mandic win Pan-Am final

mandic has won the WCG Pan-America 2011 event with a two maps to nil win over Blood 16-2 on de_train and 16-9 on de_inferno. mandic will now collect $2,500 and the title of Pan-America champions for 2011.

The first map of the final saw the teams battle it out on de_train. mandic started as terrorists and managed to take a remarkable thirteen rounds going into the half 13-2 up. There would be no epic comeback for Blood who rolled over on the second half, with the match ending in just under thirty minutes 16-2 to mandic. mandic taking a quick first map as the teams moved onto de_inferno.

On de_inferno, Blood played more competitively but were unlucky to only secure four rounds on the Counter-terrorist side. After the teams switched sides, the realisation that is was now or never for Blood kicked in and they started to play some confident Counter-Strike. However, mandic proved to be too experienced and too strong and calmly took the five rounds needed to win. The score ending 16-9 to mandic.

6th November 2011

In the third place decider the Americans of Evil Geniuses managed to beat GameCrashers 2-0 despite their draw in the group stage. de_dust2 started off with GC going up 2-0 as CTs but only managed four rounds in the opening half, seeing themselves losing 4-11 as they switched sides. EG instantly climbed up to matchpoint, but took a while to close out the game as GC managed to get to nine rounds.

Second map was de_inferno which is the map the two teams tied on yesterday. This time EG proved to be the stronger team, as they ended their CT side with a comfortable 9-6 lead despite a pistol round loss and an early 0-3 deficit. EG continued their strong play in the second half by going up 6-0 before GC won two rounds despite Thiago "BTT" Monterio playing with a P90 and an auto-shotgun, but that wasn't enough as the Americans clinched their final round to win de_inferno 16-8 and the best-of-three series 2-0 overall.

6th November 2011

WCG 2011 Pan-Am Championship final standings

Brazil 1. mandic - $2,500
Peru 2. Blood - $1,250
United States 3. Evil Geniuses - $500
Brazil 4. GameCrashers
Argentina 5-6. Argentina
Chile 5-6. Elysium

This weekend saw mandic's return to tournament play after over a six month hiatus since their departure from compLexity. The same exact lineup won last year's WCG Pan-Am event as well under the FireGamers tag beating Evil Geniuses in the grand finals. 

gj mandic
2011-11-06 23:55
2011-11-06 23:56
2011-11-06 23:56
2011-11-06 23:56
Nice , gL Mandic :)
2011-11-06 23:57
Brazil lullaby1
gj :D
2011-11-06 23:57
magnificent awping by fallen. can't wait to see him fight against european teams wooo
2011-11-06 23:57
me too, he's going to get absolutely FLOGGED
2011-11-07 00:03
rofl, he really is.
2011-11-07 00:37
It's probable. But only cause his team sucks. Put him in mtw, for example. Then you'll see shitty markeloff and delpan getting flogged...
2011-11-07 00:49
2011-11-07 01:35
i get that they trolled you and your mad but obviously markeloff and delpan are not shitty
2011-11-07 02:48
lol'd, mTw ? LOL'D
2011-11-07 18:07
Brazil hugoooo
download any FG or demo and enjoy, he did pretty well versus fnatic and Na'Vi
2011-11-07 01:21
i want POV Demos FalleN - mandic vs GameCrashers in de_tuscan on WCG Brazil i saw nice awp round
2011-11-07 17:46
Brazil akak1
2011-11-06 23:57
2011-11-06 23:58
2011-11-06 23:58
gogoogogogogo fallen vs markeloff
2011-11-06 23:59
Chile Cristoff
expected face 2 face :D
2011-11-07 00:16
+1 +2 +3 and +4 , but fnx and co need to stay the same level as fallen
2011-11-07 00:18
from what I saw, the fnx not play your 100%, wait for the confrontation between fnx x GeT_RiGhT
2011-11-07 00:52
FalleN deserve any praise
2011-11-07 00:00
Hell yea, mandic goes to China, rock some gringos out!
2011-11-07 00:00
Maybe Korea ? :)
2011-11-07 00:07
WCG will by played next year in China
2011-11-07 00:12
Gj Blood unexpected
2011-11-07 00:06
neeve | 
Portugal neeve
mandic win Pan-Am final mandic win WCG Brazil What next
2011-11-07 00:06
Video: XXXX vs Natus Vincere
2011-11-07 00:17
neeve | 
Portugal neeve
You mean trig? :)
2011-11-07 01:13
shhh :)
2011-11-07 01:18
MeEHEhehEHeHheHEhEHhe :P hacker neeve
2011-11-07 14:34
Or do you mean... Andrue vs KILLERFISH?
2011-11-07 15:32
2011-11-07 15:54
k1ck win some big champ. not
2011-11-07 00:38
Why do you reply him about k1ck? WTF? :D
2011-11-07 02:03
2011-11-07 08:51
duude wtf
2011-11-07 13:14
"mandic lose early" in a random European group-stage" is my guess :) no disrespect
2011-11-07 02:02
if they play like they do against EG/GH i won't be surprise. I really saw a lot of mistakes (team play fault) they need to play more times together otherwise they won't reach the grand/semi finals on any tourney imo...
2011-11-07 02:46
exactly :)
2011-11-07 08:13
they need Bootcamp for a month or more, like mibr use to do. Then they can pwn some headshots and maybe a title.
2011-11-08 01:47
A month i would say they have huge chances to win, they have enough skill to face anyone, just need to fix the small things (which can grant a lot of rounds as mTw always made on them...)
2011-11-08 02:45
Chile MrJav1er
2011-11-07 00:08
2011-11-07 00:09
2 easy for Mandic
2011-11-07 00:10
Latvia GekonsCS
who cears!
2011-11-07 00:12
Chile Cristoff
gg & gL in WCG Grand Final
2011-11-07 00:15
two wins a row good start gj mandic
2011-11-07 00:16
gg mandic, nice argentina :/
2011-11-07 00:16
gj guyZ
2011-11-07 00:17
2011-11-07 00:18
2011-11-07 00:19
firegamers/complexity/mandic owns WCG PAN AM! :)
2011-11-07 00:21
mibr :)
2011-11-07 00:23
n1ce by bit1
2011-11-07 00:22
congratz mandic gj blood
2011-11-07 00:23
now i want fallen povs demos!!! :D
2011-11-07 00:24
fnx | 
Brazil lukezHE
if you guys wanna see, the prize cerimony is going to be in a few minutes :D
2011-11-07 00:25
Chile danzeer
gj mandic ^_^
2011-11-07 00:28
nice blood btw gl in the future Mandic!
2011-11-07 00:34
Paraguay lel0x
congratulitions brasilians and peruvians for the grand final :) the peruvians demostrated that have grand nivel in CS and starcraft2.
2011-11-07 00:35
deserved :)
2011-11-07 00:44
5-6. Argentina :( :( :( :( :( :(
2011-11-07 00:50
mandic is playing really really nice ! they have evolved since IEM5 when ceh9 said about them that they have very good aim skill but not teamplay and as we have seen in iem5, their gameplay wasn't the I see that they played like a top3 team:) . gg mandic!
2011-11-07 00:57
2011-11-07 00:56
well the real final was eg vs mandic
2011-11-07 00:56
2011-11-07 12:08
mandic top5 !
2011-11-07 01:11
i hope they can keep the pace
2011-11-07 01:17
2011-11-07 01:21
mandic making history!
2011-11-07 02:05
mandic has not played against teams at, why say "top 5" or something like that?
2011-11-07 02:07
good game blood. gl in korea
2011-11-07 02:14
Wll blood attend the WCG2011 Grand Final?
2011-11-07 02:30
indeed they will, all travel expenses are covered already
2011-11-07 02:50
What happened with Artik?
2011-11-07 15:36
Artyk went on to revamp their squad, most of this guys have played for Artyk at a given point of time.
2011-11-07 21:26
yes, blood won WCG qualy Peru.
2011-11-07 06:26
yeah, i think peruvians have to be pride. This "Blood" played very well against traditional teams.
2011-11-07 03:16
Portugal shdw24
the realisation that is was now or never
2011-11-07 02:27
2011-11-07 02:56
Man nobody say that but... what a sweet surprise this peruvian team called Blood. I dont expected the win against GC. This guys rly show something interesting for a unknown team.
2011-11-07 03:12
n1 :D!
2011-11-07 03:27
nice mandic!
2011-11-07 03:27
next title i'd like to see about brazilians: "Mandic are champions of Dreamhack Winter '11" or "Mandic won WCG 2011" :D
2011-11-07 03:35
just wait and you will see not
2011-11-07 04:12
2011-11-07 18:04
bad gc "/
2011-11-07 05:12
gratz, wp they really deserve this.
2011-11-07 06:25
pls wake up dudes ;D european teams game and american is just like day and night, against navi, sk or again there are no any chances for mandic (im talking realistic, coz i like this team). Anyway we must wait for the real event, not the bra or pan american ships
2011-11-07 07:12
remember, mandic is playing only against brazilian teams, at wcg they probably will make a european tour and improve their game.
2011-11-07 09:59
i know that, but other ppl from brasil dont know you are talking about :) comments its just like they are top3 ar top5 team @ WORLD :DD
2011-11-07 10:36
people usually get overexcited. But I agree with you. The mandic strats showed at the br and pam-am wcg aren't good enough to beat european top teams. I hope, as aquatk said, that their euro tour (inferno online?) really improves their game before the final.
2011-11-07 13:20
if they wanna to improve their game against euro top teams, they MUST to bootcampt and play @ inferno online or in PC ARENA in Kyev for a month, if they wanna to show any better game against REALLY good teams.
2011-11-07 20:46
they will bc at iol, at least the sponsors of mandic and mibr owner Paulo Veloso said so, when they picked the team.
2011-11-07 23:22
n1 mandic
2011-11-07 08:44
damn I would really like to see some povs of Fallen is there any chance that you are gonna upload them?
2011-11-07 10:23
why you guys only talk about fallen when mandic is not only fallen? they have nak elll fnx and bit and they did a great job. no top5 but can be in top10 imo.
2011-11-07 11:31
As I see mandic is already a top10 but far from a top5. Since wcg 2010 (they placed 4th if I'm not mistaken) a lot of teams there were top10 improved their game. I hope that until the finals they can update their strats to an european level.
2011-11-07 13:23
ell is one of the most underrated brazilian players at all...
2011-11-07 18:48
mandic - eg, need demo plz
2011-11-07 11:33
nice yeah , impressive game they was show ... any fnx in eye records is ?
2011-11-07 13:50
mandic are the next mibr!!!
2011-11-07 15:00
2011-11-07 15:19
2011-11-07 17:53
fox | 
Portugal naskal
fallen played like a god against EG i think he can be the next cogu... mabe :P
2011-11-07 19:16
I want POV Demos FalleN - mandic vs xTz in de_nuke on WCG Brazil There was a great round owned by him! gratz mandic!!!
2011-11-07 22:59
2011-11-08 00:20
well played by them, bruno1 is playing great, but bit still sucks tho, lets see if they can emprove, and if the sponsors will send them to inferno online to pracc before big tournaments, like they said they would. btw: kNg is a great player, i hope GC kicks btt or spacca and brings him to the team. Ps: I'm only mensioning spacca, cause i feel that after he got kicked, he lost the will and chemestry to play with chucky and co.
2011-11-07 23:27
2011-11-08 01:43
2011-11-08 02:28
GOGO mandic !!
2011-11-09 18:06
2011-11-10 18:54
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