Na´Vi dissapear or players retire , new teams take the proffesional escene !! is not the end of the cs bro!
2011-11-04 08:08
I agree with you..!
2011-11-03 21:53
Sure, it's still the top FPS games. That still doesn't change the fact that games like SC2, LoL, and whatever else are seeing increased prizepots whereas cs is seeing diminishing prizepots. So, yes, cs, in terms of e-sports, is "dying" when you compare it to other e-sports titles.
2011-11-04 05:12
MLG is way bigger and so is halo reach and cod:bo... so no..
2011-11-04 11:51
+1 - true story
2012-03-10 12:05
sad :c
2011-11-03 18:19
lol who next ? ;/
2011-11-03 18:20
the cs scene
2011-11-03 18:58
old news
2011-11-03 18:20
Baaad! Hope he will back with zonic and trace with new team!
2011-11-03 18:20
Zonic didn't retire
2011-11-03 18:41
Did i wrote that?
2011-11-03 18:45
but trace too end carrer
2011-11-03 18:45
nope zonic and trace are looking for new team :]
2011-11-03 19:09
Zonic, Trace, Carn, Pronax, Moddii, Gux, friis, xizt and barbarr. The 5 best og thoese should play for fnatic =DD
2011-11-04 00:12
ye i think fnatic will take em in :x
2011-11-04 06:17
They wont ;) But 5 out of these are the best options for fnatic :)
2011-11-04 13:18
Good call.
2011-11-03 18:20
how old is he?
2011-11-03 18:21
19 y.o i think
2011-11-03 18:21
2011-11-03 18:23
21 :P
2011-11-04 00:13
no offense but this is pretty old :|
2011-11-03 18:20
Ok, the news is pretty old
2011-11-03 18:30
2011-11-03 18:20
2011-11-03 18:20
So sad :/ Gl IRL.
2011-11-03 18:20
HoN is still a video-game :)
2011-11-03 18:27
2011-11-03 18:28
Gl master :)
2011-11-03 18:21
aaaaaaaaaand another one.
2011-11-03 18:21
sad, but good luck in real life minet. u performed well!
2011-11-03 18:21
They fall 1 by 1, sad, really sad :(
2011-11-03 18:22
smart decision
2011-11-03 18:22
sad, hope zonic and trace call him for a new team gl in your life minet
2011-11-03 18:22
gl in rly life.
2011-11-03 18:22
2011-11-03 18:23
2011-11-03 18:23
i demand a public apology! think about all the people who thought u indeed were superman and reflect on how disappointed they must be in this very moment :ooooooo
2011-11-03 18:26
they think u should be online 24/7..
2011-11-03 18:30
Can you find out whats with the rest of the team? ArcadioN and trace?
2011-11-03 18:34
2011-11-03 18:40
i was about to say the same... oh wait
2011-11-03 18:51
slooooowwww poooookeeee :D
2011-11-03 19:24
so no mTw on wcg ? gl irl
2011-11-03 18:23
haha, "notrollzplz" :D wouldnt be surprised if he actually returned at some point to the scene though. after all he's only 19 or 20 years old and CS is a game that is notoriously hard to quit playing altogether :-)
2011-11-03 18:24
2011-11-03 18:24
i'll miss conan o'brien
2011-11-03 18:24
2011-11-03 18:25
finnaly he end.. go go new denmark line up !
2011-11-03 18:25
2011-11-03 18:47
i dont like him
2011-11-03 18:25
why? puff..
2011-11-03 18:27
i dont aswell
2011-11-03 18:28
me too
2011-11-03 21:49
byebye Iniesta
2011-11-03 18:26
this is it. good bye mTw, thank you for amazing perfomance. gl in future, wish you all the best
2011-11-03 18:26
Good Luck in your future life Minet. Ive always supported you since you joined mTw and i watched you countinue to grow as a really strong player. Its sad to see you end your cs career after this, but you ended up on a High. Best of Luck Mate!
2011-11-03 18:26
i won't miss you minet, the worst player from mTw of all times.
2011-11-03 18:26
eheh :D Arcadion can beat the hell out of minet in that pool!!
2011-11-03 18:27
2011-11-03 18:29
Being smart isn't really your strong suite, is it? It's sad how plain is your thinking and game overview. Minet was a great player and it pisses me off how stupid people like you couldn't see it cause of their lack of intelligence/knowledge/vision/whatever. You're so plain that it makes me sick *puke*
2011-11-03 18:31
he is the worst, it's just my opinion, no ofense! :D
2011-11-03 18:34
No offense? Your first comment looks very aggressive and full of hate for the player.
2011-11-03 18:36
hehehehe, so i'm so sorry, wasn't my intention.
2011-11-03 18:42
Then I feel sorry for you. It's pretty sad how plain you perceive CS. He's made a massive boost for mTw as a support player. Too bad you're not able too look beyond a certain level ;)
2011-11-03 19:02
Yes man,I'm tired of those guys too, for them only a player who got "highlights" and top frags is a good player.. One example is ArcadioN there is a lot of jerks here that complain about him. If minet and ArcadioN are bad players how mTw could be top3/4 of world this whole time?
2011-11-04 14:03
youtube.com/watch?v=6UP020N6e98&feature=.. something very rare isn't it, and u call him the worst :-O :-O
2011-11-03 19:49
<> <> GG! but plzz BRING BACK OLD mTw!!!!! ave zonic whimp sunde mjee!
2011-11-03 18:29
Argentina ivanpb
fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :\
2011-11-03 18:27
2011-11-03 18:29
stop playing at 19y.o.? not too soon? GL minet EDIT: now i know why.
2011-11-03 18:29
cs 1.6 dead:D
2011-11-03 18:29
2011-11-03 18:29
omg !!
2011-11-03 18:29
He will be back 4 sure...
2011-11-03 18:30
"You can call me Alphabet from now on because I'm an alpha and you can bet on it." ???
2011-11-03 18:30
you can't understand it? well said
2011-11-03 18:43
2011-11-03 22:50
an alphahan is a leading male and you can bet on it. alphabet get it?
2011-11-03 23:06
and this is funny!?
2011-11-04 13:17
Yes. Any other questions?
2011-11-04 17:25
Ahh im so kind person.. So stfu..With all my love..
2011-11-04 20:35
2011-11-04 20:35
I didnt like the 'any other questions'...!
2011-11-04 20:36
Sorry about that;)
2011-11-04 20:38
one more:(,who's next on the list-->
2011-11-03 18:30
Good luck in the future,Oliver "minet" Minet
2011-11-03 18:30
rly sad news, he is rly good playa anyway GL dude!
2011-11-03 18:31
sad gl in life
2011-11-03 18:31
sad :(
2011-11-03 18:31
that's sad, he is young and still great player...good luck Oliver
2011-11-03 18:31
Smart move by him, he does want to get something mroe from his life. GL minet :) Now, imo, zonic and ave will retire, arcadion will find some decent team, and trace will join some star-asambley :)
2011-11-03 18:32
He achieved a milestone in CS in just 19 years. Way to go man! Good luck in life :D
2011-11-03 18:32
so underrated! he played very well :( to early he quits, good luck in real life Oliver!
2011-11-03 18:33
bcuz of him being so underrated made him great :D cs community will miss him :(
2011-11-03 21:53
2011-11-03 18:33
A great player!
2011-11-03 18:33
2011-11-03 18:34
this is a really sad news
2011-11-03 18:34
Oliver should spend time in getting a higher rating than 1700 at HoN.
2011-11-03 18:35
Nooo. :(
2011-11-03 18:35
underrated lately was most fragging in mtw, sad
2011-11-03 18:36
Aww :(
2011-11-03 18:36
CS 1.6 slowly dies...
2011-11-03 18:37
Ukraine piratz0r
2011-11-03 18:37
oh :S = )) mje-dA-kiNG
2011-11-03 18:37
Hope you do minets for the rest of your life
2011-11-03 18:37
PS. You can call me Alphabet from now on because I'm an alpha and you can bet on it." whats your power?:O
2011-11-03 18:38
2011-11-03 19:48
lol'd @ alphabet :D
2011-11-03 18:38
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! sadsadsadsadsadsadsad=\
2011-11-03 18:43
2011-11-03 18:46
rcon changelevel real_life hf.
2011-11-03 18:48
sad, amazing player :( gl
2011-11-03 18:55
dont loose much
2011-11-03 18:56
great player, gl in the future, and hope to see you playing again!
2011-11-03 18:56
Good bye Alphabet :(
2011-11-03 18:57
gl minet ,so traceFFF alone left how abt tracef in fanatic !!
2011-11-03 18:58
2011-11-03 18:58
gl in the future!
2011-11-03 18:58
saaaaaaaaad :/
2011-11-03 18:59
he was useless...
2011-11-03 18:59
good luck in your future life!
2011-11-03 18:59
Belarus ALBiNh0
minetushka :(
2011-11-03 19:01
Europe chespiZ
ok trace & arcadion for ESC :D:D
2011-11-03 19:04
gl minet, you were a good player, thank you 4 that years
2011-11-03 19:05
Sorry my friend to say that but you you retire like a pussy.. you should win wcg and retire :)
2011-11-03 19:05
2011-11-03 19:05
he was so consistent, mTw's face =( gl man
2011-11-03 19:07
So sad :/
2011-11-03 19:09
its about time! hes been lacking for quite a while. Hopefully the new team can finally -ave -minet and -arcadion! mtw had been quite weak for a long time now, from too many random players. So hopefully zonic and trace can pick up a few big names :D gg minet! Now who's going to look like conan o'brien in side pictures? :( Anyway GG WP Minet
2011-11-03 19:16
"alias notrollzplz." this.
2011-11-03 19:16
I'll give it a month tops, then he will be back
2011-11-03 19:19
2011-11-03 19:24
sad his career ended before it began :/ PS zonic, nuggi, trace, snappi, TURKiZH gogo
2011-11-03 19:27
2011-11-03 19:27
cs is dying
2011-11-03 19:27
Your dying. They are just letting new players to compete.
2011-11-03 19:34
Pakistan MrHassan
Thats good minet got the job :). Counter Strike can be played for fun and for some money but in my opinion it will not be a wise decision to kick a job for this game because while doing a job you can earn more individually than you earn from this game.
2011-11-03 19:30
gtr forest neo markeloff are next... just kiddin :)
2011-11-03 19:32
SAD ;-(
2011-11-03 19:32
He have done his job, he was my favorite mtw player.
2011-11-03 19:34
Bad for Danes that 3 legend's gone :/ GL in real life Oliver !
2011-11-03 19:37
all CIS community will miss u min'et :D gl bro in future
2011-11-03 19:43
GL in future Minet
2011-11-03 19:45
Bad news.
2011-11-03 19:45
CS is dying because you write this shit all the time guys...
2011-11-03 19:47
trace | 
Denmark esAq
This is sad. He truly grew as a player in the days of mTw.
2011-11-03 19:48
mtw left, next again
2011-11-03 19:51
sad... amazing player ((
2011-11-03 19:51
yes... really really sad.
2011-11-03 19:54
sad...gl minet in future
2011-11-03 19:55
sad :( Will miss ya mad boi :'( youtube.com/watch?v=zQhvVdQCcNo
2011-11-03 19:56
Chile MrJav1er
2011-11-03 19:58
Sad.. I really liked this guy. =/
2011-11-03 19:59
good for him, bad for cs scene i guess..
2011-11-03 20:04
Sad... We lost next good player. Good luck minet.
2011-11-03 20:12
sad :(
2011-11-03 20:12
Right decision to make, gl in hon.
2011-11-03 20:16
2011-11-03 20:16
oohh noo :( first mtw, and now minet sad GL in HoN
2011-11-03 20:17
GGBB Oliver!
2011-11-03 20:22
good player. very very underrated. crazy entry fragger
2011-11-03 20:23
game over...1.6 dead...BAD.
2011-11-03 20:23
2011-11-03 20:27
Minet gl in real life ...
2011-11-03 20:30
i hope to come back yet
2011-11-03 20:38
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
2011-11-03 20:45
gl irl minet! never really liked you though... not sure why exactly. and about the american's comment on the top of the page. cs died in america because you have shity internet because your country is so huge and people only live near the water :D look at sweden! everybody is in LAN -> topteams
2011-11-03 20:45
WTF, are you serious? This i wasn't expecting at all.
2011-11-03 20:46
good luck brother, u r a good friend!
2011-11-03 20:47
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
Minet is 19 years old, why he's quiting now ? wtf
2011-11-03 20:48
Because he doesn't want to play anymore?
2011-11-03 21:18
NEO | 
Brazil ptL^^
but a good and new player from mTw, doesn't make sense to me
2011-11-03 21:41
Sweden cnzTT
SAD !!!! SAD !!!! :///////////////////
2011-11-03 20:49
Surely CS isn't dead yet, but you have to be very very ignorant if you can't see that it will be over soon. Come at me bros.
2011-11-03 20:56
2011-11-03 21:33
very good player, aim best !
2011-11-03 20:59
he was amazing ((
2011-11-03 21:02
sad days for counter-strike scene ;( gl in future minet
2011-11-03 21:03
Romania C1pryaN
very good player ... aimer ...
2011-11-03 21:10
Never liked him but he was good...
2011-11-03 21:10
really start to get worried about counter strike 1.6, because that mTw was one of the great world powers stop now, AGAiN lost sponsorship and do not live good time, recently saw an interview that will stop GeT_RiGhT also sad. google_tradutor, sorry.
2011-11-03 21:11
It's now minet and next zonic :/ What the hell we gonna miss some of the best players in the world :((((((((((((((((( - Will we see Nix0n is mTw's squad ? :D
2011-11-03 21:15
Brazil lullaby1
2011-11-03 21:24
until next year, will retire zonic too.
2011-11-03 21:28
counter-strike can't die =/
2011-11-03 21:30
2011-11-03 22:02
gl, tnx for freeing space for coloN, moxxi etc
2011-11-03 21:53
sad..! anyway good luck in future minet!
2011-11-03 21:55
Welcome to source.
2011-11-03 21:56
Why? :/
2011-11-03 21:59
GL & HF in your future minet :) gg.
2011-11-03 22:04
sad :( CS:GO... why?
2011-11-03 22:04
gg minet :(
2011-11-03 22:07
CS IS DEAD IN NORWAY / FRANCE / DANEMARK / BRAZIL? no. but they need to get better. SAD FOR MINET he was one hell of a good entyfrager.
2011-11-03 22:08
ai nasu mare :(
2011-11-04 01:30
2011-11-03 22:10
Great player , gl in real life Oliver! CS sceen wil mis you!
2011-11-03 22:11
Sweden cnzTT
gl in the future minet ://///
2011-11-03 22:17
Ofcourse cs 1.6 dies, you can't have fun in this game with all this kids who are swearing at every match. I played on europe and usa 2. And I can say that the usa players are the worst, I can't finish a game without getting sweard by some idiot kid and I stop playing because nobody wants to get annoyed by that. Where is the time that it really was a respect betwin players. This days when I say HF before the match I get a reply like "fag" or "u mad?"
2011-11-03 22:18
Sad days to Counter Strike. GL in your life minet. youtube.com/watch?v=zQhvVdQCcNo <3
2011-11-03 22:45
2011-11-03 22:50
2011-11-03 22:50
:|...why should happen' this? why? :|...
2011-11-03 22:58
sad :s good luck in future
2011-11-03 23:12
2011-11-03 23:13
sad news, but gl in real life :-)
2011-11-03 23:15
HoN career, wtf minet? :D
2011-11-03 23:16
go trace, go zonic ! glhf Oliver in your life.
2011-11-03 23:20
:/ GL man
2011-11-03 23:20
what it means HoN?
2011-11-03 23:26
Noo! :S byebye cs 1.6 :(
2011-11-03 23:29
:( bad news this year :<
2011-11-03 23:38
oh sad news.. gl dude!
2011-11-03 23:42
Brazil Fraaga[t]
2011-11-03 23:55
SAD? if it is never possible, time to try something else from playing a game, as if nothing became important because quit a game , mercy please !
2011-11-03 23:59
he was actually not a outstanding player and mayb he wont get any offers from top teams like trace and zonic will, so i dont see this is a big loss for cs 1.6. We just seen his top level and it wasnt good enought to surprise us. If he won some titles is because a great team like mtw thats why he retires so young.
2011-11-04 00:16
oh god.. yeah right....
2011-11-04 03:13
too bad he was always such an underrated player.
2011-11-04 00:33
2011-11-04 01:14
2011-11-04 01:36
lose a player like minet is not good ):.. but surely someone will find their time to the team.. (:
2011-11-04 02:02
gl hf minet
2011-11-04 02:55
what does he mean by call me alphabet ,i am an alpha bla bla. he gonna joinarmy or something
2011-11-04 02:57
Only 19 and u call it quits? Minay, u can be do better than that.
2011-11-04 03:08
why should he waste his life on a video game? 19 and still playing cs? lol
2011-11-04 06:43
roman r. like 29 and still playing cs too :) it's too early to quit at 19
2011-11-04 07:45
new bet system : who's next to retire?
2011-11-04 05:34
goodluck in future man :) mtw was best team in the world <3
2011-11-04 07:39
2011-11-04 08:16
sure it was but not with minet in, most likely back to 2008 with mje sunde whimp ave and zonic.
2011-11-04 17:51
sad 2 C that~ GL man! maybe you'll be back~ :D
2011-11-04 07:52
not the best aim but definitely one of the smartest players in this game.
2011-11-04 08:06
not the best aim ? hahahahaha watch his demos and you will see a great aim
2011-11-04 12:32
learn to read -_-
2011-11-04 18:07
One of the best! GL being Alpha minay, hf dudee
2011-11-04 08:10
why is cs dying becouse of players quiting? There have always been players that quits and the game has stayed up either way, so stop saying that cs is dying cuz it makes no freaking sense
2011-11-04 08:16
gg minet
2011-11-04 09:37
damn, minayyy great player :(
2011-11-04 10:06
2011-11-04 10:21
finally "blow job" is out
2011-11-04 11:46
Not really funny.
2011-11-04 13:56
its sad as always to see a great cs.pro quit like minet, at this moment so many pictures of ur highlight flashed in my mind especially that incredible defuse on nuke
2011-11-04 12:20
fnatic.Friis fnatic.ArcadioN fnatic.trace fnatic.Gux fnatic.Xizt
2011-11-04 12:26
this is sad,he is a great player..bad :(
2011-11-04 13:11
hope to see a good team and GL minet for future
2011-11-04 14:27
Sad that he quits :(
2011-11-04 16:49
gl in your life minet, the same for ave!
2011-11-04 17:20
ITS A HAPPY DAY FOR KEYBOARDS!!! youtube.com/watch?v=a3M_0ThhFBk
2011-11-04 17:53
gl in future
2011-11-04 18:14
Legend, all good to him
2011-11-04 21:02
FUCKING NO MINET! u cant do this to me best luck in everything tho
2011-11-04 22:06
gonn miss u man . mad fragger !!
2011-11-05 03:57
Sad But Good Luck in the future ! What about the rest of mTw now ? Split into Differnt teams or New Roster?
2011-11-05 08:47
its sad x(
2011-11-05 08:47
will miss you :( ,good luck !
2011-11-05 13:33
Thats really sad, Now i see why everyone says cs 1.6 is dying. But i still don't think its dying. People will get to know the game and play that means more people will be joinning cs :D
2011-11-05 17:07
its sad cs legends are quiting the game its like cs is dieing slowly and slowly that sucks :(
2011-11-07 16:51
im at bit late to see this news - i wasnt active on HLTV november last year. I just want to say GL with everything oliver! love ODDER
2012-03-10 12:07
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