mandic win WCG Brazil

The Brazilian World Cyber Games qualifier has concluded with mandic defeating GamerHouse 2-0 and will be the country's representative at the 2011 finals in Busan, South Korea.

The Brazilian World Cyber Games qualifier has concluded with mandic defeating GamerHouse 2-0 and will be the country's representative at the 2011 finals in Busan, South Korea.

What everyone were expecting going into the Brazilian WCG qualifier, was mandic to win it. Despite the loss against GamerHouse in the group stage, mandic performed well in the playoffs, starting off with a 2-0 victory against GameCrashers.

The final against GamerHouse started on de_train, mandic had trouble coping with their opponent, but thanks to solid play from Bruno "bruno" Ono, mandic managed to win 16-13. Moving on to second map de_nuke, mandic this time managed to do well on the map, securing a comfortable 16-5 win to claim victory in the Brazilian WCG qualifier.

6th November 2011

With the victory mandic will now be looking forward to attending WCG 2011 in December. In the third place decider match, GameCrashers crumbled against GH.Extreme, losing after three maps and missing out on hardware prizes.

WCG 2011 Brazil final standings

1. Brazil mandic - WCG travel and accomodation
2. Brazil GamerHouse - Hardware prizes
3. Brazil GH.Extreme - Hardware prizes
4. Brazil GameCrashers

mandic and GameCrashers still have more matches to play, as they are in the semi-finals of WCG Pan-America.

2011-11-06 17:32
2011-11-06 17:32
New Zealand matts 
very nice mandic
2011-11-06 17:32
Sweden PPH 
2011-11-06 17:32
Russia ddoc 
great mandic
2011-11-06 17:32
gg mandic ! lol best team in brazil and future best team in the world!
2011-11-06 17:32
Loud words, but hope at least for top5 in the world.
2011-11-06 17:35
when did U start playing? yesterday?
2011-11-06 17:36
Other Mortal_Wombat 
what is the problem? u dont believe they can win WCG?
2011-11-06 17:37
Brazil ru$h 
I don't. Really can't imagine them defeating sk or Na'Vi or AGAiN
2011-11-06 17:47
2011-11-06 18:01
2011-11-06 18:34
Other Mortal_Wombat 
ok, thats what everybody said in 2006, you remembe what we did in paris, no? thats how life works, some believe impossible things and with luck they achieve it, others give up, before they even think the thought for a moment:(
2011-11-06 18:40
lol, mandic plays with the exact same style they played with in 2006/7, and its played out, and won't work anymore. that is why they always got destroyed by teams with good tactics, such as mTw.
2011-11-06 21:03
really? they absolutelty DESTROYED mTw last time at IEM5 16-2 or something
2011-11-06 21:32
hahaah mtw has already pass the first stage so the play with shotguns, and guns like those hahaha the didn't use tactics. i mean, is like they were afk :P
2011-11-06 22:02
Haters gonna hate
2011-11-06 22:15
it's true what he said bro, but i still cheer for mandic I think they'll pwn! (:
2011-11-07 01:15
Brazil hugoooo 
lolol you are so innocent... mTw let they win to avoid Na'Vi on the playoffs! that was obvious for anyone who watched that match
2011-11-07 01:25
I follow they playing since I've discovered them. Got great love on brazilian teams, not underestimating them for sure. But I didn't see them playing against euro teams. Last time I've seem our teams outside they got pwned. I've not said the guys are bad, or anything like that. My point is: euro teams are too strong. I've watched madic guys at wcg, and I've seem they've improved since they left de coL. Org. But atm, I don't believe mandic guys can win. 2006 were old days. MiBR was too strong. I remember when they did win dreamhack some years ago. I didn't belive they could too. Surprise me again. I miss our country winning outside. We've done it before, can do again for sure. But at the moment, I don't believe. If they Prove me I'm wrong. I would be surprised, amazed and happy for you.
2011-11-17 18:48
Great words! I really hope brazilian teams atleast gets top3 placements and have a chance against the teams from europe especially SK the "Dreamteam" which has too much fanboys...
2011-11-28 14:47
2011-11-07 00:40
no i rly dont...:D
2011-11-06 18:02
tbh, I don't. But surprise is a part of CS, just like what emuLate did in 2007. GL for mandic.
2011-11-09 19:39
yeah and thanks. Thats just what I think exactly because who has supervision and knowledge about when a surprise will occur? No One has! They dont have thepeoples highest chances/ expectations or odds (as far as we know and expect) but the chances are still there, they do ARE participating in the event, so already 50% is done, the stage is set for "Surprises" to occur. Ive done amazing feats in my own life thinking like this. things that are far out of my league, just by pretending and believing it IS in my league. gl for mandic and may the most believing team win!
2011-11-09 21:54
dreams, little fanboy.
2011-11-06 18:11
Brazil d1k 
2011-11-06 22:29
elllll king!
2011-11-06 17:33
not really kng = king ell = bruno1 i know... i know... :D
2011-11-06 17:42
kng = kanguru.
2011-11-06 17:51
2011-11-06 17:54
You got it.
2011-11-06 18:07
actually KNG = kalango, which is some way to call a rat in brazil.
2011-11-06 18:04
Yes! that is it! I just got confuse.. Kanguru, Kalango...SAME STUFF! :D:D:D And by the way Kalango is like a lizard, nothing with rat but I'm ok with it :D
2011-11-06 18:08
RAT????????????????????? LIZARD BRO ARE U CRAZY?
2011-11-06 18:11
easy boy just a mistake lol
2011-11-06 18:29
hahaha :D:D
2011-11-06 19:17
2011-11-06 17:48
Brazil romp  
2011-11-06 17:33
Portugal nsz 
2011-11-06 17:33
Brazil oc^ 
nice and expected! :D
2011-11-06 17:34
Brazil Lkas 
2011-11-06 17:34
elll destroying!!!
2011-11-06 17:34
nicee gO mandic
2011-11-06 17:34
Let's now see against EG with no Hero... lets see!
2011-11-06 17:34
Brazil hugoooo 
maybe in Dreamhack Winter
2011-11-07 01:26
i told u:D. gj mandic
2011-11-06 17:35
gg mandic
2011-11-06 17:35
Brazil rwk* 
2011-11-06 17:35
hope they will do well at wcg :)
2011-11-06 17:36
2011-11-06 17:36
2011-11-06 17:37
2011-11-06 17:37
2011-11-06 17:37
2011-11-06 17:37
shorter announcement by nix0n ever due, ofc, to lack of information by lame org
2011-11-06 17:38
2011-11-06 17:38
Freak yeah, I can't miss WCG this year..
2011-11-06 17:39
I'm surprised.
2011-11-06 17:40
2011-11-06 17:41
2011-11-06 17:43
Bruno the best
2011-11-06 17:44
pfff next game mandic vs EG!
2011-11-06 17:48
2011-11-06 17:48
bruno played amazingly in the final gl in your match against EG!
2011-11-06 17:48
gj Mandic cu in Seoul!
2011-11-06 17:49
2011-11-06 17:49
Poland kaefix 
2011-11-06 17:51
2011-11-06 17:53
World VN 
gj mandic bruno great!
2011-11-06 17:59
2011-11-06 18:01
Great, good luck in WCG. I hope they do great in WCG and team mandic can play an active role in the Counter Strike scene for the years to come.
2011-11-06 18:01
the year to come, you mean since that will be the last of 1.6
2011-11-06 18:04
2011-11-06 18:06
2011-11-06 18:07
2011-11-06 18:05
goooo mandiiiC!! (:
2011-11-06 18:12
2011-11-06 18:13
2011-11-06 18:14
2011-11-06 18:25
Brazil hugoooo 
if you mean roster, it is FalleN, fnx, bit, bruno and nak
2011-11-07 01:27
. Nice attitude. So everytime you don't want to do something, or everytime something is a 'chore' for you, you decide not to do it? Prime example of laziness right there. Neglecting to do something just because you don't want to do it. 2. 3-4 hours is NOT enough, no matter what quality because I can assure you, fnatic practices as much, if not more than 3-4 hours, and that is with far higher quality of practice than you can dream. They have the privalage of playing with other top teams in practices and applying their practices against the best of the best. That makes their practices that much better, as well as the teamates they practice with are of the best as well. 3. I've done more harm than good my friend, and that was close to a decade ago when I thought I was going to decide to quit the game. I put my heart into the industry and I have it's best interest in mind. :)
2011-11-06 18:46
Is this real life? o.o
2011-11-06 22:13
last place at WCG is ready for mandic:D
2011-11-06 18:53
last place at WCG is ready for TeG, mandic top8
2011-11-06 19:13
Portugal Cyborgy 
wheres that hater of bruno?that bastard
2011-11-06 19:13
mandic.fnx nice
2011-11-06 20:27
2011-11-06 20:38
1. mandic - WCG travel and accomodation 2. GamerHouse - Hardware prizes 3. GH.Extreme - Hardware prizes 4. GameCrashers - FOREVER ALONE
2011-11-06 21:28
2011-11-06 22:09
2011-11-06 21:55
2011-11-06 21:59
go korea (:
2011-11-06 22:00
2011-11-06 22:08
2011-11-06 22:12
demooooooooooos Q_Q
2011-11-06 22:46
2011-11-06 23:40
Brazil akak1 
2011-11-07 00:37
The best team, <3 fnx
2011-11-07 00:43
Anyone know what day it will happen to WCG Grand Final?
2011-11-07 01:02
8-12 in December
2011-11-07 01:47
2011-11-07 01:12
2011-11-07 01:19
where can i see some photos from this tournament?
2011-11-07 01:44
Way to guys! GL for WCG!
2011-11-07 01:56
gl on wcg
2011-11-07 11:01
well the only advantage that mandic actually got is that the top teams dont really know what to expect
2011-11-07 15:42
i bet this is what they'll say when they lose :D:D
2011-11-07 15:50
coldzera | 
Brazil mrLL 
GOGO mandic !!
2011-11-09 18:06
2011-11-28 14:07
Brazil chb 
after 19 days...
2011-11-28 14:28
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