mSx joins Electronic Sahara

The French team Electronic Sahara has announced the changes, seeing Jeremy "ioRek" Vuillermet and Rodolphe "Diodel" Verloës leave the team, while Mickaël "mSx" Cassisi has joined the team and Benjamin "drizzer" Charnet has been welcomed into the starting five.

Electronic Sahara has for quite some time been using a wide variety of players, when playing online matches. In the French community it has been known for a long time that Jeremy "ioRek" Vuillermet would step down in November, in order to move to Australia for studies. The time had come and Vuillermet's departure was announced via the team's website.

Rodolphe "Diodel" Verloës has also decided to leave the team, stating that he has a lack of motivation and wants to make an entry into League of Legends, for the fun of it.

In order to cope with the two departures, Electronic Sahara has acquired the services of possibly the most gifted player in French Counter-Strike 1.6 history, the former Virus Gaming member Mickaël "mSx" Cassisi.

mSx from Virus Gaming

With Cassisi joining the team, the Frenchmen also welcomed Benjamin "drizzer" Charnet into the starting five. Charnet has up until now been roaming as the team's backup player and most recently helped redbyte at ESWC. The team has furthermore added the French veteran Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavin as the team's coach.

The Electronic Sahara lineup now consists of:

France Michael "HaRtS" Zanatta
France Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli
France Christophe "SIXER" Xia
France Benjamin "drizzer" Charnet
France Mickaël "mSx" Cassisi

Electronic Sahara will be participating in the MSI BEAT IT 2011 tournament, which will take place at DreamHack Winter, November 24-27 in Jönköping, Sweden. 

Zeus | 
France faithlessz 
2011-11-08 13:46
Who is IGL? :D
2011-11-08 14:58
2011-11-08 15:03
thanks I thought so, but I wanted to make sure
2011-11-08 15:05
NEED RaRaRaRa!!!!!
2011-11-09 06:41
Germany JoeM 
2011-11-08 13:46
NiKo | 
France motion:  
2011-11-08 13:58
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
You should bet on them to cause an upset at the next major lan. That would be a smart move.
2011-11-08 14:47
haha xD
2011-11-08 14:55
you can bet on them now :P
2011-11-08 15:02
You can now bet on full naked and still win :p
2011-11-08 15:04
shave your boobs next time please
2011-11-08 23:41
2011-11-10 17:01
show me your boobs! ;P
2011-11-09 00:38
Finland elkku 
2011-11-08 13:47
2011-11-08 13:47
Great news, will be interesting! :)
2011-11-08 13:47
msx <3
2011-11-08 13:47
2011-11-09 16:33
this lineup hopefully can do some damage....such good players.
2011-11-08 13:49
This lineup WILL do some damage u mean? :p only i want to see mp3 instead op drizzer
2011-11-08 13:50
but Drizzer will do some awesome dmg to i know for sure
2011-11-08 13:51
Xp3 u mean? instead of drizzer? :o
2011-11-08 13:52
yes that dammed i knew it was seomthing with X but i couldnt find it so i made it mp3 but yes Xp3 i mean :p thx, oke nobody seen my mistake beside you oke NOBODY :D
2011-11-08 13:54
but Xp3 is in USA and is an in-game leader, while drizzer is a solid fragger :p
2011-11-08 13:56
i know hes in america, but still he will be back eventually i ques:p
2011-11-08 13:58
yeah, mSx is a beast!
2011-11-08 15:57
great lineup!
2011-11-08 13:49
finally they can win those close matches which they end up losing
2011-11-08 13:49
best french LU ever
2011-11-08 13:49
Russia B!F emL'07
2011-11-08 14:47
2011-11-08 15:38
2011-11-08 15:25
without OliGan? ...
2011-11-09 00:35
without RaRa?
2011-11-11 13:00
FalleN | 
Portugal proak 
finally mSx MAJ3R and SIXER together with harts their best IGL. now they can make a lot of damage, french dreamteam for sure
2011-11-08 13:49
it will be interesiting
2011-11-08 13:50
very nice lineup
2011-11-08 13:50
Hahaha!!! GREAT NEWS!!!!
2011-11-08 13:51
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! awesome!
2011-11-08 13:52
omg French SK
2011-11-08 15:52
2011-11-08 16:22
Finally hihih
2011-11-08 13:52
nice indeed!!! Good luck neighbors! inb4 mSx-movies by fistor
2011-11-08 13:53
eshara vs sk now
2011-11-08 13:53
2011-11-08 13:54
NIce :x
2011-11-08 13:55
now they actually can fight for semi finals in big events
2011-11-08 13:55
2011-11-08 13:55
World VN 
hahaha it can't be better for esahara
2011-11-08 13:55
most agressive player!
2011-11-08 13:56
Nice One ...mSx <3
2011-11-08 13:56
2011-11-08 13:57 french player no doubts :)
2011-11-08 13:57
2011-11-08 13:57
well, they should have kept Diodel, but still an awesome lineup :P oh he wants to start LoL... GREAT CHOICE BRO to be fair it's got a brighter future than 1.6 but my point is if he wants to pickup a shitty game he might as well go to over to source lol
2011-11-08 14:00
Diodel and drizzer are quite equal in terms of skills, and drizzer is a great backup player, this lineup's gonna own
2011-11-08 14:44
no argument there
2011-11-08 18:05
omg, i like both CS1.6 and LoL and I understand his lack of motivation even if I prefer CS, u don't have to flame him.
2011-11-08 16:29
best french lineup on paper imo.
2011-11-08 14:00
No, I think RiGo would be a better choice to replace diodel.
2011-11-08 14:55
Omg, mSx is best player in france :D
2011-11-08 14:01
NoMEz | 
Vietnam NoMEz 
NICE :D Great Line-up but i like Diodel > Drizzer
2011-11-08 14:01
2011-11-08 14:02
nice msx
2011-11-08 14:02
Netherlands jen5on 
nice lineup, mshz for drizzer imo :)
2011-11-08 14:02
Niiiiiice :D:D:D
2011-11-08 14:03
Canada xb0y 
2011-11-08 14:03
2011-11-08 14:04
yes, they will dominate now.
2011-11-08 14:13
Russia B!F 
in France?
2011-11-08 14:48
u will see? i think in france and in CCCP too
2011-11-08 15:45
2011-11-08 16:30
Russia B!F 
He meant USSR
2011-11-08 16:42
and now i know i wasn't wrong with this meaning ;D
2011-11-08 18:07
What a noob USSR in russia CCCP no???? Ruskii iznaesh????
2011-11-08 18:26
Russia B!F 
Umad, bro
2011-11-09 06:11
Russia B!F 
Hm...if this team's goal is to dominate in USSR - Ok!
2011-11-08 16:45
Wtf why allways idoits from russia, poland, ukrain doing so stupid things everyone accept that they will dominet now and u asked only in france ????? So ask urself b4 ruining threads here......
2011-11-08 18:29
Russia B!F 
Umad, bro
2011-11-09 06:11
No commnent ........ That u acting like a jerk commentator u mad bro ??? Facepalm !!! Barbariinoooo barbabrbar wtf no sense of humor so its end ..................
2011-11-09 14:51
Russia B!F 
You are retarded, so I don't want to discuss your idiotic thoughts.
2011-11-09 16:27
2011-11-08 14:37
Drizzer is good? I mean I know he is a quite known french player, but does he deserve this spot in esahara? Any other players better than him in FR ?
2011-11-08 14:04
NEO | 
Morocco MADfn 
Xp3 maybe :)
2011-11-08 14:06
Wtf with Xp3 xD ? Did he do something awesome lately or what...
2011-11-08 14:26
I see you like the most active french in Could you tell me if there is any better player in FR that could take drizzer's place? Read my first post, you'll understand. Thx
2011-11-08 14:30
CoSmo and Diodel ofc You got loduN, mshz, YanK, nota, MaT to, but I don't think they are better.
2011-11-08 14:42
I forget mahe to, but I don't heard about him since he stop CS.
2011-11-08 19:03
Argentina ivanpb 
2011-11-08 19:39
LOL the most active ? It would be cool :D But I don't think so. (Admin pls ? :D) Hmm, you want to know if it's the real best french team right ? It's pretty hard to say, it's all about chemistry. Drizzer knows how HaRtS' lead and HaRtS knows how to "use" drizzer. He's a lot better on LAN than Online (due to his high ping) and it's a very funny guy, you never lose your motivation with someone like this. Now skillwise I don't know, it's quite up and down. I personnaly think that CoSMo has a better 'Pure skill' but drizzer is very smart (and must have on of the best colt of france)
2011-11-08 14:44
xp3 lives in America I believe. So he doesn't count.
2011-11-08 14:28
drizzer is very very stable, and the only one who could fullfill his spot would be mshz nowadays imho, considering the fact Diodel won't return EDIT : CosMo could do it too, forgot him
2011-11-08 14:53
YiikoN did a great job at ESWC too (actually it was the only one I could see because of this stupid barrier). But Drizzer wins the chemistry fight.
2011-11-08 14:58
He is so underrated :P
2011-11-08 15:11
HELL YEAH!!1 go in top3 DreamHack Winter ;p
2011-11-08 14:04
HUUUGE for french cs! 2weeks to pracc hard for DH winter, will it be enough!? will see :)
2011-11-08 14:04
FINALLY omfg, top 1 gOgO
2011-11-08 14:04
NICEEEEEEEE ONEEEEEEEEE waiting a long time for this kind of notice
2011-11-08 14:05
now they will be beasts !
2011-11-08 14:05
sick lineup,finally they made it. two top awp in same team.. wow. looks like france will be back on top :)
2011-11-08 14:06
g00d Luck
2011-11-08 14:06
finally mSx and sixer together :D
2011-11-08 14:07
FRENCH DREAMTEAM this lineup can win big events now.
2011-11-08 14:07
sick line-up
2011-11-08 14:07
DreamTeam came true, Good Luck to them, sick lineup!
2011-11-08 14:07
2011-11-08 14:08
French DreamTeam, I love this roster!
2011-11-08 14:09
2011-11-08 14:10
at last
2011-11-08 14:11
2011-11-08 14:10
ouch...this is one amazing team now...
2011-11-08 14:11
that's what we have been waiting for years :)
2011-11-08 14:11
This team will win ESWC 2012. What an insane lineup. Good luck SK, NAVI and FX.
2011-11-08 14:12
Lithuania zook 
finelly and now + Diodel - drizzer ? :D
2011-11-08 14:14
He hasn't been kicked, just decided to stop. Anyway, without Diodel's leaving they wouldn't be any mSx here. Drizzer was the one to replace Iorek for a while now, they wouldn't have told him the last day "finally mSx comes, bye"
2011-11-08 14:29
2011-11-08 14:14
and the crowd goes wild!!
2011-11-08 14:15
2011-11-08 14:17
LoL Nice GLGL!
2011-11-08 14:20
Nice line-up, but I think Cosmo deserves a place in this roster.
2011-11-08 14:24
The problem with Cosmo is he's a retarded kid and nobody want to start a long term project with him anymore.
2011-11-12 14:46
Yeyyyyyyyyyyyy finally eSAHARA !!!! hope u perform even better then before !!!
2011-11-08 14:25
Nice nick you got there mate :D
2011-11-08 14:53
I hope Diodel gives up on LoL x)
2011-11-08 14:26
eshara should seen this topic, they would be very happy lol :p
2011-11-08 14:27
Because you think they don't ? Lol. Every CS top player goes on They're not superstard above the mass.
2011-11-08 14:33
great line up
2011-11-08 14:29
Romania blg- 
very nice :D GL
2011-11-08 14:30
mSx <3 glgl
2011-11-08 14:30
sick line up... i wish they could find a spot for Geno :)) still they will be a big problem to deal with for other teams
2011-11-08 14:31
He stopped playing, he's banned from french lans.
2011-11-08 14:33
i didn't hear that..what did he do to get banned from lans?
2011-11-08 15:33
thnx bro
2011-11-09 16:25
French dream team
2011-11-08 14:32
India niks 
awesome MAJ3R, SIXER, mSx together!
2011-11-08 14:32
+1, they're just awesome and together can do smth nice :D
2011-11-08 14:58
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
NOW we're talking!! Top5 world easy, i think!
2011-11-08 14:34
Russia n1t 
great news :D
2011-11-08 14:34
My god, this is gonna be so sick!!!
2011-11-08 14:36
good decision, iorek play on sec like a poor pimp
2011-11-08 14:36
+ CoSmo - drizzer and the best french team ever
2011-11-08 14:36
CoSmo is a whinner/lamer thats why he is not there
2011-11-08 16:15
omg, so sick.. My new favorite team :)
2011-11-08 14:37
great news !!!
2011-11-08 14:38
2011-11-08 14:38
2011-11-08 14:39
MAJ3R SIXER Diodel mSx HaRtS this would be better but still very good lineup
2011-11-08 14:39
if you followed the last events drizzer was so superior than diodel. Diodel did not have motivation so drizzer is better
2011-11-08 14:40
yep -drizzer+diodel.he is awesome
2011-11-08 14:42
i disagree, drizzer is very consistent and they will actual be able to play all there matches online, considering Diodel is banned from a league
2011-11-09 16:27
GlGl mSx nice dt
2011-11-08 14:39
2011-11-08 14:40
2011-11-08 14:40
This lineup is magnificent, finally they realised what they had to do. This is one of my favourite teams for sure. Can't wait to seeing them play.
2011-11-08 14:41
2011-11-08 14:43
nice team :) gl
2011-11-08 14:45
gogo Campana
2011-11-08 14:47
beastik | 
Europe urv1 
Nice! gl guys! sick line-up
2011-11-08 14:47
Ukraine eonsql 
very very nice!
2011-11-08 14:48
2011-11-08 14:49
Nice one line up gl eSahara :)
2011-11-08 14:50
beware M5 mouz ESC fnatic Lions Anexis, eSAHARA is coming to take the top4 best team in the world ! i really believe they could beat quite easily the teams i quoted, now they need to train a lot to be able to beat AGAiN/Na'Vi/SK on a BO3 ! btw Ozstrik3r is eSahara's manager now, he'll be with them during the LANs !
2011-11-08 14:51
Amazing! <3
2011-11-08 14:54
2011-11-08 14:55
OOoohh myyyy gooodd!!
2011-11-08 14:56
great team, good luck
2011-11-08 14:57
+geno - drizzer
2011-11-08 14:57
why 2 igl? :S
2011-11-09 00:39
good good player AIM
2011-11-08 14:59
nice lineup gl
2011-11-08 15:01
Finally. Now lets win some major tournaments. :D
2011-11-08 15:01
gl mSx
2011-11-08 15:02
Canada hyu 
2011-11-08 15:02
Nice! Gl guys
2011-11-08 15:03
Omg! I can't believe it!! SIXER, MAJ3R, mSx, HaRtS and drizzer How awesome is this, huh? :D:D:D <3 eSahara haha
2011-11-08 15:04
sick team now!
2011-11-08 15:05
I have seen brazil(mandic)&#12289;finland(winfakt)&#12289;france(eSaHara)all created their NATIONAL team that could fight with big names, Who are next&#65311;china?
2011-11-08 15:06
Unfortunately they do this because theres not enough players to have competitive teams.
2011-11-08 15:09
I don't think so, here in brazil there's GameCrashers, GamerHouse, they just need to train a lil more and acquire more experience. I still love that 'power house' national teams :D
2011-11-08 15:21
Cool for brazil so, but in France it's not the same. You got Esahara and that's all. All the previous teams are over.
2011-11-08 15:24
What about Millenium and LDLC?
2011-11-08 15:25
They both close their CS division.
2011-11-08 15:28
That's really sad :/ Anyway, I'm happy and glad for eSahara Cheering for them! (:
2011-11-08 15:32
Yeah, bad things can create good things :)
2011-11-08 16:31
3Dmax is still playing but they aren't really that good
2011-11-09 16:28
imo they need diodel instead of drizzer
2011-11-08 15:06
It's not like they have the choice, he stopped playing. And it's good for mSx, not for drizzer.
2011-11-08 15:10
Fantastic news! Very delighted.
2011-11-08 15:07
Wow, nice team :D
2011-11-08 15:09
- maj3r
2011-11-08 15:09
and - SIXEr too, total noob.
2011-11-08 15:10
u right sixeR one of the best awper
2011-11-08 15:16
Technically I said he was a noob :)
2011-11-08 15:21
on the internet is the best!
2011-11-08 15:51
Ok so let's check his lan stats (ratings) from ESWC 2010 to ESWC 2011 : 1.27, 1.28, 1.30, 1.19, 1.22, 1.13, 1.16, 1.22, 1.23 Ye I guess we can say he's an onliner ^^
2011-11-08 16:05
maj3r all the way!
2011-11-08 16:41
true king of internet
2011-11-08 18:27
haha thx for posting that I hadn't seen it, such a smart move!
2011-11-08 16:14
best french roster ; gl
2011-11-08 15:11
World MJS 
good move.. gl msx
2011-11-08 15:12
cant wait for some match
2011-11-08 15:12
very nice move and player gl
2011-11-08 15:15
<3 mSx the best player in the history of French cs joins up with France's best awper :D i haven't been this excited for a team since Na`Vi formed (Kerchnet at the time) they finally made a French dreamteam!! i'm so glad mSx will be using rifles more like he did in '07 when iorek was awping a lot, eventhough he's a fucking beast with the awp but even better with rifles imo..and you just can't not let sixeR be your primary awper i would hate to play this team on train with two top10 awps in the world at each bombsites :D i think this team can be top3, no joke, it's going to be hard with SK, AGAiN, and Na`Vi sitting there but they are a new team and may of the element of surprise gl guys! anyone got an idea when there first online match is?
2011-11-08 15:24
Can't agree more, they just need one thing, training. If they do it seriously it will be huge.
2011-11-08 16:33
2011-11-08 18:05
all words is fkin right. beast team,and msx and sixer on train.. cant imagine atm lol:)
2011-11-08 20:45
thnx man..i can't imagine them on train either..going to be one of my favorite teams since i first seen mSx, sixeR, and MAJER joned up can't fucking wait!
2011-11-09 16:31
I hope they are hungry to win something.
2011-11-08 15:16
2011-11-08 15:17
extreme team
2011-11-08 15:18
awesome !!
2011-11-08 15:18
nice team, gl 4 all
2011-11-08 15:23
amazing. I will follow this team..
2011-11-08 15:24
Finally :D gl
2011-11-08 15:25
amazing team now :D
2011-11-08 15:26
GL mSx Just show them who you are..
2011-11-08 15:28
This is a sick line-up, hope they can do damage.
2011-11-08 15:28
Now we might finally see a new top French team.
2011-11-08 15:29
Hasn't been this much +reactions since RARA joined...
2011-11-08 15:31
nice lu :)
2011-11-08 15:33
-drizzer +MaT And that's it
2011-11-08 15:34
MaT isn't playing professionally anymore, i think drizzer will be fine, he's a very consistent player
2011-11-08 15:37
2011-11-08 15:34
2011-11-08 15:35
nice =D
2011-11-08 15:39
now all they needa do is -harts & drizzer +geno & yoshi
2011-11-08 15:40
they both stopped playing.
2011-11-08 15:48
and even if they hadn't retired, HaRts >>> Geno, drizzer > Yoshi
2011-11-08 16:11
Russia hameleonus 
2011-11-08 16:27
lol novice
2011-11-08 17:07
sure. not sure you know anything about the french scene though
2011-11-08 17:29
i know alot about most decent scenes:) i was playing this game when you were sucking on ur mums tit.
2011-11-08 19:19
and was sucking your mum's tit before you starting playing this game... what the point of talking about sth you don't know? edit: lool you're 20 and you think you're old. kk dude
2011-11-08 19:50
well im not actually 20 matey hehe dont trust everything you read :) and see i do know what i stated is true coz if u were even semi oldschool you'd know who u were talking too
2011-11-08 20:38
I know who ph33R, but even if I didn't it wouldn't mean I wasn't playing at that time, you're not a star you know ot: you still know nothing about the French scene
2011-11-08 20:44
i know shit about every scene man, why wouldn't he? even though I've disagreed with pretty much everything he said
2011-11-09 16:38
You =/= him. I'm not saying he knows nothing about the French scene cuz he's American but because he said Geno > HaRts
2011-11-09 20:18
you are stupid,and YES , i know you.
2011-11-08 20:53
that's Ph33R from Rival, he used to be an amazing player, but i disagree - drizzer and - HaRtS HaRtS is the best IGL in france, so there is no getting rid of him and drizzer is so fucking consistent..the only player that i wanted to stay in the Lineup was Cosmo their lineup is perfect imo, now they just need to work hardcore
2011-11-09 16:37
I know who he is, but being known in cs never prevented anyone from being an idiot
2011-11-09 20:19
gl eSAHARA <3
2011-11-08 15:41
Sick lineup, can't wait to see them in action!
2011-11-08 15:42
will you be at DH ? Dunno where you live but If i'd be swedish I'd run there :)
2011-11-08 15:49
with mSx i think eSahara will be on top!
2011-11-08 15:43
Czech Republic hawai`` 
GL guys. btw is mSx still using his oldschool Logitech MX300 mouse? :-)
2011-11-08 15:45
Yeah, forever :D Dunno what he gonna do when it will be broken !
2011-11-08 15:50
Ukraine generalUA 
-drizzer + cosmo
2011-11-08 15:49
now they have no excuses !! gl guys
2011-11-08 15:50
Yeah, but talent is not everything, they have to work hard now, more than any time.
2011-11-08 15:51
carn:" omg u are so good mSx " great news.
2011-11-08 15:50
carn : "one of the most aggressive player I've ever seen" carn : "one of the best colt player I've ever seen" cArn, number one mSx fanboy, gratz !
2011-11-08 15:52
i think carn just know that player can be a good player, and a MONSTER player..
2011-11-08 15:58
Yeah, just like manne...........oh wait
2011-11-08 16:06
manne is good, he just need more time... Only one tournament and was kicked
2011-11-08 16:10
The joke was easy so I made it :D Anyway, it's not a manne topic so I won't say he's an onliner.
2011-11-08 16:15
2011-11-08 16:20
but he is..
2011-11-08 20:55
Sick line. Hopefully they will get nice results.
2011-11-08 15:52
2011-11-08 15:52
GL Team)))
2011-11-08 15:54
United States dsu 
Nice but I kinda miss eSARARA. Good times :)
2011-11-08 15:58
2011-11-08 16:20
I think it's most famous bad player, quite a performance.
2011-11-08 16:36
gl sahara :)
2011-11-08 15:58
sixer + mSx = fucking gr8 team :D
2011-11-08 16:02
2011-11-08 16:02
Sweden PPH 
now France will win wcg again..
2011-11-08 16:05
I've read from their pevious manager few months ago (when the new team formed) that the WCG lineup will be the one who won the qualification (So geno, rara and yoshi)
2011-11-08 16:38
Sweden PPH 
if tht is true i prob kick wcgs rulemaker xd
2011-11-08 16:56
I dunno if it's in the rule or not. The thing is that it wouldn't be fair for Geno and Rara to not participate when they won the qualification. That's how eSahara sees it. It's now an moral question, dunno how they'll manage this months later when the other 3 players didn't play CS since...
2011-11-08 17:01
The WCG rule is that you need to have at least 3 players who whon the qualifier. So it's impossible for that new lineup to go entirely (you would have to keep either Geno/Rara/Mahe). But anyway when HaRts&co came to eSahara, the deal was that the whole old eSahara lineup would go to WCG. I also heard that SIXER was not available for WCG and that RiGo would replace him. But it may have change since.
2011-11-09 09:39
Thanks mate.
2011-11-09 09:44
take drizzer out if they have to and then take Geno mSx Geno sixeR MAJER HaRtS unless sixeR can't play, then keep drizzer, and mSx can take over the awp role until sixeR can come back
2011-11-09 16:44
Yay :D
2011-11-08 16:08
Next country: Denmark! and we're gonna have a great fights to become the 4th best team in the world gl eSAHARA
2011-11-08 16:08
Karrigan won't leave mouz. He's sure to win evey tournament in germany and he got a good salary. Same thing for Friis, good salary, *rumors* that he can't get along with trace. Can't be a dreamteam without those two :)
2011-11-08 16:40
well zonic/trace/ArcadioN makes a good core for a team if NuGGi and moddii could join them they would have what it takes to compete for top3 imo
2011-11-08 16:46
The question is, in which organization ? And even if there's still a good Powerhouse they'll take the polish guys.
2011-11-08 17:05
I'm sure they'll find something decent, probably not as good as mTw but it should be ok
2011-11-08 17:30
dreamteam detected :D
2011-11-08 16:08
they could do some serious damage in upcoming events if theres enough motivation
2011-11-08 16:09
now they can earn some money :))
2011-11-08 16:10
this is the best chance the french cs has to get a top team. i hope this works coz otherwise they got nothing left :s
2011-11-08 16:10
Maj3r + SIXeR + mSx = GG
2011-11-08 16:11
Ukraine Kracken[oN] 
ivansicKKK + Googl3 + Tyler Durden = TROLLING ON
2011-11-08 17:15
why u say i'am trolling ? because i say the true ? because i say than Delpan is better then markenoob?
2011-11-08 17:47
tha fact that u say that delpan is better than markeloff does not make you a troll,it makes you STUPID:)
2011-11-08 20:58
Just watch the last matches between those teams and shut up the mouth
2011-11-08 21:13
france is back on track :p
2011-11-08 16:13 good luck!
2011-11-08 16:21
good at least french team can do some damage :) gl guyz !
2011-11-08 16:21
I think they will flop because of the expectations and team chemistry. I mean, why did it take so long for this team to be formed? If they have great chemistry they would have joined up a long time ago. I think the players realize that 1.6 tournaments might not be available for so long now. So if they want to win something they need to put together all the best players and just hope for good chemistry
2011-11-08 16:22
Actually it took quite long because SIXER and Maj3r didn't want to leave their friends : Geno, Yoshi and Rara. But Geno gets banned from french LANS and decides to stop (bad thing) and his old time friend Rara decides to follow him (good thing). They now need a leader so they ask HaRtS who played Clanbase with them (and won.) Millenium is now over (they had to win WCG qual and they didn't) so HaRtS has to choose between the 4 other players of Millenium to join with him. He obviously chose Diodel who is probably the best french player with Sixer and Maj3r and have to chose between Iorek and Drizzer (Don't know why not cosmo though). He eventually chose his 7 years old teammate Iorek, but drizzer is always here to help when it's needed so he wins his spot now. About mSx it's quite complicated, when they tried to Re-create emuLate it didn't really work. (MaT- decided to stop his carreer to focus on his real life so it wasn't really emuLate anyway (Drizzer replaced him)). HaRtS decided to back to the YoYotech, w-Crea, FairFrag lineup which was much better (so with cosmo, drizzer and diodel) while mSx decided to Follow R!Go. Sorry for this huge post.
2011-11-08 16:58
Russia hameleonus 
2011-11-08 16:26
m5? the best russian players.
2011-11-08 17:12
- xek + LeX - Fox + mNr :D
2011-11-08 18:03
Russia hameleonus 
-xek +lex and maybe -romjke +hooch or mnr
2011-11-08 18:33
lol no,romjke is beast
2011-11-09 15:03
Finland, Brazil, France. Denmark, go ahead please!!! Make your best team, else you gonna be raped without oil.
2011-11-08 16:26
2011-11-08 17:02
2011-11-08 17:14
gl mSx
2011-11-08 16:29
OMYGAD OMYGAD just like the commentator ahahha
2011-11-08 16:43
mSx dude I love you!
2011-11-08 16:46
niceeeeeeeeeeeee!!! mSx, sixeR & MAJ3R are best French players :X
2011-11-08 16:46
2011-11-08 16:50
I am not sure is it dreamteam France still have such good players as cosmo,mshz,lodun
2011-11-08 16:51
CosMo busted with cheats. mshz - maybe, lodun - not.
2011-11-08 17:10
cosmo is insane.
2011-11-08 17:26
loduN is awesome dude, one of the best and fastest riflers in France
2011-11-08 17:47
ye lodun was far more impressive than drizzer in the oxmoze time..i really miss him tbh,id really want him to play with sixer majer and msx but oh well
2011-11-09 15:03
- drizzer + Geno
2011-11-08 16:54
Morocco Zaprax 
Great Line Up ! Gl eSahara
2011-11-08 16:56
2011-11-08 16:59
qp | 
France panic-D- 
Now JoeM you can bet on them ! :) And btw. people - stop replacing players and start to cheer for them, will be better..
2011-11-08 17:01
You can't to anything about it ;D, you'll always see some +Spawn and stuff
2011-11-08 17:10
gg, they're too good now.
2011-11-08 17:11
R!Go / HaRts / Geno (IGL) MaT mSx MAJ3R SIXER
2011-11-08 17:11
Ukraine Kracken[oN] 
+1111 your line-up is real french dreamteam
2011-11-08 17:13
It's easy to do a dreamteam with players who stopped playing... Platini+Zidane+Maradonna
2011-11-08 17:21
Nice best lineup french ;)
2011-11-08 17:11
kalu | 
Yugoslavia gemi 
wOw~ n1!
2011-11-08 17:14
Great but Diodel > drizzer imo anyway mSx best awper ever
2011-11-08 17:15
Actually if you want to see mSx, Diodel had to step away.
2011-11-08 17:23
awesome, GL eSahara!
2011-11-08 17:17
n i c e, mSx is amazing
2011-11-08 17:19
go go go,mSx Great news :D
2011-11-08 17:20
cosmo,diodel,r!go,mat,geno > Esahara
2011-11-08 17:20
-R!Go + Cogu
2011-11-08 17:24
denmark next!! turkizh trace zonic colon and Faggan.
2011-11-08 17:29
-harts + Cosmo/mat
2011-11-08 17:34
- stupid com + nOthing more !
2011-11-08 17:34
hell yeah <3
2011-11-08 17:35
it's simply the best french roster never seen ! wait & see for look the alchemie; gl
2011-11-08 17:35
emL.2007 is...
2011-11-08 17:48
this one is better, imo ofc
2011-11-08 18:00
well we really can't judge before watching them play @ DH, if they manage to win such a big tournament for their first lan together, then yeah maybe we could say it's going to be the best french roster of all time, but right now, emL2K7 is the reference in France.
2011-11-08 18:02
yeah, ofc, what im saying is in terms of skill, aim, not as team. i think more people would bet this team to win more tournaments than the emulate 2007 team :) but yeah, lets wait and see :)
2011-11-08 18:04
agreed, but in terms of skill, emL2K7 was quite impressive too...mSx was at his top shape, competing with players such as neo & co, MaT was onfire, ioRek'awp was lethal ! i mean ioRek2K7 MaT2K7 mSx2K7 =~ MAJER SIXER mSx now
2011-11-08 18:21
dude level is way more higher today than in 2007,you can t compare j3R sixeR to 2007 emulate players..with mSx they are the best french players ever ,but they need time to get some tactics and chemistry, dreamhack is in few weeks , it's maybe too early
2011-11-08 18:30
well of course i was saying that comparing the general skills in 2011 and 2007, wee obviously can't compare teams of different times when it comes to CS (same sh*t with football, people comparing Pele with Messi just don't know what they're talking about)
2011-11-08 18:37
french Na'Vi tbh
2011-11-08 17:38
2011-11-08 17:40
mSx BEAST! gl to them PD: i miss MaT :(
2011-11-08 17:42
who doesn't ? he still play sometime for fun
2011-11-08 17:43
and he's always amazing (amazing shots when he played with eSahara a few months ago)
2011-11-08 18:37
Yeah, I played against him too, quite insane dgl oneshots.
2011-11-08 18:39
oh we all gonna be pleased with mSx when it comes to dgl oneshots :))))))))
2011-11-08 18:42
haha true dat, if he's motivated again.
2011-11-08 19:39
he has to be if he finally joined a dreamteam, and you seen what he did last tournament, and they said they didn't practice much at all, he was number 6 in stats, and singlehandedly almost beat just wait until he does start putting in the hours, and we'll see the monster again i was thinking mSx and R!GO would never part mSx is like REAL, they can just go to one tourney w/o practice, pick up a mouse and continue to beast it, and be some of the top players there not too many players that can do that, one more is SpawN, he always looks great after long layoffs
2011-11-09 17:01
Yeah, yeah, mSx did great in the twp last tournaments he attended so he seems to be back, but don't forget that he did a terrible 2010 year and not a so better 2009.
2011-11-09 17:05
Nice! Cant wait for their next big event :D
2011-11-08 17:44
Brazil Kohzito 
msx + sixer + majer sick #304 good player too
2011-11-08 17:45
If you use the reply button the other user will know that you replied to him or her.
2011-11-08 17:59
5 very good player. 1 very good leader. 2 very good awper. 3 very good fragger. Wait, it's a french team? "Putain, ça va être une tuerie"
2011-11-08 17:47
qp | 
France panic-D- 
Oh wait, it will be even better than une tuerie
2011-11-08 18:14
wheres maT i think hes also rly gud
2011-11-08 17:50
Stopped playing to focus on real life things.
2011-11-08 17:59
real what?
2011-11-09 10:50
2011-11-08 17:55
sick news, france allstar
2011-11-08 17:59
<33333333333333 VIVA LA FRANCE!!!!!
2011-11-08 18:13
+1 000 000 000
2011-11-08 18:19
Norway duffz00r 
sick lineup
2011-11-08 18:22
finally get to see sixer maj3r and mSx together, just awesome.
2011-11-08 18:23
eS for dreamhack final^^
2011-11-08 18:26
2011-11-08 18:29
2011-11-08 18:32
individual,they are all great players, togheter they probably won't win against any big team, altough they did good against SK last time.Lets wait and see.
2011-11-08 18:36
yep agree french cs is based a lot on individual skill but if they get the old emulate team play and chemistry they will do big damage.
2011-11-08 18:52
they can win aganist big teams but they need a lot of train theirs teamwork.
2011-11-08 19:23
It is a great line-up for sure,just i fell a little bit sad for ioRek,because he is damn good player,and deserves a place in this team! maybe a little bit like this ioRek > drizzer
2011-11-08 18:40
ioRek was beast in his old days,but now drizzer>iorek(skill) maybe no experience but,he is better fragger for sure.
2011-11-08 19:22
I just cant imagine a french dream team without ioRek,but drizzer is damn good for sure.
2011-11-08 19:52
ioRek sucks dude, drizzer, Diodel, mshz, loduN, CoSMo, Yoshi, R!go, MaT, Geno > him
2011-11-08 21:40
Everybody has his own opinion,so I like ioRek and MaT a lot,adn R!Go of course.
2011-11-09 12:46
Nice! mSx<3
2011-11-08 18:44
mSx! seriously beast, gl.
2011-11-08 18:52
Sick Lineup!! xD
2011-11-08 18:54
vous en avez mis du temps a vous mettre ensemble les plus gros skill fr...jai envie de dire <<ENFIN>> (quoi que drizzer) waitnsee
2011-11-08 18:56
Wow I really like this team.
2011-11-08 18:57
2011-11-08 19:05
nice team.. but... -drizzer +mat = perfect
2011-11-08 19:12
2011-11-08 19:21
2011-11-09 12:42
2011-11-08 19:16
2011-11-08 19:17
Finally !
2011-11-08 19:18
so Brazil and France has got their 'dreamteams' set up... let's see what happen
2011-11-08 19:21
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
france does, brasil not really, as many people would like to see spacca or prd instead of bruno, or perhaps bit :P still as long as fnx nak and fallen are in there Im satisfied :)
2011-11-08 19:31
yeah, many people would like to see -bit +prd/shemp/spacca, but it's pretty much a dreamteam
2011-11-08 19:59
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
yeah but still I dont think they will be as succesfull as cogunakfnx mibr was at some point :<
2011-11-08 20:13
the best line up niceeeee top3 teams esahara
2011-11-08 19:26
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
good lord dreamline-up for france! :) mSx majer sixer drizzer, and led by harts, perhaps some reprise of the emL succes from 2007/8? :P gl!
2011-11-08 19:30
<3 mSx
2011-11-08 19:45
GL guys, looking good with mSx ;D
2011-11-08 19:46
mSx siCk
2011-11-08 19:51
The problem is not the players, it is motivation and training.
2011-11-08 20:03
trace | 
France Reo_O 
That's it, wait and see.. But I have big hopes! :)
2011-11-08 20:36
mSx is a good player, GL eSahara! Strong Line!
2011-11-08 20:04
sick LU!!
2011-11-08 20:07
Nice :)
2011-11-08 20:25
mSx one of worlds best player
2011-11-08 20:35
mSx > diodel > drizzer > iorek good change
2011-11-08 20:42
mSx > sixer lan :) sixer net player..
2011-11-08 22:34
get some facts
2011-11-08 22:35
2011-11-08 23:00
2011-11-08 23:08
rly? fuks.
2011-11-08 23:29
2011-11-08 20:56
mSx great player
2011-11-08 20:57
mSx is great player and he can replace Diodel for sure =)
2011-11-08 21:06
i dont get why ppl is so obssesed by eml 2k7 yes,they won wcg but as me and many other predicted (i remember it discusing it with my teammates back then) wcg was theyr first and last big win. ofcourse they were good...but..
2011-11-08 21:15
because it was good times and emuLate always won aganist NoA,thats why we talk about HaRts because really he is good igl aganist big teams.yes emuLate its not like SK or NoA but they were still amazing.
2011-11-08 21:26
2011-11-08 21:31
2011-11-08 21:52
2011-11-08 22:14
SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK now ima fan of eSahara !!
2011-11-08 22:22
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
+ cosmo - drizzer
2011-11-08 22:54
thats is sick and great news :)
2011-11-08 23:32
I hope they'll train and play serious...
2011-11-08 23:41
Yugoslavia iksveili 
Nice lineup! :DD
2011-11-08 23:53
New opponent for sk!
2011-11-09 00:06
2011-11-09 00:25
2011-11-09 00:36
great, gl msx
2011-11-09 00:42
best day ever
2011-11-09 00:53
ANd Iorek joins Imunity !
2011-11-09 09:48
that would be so fucking awesome, gazR + benoR + iorek sounds pretty fucking good..i hope he does
2011-11-09 16:52
Sick line up guys.. GL 4 DH !
2011-11-09 01:40
2011-11-09 04:42
wow drizzer and msx join the team and the same time ... this can spell trouble for teams at DH if these guys can get it together..
2011-11-09 06:21
Rara was the heart of the team, they should bring him back :p
2011-11-09 09:30
mSx and sixer in the same team. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
2011-11-09 09:56
2011-11-09 16:26
omg! sick team! great!
2011-11-09 17:05
The only one they had to change is ioRek, because he wasn't at the same level of his team8s, but remplacing Diodel is really disgusting, he is the best Player in France atm. Hope drizzer can do some good job, and be consistant in all the international events eSAHARA will take part to.
2011-11-09 17:09
France ZMXD 
Did you read the words about Diodel? There is nothing disgusting, just sad.
2011-11-09 17:43
since he joined eSahara he don t played really good ,not in the same level as majer,sixer , and maybe drizzer he is solid lately
2011-11-09 20:25
sick team , GL esahara <3
2011-11-09 17:40
sick sick sick :D
2011-11-09 21:51
sick team <3
2011-11-09 21:52
mSx , Drizzer , Maj3r , Sixer , Harts strong lineup gl esahara
2011-11-09 22:37
omg sick team! now they can probably beat "good" some teams:))
2011-11-11 12:28
nice line up GL <3
2011-11-11 13:15
omg legend awp is back! <3 mSx
2011-11-12 01:36
2011-11-14 21:07
really nice lineup
2011-11-14 22:21
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